Kaley's World #7: Hayden Panettiere vs. Amy Davidson by nightprowler

(Note: The following is fiction and may - or may not - accurately depict the persons named or the situations described.)
Amy, in pink tank top, white cotton short-shorts and white tennis shoes, entered the mansion through the front door into the spacious foyer. To her left was an ornate staircase leading to the second floor. Amy was early so she decided to get the lay out of the place turning right she walked into a large living area, her soft soled tennis shoe made little sound on the hard wood floor.

As the petite redhead made her way from room to room taking in the dinning area, she remembered the only rules to this little game: best of three wins by submission or KO only. She and the blond bitch could fight anywhere except in the living room which was a ‘safe haven.’ After each fall, the winner was to go into the living room and push the button on a clock to count off five minutes. At the end of the five minutes, the loser of the last round had better be ready.

Amy liked the kitchen; it looked like a good place to fight and after checking, she noticed all the silverwear was gone which was fine since she didn't want the bitch to stab her. Off the kitchen, a second staircase was tucked in a corner. It led to the second floor with several locked doors and access to a child's room, the master bedroom, an adjoining bath, a separate bathroom and a exercise room complete with hot tub, a double shower and sauna.

As the redhead came out of the exercise room, she heard a noise downstairs as Hayden walked into the mansion, not knowing what she would find. The petite blond was on guard and she’d come to kick the redheads ass for what she’d done to Kristen Bell. She was trying not to be blinded by rage and lose her head. Hayden had dressed in jean short-shorts and a yellow tanktop; her new shoes squeaking on the wood floor as she went room to room looking for Amy. Hayden ended up in the dining area and as she approached the swinging door to the kitchen, the door flew open and slammed into her face!

The blond was slammed backwards, into a chair at the dinning table, the chair broke as she fell to the floor. Scrabbling to her feet she turned just in time to see Amy's fist as it landed on her cheek, Amy grabbed her long blond hair and slammed Hayden into the wall. Hayden fought back as she seized Amy's hair in return, the two girls staggered away from the wall and against the table wedging between two chairs Hayden shoved the Red head onto the table and slammed her head into the hard surface.

Amy kicked her legs up catching Hayden knocking the petite battler away. Amy rolled to the side and got to her feet while still on the table and jumped, landing on Hayden and bringing her to the floor. They rolled across the floor until Amy came to set astride the blond but only for a moment as Hayden shoved back against Amy's chest and raised her legs hooking the redheads shoulders pulling her off of her throne. Amy rolled off backwards and coming up to her feet in a crouched position she meet the blonde's rubber sole of her shoe as it struck her across the chin.

The redhead was pulled roughly to her feet and slammed face first into the wall. As Hayden held firm to the tangled red hair of her opponent. The blond spun her around pinning her to the wall and slammed a knee into her stomach.

“Ohh...” the redhead moaned as she bent over the waist. The blond slammed her knee into Amy's head and slammed her back into the wall where she melted against the hard surface. Hayden pulled Amy to her feet, spun her out into the center of the room, scooped Amy up and slammed her down on top of the table.

Hayden quickly jumped onto the table top as Amy rolled over onto her stomach to crawl away but Hayden straddled her back and grabbing a double hand full of hair pulled, Causing the redhead to scream as her scalp felt as if it were being removed. Hayden slammed Amy's face into the table.

Then Hayden rolled the redhead onto her back now straddling Amy's waist ,Hayden slammed a fist into the redheads face. As she cocked her fist back for another shot, Amy seized Hayden's breast in a claw hold. Hayden stopped the punch and grabbed Amy's hand to break the hold but Amy shoved Hayden backwards knocking the blond off of her perch. As Hayden scrambled to her knees Amy moved in behind her and wrapped a Waist Scissors around her.

The blond was facing her captures crossed feet ,so she reached for them to break the hold but Amy grabbed her long blond hair and pulled hard cause the blond to cry out, as Amy wrapped a choke hold on the small girl.

Amy whispered into her ear, "You’re going to be tasting me for a week!" She licked the side of Hayden's face as the blond screamed in rage and reached back seizing the flaming red hair of her rival. Hayden began to pull and buck until the two battlers fell off the table landing on the carpeted floor with a THUD, breaking the Scissors. Hayden got to her feet first and charged Amy, shoving her into the wall. Hayden grabbed Amy's hair and slammed her head into the wall, stunning her. Hayden stepped back and drove her fist into Amy's jaw, spinning her. As the redhead fell to her knees, Hayden seized her in a Choke Hold and drove the petite redhead down, pinning Amy to the carpet. Hayden held on as Amy squirmed to get out but Hayden held fast until Amy's struggles slowed.

Wanting to defeat the redhead not kill her Hayden released the choke and sat up on Amy's back and grabbing a hand full of red hair Hayden slammed her face into the floor 3 times. Hayden rolled the unconscious girl over onto her back and quickly stood, undoing her jean shorts allowing them to fall to the floor she sat down on Amy straddled her face, Hayden ground her yellow satin panties on the beaten girls face.

"Damn!" Hayden said. "I gotta have you awake for this to work right." She slapped Amy but got no response. She'd just raised her hand for another slap when a voice came over the speakers. "Hayden dear, she's out. The rules are 'knockout or surrender'. You can't revive her once your five minute break is over and she is still out. Hurry along to the living room and hit the time clock."
* * * *
Hayden-1, Amy-0.
Hayden got off the redhead and headed into the living room hitting the clock, she was very aroused and could not wait to put the finishing touches on Amy. She was noticeably angry and the voice of the producer came back on the speaker "Don't worry my dear, if you finish her off, you can take your time to make sure she finishes you off too…"

Amy lay on the floor dreaming of an alarm clock sounding when she awoke with the memory of what the alarm clock was for! She scrambled to her knees as she heard the clock shut off and the sound of feet racing toward her. Amy jumped to her feet running through the door and turning on the waxed tile of the kitchen, almost losing her balance and headed up the secondary stairs.

Hayden ran into the dinning room as she saw the swinging door rebound back into position, not wanting to lose her advantage she burst through the door onto the waxed floor and lost her balance and she slid into the counter. Amy ran up the stairs stumbling and tripping twice when she heard the kitchen door burst open and a crash, then she heard Hayden curse, a smile crossed her face, but only for a second, she had to get a second or two to get her bearings.

‘Damn,’ she thought. ’Hayden is too strong but I've fought stronger. I went straight at her like I did Kristen. No, I have to take my time.’

Hayden got to her feet and ran up the stairs when she got to the top of the landing, she saw a pair of white tennis shoes lying on the floor as if they had been taken off and thrown ,stopping at the first door on her right was open. she burst though the opening to find a sauna on her right and mirrors on her right, in front of her was a giant hot tub. she peeked into the sauna and even though it was on, she saw through the fog and saw no one was home, then she turned and left the room.

Going down the hallway the next door was locked, the second was a child's room, two more rooms she though she entered the next room ,it was a large master bedroom.

Hayden circled the room and said aloud " oh my God your hiding come out and take your ass whooping like a real woman", Hayden backed out of the room and as she turned to leave she came face to face with Amy, or should I say Amy's fist, as it slammed into Hayden's jaw, the blond was knocked backward. "What you stripped already? You're just making it easy for me!"

Amy grabbed two handfuls of blond hair and pulled Hayden off of the bed and bend her over at the waist and slammed a knee into her face. Hayden screamed as she was struck in the head by the knee and as she fell back onto the bed shot her feet up and out striking Amy in the chest, now Amy screamed as the tiny feet slammed into her breast, she staggered back as the blond came off of the bed swinging Amy ducked the first fist and the second grazed the side of her head. Amy ducked the third wild punch and slammed a fist into Hayden's unprotected crotch!

“Awww…” the blond moaned as she staggered away before dropping to her knees. Amy grabbed Hayden’s hair and pulled her backward onto the floor, dropping beside the blonde to wrap her muscular legs around the blondes chest and lock her ankles. “Aww shit…” Hayden screamed out as Amy turned on the pressure.

The redhead strained as she squeezed with all of her might as Hayden slammed her tiny fist into Amy's legs to try an break the hold, but Amy held fast and reaching out and seized on of Hayden's arms pulling it to her, to keep the blond from doing too much damage to her gams. Hayden bucked and kicked her legs in pain as her breast where being crushed by the bitch, finally she reached out and grabbed one of Amy's toes and dug her claws into it, she held this for a minute and just as she was about to release it and go for something else Amy curse and released the hold.

Hayden went to roll away but Amy still had one of her arms and quickly got to her knees and pulled Hayden to a seated position twisting her arm behind her. Amy then wrapped her left arm around Hayden's neck and slid her right arm up between Hayden’s trapped arm and her body and joined and locked her own fingers right over Hayden's right shoulder blade locking in a chicken wing hold.

Hayden screamed like a banshee as the vicious redhead turned up the pressure!

"Give!" yelled Amy into Hayden's ear, "Say you surrender and this round is over!"

“Fuck you!" cried Hayden as she did the only thing she could, closed her fingers and nails over Amy's breast which was right beside her hand. Amy grunted as she had not though of this reaction but she held on tight to the hold pulling her self and the blond to their feet and shoved Hayden forward crashing into a wall. Hayden's fingers released their grip - but so did Amy's.

Afraid Hayden would slip free Amy shoved her onto the bed landing on top of her and abandoned the attempted hold .She secured the choke hold on the blond ,Hayden began to squirm and roll so Amy rolled Hayden on top of her and wrapped her legs around the blonde's' waist securing her in the hold. The blond screamed in rage as she tried to escape the hold, but Amy just tightened up her hold and soon Hayden began to gag, Hayden tried to undo her aggressors finger but her right arm was still numb from the chicken wing and she could not do it with her left hand alone. Amy could fell her arms growing weaker, as held on for another few seconds.

The redhead rolled the blond onto her stomach. “So, I see you had thoughts of getting off on me!"

Noting Hayden's discarded shorts, Amy left her left arm wrapped around Hayden's neck as the blond sucked in much needed air and slowly tried to get up. Amy grabbed Hayden’s panties and pulled up, wedging them hard into Hayden's ass and pussy. Hayden screamed weakly at the pain full wedgie and gag again as Amy pull at the choke and at the wedgie at the same time. Amy then smiled as she rolled on top of the blond and snaked her right hand down around Hayden's waist and disappearing into the yellow panties.

Hayden groaned as Amy found her mark and began to massage the blonde's clit, "What’s the matter bitch? You wanted to get off on me. Now it’s happening to you against your will. When I'm finished, I'll get off on your face!"

Amy's fingers worked there magic while watching Hayden's face and every time Amy thought she would say she gave, the redhead would shove her face into a pillow. Hayden involuntarily began to spread her legs as she was losing this battle of wills, Amy began to laugh and Hayden felt shame as she came to Amy's hand.

Amy then took her wet hand and grabbed Hayden's blond hair and pulled her face off the pillow, "Give UP" she screamed into the blonde's ear.

"OK " Hayden said in a small voice "I give…"

Amy smiled. "LOUDER!" she said and Hayden screamed out her surrender. Amy got to her feet and began to take off her shorts so she could fulfill her promise to the battered blond, but the producers voice came on the speaker, " No Amy, Hayden had to wait and so do you, after the match" Amy looked up at the camera lens and smiled, are you sure you don't want your show now, as she seductively ran her finger tips along the waist band of her hot pink lace thong panties.

"UHHH, yes, yes you must wait" Any smiled as she walked from the room knowing she had gotten to the old man.
* * * *
Hayden-1, Amy-1
Hayden climbed off of the bed and retreated down the hall to the sauna room passing the hot tube peeling the sweaty yellow tank top from her body ,now clad only in yellow panties and matching satin bra, she entered the shower turning the water on cold. She felt weak, she knew she was sexually exhausted and needed to reviver herself if she was going to beat Amy.

Down stairs as the alarm started to ring Amy slapped a hand down on the devise so that it would not be heard. As Amy made her way silently up the stairs, she smiled for at the end of the hallway she could see Hayden soaking up the cold water, good idea she though just too late.

Amy entered the room, Hayden sensing her arrival turn to face the redhead. Amy peeled her own tank top off reviling a pink lace push up bra ,as she got to the edge of the large curtain-less shower that was 5ft x5ft in size and had two shower heads both where going. Amy gingerly stepped in as the cold water hit her back she and Hayden stared at each other for several heart beats, until Amy said "you ready to finish this" Yeah was all Hayden said as they locked up.

The two beautiful dolls pushed each other around in the shower each grabbing and using the others bras for support soon both girls bras where ripped and barely hanging on their body's as first Hayden shoved Amy into the corner then Amy would shove her way out and pull the blond into the corner.

There body's where soaked as the bright lights of the shower room glistened off their tone fit body's. As Hayden shoved the redhead hard into the corner and rammed her shoulder into the small girls stomach Hayden grabbed her legs pulling them out from under her, Amy screamed as her ass smacked the shower floor but she entangled her legs in Hayden's tripping her up and soon both girls where on the shower floor as they rolled end over end.

Amy finally coming up on top as she grabbed the blonde's wet hair and slammed it backwards into the floor, but Hayden grabbed Amy's hair twisting her head to the side and finally the redhead rolled away because she thought it could do serious damage. Amy rolled up to her knees only to meet Hayden who was also on her knees and Hayden slammed a fist into Amy's jaw knocking her out of the shower onto the floor. She slipped trying to get to her feet and Hayden fell on top of her, the blond got in behind the redhead wrapped her arms around Amy's neck securing a choke up. Amy coughed and gag as her air flow was restricted, then in desperation she reached back grabbing a handful of wet blond locks and pulled, while she pulled she managed to turn so that Hayden's arm was not cutting off as much air flow.

Hayden realized what the redhead had done so she bore down on the now head lock as Amy pushed off the floor with her feet rolling on top of Hayden, Hayden tried to wrap her legs around Amy to secure her but couldn't Amy was straddling her right thigh.

The girls held this for a moment, until Amy reached up and seized Hayden's left breast, the blond bucked but Amy was latched on. Hayden released one of the arms to combat the boob claw and that's all Amy needed to escape the headlock now Amy tried to straddle Hayden but Hayden blocked her with her legs the two girls pushed off each other and rolled in opposite directions each springing to their feet.

Hayden raised her arms for a mercy match and Amy knew better but pride got the best of her as she locked up with the thick shouldered blond and almost immediately the redhead regretted her move as Hayden bore down on the redhead driving her to her knees.

Hayden pulled the foxy redhead to her feet and used the mercy grip to go under and make Amy dance on her tip toes, as Hayden marched her across the sauna room, Amy knew they were nearing the hot tub so she turned her body for what Hayden though was a attempt to escape but it turned into a hip toss, throwing the blond into the hot tub.

What Amy didn't figure on is Hayden's iron grip as she held on with one hand and pulled Amy into the tube with her. the girls made a big splash as they both fought for air and to get the hair out of there eyes. Amy shoved first pushing the blond into the corner and try as she might Hayden couldn't push out of the corner, her feet kept slipping.

Hayden growled as she latched on a head lock but Amy grabbed her hair & slammed her head into the side of the tub. The blond turned to try and get out of there slippery combat zone when Amy grabbed the remaining part of her bra an ripped it free and wrapping it around Hayden's neck form behind in a choke hold.

Hayden immediately began to thrash around to escape her tormentor" you crazy bitch " the blond screamed. Amy had no response as she pulled herself on top of the blond and securing her place using the material like a rope around a bulls ribs at a rodeo, Amy locked her strong legs around the blond, as the girl thrashed sending water onto the floor.

Hayden began to slow for now she was exhausted. Amy let go of the blonde's hair and raised her arm in the air like a rodeo champ, and used her heels to spur at the blond side.

Amy finally got to her feet and again using the shredded bra as a rope, pulled Hayden to her knees. Looking down at her and realizing she was almost out from the choke, she looked up at the cameras. The redhead allowed herself a smile. "Ha-ha," she cackled in a obvious imitation of the Wicked Witch of the West. “I gotcha now, my pretty"

Amy pulled the girl up to standing turned her around face to face and shoved the blond out of the hot tub. Hayden hit with a SPLAT as wet skin contacted hard floor, the redhead exited the hot tub and grabbing Hayden's wet disheveled hair pulled the blond to her feet and shoved her into the sauna. Amy grabbed a dry towel neatly folded beside the door entering into the sauna and walked over to the camera and gently whipped off the lens and blew a kiss at it as she came back to the downed blond who had pulled herself to the wooden stadium seat the sauna used for sitting.

Amy grabbed her hair, “Oh no you don't; your ass isn't going anywhere!"

Hayden said in a shaky voice, "Wha...why are you doing... this... to us…to me…to Kristen?"

“Because I want to get use to hurting bitches like you so when I cross paths with Kaley again...I won’t hesitate."

Amy stripped the blond of the remnants of her bra, allowing her breast to spill out, then hoisted her up to face her as she wrapped a Bearhug around the blond, not even bothering to secure her arms. Amy knew she’d won but now she wanted to make a statement. Mashing her 29 year old breasts into the 18 year old’s.

She was glad to see Hayden wince from the force, but she held firm. Hayden struggled against the hold but was too tired to prevent the inevitable. She pushed against Amy's chin but the redhead just squeezed harder and soon, Hayden couldn’t take any more and surrendered. Amy smiled into her face, "No honey; its too late for that; you’re going to feel this for days!”

The redhead released the Bearhug for just a second, squatted down, then reapplied the hug around Hayden's lower back. The blond screamed pitifully as she was lifted into the air and, within moments, Hayden went limp in Amy's arms - not quite unconscious but no longer resisting. Amy dumped her on the floor and Hayden cried out as Amy removed her panties and dropped her full weight onto Hayden's chest, smashing her breasts flat. She pinned Hayden's wrists above her head and slid forward, engulfing her angelic face with her hungry womanhood. Amy hadn’t shaved for several days so her stubble stung Hayden's face as she ground herself down on the blond. Hayden kicked and bucked, but she couldn’t unseat the animistic force on top of her. Hayden's cries and moans of disgust and humiliation where drowned out by Amy's own grunts and moans of satisfaction as she trust herself back and forth; rocking harder and faster.

"Oh yeah! Now I know why you want them awake! God, everyone should have on of these."

The rumblings of orgasm had been with her since the end of the second fall and Amy tried to slow herself so she could enjoy the sensation, but she was a creature reborn; one of anger, lust, and desire. She spread her knees wider so she could get the most contact and then came with a cry of triumph onto Hayden's blushing face. On and on she ground herself, making sure she spread herself all over the blonde.

"Like I said, your gonna taste me for a fucking week," the redhead laughed in a husky voice.

Finally, Amy finished and got to her feet, placing one foot atop of her rival, making sure it covered Hayden's small breast as struck a double biceps flex. Amy left the sauna, gathered her clothes and dressed, then walked from the house; a victor in a game she was beginning to enjoy very much!!

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