Chapter #6: Anne Hathaway vs. Mary Elizabeth Winstead by nightprowler

Mary Elizabeth stepped into the darkened hallway, sounds of the party still echoing through the mansion, the only light came from a room ahead. She was clutching the note she’d been handed at the party and, although nervous, she continued walking forward, toward a long awaited meeting with a very important producer. As she stepped into the room , she saw a large Victorian desk, complete with tall leather chair; its back to her.

She closed the door, cleared her throat and said, "Hello? I'm Mary Elizabeth Winstead…it's very nice to meet you at last."

But she stopped in her tracks when the chair swung around to reveal…not the producer she wished to talk to…but raven haired Anne Hathaway!

"Well, I was wondering how long it’d take you to slink back here," Anne said with disgust as she rose. Mary stepped back, not knowing what to expect from this new threat.

Then a voice came over an intercom, “Ladies it’s nice to finally have you here. You’re both up for the same part." Anne stared daggers at Mary who crossed her arms over her chest defiantly. "I’m sure you both have been informed of my love of female combat. Unfortunately, I only have room for one starlet at the moment, so I have devised this test." Anne smiled viciously at Mary who seemed to be weighing a decision. "So…" the voice continued. "…you two will fight for the right to be inside the fold, as it were. If either has second thoughts you’d better leave now - with no fear of retribution from my company or any other I’m associated with." The room was very quiet as the two ladies each refused to look away. "Very good then," said the intercom voice.

A remote control electronic lock clicked on the door and cameras mounted on the walls whirred to life. Anne stepped out from behind the desk and Mary kicked off her heels. Mary wore a a black vest and black pleated shorts that looked like a Broadway tap dance outfit. Anne was wearing a glittering party dress with a slit to the thigh. Mary noted that Anne had already lost her shoes before she stood up.

Anne charged Mary and they each grabbed the others hair, then swirled across the room, pulling and tugging; crashing into a wall and knocking a painting down; careening into, and bouncing off of, furniture; knocking over several lamps and a vase. Anne slammed Mary's head into the wall and then gave her a Knee in the stomach. As the brown-haired beauty doubled over, the raven-tressed actress brought another Kneelift up, this one into her face. Anne kept hold of Mary’s hair and used it to fling her across the room, right over the Victorian desk and into the leather chair, sending it skittering away on its castors.

Mary tried to get her bearings as Anne again seized her by the hair and pulled her to her knees. She elbowed the black-haired beauty in the stomach and as Anne filched form the shot Mary slammed her fist up striking Anne in the face. Anne staggered back and as she turned back to Mary she met Mary's fist as it slammed into her face. The darker brunette fell to the floor as Mary fell upon her pinning her to the floor. Mary then seizing two handfuls of raven hair slammed Anne's head off of the floor several times.

Anne using her claws scratched at Mary's eyes distracting her enough for Anne to shove her to the side. Both girls got to their knees facing each other seized hair and began to pull. The room filled with screams as the two fought like wild cats until Anne released a hand and punched Mary in the face and pulled the brunette back to the floor ,Anne straddled her sitting upright on her stomach and slammed a fist into Mary's face repeatedly until the brunette managed to get one of her arms under Anne and push up on her ass shoving her raven-tressed tormentor off.

Mary struggled to a seated position but Anne grabbed her from behind, wrapping a choke hold around her neck and pulling back. Anne tried to get her legs around the brunette, but Mary knew that would be the end, so she rolled to the side, placing her body against the floor. It wasn’t so much an escape as a reprieve because now Anne couldn’t secure her scissors. Anne didn't let this bother her though, she simply shoved Mary face down and maintained her choke hold.

As Anne straddled the brunettes body she said, “Well, isn't this nice. I knew you couldn't stop me from joining this group."

“You think you’re just gonna walk in here and steal my thunder?" the raven hair beauty said. Mary refused to surrender and while she continued to fight for air, she stopped trying to break Anne's grip. Instead, she placed both hands flat on the floor and pushed up, pulled one leg under her, then the other. The extra weight of Anne sitting on her back, didn't help but Mary refused to stop trying.

"Where you going bitch?" Anne said when she realized Mary had risen to all fours. When she felt Mary trying to stand up, she tightened her arms and wrapped both legs around Mary's waist. Then she squeezed! Mary felt Anne’s legs around her waist, but when she got to her feet she ran backward, slamming Anne’s back against the wall. Whenn they hit the wall, Mary heard Anne grunt and felt her legs grip loosen. She reached back over her shoulder grabbed Anne’s dark hair and pulled…

Anne screamed as she was flipped over Mary’s shoulder and her back slammed down on the floor. She tried to move but Mary stomped on her breast and Anne let out a breathless scream. She grabbed Mary's ankle and twisted it, then as Mary wobbled to one side, Anne rolled out from under her.

Mary fought hard to win her battle with gravity, grabbing the desk to keep from falling. She saw Anne rise to her feet out of the corner of her eye and whne Anne charged, Mary using her dancers skill to bring her leg up and kicked out to the side, her foot catching Anne flush in the chin.

Anne staggered away holding her jaw and Mary ran up behind her, seized her hair, turned her around and slammed her fist into Anne's face, knocking her back into a hard backed armchair. Mary leaned over Anne, pinning her to the chair by raising a gorgeous gam and wedging it against Anne's throat. Anne got her hands up to push against the knee, but Mary grabbed her wrists and pulled her hands away; then again leaning into the choke and putting her weight behind it!

Anne began to kick her legs wildly and one of them struck Mary's shin; not enough to trip her but enough to make her aware of her venerability. She sat down straddling Anne's lap, then released her wrists and wrapped her fingers about Anne's throat. Anne tried to scream but her air was cut off and she desperately grabbed Mary's hair to make her to relinquish her hold.

Mary not only held fast, she even began to smile at the bitch whose lap she was straddling. "Not so tough after all, are you?" she whispered.

Mary felt Anne's hands losing their grip on her hair as she looked down at her, but then Mary heard herself scream when Anne's fingers found a new, soft, target in her breasts! Mary tried to crush Anne’s breasts in her fists, but Anne shoved her backward onto the floor. Fortunately for Anne, her feet were tangled in the chair and when she fell she landed on Mary's chest. Anne quickly clamped her hands on Mary's throat and started choking. Mary convulsed as her air was cut off and her ability to inhale was further hindered by Anne's knees digging into her chest; crushing her breasts.

Anne slid forward, smiled down at Mary, and sneered, "You should know a better actress when you see one, bitch!"

Getting her feet untangled from the chair, Mary pushed it away. "Wow," she said, looking around. “We really made a mess of this place."

She slithered up until her crotch rested on Mary's chin, then she released her Choke and lifted up just long enough to hike her skirt up before settling the crotch of her panties onto Mary's face, covering both her mouth and nose. Then she dropped her skirt, using it to drape Mary's face, blindfolding her and hiding her from the cameras. Sighing happily,

Anne tilted her head back and began to slowly hump Mary's delicate facial features. “Oh God you should try THIS some time," she giggled.

As Anne’s head rocked and her body arched, Mary kicked upward with her newly freed foot and slammed it into the back of Anne's head. The dull THONK was followed by a scream as Anne pitched forward out of her perch and sprawled facedown on the carpeted floor.

Mary tossed Anne's legs off her chest and struggled out from under her, then got to her knees facing the downed actress. She realized Anne was stunned as she wrapped her fingers in the girls hair and lifted her face off of the floor - then WHACK, slammed it back down again. WHAM! BAM! CLOCK! Mary did it three more times.

After the third time, she released Anne and got to her feet. She went to the Victorian desk and swept everything off it onto the floor, then returned to Anne who had struggled as far as her hands and knees. Mary seized a handful of hair and forced her to crawl over to the desk on all fours. She CRACK, slammed Anne's head against the desk, stunning her anew.

Mary dragged Anne up to her feet, but as she turned her around to face her, Anne brought her Knee up into Mary’s crotch! She grunted in surprise and pain, then slowly dropped to her knees holding her groin. Anne seemed to be unstoppable as she pulled the panting brunette to her feet, lined her up and POW, punched her in the face with a Right Cross that sent Mary backward onto the top of the desk. Anne stepped between Mary’s knees which were draped over the edge of the desk.

Looking down at Mary on her back, Anne purred happily, "Wow! THIS is even better than I hoped. I can get up there and sit on your face and ALL the cameras will have a good angle!”

As Anne started to climb onto the desk, Mary brought up both legs and trapped Anne in a Neck Scissors. Reaching up, she grabbed Anne's hair and pulled her down onto her, shoving Anne's face into her crotch and locked her ankles behind the squirming actresses neck. Mary used her legs muscles to tighten her hold as she sat up, forcing the bent over Anne to her knees at the end of the desk as she sat on the edge. Mary released Anne’s hair and grabbed both sides of the desk for support, then bore down on the scissors with all her strength.

Anne shrieked like a banshee as the muscles in Mary’s legs stood out in relief, the cords rippling. She smiled down at the top of Anne’s head whose face was pressed into her womanhood. She sat up a little straighter, ran her fingers through her hair and looked around the room at the cameras to be sure they were catching all the action. Noting the devastation their struggle had wreaked on the office, she laughed,

"Oh, don't worry about the mess, Annie," Mary said in a motherly tone, “If you’re lucky, maybe they'll keep you around to clean this mess up. You’ll look smashing in one of those tarty little French maid outfits."

"Oh God….” Anne sobbed. “I…I hate you!" Then struggling to regain her pride, she insisted, “And my name’s Anne, bitch, not ANNIE!"

"Shut up! You talk too much!" Mary growled as she poured on new pressure that forced a scream from Anne. But then she released the hold and as Anne started to collapse to the floor, Mary scooted forward and turned Anne’s back to her, then again locked on her Scissors from behind. She only held it briefly before she had to grab Anne's hair to keep her in place, then released the Scissors and replaced it with a Figure Four Head Scissors.

The disheveled girl was sitting on her ass and couldn’t get up when Mary switched to the Figure Four and she panicked. She tried to break free in the second before Mary locked in the new hold, but she couldn't…she was too weak. In seconds, Anne felt herself slipping into darkness…and for once she welcomed it; mentally embracing it as a merciful refuge from reality.

Anne had fought a hard, tough, battle - and lost - there was no shame in that. As the lights dimmed and then went out, she felt Mary release her and a sensation like she was falling. She remembered thinking the hard, cold, floor felt surprisingly good on her hot body. She felt strong hands lifting her, laying her gently on top of the desk. Her eyes fluttered open to see the face of the handsome stranger who had come to rescue her…but it wasn’t a handsome stranger, it was Mary!

Mary straddled Anne not even bothering to pin down her arms, then slid forward taking great care to rub her knees as hard as she could over Anne's full, soft, throbbing breasts. Anne couldn't even scream…she looked lost on her back on the desk as Mary covered her face once more with her hot, aroused, moist pussy; then Mary began to grind on the beaten girl. The shorts she’d worn earlier were gone, discarded sometime while Anne was in la-la land. Her rough, black lace panties made full contact with Anne's mouth and nose as she rubbed slowly back and forth.

Anne’s moans were muffled by Mary’s panties which molded to cover her nose and mouth as the mound of flesh within bore down with increasing force. Mary leaned forward and put her palms flat on the desk, arching her back in a girl push up posen as she spread her knees wide, adding more weight to force better contact with Anne’s features.

On and on Mary rubbed, rotated and scraped back and forth until the orgasm she so badly wanted and needed came in an overwhelming rush of emotion and fluid gushing through the sheer lace gusset of her panties. The room spun as Mary gave a cry of release, arched her back and threw her head back to look at the ceiling, then her elbows buckled and she slumped down, shaking her head in disbelief at the power of the orgasm. Finally, she straightened and moved back off Anne's face to settle her ass on the beaten girls breasts, mashing them flat under the cheeks of her ass as she looked down at the girl who, sometime just before or during her climax, had lost her struggle to remain conscious.

"We WILL meet again,” Mary told her. “And I DO look forward to taking this ride again."

Mary got off of Anne’s limp body, pulled her shorts back on, found her shoes and put them on, then after giving an insolent toss of her wildly disheveled hair in the direction of the camera, she wrote a brief note on a pad of paper she found on the floor, laid it on the desk and then strutted proudly out of the office. The short note said, “I want Theron next! MEW"

An hour later, Charlize and Jessica Biel are sitting at the desk chatting about the raw video tapes of the fight. Charlize is turning a scrap of paper in her hands, folding and unfolding it. Biel looks at her and asks, "Well, what do you think?"

Charlize sighs, crumples the note and looks at Biel. "Well the bitch sure has high hopes, doesn't she. I suggest you put her against Kaley Cuoco; see what she's got."

Jessica smiles, leans back and puts her feet up on the desk. "I was wondering how you'd take that. Cuoco, interesting idea." Then as Charlize grins, Jessica adds, "And it's a lot safer than risking your own ass." Theron's eyes narrow and her lips purse, a slow red flush comes over her countenance. She hates it when anyone accuses her of being afraid...and certainly when the object is a mere 'TV actress.'