Pickman’s Masterpiece #6: Alyson Hannigan vs. Alexis Bledel by The Walkin' Dude

Haddonfield Armory Locker-room, fifteen minutes before the Main Event...Still coming down from the adrenaline rush of her own match, Kristen Bell flopped down on a long wooden bench across from her friend and rival Alexis Bledel. After a moment to catch her breath as she watched the brunette slip on her boots, the diminutive blonde asked, "So, you ready for this skinny?"

Alexis looked up from her footwear and smiled thinly. "I've been ready for this since January…and don't call me skinny."

Not really satisfied with her answer, Kristen continued, "All right, so you're ready for the match. But are you ready for Alyson? I mean, YOU KNOW she'll be looking to send a message to Katie and she's probably thinking you're the perfect medium."

Alexis finished one boot and turned her attention to the other, giving the laces a tight yank, then muttered, "Katie's going to be the least of her worries tonight. After what she did to me at our match, she better not look past me or I'll tear right through her."

There was fire in the brunette's voice now, and Kristen chose her next words carefully. "All right Alexis, you don't have to give me a history lesson, I was there too, remember?"

Alexis looked up and she locked eyes with Bell for a few seconds before answering. "Yeah, I know. But she didn't cost YOU the match; or lay YOU out."

The blonde nodded, "True, but it's not like I took your bottom. Maybe the next time we go, I'll collect on that particular debt..."

Alexis leaned forward and poked Kristen's belly. "Not gonna happen Bell. You better keep workin' that stairmaster cuz I'll make sure all the fans see your scrawny butt one day."

Kristen rolled her eyes and fired back, "Dream on skinny. I'm worried, I just want to make sure there's even an opportunity for us to go a third time."

Kristen's normally cheery voice was tinged with concern and Alexis picked up on in immediately, "You don't think I can beat her do you?"

The blonde sighed and shook her head. "I don't know. Before the reveal, I’d have put the two of you at 50-50, maybe 55-45 in your favor if only because the ‘Last Word’ hits so much faster than the ‘Freefall in Crimson.’ But now... I don't know. She's been on such a roll lately and she's so methodical and nasty out there, it scares me. Besides, I've seen you topless, so you know I don't scare easy."

Ignoring her attempt at levity, Alexis said plainly, "I didn't say it was going to be easy Kris, but I will win this ma..."

"No you won't. She's going to stomp a hole in you." said a voice from the door of the locker room. Kristen and Alexis looked towards the sound of the voice and were surprised to see Katie Holmes leaning against the open door, dressed as usual in tight, faded jeans and a black tank top. Katie didn't say anything after her initial statement, but she didn't leave the door either.

Never one to back down from a verbal duel, Kristen fired back, "Well, thanks for the moral support sunshine. Tell me again, what's your record against Alyson? Oh wait that's right, you don't HAVE a record because you haven't gotten into the ring with her."

Holmes glared hard at the shorter girl (she had a good nine inches on Kristen) and snarled, "Shut up Bell. I only tolerate one sawed off, smart-ass blonde in my life and you aren't her."

Not willing to let anyone refer to her as 'sawed off' and get away with it, Kristen started to get off the bench but Alexis put a hand on Kristin’s chest and stopped her. Keeping her eyes trained on the newcomer, Alexis asked, "What do you want Katie?"

The tall brunette left her place at the door and came forward to take lean heavily against one of the lockers. Answering Alexis’ question, "I want the same thing as you; Hannigan to suffer. And I want it to start tonight. Whether or not that actually happens is up to you, Alexis dear."

Not quite sure where Holmes was going with this, Alexis stood up, "I don't need outside help Katie."

Holmes smiled a knowing, bitter smile, "Don't take this personally, but you need all the help you can get. You're already walking into a two on one situation. As long as Pickman's watching her back, Alyson won't lose. Not to you, or anyone else for the matter."

Cocking her head to the side, Kristen stared at Katie with surprise written all over her face. "Pickman? What's he got to do with the Hood?"

Katie sighed. "Look, the less either of you know about all this, the safer you'll be. Just believe me when I say Richard Pickman will do anything he can to make sure his new toy doesn't lose…unless you do exactly as I tell you."

Alexis was silent, trying to process this information. Still not quite willing to believe her visitor, Alexis asked, "What are you saying, that Alyson has some sort of weird bond with Pickman?"

Holmes rubbed at her temples as though her head hurt. Struggling to find the right words, she came out with, "OK, I don't know if this is even close to right, but it's the only thing I can think of that makes sense. Think of Alyson as a compass and Pickman as North. As long as he's there for her, she'll recover and keep fighting, no matter what you do. But... what happens when you put a magnet next to a compass?"

It was Kristen who answered, "It spins out of control."

"Exactly!" Katie said.

Alexis thought that Katie might just be crazy, but just in case she wasn't, it couldn't hurt to indulge her. Finding her voice, she sighed, "All right, I'm listening. But make this quick, there's only ten minutes ‘til my match..."
The Ring Announcer stepped into the spotlight in the center of the squared circle to begin the introductions or the evening’s main event. "Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time for our Main Event! Introducing first, she stands at 5’5”, allow me to present...Alexis Bledel!"

The unmistakable opening to ‘Cells’ pulses through the Armory as the lean brunette makes her way through the curtain and down the ramp. For her grudge match with the devious redhead, Alexis is clad is a simple midnight blue tankini with white piping along the edges. The ensemble is finished off with matching dark blue pads and boots. On her way to the ring, Alexis gives the fans a small smile before turning her attention to the artist standing at his easel near the juncture of the aisle and he ringside area. Remembering what Katie had told her about Pickman's connection to Alyson and thus the Hood, Alexis favored him with a small, fake smile before she hops up on the apron and climbs through the middle rope.

Waiting just long enough for the crowd's roar to die down, the Announcer continues, "And her opponent; she stands 5’6”... she is, Alyson Hannigan!"

The eerie opening chords to Slipknot's ‘Vermillion’ wafts into the arena and the redhead makes her presence felt a moment later. Standing sat the top of the ramp, the pale beauty is a sight to behold, clad simply in a shining black, 2 piece vinyl bikini that was a great deal more revealing that her attire prior to her unmasking as the Hood. Grinning faintly at the mob, Alyson moves slowly down the ramp, blatantly ignoring everyone and everything on her way to the ring. She makes one exception to this rule, flashing a quick smile at Pickman as she slipped under the bottom rope. In the ring, Alyson rolled to one knee and then rose to her feet before walking towards her corner. Stepping onto the second turnbuckle, she raised both hands out at her shoulders in an open mockery of Katie's trademark signal. Waiting another second, the pale redhead hopped down from the corner and settled in to wait for the opening of the match.

A moment after Alyson reached her corner, the bell rang three times signaling the start of the match. Now, after several months of waiting and tiresome speculation, Alexis was going to get her hands on the woman that had cost her the most important match of her career. Never one to draw things out, Alexis strode out of her corner as soon as the bell clanged, making a beeline for her redheaded adversary.

Alyson's approach was much more leisurely, not because the pale vixen had any qualms about locking up with Alexis, but because she simply didn't regard the brunette as an equal. She had been a stepping-stone eight months ago, and she was still a stepping-stone. She just didn't know it yet.

The brunette and the redhead met in the center of the squared circle a few seconds later, and after a moment of tense silence, Alexis broke the quiet with a low, angry growl. "You're not nearly so scary without the bathrobe Alyson. And now I finally get to pay you back for ruining my UUNNGH!"

Alexis’ statement was cut off instantly when Alyson snapped her hand up and tagged the slender brunette with a vicious forehand slap across the cheek. Alexis closed her eyes against the pain and when she opened them up, Alyson was standing in the same position, regarding the stunned girl with calm eyes. As Alexis fumed, Alyson said flatly, "Bored now."

Alexis could scarcely believe the redhead's gall. Ignoring the dull fire in her face, she closed the gap between her and her foe and snarled, "That's the last time you will EVER lay a hand on me UUNGGH!"

Alyson's other hand lashed out this time, treating Alexis to a matching set of reddened cheeks. Glaring at the redhead with unbridled hate, Alexis couldn't believe her ears when Alyson added, "Still bored."

Through with trying to threaten her opponent, Alexis sank into a low crouch and exploded forward, catching Alyson around the waist and dropping her to the canvas with a short but vicious spear. Roaring in savage pleasure as Alyson gasped and squirmed beneath her, Alexis scrambled up into a loose straddle of the redhead's chest and sank one hand deep into Alyson's crimson locks.

Yanking Alyson’s head up and forward, Alexis repaid her rival's earlier insolence with some of her own, drilling a series of short, sharp and completely unprotected jabs into Alyson's face. Her smile growing wider with every chin shivering THUD! Alexis never even realized the referee had begun his count, in fact, if Alyson hadn't raked her eyes right around FOUR it's likely the brunette would’ve been disqualified two minutes into the contest! So Alyson's clawing her face was actually a good thing, though one would be hard pressed to label it anything better than a mixed blessing. Temporarily blinded by Alyson’s sneaky counter, Alexis voiced an angry shout and pulled out of her mount. She wasn't incapacitated for long, however. By the time her vision cleared Alyson was only starting to get to her feet and Alexis didn't think she wanted that to happen just yet.

Shaking her head 'no' Alexis whispered, "Oh no you don't!" and lunged forward to smash her boot into Alyson’s shoulders and head as she was trying to rise. Taken off guard by the ferocious velocity of Alexis' attack, Alyson decided that a timely, (though temporary) retreat was necessary. Protecting her head with her arms, the redhead rolled away from her opponent and under the bottom rope, out to the sanctuary of the floor.

Feeding off the wild roars of encouragement from the audience, Alexis backed up fast and muttered, "Nowhere for you to run this time Hood. You're going to stay here and take what you so richly deserve."

The words had barely left her mouth when she took off towards the ropes at her back, bounced off them and sprinted back towards the opposite side of the ring. Approaching the edge of the ring at a dead run, Alexis carefully lined herself up with the winded redhead and went into a low slide, slipping under the bottom in one smooth motion that was cut short thanks solely to Alyson's chest getting in the way of her feet. Alyson let out a breathless OOOFH of pain as she was sent sprawling against the steel guardrail that did nothing to improve her condition. Feeling her legs go all trembly and weak, Alyson sank to her butt and rubbed gingerly at the small of her back.

Running through the past few minutes in her mind, Alyson thought, "Apparently this little twerp has more spine than either Richard or I ever suspected. Good, that means she'll make a more satisfying CRACK when I break her in half."

While Alyson was slumped against the barricade and taking stock of the various wounds and other indignities her foe had piled on thus far, Alexis was busy planning her next bit of offense. Keeping in mind what Katie had told her about not giving the redhead any breathing room, Alexis decided that the faster she could end this thing, the better. True, it would be extremely satisfying to make the redhead suffer for what she'd done to her (and the rest of the roster for that matter) But the truth was that Alyson had already proven to be an extremely dangerous opponent and that was long before everyone knew she was the Hood. Now that the mask was off, there was no reason for the pale beauty to hold back and that made her all the more dangerous.

Heading towards the corners nearest Alyson, Alexis climbed to the top buckle and said quietly, "If she has no reason to hold back, then neither do I. I'll beat this cheating skank fast and then let Katie have the rest of the pieces."

Waiting impatiently, Alexis watched Alyson reach over her head, get a grip on the top of the guard rail and start pulling herself up. The moment Alyson was vertical, Alexis stood up straight and leapt off the top, coming down in a suicidal dive from a height of nearly fifteen feet in the air with nothing but Alyson and a thin blue mat to break her fall. Luckily for Alexis, Alyson didn't see her coming until it was too late and the crowd went absolutely nuts when the highflying brunette nearly caved in her adversary's chest with a perfectly executed Missile Dropkick.

There was nothing quiet or muted about Alyson’s scream this time; the alabaster beauty was instantly knocked off her feet and sent sprawling back head over heels, not coming to rest until she'd rolled the length of one side of the ring. Laying stunned on the mat, Alexis let out a low groan and rolled over onto her belly before pushing up to her knees, Running a hand through her dark, disheveled hair, Alexis glared over at Alyson's splayed form and she was immediately refreshed. Getting her feet under her, she stalked over to where the redhead was laid out and pulled her to her knees with a vicious handful of hair.

Letting the full force of her hate pour through her words, Alexis got into Alyson's face and panted, "You wanted to make an example out of me? Fine, I'll be the perfect example of the girl that can kick your ass. How's that for an example spooky?"

The glaze in Alyson’s eyes suddenly burned away and she replied in a quiet, almost happy voice, "I'm going to hurt you. So very badly."

Refusing to fall for the other girl's mind-games, Alexis merely shook her head and yanked the kneeling girl to her feet. Pointing Alyson towards the ring, Alexis helped herself to a generous handful of the redhead's black tights and unceremoniously tossed her back into the ring. Following Alyson under the bottom rope, Alexis pushed the downed vixen into the middle of the ring and threw herself across Alyson’s chest. Hooking the far leg, Alexis leaned back hard and sneered, "Let's get this over with shall we?"

Actually believing that the brunette might be on the verge of a huge upset, the ref dropped down and began to count, “ONE... TWO...” Alyson got both hands against Alexis' chest and shoved hard, sending the brunette rolling off her and breaking the pin simultaneously. Slapping the mat, Alexis powered her way to her feet and circled around behind the redhead, silently begging the injured grappler to get back up. In a few seconds Alexis got her wish - and fate did her one better - as Alyson got up facing the opposite direction. Knowing the redhead would begin to turn around, Alexis grinned and said to herself, "This is going to feel soooo good."

As expected, Alyson spun around the moment she realized the brunette wasn't in front of her and that's when Alexis pounced! She took a little step to her right, hopped forward and blasted her left leg at Alyson’s face, catching the redhead squarely across the cheek with a Super Kick. There was a resounding CLAP as Alexis’ booted foot connected with her rival's face. But much to the surprise of the mob, Alyson didn't fall, instead she went stumbling and staggering back into the ropes, which suited her opponent just fine.

Dropping to one knee, Alexis extended her right arm and pointed directly at her oblivious foe, clearly calling for the 'Last Word' that had ended so many of her previous matches. When Alyson lurched into striking distance, Alexis leapt off the mat, shot her right arm out and clasped it behind Alyson's neck, trying to pull the redhead off her feet and face first into the mat with her lethal finisher.

The brunette had just started to come down when Alyson got her hands on Alexis’ back and shoved her forward. Alexis' loose grip was broken and the slender beauty was propelled forward into the ropes that Alyson herself had so recently occupied. Trying desperately to regain her balance, Alexis bounced out of the ropes and whirled around, ready to go on the attack once more. Unfortunately, Alyson was ready as well; a point she illustrated by roaring forward and nearly taking the brunette's head off with a Yakuza Kick that hit THWAP the side of her face.

Alexis voiced a wordless groan of agony and crumbled to her hands and knees, but not before the force of Alyson’s strike and spun her around 180-degrees. Replaying the deliciously startled look on Alexis' face in the seconds before she'd kicked her face in, Alyson took several seconds to adjust the edges of her black vinyl briefs and ran both hands through her hair. Licking her lips in anticipation of the pain she was going to put this upstart through, Alyson grinned and said, "I'm going to dissect you Alexis. Slowly, methodically and with no anesthesia. You're going to be awake and aware for every single second of this little study in pain."

Prepping Alexis for the first phase of her experiment, Alyson buried her talons in the brunette's hair and pulled her to her feet. Using her left arm, she trapped Alexis in a simple Front Face-Lock. Shortly thereafter Alyson marched her prey to the center of the ring and tightened her grip. Grinding Alexis’ skull with the Face-Lock, Alyson grabbed hold of Alexis' left wrist and folded it up against the brunette's back in a simple, but effective Hammerlock. Rising up on her toes, Alyson jerked up on the Hammerlock and fell back simultaneously, spiking the crown of Alexis' skull against the canvas with her modified DDT.

Chucking evilly, Alyson got to her feet and pulled Alexis to hers. Taking possession of Alexis’ wrist, Alyson directed her towards the nearest corner and Irish Whipped her into the buckles. Waiting just long enough to confirm that the brunette had collided with the corner, Alyson surged forward in a blur of motion and splattered Alexis all over the turnbuckles with a high impact Clothesline. Staying close enough to Alexis to keep her propped up in the corner, Alyson slowly brought both hands up and wrapped them around the stunned beauty's throat.

Gently pressing her thumbs against the brunette's windpipe, Alyson stared into Alexis' face and demanded, “Look at me!" The moment Alexis’ eyes cleared, the cruel redhead clamped down tight, strangling her opponent with a disgustingly Blatant Choke. Laughing into Alexis' bugged out eyes, Alyson waited until the ref had reached, 'FOUR' on his count. Pulling her hands away, Alyson rubbed her hands across Alexis' sweating face and purred, "It's exquisite isn't it? And that's just a glimpse into my darkness. There's so much more... and I'm going to make sure you see it all."

Going back to work, she grabbed Alexis by the hair and whirled her around. Pulling the brunette out of the corner, Alyson placed her victim's face along the top rope, making sure that Alexis’ eye sockets were snuggled nicely against the firm cable. Keeping her hands pressed against the back of Alexis' head, Alyson started dragging her victim across the rope, abrading and grinding Alexis' features against the unforgiving material. Ignoring the ref's admonition, Alyson released her hold on the brunette's head just long enough to avoid the DQ and then she continued her assault, dragging her screaming, wailing opponent back to the middle of the ropes. Deciding it was time to change tactics, Alyson pulled Alexis' face away from the rope only to immediately slip it under the same rope and lace her hands under the brunette's chin. Slipping her fingers into the sides of Alexis’ mouth, Alyson pulled back sadistically, ripping and tearing at her foe's delicate features while simultaneously putting insidious pressure on her neck.

Continuing to tune out the official's count, Alyson enjoyed the feel of Alexis writhing on the ends of her claws. It was only when the zebra reached 'FOUR' again that Alyson relaxed the pressure on the illegal hold. Smirking openly at the ref, the redhead said, "It would have been better for her if you'd just let me choke her out. Now I've just got more opportunities to tear her apart." Turning back to the brunette, Alyson readjusted her grip on Alexis' chin and leapt into the air. At the apex of her leap Alyson tucked her knees between Alexis’ shoulder blades and fell back, subjecting Alexis to the agony of a Lungblower and a Neckbreaker when her head was snapped backwards across the top rope.

Observing Alexis’ anguish with a frightening smile, Alyson sauntered over to her crippled foe and dropped to one knee. Allowing herself a small pleasure, Alyson pulled Alexis' tankini top nearly all the way up, exposing most of the brunette's back for all to see. Her expression never changing, Alyson gently laid both hands against Alexis' shoulders and slowly raked her fingers down, leaving about ten angry crimson streaks as proof of her presence. Stifling a laugh as Alexis moaned into the mat, the cruel redhead tangled her fingers in Alexis' hair and brought her back to her feet.

Wheeling the stunned beauty around to face her, Alyson purred, "If you enjoyed the feel of my claws running down you're back, I'm sure you'll love this."

Still sporting the same chilling smile, Alyson her right hand across Alexis's head in a skull pulverizing Face Claw. Alexis tried to break Alyson's grip but her foe wasn't looking for a submission from the Claw. With Alexis preoccupied, Alyson stepped beside her squirming rival and put one long pal leg behind Alexis's planted feet. Balancing all her weight on the other leg, Alyson kicked the leg behind Alexis back as hard as she could, while simultaneously pushing forward on the Claw Hold. The end result of her attack was a combination Iron Claw and STO that sent the Alexis to the mat, the back of her head cracking painfully against the canvas while still suffering the tortures of the redhead's talons. Alexis spasmed once after impact and then lay still, her soft groans the only indication of consciousness.

Not bothering to relinquish her grip on Alexis’ face, Alyson simply remained on her knees and waited for the ref to swoop in and count off, 'ONE... TWO...' before Alexis rolled a shoulder off the mat, breaking the count.

Pulling her hand away, Alyson flexed her fingers a bit and murmured, "Hmh, still young and foolish enough to bend before you break. How delicious..."

Returning her fingers to Alexis’ hair, Alyson got up and pulled the other girl to a sitting position. Making sure she was in perfect view for Pickman to capture her next move, Alyson stared down at her intended victim with an expression that might best be described as serene menace. Keeping Alexis' head pulled back at a harsh angle, Alyson raised her free arm over her head, held it there for a moment and then brought it smashing down across Alexis’ chest. The unprotected Forearm Shot caused the brunette to gasp and try to pull away, but Alyson merely pulled her head back a second time and delivered another blow to her opponent's chest. This continued for the better part of twenty seconds; the redhead starting at a slow methodical pace and slowly picking up speed until by the end she was hammering Alexis' defenseless chest with a fusillade of blows until, eventually, some secret, silent alarm went off in Alyson’s mind and she released her grip on Alexis' hair, allowing the brunette to fall face-first to the mat with no interference.

Absently rubbing the forearm that had decimated her fallen foe, Alyson mused, "I think I'm done playing with you. Alexis. You're starting to get boring again."

On the heels of those ominous words, the redhead jerked Alexis to her feet and took possession of her right wrist. Pointing Alexis towards the turnbuckles, Alyson planted her feet firmly against the canvas and whipped Alexis forward with as much strength as she could muster. Alexis crossed the ring in spectacularly quick fashion; her speed only diminished when she slammed back first into the thinly padded steel and was nearly knocked off her feet. It was a testament to the brunette's fortitude and tenacity that she managed to keep her footing and come staggering out of the corner, but the importance of this feet was somewhat diminished when Alyson get her at mid ring with a sharp boot to the gut. As Alexis doubled over in agony, Alyson reached around Alexis' torso and locked her hands. In the same motion she hauled Alexis off her feet and spun her around nearly 270-degrees right before she dropped to one knee and slammed Ariel down stomach first across the posted joint, neatly impaling the slender grappler with a Tilt-a-Whirl Gutbuster.

Savoring the feel of Alexis' abdomen trembling against her knee, Alyson ever so slowly grabbed her rival by the hair and led her back to her feet. Making sure they were positioned in the center of the ring, Alyson lowered her shoulder and muscled Alexis up across her shoulders in a simple Fireman's Carry. Turning in a slow circle (she knew Pickman loved seeing things from every angle) Alyson regarded the crowd with a sardonic smirk and said, "This is what happens to would be heroes. Maybe the rest of you idiots should keep Alexis here in mind the next time you're in the mood to try something brave and stupid."

Feeding off the chorus of boos, Alyson bent her knees and pushed hard on Alexis' thighs, initiating the Death Valley Driver. But her smirk vanished when the supposedly out of it Alexis added her own momentum to the redhead's shove and soared through the air in a graceful (though jury rigged) front flip that brought her down a few feet away from her startled foe. Snarling as her fun was denied, Alyson lunged at the turning brunette, pointing both sets of claws at Alexis' face. This was certainly an understandable mode of attack for Alyson to employ, but she made the crucial mistake of forgetting that her arms weren't as long as Alexis' legs. Alexis hadn't forgotten though and she greeted the oncoming vixen with a vile kick to the belly that stopped Alyson in her tracks.

Smiling sadistically as Alyson gasped, Alexis grabbed Alyson’s head in both hands and sneered, "Payback time you cheap-shotting bitch."

The brunette bent her knees slightly and then leapt straight up before stretching her legs at a rough 45-degree angle. Gravity pulled her down a moment later and Alexis landed comfortably on her butt while Alyson was driven face and chest first into the mat compliments of the leaping Facebuster that most wrestling fans would forever identify as the X-Factor. Popping to her feet with renewed energy, Alexis roared her triumph to the crowd who returned her fervor with equal intensity. Jogging around behind the flattened redhead, Alexis settled into a crouch and waited impatiently for Alyson to get to her feet. As soon as she got to one knee, Alexis dashed into the ropes and came sprinting back, timing her return so that she was able to level Alyson with a hard Clothesline across the throat.

The brunette knew that she'd taken her adversary off her feet again, but she also knew that Alyson was a remarkably resilient wrestler, so instead of slowing down to survey the damage of the Clothesline, Alexis simply kept charging toward the ropes on the opposite side of the ring, hoping she could catch Alyson with a second Clothesline on her return trip. As it turned out, the brunette's hopes were fulfilled when Alyson got to her feet a little too quickly for her own good and was immediately caught with Alexis’ follow-up Clothesline. Deciding that going for the trifecta would be too risky; Alexis finally put on the brakes and turned back around to face her breathless rival. Keeping her movements fast and precise, Alexis buried a hand in Alyson's crimson locks and hoisted the other girl to her feet.

Pointing Alyson towards the most appropriate corner, Alexis glared at her captive and promised, "I may not be the biggest or meanest girl in the business Hannigan, but I promise you here and now; I WILL make you sorry for thinking you could begin some ill advised reign of terror at my expense."

Getting nothing in return, Alexis sent her opponent hurtling towards the corner and took off right on her heels. Alyson's back took the brunt of the impact from the turnbuckles but her front was treated to an equally rough time when Alexis left her feet in a beautiful leap and soared towards her prey, ending the short flight by lashing out her left leg and smashing her calf directly into Alyson’s chest. There was a short but echoing THWAP as Alexis' strong leg sent a shudder wracking through Alyson's body and smeared her back against the buckles. Unable to gain control over her legs, Alyson stumbled out of the corner and made it all the way to mid-ring before getting intercepted by a redlining Alexis.

Tagging the woozy redhead with a crisp little jab to the jaw, Alexis chided, "Thanks for coming out here to meet me Alyson. I was afraid a big scary villainess like you would go on the run when I was kicking your ass, but you're breaking stereotypes. Good for you!"

Pulling Alyson in close, Alexis looped an arm around her opponent's waist and threaded the other between Alyson's legs, making sure to get a good solid grip on the waistband of her opponent's briefs. Her grip in place, Alexis popped her hips and tossed Alyson up and over. Just as the redhead was beginning to pass over her head, Alexis spun around on her heel and slammed herself down to the canvas, flattening Alyson between her own body and the unforgiving mat with a T-Bone Power Slam. Maintaining her position across the redhead's chest after the slam connected, Alexis hooked her foe's far leg and bore down tight, hoping to seal the victory then and there. Remarkably impressed that the brunette had been able to rally from such an intense beating earlier in the match, the ref moved into position and counted off, 'ONE... TWO...' Alyson shot an arm off the canvas, breaking the count.

Cursing silently, Alexis was about to give the official a withering glare when she remembered the advice Katie had given her before that match. Favoring Alyson with the grimace she'd been preparing for the ref, Alexis muttered, "Gotta keep hitting you red. Katie seems to think you're something like the Jason Voorhees of women's wrestling and if she sez I need to need to drop bombs on ya til there's nothing left, then that's what I'm going to do.”

Making good on her word, Alexis grabbed Alyson by the straps of her black top and hauled both of them back to a vertical base. Shoving the stunned vixen away from her, Alexis cut off Alyson’s backpedaling with another wicked kick to the gut, this one landing just above the line of her opponent's vinyl bottom. Cutting the distance between her and the wounded beauty, Alexis trapped Alyson in a Front Face Lock, neatly slinging the redhead's near arm over her shoulders while reaching down to hook Alyson's left leg with her right arm. Pausing only to take a deep breath, Alexis pulled Alyson up and off her feet, bringing her trapped victim crashing down hard with a Fisherman's Suplex. Knowing that Alyson’s shoulders were once again flat on the mat, Alexis increased the pressure on the her bridge, arcing up as high as she could go in an effort to keep Alyson pinned down. She was successful in this endeavor for about two and a half seconds, but as you well know, wrestling is all about three seconds and Alyson was able to fire a fist up and catch her opponent in the ribs, breaking the count with less than a second to spare. Growing mildly frustrated with her inability to keep the redhead down, Alexis got to her feet and plotted her next move.

Noting Alyson's position near the ropes with no small amount of satisfaction, Alexis said quietly, "Well if I can't finish you off by myself, maybe out old friend gravity would be willing to lend a hand."

Seeking the aid of the highflying wrestler's unseen but always present ally, Alexis sprinted over to the appropriate set of buckles and climbed up onto the top rope. Turning to face the ring, she remained crouched in place until Alyson rolled over onto her belly and started to push to her hands and knees. The moment the redhead got to her feet Alexis stood up straight and leapt off into the void. Alexis seemed to hang in the air for several seconds before she started to descend, picking up speed with every passing inch until she smashed across Alyson's chest in a Flying Crossbody Press. The impact knocked Alyson flat on her back and for a moment everything looked as if it was proceeding as normal, but then the pinned redhead planted her feet against the mat, bridged up and rolled backwards, landing heavily on her knees with Alexis still clutched tightly across her chest. With an expression that was equal parts glee and hate, Alyson powered her way to her feet and stalked to the middle of the ring, still holding the brunette in her grasp Laughing uproariously, Alyson hoisted Alexis up onto her shoulders into a Fireman's Carry. Walking slowly around the ring, Alyson looked out at the crowd and grinned while she sneered, "Just wondering? When this bitch’s neck snaps, do you think it'll 'SNAP, CRACKLE or POP’? I’m betting on 'SNAP’!"

Right on cue she bent her knees and then pushed up hard on Alexis's knees. The brunette's body was flung up and over in a tight arc over Alyson head, coming down as if for some modified Death Valley Driver, but instead of simply sitting out, the redhead sank to one knee, letting the back of Alexis’ neck slam into the posted joint as she dropped toward the canvas. The effects of the viciously modified Neckbreaker sent waves of agony through the brunette's body, as indicated by the high-pitched shrieks and violent spasms. Rubbing her knee where Alexis's neck had hit, Alyson took much comfort in the fact that this pain was minor compared to the one she had just inflicted. Deciding she was going to make the brunette suffer for having the temerity to stand against her, Alyson got to her feet and stomped down hard on the back of Alexis' neck.

Grinding her heel against the brunette's skull, Alyson put her hands on her hips and cooed, "You're nothing Bledel! You think you're the star of this story, but you're nothing but an extra, collateral damage in a war that doesn't even concern you. So before I tear you to pieces, I want you to know that you managed to get my attention, but only for as long as it takes for me to drop your broken, beaten body at Katie's feet. Hope you enjoyed your time in the spotlight bitch."

Making sure Alexis enjoyed every second of her fifteen minutes of fame; Alyson bent down and slowly pulled the limber brunette up by the roots. Jerking her foe back and forth with sharp, wicked tugs on her dark locks, Alyson waited long enough to confirm that Alexis wasn't feigning her helplessness then she lowered her shoulder and hoisted the other girl up in yet another Fireman's Carry. Foregoing a taunt this time, Alyson merely turned in a small circle, allowing all four sides of the arena to get a good view of how she was dominating Alexis. Finishing her little exhibition, Alyson pushed up on her toes and tossed the brunette over her head, so that Alexis was falling to the canvas directly in front of the redhead. As Alexis began to fall back towards the mat, Alyson dropped to one knee and waited the split second it took the brunette to land belly first on the posted joint. The Gutbuster folded Alexis up instantly and she rolled off her foe's knee with a pathetic gasp.

Torn between focusing her attack on Alexis' neck or her belly, Alyson decided she'd work Alexis’ gut, It would be more fun to leave the head injuries for when she demolished Katie. Sauntering over to the wreckage that was Alexis, Alyson kicked the nauseated brunette over onto her back and positioned herself near Alexis’ right side. Getting ready to enact her plan, Alyson bent down and quickly pulled her kneepads down around her shins and straightened up again. Casting a glance at a furiously scribbling Pickman, Alyson's face remained neutral as she ran the ropes on her way back to her prone victim. When she was less than a foot from Alexis, Alyson left her feet in a gorgeous vertical leap and neatly folded her legs up beneath her. With both recently bared knees pointing straight down, Alyson came crashing down with both padded knees being driven deep into the pit of Alexis's stomach. Alexis gagged violently and tried to tear herself away from the pale girl, but Alyson reached out and easily snagged the breathless brunette by the shoulder straps of her dark blue top.

Pulling Alexis onto her back, Alyson sidled up next to her opponent and leisurely wrapped her legs around either side of Alexis' chest. Making sure her thighs were situated perfectly across Alexis’ chest and upper back, the redhead locked her ankles and began to squeeze, slowly but inexorably crushing the life out of her opponent's lungs. Laughing silently as Alexis' formerly feeble escape attempts took on a much more frantic tone, Alyson brushed some hair out of her eyes and lightly placed her right hand palm down on the brunette's tormented middle. Not caring if Alexis understood what was about to happen, Alyson dug her fingers deep into the brunette's belly, mauling and gouging at the taut flesh in a stamina-stealing Stomach Claw. Alexis thrashed and howled as she tried to escape, dividing her efforts between punching at Alyson’s thighs or tugging at her talons, but unfortunately for the brunette, her redheaded tormentor kept both holds locked firmly in place.

Working her clawing hand in a subtle but agonizing circular motion, Alyson added more pressure to the Body Scissors as she demanded, "Beg for mercy ‘lexi; beg for the whole world to hear and I might let you leave this ring with your career intact."

Alyson added to the veracity of her statement by pressing down even harder on the Stomach Claw and twisting her hand to the right in an effort to score the brunette's abs even as she was tearing through them. Kicking her legs erratically against the mat, Alexis refused to give her torturer the satisfaction of hearing her submit, but she knew that if she didn't fight her way out of this two-pronged nightmare very soon, she was going to slip into unconsciousness and that could prove to be even more dangerous than tapping out.

Tugging at her own hair to keep from submitting, Alexis craned her head to glare at Alyson and spat, "Fuck you Red. I'm not beaten yet."

The moment Alyson opened her mouth to reply, Alexis balled up her fist and drove it forward, smashing the redhead right in the face. Alyson grunted in pain and Alexis felt both holds loosen considerably. Using Alyson’s pain as motivation, Alexis opened up with a short but lightning fast barrage of pugilistic fury that snapped Alyson's head back with each jarring impact. After nearly a dozen such blows, the redhead's fingers unclenched and her ankles popped open, allowing Alexis to crawl free of the agonizing maneuver. Pleased with herself, the plucky brunette tried to push off her knees and got about halfway there before a massive bolt of pain tore through her abused torso and she crumpled back to the mat with both arms crisscrossed over her stomach. She was still in this position several seconds later when Alyson got to her feet and stalked over to where she was nursing her wounds.

Loving the image of her shadow falling across the huddled form of her opponent, Alyson readjusted her kneepads as she said, "Don't worry about that sick, churning feeling in your belly, Alexis. It'll go away the moment I rip it out."

Hoisting the unresisting young woman to her feet with a handful of tights, Alyson marched her over to the edge of the ring and placed her back first against the ropes. Extending Alexis’ arms across the top rope, the redhead took hold of the middle rope and pulled it up and over the top rope, effectively trapping Alexis' arms in the twisted cables. Knowing the referee wouldn't let her do this for long, Alyson grabbed Alexis by the scruff of her neck and yanked back, forcing the other girl to look into her eyes. With her free hand, Alyson reapplied the Stomach Claw, doing absolutely everything in her power to corkscrew her digits in one side and out the other.

Drinking in Alexis' misery like a fine wine, Alyson placed her forehead against the brunette's and cooed, "You're going to wish that you'd had the sense to surrender when I asked. Now I'm not feeling very generous..."

She was about to continue with her threat when the ref reached 'FOUR' on his count, so Alyson released the hold and took several steps back. Admiring her handiwork while she flexed her clawing hand, the redhead waited a few more beats and then started forward, swatting the ref out of the way so she could get a better shot at Alexis. This ended up being a mistake for the pale beauty as it also gave Alexis a clear shot at her. In the half second that Alyson was occupied with the official, Alexis brought her leg smashing up and drove her knee right into Alyson's gut. All the air left the redhead's lungs in an explosive little gasp as she doubled over in surprise and this proved to be her second mistake as Alexis shot her right foot out once more, this time catching her arrogant opposition square in the forehead. Alyson let out a stunned groan and was sent sprawling flat on her back.

Grinning vindictively as she watched the redhead splayed prone on the canvas, Alexis growled to the ref, "Get me OUT OF HERE!" Doing his job, the official undid Alyson's knot, freeing the brunette's arms from their captivity. The moment she was free of the cables, Alexis sprinted forward and bent over her down opponent, sinking both hands deep into Alyson's hair, Alexis pulled the stunned vixen to her knees and snarled, "We'll just see who ends up begging for a submiss…UNNNGH!"

Alexis had underestimated the damage done to Alyson and she paid dearly for it as the cagey redhead drove an uppercut directly into the juncture of the overzealous brunette's thighs. Alexis let out a tormented little groan as her fingers fell away from Alyson's hair and went to her injured center. This didn't bother Alyson all that much as she was still shaking off the last bit of dizziness brought on by Alexis’ desperate escape plan.

Getting gingerly to her feet, Alyson stepped around to the brunette's right side and murmured, "God I'm so glad I don't have to be wearing the damn costume to do that any more."

Alyson bent down and applied a Waist Lock with one hand while the other gripped Alexis behind the left thigh. Setting her feet, Alyson lifted up and back, pulling Alexis into the void and into position for a Back Drop Suplex. But the redhead had another move in mind and when the brunette had just begun her descent, Alyson quickly shifted her weight and dropped to one knee, directing the full weight of Alexis's body down across her knee in a sadistic application of the Backbreaker. Letting the small of Alexis's back take the brunt of the impact, Alyson held her foe bent in that terrible inverted U shape for a few seconds before pushing the brunette off her knee and immediately going for the cover. Grinding her forearm across the bridge of Alexis' nose, the redhead waited silently as the ref knelt down and counted.

'ONE... TWO...'

Alexis fired a hand up, catching Alyson across the chin and breaking the count at the same time. Getting up off her haunches, Alyson rubbed at her jaw and glowered at the slowly rising brunette. Alexis was proving to be far more tenacious than she had anticipated, and while she still had no worries about demolishing Alexis for all to see, it was quite irritating that this insignificant bit of nothing had been able to resist her at all. Cracking her knuckles as her foe finally got to her feet, Alyson locked eyes with her injured adversary.

"All right Alexis. Apparently you want to fight on gallantly in the face of insurmountable odds, so in an unbelievable act of kindness, I'm going to give you one last stand. If you wanna go down in a blaze of glory, you better come at me swinging."

Visibly enraged by the blatant dismissal she heard in the redhead's voice, Alexis balled up her fists and brought them up in a rough boxing stance. Starting to come forward, Alexis fired back, "Well I've never been one to turn down a megalomaniac's last request. But you better get your hands up too Red, otherwise I'll bash your face in."

Adopting a similar pose, Alyson smirked over her fists and replied, "I'll let you have the first punch AlexsUUUSSGHHH!"

Alyson ended up paying dearly for her altruism! Instead of helping herself to the first punch, Alexis was a bit more vicious than normal, driving her boot directly up into Alyson’s crotch! The Cunt Punt lifted the redhead onto her toes and she let out a shriek as she staggered away. Alexis walked her down, spun her around and hammered the formerly arrogant vixen with a hard-hearted barrage of punches to the face. After nearly a dozen shots, the redhead was slumped into the ropes where Alexis took Alyson's left wrist, pulled her forward and Irish Whipped her toward the far ropes. BUT NO! Alyson reversed the momentum at the last second, sending Alexis sailing into the ropes.

Fighting panic as she careened across the ring, Alexis knew Alyson would be right behind and she intended to make the redhead pay for it. With about three feet between her and the ropes, Alexis leaped in the air and came down with her feet on the middle rope. Balanced precariously, not even pausing for breath, she sprang backward and jammed her right elbow over her shoulder. THUD! Her effort was rewarded with a satisfying sound as the elbow connected with Alyson's forehead.

Brushing aside the exhaustion Alexis felt creeping in, she popped back to her feet which the crowd greeted with a triumphant roar. Turning to Alyson, Alexis was aggravated to find her already on her feet - a negative she turned into a positive without too much effort. Jogging up behind her woozy rival, Alexis let out a low whistle to get the redhead's attention, then as Alyson spun around she lashed out with several wild punches. But Alexis had anticipated her and was prepared. Ducking smoothly under Alyson’s Haymakers, Alexis wrapped up the redhead's thighs and pulled, dumping Alyson flat on her back with a quick Double Leg Takedown.

Glaring malevolently at her winded opponent, Alexis panted, "Here's my blaze of glory Alyson. And you're gonna BURN in my light."

Noting that she was a bit too close to the ropes, Alexis walked pulled them out into the center of the ring, leaving them far away from the cables. Almost satisfied, Alexis muscled Alyson's legs into a figure four shape, making Alyson’s left leg the bent angle. Tucking the ankle of the straight leg under her armpit, Alexis rolled over and sat down hard as she pulled back with everything she had, applying a Texas Cloverleaf in the middle of the ring.

Holding Alyson’s legs as tight as she could, Alexis bounced savagely on Alyson's back as she screamed, "GIVE UP! GIVE UP RIGHT NOW YOU FUCKING DECEITFUL BITCH!" Refusing to acknowledge the tears of pain running down her cheeks, Alyson refused to submit and focused her thoughts on escape. Slamming her hands against the mat, the redhead started crawling toward the ropes. She was nearly there when Alexis relieved the pressure on the Cloverleaf and pulled her back out to the middle of the ring. Tossing Alyson’s legs aside, Alexis whirled and jumped on her back. Snaking her right arm under Alyson's windpipe, Alexis clamped down tight and pulled back; applying a simple but brutally effective Rear Naked Choke. Yanking Alyson's head from side to side, Alexis cranked the redhead's neck to the breaking point and demanded, "SUBMIT! SUBMIT OR I'LL TEAR YOUR FUCKING HEAD OFF!" As much as it galled her to admit it, Alyson knew didn't have many options left. If she couldn't escape soon, this miserable little shit would choke her out, destroying everything she and Pickman had spent the last eight months building.

Picturing the diabolical tortures she was going to visit upon Alexis’ body once she escaped, Alyson pulled her hands away from the forearm cutting off her air and pressed them flat on the canvas. With a scream gurgling in her throat, the crimson-faced beauty pushed to her knees and then slid her feet under her, rising despite the handicap of Alexis riding her in a breath stealing piggyback ride. Staggering around the ring, Alyson's frantic gaze passed over Richard Pickman and her nerves instantly calmed. Locking eyes with the artist, Alyson stumbled to the ropes in open defiance of the black spots floating across her vision.

Still working the Rear Naked Choke, Alexis couldn't believe the redhead was still fighting after the hell she'd put her through. Watching Alyson's hands blindly groping for the ropes, Alexis snarled, "No escape Hood! This time, YOU'RE the example."

Hopping down from Alyson's back, Alexis jumped in the air and threw her legs straight out behind her. When gravity took hold, she yanked Alyson off her feet and slammed the back of her skull on the canvas, completing a picture perfect Sleeping Neckbreaker. Feeling a shudder pass through Alyson’s body, Alexis threw herself over Alyson's chest and hooked her far leg. Daring to believe Alexis was on the verge of what many would view as a monumental upset, the official dropped and counted.

'ONE... TWO... THR…NO!' The redhead rolled her right shoulder off the mat, but her escape lacked the authority of previous attempts. Whether Alyson wanted to admit it or not, Alexis had dealt her some serious damage.

Feeling victory within her grasp, Alexis pushed away from her splattered opponent and dropped into an extremely low, almost feline crouch. Stalking around behind the redhead, extended her right hand and pointed to Alyson, emphatically urging her to rise and receive her comeuppance. Alyson rolled over onto her belly, then started rising to her knees. Inching even closer, Alexis exhaled a ragged breath and growled, "Turn around bitch! I wanna see how you like walkin' into a buzz-saw."

As if the words had been a talisman, Alyson got to her feet and stumbled around to find her lurking rival. The moment she saw the whites of Alyson's eyes, Alexis leapt into the air and wrapped her extended right arm around the back of her skull. For the first time in the entire match, Alyson’s eyes widened with fear as her pain-addled mind comprehended what was coming when Alexis started to fall. Quashing her fear with suddenness most would find impossible, Alyson shot both hands up and buried her fingers in Alexis' hair. As the brunette’s body descended, Alyson pulled back hard and dropped to her knees, savagely yanking the back of Alexis’ skull down and driving her head into the canvas with an improvised Hair Slam.

Resting on the mat with her hands in Alexis' hair, Alyson smiled at her dazed foe and purred, "I just snuffed out what little light you had left Alexis. Now you're alone in the darkness... and you're going to scream until I get tired of hearing it."

Getting wearily to her feet, Alyson pulled the spaghetti-legged brunette to her feet and scooped her up in yet another Fireman's Carry. Making sure to stay in the middle of the ring, Alyson eschewed her previous theatrics for a more streamlined offense. Looking into the audience with a malevolent grin, she dropped into a crouch, then rose fast as she shoved Alexis' chest off her shoulder, sending her upper body flying over her head in a fast, tight arc. As Alexis passed the apex of her curve, Alyson dropped to the mat, whip-lashing Alexis’ back and skull against the mat with an oddly modified Death Valley Driver that she called 'The Widow Maker.'

Enjoying the sight of Alexis' head bouncing off the mat with a perverse fascination, Alyson placed both hands on the brunette's breasts and went for a lazy, domineering cover. The ref was in place in an instant, counting, 'ONE... TWO... THR-NO!' Alexis had shoved Alyson's casually placed hands away, breaking the pin.

Openly smirking at her victim now, Alyson leaned down into Alexis' face and said, "I keep giving you rope and you insist on making the noose even tighter. You good girls confuse the shit out of me sometimes."

Alyson got to her feet and trudged slowly to the nearest corner. Climbing to the top buckle, she turned around to face the ring and dropped into a crouch, looking for all the world like an extremely pretty, extremely evil gargoyle. Sensing Alexis didn't have enough fight left in her to make this much of a challenge, Alyson merely brushed some hair out of her eyes and then leapt off into the void. As she started to descend, she tucked her legs under her and braced for the gut wrenching impact that was sure to follow.

WHUUMP! Alyson came down with both knees planted firmly in the pit of Alexis' defenseless stomach. The slender brunette was nearly folded in half by the collision and if she had been able to draw ANY air into her lungs, her screams would have been crystal clear, even in the back row. As it was, she could only gag pitifully as she rolled onto her side and curled into the fetal position.

Knowing that it was nearly time for her coup de grace, Alyson decided to hold off for just a moment, if only to give her mentor some more inspiration for any upcoming pieces. Peeling Alexis off the canvas, Alyson pulled the other girl to her feet with a handful of midnight blue tights and scooped Alexis over her shoulder. Turning to face Pickman's base of operations, she strutted towards the corner and slammed Alexis back first against the buckles. Still holding her foe in place, Alyson muscled the brunette's calves across the top rope and crossed her ankles tightly, locking Alexis to the unenviable Tree of Woe. Leaving Alexis inverted and helpless, Alyson took a step back and surveyed the situation.

Licking her lips, she whispered, "Inverted loser with ropes and steel, by Alyson Hannigan."

Ceasing her reverie, the redhead quickly strode to the edge of the ring and slipped through the middle rope to hop down to the arena floor. Making sure the artist would have a clear view of her actions, Alyson positioned herself behind the ring-post where Alexis was hanging and reached forward with both hands. Cupping her hands under Alexis' chin, Alyson locked her fingers and pulled back viciously, wrenching the brunette's neck with a simple Chin Lock made all the more excruciating because of all the blood running to Alexis' head. Continuing to twist and tear at her foe's neck, Alyson stole a glance in Pickman's direction and saw that the peculiar young man was scribbling away at the notepad on his easel. She had just turned her attention back to Alexis when the zebra reached 'FOUR' on his count, so the redhead released her grip on the brunette's chin and slid back into the ring. Getting to her feet just as the ref was freeing Alexis from the corner, Alyson shoved the official out of her way and helped herself to another serving of Alexis' sweat soaked hair.

Dragging the brunette to the middle of the ring on her hands and knees, Alyson pulled one hand away from Alexis’ locks just long enough to draw her thumb across her throat. Radiating cruelty as the crowd raged around her, Alyson called out, "THIS IS ALL ON YOU KATIE!"

Smiling as the crowd continued to lose it, Alyson reached down and pulled the devastated Alexis to her feet. Without a word, she bent Alexis over and turned around so that the small of her back was pressed against the top of Alexis's head. In the same motion, she reached back with one arm and then the other, hooking both of her arms behind the brunette's elbows. Making sure her grip was secure, Allison took a breath and ducked down, turning in a half circle so that she was now facing the other direction; the top of her head even with Alexis' butt. Finally, Alyson stuck her head between the brunette's thighs and stood up straight, lifting Alexis off the mat upside down, her legs wobbling uselessly overhead, and her butt resting easily against the redhead's back.

Still holding Alexis up by the elbows, Alyson turned in a half circle and rose up on her toes but in the split second before she could sit out, Alexis came to life, wriggling and bucking furiously in her grip. Alyson strained to hold her in place, but Alexis managed to slam a pair of knees into the back of her skull and Alyson lost her grip, letting the brunette tumble to the canvas behind her in an awkward heap. Furious at being denied her finisher, Alyson whirled around and glared at the slowly rising brunette. Letting loose with a low, sibilant hiss, Alyson charged and shot her left foot out, catching Alexis square across the face at the instant she regained her footing. Alexis went crumpling backwards which normally wouldn't have been too problematic except the ref happened to be standing behind her and the poor striped clod went down hard when he and Alexis butted heads.

Rolling her eyes at the official's misfortune, Alyson mumbled, "Idiot" as she limped over to Alexis. Bending down, she grabbed the brunette by the throat and pulled her to her feet. Going nose-to-nose with the semi-coherent beauty, Alyson said sweetly, "You've already experienced this move one Alexis. But the last time, I was in costume and I don't know if you got to savor it as thoroughly as you should."

Satisfied with her act of charity, Alyson stepped in close to Alexis' side, slipped an arm between her legs and then hoisted the brunette up across her shoulders in a Torture Rack, which as the fans knew, was the stall position for the Inverted Death Valley Driver that she had named, 'The Black Out.' Richard Pickman was dividing his time between a quick sketch of Alyson applying the Free Fall in Crimson and a detailed study of Alexis' upside down face while it had been trapped in the Chin Lock. He paused in his work when Alyson booted the meddling brunette in the face, but he didn't feel the presence of the girl behind him until her shadow fell across his drawing pad. Looking over his shoulder, the artist's eyes went wide, and then his face flooded with understanding.

"Hello Katie," he grinned. "Come to accept my offer?"

Katie Holmes smiled and said. "Maybe I have. But first, I want to show Little Miss. B-Team why I was always your favorite."

Before Pickman could say anything else, Katie lunged forward and embraced him with an aggressive French kiss. Ignoring the intoxicated cheers of the audience, Katie held Pickman tight as she made eye contact with the redhead in the ring. It was a moment of silent triumph when she saw Alyson's eyes widen with rage and indignation. Holmes whirled around, trading places with Pickman. She'd shown Alyson what she wanted her to see, now it was time for this manipulative prick to get a look at what their futures held.

Up until now, the artist hadn't been trying to break off the brunette's passionate kiss, but that changed when he looked towards the ring and not because he saw Allison, but what he saw BEHIND Alyson. Realizing too late it had been a trap, Richard Pickman tried to pull free, but Katie held him tight and he got a beautiful look at what happened next. In the ring, Alyson was boiling with rage as she watched that faithless, hypocrite bitch lay hands on Pickman. With nothing but Katie on her mind, Alyson tossed Alexis off her shoulders and ran to the ropes overlooking Pickman and Katie.

Just then, a voice behind Alyson said, "Hey Friar Tuck, you remember me?" She spun around to face the interloper and BWONG was met with a steel chair to the face. Alyson collapsed in a heap, her fury and anger snuffed out in an instant.

Surveying the dent in the chair she held with mild interest, Kristen Bell joked, "Why don't you take a seat Alyson? God I've always wanted to say that." Tossing the chair aside, Kristen stepped over to Alexis and pulled the woozy brunette to her feet. Slapping her friend's face, Kristen said, "Hey skinny wake up! You and me got some revenge to be servin' up."

Her eyes clearing noticeably, Alexis looked from Kristen to Alyson and said, "It actually worked. I can't believe it!"

Bell rolled her eyes. "Yeah, now Katie's never gonna shut up! Now come on, we got the skag who ruined our match down and out in the middle of the ring. We'll both take a corner and finish this night off right." Alexis nodded once and the pair split off in separate directions, each heading to a corner on a diagonal from the other.

There was nothing Pickman could do now, so Katie pried her lips away and took a step back. Breathing deeply, she glared coldly at the artist and said, "You forgot one thing about me Dick. When it comes to motivating people, no one does in better."

Torn between watching Katie or the action in the ring, Pickman stared hard at his former protégé and replied, "She'll make you pay for this Katie. Alyson's more vindictive than you ever were."

Katie smiled again. "I doubt that. Oh, you might want to cover your eyes for this next part."

Pickman turned back just in time to see Kristen and Alexis reach the top of their respective corners. After a nod between them, the blonde and brunette leapt into the air and came screaming down on the defenseless redhead with a Guillotine Leg Drop from Alexis and a Frog Splash from Kristen. Both hit within a second of the other and they absolutely decimated whatever was left of Alyson’s reserves. Popping to her feet, Kristen threw Alexis across Alyson's chest and said, "Hold on tight skinny, this one's in the bag."

Leaving Alexis in the cover, Kristen scrambled over to the dazed official and dragged him over to the pin. Slapping the zebra, Kristen demanded, "COUNT!"

Clearing his head, the ref looked up, saw the cover and counted, "ONE... TWO... THREE!" The roar from the crowd was nothing short of deafening. Alexis had upset Alyson and despite the fact that it wasn't completely on the up and up, it was by far the biggest win of her career.

Barely able to contain his rage, Pickman glared at Katie and said, "This changes nothing Katie. Alyson's going to destroy you only now you've given her a bit of added motivation."

Holmes was unfazed, "When your bitch wakes up, tell her I'm waiting. And if she thinks what I did to her tonight was humiliating, wait’ll I get my hands on her; it's not gonna be pretty."

Pickman smirked. "On the contrary Katie, Alyson destroying you will be a thing of sublime beauty."

Casting her eyes over to Alexis and Kristen, Katie chuckled and fired back, "I'm going to tear your new toy apart Richard Pickman. And when I'm done, I'll make sure you get enough of her blood to paint a mural." The tall brunette spun and stalked back up the ramp, leaving Pickman and his disciple to start plotting the next chapter in their chaotic scheme.
Haddonfield Armory backstage area, twenty minutes ago! Seated around an old, rickety card table off the edge of the general chaos of the backstage area, a group of four young women watch as Sarah Michelle Gellar watched the live feed of the Sarah Michelle Gellar promo hyping her upcoming World Championship match with Selma Blair.

Leaning back in her chair, Sarah Carter put her heels up on the table and said, "I don't know about the rest of you, but I can't wait for that match. Sarah and Selma are going to tear each other apart."

Nodding her agreement, Lacey Chabert added, "’The Slayer’ needs to forget about Selma for a minute and focus on Kaley and me. We earned a shot at the Tag Team Titles next week and we mean to put that gold around our waists. Ain't that right blondie?"

Kaley Cuoco grinned widely and confirmed, "Damn right shorty. In fact... oh hey look, another J-Lo promo."

Kaley, Lacey and Sarah all turned to watch the highlight package, while the fourth member of their group just groaned.

"God, another one?" complained Rachel Bilson. "Rich's really giving that wide-load the hard sell isn't he?"

Lacey pried her eyes away from the screen where video of Lopez flattening a shopworn Mariah Carey against the turnbuckles with an Avalanche Splash was showing and glanced at Rachel. "We’re not a J-Lo fan, Rachel?"

Rachel shook he head and sneered, "Hell no. She's got to be the most overrated talent in the last twenty years. So she's got a fat ass, big deal. So do the guys who set up the ring, but I don't see them getting video packages."

Keeping her eyes glued to the screen where Lopez was shown delivering a Belly-to-Belly Suplex to Charisma Carpenter, Sarah mused, "I don't know ‘bout that Rachel. I saw what she did to Rose at the Fourth of July Party. Pretty impressive."

Kaley broke in with commentary of her own, "That's an understatement. I mean how many of the girls currently on this roster could essentially Powerbomb their way out of a Rose McGowan Breast Smother/Body Scissors combination? Big ass or not, the girl's got some serious skills."

Rachel just sighed and looked disgusted. "Shit Kaley, you sound like you're sacred of her."

Cuoco took mild offense, "Hey, I'm not saying I'd duck her if Fannin made the match, but I’m not going out of my way to stick my hand in THAT particular blender either."

Lacey looked over at her partner and nodded emphatically, "Same here. If I HAD to fight her, I would; but girls that lose to Jennifer Lopez have a nasty habit of ending up with their face in her ass and I sure as SHIT don't need THAT."

Growing rather irritated with what she perceived to be a lack of guts on her compatriots part, Rachel glared at Sarah and asked, "What about you, Carter?"

Sarah leaned back and stared up at the ceiling for several seconds, "I'd go after her, sure. But that girl's an absolute freak in the strength department. I have a feeling if she got a hold of me, I'd be in for a rough night. And Lacey's right. I don't really have a burning desire to finish any match sniffing someone else's butt. I'll try to avoid her if I can."

Rachel just shook her head. " Hell, you three are pathetic. I thought I was among wrestlers."

Getting tired of Rachel's mouth, Kaley glared at the brunette and challenged, "What about you tough girl? Would you step into the ring with her - I mean, without having to be asked?"

Rachel smirked as she answered. "Of course! In fact, if Jennifer Lopez were here right now, I'd whoop that trick so hard..."

Rachel's voice trailed off when she saw the eyes of her friends go wide with surprise. Frowning, Bilson turned around, expecting to get a lecture from Nym or Archer about not bad-mouthing the incoming talent. What she did not expect was to find hereself face-to-face with the talent herself.

Jennifer Lopez stood no more than five feet from their table and the curvy Latina grappler was quite a sight clad in a white silk blouse and short black mini-skirt. Eyeing the four mid-carders carefully, Jennifer settled her icy gaze on Rachel. Putting her hands on her near-mythic hips, Jen said, "Go ahead babe. You were saying something funny?" For the first time in her professional career, Rachel Bilson couldn’t think of something to say. Waiting patiently through the smaller brunette's silence, the newest member of the roster took a step forward and said, "Oh, you're at a loss for words. That's all right; I tend to have that sort of effect on people. Let's see if I can help you out. YOU were going to whoop MY ass? Prove to all those fans out there just what sort of an overrated hack I am?

Rachel found her voice and mumbled, "Something like that."

Jennifer smiled but it was NOT an expression of good will; rather it looked frighteningly predatory. "Then it's your lucky day, honey. Turns out I need an opponent for my match next week and you're it. Now, what's your name? I need it for contractual purposes."

Trying to look as calm and unfazed as she sounded, the brunette replied, "Rachel Bilson. But you'll know me better as the girl who spanked the fat off your nasty ass."

J-Lo’s grin got wider. "You've got backbone Rachel Bilson, I like that! But get all your trash talk out of the way BEFORE the match starts ‘cuz you won't be saying much of anything with your face buried in the crack of my ass. You're gonna be the first person in this promotion to take my special challenge Rachel Bilson - and I don't think you're going to succeed."

Not waiting for Rachel to get in another word, J-Lo spun on her heel and strutted away, making sure Bilson and the others got a good look at the newest Weapon of Ass Destruction to call Fannin's promotion home. Lopez-Bilson concludes in Pickman's Masterpiece #7