Girl In The Hood: Jessica Simpson vs. Rosie Perez by Blizzard

The tarnished cow bell hanging from the door jingled as Rosie Perez entered Jimmy's Liquor Stop in her Brooklyn neighborhood. It was late on Thursday evening and Rosie was visiting her old haunts during a brief vacation. A few days away from work and husband was just what she had needed. She and a few old friends from her 'hood were going to cut loose tonight and she'd offered to make the booze run to Jimmy's, another friend from the past. She'd jumped in her friend's car and driven to the store.

"Well I'll be damned!!! Rosie, baby!" exclaimed Jimmy, an aging Black ex-Marine with a heart of gold. "What're you doin' here, Sugah?!"

Rosie leaned over the counter, her tight leather miniskirt creeping up in back as she planted a kiss on his cheek.

"A little getaway from the grind. Came back to see old friends," answered the dark haired 38 year old actress and choreographer. "And that includes you, baby - you're lookin' fine for a ol' man!"

Jimmy smiled, revealing a missing lower tooth, knocked out in some bar somewhere long ago - Taiwan? The Philippines? He couldn't remember.

"I ain't THAT old, Rosie!" he said flirtatiously, giving her a lecherous wink.

The full-lipped sex kitten and her friend engaged in conversation for quite a while, catching up on recent news in each other's lives, laughing and joking about the old days. This time of night things were pretty slow at Jimmy's store and, save for a few old drunks coming in for a bottle of rot-gut, they were undisturbed.

As the conversation wound down, the bell clanged again as a young woman entered the store. She was wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt with the hood pulled up and dark glasses. Rosie glanced at her as she quickly brushed past her, then slowly walked up and down the aisles, seeming to be studying every offering.

The petite, ethnic woman finally left Jimmy and headed straight for her chosen spirit, bumping the mystery woman as she squeezed past her at the end of the aisle. The proprietor stole a glance at Rosie's butt as she walked, wincing as he watched the miniskirt dance on her hips, her strong thighs quiver and her muscular calves sheathed in black stockings.

"Oooh, last one!" Rosie sighed as she reached for the last bottle of Cuervo Gold.

"Hey Jimmy, got any more Cuervo?" she called out as her fingers closed around the bottle.

"Nope." he answered as he thumbed through the Enquirer. "I'll get more tomorrow if you wanna punish yourself with it two night's in a row," he chuckled.

The hooded young woman approached Rosie and said, "Excuse me, but I was going to buy that."

Rosie faced the equally petite girl and said, "Was being the key word there, Little Red Ridinghood."

The girl's cheeks flushed and she sighed, "Look lady, I just turned twenty-one and I really want to try it."

Her attitude was becoming threatening as she started to crowd the dark maned Puerto Rican, reaching around Rosie's impressive chest for the bottle in her far hand.

"Take my advice, sweetheart," Rosie said, extending her arm out further. "Try something with a little less kick your first time out of the gate. Maybe Peach Schnapps or something," she added with a sharp tongue.

The girl's hand reached for the bottle, leaning into her and Rosie had to take a half step backward.

"C'mon, I'll pay you double for it," snapped the hooded girl.

"Back off, bitch!" warned Rosie, her patience paper thin. "You don't know who I am, do you?!"

The young woman, refusing to yield, crinkled her nose and scoffed, "No, but I know your kind. I'm from Texas."

She pulled a crisp $20 bill from her purse and held it in front of Rosie's face, "Here, you can stop at Taco Palace on your way to your home under the bridge. Now, lemme have it."

Rosie fumed with rage.

"Oh, don't worry bitch," Rosie growled. "I'm gonna let you have it all right!" Turning toward the front of the store, Rosie called out, "Jimmy! Lock the door and close the blinds!"

"Wha' for?!" he asked, looking up puzzled by her request.

"I don't wanna be disturbed for a while," responded Rosie, putting the bottle on the shelf behind her.

"Lookie Senorita," the hooded blonde said. "Don't give me any trouble." Then taking another bill from her purse, she waved them in front of Rosie and added, "I'll give you $40. Now, gimme the friggin' bottle."

Rosie shook her head in disbelief, looked at the bottle and when the blonde's eyes followed her gaze, Rosie ripped an uppercut to the unsuspecting girl's chin. With a squeak, the girl toppled backwards and crashed to the floor flat on her back, her hood sliding back off her head and her dark glasses skittering across the worn floor. A groggy Jessica Simpson moaned as her arms swept at the floor as her unfocused eyes stared up at the overhead fluorescent light that seemed to be spinning.

"Holy Shit!!!" gasped Rosie as she leaned over and ripped off the blonde's hair clip, causing her long tresses to spill free onto the floor, "I don't fucking believe it! The Queen Bitch of the 'Preserve Your Hymen and Don't Drink Or Smoke Club' herself! And she's lookin' to buy a bottle of tequila in Brooklyn!"

Jimmy rushed out from behind the counter when he saw the two women getting into it, but when he got a look at Rosie's ass as she was bending over the blonde, he stopped short at the end of the aisle.

"Oh Jesus, girl, what're you doing?!"

"C'mon, baby, lemme have a little fun," Rosie pouted sexily. "This pop tart insulted my heritage. Close up for a few and let's rock 'n' roll."

Jimmy sighed heavily but he went to the front door, dropped the dusty Venetian blinds and snapped the dead bolt.

"This may be a mistake," he thought. "But I ain't seen a good catfight in ages. What the hell, let 'em dance."

Then he yelled, "Now don't you bust up my stock none Rosie or I'll take it outta that sweet ass!"

Rosie straddled the laid out Jessica as she leaned over, patted the embarrassed blondes cheek and purred in her sweetest tones, "Aren't you out past your bedtime, blondie?"

The teeny-bopper singer blushed, but she shocked Rosie with a quick roundhouse punch that glanced off her chin. Rosie's body snapped up and she shrieked. Then she was sent sailing backward down the narrow aisle by a well-placed kick to her belly!

Rosie's ass smacked the floor and she skidded several feet on the seat of her leather skirt before she came to a stop. Red-faced and angry, Rosie rolled onto her belly and hunched up on her knees, holding her tummy and gasping for air.

Jimmy's eyes widened as he watched in the fray from the end of the aisle. He was as surprised as Rosie when the young blonde girl unleashed such a worthy attack.

Jessica screamed furiously as she scrambled to her feet, bringing a two-fisted ax-handle chop down across Rosie's back. The ebony haired woman groaned as her buxom body collapsed on her chest, yelping when the blonde mounted her back to pin her face down on the dirty floor. Jessica swung her fists down at Rosie with crazed fury, slamming them into the Latina's back, head and ribs.

"I'm supposed to shoot a video here in a few days, you skank!" Jessica hollered in a Texas twang between blows. "Now my face is gonna be bruised!"

Rosie caught the self-absorbed young woman unaware when she suddenly bucked her hips like a wild Mustang and pushed up with her arms, raising onto her hands and knees as Jessica rode her back and clutched her blouse.

"You little bitch!" hissed Rosie as she struggled to get to her feet with the blonde hanging onto her back with her arms wrapped around Rosie's neck. Rosie spun around with Jessica holding on for dear life, the blonde's athletic shoes flailing to and fro just inches off the floor.

"Watch the shelves, watch the shelves!" screamed Jimmy as he covered his face with his hands.

Rosie set her feet wide apart and bent forward, reaching up with her hands and grabbing the blondes golden mane. Jessica screeched as her hair was yanked violently, vainly trying to hold onto Rosie's neck. Her full weight was on Rosie's back as she clasped her hands together around Rosie's neck trying to choke her.

Rosie pulled the girl's hair, took a few steps forward and yanked forward at the same time bucking with her hips. The blonde let out a high-pitched yelp as she flew over Rosie's head and slammed to the floor on her tailbone. Jessica groaned in pain as she sat in front of Rosie with the Puerto Rican still holding her by the hair from behind.

Rosie violently wrenched Jessica's head back and forth, yanking out numerous strands of the girl's long hair. The blonde's face contorted in an agonized grimace as she clawed Rosie's arms with her nails. In desperation, Jessica reached back and snaked a hand up between the brunette's legs. It disappeared under her leather miniskirt where Jessica furiously clawed at Rosie's pantyhosed crotch.

Rosie shrieked as her pussy was raked, releasing one hand from Jessica's hair to drive her fist into the side of the blonde's jaw. Jessica's head snapped to one side with a deep grunt as her hand dropped away from it's target. Rosie yanked the back of the blonde's head toward her crotch and swung her leg over the young woman's shoulders, trapping both of Jessica's arms behind her thighs. Then Rosie clasped the girl under the chin with both hands and pulled up, administering an unorthodox, but effective standing Camel Clutch. Jessica groaned as the pressure in her neck increased, her hands helpless to defend herself.

"You interested in my pussy, bitch?!" snarled Rosie. "Grabbing at it like a woman possessed? Maybe little Miss Virgin Poster Girl wants to play for her own team, hmmmnnn girlfriend?"

Rosie ground her crotch against the back of Jessica's head, humiliating the pop princess even further.

"Go to heck!" grunted the pain-wracked blonde, her eyes squeezed tightly shut against the pain as Rosie tortured her neck.

The dark-haired vixen clawed at the blonde's mouth after released her chin hold. She grabbed Jessica's hair and threw her head back through her spread legs. It hit the floor with a solid thud!

Rosie looked over and winked at Jimmy who smiled back, getting a rise out of the impromptu show. Turning to face the laid out Jessica, Rosie viciously stomped the girl's 36" chest with her 3" heels, forcing a wicked scream from the blonde's pouty lips. The brunette stomped her poor blonde foe several more times, then stopped and stood beside her with her hands on her hips. Jessica was in agony, her face twisted in a teary grimace as she massaged her damaged tits through her sweatshirt.

"I was bustin' up bitches 'fore your daddy knew what his dick was good for!" growled Rosie.

The statement wasn't far from the truth! Rosie had been sentenced to a group home at twelve for cutting a woman's throat during an altercation. Creampuff Jessica hadn't only bitten off more than she could chew, she was flat out choking on it.

"What a sexy, nasty girl!" mused Jimmy as he watched Rosie perform.

Jessica was by no means a fighter; on the contrary her history was being bullied and not accepted by her peers while growing up. She was an All-American Girlie-Girl,way out of her environment here. The pressure of portraying a squeaky clean image as she had to done so well to date, had finally gotten to her. She had planned to step over the line tonight, tie one on and live. Her rival Britney Spears was proving that letting your hair down and being a sex-charged performer had real advantages - an HBO concert that garnered buzzing attention was the result.

Now Jessica was ready to turn over a new leaf too.

Getting into a vicious catfight in a liquor store wasn't really what she'd had in mind, but Rosie pissed her off and she reacted without considering the consequences. Now, the consequences were staring her in the face as she gazed up at the dusky woman with pleading in her eyes from flat on her back on the floor of a liquor store. Rosie slowly lowered her sharp heel onto one of Jessica's generous globes and leaned forward to apply pressure. The blonde whimpered and grabbed Rosie's ankle.

"OK," Jessica gasped. "I'm sorry. I don't want any trouble."

Rosie curled her lip and jabbed her heel into the girl's tit a little more, making her yelp.

"You don't know what trouble is, pretty girlie!" she snapped.

Rosie leaned over and savagely slapped Jessica across the face, following with a backhand that made her fingers sting. The blonde cried out and held her crimson cheeks as her eyes filled with tears and she began to sob.

"Jimmy, you got a feather duster?!" Rosie asked, glancing at the dusty bottles on the lower shelf.

"Yeah baby," he answered, puzzled by the question.

"Then why the fuck don't you use it?!" she joked. "OK, bring it over here."

Jessica stared up at Rosie in confusion. She already regretted setting foot out of her expensive luxury hotel.

"Out of your clothes.....NOW bitch!" snapped at the blonde as a tear rolled down the little cherub's cheek.

"W...wh...what?!" Jessica murmured in shock, shaking her head in disbelief.

Rosie grabbed her by the chin and squeezed as she tilted her head back, "You heard me, cunt. Off, or no one will ever recognize this pretty face ever again."

The blonde's body trembled and she sobbed louder as, with trembling hands, she reached for the knotted waist string of her sweatpants. Normally she wouldn't be caught dead in the outfit, but she'd figured it would help her blend in with the local crowd. She pulled the knot free and whimpered as she raised her butt and wriggled the sweats down over her hips revealing her luxurious La Perla white string bikini panties. Jessica sniffled as she kicked off her Nike athletic shoes, then sat up and pulled her sweatpants off over her white ankle socks.

"Why are you doing this?!" she blubbered, baby fat jiggling on her belly. "I already said I was sorry!"

Jimmy returned carrying a plastic handled feather duster. He did a double take when he saw the blonde's camel toe between her thighs. He handed the feather duster to Rosie and sighed heavily.

"Good, now the shirt!" ordered the dominant brunette. "You said you know my 'type' huh bitch? Well I'm gonna show you my 'type' Miss Priss. You'll have a new respect for my 'type' after I'm done with you."

Jessica was a babbling, trembling wreck as she slipped the sweatshirt off over her head to reveal a matching white bra straining under the load of her ample breasts.

"Not my bra!" Jessica mewed, trying to shield her big bosom from Jimmy's leering eyes by crossing her arms.

"Keep the bra.....lose some teeth," shrugged Rosie as she made a fist. "It's your choice....cupcake."

Jessica blinked, releasing more tears. She softly whined, took a deep breath, reached behind her back and released the bra hooks. The shoulder straps loosened as soon as the pressure on them eased. The blonde looked shamefully at the floor as she slid the bra down her arms and daintily laid it on the pile of clothing between her legs. Then, with a quick look at Jimmy, swiftly covered her breasts as best she could with her bare hands. Her 'quick trip to the store' was becoming an unimaginable nightmare.

"I thought your Mommy escorted you everywhere, little girlie," laughed Rosie, pressing her pointed heel into Jessica's navel.

The blonde whimpered pitifully, her head bowed and her eyes toward the floor, as she blubbered, "She's coming on Saturday."

"Too bad," tsk-tsked Rosie. "I'd have sure loved to kick her snotty ass too. Tell ya what....I'll give ya my number. When she gets in town, call me. We can have a threesome!"

The comment struck a nerve with the half-naked blonde. She screamed in frustration and started to wiggle her hips as she crawled backward away from her foe. Rosie's heel came up quickly and dug into her cleavage, forcing the squirming blonde back onto her back. Jessica emitted a whimper of protest as Rosie straddled her hips, stinging her face with a sharp slap. When Jessica squeaked and raised her hand to her cheek, Rosie shot her claws out and buried her nails in the girl's tits. She savagely tortured them as Jessica shrieked and squirmed beneath her. Rosie tore at the soft, pale, globes, staring at the agonized Jessica's wide-eyed crimson face with a maniacal expression.

"This how you want it, bitch?!" Rosie hissed. "Coz it's all going downhill from here!"

Jessica pried at Rosie's hands in vain, her brow furrowed in distress as she shrieked, "No, no, please!!! I'll do whatever you want, please don't hurt me anymore!" she begged.

Rosie stopped her breast punishment but rocked the blonde's face with another slap. After pausing to catch her breath, Rosie got off the battered girl and ordered her to, "roll over and git on you hands and knees."

Jimmy studied the sway of the blonde's heavy tits as she faced him on all fours, her nubile body quivering and her big breast swinging beneath her chest. Jessica's head hung down like a whipped dog, her hair covering her face as she stared at the floor as if afraid to look up at him.

"Now that's a honey of a honey pot!" Jimmy thought to himself, unable to keep from smiling.

Rosie tugged at Jessica's bangs to lift her head, then forced her to hold the handle of the feather duster with her perfect teeth. She held the girl's hair like a leash as she stood beside her, her black pantyhose in striking contrast to Jessica's nubile pale skin and golden mane.

"OK, sweet cheeks," Rosie said sweetly. "Start crawling down the aisle, I wanna see you dust the bottles on the bottom shelf." Rosie gave a sharp hair yank and Jessica sniveled as, with the duster securely clenched in her teeth, she slowly shuffled on her hands and knees up the aisle, turning her head as she brushed the duster on the rows of multicolored bottles.

Jimmy shook his head in amazement as he watched the humiliated blonde work her way down the aisle with Rosie guiding her by pulling this way and that on her hair.

"That's a good little bitch," praised Rosie. "This is what my 'type' of people do, ain't it Princess?!"

Jessica blubbered as she reached the end of the aisle and spit out the duster onto the floor.

"Let me go!" she pleaded, sniffling as she licked her lips to get the dirt from the handle off them, then spit it on the floor..

Rosie pulled on Jessica's hair, pulling her up to her knees. The blonde again crossed her arms in front of her chest, realizing that Jimmy was standing ahead of her staring at the view she was giving him.

Rosie stepped behind Jessica, drew her foot back and drove the toe of her pump below the blonde's shapely ass into her cunt. An anguished look wracked the surprised girl's face. She uttered a tortured groan as she pitched forward, face down with her hands thrust between her legs. She lay moaning breathlessly on the floor massaging her numbed pussy as Rosie jabbed her heel in her fleshy ass, drawing yet another yelp of protest as she left the deep red imprint of her heel on Jessica's formerly flawless flesh.

Rosie reached down and roughly flipped the suffering girl over onto her back. Jessica looked up in fear, her hands rubbing her damaged crotch as Rosie reached behind her and unzipped her miniskirt.

"I hope you have a good memory, Jimmy, coz you ain't gonna wanna forget this," Rosie said as she slid the skirt down her legs and stepped out of it. Jessica looked up at her with fear in her eyes at the sight of the thick dark pubic triangle beneath the panel of Rosie's pantyhose.

"No.......God.......Please!!!" Jessica gasped as Rosie reverse straddled her, looked over her shoulder at Jimmy, winked and then dropped to her knees with her ass inches above Jessica's face.

The beaten blonde kicked and struggled but Rosie snatched the girl's squirming legs by the ankles and pulled them up. She tucked each one under each armpit which pulled Jessica's ass up off the floor into the air.

"What do think of my 'type' now, creampuff?!" snarled Rosie as she settled down and wiggled her ass on the blonde's red face.

Jessica shuddered and squirmed, her protests muffled by Rosie's fleshy ass as she held her legs tight and started her grind on the girl's face. The acrid taste of pantyhose made the little cutie want to gag as she struggled to breathe through her squashed nose and smothered lips.

Jimmy's heart was pumping full tilt as he watched the dark-haired destroyer forcefully bounce her beautiful panty-hosed ass into the overmatched blonde's mug.

"Nnnmmmmfff......Unnnnmmmpphh..........," moaned the fading blonde, her tiny sock covered feet wiggling helplessly behind Rosie's back.

"Looks like YOU'RE the one visiting Taco Palace tonight, bitch!" laughed the wicked brunette. "How ya like MY taco?"

Rosie scrubbed her smoldering pussy over Jessica's full lips, the stimulation quickly dampening the crotch panel of her hose. The smothered blonde's resistance faded until the only life she exhibited was an occasional muffled whimper. Rosie shifted the girl's feet to the same side under her armpit so that she had a hand free to gently slid Jessica's sweaty panties aside, exposing her fragrant snatch. The blonde responded with a sharp whimper as Rosie's fingers brushed the length of her puffy labia.

"Bet no one's ever been THIS close to your little blonde box, have they Princess?" teased Rosie as she gently teased Jessica's pussy lips with light caresses using her fingertips, sending shivers through the blonde's body.

Rosie ever so slowly parted the folds of the girl's cunt with her second and fourth fingers, then torturously slid her middle finger up and down the moist gash. Jessica moaned under Rosie's ass, powerless to resist.

Smiling, Rosie bent forward and Jessica took a grateful mouthful of fresh air. Then she suddenly felt Rosie's hot breath teasing her downy snatch and she gasped, "Noooooo." Jessica quivered as Rosie flicked her tongue, brushing it over her steamy slit. Then she slowly ran the tip of her tongue between Jessica's pussy lips, tasting her sweet essence as she searched out her clitoris.

"What a pretty little pussy," Rosie sighed thickly as she kissed the blonde's cunt.

"Hhmmmmfffff.....," moaned the aroused blonde, ashamed of her body's response to Rosie's skilled touch.

"Tonight you wanted your first drink. Why not go for a grand slam, creampuff?" asked Rosie, although she didn't need or want an answer.

She parted Jessica's lips, her finger sliding easily back and forth in the slippery opening. She relieved some of the pressure of her ass on the blonde's face, allowing her another breath of air - she wanted Jessica to be awake and alert so she'd remember each and every second of what was to come. Slowly, Rosie alternated teasing the girl's stiff clit and circling the opening to her love canal. The repeated erotic torture quickly got Jessica gasping, although she protested sharply when Rosie's finger gently prodded the opening.

"Oh, don't worry, cupcake," Rosie reassured her. "I won't violate that prize box. I don't need to."

The brunette swathed her tongue on Jessica's ultra sensitive pussy, circling and suckling her screaming clit with well-practiced and deft strokes. The inexperienced blonde couldn't take too much of that kind of attention. She quickly trembled to a powerful climax, screaming into her conqueror's ass. Jessica was a twitching, moaning bundle of short-circuited nerves when Rosie gave her sopping slit one last kiss, then released her legs which unfolded and dropped limp to floor. They lay wide-spread wide and twitching as the enlightened blonde gasped for air, her soft belly rolling in post-climactic seismic waves.

"You'll never forget that one, babydoll." said Rosie with a coy grin.

At this point Jimmy was leaning on the shelving in a full sweat. It reminded him of two hookers he'd seen in Bangkok a long, long time ago.

"Turnabout's fair play," sighed Rosie, patting Jessica's heaving belly. "So now it's my turn."

Rosie settled back down onto Jessica's face. The exhausted, exhilarated, blonde hardly had time to react before Rosie launched into a frenzied, grinding ride on her flushed and breathless face. Fluids soaked through Rosie's aromatic pantyhose as she worked herself to a vigorous orgasm, squealing like a wildcat as she bumped and humped Jessica's face with fury.

Her gyrations slowed and she rapidly sucked in breath, easing her tingling pussy from the stimulation of the blonde's chin. Only after pausing to relish the numbing pulsation's coursing through her body did Rosie finally stand up and turn around to look at her victim. Jessica's body lay limp, unconscious, smothered out by Rosie's powerful riding session. Her face glistened in the glow of the fluorescent lights, covered by the brunette's sticky love juices.

"You better believe I'll never forget that performance, baby," gasped Jimmy when he could catch his breath as he watched Rosie step back into her skirt.

"I can trust you about this, right Jimmy?" she asked, eyeing him teasingly.

"You know me, baby - not a word," he answered with a big smile. "Though it's a bit late to ask now."

Rosie walked around Jessica's flaccid body and hauled her up to a sitting position. Grabbing her under the armpits, it didn't take much effort for Rosie to haul the rag doll up on her feet and drape her over shoulder. Jimmy watched intently the image of Jessica's panty clad ass on Rosie's shoulder, her long legs in front and her near-naked torso hanging limp down Rosie's back. Rosie took a $50 bill from her bra and handed it to Jimmy.

"Thank you sweetheart," she said winking. "Can you get the door for me please?"

Rosie picked up the bottle of tequila as she carried the unconscious blonde past Jimmy out the open front door to the curb. He followed her onto the quiet, dark street. She put the bottle on the roof of the car, opened the door and dumped Jessica's body on the front seat. Then she grabbed the bottle and walked around to the driver's door.

"I'm gonna take cupcake back to my girlfriend's for a nightcap," Rosie laughed, blowing Jimmy a kiss.

He shook his head and laughed as Rosie drove away with her unfortunate victim. Jessica was in for a long, hard night - one she'd never forget. As he closed up the shop, Jimmy couldn't help wondering…..what would Jessica tell her momma when she got to town? If she told her the truth, would momma really call Rosie? And if she called Rosie, would he be lucky enough to be there to witness the threesome that Rosie had mentioned? Inquiring minds want to know!!!

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