"The Legend Of Zeta" (Part 1) by legman
The clang of two sharp steel swords echoed through every corner and floor of the mansion. One was in the hand of a lovely blonde who furiously thrust her shining blade with deadly intent at a gorgeous brunette. But the amazingly agile brunette deftly avoided the potentially lethal strokes and they instead shredded curtains and knocked pictures off the walls. Still, the taller blonde seemed in command of the action, cutting and slashing her sword down on the brunette as she slowly forced her to back down a stairway toward the cavernous first floor of an ornately decorated palace.

Then, just as the blonde's eyes grew wide and her heart raced with the joyous belief she’d finally found an opening to slice her foe's skull open, the brunette darted over and vaulted the stair rail, nimbly landed on the floor below, then dashed through a living room to the center of a huge dining room. From the blonde came loud curses as her sword tip dug into the carpet covering the stairs. Filled with rage, she too leaped over the railing and chased after the brunette who was waiting in the center of a room so large it gave them plenty of room to resume their war.

The blonde lunged at her foe, hoping to run the brunette's curvy torso through, but with a devious smile curling her lip, the brunette advanced, matching each swipe of the blonde's blade with her own and parrying every lunge. The blonde was growing visibly angry at her inability to penetrate the brunette's defense. With a flick of her wrist, the brunette twisted her blade around the blonde's, then knocked the sword from the taller woman's grasp.

"Touche, sweetie pie!" the brunette said mockingly. The blonde's jaw dropped as the brunette smirked at her, then lowered her sword to her side. "Care for seconds, blondie?"

The blonde gladly accepted the chance to renew the fray, scrambling to retrieve her sword and charging at the brunette with the words, "You'll regret giving me a second chance, bitch! I'll skewer your bony carcass this time." The blonde furiously attacked with wild swipes of her sword that the smiling brunette easily turned aside.

Overcome with rage at her inability to touch even a hair of her rival, the infuriated blonde tried once more to wield her sword across the body of her opponent. Again the brunette blocked it, locking blades - and women - in a test of strength. Then as the blonde gripped the sword with her other hand to increase her leverage, the brunette’s free hand delivered a hard left hook to the face that rocked the blonde back!

The brunette then pressed her advantage by hitting the blonde with a forceful backhanded blow to the face. With her opponent dazed, the brunette kicked the blonde in the ribs and then unleashed a powerful kick to the dangling hand that held her sword. The impact knocked the blade away and left the blade deeply imbedded in an overturned table. Unarmed once more, the blonde's eyes bulged and she swallowed hard as the brunette raised her sword and held it to her rival's throat.

"May I suggest something a little different," the brunette said in a deep sultry tone.

The speaker was none other than the American southwest's greatest and sexiest champion of justice, the legendary and leggy masked heroine “Zeta!”
In the late 1800's, the heroine Zeta fought courageously in a lawless frontier known as Roseland to protect the poor and innocent from the scoundrels who tried exploit or harm them. Her fighting skills were second to none and even when vastly outnumbered, Zeta always emerged victorious in her confrontations with evil-doers. She would vanquish them with flamboyant style, using her peerless talent in fencing or martial arts to defeat them. Then she would carve a “Z” - the sign of Zeta, on them so other villains would know of her victory and not dare venture into the lands she protected and called home.

Like her fighting prowess, Zeta's beauty too was beyond reproach. By day she was the demure Senorita Catherine Jones, the wife of the handsome yet mild-mannered Antonio Jones, owner of a prosperous general store. With her secret identity hidden by unneeded glasses and wearing a different hairstyle and long, bulky dresses that hid a voluptuous beauty beneath, only her husband knew of her secret identity or her daring exploits.

Though Zeta never received financial reward for her acts of heroism, each time when she returned from thwarting evil she was treated to a long night of lovemaking with her appreciative and incredibly well-endowed husband who, like every other man on the western frontier, needed only to glimpse “Zeta” in her incredibly sexy costume to become as long, hard and erect as one of the heroine's sabers. Her mask have may have covered some of her facial beauty, but Zeta was nonetheless known in all corners of the territory for a level of beauty that fueled a legion of wet dreams among the enthralled townfolk.

Zeta's skin glistened even on cloudy days as she had rounded, regal cheekbones and wore bright ruby red lipstick that gave her a look of elegance. Her long raven hair shined and curled down to her exposed shoulders and swayed provocatively above full, spectacular breasts. She wore a jet black lycra leotard, French cut high at the hips that covered only a small portion of her shapely buttocks. The skin-tight outfit had long sleeves and a scoop bodice that covered only the tips of her breasts.

Whatever chance the dazzling suit had of covering Zeta's large rounded orbs of flesh were erased by the dark corset wrapped snuggly around her waist. Not only did it showcase an hourglass figure, it also pushed up her magnificent breasts and made them even more pronounced, provocative and alluring. Eyes that gazed up and then down her shapely form were rewarded with what many believed to be an even more erotic thrill.

The bottom of Zeta's leotard was cut in a style that was a forerunner to the modern thong such that the entire expanse of her long, athletic legs were exposed. Clearly when it came to legs that could make a man's blood simmer, Zeta was the Queen in that part of the world. Wearing shiny, eye-catching black tights of lycra and nylon and black high-heeled ankle boots only enhanced the shape of her magnificently sexy legs. In an era when woman were clothed from head to toe, the sight of a woman displaying her stunning legs in a dazzling pair of tights as well as a firm, muscular buttocks was an image that scores of men could not chase from their mind - even when they were making love to their wife.

The first time Zeta appeared in town to defeat evil set the tone for a scene that was repeated many times over. Four soldiers had been sent to the town to remove Antonio from his shop to turn it over to a relative of a dastardly general but “Zeta” intervened in unforgettable fashion. Furiously riding into the center of the town on a black steed, she raced to the front of the store where the men had gathered to evict Antonio.

When she bolted off her mount the soldiers' eyes nearly popped out of their heads as they stared at the scantily clad masked woman in a black hat and short cape approaching them. Their jaws were agape as their eyes scanned up and down her body as she slowly strode toward them, breasts jiggling slightly and shiny tights sparkling in the bright sunshine as her divine legs propelled her closer. When she reached them, Zeta drew her sword and ordered them to leave town.

"I am Zeta," she shouted. "Either leave these good people and honest store keeper alone or face my wrath."

The men just laughed. This had to be a joke. They were among the general's strongest, best trained soldiers and a woman was giving them orders! They called her a dance hall trollop and said they’d take her to bed before they wrecked Antonio's shop. There was a growing crowd of townspeople watching the scene unfold and they gasped it horror over what they feared would happen to the strange woman. A few of the town's bravest men, including Antonio - who at the time did not know the identity of the black-haired beauty - tried to intervene but were roughly pushed aside.

The soldiers slowly surrounded Zeta, speaking in lewd terms about what they would do to her as wild visions of carnal sex with her ran rampant in their minds. Zeta just flashed a confident smile as they drew close. The soldiers were perhaps so preoccupied with her beauty that perhaps her physical assets alone could have disarmed them, but Zeta - whose parents had been killed by robbers and had secretly trained for years to battle evil - had a much more effective way of dealing with the swine coming at her. Using amazingly fast and precise swipes of her saber, she knocked away the men's guns and swords in a matter of seconds. Both the soldiers and the crowd gasped in disbelief over what had just happened. The coy look on Zeta's face, though, told a tale that she had no doubts about her ability to overcome any man!

With the stunned men standing in front of her, Zeta used her blade to rip away their pants and expose cocks as rigid as a flagpole. She and the crowd laughed uncontrollable as the embarrassed men squirmed and tried to cover their private parts. Zeta promptly ordered them to leave town and inform their evil boss that Zeta was now on the scene to protect all citizens in need of her help. A devilish smile appeared on her face as she pointed her sharp blade at the now helpless men, walked toward them, puckered her lips and said, "But before you go let me give you something to remember me by."

As the men's mouths watered in anticipation of a lusty kiss from the brunette beauty, Zeta only added to their humiliation and misery, giving each a brutal kick to the balls. Four loud screams rang out as their genitals were crushed by the sharp pointed toe of Zeta's boot. But almost as quickly their yelps were silenced as Zeta, twirling like a ballerina, gave all four a vicious snap kick that lifted each of them into air. In place of the men's moans there in swift succession came the crackling sound of jaw bones broken by the startling power of Zeta's mighty legs. That was followed by a THUD as each man's butt hit the ground.

All four were unconscious as they hit the ground! The crowd was amazed at what they had just witnessed. In less than a minute this petite woman had soundly defeated four rugged men. At first they were too stunned to do anything. Then Antonio started to clap and everyone quickly joined in.

"Viva Zeta! Viva Zeta!" they shouted.

An hour later, the men were still dozing from Zeta's KO kicks as a wagon transported them back to their boss - each destined to awake and find a “Z” carved into their butt. Zeta would resurface later that night - in the bedroom of the Jones hacienda! Antonio believed his wife had spent the day visiting with a friend, so when he was in bed and heard high heels clicking on the wooden floor leading to the master bedroom he was certain it was his wife returning home. The door slowly opened but a body didn't walk through it. Only a single leg, clad in black tights, slowly came into view, raised into the air, bent at the knee, then kicked a few times, putting on an arousing display for a while. Then the masked woman in black, jumped into the doorway.

"Zeta?" Antonio said in disbelief.

"Yes," the woman said as she tossed aside her hat and removed her cape. Then she slowly removed her mask and whispered, "But you can call me . . . Catherine!"

Antonio's heart nearly stopped as he realized Zeta was his wife! As Catherine explained what she had done, wild urges took a hold of Antonio. After pulling down her top and kissing and sucking her breasts for a while, Antonio turned his direction farther south as he began rubbing his hands up and down his wife's toned body.

"Those legs!" he said, caressing her legs. "I never realized how strong they are. And these tights! They feel so smooth and silky and make your legs look so incredible."

"Thank you, my lover," she responded. "I must tell you now that deep within our basement you will find a secret room where I have set up a training area to prepare for what I have chosen to do. And these tights have enabled me to combat crime. You see, my dear Antonio," she continued. "I knitted these tights myself from a special blend of material. Not only do they make my legs so very attractive to the eye, they also fill me with so much confidence in my beauty and abilities that I believe there's nothing I cannot do in them. They make me feel invincible and give me the inspiration I needed to take on an army of criminals."

"You surely looked invincible today in conquering those soldiers," Antonio said.

"Thank you, my love," Catherine said, modestly batting her eyelashes. "But I know you, too, are invincible - in bed - and my womanhood is in desperate need of your attention."

Antonio and Catherine made love more passionately than ever before, a ritual they would follow after each of Zeta's spectacular victories. As the days went on Antonio was continually treated to a sight other men would pay a king's ransom to see. Often, as Catherine prepared for one of her workouts, she would parade past her husband in the nude, showing off her amazing body and as she passed her aroused man, she playfully slapped him with her tights to get his attention before she led him to their bedroom where she would slowly don the tights; filling her husband with an uncontrollable lust.

Then she would finish dressing by slipping on a forerunner of the modern bikini and entice her husband to come downstairs where he was treated to the spectacular sight of Catherine practicing fencing, kicking and punching. As the sweat glistened off her impeccable body and her sculpted arms and shapely legs created heavenly poetry with each forceful punch or kick, Antonio's lust boiled over like a flaming cauldron. He could barely wait until the moment when she was finished so he could pay homage to her body by massaging her joints and making love in the most passionate of manners.

The townspeople, too, couldn't wait to be treated to their next glimpse of their sexy crime fighter. Though they loathed the tidal wave of evil that engulfed the city in the ensuing months, they derived erotic pleasure from watching the magnificent Zeta defeat each and every criminal. At first it was only cruel and corrupt men who dared to challenge Zeta, hoping to vanquish her and make her their love slave but as the legend of “Zeta” grew, more and more men began to fantasize about her - and evil dark-hearted women arrived to challenge her!


These were women who hated Zeta for standing in the way of their criminal activities. Yet they were vain and supremely jealous of the way men talked in such revered terms about her beauty. They felt they were more lovely than Zeta and desired to prove their superiority in both beauty and brawn over the leggy mystery woman.

The first of those women was an Asian beauty named Kelly Hu. At one time, little more than a geisha for Japan's leading crime lord who favored her for her beautiful face and the flattering red tights she wore on her incredibly toned and sexy legs. But after a year of serving as his mistress, Kelly had become expert at the martial arts and turned on her master. One night, while engaging in foreplay in their bed, she playfully wrapped her lovely legs round his neck.

"Do you love the feel of these tights?" she whispered in her trapped lovers ear.

"Oh, yes," he replied with a smile, savoring the arousing feel of the nylon against his neck.

"Well then, I'm sure you're going to go crazy over THIS!" she said as she contorted her face into a snarl and squeezed her powerful legs together like a vise.

A few seconds later, a loud crack signaled the end of the crime lord's reign. With his death, Kelly took control of the mob and each day she wore a different short silk dress with her dazzling red tights and short stiletto ankle boots as a reminder to all of how she had taken control of the crime family. Kelly arrogantly believed she possessed the sexiest legs in the world. As her empire of crime in Japan grew by leaps and bounds, Kelly began to seek new worlds to conquer and she ultimately came to America; personally directing the Oriental mob's takeover of the San Francisco’s gambling and prostitution. Using her fighting skills to wipe out any opposition, Kelly made herself the “Queen of Crime” in this new land.

Then one day she overheard two of her ninjas talking about someone named “Zeta” and drooling over her beauty. Filled with jealousy, Kelly vowed to destroy this Zeta creature. Kelly moved to Roseland with a gang of henchmen and ninjas, determined to lure Zeta into battles that would eventually result in the death of heroine in black. But Kelly soon learned Zeta was no dainty pushover. After launching a wave of robberies and murders that kept Zeta busy on a daily basis, she set a trap for the brunette beauty at a bank robbery but Zeta overpowered all of Kelly's henchmen, killing or injuring them with her blade or in hand-to-combat.

The enraged Kelly then sent her six best ninja assassins out to eliminate Zeta, but even their skills with swords was no match for Zeta. After forcing the truth out of one of the ninjas, Zeta learned the new woman in town was behind the crime wave. As a blunt message that Kelly should leave town, Zeta severed the penis of each ninja and sent them to Kelly. Each arrived in a wooden box wrapped in shiny white paper with a bold, black “Z” on it. Inside, with the uprooted stems of manhood, was a note that said, "Leave town before you suffer a similar fate at the hands of Zeta!"

A sane individual would have heeded Zeta's demand. But Kelly was supremely arrogant and instead of leaving or sending for an army of assassins to back her, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She sent a public notice to Zeta, demanding a hand-to-hand showdown at high noon in the streets of the town.

As the minutes grew closer to noon that day and Antonio watched his wife slip the black tights slowly up each leg, he was bothered more than stimulated.

"Catherine, I know your beauty gives you an edge over spellbound male rivals, but I fear for your safety against a skilled woman who won't fall victim to such charms," he told his wife emphatically.

"Fear not, my beloved Antonio," she said, slipping her legs into her leotard, then straining to pull it up over her large bosom. "There are ways to distract a woman, too," she grinned. "A jealous, angry woman does not fight with precision and intelligence such as a woman confident and assured of her superiority...as you'll see today!"

As high noon struck, Zeta rode into town on her snorting, prancing Black steed. The street was deserted, although an army of eyes - mostly male - peered out windows of the stores, bars and rooming houses that lined the dusty street. At the far end of the street, Zeta saw the figure of a woman...waiting. Swinging her leg over the neck of her steed, she lithely leaped down from her mount and tied him to a hitching rail. Then, she turned to face the other woman and began slowly walking. When Zeta made her move toward her, Kelly too started forward. Each took brisk-but-measured steps toward the other as the sun glistening off their tights elicited moans of desire from men who were trapped in a era when an exposed leg was as rare as a diamond the size of a boulder.

A snarl filled Kelly's face when Zeta displayed her confident smile as they stopped barely five feet apart, in the middle of the street directly between Antonio's store on one side and the saloon/casino on the other. As Antonio fretted, the townsfolk in the casino who loved Zeta wagered on the catfight, placing bets with seedy rustlers who longed for nothing more than having Zeta dead - or worse - but either way, out of their lives!

"So the slut standing before me is the great Zeta," Kelly sneered as they stood feet apart.

"Indeed!" Zeta said, taking off her hat and flinging toward Antonio's store; then giving her hair a shake, allowing it to cascade down over her shoulders. She untied her cape and slipped it from her shoulders, tossing it away next to her hat. Finally ready for the impending battle, Zeta purred, "And I hear I'm to fight a woman with legs even sexier than mine. Do you know when she'll be getting here? All I see is a woeful geisha with legs skinnier than chopsticks."

"How dare you compare ME, the world's most powerful woman, to a common geisha," the Asian snapped.

"Listen, tramp, I'll be calling you Jail Bird after I haul your fat butt over to the Sheriff's office," Zeta said. "I'm giving you one last chance to ride out of town, leaving the riches you stole for the poor of this town. Otherwise, like those poor henchmen you sent to their doom, you will feel the wrath of Zeta."

"And YOU will feel the fury of Karate!" Kelly growled as she suddenly shot her right fist toward Zeta's jaw.

Showing her amazingly flexibility, Zeta titled her head to the right and let the punch sail harmlessly past her head. Seeing Zeta's head move, Kelly shot a hard left toward her foe. Again Zeta swung her head out of harm's way, her hair fluttering harmlessly away from Kelly's punch.

"What?" a stunned Kelly said as she could not believe she had failed to hit her opponent.

The Asian warrior then launched a spin kick at her foe and again Zeta was far too quick. She crouched under the red-clad leg and then swung out her own leg toward her off-balance foe, knocking Kelly's leg into the air. Kelly landed with a THUD on her butt, kicking up a small cloud of dust around her.

"Have a seat, my dear!" Zeta said in a taunting tone. As the stunned Kelly looked up at her, Zeta continued to flash a mocking smile and then raised her fists while adopting a defensive position. She motioned with her hand for the crime boss to come toward her. "C'mon, bitch, come to Zeta so I can show everyone in town who's the better woman!" she said.

An infuriated Kelly sprang to her feet and charged at Zeta with an ear-piercing scream, "They WILL see I'm the better woman!" She fired a series of lefts and rights at the woman in black, but Zeta deftly knocked each of them away. After working her way inside Zeta's defenses, the Asian brunette tried to knee Zeta in the ribs, saying, "My unrivaled legs will overpower you."

But the Champion of Good raised her own leg and blocked the attack, their stockings hissssssing erotically against the others. Kelly tried to hit Zeta with her other leg but found her gams were not strong enough to best Zeta's and inflict a measure of bodily harm.

"Your legs are no match for mine," Zeta gloated to a stunned and speechless Kelly. "Before long, the rips in those wretched rags you wear for tights will tell all in town who is superior between us."

Thwarted one way, Kelly adopted another tactic. She raised her arm and quickly hurled it down for a karate chop that she was certain would land at the base of Zeta's neck. But Zeta had anticipated Kelly's tactic, raising her arm to block the blow and quickly hitting the bad girl with a hook that caved in her ribs. THUMP echoed from the street as Kelly let out an "UGH!” from the blow and tried to cover up her mid-section.

Zeta gracefully spun around her and then delivered a crippling elbow to the kidneys, crying, "EEE YAAAA" as she attacked. As a pained look covered the sexy Asian's face, her hands dropped from covering her ribs to protecting her back while Zeta spun around in front of Kelly and delivered a vicious high-kick. Her ankle hit Kelly under the chin, lifting her off the ground and flipping her in mid-air, sending her crashing to the ground. Zeta's face glowed as she heard Kelly’s body impact the ground with a THUD and saw dust swirl up around the downed fighter. She kept her powerful leg extended in the air for a few extra seconds, giving mesmerized spectators an all-to-brief glimpse of the marvelous sight of her limbs and crotch.

"Man, that Zeta has great legs and her face and titties ain't bad either!" said one of the many male customers peering out the windows of Antonio's store, drawing a glare from a suddenly jealous Antonio who did not appreciate having men drool over his delectable wife.

Kelly was still on the ground, rubbing her achy jaw, when Zeta brought her leg down and quickly assumed a defensive stance. "I can see you don't have much fashion sense," she said in a cutting tone. "If you intended to come out here and then just roll around in the dirt, you really should have worn brown. Just look at that dress and tights. They're already filthy and we've just started our little catfight. Brown would have hidden all that dirt, sunshine." With a growl, Kelly Hu's legs shot forward and she sprang to her feet. Immediately she began wiping the dirt off her dress and bright tights. "Actually, I wouldn't worry about the clothes, geisha girl," Zeta said. "I'll be ripping them off you before long, especially those cheap tights."

Hearing those words, Antonio smiled. He knew his wife's barbs were as sharp and cutting as her blade and would be successful in breaking her opponent's concentration.

"These tights are made from the finest material in Japan," Kelly Hu replied angrily. "You are not woman enough to even speak about putting the slightest tear in them."

"Is that a fact, sweetie?" Zeta said coyly.

"It is, you uncultured whore," Kelly said as she extended her fists to continue the fight. Both women slowly started to circle each other. "I assure you that I shall delight in proving my superiority in combat to you and everyone else in this wretched town. By the gods, when we are finished your lifeless body shall be hanging from the highest roof with those miserable tights serving as the rope for your execution."

"Well, that's tough talk from a bitch who has spent the better part of this fight on her fat butt. Bring it, bad girl," Zeta said, waving at Kelly again with her hand. "Let's see whose tights will return home as shiny and dazzling as ever."

Kelly charged at Zeta and immediately launched a furious barrage of punches and kicks with amazing speed. She uncorked a left and right to the face but snarled when Zeta blocked both blows. When Kelly tried to turn her arm and attack Zeta's mid-section, the masked heroine's hands were again quicker and deflected Kelly's blows. Pulling back a half-step, Kelly regrouped.

"You will not withstand THIS!" Kelly screamed. The bad girl doubled up her blows, rapidly throwing punches at Zeta's chest, stomach and ribs that would have sent most black belts to the nearest hospital. The stinging feeling in Kelly's hand, though, told her she wasn’t facing an ordinary warrior. The busty brunette seemed to be reading Kelly's mind as she casually blocked every blow, looking somewhat bored as she did. Finally, after one wild miss, Kelly fell a few steps back from her target.

"Ho hum!" Zeta said, covering her mouth and feigning a yawn. "Is that all you've got, bitch?"

Seething over the ineffectiveness of her punches, Kelly tried a pair of snap kicks with her lovely legs. "How could THIS be? My legs will destroy you!" she screamed.

(whiff) Zeta merely swung out of harm's way from Kelly's kicks as she continued to taunt her enraged foe, "Missed me!"

(whiff) "Missed me again," she laughed.

(whiff) Beads of sweat covered a winded Kelly's face and her once perfectly combed, silky hair was tangled. She desperately tried another punch, but the masked Zeta easily deflected it aside with her forearm.

SMACK! Zeta punched Kelly in the chest, pancaking her left breast. "Guess they don't grow tits as big in the Orient as they do HERE…” Zeta chuckled, cupping her heavy breasts, adding, “…my little flat-chested China doll!"

As the hurt crime boss took a step backward and tried to catch her breath, Zeta's dazzling black tights shot forward. Her left leg smashed into Kelly's stomach, winding her even more, and then her right limb connected squarely with the Oriental woman's chin.

THUNK! Kelly was knocked to the ground once more and Zeta's supporters let out wild cheers.

"You must really like rolling around in the dirt," Zeta said to her sprawled opponent. "Every time I look around you seem to be on the ground."

Kelly didn't respond. She slowly rose, let out a primal scream of "You ...." She charged at Zeta again but this time Kelly ran into a buzzsaw! Zeta easily fended off one wild punch before she went on the offensive. Zeta rocked her with a left and right to the jaw, swiveling her head. Kelly moved closer to try to block Zeta's punches, but her reactions were slowed by the beating she had absorbed. While Zeta's hands moved with unbelievable speed, Kelly's moved as if they were stuck in tar. She had no answer for a series of hard punches and chops that ravaged her curvy body.

"How's that feel, tough girl," Zeta said. "Want some more?" Kelly merely moaned in pain and bent forward slightly. Her hair was a tangled mop. Her right eye was blackened. Her hands just dangled at her sides. "I'll take that as . . . a yes," laughed Zeta who pummeled Kelly's tits with piston-like blows, then blasted her ribs and stomach with a series of chops that doubled the evil woman over before she ripped a large chunk of material out of her dress. "Such cheap material," Zeta said while looking at the shreds of Kelly's dress in her hands. Large patches of bruised skin now showed through places where there had once been rich silk. "Must be made in Japan by cheap labor."

Zeta resumed punching the swaying Kelly so fast and so hard, the worn out karate diva felt like she was fighting an octopus. She frantically thought to herself that two hands could not possibly be inflicting all the pain she felt as her head and body contorted violently with each furious blow that Zeta gleefully powered into her defenseless rival. The thumping sound of Zeta's fists and legs punishing Kelly’s body came so rapidly and was so loud, it reminded some of one of those new rapid-fire Gatling Guns. Even men who loathed Zeta begrudgingly admitted they were being treated to a spectacular sight as the gyration of Zeta's body when she delivered the punches tightened the grip of the lycra material around her body, making the curves even more pronounced. Her breasts seemed to grow even larger and her legs - if it were possible - appeared even more shapely as her tights stretched out.

Kelly's beautiful face became red and puffy from the tidal wave of blows and blood started to drip from her nose and lips. Seeing that, Antonio let out a wild scream. He was euphoric! His beloved wife was turning a dangerous opponent into a punching bag, but more importantly, Antonio had wagered their life’s savings on his wife with the dastardly casino owner. Now, the couple was about to become twice as rich!

Motivated by the support from the townspeople, Zeta gained energy with each passing second. She added to Kelly's misery by mixing in a few knees and kicks to the blonde's achy ribs, legs and face. As the tights sparkled in the sunlight, Zeta looked like a dance hall star doing the can-can. She absolutely dominated Kelly with a series of sexy high and low kicks. Kelly was now in so much pain from that she barely felt a quick stinging sensation in her legs.

"Ow . . . ow . . . aauugh ... umph," greeted each THUD, CRACK and kerpow from Zeta's fists and legs.

The ecstatic Zeta spun on her heels and struck Kelly across the face with a vicious SLAP! "I call that my bitchslap!" she said with a laugh, then she delivered a hard elbow smash to the villain's stomach, followed by a judo throw over her shoulder that sent Kelly rocketing to the ground. Zeta chuckled when she saw that the sleeve of what was left of Kelly's dress had ripped off in her hands when she sent the bad girl flying over her hip.

"Fear not, you'll soon be wearing a durable prison dress woven in the good 'ol US of A," Zeta said.

The half-naked Kelly was woozy, moaning, "OW ...AAAH…OOW" as she got up and tried unsuccessfully to stand straight. She was swaying defenselessly, not knowing if she was in Peking or Roseland, as Zeta looked at her and laughed.

"Just look at you, my little pig pen," Zeta said. Kelly was indeed an absolute mess. Her body was covered with dirt, which stuck in her sweaty, matted hair. Her face was bruised beyond belief. Her tattered dress had just one sleeve and was filled with so many rips and tears it looked as if it had been devoured by locust. And there was one other distinctive blemish in her attire.

"Well," Zeta said. “At least when they send your butt in jail, your fellow convicts will know who bested you in combat and tore up your precious tights."

"My tights. What did you...?" Kelly wailed as she slowly looked down at her legs and saw that Zeta had sliced a "Z" into the filthy stockings she once believed housed the sexiest and most dangerous legs in the West. Now there was nothing the least bit sexy, shiny NOR dangerous about the self-styled “Crime Queen.”

"No! M... mm...my legs," she wailed at seeing the "Z" and other rips in her once fabulous tights. "How could you do that to me?"

"It was easy, just like this," Zeta said, raking her nails across Kelly's dress and ripping a "Z" between her sore and partially exposed breasts. "Now you carry the mark of Zeta on your pathetic legs and microscopic tits as we end this battle."

"End?" muttered Kelly pathetically, "I'm . . . not . . . fff...finish. . ."

As a groggy Kelly slowly reared her fist back to attempt another punch, a swift snap kick to the jaw interrupted her words and once again put her into the air. The "UGGH" that slipped from her mouth signaled her descent into a state of unconsciousness. This time the brunette fighter landed hard on her back, generating a loud thud and kicking up a large cloud of dirt that surrounded her and fell over her as her eyes slammed shut…Kelly was out cold!

"Yes, you slut, you are finished," Zeta said loudly as she walked over and placed her leg on Kelly's slowly moving chest. "Another criminal has bitten the dust," she said. Then leaning close to Kelly's ear, she hissed, "And your kung fu sucks, bitch!"

As the beautiful Zeta flexed her biceps to signal the catfight was over, a huge cheer went up from the townspeople who rushed out to get a closer look at the gorgeous body on display in the center of the street. Antonio, too, charged out with his latest acquisition, a camera. Moving the swarm of men away for the victorious woman, he ducked under the cover behind the camera and triggered a bright flash of smoke that captured the triumphant Zeta smiling seductively and thrusting out her breasts; giving off the rare and heavenly sight of a perfectly sculpted leg positioned over a beaten female adversary.

The champion of good and justice went over to thank Antonio, telling the crowd she hoped the picture, “…will send a message to other criminals about what awaits them in the lands protected by Zeta.”

Giving him a kiss, she then whispered into his ear, "You didn't think that homely bitch stood a chance against me, did you, darling?"

"Oh I knew who would emerge victorious," he said.

“Well, I'm looking forward to seeing what will emerge from your loins once I return to our bedroom," she said.

In addition to his “reward”, in the days ahead, Antonio would grow even wealthier selling copies of the picture to men anxious to savor Zeta's beauty and fantasize in their bedroom about her abilities as a catfighter. He even got a nice sum from the publisher of those “penny dreadful” novels in New York who used the picture to illustrate the first of a series of books called “The Adventures of Zeta” which not only spread Zeta’s fame nationwide, but attracted attention in foreign countries.


While the news of Zeta's victory convinced many evil-doers to find another part of the West to ravage, others - men and women alike - became obsessed with the idea of beating the masked crime fighter to enhance their reputation. Many came to challenge her, but all were defeated by the incomparable Zeta and, after a period of violence and many confrontations, peace at last came to Zeta's hometown.

Then, after several years of quiet, a new wave of crime gripped the town, one far worse than Kelly Hu's reign of terror. After a rash of stagecoach robberies and some burglaries, two of the town's richest men were found murdered in their hotel rooms, robbed of their riches. Thanks to Zeta, three of the criminals were apprehended and put behind bars. None, however, would reveal anything about their employer, only that it was a mysterious figure known as "The Leader" - nothing except to repeat the mantra, "The Leader will not rest until Zeta is defeated and the town delivered into the hands of evil."

A chilling mantra to be sure, and one whose threatening message was driven home by the fact that all the evil-doers who were captured either committed suicide or were murdered in their jail cells, ensuring the trail back to the newest crime lord couldn't be uncovered.

But finally a clue in the form of a unique brand on a stolen steer led Zeta to a sprawling near-by ranch; one recently bought by a rich-yet-mysterious and rarely seen man from the East. After talking to friends of the dead men, Zeta had learned each of them had been guests at the Smith Ranch shortly before their death. In hopes of finding clues to prove the ranch of the reclusive "William Smith" was the home base of the evil Leader, Zeta arranged an invitation for herself and Antonio to join two other wealthy couples for a social at the Smith mansion. She was sure these newcomers to Roseland held the key to stopping this latest crime wave.

A day later, Zeta and Antonio met Mr. Smith - who proved to be surprisingly boisterous and somewhat of a buffoon - and his tall, beautiful-but-very-quiet wife. After receiving a tour of the house, during which Zeta used several excuses to sneak away to snoop for clues in different rooms, the hosts brought the group to the parlor for lunch. There, Zeta in her persona as the reserved, demure Catherine Jones, waiting for a cup of tea with the other visitors when her eyes grew large.

Entering the room with a tray of appetizers was the Smith's maid, a tall, statuesque blonde from France named Uma Thurman!

Uma was wearing the traditional maid's costume of her homeland, a jaw-dropping skimpy black and white French Maid uniform, one that left little to the imagination! It had a scooped neck, trimmed with frilly white lace and cut very low to display acres of cleavage and her two large, perfectly rounded 38D breasts. She had long, thin blonde hair with long facial structure and dark eyes. Her outfit mixed white and black in titillating fashion. Around her neck she wore a black collar that matched the dark color of her dress. It was incredibly short and the hem of the puffy dress was trimmed with the same frilly white lace as the bodice - were the short sleeves and an apron she wore around her waist.

As Uma bent over to serve the others, Zeta could see on close examination that the maid wore white silk panties, a sharp contrast to the sheer black stockings that covered her long, gorgeous legs which seemed to glow as she strode into the room on white stilettos.

The French woman gave the men a flirtatious smile, knowing all eyes were fixed on her and as she turned her butt to Zeta and the other female guests to serve the men, her voluminous breasts almost tumbled out of her low-cut top. The women seethed at such a shameless display of woman's body - even more because as she leaned over, Uma gave the three women an "up close and personal" look at her butt.

Watching everyone's reaction to the display, Catherine sensed the outfit was intended to please the master of the house more than his guests and her mind raced as she trying to visualize the blonde maid and the demised men in this same setting. Perhaps the prospect of a sexual tryst with this blonde slut had lured them to their deaths?

The men in the room, meanwhile, were overcome by lust and had large bulges in their pants - all except for Antonio who did not long for the sexy blonde only because he was well aware of the smoldering beauty under the conservative clothing his wife wore. Who needed to gawk at the exhibition being served on a silver platter by the Smith's maid when he could return home with a woman whose sexuality was (perhaps) superior to this blonde!

Noticing that Antonio, rumored to be the richest of the visitors, wasn't mesmerized by her beauty, Uma subtly tilted her tray just a little, allowing some of the tidbits to fall to the ground.

"Oh my!" Uma said. "I hope none of this food soiled my beautiful French stockings." She reached for a napkin and offered it to Antonio. Raising her foot onto an empty chair next to Catherine's handsome hubby, she asked, "Could you please wipe my leg to make sure there are no stains on my lovely stockings."

At that moment the only stains in room could be found in the pants of the other two men who had orgasms at the sight of such a perfectly shaped leg and the mere thought of being allowed to touch it.

"Oh, I'LL do that for you!" Catherine interrupted as she grabbed the napkin before Antonio could raise his hand. "Then again," she purred cattily as she studied Uma's shapely leg. "I don't see anything on them. Thankfully your legs are so woefully skinny the food must have passed right between them without touching anything."

"SKINNY?" Uma shot back angrily. "Perhaps madam needs a better pair of glasses. I do believe the other guests, Mister Cortez and Mister Harris, will clarify matters. Do you gentlemen see anything unsatisfactory about my legs or these precious French stockings. Would you perhaps say they are the best legs in the West?"

"Oh, si . . . yes, yes, indeed," the two men blurted out as their wives seethed with jealousy.

"See," Uma huffed, turning to glare at Catherine. "These gentlemen seem to have an vastly different opinion."

"In all due respect to my friends," Catherine said. "I believe they would not bestow such acclaim on your beauty if you shared the room with...ZETA."

"Yes, Zeta!" the two men's wives shouted as they applauded in a sign of respect for a woman who was not a man-stealing hussy; rather a protector and heroine to them. "She's the best!"

"Perhaps because you come from France, common servants like yourself have not been educated about Zeta," Catherine said in a cutting tone.

"Zeta?" Uma growled. She then turned her head toward the head of the household and asked, "Sir, do you mind if I speak frankly to your guests."

"Please, do!" Mr. Smith said with a big smile and a casual wave of his hand while his wife sat silent and sullen.

Taking her foot from the chair, Uma turned to Catherine, who rose to face the taller blonde eye-to-somewhat-shorter-eye. There was a fire in Uma's eyes as she looked down at the brunette, then slowly moved her face closer to Catherine with each word as she spoke.

"Zeta is a gutter rat. She masquerades as a champion of justice, but she is nothing more than a wretched vigilante who serves as a despicable, self-appointed judge, jury and executioner. She does not stop crime; she breeds it by robbing from poor, innocent individuals she has framed for crimes she herself committed. She is a fraud and liar of the worst kind."

"Here! Here!" Mr. Smith clapped in approval. "Bravo!"

With Uma's grinning, taunting face little more than a few inches away from hers, Catherine returned the fiery glare while saying, "And you, servant girl, know this...how?"

Straightening up and taking a step backward, Uma said in an indignant tone, "Because I am NOT your common servant or a woman of no intelligence or character who is destined to be nothing more than a poor excuse for a trophy wife of a store owner. I am from an aristocratic family and came here simply to help my friends settle in the New World. My presence alone proves Zeta is a liar! She boasts of being the best swordswoman, best fighter and of possessing the most profound beauty and having the greatest legs in the American West.

"But you can see my superior beauty for yourself and you'll be pleased to know I am the champion fencer in France! I was raised with a sword in my hand and possess skills far more advanced than common rabble like Zeta. I have also been trained in boxing, wrestling and the martial arts and could handily defeat her in a test of ANY of those skills. So if your beloved Zeta is a liar about all of her talents, why would she not also lie about her intent to administer justice, eh? Zeta is a complete fraud. I only wish that Zeta was in this room right now so that I could happily break her in half for you in less than a minute and end all the crime taking place in our fair town."

Glaring deep into the eyes of the smug Uma, Catherine replied icily, "I'd be careful of what you wish for, especially when it concerns Zeta. Unfortunately it seems we have a disagreement here that will only be resolved when you and Zeta meet face-to-face; something, for your sake, I hope will not happen. In a free country like this, you are entitled to your opinions, as misguided as they be. Yet I am confident the look on your face would be one of fear if you spoke those same words to Zeta and dared to challenge her."

"Yeah, right," Uma replied, rolling her eyes skyward and walking away.

"As for me," Catherine continued, "I am grateful for the hospitality offered by the Smiths, but there seems to some hot air in this room that has made staying in his house rather sweltering. I believe it's time Antonio and I take leave of this house, if our hosts do not mind."

"Yes, yes," Antonio said as he quickly rose to his feet. "We must return to our store."

"Oh, I am sorry you have decided to leave so soon," Mr. Smith said as he rose when Catherine and Antonio walked past him and the smiling Mrs. Smith. "I hope you enjoyed your stay," he said as he bent over to kiss Catherine's hand.

"It was wonderful," Catherine replied with a charming smile. “And very educational. Thank you so very much."

As husband and wife rode home on their horses, Antonio dared not speak for more than a mile. He could see the steam coming out of Catherine’s ears from Uma's words. Then he finally said, "I admire your composure in not taking that maid woman up on her challenges in that parlor."

"Thank you, Antonio," she said. "It wasn't easy to hold my tongue, or my fists, in the face of such blatant lies. Still, Zeta will be back in that house soon, then perhaps that Uma will get what she so fervently desires."

"You found clues today?" Antonio said.

"No, not exactly, but I’m convinced the Smith mansion is the headquarters of "The Leader" and that slut Uma is the assassin who’s been sending men to the graves. I know where Uma's room is and I’m confident I can find evidence there that will unmask them for the criminals they are."

"Mr. Smith is "The Leader?" Antonio said. "Imagine that."

"Oh, I did NOT say that, husband," Catherine said. "There is much to that household than meets the eye."

"What?" Antonio said.

"Don't worry, my love," Catherine said. "By tomorrow it will all be clear."

That night, Catherine arranged for her friend Maria Harris, to return the favor and invite the Smiths to their home. Dressed in her black garb as Zeta, Catherine watched from hiding until the Smiths rode off to the Harris home, leaving Uma and several burly ranch-hands. After an hour or so, Uma, again attired in her French Maid outfit, sat reading in the parlor of the three-story home as the ranch-hands left on a day-long round up in a far-off corner of the property. Uma was alone in the mansion! Seeing an opportunity to enter the house, Zeta entered through an old basement door to the Smith's wine cellar where she pushed over a wine rack. As it toppled over, the others behind it came down like dominos. The loud sound of glass and wood smashing on the ground got Uma's attention and Zeta scampered out the door just as Uma reached the basement.

The masked brunette quickly scaled a trellis to Uma's third-floor room and swung in through an open window. While Uma tried to figure out what happened in the basement, Zeta quietly walked over to a chest at the foot of the bed and began rummaging through paperwork she’d only had a brief second to read the day before. Scanning them, a glow came over Zeta's face. "I knew it. I was right! That's who 'The Leader' is! These letters will convict all of these criminals," she muttered as she folded the papers and slipped them into the crevice of her bosom for safe keeping. She was walking back toward the window, intent upon handing the incriminating evidence over to the sheriff when the door to the room flew open. Zeta spun when she heard the noise and turned to face an enraged blonde…Uma!

"Zeta!" the blonde screamed as her eyes quickly scanned the room. She spotted the opened chest and several papers scattered on the floor. "Did you actually think that ploy would allow you to escape with the items you have stolen - and your life."

"Actually, knowing how dumb blondes can be, I really did," Zeta giggled. "But I was figuring you had a quarter of a brain and you would visit me for a chat after I had finished my work in this room. I waited a bit and finally gave up on you when you showed me you are indeed a small step above a bird brain. Now that you’re here, let's talk," Zeta continued with a demeaning glare. "It’s rumored you’ve said some rather nasty things about me. Seems the only way for me to redeem my reputation is to bring you in to the sheriff. With the evidence I have tucked away here,” she said patting her chest. “I can put you and your boss behind bars for a very long time!"

"YOU? Take ME to the sheriff?" Uma said with a derisive laugh. "I think not! Especially with my sword an arm’s length away."

"I was so hoping you'd say that," Zeta said. "Shall we dance?"

Zeta drew her sword and Uma immediately pulled her sword from the wall and screaming, "Fight, bitch!!"

The two women sprang at each other. The piercing sound of metal clashing filled the room as both women attacked and parried. Coming down with one hard blow, Uma, believing she was both taller and stronger, tried to push her sword on top of Zeta's body but was thwarted by a kick to the stomach that sent her tumbling over the bed and rolling out the door into the hallway.

"Oh, and did I tell you I didn't appreciate your remarks about my legs, either," Zeta shouted as she raced into the hallway, ducking as she entered so that a swipe by Uma did nothing but put a slice in the frame of the doorway. The battle then continued on to the stars as the women fought while descending down toward the main floor . . . where Zeta ultimately disarmed the stunned blonde.

"May I suggest something a little different," the brunette said in a deep sultry tone, pushing her sword against Uma's neck and deftly slicing off the collar around it. In no position to argue, the scared Uma said nothing. Then Zeta drove her sword into the same table that held Uma's, took a few steps back, put her hands on her hips and smirked. "Well, it seems they don't make fencing champions in France like they used to. Now I'd like to see if your hand-to-hand fighting skills are equally laughable," Zeta said. "Consider that silly collar only the first of many pieces of clothing I will remove from your body. There's nothing I relish more than teaching lessons to dumb blondes!"

A sparkle came into Uma's eyes as she relished a second chance to defeat Zeta. "Dumb blonde? Oh, Zeta, there's nothing I hate more than big-mouth brunette," Uma growled. "You will pay the ultimate price for your arrogance. The only question about this outcome is whether I snap your neck with my bare hands, break it with a kick or allow you to suffer as my lovely French stockings are wrapped around your scrawny neck and choke the life out of you. Any way, it will be pain for you and joy for me! I intend to send the miserable Zeta to her maker and then remove her tattered tights from her lifeless body to hang them in The Leader's trophy room as a symbol of my magnificent victory. This will be such a lovely day for me."

"Sweetheart, suffice it to say, I will draw immense pleasure from not only beating and hurting you, but also tearing every bit of your clothing in our little catfight. In a short while you shall learn quite painfully that my unrippable, homespun American tights are vastly superior to your flimsy French hosiery."

Uma then started the fisticuffs by sending a right jab targeted for Zeta's jaw. "Suck on this jawbreaker, bitch!" Uma said, but to her surprise, the brunette avoided it and responded with a right squarely on the side of her face.

"I believe that was what you meant to do!" Zeta chided as she delivered a left.

But Uma caught her extended arm, pulled the brunette's body forward and down and kneed Zeta in the face. As she grunted, “OUCH!” Zeta turned and fired a right hook to Uma's ribs. The blonde covered up, giving Zeta a chance to fire a kick at her other side of her body, but this time the agile Uma grabbed Zeta's leg and held it against her hip as she fended aside a hook to the body. Zeta was now trapped in Uma's dominant grip. Uma then hit Zeta in the chin with two rapid kicks that snapped the masked woman's head and hair backwards.

"Having fun yet, Zeta," Uma said with a chuckle. "My legs are already overpowering you."

Dazed slightly, Zeta absorbed another kick to the jaw that was so strong it sent the brunette backwards with so much fury that she broke free of the blonde's grip. Uma went after her, but the resilient Zeta caught the approaching woman with a spin kick to the side of the face. Zeta moved in for a karate chop to Uma's neck, only to have the blonde cross both wrists and block the blow. Undeterred, Zeta took advantage of the situation and belted Uma with a kick to the belly that knocked the maid to the floor. Uma scrambled to her feet quickly as she Zeta squared off. Uma bent sideways and turned, giving off a clear view of her panties, then snapped her leg toward Zeta and kicked the air twice.

"I want you to see what will destroy you, Zeta," Uma said about her long limbs that shined like bright beacons in the midday light.

Zeta replied by motioning with her hand for Uma to come at her, "Bring it, bitch!"

Uma ran at her and attempted two kicks that Zeta deftly avoided. A third kick was blocked by Zeta's right hand, but a fourth found its target. Smashing into Zeta's ribs, it sent her stumbling into a china cabinet along a wall. Valuable pieces of china crashed to the floor as an inspired Uma screamed, "yes" and then ran over and drove a shoulder into Zeta's stomach. She grabbed the crime fighter by the top of her black leotard, then tossed her into another drawer. Rushing over again, Uma grabbed Zeta and hurled back into the first china cabinet. With Zeta reeling, Uma grabbed both her arms and hit her in the face with a head butt. Uma spun behind Zeta, grabbed both of her arms, pulled back on them and then yanked the brunette down to the ground. Sticking out her right leg and digging her sharp high heels into Zeta's back, she pulled back and cackled as Zeta suffered in a painful surfboard.

"You actually thought you could defeat a French woman with such beautiful legs?" Uma said. "You American women are far too ugly and weak to even be mentioned in the same sentence as a French woman."

"Oow . . . aah" was all the trapped Zeta could say as the battled the pain that was pulsating through her back.

For Zeta, this was an unusual position. No one had ever conquered her and few foes even forced her to break a sweat in her many fights. But now, against a blonde she intensely wanted to beat, she was actually losing! Many fighters would have started to give up at this point, but not a champion like Zeta who did her best to ignore the pain. But Uma soon put her leg down, then positioned right leg in front of Zeta and while still holding the brunette in place. She began kicking her leg back; her heel smashing into Zeta's breasts.

"Let's flatten those flabby titties, shall we," Uma said.

Thump! thump! thump! With the pain throbbing in her back and chest, Zeta could not hold back a few cries of, "AUUGH…OOWW!"

There was an electric glow on Uma's face as she then brought her leg back and wrapped both legs around the neck of the helpless Zeta. "I wish we could have fought a little longer, but, alas Miss Black-haired Slut, you were not up to it," Uma exclaimed. "You're beaten. My legs will finish you finish off just as they ended the life of some of those men who were so kind and thoughtful and brought me so many riches."

Zeta felt the air ebbing out of her as the nylon pythons around her neck closed. Uma was laughing maniacally, certain her legs were about snuff out Zeta, when the masked fighter countered Uma's hold. Slipping both hands between the smooth nylon and her neck, she was able to open a slight crack in Uma's legs and slide her head out of killer grip.

"What?" Uma said, startled that another woman had pried apart her lethal legs. Zeta rolled away and remained on all fours, desperately trying to catch her breath. Uma went after Zeta, but once she reached her, she didn’t attack. Instead, thinking Zeta was spent, she slowly ran her fingers through Zeta's wavy hair and prepared to yank her up. The short rest, though, was all Zeta needed. As Uma prepared to mouth another she let out a shrill scream. It seems Zeta had just punched Uma in her vagina with enough force to make sure Uma would not be enjoying sex for a week. Uma moaned, "Oh, you bitch!"

The rejuvenated Zeta jumped to her feet and clobbered the groaning blonde with an uppercut to the jaw. Zeta then sank her nails into Uma's tits for a few seconds. Taking pleasure from the way pain twisted Uma's sharp features, she let go off her tits and hit the blonde with a kick to the ribs that so swift and powerful it knocked Uma into the air and hurled her into a chair that broke apart from the impact. (swoosh) SMASH!

"For a maid, you certainly seem skilled at making a nasty mess, Uma dear," Zeta teased. An angry Uma rose and went after Zeta, but her kick was blocked. A side kick also missed its mark as the blonde spun past Zeta. "Tsk-tsk!" Zeta said. "Such feeble legs."

Given an opening, Zeta slammed her elbow into Uma' shoulder blade and made her wince. Uma bent forward as Zeta followed with a chop to the jaw, leaving her vulnerable for another elbow smash by Zeta. Moving like bolt of lighting, Zeta unleashed a rapid succession of uppercuts to the jaw and elbows to the back that had Uma groaning. The blonde finally caught Zeta's hand to block one chop, yet Zeta remained on the offensive with her other hand and battered Uma with four chops to her breasts and stomach. Uma finally stopped the carnage by grabbing Zeta's other arm and twisting it behind it behind her. Pressing the bent arm against Zeta's shinny Lycra leotard, the furious blonde raised her knee into Zeta back and pulled back the brunette's body. Zeta grunted as the pain gripped her back and she was caught off guard when Uma released the hold and spun around and blasted Zeta with an uppercut. The woman in black smashed into a table, knocking over a bowl of fruit that was on top of it. Zeta, too, tumbled to the floor and Uma gave her no chance to stand up. Jumping on top of the sprawled brunette, Uma began raining punches down on Zeta's beautiful face.

"Take that . . grr . . . and that," Uma shouted.

Zeta's quick left hand finally blocked one of the punches and the champion of good swiftly hit Uma on the side of the neck with a judo chop to knock her away. This time, Zeta moved faster and she jumped on top of Uma while letting out a wild scream. Uma reached out to tie up Zeta arms, but the brunette countered by standing up slightly, picking Uma up by their locked arms, and then dropping back down with her, delivering a knee to Uma's breasts in the process. After absorbing several of those blows to her breasts, Uma waited for Zeta to drop down again and then wrapped her leg with the sheer black stockings around Zeta's neck. The keenly skilled Uma had turned Zeta's excruciating hold into a leg mare and used the wrestling move to toss Zeta aside.

As both women scrambled to their feet, Uma stood up right next to small table with a vase on it. She screamed and threw the vase at Zeta but she avoided it and the vase smashed against a wall. The crazed Uma then grabbed a picture off the wall, charged toward Zeta and attempted to hit her over the head with it. Moving with the grace of a bullfighter, Zeta stepped aside at the last second, spun and hit Uma in the back with a forehand smash, knocking her over as the picture fell harmlessly on the floor. Uma arose and found Zeta waiting for her. Both women were winded and breathing heavier than normal as they circled each other. Sweat was visible on their faces and in their beautifully styled hair. Both were bruised but neither had any intention of submitting. With their fists raised the two sexy warriors snarled at each other.

"C'mon you brunette pig," Uma said. "I'll destroy you."

"You're going down, blondie," Zeta retorted.

Uma faked a left hook, then delivered a sharp kick that powered into Zeta's thigh. "Ha! I've broken through. You're tights will look like Swiss cheese after a few more blows from my superior legs," Uma said. She hit Zeta's other leg with a sharp strike and then peppered both legs with rapid kicks from her shinny legs. Uma cackled with glee, believing she had overpowered her leggy rival. "I hope you don't catch a cold with all those runs in . . ." She didn’t utter another word after looking down and seeing every inch of Zeta's legs were still clad in glowing black nylon. "It's not possible!" she gasped in disbelief seeing her kicks hadn’t ruined Zeta's tights.

"Guess again, bitch!" Zeta said. "Any time you come up against THESE legs, you're going to lose."

Uma let out a frustrated cry and spun for a wild side kick to the head that might have decapitated the masked woman. Zeta, though, ducked under it and retaliated with a kick to the mid-section that Uma blocked, giving her an opening to drill four answered jabs to Zeta's breasts. Finally Zeta used a kick to the side of the head to move Uma away. Uma fired back with two kicks that missed their target and Zeta replied with a quick left hand and snapped Uma's head sideways. Uma tried a spin kick, hoping her long, lethal legs would rock Zeta, but the brunette moved too quickly and scampered out of harm's way. Zeta spun toward Uma to hit her in the belly, but this time it was blonde who was prepared and she hit Zeta with two quick knee to the ribs that sent Zeta into a wall, knocking more framed artwork off their hooks.

"You're beginning to piss me off, blondie," Zeta gasped between gritted teeth as she stepped toward the suddenly smug Uma.

Uma greeted Zeta with a spin kick that missed. When she tried again, Zeta ducked under and rose with an uppercut to Uma's breast, then raised her leg and slammed her heel into Uma's black stockings.

"Hmm," Zeta said. "No runs . . . yet."

As Uma tried to stand on her achy leg, Zeta grabbed the front of her dress, yanked her body down and kneed her in the face. Uma retreated, wiped her nose and found a few specks and blood. She looked down and saw a rip in the front of her dress.

"You bitch!" Uma screamed.

Uma charged at Zeta with a kick and then unleashed a flurry of punches at her. Zeta was hard-pressed to block all of the blows, but she fended off most of them. Zeta worked in a right to the ribs in hopes of slowing down Uma, but was rewarded with a spinning kick to the side of her face that knocked her to the ground.

Zeta got up, shook her head to chase away the cobwebs and resumed the battle. She faked a punch to the head and delivered a hard kick to the ribs. The pointed toe of Zeta's ankle boots then exploded into Uma's jaw and left the blonde defenseless for a spin kick to the head that knocked her into a wall. Zeta charged and hit Uma with a right to the head. She then rocketed two stiff hooks to the ribs that tore away some of the fabric of the blonde's short dress. The taller blonde tried to spin away, but Zeta moved with her and belted her with a right and then a left to the face. Sweat flew from Uma's hair as she recoiled from the blows. Welts began to appear on her soft, pale skin. Uma replied with a left, but Zeta blocked it and the masked heroine reached out, grabbed Uma by the hair, pulled her head down and slammed two knees into her face! Uma reeled as Zeta grabbed and ripped off her lacy apron.

"Ooow ... arrgh... ahh" Uma moaned as she tried to protect her face as Zeta continued the onslaught, striking the bent over Uma with a scissors kick to the back that sent her to the ground. Picking her up by the hair, Zeta reached out and ripped the front of her dress, exposing one of Uma's large rounded breasts. A feeble right from Uma told Zeta the blonde was wearing down. Zeta grabbed the blonde assassin's arm, pulled it toward her and lifted Uma onto her shoulders. Putting her in an airplane spin, Zeta turned several times to disorient her foe and then flung her off. Uma landed on top of a table, smashing it to bits.

"You know, blondie," Zeta said. "I'm getting the idea that if you're a champion you ladies in France don't do much catfighting. You're going to lose the sword fight and the fist fight."

Grabbing a piece of the splintered wood, Uma used it like a sword and swung it at Zeta. The wood, though, was no more effective for Uma than her steel blade. Zeta turned away from Uma's thrust, then grabbed the hand with the sharp piece of wood. She smacked Uma in the face with her free hand. A kick then dislodged the chair leg from Uma's hand. A hard jab pushed in the battered blonde's exposed jiggly breast as she squealed with pain.

A smile started to come over Zeta's face as she sensed she was taking control of the fight. She gave Uma a karate chop to the neck that knocked the tall blonde down on one knee. A knee to the jaw then knocked Uma to the ground. This time, Zeta picked Uma up by her short skirt, ripping off some of it as Uma fell back to the ground. This time Zeta dropped down to the ground, too, and wrapped her legs around Uma's arms and torso. The blonde was now trapped in an incredibly strong and sexy leg scissors.

"Oow . . . please . . . Zeta . . . no," Uma moaned.

With Uma unable to escape from Zeta's dazzling legs, the brunette began to humiliate her. Pressing her chest forward so that her breasts were in Uma's face, Zeta began twisting the top of her torso, continually smacking the powerless maid across the face with her firm, rock-hard tits.

"My tits are better than yours, too," Zeta boasted. She could have ended the fight at any point, fracturing Uma's ribs with her amazing legs, but instead she let her go. "You're being awfully quiet now, blondie," Zeta said. "I miss our little banter."

Zeta pulled up the blonde off the floor and then went to work on Uma's beautiful face. The blonde tried in vain to push Zeta away, but the crime fighter was relentless. She blasted lefts and rights to Uma's face, blackening her eye. When Uma retaliated with a slow left, Zeta blocked it, turned into her and drove her elbow into her achy ribs.

"Arrgh!" The loud scream from Uma's lips attested to the power and effectiveness of Zeta's latest blow. Uma was staggering when Zeta grabbed her by her tit and hurled her into a corner of the room. Zeta confidently walked over, reared back her fist and hit the fading Uma in the face with a punch that nearly knocked her head off. Uma's back felt like it had been hit by a sledgehammer when she slammed into the wall. Slowly, helplessly she began sliding down it when Zeta intervened.

"Not so fast, my dear," Zeta said while pulling her up. "After all that bragging about your legs, let's see just how durable those stockings are."

She proceeded to pound Uma's legs with an onslaught of kicks that left the blonde howling in pain, "Stop . . please . . . aaaah!"

When Zeta finally stopped, she stood back with her hands on her hips and watched proudly as the disheveled Uma again slithered down the wall. Landing on her butt, her eyes slowly rolled. She was loopy and on the verge of passing out. As she made no effort to resume the fight, her legs were stretched out in front of her, giving a proud Zeta a grand view of a proud sight for her: There were numerous gaping holes in Uma's stockings; courtesy of the West's sexiest legs…Zeta's.

"Don't look now, dearie, but I wouldn't be calling those the best legs in the West anymore," Zeta gloated. "As I predicted, your cheap stockings were no match for me. In case you're wondering, here's what the best legs in the West look like," Zeta said as she stuck out her leg and put her shoe on the bridge of Uma's nose.

A half-hour earlier, Uma would have tried to break Zeta's ankle, but now all she could do was wail and beg for mercy. "Pl...pl...ease, Zeta, you win. Don't hit me any more. I'll tell everyone you're sexier than me and I was no match for your legs. You possess the best legs in the West. Not me. I'll never say a bad word about you. Please don't hurt me any more. Please," Uma said as tears rolled down her cheeks like a spanked baby.

"Hmm. It seems The Leader's henchwoman isn't as tough as she thought she was," Zeta said. "I hope you've learned that crime doesn't pay." She reached down and ripped away more of the front of Uma's tattered dress, leaving her topless. Sinking sharp nails deep into Uma's tits, the blonde screamed as she was lifted up off he ground by her bosom.

"Please no ... no ... more," Uma begged.

"Did you offer any mercy to those men you killed?" Zeta scolded her. "I would hang you by your stockings but they are too thin and weak to hold even a weakling like you. No, you will be spending the rest of your life in our jail and you will bring with you a lasting remembrance of the day when you so stupidly challenged Zeta." Releasing her grip on Uma's breasts, Zeta then swiped her hands across the blonde's chest with blinding speed. "There, that should remind you of whose fists and legs rule the west," Zeta said.

Feeling a burning pain in her tits, Uma looked down through her nearly closed eyes and saw . . . not one but TWO Z's carved into her tits.

"My tits, no, my tits. You've ruined them," Uma sobbed.

"Yes, now your legs have company in the 'I was destroyed by Zeta' club. You shall wear the sign of Zeta to always remind you of how inferior you are to me and to send a message to other villainous women that they cannot defeat Zeta. Now allow my legs and unscathed tights send you off to a nice nap before the sheriff comes to put you behind bars."

Zeta then swiftly hit Uma with a brutal kick to the jaw that flipped her in mid-air. She landed on a few chairs lined up near a wall, breaking them into little pieces. Her head then hit the ground with a THUNK, her eyes slowly closed; Uma was beaten.

Zeta pushed her black hair away from her face, grinned and began victoriously walking over to her decimated opponent. Zeta's heels gave off a sharp clicking noise as she quickly covered ground on the hard wood floor of the mansion. When she reached the spot where Uma was now slumbering, she saw the mess that was Uma's face and her clothes. Zeta simply beamed with pride over her latest victory. She leaned down and said, "I told you to be careful of what you wish for."

The triumphant Zeta then planted her foot on Uma's chest between the two Z's and thought how Antonio would be aroused beyond belief at the sight of her legs ruling over such a sexy and formidable opponent.

"My, if only Antonio could see this," she sighed.

The incriminating evidence still safely tucked in her bosom, Zeta turned and began to walk toward a window at the other end of the house. Her shrill whistle called her horse to gallop toward the open window. She started laughing as she walked away from the battered Uma and viewed the mess she had created in The Leader's home.

"I think someone needs to call the maid," Zeta said with a giggle. "Ooops, I forgot," she said, looking back at the unconscious Uma. "She's indisposed."

Zeta was about to step out of the window and jump on the back of her horse when she heard the clapping of hands behind her and quickly turned around.

"Bravo, Zeta, bravo," said Mrs. Smith, attired in a revealing outfit of her own as she leaned against the open door.

"Well, if it isn't 'The Leader'," Zeta said.

Stay tuned: the battle between “Zeta” and “The Leader” will be coming soon in Part Two!!