Gena Lee Nolin vs. Angie Harmon by Tank

Angie slipped into her black/white zebra-print bikini with payback on her mind. As she made her way into the Challenge Room of Kim & Ginny’s Gym and Lounge she was well aware of the high stakes involved. Two weeks ago, she’d been in a topless arm wrestling match with Gena Lee Nolin who’d challenged her in front of her husband, Jason and she couldn’t refuse without losing face.

Gena's motivation was fueled by a comment circulating around the lounge and Angie couldn’t deny being responsible. She’d had too much to drink one night and purred to Jason a bit too loudly as they sat at the bar and watched Gena strut. Angie, wanting to impress him, said, "I’d love to get Gena in the Challenge Room Jason, but she doesn't have the nerve to challenge me."

Her remark had gotten back to Gena and during her next visit to the lounge, the blond decided to put Angie in her place. Not only did Gena slam the brunette's arm flat on the table to end the arm-wrestling, she took her time doing it so she could flaunt her big breasts at Angie's husband. Even after her win, Gena drew attention to her bigger jugs by embracing the brunette, making sure her large, bare breasts and hard nipples overwhelmed Angie's smaller pair as she turned to Jason and smiled broadly. Her victory complete, Gena held no grudge against the tall brunette and bought drinks for them the rest of the evening. But Angie, understandably, had been humiliated and needed to get revenge!
During the next two weeks, Gena would always go over to where they were sitting and be very friendly toward them. Angie would often find her husband's eyes glued to Gena's breasts as they would sit at the table together. The brunette played along as if her humiliation were forgotten, but inside she was steaming! For unlike Gena, Angie had always seen a natural rivalry between them. Both were tall and lovely with Angie an inch or two taller than Gena's 5'9”. Angie was 36, Gena 37. Both were married to athletes, the brunette to a former NFL football player, the blond to an NHL player and both had been on Baywatch.

As far as Angie was concerned, Gena was always a natural rival though for the most part, she kept things to herself. She regretted her remark had gotten back to the blond but things now being what they are, she could not deal with Gena's superiority over her, especially in the mind of her husband. When she found Jason flirting with Gena at the bar after returning from the Ladies room, Angie knew she must either challenge the blond beauty to a match and deal her a beating or live with her feelings of seething anger toward her. Angie chose to Challenge Gena in front of Jason but the blond, surprisingly, was reluctant to fight her.

"I don't want to fight you, Angie. I have no desire to hurt you or humiliate you in front of your husband,” Gena responded. Angie, sarcastically, burst out laughing. Then she pointed her finger in Gena's face and began to scream at her. Gena then accepted the challenge and the fight was on. It was agreed that the match would be on Saturday at 10:00PM.

Angie took a deep breath as she awaited Gena in the Challenge Room which was overflowing with patrons who anxiously awaited the fight which would be shown on the giant screens in the lounge. Beyonce Knowles had just arrived and she didn’t hesitate to bully Penelope Cruz from her seat at the bar and take it. Inside, Serena Williams’ huge, muscular thighs protruded from tight gym shorts as she led a reluctant Denise Richards out the back door. Denise, working out in just panties, had been armlocked by Serena for taking too long on the bench press. Now, the sexy blond was pleading to be let go, but the strong Black woman pretended not to hear her pleas as she forced her down the hall to the Spanking Room. Serena opened the door, dragged a screaming Denise inside and slammed it behind her.

Back in the lounge, Torrie Wilson muscled Malina's arm to the table in a topless arm wrestling match as Vince McMahon watched intently, then raised Torrie's arm in victory as she smiled triumphantly. When Melina sulked and complained, Torrie yanked her sensuous wrestling rival over her lap and locked her leg over two shapely, well-muscled, thighs under Melina's micro skirt.

"OOOOHHHH...!" Melina groaned. Torrie loved putting Melina in her place in front of Vince and he loved watching it.

Gena entered the Challenge Room dressed in a gold bikini. Immediately, Angie moved toward her and engaged the blond in a staredown; her brown eyes glaring into the blue eyes of the blond. Angie scowled while Gena smiled back until they went to separate corners before the buzzer sounded to start the fight as their husbands watched from the lounge. Both had placed hefty wagers on the fight with a local bookie...Jason's a very substantial $100,000!

Angie launched herself at Gena and began nailing her with straight punches to her face. Gena backed up, her arms raised in a defensive posture. The brunette continued forward. She let loose another barrage of punches. Gena blocked most of them and fired back but was getting the worse of the exchange. Angie pushed Gena into a corner and trapped her there. With bad intentions she snapped more punches to Gena's face and nailed her rival with a right cross to her cheek. The fight had begun as a boxing match with the more aggressive Angie beating Gena to the punch. As Angie moved in with her hands raised, Gena unexpectedly snapped a vicious right cross to Angie's kidney.

"OWWWWWW!" The tall brunette yelped as she dropped to her knees.

Gena stood and watched with her hands on her hips as Angie struggled back to her feet, took a deep breath, then moved forward. Angie faked a couple punches, then lashed out with her long legs, driving her foot into Gena's belly and slamming the blond back into the corner. Angie moved in swinging wildly, one punch grazing Gena's jaw! Angie continued to flail away but her blows caught Gena's arms as the blond protected herself, then forced the brunette into a clinch.

Angie lifted her knee to strike Gena's groin but it was blocked by her rival's knee. Gena then tripped Angie to the ground. Again, she stood watching as the battling brunette quickly got to her feet and rushed at her. Gena backed into the corner as Angie grunted while throwing vicious hooks to her face. The blond, again tied Angie up and maneuvering out of the corner she twisted Angie around and now had the brunette forced into the same corner. Gena winced as Angie struck her cheek with a left hook. The blond again tied up the brunette and leaned into her as Angie in vain tried to free her hands to strike.

Gena pressed her thighs into Angie's thighs as she forced her more tightly into the corner. The tall, slender brunette's long reach was nullified as Gena crowded her, now imposing her larger breasts into the smaller breasts of her opponent. Finally, Angie yanked an arm free but Gena beat her to the punch with a straight right to her jaw. Gena clinched with Angie and continued to bully her into the corner and lean into her. Angie again felt Gena's weightier breasts imposing themselves on hers and Gena's gold panties pressing into her striped bottom. Angie was now breathing heavily.

Suddenly, the tide was turned when the brunette, giving out a loud grunt, yanked her arms free and grabbed Gena's breasts from below her bra with her hands. Quickly wrapping her fingers around Gena's orbs and nipples she planted her nails into them and squeezed and pinched Gena's breasts with all she had.

"EGGGGHHHHHH!" Gena shrieked as Angie moved forward still gripping her breasts. A look of horror came over Gena. Quickly though, she grabbed Angie's wrists with her hands as she back peddled with her knees bent toward the center of the room. Then Gena planted herself and snapped a savage knee into Angie's belly.

"AWWWWWWW!" Angie lost her grip as she doubled over in pain. Gena followed with a right cross that sent Angie sprawling on her back on the carpet. Gena freed herself, ripped off her gold bra which was hanging loose, and tossed it aside while Angie scrambled to her feet. Both women glared into each other's eyes with wicked intentions.

Angie flashed her nails and stalked toward Gena but was greeted with a left hook to her ribs which buckled her knees. Gena moved forward as Angie, keeping her balance, began to back peddle. The two beauties engaged in a ferocious exchange of punches, knees, and kicks which Gena clearly got the better of. Angie was now hurting as Gena backed her up, then forced her against the wall. Light body blows to Angie's ribs and belly by the determined blond began to pick up steam as they consistently found their mark. Angie winced in pain and tears appeared in her eyes as Gena continued to bully her around the room and strike her lean frame with her fists. Another snapping right to her belly and Angie fell to her knees with her mouth open.

Gena reached out and tore off Angie's bra. Then the bare breasted blond beauty stood over her topless rival as Angie's more diminutive breasts heaved in and out as she tried to catch her breath. Gena fell to her knees in front of Angie and punched her in her belly.

"AWWWGGGHHH!" Angie doubled over again and this time, Gena grabbed her hair, yanked her head up, stared into Angie's eyes and saw a look of fear. Fully aware the husbands were watching, the lovely blond wrapped her arms around a struggling Angie's back and pulled her into her into a Bearhug.

Gena inhaled deeply, then exhaled her weightier breasts and hard nipples into Angie's smaller pair. She repeated the process over and over, inhaling deeply and exhaling, the blond beauty now totally ruling the slender brunette in a one sided breast war. Gena flexed her biceps tighter around Angie's back and listened to her groan. "OHHHHHHH...."

Staring into Angie's brown eyes with her eyes of blue, Gena desired to enjoy her domination as much as possible. She wanted to leave no doubt in the minds of their husbands who the superior woman was. Gena lifted Angie off her knees, then pushed her to the carpet on her back while sustaining her lethal Bearhug.

Angie felt the little strength she had left being drained from her by her lovely rival. She felt her smaller breasts flattened against her chest and dominated by Gena's as the blond now lay on top of her. Angie was gasping and tears began to stream down her cheeks. She tried to punch at her opponent but they were weak and futile blows which only brought a relishing smirk to the lips of the beautiful blond. Gena gazed down proudly at her breasts and nipples pressing into Angie's which seemed barely visible in comparison to her own. Both women’s bodies were sweat- glistened but Gena felt Angie fading as she lay on top of her. The combination of her savage body blows and crushing Bearhug had worn the thinner brunette down and was sapping her strength.

Angie began to sob as she realized she had lacked the strength to issue Gena the payback she had desperately wanted. She felt Gena's stronger thigh muscles imposing on hers and the blonde's warm panties pressing into her own. She thought of her husband watching who had informed her earlier that evening that he would place a huge wager of $100,000 on the match. Angie could do nothing with Gena and her feeling of being humiliated a second time by the blond beauty in front of her husband caused her to burst out crying as Gena continued to dominate her slender body.

The bare breasted blond finally rolled off the beaten brunette and pinned her arms behind her back in a full nelson. Then Gena pulled Angie onto her lap and clamped her silky legs around Angie's sleek legs in a scissors.

"NO MORE (sniff sniff) GENA...YOU…YOU WIN (sniff sniff) I GIVE UP!"

Gena smiled as she recalled Angie's challenge to her in front of Jason. After all, she had originally refused to fight her brunette rival and really thought they could be friends. But Angie had pushed for it and now she was paying the price for her reckless desire to impress her husband. Gena tightened her leg scissors around Angie. As her sensuous thighs easily controlled Angie's slender thighs, the brunette's mouth opened and she began to tremble.

"ARE YOU SURE YOU GIVE UP, ANGIE?" Gena chided. "REMEMBER, YOUR HUSBAND IS WATCHING." The athletic blond tightened her full nelson, then flexed her thigh muscles even more tightly around Angie's sleeker thighs.

"BOO HOO HOO......YESSSSS!....I SAID I GIVE UPPPPP...!" Angie bawled loudly.

Gena loosened her grip, lifted her upper body, then just stayed in the position of dominance without applying more pressure. She posed for the crowd, watching in the lounge as her bare breasts were undulating while she glared at her vanquished prey like a lioness relishing mauling of a captured doe. Angie put her face in her hands and her body shuddered as she wept.


Gena raised her hands in victory. She smiled and blew kisses to the crowd with her foot on Angie's belly. Then the triumphant blond began to strut out of the room, not even bothering to retrieve her bra.
Later that evening, Gena enjoyed drinks at the lounge with her husband as she proudly recalled her victory. Meanwhile, Angie was very despondent as Jason drove her home.

"You've nothing to be ashamed of, Honey,” he consoled her. "She was just the better woman tonight. You deserve a lot of credit for fighting her in the first place."

Angie was silent for a long time, then finally said, "What really hurts is you bet all that money on me....$100,000....and I still couldn't (sniff sniff) win. I feel so humiliated."

Jason looked at his wife and smiled, "Don't worry about the money, Ang."

"But it's a lot of money, Jason. It sounds strange to say but I wish you didn't have so much confidence in me. I'm sorry I (sniff).... let you down."

"I said, don't worry about the money, honey. And to be honest, you didn't let me down." He was smiling. "In fact, we're a $100,000 richer!"

"WHAT?" Angie gasped, clearly confused.

"Yeah. I bet on Gena!"

"You WHAAAAT?" Her depression turned to anger. Despite the 'good news' Jason couldn’t say anything right from then on no matter how hard he tried!

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