Piper Perabo vs. Mena Suvari #1(from CWC)

As Piper Perabo, the young blonde sexpot with the dynamite body, makes her way to the ring she is showing off that dynamite body in skin tight, white lycra pants with frilly purple and pink panties beneath and a skin tight, red sleeveless tee-shirt with a matching frilly purple and pink bra under it. She is barefooted.

"Mena Suvari," Piper announces over the ring PA. "If you want a good challenge, look no further," she says, getting in Mena's face. "What type of fight are you looking for, honey? I'm game for anything!"

"Anything goes," replies Mena who's wearing red lycra pants and a red bra. She too is barefoot. "I saw a great fight once between Alicia Silverstone and Reese Witherspoon, where the winner had to get both a submission AND an orgasm to win. You think you can handle that, hon, or are you too scared? If you can't take it, I'll just beat your ass any way you like..."

Piper, standing a little bit taller than Mena, couldn't disguise her look of disgust. "Orgasm!! I thought this was a fight, not some bedroom game!! But, I'm not opposed to using my perfect body to my advantage to gain a victory. Maybe to smother you, or sit on your face. But this is NOT sex!!! Humiliation and eroticism are one thing, but there's no place for sex in the ring!!!"

Piper slaps Mena hard, then kicks her in the stomach. As Mena doubles over, Piper grabs her hair and throws her to the mat. "Maybe I'll just have to beat some sense into you," Piper says as she stands over Mena. "But I'll tell you what. Since you're so caught up in the sex thing, the winner gets to do whatever they want to the loser. Deal, bitch!!??"

Mena scrambles to her feet to face Piper, "Bitch! Don't think for a moment I don't want to fight. I just thought it'd be fun to show you who's boss in more ways than one. But I'll just do it the old-fashioned way..."

With that, Mena grabs a hold of Piper's hair and pulls her head down. Piper returns the favor and soon she muscles Mena into a headlock. The shorter blond, fearing she'll soon find herself on the mat, stomps her bare foot down onto Piper's, then a second and a third time until Piper releases the headlock and backs off.

Mena charges into Piper full-force, leaving her feet as she throws her entire body into Piper who tries to move out of the way as the smaller blonde flies at her, but Mena is moving too fast. She connects and knocks Piper down to the mat. Piper crashes down hard and lays groaning, looking up at Mena and mumbling, "You pesky little slut!!!"

Piper kicks her leg toward Mena's foot and it connects, tripping her to the mat. Piper crawls over and straddles Mena's waist but then they began to roll around until Piper again ends up on top. She leans forward, pressing her breasts onto Mena's face trying to smother her but Mena manages to turn her head aside. Piper tries several more times to smother her foe, but each is unsuccessful.

"Too bad you don't have enough tit to cover half my face," Mena taunts. "What're you gonna do, smother me with your flat chest?"

Piper is angered by Mena's insult and wastes little time taking it out on her. She drives her fist down into Mena's flat belly several times, each eliciting a soft grunt as the smaller girl writhes and flails her legs. Next, Piper grabs Mena's hair and bangs her head into the mat, but in her rage she's failed to secure Mena's hands and she reaches up with both hands to grab Piper's breasts.

Squeezing hard, Mena grins as she hears Piper let out a scream as Mena heaves her body up and rolls Piper to the side. Mena quickly climbs on top of Piper, taking care to pin her arms under her knees. Sitting erect, Mena brushes the hair from out of her eyes before she slaps Piper across the face as taller girl frantically tries to buck Mena off.

Piper couldn't allow herself to fall behind in the fast-paced action by letting herself get pinned under the smaller girl so she lifted her legs and kicked out, bucking her hips at the same time. But despite her desperate bucking, Mena wouldn't budge. Piper tried again, but again Mena remained firmly seated. Mena's slap had stung Piper and her cheek was reddening, but with her hands secured beneath Mena's legs, she couldn't even soothe the stinging. Piper shook her head from side to side, refusing to believe she had let Mena gain control this easily. Mena was in prime position for a smother as well, so Piper was frantically searching for a way out of her predicament. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around Mena's neck, twisting her hips to roll her off to the side and catching the slim blonde in a head scissors. Now, Piper was not only back in control, but she finally had the chance to rub her cheek where Mena had slapped her. .

"Let's see you talk tough now little girl!" Piper hissed. "And believe me, I WILL smother you - somehow!"

Piper began flexing her leg muscles, clenching her thighs together and really squeezing Mena's head. Mena's legs thrashed and her arms flailed, but she was in a bad position to fight back. Her head felt like it was going to pop and all the squeezing was draining energy from the rest of her body.

Mena managed to grab Piper's legs in her hands, but she couldn't pry them apart. Before long, Piper used her own arms to force her to release her hold as she powered Mena's arms back and pressed them down to the mat. Mena's situation seemed almost hopeless, but she caught a break. Still pissed about Mena's earlier taunts about her lack of bosom, Piper was determined to smother her one way or another.

When she thought Mena seemed sufficiently weakened, Piper released her scissors, lifted her ass in the air and slid up to sit on Mena's face. But the little blond wasn't in quite as bad shape as it had appeared, and she managed to scoot out from under just before Piper's ass came down. Mena rolled away, then jumped to her feet while Piper rolled over and turned around before getting up.

Piper was still on her knees, just abound to stand, when Mena nailed her with a kick to the side of the head. Piper went down to the mat and Mena hit another kick, this time to her side. Piper was in trouble, but she grabbed Mena's legs around the knees and tried to pull her down. Mena kicked her way free and Piper took advantage Mena's stumbling away to get to her feet.

The two actresses circled, looking for an opening. Then, almost as if by some silent mutual agreement, they came together and locked up in a test of strength. This was something the petite Mena normally wouldn't have done, but Piper wasn't much bigger.

As their tough struggle waged on, Piper's body grew more and more sore, yet she was certain that Mena's body was equally sore from the fight but it was tough to tell whose was the worse for wear. The kicks that Mena had lashed out had a lasting effect on Piper and had weakened her slightly for the test of strength. She felt her ands being pushed back as the smaller blonde was really determined to overpower her.

"Unnnnn..rrrgghhhhhhhh, Piper groaned as she fought back.

Fearing the feisty Mena might win their test of strength, Piper lashed out with a kick of her own that failed to connect as Mena surged forward and forced Piper to fall to her knees. Mena was a surprised that she'd won a test of strength against anyone, given her petite frame and the fact she was normally at a disadvantage in them. Still, she wasn't about to waste time thinking about it. She had Piper right where she wanted her as she pulled her hand back and nailed Piper with an open-handed slap that left the taller girl stunned.

In a flash, Mena reached down, grabbed Piper's tight-fitting tee and yanked it up and over her head, leaving her in just the purple bra. Piper tried to grab onto Mena, but the wiry blonde grabbed her by the hair and threw her face down onto the mat. Using her foot on Piper's back to keep her pinned to the mat, Mena again began to taunt her rival.

"Come on, weakling," Mena chuckled. "I thought you wanted 'all of me'? Aren't you going to make good on your promise?"

Piper tried to force her way up to her knees, but Mena planted her other foot between her shoulders and slammed her back down on her chest. Fortunately for her, Mena wasn't too heavy because her next move was to stand with both feet on Piper's back, putting her full weight on the frustrated actress. Frustrated by the way the smaller actress was toying with her, Piper pounded her fists on the mat in frustration.


Another grunt came from Piper as Mena bounced on her back. Finally, Piper got her hands under her shoulders and started to do a push up. Mena wobbled a bit and that's when Piper suddenly arched her back and sent Mena crashing to the mat.

Piper scrambled up on her knees and hurried over to Mena. She grabbed Mena's legs and folded them back over her head until her ankles were beside her ears. That's when Piper sat down on Mena's legs, forcing her to remain in the uncomfortable position - barely able to breathe with her knees pressing into her chest. Piper could stare down into Mena's eyes and taunt her, returning the favor from earlier by sticking her hand down between her thighs to slap Mena's face.

"Where's all your tough talk now, honey? I'm never gonna let you up from this position!" Piper snarled. "You might as well jes' give up now and get it over with unless you want to be humiliated A LOT more!"

She slapped Mena's face again, harder but Mena was still defiant! A moment before, she'd had Piper under her control...how dare she expect her to submit so soon? Mena was helpless, but she was also pissed and she responded to Piper's taunts not with words, but by spitting at her!

"You bitch!" Piper yelped in shock.

She unleashed a series of slaps to Mena's face, whipping her head first this way, then that. The smaller girl bucked frantically, arching her back and trying to use her leg muscles to throw Piper off of her. But it was all to no avail...she couldn't budge her. To make matters worse, Piper began bouncing up and down, slamming Mena's legs down into her stomach and chest as her toes slapped the mat above her head.

But when Piper reached back behind her and began slapping Mena's ass which was raised in the air, that was too, too demeaning!

Mena reached up with her hand, desperately looking for something, anything, of Piper's to grab...somehow, her grasping hand found Piper's face. Clamping on with a face claw, Mena tried to put enough pressure on Piper to force her off. The taller girl held her ground, but Mena's latest tactic was certainly distracting her. How long could she hold on?

Piper enjoyed being dominant and she had a wide grin on her ruby lips as bounced up and down on Mena's legs, humiliating her as she spanked the small blonde's behind. But Mena had grabbed her face and it was really distracting. Piper stopped bouncing and frowned. All the fun was being taken out of her victory by the pesky little actress.

Although Mena didn't have a strong enough grip to throw Piper off, she rose voluntarily. Mena lost her hold when Piper stood up but she also got to drop her legs back down and straighten herself out on the mat. Piper, hovered over the smaller girl, lifted her foot and then gave her a hard stomp to her soft belly.. then again...and again!!!

" When are you..." .....stomp "..going to..." .....stomp "...learn?...." a final stomp!

Piper then stepped aside to listen to Mena moan and groan in pain, watching her face as she gasped for air. For the first time in the fight, Mena was really hurt! She rolled onto her stomach and lay face-down, barely moving. Deciding that this was as good a time as any to repay her for stealing her top, Piper took the opportunity to straddle Mena's legs as she grabbed the waist of her pants and quickly peeled them down her limp legs, pulled them over her feet and off; leaving Mena in just her black panties and red bra.

But Piper took too long admiring her handiwork and Mena suddenly rolled onto her back, raised both legs and drove her feet into Piper's stomach. The taller girl dropped to her knees, gasping for air while Mena took a moment to recuperate before getting to her knees facing Piper. While Mena had taken a bad beating in the past few minutes, she was determined to continue the fight. Once more they locked together in a test of strength as they faced each other on their knees. The match's momentum was at stake as they locked up this time. Piper knew she was better off than Mena, for although her belly hurt where she'd been kicked, she'd time to recover while Mena was trying to catch her breath. Somehow, the feisty little Mena began pushing Piper down again. But this time, Piper reached deep down and fought back with all her strength, pushing until they were both straight upright again.

Sensing she couldn't win this test either, Piper resorted to dirty tricks and head-butted Mena who immediately and reflexively let go of Piper's hands as she fell over and crashed onto her back. The head butt, however, had dazed Piper as well and she needed time to clear her head before she straddled the fallen actress...grabbing her wrists and capturing her legs in a grapevine. Piper's breasts were inches from Mena's face as she again lowered her chest on Mena's face to smother her.

"I told you, little girl," Piper taunted. "I AM gonna smother you!"

Mena tried to free her arms, but couldn't. She was able to squirm her hips, but was essentially immobilized. While Piper isn't 'big' in the chest department, the frilly bra gave her enough to cover Mena's nose and mouth. But Mena managed to twist her head slightly to the side and Piper had to use her hands to grab onto Mena's face and pull it into place. But doing that gave Mena the chance to free her arms and she began pounding her fists on Piper's back.

The punches didn't really hurt and Piper continued with her smother until Mena stopped hitting her and her arms dropped to her sides. Mena desperately tried to think of another move before she was smothered out. She again reached up with her hands, but this time she took hold of the back of Piper's bra. She tried tugging on it, but couldn't get the leverage to roll the bigger girl off. Instead, she released the hooks in the back and, in one quick motion, yanked the bra right off over Piper's head and tossed it aside.

Immediately, Piper's breasts pancaked on Mena's face and the smother lost much of its effectiveness. She still had her chest pressed to Mena's face, but it was now far easier for the smaller girl to find breathing room. In fact, rather than getting closer to a knock-out, Mena started to show renewed vigor.

Frustrated, Piper lifted her torso to readjust her breasts. As her breasts hovering over Mena's face, the supine blond nailed her with a right hand to the side of the jaw, stunning her. Another right...then another left! Mena could feel Piper's legs loosening their hold on hers as the effect of her punches added up. After one more solid punch and an equally hard shove, Piper fell to the side.

Mena took a deep breath as she rolled over onto her topless opponent and, straddling her waist, gave her a hard smack in the face ...then another ...and another ...and another. She kept punching until tears filled Piper's eyes. Then Mena rose up on her knees, reached down and drove a solid shot straight down into Piper's soft belly with her full weight behind it!

Piper was barely fighting back any longer, so Mena dismounted and stood up. She grabbed Piper by the ankles and lifted her legs in the air. Spreading them, Mena put her foot between them with her heel on Piper's crotch. Leaning in, she increased the pressure until Piper groaned. Again, Mena taunted her rival.

"You and your silly, itty, bitty, titties," she smirked. "If you'd stop trying to smother me with them, you probably could've won but now lookit the mess you've got yourself in..."

Piper had lost the advantage just as it seemed the fight was at an end. She had her smaller opponent right where she wanted her, but she couldn't finish the job. Mena's incredible assault left Piper battered and weak. Now she was in a bad way and the momentum had shifted to Mena. Dazed, Piper feared she may not recover and there was nothing she could do in her position but fight the pain....and the urge to cry and the desire to scream!


But scream she did! Loud, in fact. She moaned too, and she beat her fists on the mat in agony.

"Is...(stomp)...this...(stomp)...really...(stomp)...all...(stomp)....you've...(stomp)...got?" Mena taunted.

She ground her bare heel on Piper's crotch as the tall girl just moaned and flailed her arms aimlessly in the air as she feebly tried - and failed - to free her legs from Mena's grasp. To add insult to injury, Mena grabbed a hold of each leg of Piper's pants and pulled, eventually slipping them off to leave her flat on her back wearing nothing but a pair of purple panties.

"I'd been meaning to return that favor too," Mena said. "And then this one!"

She folded Piper's legs back over her head, just as Piper had done to her, then dropped her butt on them. Piper's feet were sticking out flat on either side of her head as Mena bounced up and down, slamming Piper's legs painfully into her upper body. Then she reached down between them and began to gently pinch her nipple. Then she tightened her grip and gave a pull until Piper yelped in a pained protest.

As Mena continued to bounce up and down, she reached behind her and began to spank Piper's raised ass, barely covered by her skimpy panties which had almost disappeared into her ass crack.. The taller girl had tears of humiliation in her eyes as Mena slowly pounded the air out of her with her bouncing as she destroyed her self-respect with her spanking. Piper couldn't believe she'd let herself be trapped in this position. Humiliated was right! Piper had never been more humiliated in her life and only a few moments before she'd been in total control.

Humiliated, yes...but defeated, no.

Piper moaned each time the smaller woman bounced on her. She tried kick her legs upward to throw Mena off, but in her positioin she couldn't muster the strength. So she frantically tried to think of another way out. If she couldn't think of something, she'd be at Mena's mercy and that was something she'd never live down. She flailed her arms, desperately trying to grab something ...anything ....but nothing!

The spanking had long since passed being embarrassing and was starting to hurt! Yet there was still nothing Piper could do. Mena had her beaten! She flailed her arms, tried to grab something...anything. Finally, her grasping hand caught something - Mena's hand! The hand that wasn't spanking her tingling butt. Piper pulled with all her might at the hand. It was her last chance!

For a brief moment, Piper managed to hold Mena's hand, pushing it slightly upward. But she just didn't have the leverage from flat on her back and it wasn't long before Mena slammed her arm back down to the mat.

"Gee," Mena said sarcastically. "You almost got me there. You know," she continued. "I could sit here all night. Unlike you, I haven't had my ass kicked...so I've got plenty of energy left."

Then she resumed bouncing, knocking more and more of the fight - and precious air - out of Piper.

"But you know, I'll bet I'd be even more comfortable if I moved up - just a littttttttle bit more."

Mena slid her butt forward, sitting down on the lower part of Piper's legs. Wedging her legs apart slightly, she settled her petite, panty-clad ass down onto Piper's face and began a smother of her own. It wasn't long before Piper started to feel herself fading; yet she refused to allow herself to lose...not like this! She did the only thing she could, she opened her mouth and tried to bite Mena! Her teeth didn't get a good grip on Mena's flesh, but she bit hard enough into her thigh to startle her.

"Yikes! Why you little bitch!" Mena yelled as she jumped up.

But Mena didn't simply release Piper's legs, he pushed hard enough on the bottom of her thighs that Piper actually flipped backward over herself in a sort of reverse somersault and ended up on her belly. Mena wasted no time regaining the advantage as she straddled Piper's lower back, wrapped an arm around her chin and pulled her upper body up off the canvas. With her other arm, Mena reached back to grab Piper's panties, jerking them hard into a wedgie that left almost her entire ass bare. Piper screamed and her legs beat the mat as her arms flailed wildly in front of her with her small, bare breasts jutting out.

"You can give up anytime," Mena purred smugly. "But I'm gonna want you to tell us all who can kick your ass any time she chooses, and who the pathetic, flat-chested weakling in the ring is. Think you can handle that tough gal? There's no rush, hon...'cause I'll beat it out of you eventually one way or the other."

Piper was in so much pain! Not just her back but every single part of her body ached or stung. She'd been badly battered and now she was choking slightly...well, actually it was more like it was hard to breathe with Mena's arm locked around her neck under her chin. And she'd been stripped as well and was embarrassed. Despite all that, however, she still couldn't bring herself to admit defeat, even though it was apparent to everyone at ringside.

Piper moaned and groaned as she flapped her arms in front of her and kicked her feet up and down weakly. She tugged at Mena's arm and was able to pull it slightly away from her chin so her face slumped down and bounced on the mat. Now at least she could breathe again - which she did; breathing easily but heavily for several seconds before she planted her hands under her again and once more tried to arch her back up. But the only thing that lifted was her head which quickly dropped back down when she realized how futile her attempt was.

"I'm still waiting," Mena cooed. "I wanna hear you admit everything. Then, maybe, I MAY let you go."

Not hearing anything that sounded like a submission, Mena tried new ways of tormenting Piper into quitting. Slipping her right hand under Piper's shoulder, she lifted her body slightly enough to reach under and grab her breast. She gave the small boob a firm squeeze, then she began to twist Piper's nipple as the taller woman whimpered quietly and shook her head in protest.

Switching hands, Mena continued to play with Piper's breast with her left hand as she reached back and forced her right hand between Piper's legs. Clamping her fingers onto Piper's crotch, Mena only used a light, but firm pressure for the moment as she leaned over and whispered a warning in Piper's ear.

"I want to hear the whole thing, NOW," she whispered. "Unless you really wanna find out just what level of cruelty I'm capable of..."

"Wazza matter," Piper moaned. "Mad because you can't make me submit to you.... you pathetic little slut?"

Piper's defiance was muttered weakly, but firmly - between her moans and groans. She now knew she'd never win the fight, that Mena had dominated her thoroughly, but she was determined to preserve as much of her rapidly fading dignity as she could by holding out against the inevitable defeat for as long as possible.

Piper didn't want to give the smaller actress the satisfaction of hearing her submit but the torment was getting worse - and more humiliating! She knew what she had to do for now, which was to continue her stubbornness for as long as she could hold out, then pray that Mena would be merciful in victory.

"I'm sorry, did you just call me a slut?" Mena said, noticeably tightening her grip on Piper's crotch, making Piper gasp. As Mena squeezed, she hissed, "Now, that was fur shur the wrong answer, silly slut."

Mena released Piper's breast with her left hand and grabbed her hair. She used the handful of hair to pound Piper's head into the mat. With Piper now even more dazed, Mena surprised everyone by dismounting and hauling Piper to her feet by her hair and the waistband of her panties which by now were wedged so far into her butt and pussy they were almost invisible to the audience.

Piper's body visibly sagged as Mena held her up, but then Mena forced her all the way up on tiptoes as she continued to tug and jerk on her panties. With Piper straining to ease the pain in her pussy, Mena walked her to the corner and flung her back-first into the turnbuckle. Piper raised her hands to defend herself, but she was so weak after the beating she'd gotten that Mena's fists poured through her defenses as she pounded her body.

Mena didn't have too much power behind her punches, but their frequency left Piper reeling. Piper tried to throw a few of her own, but she was too beaten to do much. A final punch from Mena dropped Piper to her knees...gasping. Before she could fall over, Mena snatched her by the hair and pulled her face into her crotch.

Rubbing Piper's face on her pussy, Mena laughed, "Kiss it, bitch!" Piper hesitated, so Mena smacking her across the face with her other hand. "You should know by now to do what your told, hon."

Piper was totally out of it by now. If there was any fight left in her it had been beaten out of her by Mena's last violent display of her dominance. As Piper reeled on her knees, staring into Mena's crotch, she sighed in resignation. She'd had enough pain and was ready to obey Mena and end her torment. Reluctantly, Piper parted her lips and placed a quick little peck on the front of Mena's panties, then hung her head in humiliation.

"How could I have been dominated like this, by HER?" Piper wondered.

Mena knew Piper was finished, but she'd never known how much fun dominating another woman like this could be. She wanted to cap it off with an unequivocal, humiliating admission of submission by the bigger woman.

"That wasn't much," Mena said after Piper's peck of pickled pussy. "But it's a start. Now, you get to make a choice. Either you give me a proper kiss, you know, one like you REALLY mean it; or you tell everyone who the pathetic, flat-chested little weakling is. Oh, and don't forget to announce who can kick your ass anytime she wants to."

When Piper hesitated, Mena smacked her across the face again. Piper moved as if she would fall, but Mena straightened her back up on her knees using her hair. Piper was faced with a tough choice - and in her battered condition thinking wasn't the easy.

"I'm a pathetic...oohhhhh..unghhhh....flat-chested weakling...mnnnnnnnnmgh...and you can kick my ass any....time!"

The words came slowly and softly but Mena had finally gotten her to say them. Piper didn't want to go anywhere near Mena's crotch again and her admission of her pathetic weakness seemed to be the lesser of two evils - at least at that moment.

"Ohhh! Now... let me go ...you bitch ...unggmnnmghh," Piper muttered softly, moaning and groaning.

"Much better!" Mena said. "But I know how curious you are so, here, take a little taste anyway."

She grabbed Piper by the back of her head and slammed her face into her panty-covered crotch, rubbing it harshly. After a few moments Piper's entire body began to slump forward and Mena actually starting to feel sorry for her. She released Piper's hair and stepped back, letting Piper drop face-first to the mat. She just lay there, her head between Mena's feet, barely moving.

Mena knelt down and put her mouth right next to Piper's ear, "Remember what I did to you. And I'll do it again if you ever cross me. Next time we're in the same room, you either leave or if you stay you BETTER come over and kneel in front of me with your head bowed. You understand you pathetic little wretch?"

She concluded with a hard, stinging spanking of Piper's bare buttocks but only after licking her fingers to make it sting just a little more. With Piper cowering on the floor, her arms covering her head, Mena left the ring.

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