Pickman’s Masterpiece #1: The 6th Circle of Hell by The Walkin’ Dude
Starring: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Elisha Cuthbert, Katie Holmes, Natalie Portman, Eliza Dushku and Megan Fox

[Author’s note: there are events in this story that refer to the end of “Selma Blair vs. Kaley Cuoco” and “Alexis Bledel vs. Kristen Bell.” You don't have to have read those to enjoy this fight, but it will help clear up any confusion why a few things happen.]

Richard Fannin was in the process of finalizing the details for the evening’s Main Event when there was a knock on the door of his office. Startled out of his thoughts, the promoter looked up from the scattered pile of papers on the desk and called out, “Come in.”

The door opened quietly and George Stark stuck his head in. “Sorry to interrupt boss.”

Rich leaned back in his chair before cracking his knuckles. Stifling a yawn he said, “No need for apologies George, I’m pretty much done anyway. What’s up?”

“There’s someone here to see you. He doesn’t have an appointment but hoped you could spare a few minutes. Says his name is Pickman.”

Fannin looked thoughtful, the name was familiar to him, but he was quite sure he didn’t know anyone by that name. Stacking up the loose collection of documents, Fannin said, “Send him on in. I’ve got a few minutes before anything else has to get started.”

Stark nodded and stepped back through the door. He murmured something to someone Rich couldn’t quite see and then a tall slender young man came strolling through the door.

Watching his visitor cross the room, Richard made a few quick observations. The young man was tall and slender with short dark hair and very pale blue eyes. He was dressed rather simply in khaki’s and a black turtleneck. And perhaps most interestingly to Richard Fannin, was carrying a small portfolio, suitable for carrying drawings or maybe paintings. Rising up from behind his desk, Fannin extended his hand and said, “What can I do for you Mr.….”

The stranger smiled and offered his free hand. Shaking with the promoter, he answered, “Pickman. Richard Upton Pickman the third”

A light suddenly went off in Fannin’s head. Looking rather surprised he said, “As in, the Richard Pickman of Boston Massachusetts, one of the greatest if not most under appreciated artists of the nineteen twenties?”

Pickman put his portfolio down and said, “He was my grandfather. I’m impressed. Not many people are familiar with his work these days.”

Motioning for the other Richard to sit down, Fannin settled back in behind his desk and replied, “Collecting his work has been one of my favorite, though most frustrating hobbies of the last few years. I’ve managed to lay my hands on several good prints, but only about two originals. Most of his stuff seems to be either lost or snapped up by private collectors who don’t want to sell. But something makes me think you didn’t come here to talk art. What can I do for you Mr. Pickman?”

Pickman smiled slightly again and said, “Well actually, I have come to talk art. While I’m not blessed with my grandfather’s artistic gifts, I’m still a pretty good painter in my own right. But while he was all into sublime terror and macabre horror, I’ve taken a rather different route. I could tell you what I do easily enough, but I’d rather show you. That is, if you have a few minutes?”

Fannin nodded. “Sure, anything would be a welcome respite from all the design schematics at this point.”

Quickly opening his portfolio, Pickman reached in and rummaged around for a few moments. Finding what he was looking for, he removed a framed twelve by twelve square and slid it across the desk towards the promoter. “I’m afraid I only brought one sample of my work, but given the subjects, I figured one would be enough.”

Gently picking up the painting, Fannin perused it for a several seconds before letting out a low whistle. It could best be described as a freeze frame or a snap shot done in oils. The setting was a penthouse apartment complete with low lighting and elegant furnishings. But the real stars of the piece were the two women sprawled on the carpet near the center of the picture. One was blonde, the other brunette, and both were wearing the lacy lingerie typical of an apartment-wrestling contest. The brunette had the blonde in a crushing Body Scissors, and it was apparent from the posture and facial expressions of both that a submission would be quickly forthcoming. It was when Fannin stopped to stare at the faces that he received another surprise, for the two women in the picture were currently under his employ. The blonde was Jessica Biel and the brunette was none other than the Scream Queen Neve Campbell.

Taking a deep breath, Fannin set the picture down on the table and said, “This is quite a painting Mr. Pickman. Were you present during the match?”

The young artist shook his head. “No, I worked from a picture taken by one of Charles Ward’s photographers. I recently started a series of paintings detailing women in combat; I’ve had pretty good success so far, but I’ve had to work from pictures taken by other people. What I’d like from you Mr. Fannin, is access to ringside over the next several weeks so that I can build a suitable library of reference material for the series. You’d have my word that I wouldn’t get in anyone’s way, no one will even know I’m here.”

Fannin was silent for a moment and then said, “ I guess we can make an arrangement. But are you sure you want to be the one to do this? Things can get a little wild out there and it’s not a place for the uninitiated. I can easily get you access to all the photos our my photographers take over the course of the night.”

Pickman smiled, but he stayed firm with his request. “I don’t doubt the quality of your photographers, but I’m looking for something very special. It’s the faces that interest me Mr. Fannin. The others can get the hook of a punch, the impact of a slam or the twist of a hip, but they can’t capture an expression like me. That’s why I need to be the one taking the reference pictures. They won’t be the same otherwise.”

Fannin thought about it the statement and then replied, “All right, just understand that you’ll have to be careful out there. When you leave here, I’ll have George take you down to Pseudo and he can work you up a badge. If you want, you can get started tonight. I’m sure our Main Event would offer you plenty of… artistic opportunities?” They both stood up then, and Pickman said, “I think I’ll wait for a night that’s a little less…hectic. It’s the one on one encounters I’m more interested in.”

“Suit yourself. Oh, don’t forget your painting.”

Pickman grinned and zipped his portfolio closed. “Keep it. Consider it a thank you.”
Fannin gaped. “Are you sure?”

“Of course. It’s the least I could do. Thanks very much Richard. I’ll make sure the girls on your roster gets treated with the respect they deserve.”

The promoter moved out from behind his desk and followed behind the artist. Reaching the door he said, “I have no doubt about that Mr. Pickman. I can’t wait to see just what you’ve got in store for us.”

Pickman was about to answer when another knock sounded at the door. A moment later, the door opened and Katie Holmes and Sarah Michelle Gellar ambled into the promoter’s office. Seeing Pickman, Sarah looked apologetic and said, “Sorry Rich, we didn’t know you were with someone. Katie and I just wanted to know if the ‘six sided ring’ was going to be ready by tonight?”

“I just finished looking over the schematics a few minutes ago Sarah. Things are looking just fine, so you, Katie and the others will have a perfectly safe environment to beat the ever-loving shit out of each other. Oh, my apologies. Sarah Michelle Gellar, Katie Holmes meet Richard Upton Pickman the third. He’s going to be taking photos at ringside as research material for a series of paintings.”

The newcomer smiled at both wrestlers and shook hands with Sarah. “It’s a pleasure to finally meet both of you. I’ve been a fan of your work for a long time now.”

Sarah smiled brightly at the compliment. “Thank you. I hope we provide you with some interesting material.”

“I have no doubt you will all provide numerous moments of inspiration.” he answered. The artist pulled his hand away only to extend it to the brunette, who shook it briefly. “I’m a big fan of yours as well Miz. Holmes. I’ve especially enjoyed your most recent run with Miz. Gellar here. It’s always fascinating to me when the people root for the villain of the piece.”

Katie smiled knowingly, though the expression didn’t completely reach her eyes. “I’d like to consider myself more anti-hero than villain these days Mr. Pickman. But thank you anyway, in the eyes of some people, I’m still paying back a debt.” (Her glance flicked quickly to Sarah and Fannin as she said this)

If Pickman saw the change in her glance, he chose not to acknowledge it. Looking between Fannin, Sarah and Katie he said, “Well, it’s been a pleasure talking with all of you. None of you are going to be disappointed with what I create, I promise you that. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go get my backstage pass.” On a final breath of good-byes the artist opened the door to the office and quickly stepped out of sight.

“That was certainly interesting,“ Sarah said. “Is he going to be at ringside tonight?”

Fannin shook his head, “No, he said he’d rather wait for a night that was less chaotic.”

Katie smirked a little. Chiding her blonde partner she said, “Too bad, I was hoping to have painting of me kicking your ass hanging over my fireplace.”

Sarah rolled her eyes and shot back, “In your dreams Katie, I’m walking out of that ring with a title shot. All you’re gonna get out of it are bruises.”

Before Katie could make her retort, Fannin said, “All right, all right, save it for when you’re on the mic, both of ya. It’ll play better in front of an audience.” Then he shooed the tag champs out the door, leaving them to bicker away the few hours left before the show started.
Alone in his office again, Fannin walked back over to the desk and gazed at the painting. Grinning happily he muttered, “I may not know art, but I know what I like. And this… this I like.”
It’s the beginning of February and we find our attention drifting back to the small Massachusetts coastal town of Innsmouth. Well to be fair, our attention this evening is directed towards the little burg’s only hotel, The Gilman House. The hotel was a perfectly restored relic from the 1930’s that provided the lodging from all those who traveled to the ‘mouth on any given day and one would have been hard pressed to find a better place to spend the night for miles around.

On this night, the parking lot of the old place is even busier than normal, and if you’ve continued reading this far, the reason should be quite apparent. Tonight, in the hotel’s spacious lounge ‘The Devil’s Reef’ Richard Fannin’s promotion was putting on a show, and the main event is shaping up as quite a spectacle - even by his promotion’s standard. Inside the Reef, the lights had been turned down extremely low for the last twenty minutes or so while the ring crew put the finishing touches on the arena for tonight’s contest.

As the intermission came to its scheduled end, the fans began to drift back to their seats to see just what awaited them. As the last few stragglers found their seats, the speakers came to life and started warbling the beginning to 311’s ‘You Wouldn’t Believe’, heralding the arrival of one Richard Fannin.

But as heads turn toward the entryway, the house lights came on and those in attendance found that Fannin was already in the ring; joined by another young man that savvy fans would recognize as the promotion’s records keeper and all around archivist, Archer. As the lights came up, the crowd buzzed with surprised glee, not at the sudden appearance of Fannin and Archer, but at the very ring that surrounded them. Tradition tells us that a wrestling ring is square, four corners, four sides and any other Euclidean geometry babble you can think of. Apparently no one had told this ring about tradition, because it has two extra sides, turning the whole thing into a huge hexagon with ropes on all six sides.

As the crowd continued to buzz, Fannin held up his mic and said, “Whaddaya think?” The crowd cheered its praises. Nodding, Fannin said, “Yeah I like it too. Now before I get ahead of myself, I’d like to hand the mic over to Archer here and he’s going to explain to you folks just what’s going to go on inside this wacky new toy of ours.”

He handed the mic over to the archivist Archer who, after clearing his throat, began, “Thanks Rich. Basically, what we’ve got hear is a twist on the old ‘four corners’ match in which four participants would do battle, two in the ring, two waiting to be tagged in at a moments notice. They would wrestle until three combatants had been eliminated and the last standing would be the winner. Now, a normal ring works fine when you’ve got four participants, but we’ve got six, and it didn’t seem right not to give everyone their own corner so Fannin and I came up with this 6-sided ring for a match, we’ve dubbed ‘The Sixth Circle of Hell.’ The rules are exactly the same as the classic Four Corners Match; two ladies will battle it out while the other four wait to be tagged in. They’ll continue to wrestle until five have been eliminated. The last woman standing not wins the match but also she’ll be the new number one contender for Charlize Theron’s World Title and a shot at the champ sometime in the near future.” He then handed the mic back to Fannin.

“Very well put my friend. Now with the rules and regulations adequately explained, let’s get down to business!” As ‘I’ll Attack’ roared through the speakers at the top of the ramp, Fannin announced, “Introducing first, they are Megan Fox, Natalie Portman and Elisha Cuthbert and collectively they are known as DESTRUCTION INCORPORATED!”

The domineering trio appeared all at once at the top of the ramp. Regarding the roaring multitude with open disdain, Natalie, Elisha and Megan held their places for a moment and then began a slow, calculated walk to the ring. For their debut in the six-sided ring, Natalie and Elisha are clad in their typical snow-white bikinis with matching maroon pads and boots. One minor attire change to note, the stable name, Destruction Inc., was now emblazoned in black script across the back of their suits. Their newest recruit, one Megan Fox was clad in a gleaming silver one piece that was cut high on the hips and low across her cleavage and back. The tanned brunette’s look was completed with simple black pads, boots and wristbands. Reaching the ring, all three girls slid easily under the bottom rope and ascended the turnbuckles, raising their arms in a defiant gesture of challenge as they glared toward the entrance and the impending arrival of the other participants in the match.

Letting the music die down, Fannin continued his announcing duties. “And introducing their opponent, she stands at five feet five inches tall, ladies and gentlemen, she is… Eliza Dushku!” ‘Living Dead Girl’ growls into existence and the crowd cheers as the always-controversial Rogue Slayer makes her way through the curtain. Grinning slyly, Eliza acknowledges her fans and then heads toward the ring, keeping her eyes locked on the trio waiting for her. For this contest, Eliza is clad as she usually is, in a white sports bra top and black bikini bottoms, finished off with black pads, boots and white tape wrappings around her hands. Reaching the edge of the ring, she stops, waiting carefully for the last two entrants to make their presence felt.

“Next out, she stands at five feet three inches tall and is one half of the World Tag Team Champions, she is the Slayer, Sarah Michelle Gellar!” ‘Man in the Box’ starts up and the Slayer wastes no time breezing through the curtain. Keeping her focus locked on the ring, Sarah strides confidently down the ramp, clad as she always was in the red leather one piece with complementing thigh high black boots and basic elbow pads. Approaching the edge of the ramp, she exchanged a small glance with her old partner and then they both returned their attention back to threatening presence of Destruction Incorporated.

Almost done with his job for the evening, Rich brought the mic up a final time and said, “And last but not least, she stands at five feet ten inches tall and is the other half of the World Tag Team Champions; Please allow me to introduce, Katie Holmes! ‘Got You (Where I Want You) wafts through the speakers and the multitude goes nuts as it’s newest anti-heroine pushes through the curtain and salutes them with her trademark cross sign. Marching slowly to the ring, Katie is wearing her standard fog gray bikini, boots and pads along with her old beat up motorcycle jacket. A moment later, the lithe brunette is standing beside her two sort of allies in the forthcoming war and she greets each of them with a small nod. As Katie shrugs off her jacket, an unspoken signal passes between the three ladies outside the ring and they lunge forward simultaneously, slipping under the bottom rope and popping to their feet in an instant. On the other side of the hexagon, Natalie, Elisha and Megan regard them with barely disguised hatred. For several seconds, silence reigns and then the ref signals for the Timekeeper to do his thing.

The bell clanged loudly inside the confines of the lounge and then the initial run of Richard Fannin’s newest toy was officially underway. The referee, looking around with a rather bewildered look on his face, motioned for Eliza and Natalie to stay in squared (uh, hexagonal) circle before shooing the other four participants to four of the ring’s corners. Grabbing the nearest rope in both hands, Natalie dropped into a low crouch, just to get in a last minute stretch before the fighting started. Nodding calmly in the direction of Megan and Elisha she said, “We’ll take out the trash first. The we decide which of us is going on to face Theron.” Turning away from her partners, Natalie locked eyes with the waiting Eliza and approached her foe on slow, smooth diagonal. Coming to a stop less than a foot in front of Dushku, Portman put her hands on her hips and looked Eliza up and down before saying in cool, measured voice, “Well, I wanted to kick a Slayer’s ass tonight. I guess starting with the factory reject version is better than nothing.”

Not fazed at all by Natalie’s taunt, Eliza flipped the hair off her forehead and grinned insolently at her rival. Stepping forward she said, “Hiya Brainy. Looks like you’re the first of ‘Douche bag Inc.’ to get sent home from this wacky new playground Rich built for us.”

Natalie’s dark eyes narrowed as she absorbed the slight. Stepping forward fast, she went nose to nose with the suddenly stone-faced Eliza and fired back, “Laugh it up while you can bitch. Tonight’s the last night you’ll be able to do so without considerable pain.”

All the joking gone from her demeanor, Eliza took a slow breath and then exhaled right into Natalie’s face. “Prove it.”

Natalie’s reply was a shade above a whisper. “My pleasure.”

In the next instant, the small brunette went about doing just that. Shooting her right arm out, she snagged Eliza under the armpit and twisted her hips violently, tossing Eliza up and across her body with a textbook Arm Drag.

The simple maneuver caught Dushku off guard for a moment, but the other brunette recovered in mid tumble and hit the mat with one shoulder before popping to her feet in a graceful roll. Bouncing lightly on the balls of her feet, Eliza smirked at Natalie and beckoned her rival in with only a twitch of her fingers. More than willing to oblige Eliza’s challenge, Natalie surged forward with claws extended only to have Eliza rush forward to meet her and snag an arm before hurling Natalie nearly three quarters of the way across the ring with an Arm Drag of her own.

Natalie’s recovery wasn’t nearly as acrobatic as Eliza’s but she was still up in the blink of an eye and coming back at her opponent, this time with a little more caution in her step. Dropping deep into her crouch, Natalie tensed for a moment and then lunged again, launching herself at Eliza with thoughts of a Lock Up on her mind. But her plan ceased to take Eliza’s feelings on the matter into account and apparently the Rogue Slayer wasn’t interested in clenching with her foe just yet. With mere inches separating them, Eliza twisted to the side and let Natalie go stumbling past her, groping clumsily at the space Eliza had just occupied. Sensing her opportunity, Eliza muttered, “Strike one bookworm.” In the half second it took Natalie to spin around and find her opponent again, Eliza had set one foot and whirled around in a tight circle, before lashing her free leg up in a wicked arc that just happened to be aimed at Natalie’s face. The smaller brunette’s eyes widened as she saw Eliza’s boot speed towards her and it was only sheer instinct that told her to duck.

In this she was successful, but it was still close enough that she felt Eliza’s heel graze the top of her head. Natalie only took a split second to criticize herself and then she was on the attack again, kicking her right leg out in a vicious scything motion intended to literally sweep Eliza off her feet, and not in the romantic way either. And yet, the impressive chain of counter wrestling remained unbroken as Eliza saw the low kick coming and she executed a short hop, going airborne for just a moment to keep from getting ground-borne. Each grimacing at the quick reflexes of the other, the dueling brunettes stayed on their feet for less than a second before exploding upwards in high vertical leaps, at the apex of which they shot their feet out and attempted to smack the other with tandem Standing Dropkicks.

Unfortunately, the whole great minds thinking alike thing took over again and the soles of Natalie and Eliza’s boots only brushed before they fell back to the canvas. The next breath had scarcely entered their lungs when they popped up and faced off, each taking a few deep breaths and adjusting her respective battle attire as they regarded one another warily. Smoothing her hair back, Natalie said calmly, “Looks as if we’ve got a stalemate tough girl.”

Licking her lips, Eliza answered, “I can fix that.” Then she shot forward and slammed both hands into Natalie’s chest, knocking the smaller girl flat on her butt with nothing more complicated than a shove.

Hating the laugh that rippled through the crowd, Natalie sneered up at Eliza and then got to her feet. Biting her lip to stifle the anger she felt, Portman sneered, “I should have known grade-school tactics would’ve appealed to a simpleton like you.” Eliza seemed to be on the verge of making a response when Natalie shot her left hand up and fetched the taller brunette a hard slap across the cheek. This time it was Eliza’s turn to go down on her butt and she regarded Nat with angry eyes as she gently rubbed her stinging cheek. Shaking off the tingle in her hand, Natalie looked smug and said, “What do you know, that was kind of satisfying. I’ll have to keep that in mind.”

Not about to be zinged by a snob like Portman, Eliza rolled to one knee and then stood up. Raising her arms out to the side, Eliza smiled and said, “Care to try that again nerd?”

Natalie’s eyes sparkled with dark humor as she answered, “Yes, I think I would.” She shot forward quickly, meaning to tie up with Dushku in the clench the other brunette seemed eager to initiate. But Eliza had tricked Natalie into leaving herself open, even if only for a moment. As Portman closed the distance, Eliza whirled around and blasted her right leg straight out behind her, impaling Natalie’s belly with a hard Back Kick. Nat’s eyes bulged in surprise and all the breath left her lungs as she dropped to her knees, clutching ineffectually at her injured belly.

Turning back around to face her kneeling foe, Eliza rolled her eyes and quipped, “Sheesh, for someone who’s supposed to be so smart, you sure do some dumb things.”

Receiving nothing but a gasping wheeze from her opponent, Eliza treated herself to a heaping helping of Natalie’s hair before pulling Portman to her feet. Holding the smaller girl up on wobbly legs, Eliza cooed, “Did I pull you up too soon? Do you want to get reacquainted with the ground? Let’s see if I can’t help you out with that.” Quick as you please, Dushku threaded a hand between Natalie’s thighs and laced another over her foe’s shoulder. Without missing a beat, Eliza hauled Portman off her feet and up into position for a basic Body Slam.

But before Eliza could toss her captive to the canvas, Natalie surged out of her grip and wriggled down Eliza’s back, landing neatly behind the other brunette. Realizing she didn’t have much time to work with, Nat pulled an arm back and drove a stiff forearm shot between Eliza’s shoulders, stunning the taller girl. Smiling at Eliza’s gasp of pain, Natalie cinched on a tight Waist lock and purred into Eliza’s ear. “You’re the one that’s intimately acquainted with the ground ya slut.” Not giving her prey another second to recover, Portman planted her feet and bridged up and back tossing Eliza up and over her head with a scintillating release German Suplex that dropped Eliza hard on her back and shoulders and left her folded up like a matchbook.

Smiling coldly as she felt the mat shake with Eliza’s landing, Natalie got to her feet and smirked at the crowd, letting them take in the carnage she was capable of. Taking a deep breath, Nat put hands on her hips and mused, “I guess, I could just finish you off right now Eliza, but why waste all my energy? After all, I do have to beat the rest of them eventually. And besides, I think Megan would like to show these people what she can do.” With that, she turned on her heel and sauntered over to the tall brunette that was eagerly awaiting the tag. Smacking palms with the newest member of Destruction Incorporated, Natalie said, “Make us proud Meg.”

Fox smiled viciously and responded, “Prepare to be shocked and amazed Natty. Shocked and amazed.” Statement made, Megan turned her attention to the recovering Eliza and the smile dropped away from her face like a ragged veil. Silently begging Eliza to get up, Megan was soon obliged and the powerful rookie went to work. Dropping into a loose Three Point Stance, Fox exploded forward and extended her arm, catching the still woozy Eliza Dushku flush across the face with a hard Clothesline.

The vicious smile returning as she stood over Eliza’s crumpled form, Megan flexed for the crowd before turning her acidic gaze back to her victim and, finding her voice, sneered, “How’s that feel Douche-ku? Wishing you hadn’t stuck your nose in our business now?”

Not caring if she got a reply or not, Megan continued to focus her ire on Eliza’s nose, this time in a more literal sense; jumping straight up into the air and then coming down knee first across Eliza’s face with a brutally simple Knee Drop.

Adrenaline surging as she continued her demolition of the smaller brunette, Megan quickly got off her knees and roughly pulled Eliza up by her hair before gripping her rudely around the wrist. Backing her foe into the ropes, Megan whipped Eliza across the wider expanse of the hexagonal ring and waited tensely as Eliza blundered back towards her. Lowering her shoulder, Megan wrapped both arms around Eliza’s thighs and then hauled straight up, bringing Eliza off her feet and high into the air. When the smaller girl was fully extended Megan dropped straight back, slamming the full length of her prey’s face, chest and belly into the mat with a sternum-crushing Flapjack. Still inexperienced enough to believe she could finish Eliza this quickly, Fox muscled the wheezing girl onto her back and hooked both legs. The count had just passed “TWO!” when Eliza thrust a shoulder up off the canvas.

Slapping the mat in frustration, Megan snarled at the official and then pushed to her feet, stalking Eliza with murder in her eyes. Visibly shaking with anticipation, Megan backed up a step when Eliza got to her feet and called out, “Over here dumbass!”

When Eliza started to turn towards her, Megan sprinted forward and fired her fight boot up, aiming for the point of Eliza’s chin. As good as Fox was, alerting Eliza to her presence wasn’t the smartest idea as illustrated when the seemingly dazed brunette ducked easily under Fox’s boot and spun around behind the suddenly startled rookie. Megan cursed under her breath and then she cursed at the top of her lungs as Eliza clipped her right in the thigh with a kick that sounded like a rifle shot in the chambers of the club.

Watching Megan drop to one knee, Eliza took less than a second to reset her stance, but she allowed another second to say, “Don’t ever tell anybody you’re coming stupid. Didn’t Brainy and Slutty teach you anything?”

Then Eliza proceeded to administer her own lesson plan, shooting out her right leg in another short arc, the buzz-saw like kick clipping crisply against the taller brunette’s temple. Megan let out a low groan and then she went limp, falling forward on her face before lying still on the mat at Eliza’s feet.

Taking a deep breath, Eliza blew hair out of her eyes and muttered, “I probably ought to tag out now, but I want to keep hitting you a little bit longer. Nobody shows off against me without having to deal with the consequences.”

Ending her reprieve, Eliza pulled Megan to her feet and slipped around so that she was behind her opponent. Grabbing a double handful of Fox’s hair, Eliza leaned forward for a split second before pulling back violently and dropping to one knee, spiking the back of Megan’s neck across her posted knee in some odd combination of Back and Neck Breaker. Smiling coolly at the spasm of pain that coursed through Megan’s frame, Eliza popped to her feet and turned her attention to Sarah. Moving quickly towards the other Slayer’s corner, Dushku tagged in her old partner and said, “Want to show this dumb bitch a little old school Slayer’s Double Team?”

Gliding through the ropes, Sarah nodded and asked, “Death from Above?”

Eliza smiled and replied, “Sounds good to me.”

Slipping easily into their tag team roots, Eliza stood next to Megan’s side while Sarah stood a few steps behind. One Eliza’s signal, Sarah ducked low and went into a Cartwheel that put her on a collision course with Eliza. But this was all part of the plan and as Sarah’s legs approached her, Eliza stepped forward and wrapped her arms around Sarah’s thighs in a tight grip. In the next second, Eliza hauled Sarah up into the air and turned around, positioning the blonde over Megan. As Sarah’s weight began to take its toll, Eliza sat out hard dropping Sarah down in a makeshift Splash across Megan’s chest. The downed brunette gasped and squirmed, but she was pinned down for the time being. Trying to eliminate as many opponents as fast as she could, Sarah hooked both legs and went for the cover only to have Megan muscle free just before the ‘THREE’

Irked, but not frustrated, Sarah rolled to her feet and pulled Megan to her knees. Staring around the ring, the Slayer looked towards Elisha’s corner and she sneered at the curvy blonde. Turning her attention back to Megan, Gellar sneered, “I can deal with you later Fox. Right now, I want a few words with your boss.” Then the Slayer hauled Megan to her feet and simply tossed her into Elisha’s corner, leaving the big brunette in a sprawled heap at her mentor’s feet. Locking eyes with Sarah from the outside, Elisha simply reached through the middle rope and slapped Megan’s shoulder to tag herself in. Moving easily into the ring, Cuthbert circled Sarah a few times before drawing closer to engage the Slayer. Not bothering to engage her nemesis in the clench or with mindless brawling, Cuthbert simply chested up into the other blonde and went nose to nose with the slender beauty.

Grinding her chest into Sarah’s assets, Elisha pushed her forehead against Sarah’s and spat, “You think you’re pretty clever don’t you Sarah? You would have done better sticking it out against Megan. She would have just beaten you, I’m going to hurt you.”

Returning Elisha’s grind with equal force and venom, Sarah spat back, “I wasn’t ducking Megan, Lishy, I was throwing down your punk card. I’ll leave Fox for Katie. It’s you and Elisha that I want. I’m gonna kick your asses from one corner of the ring to another, and as luck would have it, I’ve got two extra corners to work with.”

Elisha sneered, but instead of going on the attack, she raised both hands over her head. Curling her fingers towards Sarah she asked, “Care to see how easily I can break a Slayer?”

Sarah raised hands and answered, “ I’m not even going to break a sweat beating you Elisha.” The two blondes had just locked hands when Sarah shot her right foot up incredibly fast and kicked apart their right hands before arcing over and down to kick apart the left half of the test. Elisha grimaced and stepped back, shaking her hands in surprise and pain, and that was all the opening that Sarah needed. Talking a half step forward, Sarah left her feet in a perfect leap that ended with her wrapping both thighs around Elisha’s head. As the flashbulbs started to go off, Sarah fell back and tossed Elisha off her feet with a beautiful Hurricanrana.

But instead of merely rolling off Elisha when the ‘rana landed, Sarah stayed planted on Elisha’s chest and then leaned back to hook Elisha’s legs up in a tight matchbook pin. Leaning forward as hard as she could, Sarah held the cover as long as she could but Elisha was still too strong and she shoved Sarah off her just before “TWO!”

Shaking her head in derision, Sarah got to her feet and whirled around to face Elisha just as the other blonde was getting to her feet. Hoping to keep Cuthbert off balance, Sarah loped in for the lock up, but she was met with a face-rending swipe of Elisha’s nails across her eyes. Caught flat footed, Sarah cried out and stumbled back, brushing wildly at her face as she tried to clear her vision. The Slayer managed to get her sight back in relatively short order but all it did was allow her to see Elisha sprinting forward to catch her in a tight Front Face Lock. Before Sarah even knew what was happening, Elisha leapt up and laced both feet on the top rope. In an amazing display of innovative offense, Cuthbert proceeded to seemingly run nearly the full length of one side of the ring before using the turnbuckle to push herself back towards the center of the ring and fall back, yanking Sarah off her feet and nearly spiking Sarah’s head directly through the canvas with a Running Tornado DDT. Popping easily to her feet, Elisha smiled cockily and spat, “That might not have broken you Gellar, but I bet it put a crack in ya.” Keeping up her attack, Elisha pulled Gellar to her feet and then doubled her over with a hard boot to the gut. Measuring her dazed foe carefully, Elisha backed into the ropes and then sprinted forward. When she was only a few feet from the Slayer, Elisha left her feet in a brisk front flip and as she soared by Sarah’s head, Cuthbert grabbed Gellar’s chin in both hands and yanked her off her feet, wrenching the Slayer’s neck with a vicious Flipping Neckbreaker. Rolling to her knees, Elisha surveyed the wreckage of her foe and quickly scuttled over to where Sarah lay moaning on the mat. Kneeling behind the other blonde, Elisha pulled Sarah to a sitting position then cupped one hand under Gellar’s chin and another on the top of her skull. Grinning viciously, Elisha sneered, “I’m gonna twist your head right off your shoulders bitch.”

Intent on keeping her word, Elisha twisted as hard as she could, putting insidious pressure on Sarah’s neck with the Neck Wrench. Gellar’s features immediately twisted in a grimace of agony as Elisha did her best to separate Sarah’s head from the rest of her. But despite the burning ache running through her neck, the Slayer wasn’t anywhere in the vicinity of throwing in the towel. Gritting her teeth to stifle any more groans, Sarah reached up and back before digging her fingers into Elisha’s wrists, doing any and everything she could to alleviate at least some of the pressure of Elisha’s torturous maneuver. Feeling the pain fade ever so slightly, Sarah kept up her steady war against Elisha’s talons even as she scrambled to get her feet back under her. After a brief struggle, the sitting blonde became the kneeling blonde, and shortly thereafter the standing blonde.

Glad to be back on her feet, Gellar still had to deal with the problem of Elisha, so she twisted into the Neck Vise, effectively neutralizing the worst of the move’s effect. This tactics also allowed the Slayer to pull her elbow back and then drive it forward into her tormentor’s belly. Elisha’s surprised gasp brought a small smile to Sarah’s lips, and she was just about to repeat the maneuver when Elisha released her neck, only to slam both hands into the base of her neck in a mean spirited Double Sledge.

Sarah ‘OOFFFHHED’ and almost went down to both knees, but Elisha caught her by the hair and hauled her back upright. Sidling next to the wounded Slayer, Elisha wrapped an arm around Sarah’s shoulders and threaded her leg behind Gellar’s leg. Holding her opponent prone, Elisha leaned in and whispered, “Nice try Slay-whore.” right before she bit down on Sarah’s ear and dropped back to the mat, bouncing the back of Sarah’s skull off the canvas with a perfectly administered Russian Leg Sweep.

Kneeling beside the wounded Slayer (who at this point, was dividing her agony between her aching head and her chewed ear), Elisha slapped her foe lightly across the face and taunted, “Now I’m gonna break your spirit and your back all at once. Gonna be pretty humiliating when the great Sarah Michelle Gellar is the first one sent packing.”

Still suffering the wounds of Elisha’s last assault, Sarah muttered, “Fuck you Cuthbert. You never COULD beat me clean.”

Elisha shook her head and scowled, “Tonight will make you a liar Sarah.” On the heels of that rather ominous statement, Elisha buried a claw in Sarah’s damp gold mane and pulled the Slayer to her feet. Standing in front and slightly to the side of her victim, Elisha bent at the waist and went to work, one arm wrapping around her thighs, and the other looping across Gellar’s midsection. Taking a breath, she pulled up fast; intent on delivering the Backbreaker that would end Sarah’s participation in this match. But that single breath turned out to cost her dearly for when Elisha tried to pull Sarah off her feet, the agile blonde planted her feet and pushed off with Elisha’s pull. Adding extra momentum that Cuthbert hadn’t counted on. Sarah flipped easily out of Elisha’s clutches and landed on her feet right in front of the surprised blonde.

A snarl was just beginning to blossom on Elisha’s face when Sarah laced into her with a stiff Knife Edge Chop that brought a bright red welt across Elisha’s pale skin even before the ‘CRACK’ had faded from the air. Cuthbert staggered back, covering her injured chest, but she recovered quickly enough and turned to face the Slayer once more. The fury in her blue eyes turned to surprise as she saw the sole of Sarah’s boot flying towards her chin, and that shock quickly turned to smug confidence as she got her hands up at the last possible moment and grabbed hold of Sarah’s ankle, effectively blocking the Super Kick.

Holding Gellar awkwardly on one foot, Elisha glared daggers at her nemesis and said smugly, “You caught me with this once Sarah, but never again. You can’t use the same old tricks against me bitch.” Ignoring the panicked surprise in Sarah’s eyes, Elisha tossed Sarah’s captive leg hard to the left, spinning the other blonde around on her heel. Cuthbert was just preparing to deliver a boot to the gut upon Sarah’s return when the Slayer left her foot and cracked her incredulous opponent across the face with the foot that had less than a second before been planted innocently on the ground. The Dragon Whip had connected beautifully and one only had to look to Elisha’s face and the glazed over stare to know the blow had struck home.

Cuthbert let out a wordless mumble of pain and then staggered back several steps, falling into the corner of her protégé Megan Fox. This time it was the rookie who bailed her mentor out, making the blind tag and getting into the ring even as Elisha was rolling limply under the bottom rope to the floor outside. Watching the dangerous veteran from afar, Megan dropped into a wrestler’s crouch and called out, “I can’t wait to get my hands on you Sarah. I can finally show all these people just how pathetic you really are.”

Looking nonplused, Sarah stood her ground and shot back, “That’s funny. Someone I know said almost the exact same thing about you right before we came out here. And I think she’d like a word with you.” Speaking no more, the Slayer backed up a few paces and reached over her shoulder.

A second later, Katie Holmes slapped her hand, and the other half of the current Tag Team Champions was in the ring for the first time in this match. Watching the other brunette with a small smile, Katie walked slowly towards Megan and asked, “You ready to face me head on this time Meg? Or would you like me to turn around so you can jump me from behind again?”

Infuriated at the contempt she heard in Holmes’ voice, Megan sneered, “Don’t you dare turn your back on me. You’re the one I want anyway you overrated has-been.”

Katie’s smile got a little wider. Bringing her fists up in a loose boxing stance, she stared levelly at Megan and said, “Well then, time to step up and prove you’re something more than a hench-bitch. Personally, I don’t think you are.”

This last barb used up the last of Fox’s self control and she uttered a feral snarl right as she lunged at Katie with both fists swinging wildly. The tall brunettes met in the center of the hexagon with a low THUD followed closely by louder THUD THUD as they bounced callous, cudgel like shots off any surface they could hit. The mindless, give and take brawling continued for the better part of a minute before Megan missed a Jab and Katie lit her up with an Uppercut Forearm that rocked the rookie sensation up on her heels.

Smirking like the Katie Holmes of old, the former Darkness leader buried several more quick jabs into Fox’s belly that sent her prey backpedaling into the ropes. Approaching her stunned opposition with less caution than was her custom, Katie soon paid for her impulsiveness when Megan shot a hand out and jabbed a thumb into the brunette’s left eye (apparently she had been learning from Natalie and Elisha). Clearing the cobwebs brought on by Katie’s fistic assault, Megan stalked after her blinded foe and easily doubled her over with a hard Knee Lift to the belly. Grinning savagely, Megan yanked Katie upright by the hair right before she ducked low and wrapped her arms around the limber girl’s hips.

Locking her hands, Megan chided, “I can’t believe you didn’t see that coming. If you couldn’t deal with a thumb to the eye, you’ll probably be powerless to stop this!” Then she rose up on her toes, held Katie up for a moment, and then dropped to one knee, impaling Holmes’ groin on the posted joint with a sadistic Inverted Atomic Drop. Katie uttered a low cry of pain but the lanky girl somehow was able to stay on her feet. Sadly, falling might have proven to be the better option because the instant the Atomic Drop had connected, Megan backed up and bounced off the ropes before loping back towards her wounded victim. Knowing that Katie wasn’t going anywhere, Fox shot out her arm and smashed Katie across the chin, nearly turning her inside out with a brutally stiff Lariat. Pushing off her belly, Megan felt electrified as she stalked and paced over the battered form of Katie Holmes. The newcomer knew that no one expected her to win this match, hell most of them thought she was going to be out of there first, but she was going to prove them all wrong. And not just the idiots in the audience either. Sarah, Eliza and Katie were all going to feel her wrath tonight. And then…. Well, she’s take out Elisha and Natalie if it came to that. She’d do damn near anything to win this match. She finished her internal monologue by hissing, “Anything it takes…”

Waiting impatiently for Katie to collect herself, Megan allowed Katie just enough time to get up before sprinting forward to deliver a second Clothesline. She extended her arm and it connected hard against Holmes’ chest, but the other brunette did not go down this time. More than a little surprised, she looked over at Katie just in time to hear her say, “Is that all you’ve got? Damn Meg, Nat throws a harder Clothesline than you and she’s three feet tall. Where’d they find you anyway? Were you harassing all the other eighth graders after a pep rally one day? Is that what impressed those idiots so much?”

Backing away from Katie with an odd look of incredulity and fury burning in her eyes, Megan whispered, “I’ll show you what impressed them.”

She hadn’t even finished speaking before whirling on her heel and bouncing off the ropes for the second time in as many minutes.

Watching Megan charge her like a runaway freight train, Katie shook her head slightly and muttered, “Rookies.” When Fox was in range, Katie burst forward, ducking low to catch Megan in a tight grip around the upper thighs. In the same breath, Holmes rose up on her toes and spun around 180 degrees before driving herself forward and down, splattering Megan Fox against the canvas with a Spinebuster that shook every corner of the six-sided ring. Giving Megan’s twitching form a rather bored glare, Katie tucked a lock of hair behind her ear and then stood up, helping her injured opponent to her feet in the process. Holding the limp kneed brunette in front of her, Katie bent Fox over and applied a Front Face Lock.

Slinging Megan’s free arm over her shoulders, Katie used her other hand to grab a handful of her rival’s silver one piece. Making sure both of her grips were secure, Katie took a small breath and then hoisted upward not ceasing her pull until Megan Fox was inverted directly overhead. Displaying the impressive strength that always seemed to catch her foes off guard, Katie held Megan upside down for nearly ten seconds before the crowd started to count along. Listening to the mob tick off the seconds, Katie shook her head again and said, “I’ll never understand why they do that, but it is kind of neat.”

When the crowd had just reached ‘THIRTY’ Holmes suddenly twisted her torso to the left and tossed Megan down back first into the mat; it was all the fun and effectiveness of a Vertical Suplex, but Katie never even left her feet.

Taking a moment to enjoy the anguish the Drop Suplex had caused to Megan’s anatomy, Katie looked out at the crowd and asked, “Keep hurting her?” The mob agreed that this was the best course of action.

Since Katie actually seemed to be taking input from the folks in the stands these days, she stalked over to Megan, cocked an elbow up over her head and then dropped down hard, driving the point of her elbow directly between Fox’s breasts. Smiling thinly as Megan flopped over onto her side with a muted groan, Katie pulled the wounded brunette to her feet and quickly scooped her up onto her shoulder.

Holding Megan gut first over her shoulder, Katie looked around the oddly shaped ring and mused, “Now, where do I put the garbage?” Turning slowly, she smirked at the fuming Natalie and Elisha while giving Sarah and Eliza a noncommittal nod. Finding one of the two unoccupied corners, Katie said, “That’s as good as any.” and then ran forward much faster than most folks would’ve expected. With very little space left between them and the turnbuckles, Katie suddenly put on the brakes and simply tossed Megan forward sending the hapless rookie sailing through the air only to land facefirst on the top buckle. The oddly named Snakes Eyes connected beautifully; and while Megan landed on her feet, anyone with ringside seats could tell from the drunken, staggering walk back towards the middle of the ring that she had no idea where she was. Her obliviousness was probably merciful, because a few seconds later Katie bounced off the ropes and lashed her right foot up as high as it would go. The Big Boot caught Megan square in the jaw and she dropped like a marionette with the strings cut.

Standing tall over the girl who had dared to interfere in their match against Destruction Inc., Katie raised both arms overhead and then clasped her hands forming a rough loop. Looking out at the crowd she called, “ITS TIME!” the roar of the crowd increased noticeably as Katie bent down and pulled Megan to her knees. Making sure the battered brunette couldn’t go anywhere, Katie trapped her in a Standing Headscissors and wrapped her arms around her victim’s waist. She was a microsecond away from lifting Megan up into The Holmes Wrecker when all the lights went out!

The crowd buzzed in anticipation, the last time this had happened things had gotten really weird. A few seconds later, it appeared that history was going to repeat itself. The opening riff to ‘Paint it Black’ roared through the club only to be cut off by a burst of static and replaced by the intro to Slipknot’s ‘Vermilion.’ After a second burst of static, the red light came on again, bathing the club and the six-sided ring in an eerie, blood red glow.

Katie still held Megan in position for The Holmes Wrecker but now they had company. Directly behind Katie was the same robed figure that had laid out Alexis Bledel. And she hadn’t come alone. The interloper was wielding a steel chair, which she quickly drew back in anticipation of a spine cracking swing.

Realizing what was about to happen but too far away to intercede, Sarah and Eliza both yelled, “KATIE LOOK OUT!”

Holmes eyes went wide as she realized the danger but it was too late. The hooded woman swung the chair and CLANG smashed Katie directly in the back. The limber girl let out a low scream and then crumpled forward, coming to rest on her back right beside Megan.

Lost in a heavy fog of pain, Katie looked up only to see the interloper standing over her. Staring down at Holmes through the darkness of her hood she said, “Come Home.” Then the lights went out again and when they returned, she was gone, leaving a battered Katie Holmes and a group of mystified grapplers in her wake.

Still not quite sure what she had witnessed, Elisha still knew a golden opportunity when she saw one. Almost leaning all the way into the ring from the apron, she beseeched her new recruit, “GET UP MEGAN! GET UP AND FINISH HER OFF!”

Nursing her aching jaw, Megan opened her eyes and realized Katie was sprawled out beside her. Not really caring what had happened or why, Fox rose slowly to her feet and pulled Katie along with her. Trapping Holmes in a Standing Headscissors of her own, Megan wrapped both arms around Katie’s sweat slicked waist and hauled the other brunette up onto the point of her shoulder. Staying as steady as she could, Megan said brashly, “I told you I would be the girl to break Katie Holmes.” Then she shoved up fast and released her grip on Katie’s waist, rolling the other brunette quickly off her shoulder so that Katie was dropping face first towards the mat. Acting quickly, Megan trapped the falling girl’s head in a loose Front Face Lock and sat out hard, exacerbating Katie’s descent with her own momentum. Katie’s landing was not a pleasant one. She was driven forehead first into the canvas and her chest and abdomen took a great deal of the landing as well. She had just become the newest victim of Megan’s ‘Fire Fox’ finisher a move that could best be described as a Canadian Back Breaker into an Implant DDT.

So far, no one had managed to kick out of this move, but the crowd was hoping Katie would be the first. The mob was roaring for Holmes to get up even as Megan muscled her over onto her back and hooked both legs, leaning as hard into the cover as she could. The ref knelt to make his count. “1... 2... 3!”

The crowd noise dropped off sharply as Megan got to her feet, a look of joyful savagery on her face. While the ref saw to getting Katie safely out of the ring, Megan celebrated what was undoubtedly the biggest win of her fledgling career. Pumping her fists in the air, Megan looked at the two founding members of Destruction Inc. and yelled, “I TOLD YOU I COULD DO IT! I TOLD YOU THAT BITCH WAS MINE!”

Natalie grinned from ear to ear and seemed to be on the verge of affirming Fox’s statement when elation turned to chagrin. Finding her voice she called out, “MEGAN TURN AROUND!” Surprise flooded her features as Megan did as she was told - just in time to be greeted by a hard Kick To The Belly that doubled her over.

Looking down at the woman who’d just eliminated her partner on a cheap shot, Sarah Michelle Gellar spat, “You liked taking advantage didja Megan? Well turnabout is fair play you cheating bitch!”

Leaving Megan doubled over and grasping at her belly, Sarah sprinted into the ropes and charged back at her prey. When the time was right, she leapt straight into the air and extended her right leg out as far as it would go. When gravity started to bring her down, Sarah drove her outstretched leg down hard, slamming her heel right into the base of Megan’s neck with a hardhearted Axe Kick.

More than a little pissed about the blindside attack on her partner, Sarah kicked Megan over onto her back and stood at the brunette’s feet. Reaching down, she picked up Fox’s ankles in each hand and said venomously, “And then there were fouOORRGGHHH!”

Her ominous threat was cut off when Megan suddenly drew her legs in close and then shot them out, kicking Sarah in the gut. The surprise mule kick knocked the Slayer off her feet and sent her rolling across the mat in an awkward tumble. Coming to a stop, Sarah cursed her mistake and quickly pushed to her feet just as Megan was doing the same only a few feet away. Eyeing the tall brunette a little more warily this time, Sarah assumed a martial arts stance and padded slowly towards her adversary.

Sensing the blonde coming her way, Megan looked at Sarah and sneered, “First I escape the Holmes Wrecker and then the Sharpshooter? I always knew you two were overrated, but this is unbelievable. I think I’m gonna eliminate the three of you all by myselAARRGGHHHH!

Fox had been anticipating that Sarah would just stand there and exchange verbal barbs but the Slayer had pain on her mind and she simply walked up to Fox and blasted a kick right into the point of her hip. The blow dropped her to one knee and Sarah added a shot to the ribs to compound her opponent’s misery. The second kick dropped Fox to both knees, but that was still too vertical for Sarah. Setting her feet, she nailed a third kick, this one right to Megan’s chest. The last kick bowled the brunette over and she stayed down for several seconds, trying to nurse away the burning welts that Sarah’s feet were raising all over her body. She was still trying to recover in some small way when the Slayer buried a hand in her hair and pulled her roughly to her feet.

Taking a double handful of Megan’s hair, Sarah jerked the rookie from side to side and taunted, “Not so tough when you don’t have someone swinging a chair for ya huh? Lemme tell you something Fox, the hurt I put on you now is gonna be nothing compared to what Katie does when she gets a hold of you. That girl holds one hell of a grudge. Trust me, I know.” Not giving her rival any more time to respond, Sarah released her hold on Fox’s hair and leapt into the air once more, scissoring her legs around the brunette’s head as she pulled back for a second Hurricanrana.

But even though she was taken a serious beating, Megan wasn’t totally out of it yet and she proved it by shooting her arms up and locking them around Gellar’s thighs, effectively blocking the ‘rana and holding Sarah aloft in the air. Keeping the smaller girl trapped and wriggling, Megan shifted her grip so her hands were under Sarah’s butt. With a small grunt and a hard shove, she propelled the Slayer backwards in a rather ungraceful back flip that still allowed the blonde to land on both feet. But Sarah had to devote all her attention to landing safely and it allowed Megan to roar forward and deliver a kick of her own, one that caught the defenseless Slayer right in the face.

Falling on her knees from exhaustion, Megan knew she should make a tag out (Natalie and Elisha were begging her to tag one of them in) but the rookie wanted very badly to earn her place in the trio and there was no better way to do that than beat Katie and Sarah back to back. Ignoring their pleas, Megan took a deep breath and went for the cover on Sarah, hooking both legs in the same fashion she’s used to eliminate Katie. The ref’s hand was coming down for “THREE!” but Fox’s hesitation had cost her and the Slayer was able to kick out of the pin.

Growling low in her throat, Megan snarled, “All right slut, you don’t want to stay down? Well I’ll hit you so hard you’ll never wanna get up.” Pulling the spaghetti legged Slayer to her feet, Megan arrogantly slapped the smaller girl across the face several times before scooping her up onto her shoulder, holding her like a helpless blonde sack of potatoes.

Holding one hand across Sarah’s hips and the other across the back of her neck, Megan turned to glare at Eliza and taunted, “As soon as I’m done with her, I’ll take your sorry ass out. Then the real wrestlers can get to work.”

Ignoring Eliza’s scathing stare, Megan turned her back on the fuming brunette and took several loping steps forward before falling straight to the mat, smashing Sarah into the canvas with a Running Power Slam. Convinced that Gellar was done for, Megan went for a nonchalant cover, resting both hands rudely on the swell of Sarah’s erratically rising chest. If she’s made a more traditional cover, she might have finished off the blonde right then, but she’d left Sarah’s arms and legs free enabling the Slayer to get free just after “TWO!”

Roaring in frustration, Megan admonished the referee and his counting ability for several seconds before turning the brunt of her wrath back towards the Slayer. Stalking forward, she hauled Sarah up by the roots and growled in her face, “You tenacious little bitcERRGGHHH!”

The expletive never had a chance to finish because Sarah suddenly burst into a flurry of motion, hammering short hard punches into Megan’s face and chest. Smiling nastily as her assault knocked Fox back on her heels, Sarah dug down deep and connected with an Uppercut that nearly dislocated Megan’s jaw, but still the brunette did not go down.

Getting her breath back, Sarah muttered, “Gonna have to try something a little stronger with you aren’t we?” As she said this, she lunged forward and grabbed hold of Megan’s wrist before attempting to whip her hard towards Eliza’s corner of the hexagon (Sarah knew she would be needing to tag out very soon if she wanted to have any hope of winning this match.) But even though Fox could barely see through the swirl of colors in her eyes, she knew what was happening to her and she managed to plant both feet and reverse the momentum of the whip, sending Sarah towards the corner instead. Vision clearing slightly, she saw Sarah hung up in the buckles and she knew all she needed to do was connect with one more big move. Already seeing her hand raised in victory, Megan exploded towards her prey in a dead run.

Sadly, while Megan had seen Sarah, she’d failed to see that Eliza was standing right next to her old partner and that would prove to be a costly mistake. Watching Fox roar at the blonde, Eliza put her lips next to Sarah’s ear and muttered, “You might want to get your feet up blondie.” Sarah heard Eliza’s voice and did as suggested. Pulling her feet up fast, she pistoned them out just as Megan was beginning to leap. The Slayer’s boots caught Fox right in the chest and the big brunette gasped in agony as she was driven backwards by the force of the counter.

Watching carefully from the apron, Eliza saw Megan go down and Dushku knew now was as good a time as any. Slapping Sarah’s shoulder, she grinned and said, “Take five Sarah. I want you fresh when I have to beat your ass.”

Tuning out the other Slayer’s pained retort, Eliza grabbed the top rope in both hands and sprung up onto the turnbuckle in less than a second. Seeing that Megan was just now getting her legs under her, Eliza whispered, “Opportunistic sure, but what the hell do I care?”

The brunette leapt off the turnbuckle and into the void, aimed directly at Megan Fox. The taller brunette never even knew what hit her as Eliza extended her left leg and brought it down across with the beck of her knee across Megan’s neck. Fox was taken off her feet and driven face first into the mat with astonishing force; the impact of the move actually knocked her a few inches into the air and then flipped her over onto her back.

Knowing full well that there was no way that anyone in Megan’s state could withstand a Top Rope ‘Crisis of Faith‘, Eliza hooked one leg and glared insolently at Elisha and Natalie while the ref counted, “1... 2... 3!”

Seconds later, the crowd erupted and the Announcer declared that Megan Fox had been eliminated. Getting easily to her feet, Dushku stepped over Megan’s unmoving form and called out the two remaining members of Destruction Inc. Looking back and forth between the blonde and the brunette, Eliza asked loudly, “So which one of you is it going to be, Brainy or Slutty? I don’t really care, I just want to make sure you posers are long gone by the time I have to put Sarah down.”

Elisha and Natalie glanced at one another and an unspoken message seemed to pass between them. Casting her glance back towards Eliza, Elisha taunted, “Why don’t you just take that worn out bitch down right now? Then you could see just how good you really are. After all, if you could beat Nat and me all on your own, you really would deserve the Title Shot.”

Eliza just shook her head. Sauntering over to Elisha’s corner she sneered, “Just how stupid do you think I am Slut-bert?”

“Pretty fucking stupid!” a voice sneered from behind her.

Eliza’s eyes went wide, but that’s all she could do before Natalie hammered a hard Forearm directly into the small of her back. Eliza went down on her hands and knees but was only there for a moment before Natalie Portman hauled her back to her feet. As Natalie pulled Eliza back towards the center of the ring, Elisha called out, “Remember Nat, quick tags. Once we finish them off, it won’t matter which one of us wins. That belt is going to belong to us.”

Natalie nodded at her partner in crime before returning her attention to the brunette in her grasp. Standing close behind the dazed brunette, Natalie acted quickly, trying her captive arms up with a simple, but effective Full Nelson. Locking her hands tight, Natalie ground her hips against Eliza’s wobbling rump as she chided, “Next time you call me ‘Brainy’ you better do it with a big smile on your miserable face.” Not caring whether or not Eliza responded to the barb, Natalie bent both knees and bridged violently backwards, taking Eliza up and over before depositing her hard on the back of her head and shoulders with a Full Nelson Suplex.

Normally, Portman would have bridged up once the move connected but her instincts told her that Eliza wasn’t ready to be pinned yet, so she simply released the Nelson and let Dushku slump over onto her side. Taking a moment to choose her course of action, Natalie decided that keeping up the attack on the other brunette’s head would probably yield the quickest results. Rolling to one knee, she grabbed a handful of Eliza’s hair before pulling them both to their feet. Adding a second hand to her grip on Eliza’s locks, Portman bent her prey double and sneered, “Hope you like kissing the canvas you whore.” With her acidic missive still hanging in the air, Natalie leapt into the air and sat out; landing easily on her butt while Dushku was driven face first into the mat, compliments of the X-Factor. Shoving the groaning wreckage of Eliza Dushku onto her back, Natalie draped herself across the taller brunette and hooked the far leg, waiting for the zebra to make his count. He knelt and began to administer the count, but he only got to “TWO!” before Eliza was able to shove Natalie off of her.

Blowing a few loose stands of hair off her forehead, Natalie took a deep breath and smirked, “All right tough girl, I’ll slap you around a little more before I finish you off for good.” Getting to her feet, Natalie placed the sole of one boot against Eliza’s forehead and ground it back and forth, abrading Eliza’s face while she adjusted her white bottoms and top with a decided air of indifference.

Voicing an irritated sigh when Eliza managed to roll free of her taunting, Natalie snapped her briefs tight against her hips and said, “All right, you ready to stop being the doormat and go back to being the training dummy?”

Getting no response from Dushku, Natalie grinned malevolently as she bent down and pulled Eliza to her feet. Taking the other brunette’s left wrist in both hands, Natalie herded her foe into the ropes and then whipped her across the ring, sending her stumbling towards the opposite side of the hexagon. Stalking forward to meet Eliza upon her return, Portman was surprised and angered when the supposedly out of it Dushku leapt into the air and landed balanced precariously on the top rope, facing out towards the audience.

Knowing she had to act fast, Natalie’s eyes narrowed and she lunged forward, trying to shove Eliza off the ropes before she could do anything else. But in getting closer, Portman had fallen for Eliza’s ploy and she was about to pay the price. Less than a second after she landed on the top rope, Eliza bent her knees and flipped backwards, soaring gracefully over Natalie’s head in an arc that would make a gymnast proud. But a gymnast would never have condoned Eliza grabbing hold of Natalie’s head as she passed over, nor would they have condoned Eliza trapping her victim in a makeshift Inverted Face Lock upon completion of her landing. And a gymnast certainly wouldn’t have allowed Eliza to suddenly sit out, driving the back of Natalie’s skull into the mat with an Inverted DDT that connected from out of left field.

The debilitating counter left Natalie groaning and splayed on the mat, and Eliza wasn’t doing much better. For several seconds, neither brunette could do anything but groan and rub at their aching heads, even the frantic cries of their respective partners couldn’t get them moving. Finally both ladies rolled onto their hands and knees and started crawling towards the safest corner of the ring, Natalie to Elisha and Eliza towards Sarah. The distance was almost the same, but Natalie was the tiniest bit closer and she tagged in Elisha before Eliza could reach the other Slayer. Sarah was still beseeching Eliza to reach up when Cuthbert tore across the ring and drove her forearm into Sarah’s face, knocking her off the apron. She landed in a stunned pile of limbs on the arena floor.

Sneering down at the other blonde Elisha cooed, “Don’t think so Sarah. I want to demolish this twat before I put you out of your misery.” Returning her attention to Eliza, Elisha grabbed the penitent brunette by the straps of her top and yanked her up.

Going nose to nose with the discombobulated beauty, Cuthbert hissed, “I’ve waited a long time to put your sorry ass in the ground. I’m gonna savor every minute of it.”

Eliza’s eyes cleared up for a moment and she appeared to be on the verge of voicing a reply when Elisha shot her knee up and drove it into Eliza’s groin. The dark eyed brunette wailed wordlessly and she would have fallen to the mat if Elisha hadn’t held her up. Clutching a handful of Eliza’s hair, Elisha trapped her prey in a Standing Headscissors.

Making sure to grind her thighs arrogantly against Eliza’s ears and cheeks, Elisha leaned down and secured a double handful of Eliza’s black bottoms. Smiling coyly at the crowd, Elisha let her actions speak for her when she yanked viciously upward, baring a good 80% of Eliza’s ass with a butt bisecting wedgie. Clamping down harder on the scissors to keep Eliza in place, Elisha turned so that she was facing towards Sarah who had only just now gotten back onto the apron. Grinning snidely at the Slayer, Elisha reached down and wrapped both arms around Eliza’s waist.

Lifting the winded brunette up into the Pile Driver position, Elisha held her captive prone as she said, “Don’t feel left out Sarah. This will be you soon enough.”

With that infuriating smile still on her face, Elisha jumped and fell back, spiking the top of Eliza’s skull into the mat with the devastating maneuver. Rolling Eliza’s carcass onto her back. Elisha straddled her rival’s waist and awaited the three. Unfortunately for her, despite the perfect position of the zebra, Eliza was able to kick out a half second before “THREE!”

Scowling in frustration, Elisha glared daggers at the ref before hauling Eliza up to her hands and knees. Standing next to the brunette’s lowered head, Elisha put her hands on her hips and mocked, “You should have stayed down just then Lizzie. Next time I’m gonna sit on that mashed up face of yours. Then she leapt into the air and came crashing down with the point of her pad covered knee landing hard against the base of Eliza’s neck. The crippled brunette let out a single groan as she was smashed back into the mat and her face was forced to endure yet another numbing collision.

Rolling out of the Knee Drop, Elisha got to her feet and stood confidently over Eliza. Deciding that it was time to put the interfering brunette away for good, Elisha bent down and pulled her to her knees before applying another Standing Headscissors.

Looking out to the crowd, she extended her arms out in a sharp cutting motion and decreed, “Time to White her Out!”

Smiling as the crowd roared with anticipation, Elisha hauled Eliza into the stall position for a Pile Driver. Holding Eliza inverted, Elisha lifted her right leg and stepped forward, placing it in front of Eliza’s dangling right arm. She then repeated the maneuver, trapping Eliza’s left arm behind her left leg.

The White Out was locked in place and all Elisha had to do was jump and fall forward, but when she tried, Eliza wrapped her arms around Elisha’s legs and held on for dear life, preventing the blonde from leaving the canvas. Shrieking in frustrated anger, Elisha tried to pull free, but Eliza held tight and she was forced to let go of Eliza’s legs, letting the brunette land in a heap at her feet.

Furious at being denied her finish, Elisha flipped some hair from her eyes and snarled, “When the complicated stuff doesn’t work, it’s time to get back to basics.” Looking to put this statement into effect, she reached down and hauled Eliza up with a handful of hair. As soon as Dushku was on her feet, Cuthbert shot her right hand out and clamped down on the brunette’s windpipe. Her eyes glittering maliciously as Eliza started to flail, Elisha purred, “Choke, you slut.”

Oddly enough, those three words had a sort of claming effect on Eliza and the panic left her gaze as she locked eyes with her blonde tormentor. Acting on nothing but instinct, Eliza shot a hand up and punches Elisha in the face three times, as hard as she could. The rapid barrage of blows crossed Elisha’s eyes and she was forced to release her grip, and stagger away from Eliza if she wanted to have any nose left.

She had only made it a few steps, when Eliza buried her hands in Elisha’s hair and whirled her back around to face the furious brunette. Staring murder into Elisha’s wide eyes, Eliza whispered, “Time for the screaming to start.” In one smooth motion she released Elisha’s hair and wrapped her right arm over the blonde’s right shoulder and her left arm under Elisha’s left arm. With her hands clasping together where they met between Elisha’s shoulder blades, Eliza jumped and fell forward, taking her captive with her. The modified Neckbreaker, known as the Side Effect smashed the back of the blonde’s head and shoulders hard into the canvas leaving her in mewling heap right beside the supremely vindictive Eliza.

Listening to the soundtrack of her opponent’s anguish, Eliza got to both knees and said casually, “Hmmm, that was really more moan than scream; guess I’ll just have to try harder!”

Securing another huge handful of Elisha’s hair, Eliza got to her feet and hauled the golden-haired grappler up along with her. Doubling Elisha over with a knee to the gut, Eliza snared the blonde in a Front Face Lock with one hand while her free hand reached down and hooked Elisha’s leg at the knee. Taking a moment to set her feet, Eliza hoisted Elisha up off the mat and held her, one leg hooked up tight, directly over the brunette’s head. In no mood to delay the inevitable, Dushku sat out fast, driving the top of Elisha’s head and shoulders into the mat with the Fisherman’s Brainbuster. This time Elisha did let out a scream, but it only lasted for a second or so and then she lay silent and spread-eagled on the mat, looking up at the lights with a rather stupefied look on her pretty face.

Draping herself across Elisha’s chest, Dushku hooked both legs and snarled, “Count!” at the ref. The official was already in place and he did his efficiently, but Elisha still managed to get a shoulder off the canvas before he reached “THREE!”

Breathing in low, ragged gasps now, Eliza put her hands on her hips and tried not to lose her cool. She knew Elisha was only moments from being finished but the tenacious bitch refused to give up the fight. Looking around the ring, she thought about the best way to end Elisha’s participation in this match (It never occurred to her to tag in the eagerly waiting Sarah, Eliza wanted Elisha all to herself tonight.)

Suddenly her dark eyes lit up and epiphany seemed to strike. Smiling gleefully she glanced down at Elisha’s sprawled frame and chided, “Look at all these extra corners I’ve got to work with Lishy. It would be a shame not to use such an interesting gift to its fullest potential, don’t you think? Here, let’s get you on your feet and then we’ll have some fun with our new toy.”

Ceasing her reverie, Eliza bent down and pulled Elisha’s semi-coherent form to a vertical base and then grabbed her by the wrist with both hands. Pointing them both towards one of the four neutral corners, Eliza tightened her grip and then muttered, “This should be fun.” Then she whipped Elisha as hard as she could towards the corner, putting the blonde on a chest first collision course with the unforgiving steel buckles. Less than a second after Elisha had left her clutches, Eliza shifted her weight slightly and then took off running as well, aiming for the buckles that was directly to the left of the one Elisha was soon to occupy. Almost instantaneously, Elisha rammed chest first into one set of turnbuckles while Eliza left her feet and alighted on another set. Holding her position on the top rope, Eliza looked over her shoulder and watched carefully as Elisha staggered drunkenly out of her corner and back towards the center of the ring.

Adjusting her footing the tiniest bit, Eliza launched herself backwards into void, aiming directly at her blonde nemesis. Knowing her path was true, Eliza brought her right elbow up in mid-flight and drove it backwards, smashing the bony joint into Elisha’s chest cavity moments before the brunette would have sailed past her quarry. The Flying Back Elbow connected beautifully, the violent collision knocking Elisha off her feet and sending her across the ring in a weary looking roll. Quickly getting her feet under her, Eliza loped across the mat and threw herself on top of Elisha, hooking both legs as she sought to eject the blonde from the battle.

The ref’s hand was less than three inches away from the final slap of the mat when Elisha rolled a shoulder free. Realizing the Elisha had beaten the count yet again; Eliza sat on her knees and roared her fury to the sky. Shaking her head viciously ‘no’ Dushku slammed both fists into the mat, venting her frustration in a most plain and unmistakable fashion. After a few seconds, she calmed herself and the brunette once again helped herself to a generous serving of Elisha’s damp golden locks.

Sneering into the blonde’s sweaty face, Eliza purred, “You really don’t know when to quit do you? Don’t worry, I’m not complaining, it’s actually an admirable quality, but I don’t want to hear you bitching to me if your own stubbornness puts you in the hospital. Understand me Slut-bert?”

Receiving only a mumbled curse from her crippled nemesis, Eliza peeled them both of the canvas and hauled Elisha in close. Standing face to face with the blonde, Eliza took a half step to the right and draped her right arm across Elisha’s chest, letting her hand grip Elisha’s shoulder tightly. Using her free left hand, Eliza reached down to Elisha’s right hip and she proceeded to grab a fistful of white bikini briefs. Pulling Elisha in even closer, Eliza taunted, “Let’s crack whatever backbone you’ve got left.” With the words still between them, Eliza hauled Elisha several inches into the air before she shoved her back and dropped to her butt, smashing Elisha’s back and skull into the canvas with something best described as a Sit-Out Spinebuster.

Enjoying the tremble that ran up and down the full length of Elisha’s legs, Eliza pulled herself free of the blonde wreckage and got to her feet again. Sauntering over to Elisha’s head, Dushku bent down and grabbed the blonde by her bra straps before jerking her to her knees. Standing before her nearly beaten adversary, Eliza shifted her grip to Elisha’s hair and forced smoldering eye contact with the blonde.

Taking a deep breath, Eliza said coldly, “Enough preamble. It’s time to get to the execut… UNNNGGGHHHRRRGGHH!” The last word trailed off into a pained howl as Elisha’s fist drove itself up and smashed Eliza directly between the thighs. The ambushed brunette tried to create some space between them, but Elisha grabbed hold of her tights and reeled her back in. Getting slowly to her feet, there was a fire raging in her blue eyes as she regarded the anguished face of one of her greatest enemies.

Taking a long, wavering breath, Elisha panted evilly, “For once Eliza, you and I are in total agreement. It is time to end things.”

Elisha booted Eliza in the gut, dropping the brunette to her knees. Moving quickly, she stepped forward and applied a Standing Headscissors before wrapping her arms around Eliza’s waist. After another quick breath, Elisha hoisted her captive upward and held her inverted. But Elisha was looking for the White Out and not a Pile Driver so she lifted her right leg and stepped forward placing it in front of Eliza’s limp right arm. Then she repeated the maneuver, trapping Eliza’s left arm behind her left leg.

Forgoing her usual last second verbal barb, Elisha jumped and fell face first toward the mat. Eliza was taken along for the ride and her exposed chest and ribs were driven directly into the canvas. The crowd roared their approval as Elisha maintained the hold on impact, rolling onto her butt with Eliza now shoulders down on the mat in a sort of modified Sunset Flip. Feeling Eliza go limp as the White Out connected, Elisha bore down tight on her hold and listened intently as the ref counted, “1... 2... THR..NO!”

The mob exploded in cheers and Elisha knew the brunette had somehow gotten a shoulder off the canvas. Opening her eyes, she kicked the battered brunette away and regarded her with an expression of almost manic fury. Getting slowly to her feet Elisha glared around the ring, trying to figure out what to do. She locked eyes with Natalie and her partner demanded, “TAG ME ELISHA, YOU’RE EXHAUSTED! LET ME FINISH HER!”

Elisha only sighed heavily and shook her head. Speaking hoarsely she said, “She’s mine Nat. Eliza Dushku belongs to me tonight.” Turning her back on a still pleading Natalie, Elisha made sure the ref was still checking on Eliza before stumbling over to one of the corners. Working quickly, she removed the protective pad protecting the buckle without too much effort. Tossing the canvas cover aside, she grinned knowingly at the exposed steel and said, “It’s an oldie but a goody.”

Turning her attention back to the brunette, Elisha made sure to keep her body between the ref and the small crime she had just committed. Moving as quickly as she could, Elisha was soon looming over the splayed form of her nemesis.

Running both hands through her matted curls, Elisha sneered, “Time to get up Eliza. You’ve got one more promise to keep before your sorry ass goes nightie-night.” Brushing the referee aside, Elisha squatted down and peeled Eliza off the mat. Grabbing the decimated brunette by the wrist, Cuthbert pointed Dushku towards the exposed buckle and leaned forward to wish her a pleasant journey. “End of the line for you Douche-ku. Hope you enjoy your trip, after all, it’ll be more fun than the destination itself.”

Elisha planted her feet and tossed Eliza towards the corner with as much strength as she could muster. Tragically, all that momentum only served to help Eliza’s cause when the brunette clamped down on Elisha’s wrists and reversed the whip, sending Elisha hurtling towards the corner. Her blue eyes went wide with terror as she tried to shield herself from the impeding collision but it all amounted to nothing. She hit the exposed steel chest first with a muffled, but still clearly audible THONK then let out a low scream as she staggered back, hands crossed tight over her bruised assets. She barely made it three steps when she backed into the waiting arms of Eliza Dushku. Standing close against Elisha’s back, Dushku reached forward and hooked both of her rival’s arms at the elbows, pulling them roughly behind her. In the same breath, she lowered her head and placed the top of it between Elisha’s shoulders, using it as a sort of pivot point. Milliseconds later, Eliza twisted her entire body around to face the other direction, while still holding Elisha’s arms. Both ladies were still standing but now Cuthbert was bent double, her arms pulled out in front of her, her head resting above the small of Eliza’s back.

Grinning for the first time since Elisha had punched her in crotch, Eliza chided spitefully, “I enjoyed the ride Elisha, but in this case, I think the destination is the biggest thrill.” Then she dropped to the mat, taking Elisha along with her and driving the battered blonde face and chest first into the mat.

The Face Eraser connected perfectly and Eliza quickly muscled Elisha onto her back. But instead of going for a simple cover, the brunette chose the domineering route, planting the full weight of her butt on Elisha’s upturned face in a Reverse Face Sit. With a derisive grind of her hips, Eliza raised one hand over her head and counted along with the ref. “1... 2... 3!”

Smiling viciously, Eliza maintained her perch on Elisha’s nose just long enough to say, “That title shot is mine Lishy. And if you don’t like it you can just kiss my ass!” Then the ref was admonishing her to get up, so Eliza did just that. Soaking in the applause of the crowd, the brunette suddenly realized she was totally exhausted. Turning toward Sarah’s corner, she was relieved to see her old partner hadn’t decided to ambush her yet. Limping slowly in Sarah’s direction, Eliza held her hand out and said, “I think I’ve earned a breather.” She was less than three feet away from making the tag when she was hit from the left by the freight train that was a royally pissed off Natalie Portman.

The smaller brunette’s spear nearly bent Eliza in half and she was smashed into the canvas with all of Natalie’s weight coming to rest on her. Glaring hatefully at the woman who’d just embarrassed her partner, Natalie said, “You’re not going anywhere Lizzy. You’re going to pay for hat you just did to Elisha.”

Picking herself up off Dushku, Portman bent down and pulled the taller girl to her feet. Maneuvering behind Eliza, Natalie quickly bent the other brunette awkwardly back, before trapping her chin in Nat’s armpit, completing the Inverted Face Lock. Using her free hand to grab a hold of Eliza’s tights. Her grip unwavering, Natalie looked towards Sarah for just a moment and the two old rivals stared a hole in each other.

Not bothering to speak, Natalie just mouthed, “Soon.” Then she bent her knees and hoisted up and back, pulling Eliza off the canvas and up over her head. At the precise moment when Eliza was suspended directly above her, Natalie sat out, dropping to her butt with a brisk THUMP! The sudden shift in position brought Eliza crashing down as well and her chin was driven brutally into the point of Natalie’s shoulder. Natalie had just delivered the infamous Osaka Street Cutter, a move that was parts Inverted Vertical Suplex and Stone Cold Stunner!

Eliza lay groaning and helpless on the mat, but Natalie didn’t go for the cover just yet. She wanted to make a statement with this match and Eliza Dushku was a good place to start. Sauntering over to her prey’s head, Natalie pulled her to her feet, grabbed a double handful of Eliza’s sweaty hair and forced her into a Standing Head Scissors. Readying herself Natalie looked out at the crowd and drew one finger over her throat, signaling the end. Firing another contemptuous glance in Sarah’s direction, Natalie reached down and hooked both of Eliza’s arms up over her bent form, clasping her own hands together above the small of Eliza’s back. Almost done, Natalie lifted Eliza up, inverting the bigger brunette with her arms still tied behind her back. Holding her up for a second, Natalie sat out and dropped Eliza face first into canvas, flattening her foe’s face with the sadistic Elevated Double Under-hook Facebuster she called ‘The Star Destroyer.’ Letting Eliza go limp in her hands, Natalie released her grip on Dushku and rudely shoved her onto her back. Standing up, she looked defiantly at Sarah as she raised one foot and placed it heavily on the beaten brunette’s face. With hands on her hips, Nat grinned at Sarah as the ref counted, “1...2...”

Natalie took her boot of Eliza’s face, breaking the count. Shaking her head ‘no’ she said, “Not just yet!”

Ignoring Gellar’s indignant pleas to the zebra, Portman dropped to her knees and shoved Eliza back onto her belly. Sidling up next to the brunette’s head, Natalie slapped the back of Eliza’s head and taunted, “Elisha could never make you tap, but I CAN!”

Not getting a cogent reply from her victim (which irked Nat just a little) she lay down perpendicular to Eliza’s head and grabbed the girl’s right arm. Stretching the limb to its full length, Natalie Scissored the arm between her thighs and completed her hold by lacing her hands across Eliza’s face and pulling back as hard as she could.

The crowd roared its approval as Natalie cinched on the Crippler Crossface, while Eliza just plain roared. The sudden explosion of pain in her shoulder and neck brought the weary brunette around to a reality that wasn’t pleasing at all and she knew she had precious few seconds to escape before her submission was inevitable. But after several desperate attempts to reach the ropes, the panicked beauty realized there was no way out.

Hating the fact that she was complying with Natalie’s screamed demands of, “TAP! TAP OUT YOU BITCH!” Eliza raised her free arm and frantically slapped the mat, signaling her submission.

Jubilant as she heard Eliza concede, Natalie pulled back even harder on the Crossface and shrieked, “SAY YOU GIVE! SAY IT OR I’LL BREAK YOUR NECK!”

In too much pain to do anything else, Eliza sobbed, “I GIVE UP! I SUBMIT, LEMME GO, LEMME GO PLEASE I GIVVVEEE!”

Finally satisfied, Natalie broke the hold and rolled to one knee. Pleased with herself, she got to her feet and looked over towards the Slayer’s corner. “Just you and me now bit…” Her voice trailed off when she realized the Slayer’s corner of the ring was empty.

Eyes widening in disbelief, Natalie whirled around, trying to find out where her last opponent for the evening had hidden herself. Well it turns out Sarah hadn’t hidden herself at all; she’s just been waiting patiently on the Top Turnbuckle while Natalie was occupied torturing Eliza. When the brunette turned around to locate her missing foe, Sarah was already in motion leaping off the top and flying through the air with deadly accuracy towards Natalie’s position. The startled brunette didn’t even have time to yell before Sarah’s boot caught her across the cheek and sent her rolling almost the full length of the hexagon. Crumpled on the mat with stars in her eyes, Natalie was helpless as Sarah stalked over to her and buried a talon in her dark hair.

Furious at the way Natalie had continued to maintain the Crossface after Eliza had given up, the Slayer savagely yanked the brunette to her feet and slapped her a couple of times across the face. Hoping she had Natalie’s attention, she mashed her face in close to her dazed rival’s and spat, “You wanna send messages Natalie? Well I got it loud and clear, and I’ve got a reply all ready for you.”

Then Sarah bent Natalie double with a hard Knee To The Belly followed by an exceptionally rough Front Face Lock. Hauling her squirming captive into the middle of the ring, Sarah tightened her grip even more and then rose up on her toes before falling backwards as hard as she possibly could. Portman was jerked violently off her feet and the top of her skull was spiked brutally into the mat, the force of the Slayer’s Snap DDT, actually leaving her in a makeshift headstand for a second before she fell limp to the canvas.

Knowing she didn’t dare give Natalie any time to recover, Sarah shoved the moaning brunette over onto her back and hooked both legs, waiting impatiently as the ref made his count. The zebra was past “TWO!” and well on his way to “THREE!” when Natalie powered a shoulder free of the pin. Biting her lip to keep back the flood of curses she was thinking, Sarah got to her feet and jerked Natalie to hers.

Standing behind the spaghetti legged brunette, Sarah muttered, “If that didn’t work, maybe another clever application of leverage will keep your pathetic ass on the mat.” In the blink of an eye, the blonde leapt straight up and came to rest on Natalie’s shoulders, a leg on either side of the brunette’s head and her crotch pressed tightly against the back of Natalie’s skull. The Slayer had just leaned forward and was preparing to tuck herself up to complete the Victory Roll when Nat shot her arms up and wrapped them around her thighs. Before Sarah could do little more than look surprised, Natalie shoved the blonde up and forward before sitting down, dropping Sarah face, chest and belly first into the mat from several feet up with an Improvised Electric Chair Drop.

Sneering viciously as Sarah groaned and curled into a loose ball, Natalie got to her feet and stood at the blonde’s legs, took a deep breath and taunted, “That was the crash bitch. Now it’s time for you to burn.”

Taking a half step forward, Natalie planted her feet on the blonde’s thighs, just above the knee. Bending down, she pulled Gellar’s lower legs up and locked them inside her calves. The first half of her hold complete, she bent further and grabbed hold of Sarah’s wrists, one in each hand. Holding her grip firmly, Portman pulled back and fell until she was on her back on the canvas with the Slayer trapped in the air above her.


Shrieking in agony as Natalie tried to dislocate her shoulders and snap her hamstrings, Sarah shook her head furiously ‘no’ and yelled back, “HOW ABOUT I START WITH NATALIE PORTMAN’S A NO TALENT, SECOND RATE, CURTAIN-JERKING BITCH?”

Infuriated with the Slayer’s gall, Natalie forgot about working the Surfboard and decided she wanted to punish the blonde with something a little more active. Releasing her grip on Gellar’s wrists, Natalie shoved her victim off her and onto the mat where she landed in a sweaty, mewling heap. Pushing slowly to her feet, Nat tugged her bottoms back into place and then hauled Sarah back to her feet. Remembering the disrespectful bitch slaps Sarah had pasted her with earlier, Natalie returned the favor while she taunted, “Curtain jerking bitch am I? Bet you’ve never had one of those sit on your face. Or embarrass you with something like THIS!”

Trading words for actions, Natalie bent low and wrapped both hands around the Slayer’s trim waist. Keeping her grip tight, the slender brunette shoved her head in the gap between Sarah’s left arm and her torso. Satisfied that her hands were locked, Natalie bridged up and back, taking Gellar over hard onto her back with a textbook Northern Lights Suplex. Now, a Northern Lights Suplex is effective to be sure, but it’s not exactly embarrassing. But getting hit with it over and over again would be quite humbling and that’s what Nat had in mind.

Less than second after Sarah’s back hit the mat, Portman bridged up high and then pushed backwards in a jury rigged somersault that landed her on her feet while still holding the Suplex if place. With a little groan of exertion, Natalie muscled Sarah to her feet and immediately delivered a second Northern Lights Suplex, this one even harder than the others. But again, Natalie didn’t maintain the bridge, instead choosing to roll through and haul Sarah up for a third time. This time, the brunette bent as low as she could and then bridged up high before falling back, almost dropping Sarah right on her head. On completing the trifecta, she held the bridge, waiting for the ref to administer the academic (at least in Natalie’s mind) three count. His hand was coming down for the final time when Sarah shot a fist up and punched Portman in the ribs, effectively breaking the cover.

Not believing that the Slayer could continue to deny her, Natalie roughly straddled the injured blonde and cupped her face in one hand. Leaning in close, Natalie whispered, “You were never as good as me Sarah, just luckier. Well tonight, your luck runs out once and for all.”

Then she slapped Gellar across the face once more and then rose up off her prey. Fixing her gaze on the section of ropes directly behind the blonde, Natalie headed that way and slipped easily onto the apron outside the ring. Gripping the top rope in both hands, Portman begged the Slayer, “Get up Sarah. Get up so I can put you down one last time.”

After several more seconds of impatient waiting, the brunette’s request was granted as Sarah rolled to her belly and then pushed up to her hands and knees. As soon as Natalie saw the blonde trying to push to her feet, she leaned back and then jumped forward, landing easily on the top rope. In the next instant she launched herself at Sarah, intent on using her entire body as a missile to obliterate her target. It was probably the crowd that Sarah has to thank more than anything else. When she heard the mob get louder, the blonde instinctively took a step back and quickly looked up. Seeing Natalie soaring towards her, the Slayer only had a second to react. Luckily it was all she needed. Planting her feet, the blonde hopped forward and shot her right leg up high, aiming her heel for the point of Natalie’s chin. The Super Kick connected this time and it made a heavy THWAP as it dropped Natalie out of the air like a rock.

Limping slightly as she stumbled over to where Natalie was stretched out, Sarah panted, “That wasn’t luck Nat, that was skill I’m just better than you. And I’ll gladly prove it to you again and again.” Looking to make good on her word, Sarah bent down and pulled the moaning brunette to her feet. Grabbing a slick handful of dark hair, Gellar forced her foe to bend over right before she slapped on the Standing Headscissors. Wrapping her arms around Natalie’s waist, Sarah pulled the brunette off her feet and held her up for several seconds before completing 3 revolutions and sitting out hard. The impact of the Spiral Bomb nearly folded Natalie in half, but Sarah didn’t care what state Portman was in, as long as her shoulders were on the canvas.

Knowing that this was the case, she bore down with everything she had left and listened to the ref count, “1... 2...” But Natalie got a shoulder up to break the count. Disgusted with herself, Sarah pushed Natalie away and then got to her feet. Stalking over to the brunette’s feet, she grabbed an ankle with each hand and pulled them off the mat in a rough V.

Taking a moment to address her nemesis she spat, “I guess I should have known it would take this to beat a bitch like YOU GNNNGHHHHHH!” Sarah was cut off abruptly as Natalie pulled her legs in and then shot them out, driving both heels into the Slayer’s groin.

Watching coldly as Gellar fell to her knees, Natalie got slowly to her feet and limped the few paces separating the two young women. Trapping Sarah in a Standing Headscissors of her own, Natalie said, “And I should have known that this was the only thing I needed to finish you off. Goodbye Slayer.”

Natalie reached down and hooked up both of Sarah’s arms, hauled her off the mat and then dropped her right back down, hitting the Star Destroyer for the second time in the match. Feeling righteous after her finisher demolished the blonde, Natalie kicked Sarah onto her back and knelt down right beside her head. Smiling serenely, Natalie purred, “I have waited so long to do this to you. I hope the ref counts slow.” She scooted forward and planted her butt on Sarah’s face, administering the Reverse Face Sit. Grinding Sarah’s nose between her cheeks, Natalie leaned back and continued to smile as the ref knelt and counted, “1... 2... THR…”

Natalie howled in surprise and fury as the blonde bit down hard on her intruding butt cheek and chewed for all she was worth. Pulling her rear away from the Slayer’s jaws, Natalie’s surprise turned to white-hot fury. Stomping down on the blonde’s belly and chest repeatedly, Natalie screamed, “YOU DESPERATE NO CLASS WHORE! I’LL BREAK YOUR NECK FOR THAT!”

Not wasting any time in carrying out her threat, Natalie went to Sarah’s head and hauled the blonde to her feet once more. Wedging Sarah’s head between her thighs, Natalie grabbed the bottom of the Slayer’s red leather one-piece and yanked up viciously, adding insult to her already copious injury.

Sawing the material back and forth, Natalie purred, “This is the end for you bitch!”

The words were scarcely out of her mouth when Sarah’s hands shot up and gripped her behind the knees. A half second later, the blonde jerked Natalie’s legs out from under her and dumped her on her back. Now holding Nat’s ankles in both hands, Sarah looked down at her stunned foe and said softly, “I couldn’t agree more.” As punctuation, she brought her right boot up and then smashing down heel first into Natalie’s womanhood.

The brunette screamed in anguish and she tried to pull away, but the Slayer would have none of that. Holding on to Natalie’s legs for dear life, she stepped through with her right leg, planting it firmly on the mat next to Natalie’s left hip. Then she crossed the captive limbs over her right leg and pulled her grip tight. Almost done now, she slowly turned Natalie over onto her stomach and sat down, applying one of the most feared submissions in all of wrestling, the Sharpshooter.

Leaning back on the hold like a woman possessed, Sarah bounced her butt up and down on Natalie’s perfectly content to destroy the brunette’s legs and lower back. Looking over her shoulder, Sarah glared at her victim and taunted, “How do you like being tortured Natalie? Ready to beg for mercy?”

Tears flowing freely down her face, Natalie shook her head ‘no’ and screamed, “I’LL NEVER SUBMIT TO YOU SLAYER! NEVER!” Refusing to waste any more energy on words, Portman planted both hands on the mat and pushed up as high as she could go. Using what little leverage this tactic granted her, she pulled and clawed her way towards the ropes, trying her best (but often failing) to keep from screaming out in pain. Realizing what Natalie was trying to do, Sarah tensed up and growled, “Not a chance bitch.”

When Portman was only an arm length away from freedom, Sarah stood up, loosening the pressure on the Sharpshooter considerably. But this was no act of charity; instead the Slayer simply pulled Natalie back towards the center of the ring and then sat down again, resting her butt rudely on Natalie’s sweat soaked lower back.

Bawling in frustration as Sarah yanked freedom away from her, Nat tried to get her hands under her again, but try as she might, she couldn’t push off the canvas. Reaching futilely for the ropes, her right hand shivered in the air for about five seconds before she suddenly brought it down, slapping the mat over and over to signal her surrender.

The referee immediately called for the bell, but Sarah didn’t release the hold. Cranking back even harder she demanded, “SCREAM MY NAME SLUT! SCREAM MY NAME OR I’LL MAKE SURE YOU NEVER WRESTLE AGAIN!

Humiliated at this turn of events, Natalie continued slapping the mat and cried out, “SARAH! SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR!”

Gritting her teeth ferociously, the Slayer growled, “Sarah Michelle Gellar made you do WHAT?”

Well past the limits of her endurance, Natalie sobbed, “SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR MADE ME SUBMIT!”

Finally satisfied, Sarah tossed the brunette’s legs aside and stood up. Ignoring the ref’s admonition, she put one foot on the small of Natalie’s back and said quietly, “Yes I did.”


The full impact of what she’d just accomplished finally washed over her and the Slayer broke down in tears as the crowd chanted her name and the speakers started to play ‘Man in the Box.’ Going to one corner of the hexagon, Sarah climbed up onto the middle buckle and pointed out to the crowd before making the universally recognized, “belt around the waist’ motion.

Pointing to her chest, Sarah mouthed silently to the crowd, “It’s gonna be MINE.”

She was still making this assertion when her music was cut off by a loud burst of static. After a few seconds of silence, the jarring opening to ‘Stricken’ roars to life and the crowd gazes eagerly towards the entryway. A moment later, Selma Blair appears at the top of the ramp, clad simply in hip hugging black vinyl pants and a gray top with the legend, ‘BLAIR RAID SIREN’ across the chest.

Smiling at the exhausted Slayer, Selma brought her microphone up and said, “Long time no see Slayer. You want me to wait a second so you can grab a mic? I figure you’ll want to say something back at me, seeing as how I’m interrupting your big moment and all.”

Sarah glared daggers at the brunette interloper, but accepted her offer, going to a corner of the ring to retrieve a mic of her own. Turning back to face the stage she said, “I wondered how long it would take you to call me out face to face Selma. You always did have a lousy sense of timing.”

From the entryway, Blair only smiled and responded, “I prefer to think of it as dramatic. Congratulations by the way; you just won the first ever Sixth Circle of Hell match. Just another accolade to add to your already lengthy list of accomplishments. Yet even this is only a stepping-stone. Soon you’ll be in the ring with Charlize Theron, battling her for your very first World Title. I admit I’m impressed.”

Sarah cut her off, “You’ve got my attention Selma, there’s no need to bore me. Just take your shots and get out of here. No matter what you or anybody else thinks, I AM going to win my match with Charlize…you’re looking at the next World Champion!”

Blair only smirked and answered, “You misunderstand me Sarah, I came out here to wish you good luck. I’m rooting for you to dethrone Charlize and then have a nice, lengthy title reign. Because in the not too distant future, I’ll be achieving number one contender status myself. And nothing would please me more than to stand across that ring from you and take away the thing you hold most precious. Five years ago, you walked out on me and stole my legacy. I had to toil in anonymity all that time just to get back to where I always deserved to be and I’ve finally done it. You robbed me of my greatest accomplishment Sarah, very soon, I’ll rob you of yours!”

Sarah shook her head in disgust and fired back, “It’s not my fault you went nowhere without me Selma. But anytime you want to end our little series; you know where to find me. I’ll be more than happy to show a whole new group of people that I was always better than you. And if there’s a World Title on the line, kicking your ass is going to be all the sweeter.”

Selma’s normally stoic façade cracked for a moment and she looked righteously angry with the blonde. Then the storm passed and when she spoke her voice was as calm as ever, “In case you forgot Sarah, I won two of those matches, and both of them were by submission. I made you scream before and I’ll do it again. But that’s for another night; you’ve got a title to win. Just don’t forget about me Slayer. I haven’t forgotten you.”

The brunette dropped her mic, spun on her heel and slipped through the curtain. Left alone in the ring, Sarah muttered, “I don’t care if you’re a Munchkin or an Amazon. I’m gonna win that belt. And once I do, it’s never leaving my waist.” Then she saluted the crowd a final time before rolling out of the ring and striding slowly up the ramp.


The show had been over for two hours now, but Richard Fannin was only just now walking out of the Gilman House. Trudging across the parking lot towards the Fury, the exhausted promoter let out a weary groan. The Circle had gone as well as they’d all hoped it would, and while he was quite happy for Sarah, he was totally furious at the second interruption from the hooded figure. He’d actually missed the majority of the match because he, Archer and Pseudo had started combing the building to see if they could find any trace of the mysterious visitor. Unfortunately, all their searching had come to nothing and they were forced to admit that whoever it was had gotten away for a second time.

This line of thought had just concluded when he realized there was someone leaning against the hood of his Plymouth. Stopping in his tracks, Fannin said, “Hey how’s it going. Nice night for leaning on cars isn’t it?”

The figure stepped out of the shadows and Rich was relieved to see Katie Holmes standing before him. Sighing heavily he said, “Oh hi Katie. I bet I can guess what you want to talk abouOOWWWW!”

The limber brunette cut off her boss with a hard right across the jaw. Rubbing her knuckles, Katie looked furious and sad at the same time. Before Rich could say anything she spat, “You know, if you wanted to keep up the mental torture, you could have just fired me. No need to do all this eerie tit for tat shit. No, ya know what? Fuck that! I paid my penance and I’m sick of having to constantly apologize. The Darkness is dead Richard Fannin. Why couldn’t you let it stay buried?”

Still nursing his aching jaw, Fannin winced and asked, “You really think I had something to do with this? You of all people should know how I despise run-ins.”

The brunette wasn’t convinced, not by a long shot, “All I know is that no one touches a light or a soundboard without your approval. You had to know that it was coming. What I don’t know is who’s under that hood. Give me her name and I promise I won’t kick your ass any more than I have to.”

Fannin shook his head incredulously, “Hate to poke holes in your theory Katie, but you know all too well how easy it is to bribe the sound and light guys - especially considering how little I pay them. You and the other Darkness girls did it over and over again.”

Katie mulled this over, but when she spoke again, she was still defiant. “OK, maybe you didn’t do it, but you had to get a name from the sound and light guys, and I want it.”

Fannin sighed again, “I already tried that. It was a dead-end. I hate to tell you, but whoever’s doing this has outside help. Somebody hi-jacked the controls for the lights and speakers just long enough to let the Mystery Chick do a number on you. In all honesty, I’ve no clue who’s behind this - or why they targeted you!”

Holmes glowered for another second before muttering, “If I find out you’re lying, it’s not going to be pretty Rich.”

“I swear I’m not holding out on you Katie. Now can I go home or do you wanna slug me again?”

Katie stepped back in the shadows, rapidly melting into nothing more than a shadow. When she spoke next, her voice was drifting from halfway across the lot. “I’m through for now Richard Fannin. But know that I’m looking for this girl. When I find her, she’s going to learn why no one plays mind games with Katie Holmes.”

Still feeling the sting of the brunette’s punch, Fannin slipped into the Fury and turned the key. Beginning the long drive home he muttered glumly, “And here I was hoping to go an entire night without being hit. So much for resolutions.”
Meanwhile, on the outskirts of Arkham, a single light was burning in the small cupola of an elegant old farmhouse. No longer wearing the hooded robe she’d used to protect her identity, the silent young woman glanced up from her book as she heard soft steps on the stairs. Seconds later, the door opened silently and Richard Upton Pickman stepped into his studio.
Closing the book, she got off the couch and walked over to her mentor.

Smiling widely she said, “How’d I do? Did I get her attention?”

Pickman smiled back and ran a hand through her hair. “I’d say you did more than get her attention. I think the exploits of your hooded alter ego have thoroughly captivated our dear Katie.”

Pleased with his response she asked, “And how did you do? Did you get the access you wanted?”

Pickman nodded again. “It wasn’t a problem. From now on, I’ll be able to witness all the carnage first hand. And you, my lovely protégé, are going to cause all kinds of carnage. Your decimation of Richard Fannin’s roster will cause beautiful chaos - and as I’ve said many times in the past, great art thrives on chaos.”

Pickman’s Pupil was silent for several seconds, then asked, “What about Katie? When can I make her pay for hurting you?”

The smile dropped away from Pickman’s face. “Not yet. Though she has disappointed me before, everything I saw in Katie Holmes is still there; she just needs the proper primer to get started again. It is my sincerest hope that my two greatest pupils will fight side by side, destroying any that would stand in your way. I see the painting in my mind, the two of you standing triumphant, the vessels of a new darkness, one that will not be so easily driven away. If our planning comes to fruition, it will be my greatest piece to date.”

Her pretty face going grave, Pickman’s Pupil asked, “And if she doesn’t heed the call of the Darkness a second time?”

The artist smiled a cold malevolent grin. “Then it will be my pleasure to paint the terror in her eyes as you break her over your knee.”

Now the student’s grin matched her teacher’s. “A win’s a win as far as I’m concerned. Get that camera ready. Mr. Pickman, I’m about to help you create a masterpiece.”

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