Victoria Pratt vs. Renee O'Connor by Interac on 11/13/00

Months after her humiliating loss in a back and forth fight to Victoria, Renee was hoping for a chance to get revenge and then opportunity knocked! The Producer of both her show and Victoria's was throwing a Party and when she heard Victoria would be there, Renee said she would go too, sure she could get Victoria to fight her again. Renee booked a hotel room near the party and on the night of the semi-formal party Renee wore a very form fitting red dress along with heels the same color. When she arrived, Renee ran into Lucy Lawless talking to Bruce Campbell, star of "Jack of Trades." Renee asked Lucy if Victoria had arrived yet and Lucy told her yes, then pointed her toward Vicky who was wearing a red dress with a cut out mid-riff, revealing her bbs.

After a few hours had passed and the two ladies had talked to people Renee started to walk over and 'accidentally spill her drink all over her

"Wow," said Renee, " I guess you should start to watch where your going hey. Unless..."

Victoria interrupted, "Unless what, I kick your ass again and leave you laying like I did the last time with the Vibrator. I'm sure you remember that only too well."

"Oh yes," Renee sighed. "But I remember how much of a lucky shot you got in too, when we were on the car. The fight was just about mine before that, So you know what I let the fight get away from me. I bet I could kick your ass pretty easy."

"If that were the case," Victoria said with a cocky smile, "then it would be you with spilled wine all over your dress now wouldn't it?"

The Canadian Beauty made her way to the washroom leaving a fuming Renee behind. Renee followed her into the washroom and stood behind her as Victoria looked at her in the mirror.

Victoria asked, "What is it? I really don't have time for this."

Renee put a piece of paper on the sink.

"It's this easy. Meet me at this address or Everyone in this party will know you are afraid of me. See I made my way around here tonight and told everyone this what I was going to do. They all watched me follow you in here, so now if you aren't there in one hour, they'll all know I'm truly the better woman, and you are my bitch."

With that Renee turned around to walk out but then turned back and slapped Victoria. Then she left the washroom . Victoria holding her cheek, vowed to be there and started dreaming of ways to make Renee wish she was never born. When Victoria left the wash room, she saw a few eyes on her and she started to wonder if Renee was telling the truth. And she looked over at Renee who had on her jacket and was just smiling telling her to come on.

Twenty minutes after Renee left the party Victoria also left for the address. When she opened the hotel room door she saw Renee fixing herself a drink.

"You better hope the alcohol deadens the pain I'm about to deliver to you."

"I didn't think you'd be here so soon," Renee said. "Guess you didn't want everyone to know what a cowardice bitch you are. But don't worry, when were done, they'll know how much of weak bitch you are after I grind you to oblivion"

Victoria took off her jacket, "This time you won't be getting a cheap shot. This will be the last time, because I've never hated anyone as much as I hate you. Now I finish your career, then watch mine soar."

Victoria went face to face with Renee. The two women were about the same height at 5'6". They just stood there for a few minutes waiting two bodies equal in almost all ways, neither one wanted to act first and make a mistake. Caution began this battle as they started to circle each other. Swiping at each others hands till they finally locked hands in a test of strength.

Their bodies pressing against each other as they looked for supremacy. Victoria used her fitness training and started to push Renee back against the wall and tried to push her down. But Renee fought back with all her might and pushed Victoria back, then turned her against the wall gritting her teeth. Victoria, not to be outdone, pushed off the wall and got Renee back to the middle of the room but no further. Neither women could get the advantage of this so they let go and started shaking there hands and nodding their heads knowing that this was going to be a long fight.

Victoria let out a tremendous slap to Renee then rushed her and threw her onto the bed. Renee, not letting her get any further, immediately grabbed Victoria and tried to throw her off of her. After the third attempt she succeeded and the two went to the floor with Renee on top. She started to slam the back of Victoria's head to the floor. Victoria, knowing she was in great peril, got her foot in between the two of them and kicked Renee off against the dresser.

Victoria struggled to get to her feet but when she saw Renee rushing at her again, she sidestepped and ran her face into the wall. She repeated the move over and over and then just let Renee drop to the floor. She hauled Renee up by the hair and turned her around to face her and kneed her twice in the stomach. Renee, her face bloodied badly, was screaming in pain.

Renee sent a couple of fists to Victoria's face to no effect, Victoria just went on to rip the dress off of Renee's body revealing just a thong that Renee had on no bra. Victoria threw Renee onto the bed and took a second to get a breather from this furious action.

Victoria looked at Renee who had crawled off the bed and lay on the floor crying. She went over to her to continue her attack, but was surprised as she hauled Renee up once again when Renee sent her forearm straight up and low-blowed Victoria. Now it was Victoria on the ground holding her pubic region in great pain. Renee picked Victoria up by the hair and swung her over the bed by her hair. Not wasting a moment, she went over, picked Victoria up again and started to ram her head into a dresser. She dropped her there and stripped off Victoria's dress leaving her in bra and panties.

Renee kept the dress in her hands and started to choke Victoria with it. Victoria, desperate for air sent her head straight back nailed Renee in the face. Renee let go, went back to the bed and sat down, using Victoria's own dress to wipe the blood off her face. Victoria wiped the blood off her face and shook her head. The two women then started to walk toward each other again. They lunged for each others hair and went tumbling onto the bed in a struggle for supremacy that ended with them rolling all over the room until finally Renee got on top of Victoria's ample chest. She started to bounce up and down then reached her hand down and ripped Victoria's bra off and threw it in the corner.

Renee started sending punches down onto Victoria's face, then moved down onto her and started to torture Victoria's breasts by squeezing them as hard as she could and slapping them . Victoria, now in great distress, was looking for any opening but couldn't see any. She shot her hands straight up and scratched Renee's body from neck to belly button! Renee screamed in pain but just scratched Victoria's face, grabbed her by the hair and started to bounce her head off the floor over and over. Victoria, desperate now, snaked one hand behind Renee and started scratching Renee's butt. Renee more annoyed with this attack than hurt, stopped ramming Victoria's head, and tried to get the hand away from her asscheek. Doing that, she had to shift her body and Victoria pushed with all her might and turned Renee over.

Victoria rolled over onto Renee and brought her knee into Renee's pussy, eliciting a scream from Renee. But Victoria was really in so much pain from the attack she had just received, rolled off and got away from her to get a breather. She surveyed herself. Her damaged breasts, her golden hair now crimson red from blood and the scratch marks on her face. Renee also sat up looking at her chest and the long scratch mark running from her neck to belly button.

"Do you give up, or do I start getting serious," Renee sniped as she started to haul herself up.

"Come on, this ain't over 'til you learn your lesson on fighting people who could care less if you live or die. And people you should know can kick your ass any day of the week," Victoria replied as she got up herself.

The two ran each other and Victoria forward dived and speared Renee. Renee was suddenly on the floor rolling all around as Victoria walked over, picked her up by the hair and threw her against the wall, then straight kicked her in the gut.

Victoria holds Renee up against the wall, and gets whispers in her ear, "I want to hear you scream. I want you to know, that in the end, I am everything you wish you could be."

She knees her in the stomach over and over again and then takes her by the breasts and throws her onto the dresser back first. Renee, in great pain, looks up and sees Victoria's elbow coming down on her pussy.

"Oh God, leave me alone," Renee screamed.

"Not until you learn your lesson," Victoria retorted, ripping Renee's thong upwards until it ripped off.

Victoria felt the scratch mark on her face, and in revenge scratched Renee's face. She started grinding her elbow into Renee's battered mid-section. She stopped, took a step back, raised her foot and brought her heel down on Renee's pussy. Renee tried to roll off the dresser while holding her crotch, but Victoria started to ram Renee's head off of the dresser over and over again. She opened up one of the dresser doors but before she could do anything, she was blinded when Renee threw blush into her eyes.

Renee rolled of the dresser and kicked Victoria in the pussy. Then she lifted Victoria up on her shoulder and slammed her hard into the floor in a spinebuster maneuver. She sent her own kick onto Victoria's abs and pussy, then made her way to the bed to get something.

Before she could get it, she was jumped from behind as Victoria had made her way back up to her feet. The two ladies were now on the bed, cursing at each other sending punches to their bodies until Renee ducked one of Victoria's punches and pushed forward, sending Victoria's body off the bed but keeping her legs there. Renee took great advantage of this as she sent two punches to Victoria's throat rendering her useless. She started to bite Victoria's breast as hard as her teeth could bite, then brought Victoria to the open dresser, leaned her forward and put her breasts in the dresser drawer and started to slam it shut over and over again.

While Victoria hung there semi-conscious, Renee went over to get her handcuffs from her bag. She cuffed Victoria's hands behind her back, let her out of the dresser and threw her onto the bed.

Returning to her bag Renee hauled out a strap-on dildo. She opened Victoria's legs and tied them to the bedposts, then started gently fucking Victoria, then going at her harder and harder until Victoria screamed in pain and ecstasy. Renee finally got up and decided it was time to finish this. She reversed facesat Victoria who knew it was useless to even try anything more. She just let Renee ride her face until the manager of the motel came in complaining about the noise. When he looked at Renee atop Victoria's face, she just looked up and said, "That's all right I think she knows the difference now."

To their THIRD fight