Crista Nicole (34C-25-35, 5'9" 125 lb. 22 yo) vs. Stacy Sanches 3(4C-24-36 5'10" 130 lb. 21 yo) Copyright 2001 by John J

To say that Jennifer Walcott was pissed off at Crista Nicole was an understatement of huge proportions. She could handle being beaten and losing a fight, (Read it HERE) but to be beaten so badly and then humiliated in front of all the other Playmates was something Jennifer couldn't deal with. She was among the newest of the Playmates, and she knew that if she didn't do something to resolve this, she wouldn't get any respect at all.

Over the couple of weeks following her loss to Crista, Jennifer started to buddy up to Stacy Sanches. She developed a habit of telling Stacy the latest gossip that she heard from the other Playmates. About a month after her fight with Crista, Jennifer leaked out some nasty and derogatory comments about Stacy, which she said came from Crista. Crista had never said any of them, but Jennifer allowed the rumors to run rampant. As she had grown accustomed to doing, Jennifer kept Stacy up to date on the latest gossip, including those comments attributed to Crista.

Stacy fumed! Jennifer just smiled and laughed to herself as the fiery Hispanic beauty stormed off after Crista. It didn't take long for Stacy to find Crista. The blonde had just sat down in the dining room for her breakfast. Stacy walked up to Crista and hovered over her.

Stacy hissed, "We need to talk, bitch!"

Crista didn't know what her problem was, and she wasn't looking to start a fight so she said calmly, "I don't know what's wrong, but let me finish my breakfast, then we can talk. I'm sure it's some sorta misunderstanding."

Stacy picked up Crista's plate and dumped it down the blonde's skimpy crop top and laughed, "There, now you're finished!"

Crista fumed, "I don't know what the fuck your problem is bitch! But, if you're looking for trouble, you just found it!"

Stacy hissed, "You're the fucking problem! Maybe after I kick your scrawny blonde ass, you'll keep your damn mouth shut and not diss people behind their back!"

Crista fired back, "I don't know what the hell you're talking about bitch! I don't take this crap from anybody. Either get the hell out of my face or we'll see who gets whose ass kicked!"

Stacy yelled, "Fine. The gym and the wrestling ring are right down the hall. Shall we discuss this in there?"

Crista got into Stacy's face and glared, "Let's go, whore!"

A whole group of Playmates followed the two beauties as they silently headed to the gym and the ring. They entered while the Playmates all gathered around the ring to watch the upcoming battle. Crista's supporters stood on one side of the room as the gorgeous blonde took off the food soaked crop top and tossed it to the side. She did the same with her shorts, leaving her powder blue string bikini and matching blue high heels.

On the opposite side of the room, Stacy got herself ready as her supporters voiced their support. She unbuttoned her white blouse and put it aside, then the same with her black skirt. The brunette stood in a bright red string bikini, and matching red high heels. Crista climbed through the ropes and entered the ring. She stretched and limbered, while Stacy climbed in from the other side. Stacy took a few minutes to stretch as well.

Before starting, Stacy said nastily, "You've got one chance, bitch! Apologize right now and you can walk out of this ring in the same condition you came in. I won't mess up your pretty blonde face or figure."

Crista answered Stacy with one finger and muttered, "Shut the fuck up and let's fight, bitch!"

Stacy lunged at Crista but the blonde moved to the side and let Stacy sail past her. Stacy let herself continue and then bounced off the ropes. The brunette came back at Crista. Crista set herself against another tackle, but ended up seeing stars as Stacy pounded a kick into her head. Crista's head snapped to the side and she went down with a groan. Stacy went to put an elbow drop into Crista's boobs, but the blonde rolled out of the way, and Stacy's elbow rammed into the mats. Crista pulled herself up, still a bit dazed from the kick. She lashed out with her high-heeled foot and stomped several times on Stacy's hurt arm. The brunette rolled as she tried to get away from Crista and regroup. Crista kept after her though. After landing numerous stomps, Crista reached down and hauled Stacy to her feet with a hard tug on her dark hair. The blonde whipped Stacy off the ropes and caught her with a clothesline, as she bounced back.

Crista continued her attack as she dug her high heel into Stacy's back, while pulling back on her arms. Stacy yelped in pain as Crista secured the surfboard hold. Crista drove her heel into Stacy's lower back with each tug on her arms, eliciting a yelp of pain from the brunette. Stacy refused to submit, and after several tries rolled into a position where Crista had to relinquish her hold. As Crista backed away, Stacy lashed out with her own feet and caught Crista with a solid kick to the knee. The blonde yelled in pain and went down as her knee buckled. Though her back was still hurting, Stacy pulled herself up to her feet and unloaded a flurry of stomps to Crista's hurt knee. After several stomps landed, Crista swung out with her good leg and swept Stacy's legs out from under her, taking the brunette down.

The two lovely Playmates rolled apart and got up. Neither woman wanted to allow her adversary to see that she was hurting, even a little. The two beauties circled as they closed the distance with each other. Once in range, Stacy ripped at Crista's tiny bikini top and tore it off. Stacy forced Crista back into the where, with her bikini top out of the way, she tore into Crista's full, round breasts. Stacy squeezed, scratched and twisted at Crista's orbs as she dug in her nails for maximum pain.

Trapped in the corner, and with the way Stacy secured her hold, Crista couldn't retaliate in kind by going after Stacy's boobs but she Crista found another target and hammered her knee into Stacy's pussy. Stacy grunted, and her tit hold weakened. Crista pounded her knee into the same spot again and that dislodged the brunette's hands.

Stacy backed away with a cry of pain clutching her womanhood. Crista went right after Stacy and swung out with a big spin kick, catching Stacy in the jaw with her high heel. Stacy's head smacked to the side and she dropped to the mat, with a trickle of blood in the corner of her mouth. Crista grabbed Stacy's legs and held them apart as delivered a couple hard stomps to Stacy's damaged cunt, making Stacy scream again.

Crista sneered, "Do you give up, bitch? Give or you don't have sex for a month!"

Stacy groaned, but hissed, "Go to hell!"

Just as Crista set herself to stomp again, Stacy grabbed the blonde's foot and twisted it hard. Crista stumbled back, nearly losing her balance. As Crista went back, Stacy went to swing her feet and sweep Crista's legs out from under her. The blonde was able to avoid the leg sweep, but because of her already unbalanced state, she couldn't keep her balance and went down anyway. Stacy got to her knees and jumped on top of Crista's midriff, straddling the blonde across her waist. The brunette wrapped her hands around Crista's throat and started to choke the blonde. After a good minute or more of choking, Stacy leaned in and added more pressure to the choke as her put her weight into it. Crista suddenly bucked hard. With Stacy's weight so far forward, she went forward and lost her positioning.

Stacy was able to recover a bit faster than Crista, and the brunette rolled to the side and pulled the blonde into a bodyscissors. The gorgeous brunette wrapped her long legs around Crista's midriff and crushed her ribs with her powerful thighs. Stacy added a choke to her attack once again, as her wrapped her arm across Crista's throat. Because of the chokehold, Stacy was unable to effectively control the blonde's hands. Though Stacy tried to prevent it, Crista was able to reach over and rake her nails across Stacy's eyes. Stacy shrieked as she was temporarily blinded. The brunette released her holds and rolled away, while she rubbed her hurt eyes. Crista coughed as she rolled the opposite direction and gulped down air.

Though hurting from the effects of the chokeholds, Crista got to her feet much earlier than Stacy. Crista moved in and tore off Stacy's flimsy bikini top. She grabbed a handful of dark hair and hauled the brunette to her feet viciously. Crista whipped Stacy off the ropes and set herself. Still blinded by the eye rake, Stacy stumbled right into Crista's dropkick. Stacy went down hard as Crista's high heels stabbed into her boobs and crushed her feminine globes into her ribs. Stacy groaned as the pain shot through her tits. Crista continued her attack as she pulled the brunette to her feet by the hair again. She held Stacy in a side headlock and quickly put her back down with a bulldog. Crista got up again and set herself for a leg drop across the lower back, but Stacy rolled out of the way, and Crista landed with a thud.

Stacy's eyesight was mostly back to normal and the brunette got herself up and raised her fists. She caught her breath and rested a few moments as she waited for Crista. Crista got up and matched Stacy's stance. The two beauties circled each other warily, as they set their defenses and watched for an opening to exploit in the other woman's defense. In a sudden move, Stacy fired a big right at Crista, and the punch cracked into the blonde's chin, backing her up a few steps. Stacy chased after Crista and pounded her tits with a flurry of punches as the blonde backed herself into the corner. A hard left to the jaw put Crista down on the mat and left her seeing stars. With a handful of blonde hair, Stacy hauled Crista to her feet. Just as Stacy was setting up for her next move, Crista pulled hard on the brunette's legs and took her down. Crista kept a hold on Stacy's legs and quickly clamped on a stepover toehold.

While pouring on the pressure, Crista hissed, "Give up slut! Or I'll break your leg!"

Stacy didn't respond, but instead moved her free leg into position and kicked the blonde away. Crista stumbled back. The blonde charged back in to continue her attack, but walked right into a kick to the tits. Crista groaned as she backed away in pain. Stacy kicked again and caught Crista in the knee. The blonde went down as her knee buckled again. Crista clutched her leg, nearly in tears. Stacy moved in and stomped at Crista's leg and back several times, forcing Crista over on to her stomach. The brunette straddled her adversary and clamped on a camel clutch. Crista yelped as Stacy pulled back on her chin, putting pressure on her neck. Crista got a hold of one of Stacy's legs, and pulled it just enough to cause the brunette to lose her balance a little. Stacy was forced to release her hold as she regained her balance.

Crista tried to scramble away, while Stacy was off balance, but couldn't get far enough. The brunette flipped around and grabbed Crista's legs. Stacy bent back as pulled Crista's legs up, putting pressure on the Boston Crab hold. Stacy tightened the hold as she moved further back and bent Crista's back at a nastier angle.

Stacy yelled, "Do YOU give, bitch? Or do you want your back broken?"

Crista snarled, "Fuck off!"

Stacy shifted and moved back a little further, adding another notch of pain to the hold. That was exactly what Crista wanted though, and Stacy moved into range. Crista reached up and grabbed a fistful of dark hair. The blonde yanked hard. With a surprised yelp, Stacy tumbled back, losing her hold and her balance. Crista sprang forward and lunged at the downed brunette. Crista secured her position as she straddled Stacy's midriff. She trapped Stacy's arms under her own legs, preventing retaliation as she sunk her nails into Stacy's boobs. The blonde scratched, squeezed, twisted and generally mauled Stacy's once perfect globes as the brunette cried out in pain with each assault. After a couple minutes of the torture, Stacy was able to dislodge the blonde as she bridged and knocked her off.

Stacy was in no condition to try to attack as Crista rolled forward, so she rolled the opposite direction to put some distance between herself and the blonde. Stacy knew that she needed to rest and recover for a moment before even considering an attack, and she also thought that she needed to set herself for Crista's next attack.

Crista got to her feet quickly and moved toward Stacy. With a rough yank on her hair, Crista pulled Stacy to her feet. She whipped Stacy into the far corner and then charged in after her, splashing her against the turnbuckles, their sore tits mashing together as the two beauties collided. Crista pulled Stacy away from the corner and then whipped the brunette off the ropes. Stacy went down hard after a clothesline from the blonde. Crista followed up with an elbow drop to Stacy's sore and battered tits. Crista again hauled Stacy to her feet by the hair and whipped her into the corner. Crista charged in for another splash, but Stacy moved out of the way and Crista crashed hard into the turnbuckles, tits first.

Stacy knew that she had to take advantage of this opportunity. She rushed in as quickly as her sore body would let her, and went on the attack. She pounded Crista with a series of hard punches to the kidneys. Crista groaned as the blows landed, pain surging through her insides. The blonde retaliated fast though, and spun around with a backfist to the jaw that surprised and staggered Stacy. A series of quick punches to the face left Stacy dazed and glassy-eyed. The blonde then set herself and put Stacy down with a wicked swinging neckbreaker, nearly taking the head off her Hispanic rival.

Stacy went down in a heap, still dazed. Crista moved in fast and clamped on a full nelson, straddling Stacy's back. Crista moved forward and put more of pressure on Stacy's neck.

Crista asked, "Are you ready to give yet?"

Stacy hissed, "Fuck you!"

Crista moved forward a little more, putting more pressure on the brunette's sore neck.

Crista said, "This is the last time I ask, bitch! Do you give?"

Stacy gasped, "Screw... you!"

Crista moved forward just a little more, putting excruciating pressure on Stacy's neck. True to her word, Crista didn't ask again. She just maintained her position while Stacy sobbed and grunted beneath her.

Finally, Stacy weakly gasped out, "OK, enough. Please stop."

Crista smirked, "What was that, sweetie?"

Stacy sobbed, "You heard me. Please stop. I give!"

Crista released her hold and stood up. She gave Stacy one final kick, rolling the brunette over on her back.

Crista yelled, "Oh, and for the record, bitch! I don't know why the hell you wanted to start something with me. You seem to think I said some shit about you. I didn't. If I have something to say, I say it to someone's damn face, not tell someone else to leak it back to you. I don't play those games. Next time you start something, get your facts straight or you might get your ass kicked again!"

At that, Crista stormed off leaving Stacy to be helped back to her room by some of the other Playmates. Stacy got checked out the medical staff who, after carefully looking her body over, declared it to be, "Fine, just fine."

Stacy went back to her room to rest, telling herself, "Once all the bruises and scratches heal, that damn Jennifer Walcott is gonna have some explaining to do!"

The end.