Kaley's World #8: Kaley Cuoco vs. Mary Elizabeth Winstead by nightprowler

(Disclaimer: It’s fiction; an alternate universe; characters may or may not be the ones from this world, etc.)
As Kaley looked into the full length mirror at the orange cheerleader uniform she wore, she smiled at the thought of defeating yet another opponent on her rise to the top of the catfight world. Her thoughts were interrupted by the voice of her trainer, "This young woman has challenged the leader of our house but she hasn't earned the right."

"Well why doesn't Theron defend her own honor?" Kaley asked harshly.

"You've shown great potential," Jessica Biel said. "Theron could crush this upstart if she had the desire, but her desire is for you to do it." Pausing Biel added, "Of course, if you feel you're not up to the challenge, you can be removed from the program."

"I didn't say that I couldn't," Kaley protested. "You want the bitch to know her place, I'll show it to her. I was just wandering out loud," she explained defensively.

Kaley turned away from the mirror as Biel approached, stopped just inches from Kaley and said in a low voice, "Hurt her. I will take it as a personal favor if she has to go into seclusion after this match."

There was a knock on the door and Kaley turned to see Mr. V's right hand man. She followed him down the long hallway to the large double oak doors, opened them, and entered the same large room where she'd suffered a horrible lose to Michelle Trachtenberg.

The room was completely dark except for a circle of light that shown on her opponent who stood alone on a large white bearskin rug - actually it looked more like two or three bearskins sewn together. For a second Kaley thought Mary Elizabeth Winstead was about to say something, but had stopped when the doors opened.

"Trying to talk your self out of this?" Kaley said, smiling as she walked to the edge of the rug and noticed all of the cameras placed about it. "No, just thinking of getting a manicure after I kick your blonde butt," Winstead said.

"Wow, that's pretty good; been practicing that very long, or are you just a smart ass?" Kaley responded.

"No, just a smart ass," replied Mary. "In a few minutes, I'll show you what I've been practicing."

Kaley looked at Mary's yellow cheerleader costume. "Cute outfit. Too bad you won't be wearing it long."

"Same to you," was all Mary could think to say.

The two women began to circle each other. "You here to talk..." Mary asked, "...or fight?"

Without a word, Kaley charged, quickly closing the distance between them and shoulder blocking Mary to the rug. They hit the rug and rolled over and over, each trying to gain the upper hand. Finally, it was Mary who ended up on top. Grabbing a double handful of blonde hair, Winstead slammed Kaley's head on the rug several times. Kaley cursed as she bucked her hips, throwing the brunette off.

Half dazed, Kaley rolled to her feet and saw a blur of movement; reflexively, she swayed to the side just in time to avoid Mary's charge. Kaley reached up and grabbed the brunettes hair as she went by, pulled hard, and yanked the sexy brunette to the floor. She maintained her hair hold, hauling the flailing Mary to her feet before she slammed her knee into her stomach. Mary bent at the waist as the air rushed out of her. Kaley straightened her up and used her hair to flip the brunette to the floor again.

Kaley circled the downed brunette, then coming in at her head sat down at Mary's head using her hair to pull the brunette into a leg scissors. Mary screamed as Kaley's thighs clamped around her head, using her hair to pull her face into her crotch before locking her ankles.

Kaley leaned back on her hands and smiled up at the cameras as the brunette thrashed. Kaley had to shift her weight from one hip to her butt to keep Winstead from escaping, but doing so left Mary face down. Desperate for air, she began to push up off the white rug.

"Where the hell do you think you're going?" Kaley asked as the desperate girl struggled vainly to escape.

Kaley lifted her butt in the air and, using her legs, tried to roll Mary back onto her stomach, but the brunette had other ideas and quickly shifted her weight, bringing her knees under her so the blonde couldn't force her down. Kaley saw the problem a half a second too late as Mary got to her feet and pulled Kaley into the air upside down.

Mary dropped Kaley on her head, then folded her in half, pinning Kaley's shoulders to the rug. But Kaley used Mary's own momentum against her to roll on over onto her stomach. But now Mary was sitting on her back and she quickly spun around and grabbed Kaley's blonde hair and smashed her face on the white rug that offered little protection.

After a couple of slams, Mary pulled back on Kaley's hair again, putting her in a modified camel clutch. She smiled down as Kaley screamed.

"Who is this, ‘the Fighting Barbie’?" the brunette chuckled as she pulled even harder and slid down Kaley's body until she was sitting on her ass. As she pulled Kaley up further, she was almost folding her in half.

Mary released her Camel Clutch and pulled Kaley to her feet, lifted her off the rug, and then slammed her back down with a Bodyslam. Smiling, she hair-hauled Kaley back up and shoved her against the wall where she delivered several body blows; after the last one, Mary backed off and watched as Kaley slithered down the wall to her knees, then toppled forward on hands and knees. Mary kicked Kaley over onto her back and sat on her chest. The brunette fluffed her skirt out as she moved up Kaley's chest and settled on her neck.

"Just think, the last time you were in this room Michelle made you cry and then made you her little bitch," Mary said as she lifted up and then sat on Kaley's ruddy face. Kaley screamed as the brunette began to ride her face, using it as her personal sex toy. As she squirmed and kicked, Kaley turned her face to the side to get some much needed air. "Come on Barbie, take your punishment!” Mary said as she stopped gyrating to jerk Kaley's face back into position.

Kaley planted her feet into the rug and pushed off making Mary lose her balance and fall off her perch, but Mary angrily grabbed Kaley's hair as she tried to get up, then hauled Kaley to her feet and slammed her fist low in her belly. Kaley doubled over and went to her knees gagging and wheezing. Mary kept hold of Kaley's hair and started to bring her back to her feet, but Kaley fired her own fist up between the brunette’s legs.

Mary let out a little strangled noise as she released her hair and wobbled away; trying massage away the pain in her already overly sensitive crotch. Kaley struggled to her feet and stalked the brunette. As Kaley's approached, Mary turned and fired a backhand SLAP to Kaley's pretty face.

Refusing to give up the advantage, Mary rushed Kaley and tackled her to the floor where they rolled and over until they separated, each coming up to her knees facing each other. Kaley threw the first punch to the brunettes jaw, but Mary fired a return shot that hit Kaley’s eye. Although her vision blurred, Kaley could see Mary winding up for another punch, so she lunged and grabbed her by the hair just as Winstead's fist glanced off her shoulder.

Both girls grabbed hair and they swayed back and forth, cursing each other as they pulled and pushed. Kaley finally managed to push while Mary pulled and Kaley fell on top on the tough brunette. Kaley straddled Mary's waist and slammed her head on the rug several times, then let go of her hair with one hand and drove two punches into Mary's beautiful face.

Both were beginning to wonder how this would turn out as Mary managed to roll both herself and her blonde attacker, breaking their hairpulls as they separated. Mary got to her feet just before Kaley and they again began to circle. They met in the center of the rug with Mary throwing two punches - blocked - then Kaley caught her third punch and they locked up in a mercy match. Mary began to worry as Kaley started to gain the upper hand and she almost screamed when the blonde forced their hands down and under, bringing Mary up onto tip-toes and Kaley smiled up at the slightly taller girl.

"You should never have sat on my face!" Kaley said as she quickly reversed her motion, going high with the mercy hold and forcing Mary to her knees.

As Mary knelt in front of her, Kaley drove her knee into Winstead's face, then sat down behind the brunette, grabbing both of her arms and put her in a Full Nelson with her feet in Mary's back. When she pulled back, Mary’s cries filled the room. Kaley held on for a nearly a minute before she spread her legs, let Mary slump back between them, and added a Scissors around her waist to the Full Nelson.

Kaley held Mary in this hold until Winstead’s cursing began to soften as her scissors robbed her of air. After another minute, Kaley released the hold when her thighs were tiring from the strain and got to her feet. Kaley grabbed Mary's yellow top and pulled it up over her head and off, tossing it on the floor.

“You bitch!" Mary panted as she tried to get up.

“I told you, you wouldn't be wearing it long," Kaley reminded her.

She grabbed Winstead's hair, pulled her to her feet and shoved her into the corner where she held her pinned with one hand while she slammed punches into her stomach. Kaley held her in the corner as she wrapped one hand around Mary's neck as the other applied a Crotch Claw. Mary tried to pry both hands away at the same time but she couldn’t undo either. By now, Mary was just running on fumes.

"Submit!" Kaley demanded.

Mary opened her mouth to speak but said nothing and her eyes began to glaze over. Kaley wanted to win, but not kill her, so she pulled the brunette out onto the rug and picked her up one last time and dropped her over her outstretched knee.

Kaley held Mary in the backbreaker for a couple of minutes placing one hand on Mary's throat and one on her crotch and pushing on both ends. Kaley looked into her eyes but saw no tears of defeat.

“You’re a great fighter," Kaley said as she shoved the brunette off onto the rug and straddled her chest. She pinned Mary’s arms and, looking into her eyes, saw defiance but also exhaustion. She slid up the brunettes body, settling her crotch on Mary’s face, then Kaley fluffed out the skirt and began to ride the brunette.

Her thin cotton briefs were already soaked with her sweat and formed a suction around the brunette's mouth and nose. Kaley grabbed Mary’s brown hair and pulled her nose in tighter as she rode the woman who had tried to use her face as a sex toy earlier. Mary moaned in disgust as she Kaley’s first stirring of orgasm.

Kaley quickened her rhythm, swaying her hips, lifting her ass a little on the backstroke to add more pressure on her clit. She could feel Mary’s hand slapping at her thighs in a ‘submit’ signal, but that only excited Kaley further.

When Kaley climaxed, she came on Mary’s face; her thin cotton panties doing little, if anything, to staunch the flow of her copious juices. As she backed down the the brunette’s body, Kaley saw she’d left ‘frosting’ on the pretty girl’s face. Leaning over she whispered, “I warned ya not to sit on my face!"

Rising to her feet, Kaley grabbed the beaten Mary's skirt, pulled it down her unresisting body and stripped it off. Then she gathered the cheerleader top Mary had worn to the match and started for the door. Just as she reached for the knob, Jessica Biel burst into the room.

"What?" Kaley asked as she threw up her arms.

"I told you I wanted her out of business for a while," the angry Biel snarled as she elbowd past Kaley to grab the beaten brunette by the hair.

"Hey! Stop that!" Kaley protested as she grabbed Jessica's arm. The strong woman turned on Kaley, shoving her into a wall and slapped her. The force of her slap plus her exhaustion made Kaley lose her balance and fall to her knees. As she tried to get up, Jessica grabbed her and pinned her to the wall.

"I told you to do one small little thing and you couldn't even do that, when we get back to the training facility you will have a lot of work to do, and I will see to it myself," said Biel.

Then something caught Kaley's eye, a movement in the darkness. During the match she knew the camera's watched but she had a feeling something - or someone - else was watching. That someone presented herself as Summer Glau stepped out of the darkness wearing a solid black jumpsuit. Jessica felt her presence and turned to meet the intruder but Summer used a Spin Kick to catch the powerfully built Biel on the chin. She went down, but was climbing back to her feet when the door flew open again.

This time two women entered: Charlize Theron and Catherine Bell, who ran the house where Mary and Summer trained. Charlize grabbed Jessica's arm and she seemed to know the touch of her boss for Jessica stopped in her tracks.

"I did NOT..." Charlize scolded. "...tell you to start a witch-hunt or try to force someone into early retirement. Go back to our house, NOW!" Charlize commanded. Jessica turned to leave, but turned back to Kaley and smiled wickedly, then she left the room. Charlize turned to go, but stopped as she reached the door. Looking back at Kaley, she asked, "Well, are you coming?"

Summer took Kaley's hand as Kaley looked into her eyes. "It won't be safe there with Jessica pissed, she'll find away to get to you."

"Nonsense!" Charlize said defensively. "My dogs are well trained."

Catherine, who hadn't said anything while she checked on Mary, said, "We at the House of Bell can offer you a safe and welcome environment to train...if you'd like."

Kaley looked at Charlize and said quietly, "I'll send for my things."

"Very well,' Charlize said and left the room.

Kaley watched Charlize walk away while Catharine and Summer helped Mary to her feet. Catharine told Kaley, "You fought a good fight and while Mary will be pissed at the result for a while, you were very brave to stand up to the head of your house... and Jessica...Jessica will seek revenge."

"Well I guess I better learn some of those spin kicks," Kaley said with an uneasy smile.

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