The Legend of Zeta Part 2: Catherine Zeta-Jones vs. Sharon Stone by Legman

NOTE: Part Two of the “Zeta” story picks up after the previous chapter where Zeta defeated Uma Thurman. Now, Zeta comes face to face with the crime lord known as “The Leader.”

Uma was beaten! Zeta pushed her black hair away from her face, grinned and began victoriously walking over to her decimated opponent. Zeta’s heels gave off a sharp clicking noise as she quickly covered ground on the hard wood floor of the mansion. When she reached the spot where Uma was now slumbering, she saw the mess that was Uma’s face and her clothes. Zeta simply beamed with pride over her latest victory.

She leaned down and said, “I told you to be careful of what you wish for.”

The triumphant Zeta planted her foot on Uma’s chest between the two Z’s she’d carved into her bosom and thought how Antonio would be aroused beyond belief at the sight of her shapely legs positioned over such a sexy and formidable opponent.

“My, if only Antonio could see this,” she sighed out loud.

The incriminating evidence still safely ensconced in her bosom, Zeta then turned and began to walk toward a window at the other end of the house. A shrill whistle from her lips served as a signal to her horse to gallop toward the open window. She started laughing as she walked away from the battered Uma and viewed the mess she had created in The Leader’s home.

“I think someone needs to call the maid,” Zeta said with a giggle. “Ooops, I forgot,” she said, looking back at the unconscious Uma. “She’s indisposed.”

Zeta was about to step out of the window and jump on the back of her horse when she heard the clapping of hands behind her and quickly turned around.

“Bravo, Zeta; bravo,” said a tall masked blonde who was attired in a dazzling and revealing outfit of her own and was leaning against the doorway.

“Well, if it isn’t . . . The Leader . . . better known to the people in this town as Mrs. Smith,” Zeta said.

“Me? The Leader? You must have me confused with someone else,” the blonde retorted with a sharp glare. “I’m Lady Lightning, the true protector of the poor and weak in this part of the world.”

As the words left her lips, the blonde then began to slowly into the house and approached a bemused Zeta. The buff blonde was dressed in an outfit that could rival Zeta’s yet offered a contrasting color. While Zeta’s sexy outfit was composed entirely of black, the blonde’s equally sexy and revealing costume displayed a vivid mix of bright red and yellow colors. She had long, thin blonde hair that reached down to her shoulders. Her face was covered with a red mask, but the rest of her body was surely on display for all to see. Like Zeta, she was outfitted in a skin-tight lycra leotard that was cut high on her hips to display a set of incredibly long and toned legs that were encased in shiny yellow tights.

The clicking of her shoes told all who cared to study her marvelous limbs that she was wearing high-heeled ankle boots which made her legs even more mesmerizing. Her outfit, in a word, was electrifying. It was started with a bright yellow collar that extended down in a circular fashion so that it covered the top of her chest and her shoulders. There were two yellow strips coming off it, each of which stretched across the tops of her marvelously rounded breasts. It was hard to ignore the D cups as the leotard had a plunging V-cut neckline that stopped only a few inches above her belly button. The tight red leotard covered only about half of her breasts as the material stretched little more than an inch beyond her nipples. Inscribed on each breast was a bright yellow L - no doubt standing for “Lady Lightning.”

The woman’s arms indicated she would be a formidable fighter. She had sturdy, rounded muscles which sent a message that her fists would pack a powerful punch. On her hands were long red gloves that had a series of four triangles on them which pointed out toward her knuckles and looked somewhat like a squiggly bolt of lightning. The relatively small gap between her plunging neckline and her pubic area was halved with a yellow belt that circled her hour-glass figure.

Spectacular was one of a thousand glowing terms that could describe her legs. They were long, sleek and looked glorious in the glistening yellow tights. Her short ankle boots were red and had another yellow lightning bolt on the front of them.
Surely in terms of raw sex appeal, this masked blonde was considerable competition for Zeta. There was no sign of fear on the covered face of the blonde as she approached Zeta. If anything, there was an air of contempt about her as she displayed a mocking smile at the accomplished crime fighter in front of her.

“In case you forgot to look at your calendar, blondie, we’re a lot closer to Easter than Halloween,” Zeta said. “What are you trying to hide, Lightning Lady, or is it Mrs. Smith. Or why don’t I call you by your real name . . . SHARON STONE, the former leader of the East Coast’s most deadly crime ring!”

“You are so amazing, Zeta,” the blonde said as she came to a halt several feet away from the brunette. “You figured out my little secret.”

“Your wig and quiet demeanor as Mrs. Smith didn’t fool me one bit. I knew you were the mastermind but when you stupidly left around evidence like this,” Zeta said as she pulled the papers out from her breast, “it made it rather simple to figure out this mystery. Rest assured once I turn it over to the sheriff you will finally be punished for all of the heinous crimes you have committed.”

“Why, Zeta, don’t you know I have already been punished for those crimes,” Sharon said in a sarcastic tone as Zeta returned the papers to the safety of her mountainous breasts. “I was killed in prison.

“You know what happened, don’t you? I was captured and put in prison and was supposed to be executed. Except that when they put me in a chair to await the hangman, those four men watching me couldn’t take their eyes off my legs, especially when I kept crossing and uncrossing them.”

“I’m aware of what happened next,” Zeta said. “Despite being handcuffed, using just your legs you attacked those distracted guards and killed them all. But as you made your escape, you were shot and dozens of guards saw you fall off the prison’s wall and plummet 200 feet into a river where you met your fate. Of course, as I see you now, I can assume the blonde who fell to her death was not the infamous Sharon Stone.”

“Teee-hee-hee,” Sharon chuckled. “Sometimes people have to make sacrifices for a cause and dear old Betty had to sacrifice her life be-cause I wanted to keep on living and become even richer and more powerful.”

“You may have slipped away from the authorities once, Sharon, but I assure you it will not happen again,” Zeta said. “This time you will receive the full and just punishment for your crimes.”

“And, who exactly is going to make sure that happens?” Sharon replied.

“Boy, are you a dumb blonde,” Zeta said with a laugh. “I would think that looking at your poor little maid over there would illustrate what awaits you. I advise you to come with me quietly or you might just wind up needing some medical attention – and a new costume – just like little Uma.”

“First off, you dirty haired slut, what happened to Uma will not happen to me. I’m 10 times the fighter she is and this divine outfit was custom made for me to be worn in the most vicious of catfights. You, skank, are just not woman enough to inflict even the slightest blemish on my costume or these golden tights. Some trollop named Zara is not going to capture me or mess up my beautiful house and get away with it. I’m going to prove, rather painfully, I’m sorry to say, that I am not only the most cunning and most beautiful woman in these parts, but also the greatest female fighter the West has even known.”

“The name, dearie, is Zeta and spare me your delusions of grandeur. You’re nothing more than second best in all of those categories as long as I’m around and you’re going to have a long time to reflect on your arrogance as you rot away in a jail cell. And, as for the state of your home, I think you better call your maid. It’s quite a mess. Ooops! I forgot. I kicked the crap out of her, just like I’ll soon do to you.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” Sharon said. “Yes, it’s Zeta, though, since you’re apparently a fan of full disclosure, why don’t I call you by your proper name . . . Mrs. Catherine . . . Zeta . . . Jones.” A stunned look came over Zeta as she wondered how Sharon had deduced her secret. “Yes, Zeta, ha, ha. You’re not the only observant one in these parts,” Sharon said through wild, diabolical laughter. “As much as my wig didn’t fool you, I, too, had no trouble seeing through your silly disguise. Your little banter with Uma all but shouted into my ear that you were Zeta. So, unbeknownst to you, I followed you as you tip-toed around my house like the little rat you are. And once I knew who Zeta was, it made it so much fun to put into motion a plan that will culminate in such a memorable way - with your demise, sweet cakes.”

“I applaud you on your intuition,” Zeta said, “though judging by what happened to Uma, I don’t think your brilliant little plan is working out as well as you had hoped.”

“Oh, silly Zeta,” Sharon said. “I knew Uma was no match for you. That was the undercard. The main event is me against you, and while clobbering you and reducing you to panty waste will be so much fun, what makes this so deliciously enjoyable is what else I have arranged.”

“And what exactly is that?” Zeta asked.

“Well, let’s just say, do you remember what you said to Uma when she talked about wanting to fight Zeta?”

“I said, ‘be careful of what you wish for,’” Zeta retorted proudly.

“Yes, you did, and what was it you said while you were flexing that chubby leg of yours over Uma?” Sharon said.

“I said . . . I wish that Antonio could see it’” Zeta said hesitantly, her mind racing as she tried to figure out what Sharon was leading up to.

“Exactly,” Sharon said with a loud cackle, “now it’s my turn to say, ‘Be careful of what you wish for!’ Henry, come in here.”
Zeta’s eyes bulged through her mask as she look toward the doorway and saw her husband Antonio step into the house, his camera in hand, with Mr. Smith behind him pointing a gun at his head.

“Antonio!” Zeta shouted as she noticed a large bruise on his face. “Are you OK?”

“Yes, I’m fine, Zeta,” he said nervously. “Bruised but fine.”

“Ha, ha, ha,” Sharon laughed, reveling in the dismayed look on Zeta’s face. “Now if you do the slightest thing wrong, dear old Henry is going to put a bullet in Antonio’s head.”

“You evil bitch,” the enraged Zeta said.

Sharon snarled and slapped Zeta in the face with a blow so hard and fast that as Sharon’s hand came forward all Zeta could see was what appeared to be a bolt of lightning, courtesy of Sharon’s oddly designed gloves. Zeta was so surprised by Sharon’s “lightning” quick strike, she immediately tumbled to the floor. Slowly rubbing her hand across her stinging cheek, she remained on the ground and angrily stared into the blonde’s eyes.

“How dare you talk to me like that,” Sharon shouted down to Zeta. “I will soon be royalty in these parts, and you had better realize that in your final hour on this earth. It won’t be long before Lightning Lady becomes an even greater hero than Zeta.”

“Fat chance of that happening, bitch,” Zeta replied as she rose from the ground and dusted off her outfit.

“Oh, it will surely happen, Zeta,” Sharon said. “It’s all part of my plan.”

“Ah, the infamous plan!” Zeta said. “Don’t take this the wrong way, honey, but I think your plan is as much hot air as the hilarious talk that those matchstick legs of yours are actually sexy.”

“Too bad you won’t be around to see my plan unfold completely,” Sharon said, “but let me give you a sneak peek.”

“Please, do,” Zeta said.

“For starters,” Sharon continued, “I know that you saw me and Henry ride off. What you don’t know, though, with that small IQ of yours, is that while you were having your tea party here with Uma, Henry and I went into town. I changed into a black costume and wig, so that I looked exactly like you. No, change that, a slimmer and sexier version of you. Then I robbed the bank and shot two deputies. After that I went into Antonio’s store, roughed him up in front of some of his customers, then took him and his camera and rode out of town.

“Now, the sheriff is looking for you, Zeta, believing you’re a criminal. Isn’t that rich? But is he going to find you. Nope. Well, not at least until your lifeless body is brought into town by Lightning Lady, who will then inform everyone, with the esteemed Henry backing it up, that Zeta was actually a crime lord. But I vanquished her in a life-or-death struggle and now I will be their true protector.”

“No one will believe that story,” Zeta said.

“Oh yes they will, my slutty little brunette,” Sharon said. “With some pictures of Lightning Lady defeating Zeta and Henry telling everyone that Lady Lightning saved him from being killed by Zeta the evil kidnapper, I will indeed be hailed as a hero. And once that happens, it will make it so easy to control all the crime in this region. Who would believe that Lightning Lady is a criminal master mind? Plus, this costume will drive every man in town crazy. Frankly, I never liked the idea of another woman being so widely coveted while I was around. But now with my superior body on display for them in this deliciously vivid costume, every man in town will forget about the flabby Zeta and her drab black clothing. They’ll be dreaming about me and while they’re doing that, I’ll get away with, hee-hee, murder. Ha-ha-ha-ha.”

“You know, sweetie, you must have spent too much time in jail. First off, I don’t think you heard that red and yellow have been out of style since the Civil War,” Zeta said. “Black, though, is timeless. You can never go wrong, or lose in a catfight to a blonde whore, when you’re dressed in black. But don’t fret. It won’t be long before you’re out of that ridiculous outfit and wearing black and blue from head to toe.

“And, speaking of men, what about Antonio?” Zeta said.

“Following our little competition, he will be given the choice of embarking on a new life as one of my love slaves or joining you in the after life,” Sharon said. “Henry, my sweet love, is surprisingly well endowed and quite rich and is such a good partner that he doesn’t even mind if I give other men the chance of a lifetime and allow them to service this fabulous body.”

“Competition?” Zeta inquired.

“Yes, Zeta, I’m a sporting woman. I could have you shot in the next instant. But what fun would that be? It’s far more enjoyable to inflict pain with your bare hands and watch someone squirm and scream out in pain as you break every bone in their frail body. That’s why you and I are going to meet in three different types of hand-to-hand combat, which I’ll choose, of course. The winner will be the one who wins twice. For too long I have heard how beautiful and powerful Zeta is. Now I’ll out an end to all that aggravating chatter by killing you. I want to batter you and sink my nails into those cheap tights and hear you beg for mercy, and I want to do it in front of your husband. I want to fill him with lust as he watches my body in action. You will learn in your final moments, Zeta, who is the better woman and you will head to your grave with the knowledge that I have taken your life and your man.”

“If you fight as well as you talk, that just might happen,” Zeta said. “But I’m afraid I can’t let that happen. You’ve really pissed me off by touching my husband. You’ve made the mistake of your lifetime by turning this fight into something personal and I’m going to relish the chance to repay all of the pain and suffering you’ve passed out, you blonde bimbo. And, sweetheart, I enjoy competition, too. I love nothing better than to take a smug, arrogant villainess like you and prove to her that I’m sexier than her and a better fighter, too. So let’s start your competition and, since your maid is sleeping on the job, let’s get started by clearing some extra room.”

Zeta then walked over to where Uma was on the floor, picked her up by the hair and tossed her on the mantle above the living room fireplace, knocking to the already cluttered ground a collection of trophies belonging to Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
“The weak French blonde is my first trophy of the day,” Zeta said, pointing at Uma first before she turned and directed her index finger toward Sharon with the words, “and you’ll soon be number two, blonde.”

“OOOoo, such tough words! OK, Zeta, let’s begin. For our first challenge, we’re going to have a wrestling match. You do know how to wrestle, don’t you?” Sharon said. A focused Zeta, with a determined look on her face, simply nodded slowly. “Good,” Sharon continued. “The winner will be decided by a pin, with my dear Henry counting to five to declare the victor, or by submission – which means when you start bawling like a baby when I overpower you. We’ll see who’s the Queen around here. Oh, Henry, have Antonio take a picture of us before the fight so the dumb townsfolk can see how this pig looks before and after I destroy her.”

Henry then motioned for Antonio to go under the cloth covering the camera and a second later, the room was filled with a bright flash of light.


The camera caught both women, just a few feet apart, each with perfectly styled hair, with their lips curled and snarled, gritted teeth exposed in a sign of the hatred they held for the other female. Their arms were reaching out toward the other as sunlight reflected brightly off their stretched, glittery outfits that highlighted every sexy curve of their bodies.

Smoke from the camera’s flash powder was still in the air as the two women charged and their bodies slammed together with a loud SPLAT! Both set of hands tried to grab and control the other’s head but Sharon used her height advantage to work both of her hands around Zeta’s neck, then twisted sideways, grabbing the brunette’s hair and using the long locks to hip-toss the crime fighter to the ground.

“Look out below!” Sharon shouted when Zeta landed heavily on her back, her head turned away from Sharon.

Zeta lay motionless for a few seconds as the blonde moved toward her. Waiting until the last second when Sharon was starting to bend down to grab her by the hair again, Zeta then lifted her legs off the ground and spun on her buttocks so that she faced Sharon. In a millisecond, Zeta’s legs and high heels were perfectly positioned to greet the onrushing woman in yellow and red with a solid kick to the chest, each heel hitting one of the L’s on Sharon’s ample breasts.

“Oof,” cried the winded blonde as now she hit the ground and gasped to recover her breath.

Zeta bounced to her feet as Sharon rolled on her hands and knees to escape her foe. Sharon had practically risen by the time Zeta reached her.

“Leaving so soon?” Zeta snickered as she looped both arms around Sharon’s head and neck, then snapmared the evil blonde to the ground.

With Sharon on the ground, Zeta dove at her, trying to apply a headlock on the reeling blonde. Sharon, though, rolled away from Zeta, ducking her head under brunette’s outstretched arms. As Zeta crashed heavily to the floor, Sharon quickly scrambled to her feet and then dropped down to hit Zeta with a knee to the kidney.

“Aarg,” Zeta howled.

After delivering a second knee to Zeta’s back, Sharon picked up the hurt woman in black by her hair, pulled her across the room and slammed her face into the wall. Antonio grimaced while Henry cheered as they soaked in the brutal battle. Sharon, meanwhile, was smiling as Zeta’s beautiful face and chest was splattered into the unforgiving wall.

“That wall will flatten those flabby tits and nose of yours, sunshine,” Sharon said.

Zeta’s aching body slowly began to slide down the wall when Sharon hit her with a series punishing knees to the back. Once, twice, three times she drilled her smooth, shinny yellow tights into Zeta’s already sore kidneys and laughed over the pain she was inflicting.

Before Sharon could strike again, Zeta turned to face her. Zeta attempted to put her hands up to defend herself, but Sharon’s reached out quicker, grabbing her by the hair and slamming her back into the wall. With a sadistic grin on her face, Sharon then wrapped her hands around Zeta’s neck and blatantly began to choking her.

(Cough) “Gaaaak,” came the sound from Zeta as she struggled in vain to break Sharon’s vice-like grip.

Opting for a different tactic, Zeta grabbed the top of Sharon’s hair and used that hold to turn Sharon and slam her head into the wall. Caught off-guard by Zeta’s swift move, Sharon released her grip on Zeta’s neck and was instantly rocked by a hard right hand to the jaw.


Stunned by having the tables turned on her, Sharon’s jaw dropped in disbelief. An uppercut then closed the chatty blonde’s jaw. Zeta quickly hit Sharon with a kick to the stomach then bent her over and then hooked her arm around the bad girl to hip toss her to the ground. Sharon stayed on the ground and shook her scrambled head as Zeta approached her in a deliberate manner, her high heels clicking with each powerful stride.

“Those are truly sexy legs,” Antonio said to Henry. “Your wife shall not overcome them.”

“We shall see,” Henry said. “We shall see.”

When Zeta reached the prone Sharon, she extended her elbow, said, “Hope you don’t mind if I drop in?” and delivered an elbow drop to the back of the blonde’s neck. Sharon’s yellow locks flew into the air as Zeta’s muscular arm drove into her body.

“Let me compliment you on choosing wrestling,” Zeta said as Sharon reached her hand behind her to rub her aching back. “I just love to wrestle, especially with overrated crime lords.”

With Sharon still face-first on the ground, Zeta then grabbed the blonde’s long legs and bent them back into a X. Displaying incredible agility, Zeta then planted her left leg between Sharon’s and then leaned backward so that her leg kept Sharon’s crossed legs pinned down. As Zeta’s body stretched backward so that her head was now alongside Sharon’s, the brunette reached to her left and locked both hands under Sharon’s chin. Using the pressure she was putting on Sharon’s legs for leverage, Zeta then bucked her body forward and took Sharon’s head with her. With her legs trapped by Zeta’s strong limbs, Sharon’s back curved as Zeta pulled her head forward in a painful – and sexy – layover leg lock.


Once again Antonio put his camera to work. This time he captured an image of Sharon’s face contorted with pain as she tried to loosen Zeta’s grip on her jaw while the brunette’s magnificent body was arched above her, giving the camera a clear view of Zeta’s rounded breasts, flat stomach and strong legs.

“That will be some picture,” Antonio said as emerged from behind the camera.

Meanwhile, a hurt and irate Sharon was shouting out obscenities as Zeta intensified the hold and bent the taller woman’s back even more precariously.

“Care to give up,” Zeta said as she turned her head slightly to the right and whispered into Sharon’s ear.

“Screw you,” Sharon replied as she finally managed to twist her body to the left and broke Zeta’s painful grip.

Both women rose quickly, as Sharon’s anger masked the pain in her lower back. Sharon was able to grab Zeta’s right arm and twist it behind her back. After giving her knee in the back, Sharon jerked Zeta down and delivered a knee drop to Zeta’s back.

When Sharon got to her, Zeta tried to scramble away on all fours but Sharon grabbed her by the hair. After dragging her for a bit, Sharon used a burst of strength to pick Zeta up. She bent down slightly, then reached her right hand under the brunette’s crotch and lifted Zeta into the air.

From there, there was no place to go but down as the yellow and red clad women body slammed Zeta into the hard ground.
Zeta’s back came up slightly from the impact of hitting the wooden floor. She immediately reached back with both hands to soothe the pain, before she slumped backwards with both shoulders on the ground.

“That had to hurt” Sharon said with a smile. The villainess could have gone for a pin right there and then, but instead Sharon pressed her attack by pulling Zeta up by the hair and wrapping her left arm around the heroine’s neck for a choke lock.
As Zeta struggled to breathe, she frantically worked her right arm behind Sharon’s head and brought it forward slightly to toss Sharon over her shoulder. As soon as Sharon landed in front of her, Zeta stretched out her legs and trapped Sharon’s head between them in a crushing leg scissors.

Zeta was in charge now as she pulled on Sharon’s hair.

“How do you like having your hair pulled, honey,” Zeta said. “And don’t you just love the warm sensation of my beautiful tights rubbing together against your neck. Judging by the bulge in their pants, the men surely do.”

As Zeta winked at the camera, Antonio went to take another picture but was halted by a wave of Henry’s gun.

“That’ll be enough pictures for now,” Henry said.

Sharon kicked her legs into the air and jerked her body backward in hopes of breaking Zeta’s scissors hold. To keep her down, Zeta pounded Sharon twice in the stomach with a closed fist. Sharon twisted her body and was finally able to slip her head out from Zeta’s hot, sweaty thighs.

“Your weak legs could never keep me down for long,” Sharon said as she rolled on top of a surprised Zeta.

Once on top of the brunette, Sharon brought her knees forward and pressed them down on Zeta’s shoulders for a classic schoolgirl pin

“One . . . two ,” Henry shouted with glee.

But before he could mouth “three,” Zeta bridged her neck and lifted her shoulders off the ground. Sharon then resorted to choking Zeta again, reaching forward and wrapping both hands around her neck. A chop from Zeta broke the hold, but Sharon got to her feet, picked Zeta up by the hair and once again pulled her across the room and slammed her face into the wall.

As Zeta slumped to the ground, Sharon stood a few feet away, her legs spread and her fists on her hips.

“You must love my wallpaper,” Sharon said. “You keep wanting to get a close-up look at it.”

“Actually,” Zeta said as she rubbed her head and began to rise. “I don’t. It as out of style as your costume.”

Before Zeta could rise, Sharon shot her long right leg out and powered it into the brunette’s throat.

Once again Zeta had seen a lightning bolt only this time it came from Sharon’s ankle boots. The blonde’s lethal leg was pressing down and choking Zeta as Henry ordered Antonio to take a picture.


This picture pained an ugly scene for Zeta as she grimaced with closed eyes while grabbing on to Sharon’s yellow tights and trying to pry the baddie’s leg away from her throat.

Sharon poured on the pressure as her leg pressed Zeta down toward the ground until the brunette was flat on her back. Zeta was gasping for air when Sharon pulled her leg away and bent over to punch Zeta squarely in the mouth.

As much as the punch hurt, Sharon’s change in tactics allowed Zeta to curl her legs up so that she could kick Sharon in the stomach and knock the blonde over.

The furious battle continued as Zeta shot up to her feet and picked Sharon up by the hair and ran her toward the middle of the room, where she stopped and then jerked Sharon’s head down into the ground.

“Why don’t you munch on some floor, bitch,” Zeta said as her “bulldog” drove Sharon’s gorgeous face into the ground.
Sharon’s face bounced off the unforgiving floor, leaving a bruise below her mask. The blonde was still trying to shake off the pain when Zeta came up from behind and clamped her arms under Sharon’s jaw, put her knee in Sharon’s back and then pulled back for a numbing face lock.

“I believe you’re going to need a bigger mask to hide all the bruises on that unsightly little face of yours, dearie,” Zeta said as her arm muscles tightened to exert more pressure on the trapped blonde.

After more than a minute of torturing Sharon, Zeta released her grip in favor of picking Sharon off the ground and then suplexing her back on the floor.

“OOH! OOWWW!” Sharon moaned as Zeta stood above her with a triumphant look covering her face.

“I get the idea wrestling isn’t your sport, dearie,” Zeta taunted.

With Sharon on her back, Zeta then raised her right leg into the air and dropped it down across Sharon’s chest. The blonde felt all of the air rush from her lungs as Zeta’s black tights orchestrated a classic leg drop by slamming into the double L’s on her chest and flattening her breasts. Sharon was groaning as Zeta stood up and then smiled while she looked down at the battered blonde.

“Looks like your silicone tits were no match for my tights, Sharon babe,” Zeta said. “Instead of Lady Lightning, they ought to call you Lady Loser.”

Sharon turned on to her stomach and tried to crawl away, but Zeta would have none of that.

“And where do you think you’re going . . .” Zeta never completed the sentence. The masked woman in black found out where Sharon was going when Sharon reached out and picked up a broken chair leg. She turned as Zeta bent over to grab her and slammed it across Zeta’s heaving chest!

“Aargh!” Zeta gasped, grabbing her chest as she crumpled to the floor in pain.

With a wild look on her face, Sharon got up and began hitting Zeta on the head, neck and shoulders with her new weapon.
Sharon then turned her attention to Zeta’s famous legs, attacking them with the piece of wood.

“This should destroy those pathetic tights of yours,” Sharon said with glee.

A series of blows sent bolts of pain up and down Zeta’s legs, but her tights did not yield to the evil blonde. Though they were longer shining as brightly as they did at the start of the fight, Zeta’s tights still covered every square of the black-haired beauty’s legs.

Startled that the wood was not piercing Zeta’s tights, Sharon opted for a new attack. She reached down and grabbed Zeta by her black corset to pick her up. Once the brunette was standing in front of her, the blonde forced her fingers into the center of the corset where it was tied tightly around Zeta’s waist. Growling like a beast, Sharon let out a primal scream and in an incredible show of strength broke the laces holding the corset in place and ripped the garment off Zeta’s body.

Both men’s jaw dropped as they watched Sharon twirl the corset around her head before tossing it to the ground. Zeta wrapped her arms around her stomach, trying to cover her body that was now clothed in only the leotard.
Sharon gave Zeta no time to regroup as she belted the brunette with a spin kick that knocked her down.

“It’s the beginning of the end for you, slut,” Sharon said as she picked Zeta up by the hair and began racing across the room.
Before Sharon had slammed Zeta’s face into the wall, and now she sensed the brunette was ready for that move. So Sharon stopped short of the wall, grabbed one of Zeta’s arms and spun her around, intending to fling her into the wall.

“Oh no you don’t,” said Zeta, who still had some fight in her.

Zeta held on to Sharon’s arm and used the blonde’s momentum to fling her into the wall. Unprepared for the reversal, Sharon slammed in the wall.

Sharon bounced off the wall and fell back on to her butt. Zeta helped her up, only to scoop up the blonde in her arms and then drive her into the ground with a powerful body slam.

Sharon’s back felt like it had been hit by a sledgehammer as Zeta picked her up again, wrapped her hands around the blonde’s waist and tried to suplex her. But this time, her legs weakened by Sharon’s attack, Zeta could not toss the blonde with much power. Instead of being hurled to the ground, Sharon was able to flip in mid-air and landed on her feet, directly in front of Zeta. Before the brunette could react, Sharon kicked her in her womanhood, producing a howl from Zeta.

“No sex for you, sunshine,” Sharon said as she unloaded a left and then a right uppercut to Zeta’s jaw. “Or solid food!”

Zeta teetered on her high heels but refused to go down. But that only gave Sharon the perfect opportunity to scoop Zeta up and drape the aching brunette over her shoulders. Zeta was now caught in a torture rack as Sharon bent the brunette over her muscular shoulders.

“Oooowi . . . aaaah . . . arrgh,” Zeta cried out.

“I’d ask you to submit, but I’m having too much fun hurting you,” Sharon said.

After subjecting Zeta to nearly a minute of torture, Sharon finally slammed Zeta down to the ground. Landing on her chest, Zeta felt Sharon sit down on her shoulder blades, pinning her face-first on the ground. Facing Zeta’s famous legs, Sharon grabbed both limbs, tucked them underneath her arm pits and executed a crab that lifted most of Zeta’s back off the ground slightly.

“Aaaugh!” Zeta screamed.

“What’s a matter, my sweet western whore? This is just a little move I learned when I was running the Boston mob. I like to call it a Boston Crab. It’s great for cooling off a bitch who thinks she’s hot stuff, just like you,” Sharon said.
After weakening Zeta with the brutal hold, Sharon released her. The blonde quickly rose and then kicked Zeta in the ribs with the pointed toe of her boot. Zeta turned on to her back and looked up to see a yellow blur rapidly descending down on her.

“Ooof!” Sharon’s beautifully sculpted leg fell across Zeta’s chest for a leg drop that was truly breath-taking. As Zeta gasped for air, Sharon kept her leg positioned on top of the brunette’s flattened body.

“Hate to tell you, Zeta, old pal, but when I landed on those cow utters you call tits it felt like I was landing on a pile of jelly. Don’t tell me those supposedly hard, firm titties of yours are more fiction than fact,” Sharon chided. “I guess maybe your tits are as fake as the rumors that you’re a great fighter.”

Zeta was in no condition to answer as she struggled to regain her breath.

“Henry, a count, please!” Sharon cried out.

“1 . . . 2 .”

Again before Henry counted out Zeta, she lifted her shoulder off the ground with enough force to knock Sharon’s leg away.

“Hmm,” Sharon said as she got up. “I have to FIGURE out a way to finish you off and I think I’ve got one.” She dashed in front of Zeta’s feet, turned and picked up both sexy limbs by the top of her ankle boots. Then she turned one leg sideways and wrapped her legs around Zeta’s. “I’ll use the figure four,” Sharon shouted. “Tee-hee-hee.”

Get that picture, Antonio, right now!” Henry shouted.


The camera froze the moment as the two superwomen sat on the ground facing each other. Sharon’s face beamed with a majestic smile as she flexed both of her muscular biceps triumphantly. Her legs were coiled around Zeta’s with the power of boa. Her yellow tights were glowing as they covered Zeta’s dark tights. Zeta, meanwhile, was leaning back, slamming the ground behind her with her hands. Her hair was twisted. Her face was scrunched with deep lines generated by the crippling pain. Tears ran down her cheeks.

“You bitch,” Zeta screamed defiantly as she struggled to free her legs.

But Zeta couldn’t squirm free. Her legs were truly trapped - and being bent to the limit by the cruel blonde. For Sharon, this was the ultimate moment. She was so vain it infuriated her anytime she heard men talk in lusty terms of another woman’s beauty. While her own magnificent body was hidden under the guise of Mrs. Smith, her temper would flare each time she heard a male talk about having seen Zeta’s incredible legs in her sexy outfit.

Now, in an outfit she felt was even sexier than Zeta’s, Sharon was taking immense pleasure in not only defeating Zeta, but overpowering her legs as well. As she felt Zeta’s legs weaken from the power of her figure four, Sharon became energized. She was overjoyed as she pondered the prospect of life without Zeta, where she could strut from town to town as ‘Lady Lightning’ and be hailed as possessor of the West’s sexiest legs.

“Oh, the poor little Zeta,” Sharon said in her demeaning tone. “Her legs are no match for the West’s sexiest woman. Now what is that I hear? Is it a submission? Are you ready to quit like the sniveling little coward you are?

“Are you?” she shouted, exerting even more pressure on Zeta’s battered and achy limbs. For a few seconds there was silence. Then came the single word that made Antonio’s heart sink.

“. . .Y..Y…Yes. Yes,” Zeta shouted out, unable to cope with the pain any longer. “I give.”

“Now that’s a smart slut,” Sharon said as she flexed her biceps with one arm and fluffed up her hair with the other hand in preparation for yet another photo.


This time the camera caught Sharon in complete command, smiling from ear to ear and displaying a solid, rounded biceps muscle while her legs turned Zeta into a whimpering, contorted - and thoroughly beaten - woman. Finally, she released Zeta, stood up and planted her foot on Zeta’s battered bosom.

“You know when you’re up against a stronger and sexier pair of legs. You’re nothing. You’re beaten!” Sharon said looking down at Zeta, whose battered body had recoiled into a fetal position. “You’re no match for me; though I must give those hideous black tights of yours some credit. I’d have thought my figure four would have ripped them to shreds but so far there’s not a run in them. Don’t worry, though, that’ll all change in our second contest!”

Sharon took her leg off Zeta and the crime fighter rolled on to her side, her buttocks directly in front of Sharon’s feet. The blonde looked down and smiled then gave Zeta a hard kick to the cheek of her butt. The blow not only knocked Zeta over on to her face, but produced a small, circular tear in the black nylon tights that covered her buttocks.

“What did I tell you,” Sharon said as he spotted the run in her foe’s hosiery. “It won’t be long before I rip every bit of those tights.”

“Henry, dear, keep an eye on them,” Sharon added as she strutted out of the room.

Less than a minute later, Sharon returned with two sets of boxing gloves. She tossed a set of black gloves at Zeta, who was now on her knees and trying to stand.

Sharon put a bright yellow pair on her hands.

“Round Two will be kick-boxing,” Sharon said. “Are your legs and fists up to the challenge, Zeta?”

“Yes,” Zeta said as she stood on weak legs and slipped the gloves over her hands. “I assure you they are.”

“Well I hope you kick-box better’n you wrestle,” Sharon said. “I was so hoping for some competition and so far you’ve disappointed me. I’ve worked up more sweat manicuring my nails than fighting you.”

“Is that so?” Zeta said, her spirit returning now that she was free of Sharon’s clutches. “As I told Uma, be careful of what you wish for.”

“We’ll see whose wish comes true,” Sharon said. “Ready, skank?” she said raising her fists to cover her face.

“I’m ready,” said Zeta who raised her fists and began circling around the blonde.

Zeta initiated the action by firing a right at Sharon’s head, but the blonde deftly ducked under then rose up and powered a hard left into Zeta’s ribs. As the brunette bent forward from the blow, Sharon smacked her in the face with a left that had Zeta backpedaling.

“Don’t leave my account, Zeta,” Sharon cackled at the retreating brunette. Zeta then charged forward and both beauties fired a jab that was blocked. Zeta tried a quick snap kick, but found Sharon to be an elusive target and grumbled under her breath. Sharon moved to her left to avoid Zeta’s kick and twirled and fired a spin kick at the brunette’s head.

Zeta ducked under the kick but was ill-prepared when Sharon reversed her motion and smacked her with a backhand to the face. Sharon continued on the attack with a left and right that powered her rock-hard fists deep into Zeta’s stomach.

“Feels like that belly is full of jelly, Zeta,” Sharon said. “It’s not strong and firm like this body,” she added as she flexed her biceps and then lowered her fists and tapped them against her flat stomach.

Zeta attempted to make Sharon pay for her taunts by whipping three jabs at the blonde’s face. None connected. Nor did a kick she aimed at Sharon’s ribs.

“Damn you,” Zeta cried out.

Zeta again tried to nail Sharon in the ribs with a kick, but the villainess blocked it with her own leg. The collision brought a wince from Zeta and smile from Sharon, who then hooked a hard right into Zeta’s ribs. When Zeta moved forward to tie up Sharon and prevent further damage, Sharon showed her evil side by head-butting the brunette and then shoving her into wall. Zeta’s groggy head slammed hard into the wall, putting stars in her eyes that soon gave way to yellow bolts of pain courtesy of Sharon’s gloves.

The blonde wadded into Zeta with unanswered lefts and rights to the face then turned sideways, lifted up her leg and slammed the law-woman into the wall with a vicious kick to the jaw.

“Having fun, Zeta?” Sharon said. “I know I am. I just love the feeling of smacking your flabby body with these smooth leather gloves.”

Knowing she was in trouble, Zeta tried to keep Sharon away with a weak jab. The blonde scoffed at Zeta’s feeble attempt and hit her with a jab that pushed in the brunette’s nose.

Zeta tried a left cross that missed the mark and was punished by a spin kick to the head that left her on wobbly legs.

“You’re looking a little shaky, Zeta, babe,” Sharon said before she bent her knees and put all of her strength into a powerful uppercut that dazed Zeta. As Zeta’s head snapped back violently, Sharon charged forward with a pair of hooks to her belly. She then moved her way up Zeta’s body. With incredible speed, she drilled punches into Zeta’s breasts and then her face.
Sharon was savoring every second as she knew she was overpowering the brunette heroine.

“They say lightning never strikes twice,” Sharon said with a chuckle. “But unfortunately for you, Lady Lightning strikes twice.”

A left and right crashed into Zeta’s breasts.

“And sometimes three times.”

Sharon hammered more blows into Zeta’s unguarded chest.

“And sometimes four times.”

More punches ripped into Zeta’s chest.

“And sometimes five times.”

Another hailstorm of blows battered Zeta’s chest, inflicting so much pain tears filled in her eyes.

“Hmm. Hope the rest of your chubby body doesn’t feel left out because of all the attention I devoted to those cow utters you call tits,” Sharon said as she turned her attention toward showering punches and kicks on Zeta’s face, arms and legs.

With expert precision, Sharon tore through Zeta’s feeble attempts to stop her. The house was filled with the crisp sound of Sharon’s leather gloves decimating Zeta body as they made violent contact with her body and the lycra leotard, leaving her with an increasing number of small holes in her costume and bruised up and down her body.

“She’s too fast for me,” Zeta thought. “I can’t beat her.”

Her moment of self-pity, though, was interrupted when she heard Antonio say, “Fight Zeta. Fight back my queen!”

“Sorry, buddy, but there’s no more fight left in her,” Henry beamed. “Sharon’s The Queen around her and she’s knocking it out of her.”

There was little reason to argue with Henry. When Sharon finally stopped pulverizing Zeta, the tired brunette simply wilted. Her body was bent in half, her head bowed and both arms limp at her side. The exposed chunks of flesh from the holes in Zeta’s outfit, contrasted with the dazzling shine from Sharon’s immaculate and bright suit, told the story of this fight.
Looking at the woozy beauty in front of her, Sharon delighted in what she had done to her hated rival. She was euphoric, knowing that she was a mere punch or two away from defeating a woman she loathed because of the town gossip about her obvious sex appeal and her superior fighting skill.

“Get a picture of this,” Sharon shouted out as she fired a killer right hook to Zeta’s head.


This picture caught another amazing sight. Sharon was smiling with a wicked look. Her gloved right hand was extended. A few inches from the punishing fist, Zeta’s head was snapped to the right, her hair flying, saliva spraying out of her mouth – and her mask flying off. The blond who called herself ‘Lady Lighting’ had unmasked the legendary Zeta!!

Perhaps 99 percent of the women in the world would have been laying on the ground unconscious after the merciless punch, but not Zeta! Though the world was spinning around her and her body throbbed with pain, Zeta’s magnificent legs would not collapse. She was teetering on her high heels, yet the champion of justice was using every last ounce of her strength to stand erect.

“I can’t let her beat me!” Zeta tried to convince herself, even as she felt her body wilting from the heat of Sharon’s punches and kicks.

Sharon wasn’t amused that Zeta was still standing but she quickly remedied that…“Why don’t you have a seat, Zeta?” She delivered a kick to the back of Sharon’s legs that flipped the heroine’s limbs up into the air and Zeta landed hard on her butt, then rolled onto her back on to the floor. As Zeta lay moaning and struggled to push her body up off the floor, Sharon flashed a triumphant grin and then turned her back on her battered foe.

“Go ahead, Henry dear. Count this bitch out,” Sharon said. “The hag is done for.”

“One . . . two. . .” Henry took his time and slowly counted down toward the end of the fight as Sharon strutted over Antonio and locked her eyes on Zeta’s prized husband.

Zeta looked over helplessly. She was trying to get up, but there was no strength left in her bruised body. Her heart sank as she knew she was a beaten woman. More and more she was becoming convinced she could not outfight Sharon. For the first time, she thought, she had met her match.

“Get on your knees,” Sharon shouted as she approached Antonio.

Mr. Zeta complied.


Sharon then lifted up her shapely right leg and put it on Antonio’s left shoulder.


After looking over and seeing that Zeta was watching, Sharon then barked out to Antonio, “Kiss my legs. Kiss the legs of the woman who has proven her superiority over your miserable cur of a wife. Show her how much you want me!”


Antonio looked over at Zeta and said nothing.


“Kiss my leg!” Sharon said. “These are the legs that have beaten your wife so thoroughly. I know you want them. You know you want them. Even poor vanquished Zeta knows you want them. Go ahead. Stroke them. Kiss them. Pay homage to them like a good love slave.”

Lacking the strength to even pick herself off the ground, Zeta’s mounting physical pain was now matched by the emotional pain of being humiliated by Sharon. Not only had she lost the fight, and no doubt her life, but she losing her man to Sharon too.


Zeta’s head dropped down as she waited for Antonio to compile with Sharon’s wishes. Zeta was resigned to her fate at the hands of the villainess, but she prayed that a man as handsome as Antonio would be spared by the blonde hussy and used as a trophy. Yet what she heard next sent a tingling sensation through her bruised body.

“No, never. Your legs will never be a match for Zeta’s,” Antonio said. “I will never touch them!”


Sharon then snarled and slapped Antonio. “How dare you insult the greatest legs on the face of this planet. You will pay for your insolence!” Sharon slapped in the mouth two more times.


Henry’s cadence abruptly ended well before he mouthed the final number to end the sizzling catfight as Zeta incredibly sprang to her feet with amazing gusto. Inspired by the sight of her man rejecting Sharon, Zeta was astonishingly revitalized. She forgot about the pain Sharon had inflicted. In its place was a sense of pride over how loyal her husband was, plus a burning desire to defeat the evil and obnoxious blonde once who had made this battle so intensely personal.

Banging her two gloves together, Zeta shouted, “Get your sickly leg off my man. I know you’re a dumb blonde, but I thought even a moron like you would remember that we have a fight to finish.”

“Finish?” Sharon replied with a mocking laugh as she swung her leg off Antonio and slowly began walking toward Zeta. “Talk about a dumb broad. You don’t even know when you’re finished. I’ve ripped your clothes and tights. I’ve pummeled your fat tits. You’re finished, Zeta!”

“Why don’t you show me exactly how finished I am!” Zeta said.

With that, Sharon quickly flicked a jab at Zeta’s jaw, “OK, you asked for it!”

Sharon’s yellow glove rocketed toward Zeta, but the brunette turned her head away from it. Sharon then hurled left and right hooks toward Zeta’s head and ribs. Neither found their target as the arrogant look started to fade from Sharon’s face. The missed punches were beginning to confuse Sharon. She thought Zeta was defeated. But was she? Why were her punches missing their mark? Sharon then tried a kick to the ribs that Zeta blocked.

“Why you . . .” Sharon’s sentence was never completed as Zeta supplied a period in the form of a snap kick to the jaw that moved the blond backward a few steps.

Shock was now written all over Sharon’s face as Zeta darted forward and snapped off two quick, stinging jabs to Sharon’s cheek and nose. Sharon used a wild left to beat Zeta back, but the brunette merely ducked under it and rose up and blasted a hard uppercut to Sharon’s jaw.

“I hope you haven’t eaten. I have a steady diet of leather planned for you, sweet cakes. Leather boxing gloves to be precise,” Zeta chided.

Sharon snarled and rubbed the bruised bottom of her jaw. She then started to bring her gloves forward but she was quite literally beaten to the punch by Zeta. The inspired brunette continued to pepper Sharon with a stream of jabs that had Sharon’s head bobbing back and forth as she frantically tried to cover her face with her forearms. A kick to the stomach from Zeta’s sexy legs interrupted the flurry and lowered Sharon’s defenses. Her foe’s face exposed again, Zeta drilled a hard left and right to the side of the face that left Sharon’s face more puffy and sore as that of the unmasked Zeta. Sharon tried a left hook to back up the black-haired dynamo, but her punch had little power behind it and it allowed the nimble Zeta to slip inside and drive a knee into Sharon’s ribs.

“Aaarghh!” Sharon shot out.

Zeta was becoming more inspired with each passing second. Hearing the loud cry of pain from Sharon’s lips, she felt even greater surges of strength and energy. Not only was she fighting a dangerous criminal, but now she had the added incentive of being an angered woman who was delighting in administering a lesson to a brazen hussy who thought she could walk away with her man. Antonio and Henry both looked on in disbelief as Zeta tore into the evil woman with incredible fury.

“Go Zeta!” Antonio screamed.

Zeta looked over at her husband and winked. Then a second later, moans filled the roam as Zeta’s fists turned into steel pistons that powered into Sharon’s breasts. The blonde kept moving backward to get way, but Zeta moved forward with her and continued the brutal assault on Sharon’s tits.

“After what you did to my tits, I call this ‘TIT-for-tat’,” Zeta said. “Get it? TIT-for-tat. Funny, huh? Gee, you’re not laughing oh high and mighty leader. How come?”

No, Sharon was not laughing. She was feeling so much pain in her breasts that her body was contorted and her jaw slowly dropped to allow her groans of pain to drift from her mouth. Seeing Sharon so vulnerable, Zeta stayed on the offensive and administered a final flurry that propelled a dazed Sharon into the wall. Zeta proudly smiled as she saw that she had torn a hole in Sharon’s red lycra leotard where one of the yellow L’s on her chest used to be. Yes, used to be. Now all that was visible was a bruised nipple that protruded from the round hole in her clingy costume.

“You can’t do that to me,” Sharon groaned as she looked down at the damage to her costume.

“Oh yes I can, and I can do this, too,” Zeta said as she launched into a blizzard of punches and kicks that continually connected with the overmatched blonde.

Zeta started at Sharon’s midsection, her blows opening more small tears in the shiny red leotard. She worked her way up Sharon’s body with a barrage of blows that went unanswered from the bad girl. Now it was Sharon who felt the world was spinning around her as Zeta reached the blonde’s face and brought trickles of blood down from her nose with one savage punch after another. Seeing Sharon’s body start to go limp from the shellacking, Zeta wound up for one last punch. Her right hand spun around like a windmill as she wound up for the coup-de-grace.

“Good night, toots. You’re finished!” Zeta let fly with an uppercut.

The punch lifted Sharon into the air as if she were kite. She sailed backward about 10 feet and landed in a clump of broken pieces of furniture and pottery. She landed on her back and rolled on to her side as her eyes slammed shut. Zeta looked down in front of her and saw Sharon’s mask on the floor. She chuckled at the thought that she, too, had unmasked her rival.

(Click, click, click) The sound of her high heels echoed in the room as Zeta slowly walked over to her snoozing foe. When she reached her, Zeta put her sexy foot on Sharon, turned to Antonio and said, “You could count to 10,000 and the bitch still won’t get up.”


Antonio’s camera captured yet another stimulating shot. This showed Zeta’s muscular back as well as the small hole in the glittering tights that covered her legs and buttocks. He leg was planted on the side of Sharon’s head as the blonde’s body was tilted on its side. Sharon’s hair was messy and sweaty and covered part of her bruised, unmasked face. One of her arms extended out straight. The other was laid across it. Her knees were bent with her right leg laying on top of the left.


“Looks like we’re all tied up,” Zeta said to Henry as she walked toward the two men. “I suggest you awaken your wife from her slumber and prepare her for round three.”

Henry kept the gun trained on Zeta and Antonio as he raced over to Sharon’s side and started to shake her to wake her up.
Zeta and Antonio, meanwhile, embraced and the brunette gave her hubby a passionate kiss.

“I can never thank you enough for showing so much support and desire for me,” Zeta said as her tongue moved from Antonio’s mouth to his ear. She playfully licked and nibbled on Antonio’s ear as she stroked his rock-hard penis and said, “Be ready during this final segment. There’ll be a moment when Henry is separated from his gun. You must be prepared to act.”

“You bitch!” interrupted the couple as they looked over and saw that Sharon was revived and sitting up.

“Ah, Sleeping Beauty arises,” Zeta said, walking away from Antonio and returning to the center of the room.

With a push from Henry, Sharon stood and shook her head and fury flashed in her eyes, “You were lucky, Zeta but your luck has run out.”

“Oh, has it?” Zeta replied.

“In our third test you I guarantee that you will go down to a painful and humiliating defeat,” Sharon said.

“And what would this third test be? Who has the worst smelling breath?” Zeta said.

“It will the ultimate test of one woman’s superiority. No holds barred, hand-to-hand combat. We’ll fight until one of us surrenders or can no longer continue. This will decide which one of is the Queen of this territory,” Sharon said.

“Excellent choice, blondie!” Zeta said, as both women tossed the gloves off their hands. “I’d love nothing better than to beat you senseless with my bare hands.”

Their hatred for each other was plastered on both women’s face as they slowly approached each other for the third and final round of their epic battle. They stopped when their tits were just inches shy of rubbing together. Both wore a smug, confident look, telling the other woman, without so much as a word, that they were certain of emerging victorious.

Finally Sharon ended the stare-down with a hard and quick right to the head. But Zeta was more than ready and she raised her left to block Sharon’s punch, then delivered a straight right to the head that spun Sharon sideways and forced her back a few steps. Sharon turned to face her foe, giving Zeta a chance to fire a snap kick at Sharon’s head but the blonde ducked under Zeta’s leg, straightened up and hammered Zeta in the belly, then turned and kicked her in the left calf.

As strong as Zeta’s legs were, the blow was strong enough to knock Zeta into a doorway that separated the destroyed living room from an untouched dining room. Zeta stumbled into the new room, then regained her balance and fired a right that Sharon blocked. A wide smile filled the blonde’s face as she tortured Zeta’s mid-section with a right hook and then side kick that knocked the brunette to the ground.

“Look at that. You’re rolling on the floor in pain. Just like old times, eh Zeta?” Sharon laughed.

Zeta rose only to quickly duck to avoid a spin kick from Sharon. Though she avoided one blow, Zeta was not as fortunate a moment later as she rose again and was greeted with a backhand fist to the face. Sharon grabbed Zeta by the arm and flung her into a table which she latched on to keep from falling.

Seeing some rips in Zeta’s leotard from when she swung the brunette into the table, Sharon said, “Such cheap material. It’s hardly a match for a super woman like me.”

Sharon then charged at her, but the quick-thinking Zeta grabbed some flowers out of a vase, turned and threw them at Sharon. Startled, Sharon stopped for a second. That was all the time Zeta needed to clear her head. She was ready when Sharon fired a right to the head, easily blocking it. Then she gave Sharon a strong right to the side of the face that rattled the blonde’s pearly white teeth. This time, Sharon was sent backwards and she stumbled into a smaller table.

“Please Lady Lighting, now’s hardly the time to have dinner,” Zeta said.

As Zeta came after her, Sharon used the table for leverage and strength. She lifted her leg and her red high heels exploded into Zeta’s stomach. Winded for a moment, Zeta held her ground and tried a snap kick. But Sharon caught Zeta’s leg with her left hand and held it in the air.

“You’ll have to get your kicks somewhere else!” Sharon shouted.

Hopping on her one free leg, Zeta tried a chop with her left hand to break free. Sharon thwarted it, by using her left hand to stop Zeta’s attack. Sharon than reared back and belted Zeta across the face with a wicked backhanded slap that echoed in the ears of the men who had moved to within the shadow of the doorway, not wanting to miss a second of the incredibly sexy catfight. Zeta face swiveled from Sharon’s latest blow and when she turned back toward her enemy, she was greeted with a snap kick to the face that knocked her to the floor.

“I think beating you is going to be snap – a snap kick,” Sharon giggled as she spied Zeta rolling away on the floor.

Sharon chased the brunette and tried to stomp her but missed as Zeta showed her remarkable agility by springing to her feet. When Sharon approached, Zeta gritted her teeth and shot a kick to the blonde’s belly, followed by an uppercut to the jaw that violently shook Sharon’s head backward and left her face covered with her long yellow locks of hair.

“Mind if I play hairdresser?” Zeta said.

She delivered a hard left to the side of the head that knocked some of the hair away from Sharon’s face as the blonde took a few awkward sideways steps before she crashed into a couch and tumbled over it. Springing into action like a cheerleader, Zeta bent over, put both hands on the couch and then vaulted over it with a cartwheel. Her gorgeous legs knifed through the air and smacked Sharon in the head, sending her reeling into sofa.

Zeta believed Sharon was stunned when she picked her up from the sofa by her hair, but a kick to the mid-section from the blonde’s strong right leg ended those thoughts. She took a step backward and glared deep into the eyes of her on-rushing foe. The brunette started to raise her knee as Sharon drew close, but that was just a decoy. With Sharon – and the men’s – attention focused on Zeta’s leg, the heroine blasted Sharon with a right to the face. A quick 1-2 combination to the jaw followed, as a reeling Sharon fell back toward the table.

As Zeta confidently strode toward her foe, Sharon looked down at the table and her face lit up. Quickly grabbing a vase on the table, Sharon turned and threw it at Zeta, hitting her in the head. The impact of the vase did little damage, but it did allow Sharon to catch Zeta off-guard. The blonde seized the opportunity to kick Zeta in the belly with a blow that folded her in half. Determined to batter Zeta’s lovely face, Sharon delivered four rapid fire blows targeted for Zeta’s mouth, eyes and jaw. Finally, a side kick to the head sent Zeta to the ground!

Sharon bellowed, “Gentleman it’s time you got to see the demise of the Zeta.” Zeta had only raised up on one knee when Sharon reared back and put all of her strength into a punch that promised to end the battle. Smiling and laughing, showing nothing but contempt for Zeta, Sharon was savoring what she believed would be the final moment of the fight. “Victory is mine . . .” Sharon shouted before her tongue stopped moving. The arrogant look on her face was replaced by confusion.

Sharon’s arm, with the bright red leotard, was extended, but it wasn’t moving. It was trapped in the grip of Zeta’s left hand. Now it was Zeta’s turn to smile as a disbelieving Sharon watched the brunette stand up, her hand still holding Sharon’s fist. A split second later, it was Zeta’s first that was flying, rocketing into the side of Sharon’s jaw. Zeta let go of Sharon’s hand and tore into the blonde with a double-fisted and double-legged assault. Zeta went to work on Sharon’s mid-section with a series of uppercuts. Jabs snapped Sharon’s head backward. Then Zeta flashed a devilish grin and began kicking Sharon’s right leg with her sharp high heel.

“Aaaah,” Sharon screamed as she felt the heel dig into her leg and puncture her tights.

“I hate to hit and run but when I can hit you and put runs in your tights, I’d say it’s worthwhile,” Zeta said.

This was Zeta’s personal triumph and she beamed as she gazed at the very same shape that only minutes had ordered Antonio to kiss her. Now it was bruised and covered by torn pantyhose.

“Gee, I hope you don’t catch a cold with all those holes in your tights,” Zeta said.

Sharon’s jaw dropped as she looked down. Her legs. Her magnificent, powerful, sexy legs. The legs that had spelled doom for everyone she had faced in mortal combat. They were ravaged. Sharon’s temper began to boil as she looked down at her achy leg and then looked up to see Zeta laughing at her.

“If those are your best tights, I can only imagine what your worst would look like,” Zeta laughed.

Sharon could no longer control her emotions, with a crazed look on her face she pulled her hand behind her head and raced toward Zeta to deliver what was intended to be a crippling karate chop. But as Sharon’s arm came forward the savvy Zeta merely grabbed it, turned sideways and flung Sharon over her shoulder and through the air toward the doorway where the men were standing. The blonde screamed as she flew through the air and then crashed into Henry.

The impact knocked the gun out of Henry’s hand and lifted it into the air and with husband and wife on the ground, Antonio’s arm whipped out and caught the gun out of mid-air. In a spilt second, he had cocked the trigger and aimed it at the evil couple. Both were still on the ground looking at each with shock plastered all over their face, looking first at Antonio and then Zeta, who stood with legs spread and balled fists on her waist in triumphant stance.

Henry was the closest to the doorway. Seeing Antonio turn his head slightly to blow a kiss at Zeta, Henry quickly rolled through the doorway. Antonio fired a shot that missed as Henry disappeared through the door.

“That son of a . . . ,” Antonio said.

“Don’t fret, Antonio,” Zeta said. “Take the gun and bring him back to justice.”

“Take the gun? And leave? But what about Sharon?” Antonio said looking at the blonde who was still on the ground.

“Oh, don’t worry about her,” Zeta said. “While you’re gone, we’re going to have a nice woman-to-woman and settle some our differences before I hand her over to the sheriff. Isn’t that right, Sharon.”

“Oh, yes, Catherine, you’re so right,” Sharon said as a devilish grin filled her face as she rose off the ground. “Except, of course, about the part of you turning me over to the sheriff. But, go on, Antonio. Cathy dear and I are going to have a little chat.”

Both women stood only a few feet apart, staring into the other’s eyes. Each once again wore a confident grin. Antonio looked at the two women and knew they wanted to settle the matter in private, so he quickly raced out of the house to chase down Henry.

“There. We are all alone now, Zeta,” Sharon said. “Just what exactly was it that you wanted to talk about?”

“I intend to let my fists and legs do the talking for me Lady, and the message they will be delivering is that no woman, especially a ripped up, beat up and screwed up whore like you, should ever lay a finger on MY man.”

“I’ll not only be touching him, I’ll be screwing him whenever I choose once I put you in your grave, you slut,” Sharon shouted. “Let’s go! Let’s see who’s best.”

“I though that answer would have been clear to you by now, Lady Loser,” Zeta said.

Immediately the two women sank down in a crouch and extended their open hands in front of them, positioning them like the karate experts they were as they began circling each other for their final confrontation. Sharon went on the offensive first and targeted a kick for Zeta’s face that the brunette blocked. Zeta tried a kick of her own, but Sharon used both hands and blocked it. Charging forward, she tried an overhead chop that Zeta stopped with her forearm. Sharon then tried a straight right to the belly, but again Zeta’s forearm steered it away from her body. Angered at her inability to land a solid blow, Sharon fired a hook to Zeta’s mid-section that the champion of truth and justice ducked under.

“Don’t mean to be catty, but the idea is for you to hit me, isn’t it, dearie,” Zeta taunted Sharon as she stood up.

Seeing the aggravating smile on Zeta’s beaming face, Sharon uncorked a left jab to the face. Using her superior quickness, Zeta grabbed Sharon’s arm, turned sideways and then twisted it behind her back. Sharon turned and tried to elbow Zeta in the face to break free but missed twice. The third time, she was able to twist her body enough so she could grab the woman in black by the neck.

Sharon then wrapped both hands around Zeta’s neck and spun around her and began choking her. Sharon chuckled with glee as she pushed Zeta forward toward a wall. But when Zeta came within a few feet of it, she jumped up, kicked her feet into the wall and then used the power of her legs to push Sharon back a few steps. As Sharon backpedaled, Zeta slipped down and was able to put her own hands around the back of Sharon’s neck and snap mare the blonde to the floor.

Zeta rushed over and picked up Sharon by the hair, grabbing onto two large clumps of her blonde hair. Sharon screamed out, but as she was lifted off the floor she grabbed onto both of Zeta’s wrists, and used her foe’s strong arms to bend her body so she could kick Zeta in the shins with her pointy high heels. Zeta was knocked back backwards a few steps and Sharon immediately went at her, clobbering her with a hard spin kick to the face that floored the brunette.

Looking down at Zeta, Sharon extended her hand out and motioned for Zeta to rise, “C’mon, Zeta, the fun’s just starting.”

“I won’t argue with that statement,” Zeta said as she stood up and braced for Sharon’s next attack. This time, the blonde launched a spin kick at Zeta’s head. Zeta ducked under it as Sharon’s leg harmlessly sailed over her head, yet as soon as the leg swung past Zeta’s skull, the brunette did a forward flip and soared high into the air. A stunned look fell over Sharon’s face as she looked up and saw Zeta’s leg come crashing down on the top of her skull.

Zeta landed perfectly on her feet after delivering the punishing blow and then watched as Sharon’s eyes rolled, her body wobbled and then she fell backwards to the ground.

“Timber!” Zeta shouted as Sharon hit the ground.

Sharon shook her head a few times and after a few seconds she was no longer seeing double. There was just a single, confident Zeta approaching her, high heels clicking on the wooden floor. Zeta was a few feet away from her, when Sharon resorted to her dirty tricks. Acting like she was still disoriented, she waited until Zeta was directly in front of her and then spit in her foe’s eye. Zeta was blinded temporarily, giving Sharon an opening.

The blonde charged at Zeta, leaping high into the air as she powered a pair of kicks into Zeta’s belly before she touched the ground again. Zeta went backward several steps and was about to tumble to the ground when Sharon grabbed her by the hair to keep her up and then kneed the good girl in the face twice. Sensing Zeta was weakening, Sharon grabbed the brunette by the legs and ribs and lifted her into the air. She dropped Zeta on top of her shoulders and began spinning her around the room. After a few turns, Sharon lifted Zeta and tossed the brunette but before she landed Sharon unleashed a mighty kick that hit Zeta square in the chest and sent her flying across the room! She slammed into the wall and rolled a few times before coming to rest with her face and stomach down on the ground.

“You’re done, Zeta. I’ve been dreaming of the day when my legs would introduce you to my Stone Cold finisher and now it’s arrived. No woman has ever recovered from it and a pathetic weakling like you will never be the first,” Sharon said.

Zeta rolled one more time, then slowly scrambled to her feet. She had a pained look as she started to wrap her hands around her achy chest and stomach and then spotted that Sharon’s blow had opened a hole in the middle of her leotard. Zeta felt as if her heart had knocked out of her body as she struggled to catch her breath. She wondered if her breastbone had been broken by a blow more savage than she had ever experienced before. The pain so intolerable she could barely stand up straight.

But if Zeta needed a reason to push aside the pain, it was there right in front of her as the evil Sharon smiled with glee and again waved her hand for Zeta to approach. Only this time, when Zeta shuffled her feet slowly and took just a few steps, Sharon closed her four fingers into a fist and stuck her thumb into the air. Then she turned it upside down, pointing her thumb downward just as Roman rulers did when they decided there would be no mercy in a fight to the death.

“You’re going down, Zeta,” Sharon said

Sharon fired a jab at Zeta and could not believe that Zeta actually had enough strength to duck under it. Sharon jumped into the high for a snap kick that was supposed to finish Zeta, but Zeta squatted to the ground. Looking up at Sharon’s spread legs, Zeta then put most of her remaining strength in an uppercut that caught the airborne blonde directly in her vagina.
The crippling blow, knocked Sharon down as she grabbed her achy womanhood and began rubbing it with both hands.
Now it was Zeta’s turn to motion for Sharon to get up.

“C’mon, bitch, I’m not through,” Zeta said.

With tears in her eyes, Sharon waved her hands in front of her face.

“No more, I give. I can’t go on . . . ooow,” Sharon moaned.

Zeta let out a deep breath and pushed her hair away from her face. Her chest was still throbbing with pain, but it didn’t matter because Sharon was beaten. Zeta had won. Slowly, she walked to Sharon, stood in front of the battered woman and looked down at her.

“Well, Sharon,” Zeta said. ‘It looks . . .”

Looks were quite deceiving. Any thought that Sharon was finished ended when the blonde’s head shot up and she jumped to her feet. Sharon had fooled Zeta and fired a kick to the jaw. Zeta retreated and Sharon pressed forward with another snap kick. Zeta anticipated what was coming and bent backwards to avoid it. Zeta put her hands behind her and leaned back until her hands touched the ground. Using the ground for leverage, Zeta shot her legs out and both gorgeous gams smacked into Sharon’s stomach. Bent in half and covering up her belly, Sharon raised her head slightly and then saw Zeta’s fist approaching. With powerful force, Zeta smashed Sharon with a mighty uppercut that whipped her head backward.

“Didn’t someone ever teach you to fight fair?” an angry Zeta snarled at her as she fired two quick jabs to Sharon’s jaw and eye that left Sharon wincing in pain.

Each punch sent a bolt of pain through Zeta’s bruised body, but that was not enough to deter her from ripping into her hated rival. Sharon lifted her hands to defend herself, yet she was too battered, achy and weary to counter Zeta’s fury.

“I should have shot you when I had the chance,” Sharon muttered.

“And now you’ll have a lifetime in jail to regret that decision,” Zeta said as she bobbed and weaved under Sharon’s feeble counter-punches; driving a series of jabs into Sharon’s bruised and softened tits while Sharon continued to groan and mumble groggy words.

“You . were beaten,” she said, her face wearing a dazed look.

“Get your facts right, bimbo,” Zeta said as she drove her right hand into Sharon’s ribs.

“You’re not woman enough to beat me. And it’s time you learned that!

“Just as you should learn that you can’t rob,” Zeta continued as she kicked Sharon in the thigh.

“You can’t commit murder,” Zeta said as she hit the suffering Sharon with a spin kick to the belly.

“You can’t think you are the sexiest woman in town, who can take any man she chooses,” Zeta said, this time kicking Sharon again in her sore vagina and then following it up with a snap kick to the jaw that rattled Sharon’s brains as she stumbled and tried to stand erect.

“And you can’t claim you have the best body and most attractive legs because . . .”

Sharon was dizzy but the cobwebs vanished when she raised her head and saw a frightening sight. Zeta was flying through the air like a raven, her legs extended to deliver a devastating drop kick. Powerless to defend herself, Sharon’s jaw absorbed the full dose of power from Zeta’s blow. A tooth and a stream of saliva flew from Sharon’s mouth as her head whipped to the side violently and her body sailed across the room before it crashed into and destroyed the large dining table.

“They belong to Zeta!” the brunette said she fixed her hair and finished her sentence.

The badly bruised Sharon, with a black eye, a missing front tooth and her shredded outfit, was in supreme pain on the ground as she slowly lifted her head and once again saw Zeta motion for her to get up.

“Care to dance again, oh mighty Leader,” Zeta said.

Once again Sharon waved no with her hands.

This time the criminal wasn’t kidding, but Zeta wasn’t taking any chances.

She went over to Sharon, picked both of her legs up and kicked each of them, inflicting even more rips in her dirty, decimated yellow tights.

As Sharon howled in pain, Zeta then whipped her hand toward the blonde’s still sore pubic area. In a split second, there was a symbolic Z ripped into the crotch of Sharon’s leotard.

“Now, you evil slut, you bear the mark of Zeta, just like every other villainous woman who has dared to challenge me,” the champion of truth and justice said.

“Please, I surrender… You . . . win,” Sharon, her eyes starting to glaze over, stammered.

Remembering what happened earlier, Zeta wasn’t quick to accept the truce. Still holding onto to Sharon’s legs with the slashed tights, Zeta wrapped her legs around Sharon’s battered limps and surrounded them in a textbook version of a figure four.

“Allow me to show you how to execute this move properly,” Zeta said.

A second later, Sharon was screaming at the top of her lungs. Excruciating pain filled her gams as the pressure of Zeta’s legs stretched Sharon’s tights to the point where they began to unravel. Both of her legs were now clad in what looked like torn, yellow rags, Sharon’s suffering intensified as Zeta exerted even more pressure. A popping noise followed by an ear-piercing scream told the story of what had just happened. Zeta had dislocated both of Sharon’s knees.

Knowing the battle was over, Zeta untangled her legs from Sharon as tears rolled down the defeated blonde’s cheeks. She stood triumphantly over her vanquished rival, stuck out her chest and beamed like the noon-time sun.

“You may have started this day believing your legs were sexier and stronger than mine, but you now know the truth. You are no match for me, and you will have many years in jail to rue the day you challenged Zeta and flirted with my man,” the victorious brunette said.

Zeta then kicked Sharon in the jaw in perhaps the most merciful blow of the long day for it knocked the blonde out, temporarily ending her suffering. Then Zeta pushed her hair back and planted her sexy leg in the center of Sharon’s chest, directly between the one black and blue breast that bulged through the large hole in her leotard; the other still hidden only slightly by the battered lycra outfit.

“If only Antonio could see this,” Zeta said out loud with a sigh.


A second later, Antonio stuck his head out from behind the camera and said, “I did!”

This final picture left no doubt as to the winner. Sharon’s face was red and lumpy, with streaks of blood on it and an eye that was now closed shut from the onslaught of Zeta’s punches. Her costume, which not so long ago shimmered and shined from head to toe, now was dull and dirty and had so many holes it looked like an army of moths had feasted on it.

Zeta’s face, meanwhile, glistened from a few beads of sweat. There was a small bruise under her eye, but her face was as lovely as ever. Her hair still curled neatly around her neck and shoulders. Her costume had a large hole between her breast, but her tights glowed, with only the small tear on the buttocks indicating she had been involved in a wild catfight - a catfight she had won in decisive fashion.

“Zeta . . . my champion!” Antonio shouted as he came out from behind the camera and then dashed over to his wife.
Antonio grabbed Zeta and hugged then, but stopped when he heard a muffled yelp of pain slip from her ruby red lips. “Are you all right?”

“I’m fine,” Zeta answered. “Though I’ll need some time to rest my breast. Sharon wasn’t too big on fighting fair and she landed one lucky blow after you left.”

“I’m sure it was no more than one, my love,” he said. “ Looking at how lovely you look in comparison to the ravaged criminal over there, there’s no doubt who was the victor.”

“Oh, thank you, my lover. You flatter me once more,” Zeta said. “And what of Henry? Did you apprehend him?”

“Well, let’s say he’s deaf and dumb. When I yelled for him to stop running he turned a deaf ear to my words and that was dumb. I had no choice but to take aim at him.”

“And then . . .” Zeta asked.

“Let’s just say, you can add widow to all of the names Mrs. Stone calls herself,” Antonio said.

Zeta chuckled, but even a small laugh moved her chest enough so that she winced.

Seeing his wife’s discomfort, Antonio squatted down. “Tonight in our bed, I will message your aching body until the dawn arrives,” Antonio said. “Oh and I found this in the other room and picked it up. I was sure you’d need it again,” he said as he took Zeta’s mask out of his pocket and returned it to its proper place on his wife’s face.” Zeta beamed as the mask went back on. “There. You look better already,” Antonio said. ‘Tonight will still belong to us, but why wait? Let me administer some medication or that achy body right now.” Antonio then squatted down and began kissing, massaging and sensuously licking Zeta’s legs. For the net few minutes, he worked his up Zeta’s body as the brunette moaned in delight.

While the two lovers thought they had the room to themselves, little did they know that the incredible pain in Sharon’s body had awakened the blonde from her nap. Though unable to walk, she looked at the shattered table around her and snarled when she saw that a secret compartment under the table had popped open. Inside was a knife that Sharon kept to eliminate unwanted dinner guests. Now she grabbed at it and sought to destroy the woman who had ruined all of her plans.

Zeta was on the verge of an orgasm from Antonio’s lips and tongue when she heard an ominous noise and turn to look when she heard Sharon say, “Die slut.” She reared her arm back to hurl the knife while Zeta pushed Antonio away and in the same motion spun like a top toward Sharon.

The blonde hurled the knife as Zeta continued to spin so that she was inches away from the blade’s deadly path. As the knife reached her, Zeta shot out her hand and incredibly grabbed on to the knife by its handle. Continuing to spin with the knife in hand, she turned toward Sharon and flung the blade back at her. Sharon’s eyes bulged and she screamed as the knife returned like a boomerang.

“Noooooo…” was Sharon’s last word as Zeta hit the bull’s eye! The knife buried in Sharon’s chest and bore through her heart, ending her time on earth once and for all.

“No stand-ins this time, toots,” Zeta said as she watched the last gasp escape from Sharon’s lips.

As a sense of relief that the battle was finally done came over Zeta, she heard a new sound. “Our leader!” Uma had regained her senses – or at least a few them. With her arms wrapped around her own battered body, she leaned against the doorway, unwilling to believe that Sharon was on her way to hell. “It can’t be!” she muttered.

Antonio raced over to Zeta and told her, “You rest. I’ll use the gun to bring her to the sheriff.”

“No, my love, I’m still in shape enough to handle a feeble blonde such as her,” Zeta said as she slowly walked over to the dead woman’s maid/assassin.

“Enjoy your nap?” Zeta said she drew closer to Uma. “Now you have two options. You can allow me to tie up your hands and bring you to the sheriff. Or you can star in game of ‘Follow the Leader’; which shall it be?”

If there was any fight left in Uma, it evaporated as she turned and look at her boss, The Leader. She slowly bowed her head and then extended both arms toward Zeta. “I surrender,” she declared.

Using a curtain to bind Uma’s arms, Zeta brought Uma outside and draped her over the rump of her horse. Antonio then trotted up with his horse as well as two other steeds that carried the lifeless bodies of Mr. and Mrs. Smith and his photography equipment. They wheeled their horses around and began the ride back to town.

Knowing that Antonio would vouch that Sharon had impersonated her and that her identity was preserved through the demise of the Smiths, Zeta headed toward town basking in the supreme satisfaction of having thwarted and beaten the most villainous woman in the world. She was once again undisputed, “Queen of the West!”

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