Kaley's World #9: "A Day at the Carnival: Mary Elizabeth Winstead vs Taylor Swift by nightprowler

[Usual disclaimer: This is fiction; an alternate universe; not a real place or real people; yadda, yadda, yadda.]
Mary stepped lightly with her bare feet onto the hard brown dirt. Usually these matches were held in private and if there were guests, only a few. But this was insane. All the men here were movers and shakers in the land of make believe, were dreams come true on the silver screen. But everyone here was playing a role today; no suits; no fancy watches; no assistants; no lawyers; everyone came dressed as common people at a carnival - complete with food stands and rides that nobody rode. All those in attendance had their eyes on either Mary or the girl standing twenty feet from her.

Mary had been born in North Carolina so she'd worn Daisy Duke shorts before, although the pair she wore today had ben custom made for her. They were four inches from top to bottom and three inches of her firm butt cheeks were exposed on either side. The blue denim shorts had been custom-cut to allow her hips to fit into the shorts. Her top was a white wife-beater tee that she tied firmly under her breasts. No bra had been allowed and normally it wouldn't have mattered in the California heat - but it was still early March and she was chilly as her nipples testified by their obviousness beneath the thin material.

She took the match after doing a quick Goggle search of ‘Taylor Swift’ and found pictures of a skinny kid from Pennsylvania. But the young woman standing before her had filled out and was no longer skinny. Still thin yes, but definitely not skinny! And at 5'11" a good three inches taller than Mary. She wasn't scared, but this was her first match against a taller woman - and only her third in the league. Her record was 1-1 and she felt she HAD to win today. If she lost, she’d be 1-2 and girls with 'a losing record' got crappy matches with little coverage until they proved themselves all over again.

Across the yard stood Taylor who, at 19, had started fighting in the Tennessee League against other singers. She'd won all her matches - due to a combination of her skill and/or her size. She had powerful legs that crushed some of her rivals and the memories of Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson's tear-streaked faces as they moaned their submission still warmed the tall blonde's heart. She couldn't wait to get Mary Elizabeth Winstead between her gams and break her arrogant pride too.

Taylor had jumped at the offer to join this exclusive league, so with her bare feet and leg enhancing black denim short-shorts and a white concert tee-shirt (with the sleeves ripped off and tied firmly under her small breasts) she stepped into the roped off circle and smiled at her opponent.

Mary saw the long-haired blonde step into the circle so she stepped into the area and mentally went into ‘the zone’ as she began to circle with the blonde. Crouching low, the girls met in the middle of the dirt ring and locked up; Taylor making the first move, shoving Mary back and trying to move in on the brunette. Mary met the charging blonde and they locked up, but this time the brunette grabbed the young blonde in a headlock, pulled her into a hip toss and, maintaining the hold, landed on top of the slim blonde’s perky chest.

“OOF!” Taylor grunted, then frantically squirmed to get the brunette off of her. After sevearl long seconds, she managed to slip the hold and came out behind Mary, wrapping her wiry arms around the pretty brunette in a naked choke. Mary felt her windpipe constricting as she flung her left elbow back, then her right, then her left again, finally managing to strike the young blonde in the side of her head.

Taylor lost her choke hold, but quickly raised up onto her knees as Mary rose to a kneeling position and turned to face the blonde. Mary met Taylor's fist as it CRACKed her jaw! She was rocked by the punch and the two more that followed sent the dark haired girl sprawling on her side. The tall blonde quickly straddled her hips and grabbed two handfuls of lustrous brown hair, then the country singer slammed Mary's head into the hard dirt.

Mary gasped in pain and got her first taste of the dust they’d stirred up in her open mouth. She felt the blonde roll her onto her back, then straddled Mary's stomach. Taylor rained down several punches as Mary desperately tried to protect her face with her crossed arms. Some punches got through her defenses, slamming into her face and shocking her back to reality with jolts of pain.

As the blonde slowed her punching, she looked up to face the crowd that was cheering her. Mary's legs came up, hooked Taylor’s shoulders and pulled her over backward. She was no rookie and used the momentum to continue rolling into a back somersault, coming up on her knees…just as Mary kicked out with both feet, her bare feet slamming into Taylor's chest and smashing both of her breasts flat!

“AARRRGH…” Taylor moaned as her breasts where mashed as she was catapulted back onto the ground, throwing up more dust. She tried to sit up, but Mary seized her hair and pulled her to her feet and pulled her around the roped off ring doubled over. Mary drove a knee into the blonde's stomach, keeping her doubled over until Mary used the handful of hair to straighten her back up again.

SMACK! Mary slapped the blonde with her open hand and it stung the singer, who straightened up in reaction. Taylor grabbed Mary's hair and they reeled side-to-side and back-and-forth; two women intent on pulling the other off her feet. The tugging and yanking continued until Taylor swept her leg behind Mary’s and shoved, sending the brunette toppling to the ground with Taylor on top of her.

There, they continued the hair pulling match, rolling over and over. Mary could feel Taylor inching up her body and she pulled hard, trying to force the blonde back down but it was too late! Taylor wrapped her long, powerful, legs around the brunette's waist, locked her ankles and flexed her sinewy thighs.

“Unnnnhhh…” Mary groaned as the blonde turned on the pressure.

"Watza mattah, hon," Taylor grunted through clenched teeth. She grabbed Mary's fingers and bent them back, freeing her long blonde hair from the brunette’s grip. “Y’all don't have anythin’ cute to say?"

Mary lay on her belly, her head and shoulders propped up on her elbows. She could feel the blonde’s legs constricting her waist; thightening their hold every time she exhaled. Mary reached down and tried to grab Taylor's toes, but her legs were long and she couldn’t quite reach…then the blonde grabbed her hair and jerked her back.

"Give up now and I'll let you go," teased Taylor.

“Go to hell,” Mary gasped.

"OK, so maybe I won't," Taylor laughed as she rolled onto her back, pulling the wheezing brunette over with her. Mary arched her back, pushing against the dirt with her bare feet, but it just made the blonde laugh as she tightened her scissors hold even more.

Mary couldn’t scream and held onto the last precious bit of air in her lungs. Tears began to run from her tightly clenched eyes and Taylor smiled when she felt the tears dripping onto the arm she had wrapped tight around Mary’s chin.

“Awww, she's crying, fellas. Somebody get a picture of this,” the blonde called to the sea of camera-wielding witnesses. “HEY! OWWWWWWWW….” she suddenly yelped as the brunette sank her teeth into her forearm. Taylor immediately released Mary's head and roughly pulled her arm away. Then she SLAP, cuffed Mary's face.

Somewhere during the subsequent flurry of tussling, Taylor's ankles unlocked and, like a wild dog freed from a cage, Mary scrambled to her feet…and almost fell when her knees buckled! Her first thought after almost passing out, had been to run, but then she thought, ‘I’m not going to let this blonde cuntry bimbo make a fool of me!’

Massaging her aching ribs, and biding her time, Mary backed off and waited for the blonde to get to her feet. Both girls were covered in dirt and sweat as they circled again. Taylor shook off dust from her white tee-shirt as she approached the brunette and the crowd reacted at the sight of her dark areola through the clingy, sweaty, cloth.

Taylor charged and Mary stood her ground. When they locked up, Taylor shoved the brunette back up to the single strand of rope surrounding the fight pit. It was hanging loose, mostly there for show and not to actually stop someone. Mary tripped over it and as the toppled over backward, she pulled Taylor down with her.

The crowd scrambled out of the way as they tumbled into the audience, on the ground in a heap. They rolled; first Taylor on top; then Mary; then Taylor again and when they stopped Mary was on top for just a second. She drove a hard punch to Taylor's jaw, but Taylor bucked her off and straddled the brunette, then fired a punch to her face in payback.

Mary threw Taylor off and the crowd surged back to surround them as the girls got to their feet, trading punches toe-to-toe Taylor landed two punches which were answered by three from Mary. Although she gave up some in reach, Mary seemed to be slowly forcing Taylor back; landing more blows to Taylor’s body while blocking more than Taylor.

Taylor was backing up and she knew if she glanced back to see where she was going, it would just expose her to more punches. She thought she’d had victory in her sights, but her showboating had given the punch-happy brunette bitch a chance to come back and now she was stalking her…no, not stalking - herding her! Every so often, Taylor would take two steps to her right trying to get back into the fight pit, but Mary would always cut her off.

Mary saw she had the young blonde on the run but there had been several other matches today at the same venue and she hadn’t been able to become familiar with the layout so she only had a vague idea of where she was going.

Taylor was exhausted. For every shot she threw, only half hit and she was afraid she could no longer block any of the brunette's punches. In desperation, Taylor threw a ‘hail Mary’ punch, swinging wildly with an overhand right - but Mary blocked it with ease and shot a left-right combo into the blonde's face. Taylor staggered and Mary quickly closed in and hammered another punch, taking the blonde's breath away as it drove deep into her belly. Mary followed with a uppercut that blurred Taylor’s vision as she spun around and collapsed on all fours!

Taylor felt Mary grab her hair and pull her head up just as she unloaded another fist to the blonde's face. Taylor fell over onto her back, spread-eagled. Mary stepped over the dazed blonde, bent over, grabbed her sweaty blonde locks, and dragged the semi-conscious Taylor Swift to her feet!

Bent at the waist, half crying, blinded by sweat and tears and too choked up to scream, Taylor was pulled forward, then flung headfirst into a mud pit. She landed with a big, wet, SPLAT and slid several feet on her stomach! The blonde lay still for a few seconds, then slowly raised her mud coated face up from the muck and looked around at the people who stood quietly watching her reaction to her first loss.

Taylor realized where she was; in the mud pit where her friend from Tennessee, Kellie Pickler, had mud wrestled Jewel earlier in the day. Taylor was pushing herself up to her hands and knees when WHUMP, a weight slammed down on her back, smashing her flat in the muck again. Mary took her seat astride Taylor’s back, grabbed her blonde hair and pulled her head up and back into a cruel Camel Clutch.

"Ahhhhh….Christ ahmighty bitch…leggo…" Taylor wailed as Mary pulled harder on her hair.

Mary, proud of her handiwork, smiled at the spectators as flashes went off documenting her moment of triumph. She slammed Taylor’s face down in the mud, then got up and rolled the blonde over into her own Leg Scissors. Taylor screamed again as Mary locked her ankles and pulsed her thighs around the blonde's ribs. Mary couldn’t stop smiling as she watched the blonde’s body shudder and convulse in agony. Mary tried to look serious, but she couldn't wipe the grin from her face when the blonde's mouth gaped open to scream, but no sound came out. Taylor Swift had run out of air and panic set in on the young singer. She began to thrash between Mary's muscular legs.

"Not worth a damn is it?” Mary guffawed. “Well, maybe if you surrender, I'll let YOU go," she said with a cruel smile.

Taylor reached up, grabbing at Mary's breast in an attempt to break her scissors, but Mary caught her hand in mid-grope and held her hand just inches away from its goal. Mary looked into the mud-streaked face and saw Taylor was on the verge of passing out, so she released her Scissors and shoved the limp blonde away.

Taylor rolled onto her back and began sucking in deep breaths as Mary rolled to her knees, scooped up two handfuls of mud and smeared them on herself from her bouncing breasts to her crotch. The sight exciting the crowd even further.

Looking up, Mary said with a devilish smile, “Who thinks this match needs just one more thing to make it complete?"

The whole crowd cheered. Taylor, hearing this, tried scrambled to her knees to face Mary but as soon as they locked up it was obvious the blonde was done for. She was shoved hard over onto her back and Mary crawled up her young body. She paused to press her firm breasts into Taylor's stomach, then slithered all the way up and slammed down on Taylor's breasts as the blonde arched her back in a final try to get the brunette off of her.

Mary slowly moved up, put one knee on the blonde's right shoulder, then her other knee on her left shoulder; framing Taylor’s pretty face with her muddy thighs and mud soaked crotch. Mary pushed Taylor’s hair out of her face and asked with mock sincerity, “So, you wanna give up yet?"

Taylor screamed out her surrender and Mary raised up, then dropped back down on the blonde's face, grabbing a double handful of mud soaked hair as she spread her knees and rode the blonde's mouth and nose with her crotch.

"You should hold onto that last breath sweetie, you're gonna need it," Mary purred as the blonde screamed and bucked desperately trying to get some air…which only excited Mary in a all new fashion as she ground her denim shorts on the blonde's face until Taylor's struggles faded and she accepted her fate.

Mary owned her and used her like a cheap toy, then as the first signs of her coming orgasm built toward a climax, Mary bore down even harder and used the opportunity to grind her shorts faster and faster on the defeated blonde’s flushed face. When the moment came, she arched her back and tossed her head, flipping her hair back over her shoulders as she looked at the sky and moaned in pleasure.

Mary broke into a wide grin as the afterglow of a orgasm spread across her face and the crowd applauded her effort as she slid back onto the beaten blonde’s heaving chest to catch her own breath while Taylor slumbered. The triumphant Mary stood and placed a foot on Taylor’s rapidly pumping chest as posed for the cameras, already thinking of her next opponent.

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