Cheryl Ladd (Kris Munroe) vs. Audrey Landers (Donna)-Rematch by Jackd 8/29/01

This is a rematch of a Charlie's Angels fantasy episode w/ Kris Munroe (Cheryl Ladd) seeking revenge against Donna (Audrey Landers). If you missed the original story, click HERE to read it first.

For a month Kris had been furious with herself for letting herself get trashed, stripped naked and beaten in the mud by Donna the young bully. Although she never let anyone know just how badly she had been dominated and humiliated by the girl that day, Kris couldn't hide the fact that she'd let the rest of the Angels down by letting Donna escape while her partners had caught the others in Donna's gang easily. As the newest and smallest Angel, more than ever Kris was now afraid the others saw her as the weak link in the team. She wanted a chance to prove herself by showing she could still take this Donna girl in.

More than anything though, Kris wanted personal revenge on the tough girl who had beaten her so easily. She tried to suppress her lingering fear of her stronger foe and began training in the gym and practicing self-defense techniques at the academy.

Then the Angels got news that Donna had been seen running an illegal business out of a sleazy downtown wrestling club. The Angels checked out the club but Donna was nowhere to be found, so they decided to stake it out with two of the Angels posing as wrestlers. Kelly had the most fighting experience, and although the others weren't sure if Kris was up for the job, the little blonde insisted she get the other assignment. It would give her a chance to continue practicing her fight skills while also keeping her close if the chance came to catch Donna and prove herself.

The club was basically a strip club that put on nightly wresting shows in a small ring surrounded by a bar and tables. The next few days Kris and Kelly set up their covers - Kelly's stage name became "Captain Kelly" and she wore a tight army outfit. Kris became known as the "California Cutie" in the ring, and dressed in a skimpy bikini. While they were getting into the swing of things at the club, Sabrina set up hidden cameras so she and Bosley could keep an eye on the action.

But, unknown to the Angels, Donna and the club owner had been partners all along and Donna had been hiding in a secret room observing everything the Angels were doing. She was enraged to find that Kris hadn't learned her lesson but was instead still sneaking around trying to catch her.

"Well," she thought, "I'll just have to go a little harder on that snooping blonde detective next time."

As the days went by, the other wrestlers and club employees quickly began to get suspicious since Captain Kelly and the California Cutie hadn't had to fight yet. So to keep their covers, the Angels had to enter the ring. But they managed to fix things so their first (and hopefully only) match would be against each other. They carefully rehearsed their moves together so they could put on a convincing show without either getting hurt.

When the night finally came for Kris and Kelly to appear live on stage, Sabrina and Bosley were across town at the office watching the club on their hidden camera. But while Kris and Kelly changed into their skimpy stage outfits in their respective dressing rooms, Donna and her partner sneaked in and caught Kelly off guard just as she was her most vulnerable, naked with one leg in the air preparing to step into her suit. Kelly struggled mightily, but outnumbered two to one she was quickly overpowered, bound and gagged and locked in a back closet.

Meanwhile, totally oblivious to any danger, and completely unaware of anything that might be happening to her partner, eternally innocent Kris Munroe finished dressing and headed to the curtain and waited to be introduced.

Then the announcer began, "A special treat for the crowd tonight, making her first appearance in our ring, straight from the beaches of LA, here is the beautiful . . . California Cuuuuutieeee!"

Expecting to face Kelly in a "wrestling match," the carefree Kris came bouncing toward the ring wearing an long white beach shirt that came down to her thighs. The crowd cheered at the sight of the sexy, nubile, blonde and Kris felt a tingle as she enjoyed the reaction. She danced seductively around the ring, then began slowly unbuttoning her shirt before finally taking it off to reveal a teeny pink bikini. The announcer led the cheers, "Lets hear it for the California Cutie!" and the drunken audience went wild as Kris pranced around the tables, her large round breasts barely contained by her top and the sexy creases where the backs of her thighs hit the bottom of her curvy tight rear end clearly visible under her scant pink bottoms.

Kris tossed her long blonde hair from side to side, smiling to the crowd as she reentered the ring. The perky Angel leaned against the ropes showing off her sexy little body while she waited for Kelly's introduction.

But the ring announcer continued, "Ladies and gentlemen, we have a last minute change in the card tonight because Captain Kelly is suddenly unavailable."

Kris was stunned. She looked around nervously for her partner and a sinking feeling that something was afoot came over her. "Taking her place against the California Cutie tonight, making her grand return to the ring.... Let's have a big welcome back the former club champion - Donna the Dominator!"

And just like that there she was! Donna, now dressed as a wicked dominatrix, strutted down to the ring wearing a studded black leather bikini and carrying a wicked looking black leather whip. She glared angrily at Kris as she cracked the whip. Donna wanted nothing more than to start beating once more on the annoying blonde bimbo who refused to leave her alone. The crowd cheered the return of their old favorite, eagerly anticipating a one-sided destruction of the sexy young, innocent newcomer, the California Cutie, at the hands of this beautiful Donna the Dominator.

Kris panicked at once more facing the girl who had thrashed her in the mud, especially dressed the way Donna was. But then the angel realized this was just the chance she had been trying to convince herself she wanted. Besides, she was stuck in the ring and couldn't back down now without losing all face. Taking a deep breath and hoping her brief training would help, Kris prepared herself to take on Donna again. This time, she told herself, she'd have to be more aggressive and not give Donna time to get the upper hand. She couldn't - she knew Donna would put her dominatrix outfit to good use if she were given even half a chance.

Knowing Sabrina and Bosley would be worried for her, Kris winked at their hidden camera and announced to both they and the crowd, "The California Cutie's got this bad girl handled."

Although Sabrina and Bos were now worried, they knew how much Kris wanted to prove herself. More importantly, though, they knew they were simply too far away from the club to get there in time to stop the match anyway. It was going to have to be up to Kris to take in Donna. What neither of them knew was just how nasty a fighter Donna could be, or how badly she had destroyed their little Angel in their last fight.

Kris, however, knew this all too well, so she couldn't help but look scared as Donna the Dominator marched up to her in her corner and growled, "You're gonna pay for showing up here missy! I told you to stay away from me, but looks like the canary came out after the cat one more time!"

Kris tried to remain calm, "I'm not scared of you Donna. My partners are all over this place. I'm taking you down this time." Donna just flipped her hair with the back of her hand and laughed, "Sure sweet pea and that's the same thing you said last time, remember? Yeah, I know your partners are watching on that little camera. In fact, I'm glad they are - I hope they're video taping this in fact. Just think of them watching as I strip you down, rip into those tits and then spank that little ass of yours! Last time was just a warm up."

Kris was speechless. She could only look back with big scared eyes as Donna turned and addressed the crowd with a chuckle, "California Cutie!? Not after I'm finished with her!"

"Looks like the Dominator wants to destroy the little Cutie!" declared the announcer.

The crowd cheered as Donna returned to her corner, cracked her whip and gestured to Kris to come at her. As she readied herself, a determined but rattled California Cutie was suddenly very aware of how little protection her little bikini would offer against this witch in their public battle. She nervously adjusted her bikini top as she slowly made her way toward Donna.

Kris knew she had to take control right from the start and end the fight fast, so she launched a quick kick right into Donna's gut. The blow stunned the bigger blonde, who doubled over in pain. Kris pressed her advantage, sending a roundhouse kick to the big blondes side. The kick hit its mark and sent Donna stumbling back into her corner. Kris was right on her, grabbing Donna by the arm and flipping her over on to the center of the ring.

"Wow, look at the California Cutie go!" said the announcer with a hint of genuine surprise in his tone.

The crowd cheered the suddenly confident California Cutie, while Donna was out of breath and stunned on the mat. Kris went at her again, taking the whip away and tossing it across the ring in hopes of keeping it out of the fight. Then she stomped her foot down into Donna's gut and chest, flattening the bigger blonde's boobs under her studded black bikini top.

Donna was seething with pain and frustration over letting the little blonde work her over in front of the big crowd. She was eager to get into the fight and saw her opening when Kris raised her foot to repeat her stomp. Donna caught Kris' foot in mid air and she flipped the Angel down to the mat. Kris fell straight back and landed hard on her ass with a loud grunt.

The crowd laughed, as the announcer ad-libbed, "Owww! That's gotta hurt!"

Kris tried to slide backward on her butt, but Donna was up and on her in a flash. She grabbed the Cutie's ankles, lifted her legs off the mat and then rolled her legs back and up until her feet were pinned behind Kris' head. Kris screamed in agony as Donna, glaring straight down at her, repeatedly pressed down on her ankles, straining her legs as she rocked her in the cradle hold.

"Look's like Donna's making a folded pancake out of the Cutie!" observed the announcer. "Maybe we should call her the California Crepe now!"

Kris felt as though her legs and lower back were about to snap as Donna continued to force her trapped legs down. Finally, Donna stood up, pulling Kris with her and flinging her into the corner where she slammed into the turnbuckle. Donna grinned, thinking she would now take over on her prey, but Kris had other ideas. As Donna the Dominator moved in, Kris let fly with another roundhouse kick. But this time Donna knew the move and she caught Kris' leg in mid-air. Suddenly, Kris was looking like a feeble fool, hopping around on one leg with her arms windmilling as Donna pulled her around the ring by the foot.

"Better learn another move little Cutie!" mocked the announcer.

"Lemme go," pleaded Kris as the crowd laughed at the little buxom blonde's helpless predicament.

Then Donna gave Kris' leg a sudden twist that again sent her crashing to the floor where she landed hard on her butt. As Kris lay dazed by her fall, Donna sat down next to her, pulled Kris' left arm straight out and locked her legs around the little Angel's chest. Kris squirmed helplessly flat on her back as Donna's powerful leg scissors crushed her big breasts, flattening them against her chest and forcing the top of her tits out the top of her tiny pink to like toothpaste from a tube.

"Hey, looks like the beach girl can't keep her big boobies restrained" chortled the announcer.

As Kris struggled and Donna continued to squeeze her chest flatter, Donna the Destroyer called to the audience, "Well lets show em what this little bitch is so proud of, then!"

She moved her locked legs lower down to Kris' abdomen, exposing the Angel's very vulnerable chest.

"No! Don't!" begged Kris, but it was too late.

Donna reached over with her free hand, ran her fingers under Kris' bikini top, and then very gently peeled the top right off her left breast.

"We got puppies!" yelled the announcer and the crowd erupted at the sight of the California Cutie's full tit.

Kris pounded her free hand on the mat and writhed helplessly on the floor, utterly embarrassed at her situation, especially when she remembered that Sabrina and Bos were watching all this along with everyone else.

But Donna just pressed her attack, grabbing Kris' exposed left tit. Her long fingers wrapped around the breast and then she dug in with her nails, her fingers driving deep into Kris' soft flesh. The hapless blonde Angel yelped in pain and kicked her feet as her precious tit was squeezed and gouged mercilessly by her rival as the big crowd watched panting.

Donna wrenched the breast from side to side as she squeezed the tender flesh between her digging fingers. Finally, the suffering Kris managed to wriggle away from her tormentor and rolled onto her stomach, shielding her battered left boob from view and protecting it from further abuse. But Donna was able to maintain her tight leg scissors around the prone Angel's waist from the back. In fact, Donna looked down and saw another inviting target - Kris' tight little ass rising and squirming upward from the mat. The Dominator grinned, reached down and slapped the California Cutie's bikini covered buns. Kris yelped in protest, but her cries ended abruptly when she felt a tug of her bikini bottom, wedging it into her crotch as Donna had grabbed hold and yanked back as hard as she could.

"Oh how humiliating! The trapped Cutie's getting a wedgie!" said the announcer.

Kris yelled out in anguish as the fabric tore into her, disappearing into her butt crack and revealing her sexy ass cheeks to all. With her body still trapped in the tight scissor hold, all Kris could do was reach meekly back and try to tug her bottom back in place. But it was no use. Donna was now pulling so hard on the bikini that the little blonde's sexy ass was lifted straight up in the air.

Just when she thought it could get no worse, Kris felt a hard SMACK on her exposed cheek. Then another . . . and another! The pretty Angel yelped as her curvaceous ass cheeks trembled again and again as Donna smacked her rear end over and over with one hand while yanking her bikini bottom into her crack with the other.

The announcer cheered the Dominator on, "Its wedgie-givin', fanny-slappin' time for the Cutie! You give it to her Donna - we all knew that perky little beach blonde needed a good spanking on that cute rear!"

The roaring crowd was loving it, but all Kris could do was plead Donna to stop the spanking. But Donna kept it up with whack after whack to Kris' tight, sweet, sexy ass which reddened with each new blow.

"Oh don't you like this precious!?" Donna laughed. "Your sorry ass won't look so cute when I'm done with ya!"

Kris squirmed helplessly on the mat, writhing under the continuing assault on her battered buns, jiggling and squirming this way and that with every slap from Donna.

Finally, the stretched material of the bikini reached it's breaking point and gave way, dropping Kris' little beat-up butt back to the mat. Satisfied, Donna ended the spanking session, released her scissors and got up to the cheers of the crowd. Kris tried to meekly crawl away from Donna the Dominator, trying cover her privates with the remnants of her tattered bikini bottom. As if the long public spanking weren't enough, Kris felt all the more humiliated when she looked up to the "hidden" camera which reminded her the other Angels were watching her destruction as well.

As shameful as it would be, the humbled Angel knew her best hope was to flee. She stumbled to her feet and headed towards the ropes.

"Looks like the California Cutie wants no more of our mighty Donna the Dominatrix!" the announcer laughed.

The crowd booed Kris' attempt at escape, but Donna was in no mood to let her escape. With Kris struggling to reach the ropes while holding her tattered bikini briefs in place with one hand and tuck her exposed left tit back in her bra with the other, Donna caught her from behind.

She grabbed a handful of blond hair and yanked the Angel backward, stopping Kris' retreat in its tracks. Kris instinctively brought her hands up to try and free her blonde hair, but doing let her bikini bottom flutter helplessly to the mat. Donna, seeing she had succeeded in exposing her blushing victim from the waist down, snaked her free hand under Kris' legs and applied a brutal crotch claw from behind while still pulling the Cutie's long hair back.

Kris cried out in pain and shame as Donna tore into her exposed blonde bush in front of everyone. Terror gripped the Angel as she felt the bully's fingers digging deep into her crotch, prying for the ultimate target. The panic of knowing where Donna the Dominator's attack was leading gave Kris the burst of strength she needed to reach back and tear Donna's hand from her crotch.

But Donna was still in a dominant position behind the battered and half-naked Angel. She stretched Kris out and applied an abdominal stretch from behind. Kris was overwhelmed at the arsenal of moves at the disposal of her rival and she was growing too weary to fight back any longer. Again, Kris tried to surrender, but Donna was only thinking of how to increase the torture and humiliation of the little detective. With her chest pressed against Kris' arched back, Donna reached around with her free hand and clamped Kris' exposed left breast. Kris begged and pleaded, but Donna gave her no mercy, resuming the brutal breast claw on Kris' once perky tit. She squeezed and squeezed, until the exhausted Angel collapsed on the mat.

Donna picked up her whip from the corner and stood over her beaten foe, now lying half naked on her back. Donna reached down and tied Kris' hands above her head with the whip, rendering her completely helpless. Then Donna looked out into the eager crowd.

"Did this cocky little bitch actually think she could wiggle around MY ring and try and show me up by shaking those little tits of hers! I don't think so! I'll show her whose got the better tits!"

With that, Donna reached down and tore off the remnants of Kris' teeny pink bikini, leaving her butt naked on the mat. Kris trembled and begged, but Donna just glowered at her. Then Donna peeled off her own bikini top to the wild cheers of the crowd, revealing a stunning pair of tits.

Kris tried to slide backwards, but it was no use. Donna sat on the little Angel and spread herself on top of her, trapping Kris in a grapevine pin. Kris squirmed and moaned as Donna forced her short little legs wide apart as she pounded her crotch down again and again, grinding the littlest Angel into submission.

Then Donna began rubbing her big bare breasts up and down over Kris' bare breasts. Facing her rival, bare breast to bare breast, Kris was dismayed by how obvious it was Donna's big tits were actually not only firmer, but wider and stronger than her soft, delicate breasts. Bearing down, Donna's big breasts engulfed Kris' smothered tits. All Kris could do was turn her head away from the camera in shame and disgust. It was bad enough she was being physical beaten by the young blonde bully, now her treasured body was being conquered and dominated as well. Donna's powerful breasts mashed and squashed Kris' delicate orbs as they were buried by her rival's big chest.

Kris had always prided herself in her round, perky tits, even just earlier that night. Now, she saw - and knew everyone else saw - that her breasts were no match against Donna's vastly more impressive pair. Kris groaned in humiliation as the breasts she'd once been so proud of were crushed and bested by the weight of her rival's bigger, more voluptuous tits. Worse, Kris' nipples began responding to the close breast-to-breast contact, swelling and hardening for all to see.

"My, my!" teased Donna. "You enjoy being the little submissive slut down there, don't you? Well lets hear you beg your Dominator for her forgiveness!"

Donna sat up and grabbed Kris' excited and aroused nipples with her thumb and forefinger.

"Let go, please," begged Kris as Donna began to pinch and pull.

She kicked her legs wildly, but helplessly, as Donna, sat atop her stomach in a dominant position and yanked her ravaged breasts every which way by the nipples, pummeling and punishing her demolished chest. While Donna pulled and stretched the blonde Angel's naked, mangled tits, the once more beaten and exhausted Kris begged for mercy. But Donna kept up her breast attack, twisting Kris' nipples mercilessly.

There seemed no end to Kris' painful lesson in humility until, suddenly, Kelly burst into the ring dressed in her army attire. She had freed herself from the closet and when she stumbled out of the back, she'd seen the horrible beating Kris was taking. Kelly struck the unsuspecting Donna from behind and she was so stunned by the surprise attack she tumbled off of Kris.

Seeing what Donna had done to Kris, Kelly went to work on the bully, raining punches down on her stomach and slapping her every which way. Donna was quickly winded and Kelly climbed atop her and began slamming her fists into the big blonde's own breasts.

"How do you like it Donna?!" yelled a vengeful Kelly, who still couldn't believe the thrashing Kris had suffered.

Kelly kept up the attack on Donna's bare stomach and breasts until she was all but out. Then, standing the dazed girl up and putting her in handcuffs, Kelly collected Kris' tattered bikini top from the mat and tossed it to her partner.

"Cover up Kris, you've embarrassed yourself and the agency enough for one night."

Following Kelly's orders like a beaten pup, Kris slowly lifted her aching body off the mat and slipped her top back on, covering her bruised breasts. She stood up, meekly clasping her hands over her exposed crotch as she hurriedly made her way out of the ring behind Kelly. As the humbled little Angel watched her beautiful brunette partner walk the captured Donna backstage, Kris wondered how Kelly had been able to handle Donna so easily. She thought that Kelly's quick and easy victory just added to her own humiliation at having been stripped, spanked, mauled and beaten up once again by a young blonde bully. And, this time, it had happened in front of her partners and everyone else.