Chapter #5: Kaley Cuoco vs Amanda Bynes by nightprowler

Amanda stepped onto the mat wearing a black string bikini with pink hearts on it. She looked around and recognized more than a dozen ‘Who’s Who of Celebrity Catfighting’ sponsors who had been invited to witness this match. Some made eye contact, others just nodded politely but then everyone turned to watch Kaley enter in a neon green string bikini.

Kaley stepped onto the mat and stood face to face with Amanda. Bynes was giving up a ˝ inch of height and 5-10 pounds in weight to the bigger blonde and Amanda smiled up at the stone-faced blonde as they locked up, grabbing each other by the shoulders. She quickly lost the smile as Kaley shoved hard, knocking the light brunette haired beauty to the mat. Amanda bounced once on her cute butt before she rolled and sprang to her feet.

She charged Kaley and drove into her with a Spear. Both girls went down and rolled over, Kaley ending up on top. She grabbed Amanda’s hair and THUNK, slammed her head on the mat. Kaley used a handful of brown hair to haul Amanda back to her feet and clamped a tight Headlock on, then pulled Amanda around the mat, smiling for the first time.

Kaley hip-tossed Amanda to the mat and as Amanda rolled up to her knees, Kaley ran across the mat and drove her knee into her ribs. Amanda grunted as she went sprawling on the mat on her stomach. Kaley reached down to grab another handful of the brunette’s hair, but Amanda backed her off with a well-aimed Side Kick to Kaley’s inner thigh, just missing her pubic mound when Kaley spun trying to avoid the foot at the last second.

The blond bit her lip as she went down, refusing to give Amanda the satisfaction of hearing her scream. Amanda didn’t wait for Kaley to recover and dove on her back as Kaley started to get up. Amanda’s weight slamming onto her back smashed the blonde’s face and breasts into the mat and Amanda at least got to hear her grunt. Amanda used Kaley’s long blond hair to smash her face on the mat twice before she got bucked off.

Both girls rolled over and and this time Amanda came out on top. She tried to pin Kaley’s arms as she stared into her eyes looking for signs of weakness; some point of breaking - but Kaley’s steady return gaze revealed no fault. This was a different Kaley than the one Amanda had faced just a few short weeks before in training.

Kaley almost seemed to snarl at her as she bucked the brunette off again! They rolled opposite ways, both coming to her feet at the same time. They charged and Amanda again lowered her shoulder to Spear Kaley who jumped up and threw her arms around Amanda’s shoulders, swinging around and clamping her long, powerful, legs around Amanda’s waist. They came crashing to the mat with Amanda wincing in pain as she landed on her chest with Kaley on her back, tightening the Scissors around her waist.

Amanda struggled against her fleshy bonds but couldn’t break Kaley’s Scissors. She reached up and slammed her palm up under Kaley’s jaw, straining to push her head back and force her to break her Scissors. Kaley grabbed Amanda’s hands and slowly forced them down to her sides, then tucked them under their bodies.

Kaley smiled with spiteful pleasure as she felt Amanda struggle in vain against her power. She reached around the brunette’s head and wrapped her in a Reverse Headlock. Amanda screamed at Kaley’s knuckles under her chin as she secured the hold.

“Ah, you bitch!” was all Amanda could grunt as Kaley tightened the pressure.

Kaley smiled for the crowd and asked, “Well gentlemen…and lady…how badly do you want me to beat the bitch tonight?”

This got laughs from the crowd - all of whom had witnessed Kaley’s destruction by Michelle Trachtenberg a month earlier. But this was a different Kaley, no longer the innocent with the youthful smile; this was a woman, one who wanted to hurt an opponent…no, not hurt - destroy!

Amanda’s struggles slowed, growing weaker until Kaley released the combination hold and used her feet to roll Amanda off. She got to her feet, grabbed Amanda’s left leg and dragged her back to the middle of the mat where she gathered a handful of Amanda’s tangled long brown hair and jerked her to her feet. Amanda squeaked in pain as she was snatched upright, then almost immediately Hair-Mared back down to the mat; landing hard on her butt. She let out another, louder, scream when Kaley repeated the hair-haul-to-her-feet-hair-mare-onto-her-ass combination a second time.

When Kaley hair-hauled the wailing brunette to her feet a third time, Amanda fired a punch into Kaley’s stomach that made her grunt. But Kaley drilled a punch of her own deep into Amanda’s already weakened belly that buckled the brunette’s knees. As she swayed on her feet, and would surely have fallen, Kaley scooped her up in her arms, turned her upside down and then Body Slammed her back down on the mat!!

Kaley again pulled Amanda to her feet, but this time bent her over at the waist, wrapped her arms around her waist and flipped her upside down over her shoulder in a Backbreaker/Torture Rack. Amanda screamed at the thought her back would break and weakly kicked trying to get Kaley to release her. The blonde began to lose her grip and dumped Amanda on the mat on her head.

Kaley dropped and wrapped her legs around the brunette in another Scissors. Amanda screamed as the cruel blond tightened her legs around her waist, maintaining the Waist Scissors for a few minutes; alternately easing, then retightening the hold several times. With each pulse, Kaley moved her legs a little higher up the brunette’s body until she had the Scissors around Amanda’s neck!

When Kaley tightened her legs this time, panic set in because Amanda couldn’t breathe and she began to struggle fiercely. But in her weakened state, her situation was hopeless! Kaley pushed up on her elbows, arching her back to increase the pressure until Amanda’s face turned red. That’s when Amanda began to frantically slap Kaley’s thighs trying to surrender.

Kaley just smiled and said, “Oh no, not yet, honey. We’re just getting started!” Keeping her hold tight, she rolled onto her back, twisting the red-faced brunette over with her and putting Amanda’s blushing face an inch from Kaley’s crotch. Kaley saw tears streaming down Amanda’s face and chided, “You know, given your options at this point, shedding tears is quite understandable.”

Kaley again arched her midsection, lifting her ass off the mat which forced her down into Amanda’s back. Amanda opened her mouth to scream, but Kaley’s crotch rose up and covered her mouth, silencing her in mid-protest.

Kaley lowered herself back to the mat and rolled them both over again, leaving Amanda on her back, then pinning her with her crotch on Amanda’s up-turned face. Kaley still had her ankles crossed under Amanda, so leaning forward and grabbing Amanda’s wrists, she opened her ankles and worked her feet out from under Amanda.

Then Kaley stretched her legs out - doing a splits and resting her full weight on Amanda’s face. Amanda bicycled her feet in the air trying to kick out, but she was too exhausted and weak. Kaley released Amanda’s wrists, put her hands on her hips, thrust out her chest proudly, then smiled up into the cameras and waited…after a minute or so Amanda’s struggles slowed, then stopped….she had passed out from lack of air.

Kaley got to her feet, planted her foot on the beaten Amanda’s chest, twisted her instep like putting out a cigarette butt and raised her arms, fists clenched, and pumped them in a victory celebration to muted but polite applause from the audience.