Pickman’s Masterpiece #8: Alyson Hannigan vs. Katie Holmes by The Walkin’ Dude
Place: somewhere in the basement of ‘Black 13’
Time: fifteen minutes ago…
Sitting silently in a converted store room well away from the other locker rooms, Alyson Hannigan slipped on her boots and concentrated on the match ahead. This fight with Katie Holmes had been nearly a year in the making and the pale redhead was eager to dismantle her brunette nemesis in front of a sellout crowd. Alyson had finished one boot and was starting another when there came a gentle tapping at her chamber door.

Without even looking up, Alyson called, “Come in Rich.” The door creaked open and her teacher stepped inside. Closing the door behind him, Richard Pickman leaned against the door and merely watched as the redhead gave her outfit a few final cosmetic adjustments.

As she rose to check her reflection in the mirror Rich asked, “This is a big night; you ready?”

Meeting his reflected gaze, Alyson replied, “More than ready… I’m not going to just beat her; I’m going to hurt her. Katie Holmes is DONE after tonight.”

The artist smiled and nodded once. “Your enthusiasm is appreciated and infectious, but you must be careful. Katie’s not going to make this easy for you. After all, I trained her too.”

At the mention of this, a frown crossed Alyson’s face and she turned around to face her mentor. Leaning back against the glass, she crossed her arms across her chest and said pensively, “I’ve been meaning to ask you about that. When you were training Katie, why didn’t you ever talk to her in person? Didn’t you need to show her who you were?”

Pickman’s mouth curved up in the tiniest imitation of a smile. “I could have, but it was unnecessary. With the vibes she was exuding at the time, Katie was like a radio beacon. It didn’t take much for a man of my particular talents to… emote the thoughts that would get things started.”

Alyson bit her bottom lip, looked thoughtful, then countered, “But you never… emoted to me. You came to me in person.”

Realizing where this was going, Pickman finished, “And you’re wondering why?”

Alyson cut right to the point, “Was she stronger than me?”

The artist’s response was immediate, “Katie was, and still is very strong. That’s why I wanted her back on our side for so long. But it was a mistake to keep myself in the shadows for the whole campaign. Without the proper training, Katie was like an unguided missile. Still very dangerous, but not very useful. With you I wanted to correct that mistake. It’s very disheartening to have a protégé betray you so badly.”

Alyson appeared to mull this over. She seemed satisfied but it didn’t stop her from adding, “I understand your logic, but you still didn’t answer my question. Do you think she’s stronger than me?”

Stepping away from the wall, Pickman strode across the room and put his hands on the redhead’s shoulders.” Fixing his blue eyes on Alyson’s dark ones, the artist said, “I honestly don’t know. But I DO KNOW that I want to see you pound her into the ground. Does that assuage your fears?”

The redhead’s pretty face hardened noticeably. “I was never afraid, just curious. Holmes is going to find out that she made the biggest mistake of her life when she turned her back on the Darkness. And I’ll show you just how much I’ve learned when I bring you her head.”

Pickman smiled, an expression that was both chilling and endearing at the same time. “I assume you mean that in the figurative sense?”

Alyson flashed a grin that was all teeth and malice. “I haven’t decided yet.” she answered.

The artist suppressed a chuckle in the back of his throat. “That’s my girl. Very soon now, you’ll show the world just what a true disciple of the Darkness can do.”

The redhead took Pickman’s left hand in hers and held it against her cheek. Tilting her head into his pale, lineless palm, she promised, “I’ll make sure to leave her face nice enough for you to get some nice shots. But once she’s broken and buried, I’d like to have a portrait with my boot on her throat; you know, like a memento.”

Richard Pickman brushed a lock of hair off his pupil’s forehead and said, “Get me some reference material and I’ll paint you a whole gallery of Katie’s misery. You have my word.”

With that, the time for words was over and the dark pair slipped into a comfortable silence as they left the locker room and headed for the arena above.
With the last of the undercard matches behind them, the capacity crowd at Black 13 settled in for a Main Event that promised to be something special. At long last, after almost ten months of mind-games and red herrings, Katie Holmes was finally going to get her hands on the woman formerly known as ‘The Hood’ - this very same Alyson Hannigan! As an added bonus, Richard Fannin had agreed to pick a special referee; someone who’d been caught up in the maelstrom between brunette and redhead who would call the match right down the middle and enforce the rules because…well, quite frankly, because she hated both participants!

And on that note, I believe the Ring Announcer is about to bring her out, so I’ll shut up and let him take over. Bringing the mic up, the Announcer takes a breath before beginning his routine. “Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for our Main Event! Introducing first, she will be the special guest referee for this contest, she is the Auburn Avenger, ladies and gentlemen she is… Rachel McAdams!”

The distinctive, slightly aboriginal opening riff to Oleander’s ‘Are You There’ comes to life and Rachel doesn’t wait long to make her presence felt. When she does, the crowd gives her a more enthusiastic reception than any other ref in the history of the promotion. Whether it was because of her heretofore untested officiating skills or the skin-tight black short shorts and black and white striped baby-tee she was wearing, your narrator will let you be the judge of that. Rewarding the fans with a slight smile, Rachel slapped hands on her way down the aisle and made a brisk circuit of the ringside area before climbing the steel steps and slipping into the ring. Turning to face the entryway, she cracked her knuckles and waited for the first combatant to be brought out. When there was a lull in the crowd noise, the Announcer continued.

“And now the participants. First, this beautiful redheaded television star comes to the ring at 5’6” tall… she is… Alyson HANNNNNNNIGAAAN!“

The eerie opening chords to Slipknot’s ‘Vermillion’ wafts into the arena and the redhead makes her presence felt a moment later. Standing sat the top of the ramp, the pale beauty is a sight to behold, clad simply in a shining black and red, two piece vinyl bikini that seemed to shine like an oil slick under the bright lights of the club Fixing the crowd with a sneer of disdain, Alyson moves slowly down the ramp, blatantly ignoring everyone and everything on her way to the ring. The only exception to this cruel indifference is when she passes Pickman and his easel. The eccentric artist had become a staple at ringside for the past few months and although there were rumors about a connection to Alyson and the Hood, the truth was known only to Katie and a few others she’d sworn to secrecy.

After flashing Pickman a conspiratorial smile, Alyson slid under the bottom rope, rolled to one knee and then rose to her feet before walking towards her corner. Stepping onto the second turnbuckle, she raised both hands out at her shoulders in an open mockery of Katie’s trademark sign. Waiting another second, the pale redhead hopped down from the corner and settled in to wait for the opening of the match. When the cascade of boos finally died down a bit, the announcer brought the mic back up and finishes up the last round of introductions for the evening.

“And her opponent…she stands 5’10” tall and until a short time ago she was one of the World Champion Tag Team members…please allow me to introduce…MISSSSSSSS Katie Holmes!”

‘Got You (Where I Want You) wafts through the speakers and the multitude goes nuts as the slender brunette pushes through the curtain and salutes them with her trademark cross signal. Marching slowly to the ring, Katie is wearing her standard fog gray bikini, boots and pads along with her old beat up motorcycle jacket. Much as Alyson, Katie stopped next to Pickman’s easel, but the look she gave him was nothing short of pure poison. A moment later, she shrugs her jacket from her shoulders and tosses it on the ring steps before sliding under the bottom rope and getting to her feet. Watching Alyson levelly from her corner, Katie rolled her shoulders as she waited for the start of the match.


The bell rang loudly in the close quarters of the club but it could have been a million miles away for all the attention Katie and Alyson paid it. From their respective corners, Katie and Alyson’s locked gazes made it quite clear that there was only one thing one their minds, and it wasn’t the bell. Or for that matter, the special referee, the hordes of fans urging them to violence, or even the unsettlingly calm presence of one Richard Pickman at ringside; no the only thing on the minds of Holmes and Hannigan was just how GOOD it was going to feel to finally sink her claws into the girl standing on the other side of the squared circle. This dark line of thinking ran through their minds in the time it took for the bell to chime and fade away; when there was nothing but the din of the crowd pulsing in their temples, Katie and Alyson pushed away from the buckles and strode purposefully towards her foe.

Meeting the taller girl at mid-ring, Alyson came to a stop and offered her opponent a dazzling smile that wasn’t anything resembling friendly. Grinning like a lioness on the hunt, Alyson said, “We gave you a choice Katie; join us or be destroyed. Richard was really hoping you’d see the light, so to speak but me? I’m really glad you’re as dumb as you look. I’d much rather beat you than join you.” The redhead ran her tongue along her teeth and smirked at the brunette, waiting for a response.

Not intimidated by Alyson’s verbiage in the least, Katie replied with a smile that was just as humorless and perhaps a degree or two colder than her opponent’s. Stepping in close to emphasize the four inch height advantage she enjoyed, Katie looked down her nose at the redhead and said softly, “I can’t believe you haven’t figured it out by now Alyson. Your double talk and head-games don’t work on me. I learned them from the same guy and I learned them first. I’m sure the two of you have some ominous sounding code name for this Machiavellian plot you’ve hatched against me and the rest of this promotion, but the truth is, you should be calling it, ‘The Darkness-lite: Revenge of the Second Banana.’ And in case you’re missing the connection, sequels suck Alyson. You’re unwanted, unneeded and completely unnecessary.” During the course of her attack, Katie’s voice had dropped steadily lower; but even though she was virtually whispering the last few words, Alyson got the message loud and clear.

The smile dropped off Alyson’s face only to be replaced by a hateful, furious glare. Taking a step back from her opponent, “the girl formerly known as the Hood” snarled, “On the contrary, I was necessary to rectify the mistake Richard made in choosing you to lead the Darkness. You failed him then, you will fail now and I will fill the air with your screams for mercy Holmes. You’re a pathetic failure and you deserve to be treated as such…”

Then Alyson snapped her right arm out and belted Katie across the cheek with a Forehand Slap that CRACK rand through the arena. Hissing as Alyson’s palm left its mark on her face; Katie recovered her balance and leveled her gaze on her replacement.

Rolling her shoulders, Katie replied, “The ONLY mistake Richard Pickman ever made was thinking that a sawed off misbegotten little asswipe like you could EVER hope to take me out. But don’t worry Aly, I’m going to show ol’ Dick the error of his ways.”

Her barb struck a nerve apparently, because Alyson lunged with her nails aimed directly at Katie’s eyes! No stranger to brutal tactics, Katie dropped back half a step and WHAP countered with a Backhand Slap that caught Alyson flush on the mouth. She rocked back on her heels and staggered several paces, but was only off balance for a second before she recovered and began circling to her right, glaring balefully at Katie the whole time. Caught up in her stalking of the brunette, Alyson made no attempt to swerve around Rachel, thusly she would have shouldered into the other redhead if the guest ref hadn’t been paying close attention. Stepping back as Alyson walked right through her space, Rachel thought about calling her on it, but decided to hold her tongue for now. Next time though, neither of them would be so lucky.

Alyson didn’t know or care what was going through the mind of Rachel McAdams, all she wanted was the mind and body of Katie Holmes - preferably strewn in pieces on the mat! Stopping in her tracks, Alyson raised her right hand high over her head, tilted her head at the brunette and chided, “You as strong as everyone seems to think you are?” She curled her fingers in the brunette’s direction and the invitation was obvious. More than willing to accept any challenge from her oh-so-unworthy successor, Katie brought her left hand up and placed it palm-first against Alyson’s.

As the two rivals locked fingers, Katie sneered, “You’re about to find ouWWWWW!”

The redhead cut her off by jerking Katie in and jabbing the thumb of her unoccupied hand directly into Katie’s right eye. Smirking at the lanky grappler stumbled away, Alyson snickered, “And apparently, just as DUMB as they say, too!”

Then Katie compounded her mistake by turning her back on the redhead and Alyson took full advantage by lunging forward and smashing her foe across the bade of her neck and shoulders with a Clothesline. Katie collapsed onto her hands and knees but that didn’t last long as Alyson followed up her cheap shot with a short but brutal Kick to ribs. The THWUP of impact echoed throughout the club. Alyson chuckled to herself as she felt Katie’s ribs absorb her kick.

She was about to continue her taunting when Rachel stepped in front of her. “Keep away from the eye gouge Hannigan!”

Alyson smiled pleasantly and replied, “Fuck you stripes!”

Brushing passed a fuming Rachel; Alyson grabbed Katie by the back of her trunks and hoisted her to her feet. Tugging the taller girl around to face her, Alyson secured a grip on the brunette’s wrist and whipped her into the ropes. Acting without any preamble, the Redheaded She-Demon bounded off the cables at her back and sprinted towards her opposition. When she’d sufficiently closed the distance between Katie and herself, Alyson lashed her left foot up and blasted it towards Katie’s face, attempting a nose-shattering Yakuza Kick. Katie wasn’t caught so easily though; she anticipated Alyson’s attack and threw her hands up and swatted the kick aside, knocking the redhead off balance. Itching to do some serious, permanent damage to her tormentor, Katie surged forward and shot her right arm out, wrapping her hand around Alyson’s windpipe in an effective (and entirely illegal) Stranglehold.

Digging strong fingers into Alyson’s windpipe, Katie growled, “Choke on it you bitcccccchhhhnnnghhh.”

Never one to be upstaged, Alyson returned the favor in kind, clamping her left hand across Katie’s throat and squeezing for all she was worth. It was a disturbing but fascinating tableau that unfolded as brunette and redhead each tried to hold out long enough to feel their rival’s grip drop away, but as of the moment, it didn’t look like that was going to happen anytime soon. Now if it were up to Katie and Alyson, they would have gone on like this until one or both of them succumbed to unconsciousness, but luckily for them (and for fans of long wrestling matches) it wasn’t up to them, it was up to the official; and Rachel McAdams was more than up to enforcing THIS particular rule!

Elbowing between the feuding pair, Rachel flicked her gaze between the two of them and said sternly, “Break the chokes, now!” When they didn’t even glance at her, Rachel got even more determined and began to count, “ONE… TWO… THREE… FOUR…” After a dramatic pause between four and five still failed to elicit a response, Rachel shook her head and muttered, “Fuck this!” The referee reached out with both hands, grabbed Katie and Alyson by the hair and before either could protest, THONK, banged their heads together. Both let out startled groans as they stumbled away holding their impacted foreheads. Dusting off her hands, Rachel glared after them and asked, “See what happens when you don’t break the choke?”

A few feet away, Katie’s vision cleared up and her first inclination was to go after Alyson, but then she remembered what Rachel had done to her. Whirling to face the ref, Katie stalked forward and chested into the other redhead occupying the ring that night. Fixing Rachel with a stare that could kill a jobber at forty yards, Katie growled, “Keep your nose out of our business Rachel. Otherwise I’ll destroy you tonight and deny all these people the joy of seeing you get torn apart in your slutty ring gear.”

Completely unintimidated by Katie’s threat, Rachel fired back, “Obey the rules and you might survive, Katie. But if you keep focusing on me, there won’t be enough left to make kicking your ass any fun.”

Katie’s hands curled into tight fists and for a moment it looked like she was going to paste Rachel just for the hell of it, but she got sidetracked when Alyson came in low to the back of her right knee, taking the tall brunette down to one knee with a simple but potentially crippling Chop Block. Laughing as Katie grabbed her wounded knee; Alyson got to her feet and WHAM, kicked Katie in the temple sending her sprawling. Once she had Katie on her back, the brunette’s lean frame offered plenty of inviting targets - none more so than that flat, deliciously unguarded, stomach. Stepping to Katie’s right, Alyson let her actions do the talking as she leaped in the air, tucked her heels under her butt and came down knees first on Katie’s navel. There was a terrible “OOOFFH” as the lanky warrior’s body jackknifed in two from the impact.

Bouncing and jostling her knees into Katie’s paunch, Alyson, cooed, “I think I wanna do that again Katie. Your belly’s so soft; it’s like landing on a squishy, rotten little marshmallow.”

Katie huffed and tried to push Alyson off her, but the redhead didn’t leave until she was good and ready and even then it wasn’t for long as she immediately came back for a second helping. Leaving her feet a second time, Alyson repeated her previous maneuver, aiming for the same spot just above Katie’s navel as she dropped and used her full weight to impale the brunette with her knees! After bouncing on Katie’s distended belly a few times, Alyson rolled off and crawled over to kneel by Katie’s head. Taking a comfortable position on one knee, Alyson grabbed Katie’s hair and pulled her up to a sitting position. Forcing her posted knee in between Katie’s shoulders, the redhead looped her hands under Katie’s chin and yanked back, putting insidious pressure on her foe’s head and neck with a simple Chinlock.

Wrenching Katie’s head left and right, Alyson purred, “Let’s give our meddlesome friend another opportunity to show off how willing she is to enforce the rules shall we?” Removing her right hand from Katie’s chin, Alyson locked eyes with Rachel as she placed her palm on Katie’s face and curled four fingers into her mouth. With a crude grip on Katie’s upper jaw, Alyson yanked back, increasing the torque on the hold while simultaneously attempting to tear Katie’s skull apart. Knowing the other redhead was testing her, Rachel dropped to one knee to count, “ONE… TWO… THREE… FOUR.” At ‘four’ Alyson pulled her fingers out of Katie’s mouth only to start clawing the brunette’s eyes. Scowling as Alyson smiled beatifically at her, Rachel restarted the count, “ONE…TWO…THREE…” She didn’t reach four this time either, because Alyson let go earlier than she had to when Katie twisted into the hold and surged to her feet while still in the Chinlock.

Stepping back to allow the rivals room to work, Rachel watched in surprise as Katie, spun into the hold so that Alyson’s hold became nothing more than a run of the mill Side Headlock. Things got decidedly less mundane when Katie wrapped her arms around the redhead’s waist and hoisted her off the canvas as if for a Back Drop Suplex. But at the apex of her lift, Katie pivoted her hips and spun Alyson around 180 degrees, so that her feet were now pointing towards the brunette. In the same motion Katie fell straight down, driving Alyson straight into the canvas with the Spin-Out Powerbomb she had taken to calling ‘The Kill-Switch.’ There was a loud WHAM as Alyson bounced off the mat and Katie popped to her feet. Roaring triumphantly as her surprise counter left Alyson starfished and hurting, Katie drew her thumb across her throat and exclaimed, “WHEN I’M DONE WITH HER, SHE WON’T NEED A HOOD, SHE’LL NEED A BODY BAG!”

Looking to make good on her word Katie hauled Alyson to her feet and whipped her toward the ropes on the far side of the ring. When Alyson was well on her way, Katie charged into the ropes at her back and bounced off them, gaining speed quickly as she charged at the incoming redhead. When she knew she couldn’t miss, Katie brought her leg up like a golf club and she caught Alyson across the cheek with a Big Boot that nearly sent Alyson’s head flying into row 3F. Taking a moment to massage the scored flesh on her face, Katie glared down at her opponent and spat, “Next time you’re tempted to fight dirty, just remember you’re not tangling with Alexis Bledel tonight. I’m not afraid or unwilling to sink to the same depths you do. And you wanna try to tear up my face? bitch, by the time I leave this ring, you’ll have a mug that gives Kandinsky nightmares.”

Smiling at her little art history bon mot, Katie sent a withering glance in Rachel’s direction before pulling Alyson to her feet. As she twisted her foe’s crimson locks around her fingers, Katie marched Alyson over to the ropes nearest Pickman and proceeded to double the redhead over with a heartless Knee Lift to the belly. Watching the impassive artist, Katie trapped Alyson in a tight Front Facelock and squeezed down tight, forcing a moan to escape her lips. When Pickman didn’t react, Katie slung Alyson’s free arm over her shoulders then used her free hand to grab a handful of Alyson’s red and black briefs. Making sure her dual grips were cinched in properly, Katie took a small breath and then hoisted upward not ceasing her pull until Alyson was inverted overhead.

Displaying a strength disconcerting in so slender a frame, Katie held Alyson upside down for nearly ten seconds before the crowd started to count along. Listening to the mob tick off the seconds, Katie muttered, “No need to count along people, she’s coming down now anyway.”

The words were still coming out of her mouth when she twisted her torso and dropped the redhead down gut-first along the top rope, leaving her strung-up and gasping, half in, half out of the ring. Backing off several steps, Katie spared another glance at Pickman and chided, “Get your sketch pad ready Dick; you’re going to like this one.” Not waiting to gauge the artist’s reaction, Katie exploded forward and drove her right boot into Alyson’s forehead. The second application of the Big Boot was even more painful than the first, because Alyson had farther to fall this time. The discombobulated redhead was sent flying thru the ropes to the mats outside the ring in an ungraceful pile. Laughing aloud as Alyson lay moaning at Pickman’s feet, Katie glared at the maddeningly calm young man and said, “Take a picture Dick, it’ll last longer.”

When Pickman kept smiling at her, Katie turned her attention back to the redhead smudged across the mat. Stepping over the middle rope, Katie hopped down to the floor and peeled Alyson off the mat compliments of a handful of hair. Making a great effort to ignore the artist at ringside, Katie shoved Alyson back-first into the steel barricade and wrapped both hands around the redhead’s windpipe. Smiling sweetly, Katie clamped down on the Stranglehold, causing her formerly stunned foe to writhe and twist in her clutches. Almost purring as Alyson clawed at her hands, Katie leaned in very close, not only to make her taunting more easily understood, but also to feel the tremors of fear and exertion running through her captive’s frame. Brushing her head back and forth as Alyson tried clawing at her face, Katie squeezed down a little tighter and said, “You’re supposed to be fearless, but I know there’s one thought that terrifies you - and you’re thinking it right now. You’re wondering if ol’ Rich is enjoying this and you have every right to be afraid, because I guarantee that he’s scribbling away even as I’m telling you this…”

She was about to continue when an angry voice from the ring called out, “Bring in back in the ring Katie! I won’t tell you again.”

Sighing in disdain, Katie released half her grip on Alyson’s throat and turned to glare at Rachel. Extending her free hand, the brunette flipped her the bird and cooed, “Unless you’re going to come out here and stop me, I’d suggest you keep your mouth shut, you meddling cunt.”

Smirking, Katie turned away as Rachel fumed and continued to bark threats from the squared circle. Eye-to-eye with the redhead again, Katie brushed some stray hairs off her foe’s forehead and said, “The Faux- Hood wants me to stop choking you. I guess I’ll listen to her, just this once.” Katie unlocked her fingers and Alyson’s hands immediately flew to her bruised throat. As the redhead sucked wind in front of her, Katie flipped her hair over her shoulder and asked the fans in the front row, “Scary or pathetic? You tell me.”

Suppressing a chuckle as they roared their agreement, the rangy brunette took hold of Alyson’s right wrist and hoisted her to her feet. With Alyson in her grasp, Katie turned her back on Pickman and aimed her redheaded nemesis towards the other end of the ring, or to be more specific, the corner where two of the unforgiving barricades met at a harsh 90-degree angle. Dipping her knees into a low crouch, Katie lunged forward and hurled Alyson towards the corner with all her considerable strength. Still dazed from the boots and the strangulation, Alyson was only able to turn into the throw, nobly sacrificing her spine for the sake of her sternum. She hit the steel with an ungodly CLANG and the barricades must have jumped back six inches, causing unquestionable roars of joy from the folks sitting in that section of the club. The patron’s experience got even richer several seconds later when Katie ran the full length of the narrow aisle, left her feet in a high leap and tucked both knees up across her chest to nearly collapse Alyson’s lungs with a running Knee Smash that brought both redhead and brunette several inches closer to the fans.

Catching her breath as Alyson gasped for hers, Katie took a moment to reach down and snap her fog-gray briefs back into place along her hips. This innocuous display brought several rows to their feet and one exceptionally loquacious fan cheered, “SIT ON THAT BITCH’S FACE KATIE! HELL, YOU EARNED IT!”

With the faintest of smiles curling her lips, Katie glanced over her shoulder into the throng and asked, “But she hasn’t.” As the mob clamored for more, Katie pulled Alyson back to her feet and said, “You’re bouncier than I expected Alyson. I wonder if you’ll bounce just as good against the other three corners. I’m eager to find out.”

Once again taking possession of the redhead’s left wrist, Katie planted her feet and sent Alyson careening towards the corner down at the other end of the ringside area. Unfortunately for the brunette, there was a repeat performance of the last act, but this time she was playing the role of ‘impactee’ because in the split-second before she released Alyson’s wrist, the redhead had clamped down and dug her heels into the mat, putting a halt to Katie’s momentum. The next thing Katie knew, Alyson had reversed and sent Katie chest-first into the barricade with the same heartless CLANG!

Katie’s collision knocked the barricade out of its original alignment, but that was the furthest thing from the brunette’s mind at the moment. Right now, she was too busy trying to contend with the bomb that had just gone off in her ribs. With both arms crisscrossed tightly over her chest, Katie let out a low groan and sank to her knees. Alyson on the other hand was getting back to her feet and the redhead was more than a little pissed off at the way Katie had controlled her on the outside thus far. Judging from the merciless grin on her face, that was a situation Alyson was going to correct in very short order.

Sauntering towards her prostrate foe, Alyson had just passed Pickman’s easel when Rachel shouted, “Get it back in the ring Alyson!”

Barely breaking stride, Alyson smiled and said, “Sure thing Rachel. Just let me cripple her and then I’ll get right on that.”

Licking her lips in anticipation, Alyson stomped up behind Katie and jerked the penitent brunette up using the shoulder straps of her top. Spinning Katie around, Alyson drew back and slammed her open right hand into the brunette’s heaving belly. Flexing her fingers, Alyson stared into Katie’s crimped face and said, “You’re still feeling very strong Katie but make no mistake; by the time I’ve had my way with you, your belly - and every other part of your body - is going to dread my slightest touch.”

Smiling to spite the pain she felt, Katie snapped back, “Not to mention your breath!”

Alyson smirked, then without warning, dug her fingers into Katie’s belly and closed her fist in a torturous Belly Claw. Speaking calmly as Katie danced from one foot to the other as she tried to get the corkscrew out of her gut, Alyson whispered, “This is just a TASTE, bitch. Before McAdams ends this charade, I’ll shove my arm clear through you!” Then acting on the remarkably gory impulse, Alyson jerked her hand back and quickly heaved the taller girl up and over her shoulders in a Fireman’s Carry. With Katie squirming helplessly, her body draped over her shoulder, Alyson took a moment to turn to her mentor (who was as Katie had posited prior, scribbling away furiously on his sketch pad.) Knowing he wouldn’t look up from his work, Alyson called out, “Finish up fast Richard. You don’t want to miss this!” Not waiting for his answer, Alyson shifted her position putting Katie’s head and upper torso hanging over the steel barricade. Fixing the fans with a scornful smile, the redhead chided, “You idiots are lucky. You’re ALMOST going to have Holmes in your lap and you’ll be lucky enough to NOT end the evening with a scorching case of herpes.”

Alyson rose up on her toes and tossed the brunette over her head, letting Katie fall to the floor directly in front of her. She usually would have dropped to a knee to complete the Gutbuster, but this time, she used the guardrail to do the job for her; letting the brunette drop gut-first onto the unforgiving steel. Katie let out a wounded, breathless shriek, then tumbled over and crumpled on the mat with both arms over her abdomen in a noble, but ultimately useless gesture of protection.

Admiring her handiwork, Alyson was just about to taunt the brunette when Rachel again yelled at her, “GODDAMMIT HANNIGAN, I’M NOT FUCKING AROUND! GET YOUR ASS BACK IN THE RING OR I’LL DQ THIS THING RIGHT NOW - AND THEN SPEND THE REST OF THE NIGHT KICKING YOUR ASS!”

Still facing away from the other redhead, Alyson smirked openly, then adopted a pious look as she whirled around and said, “Whatever you say Miz McAdams. Just lemme help poor ol’ Katie here to her feet.” Keeping an eye on the redlining ref, Alyson buried a claw in Katie’s hair and hair-hauled the big brunette to her feet. From Katie’s left side, Alyson kept smiling as she slipped one arm around Katie’s shoulders and said with mock good humor, “See? Aren’t the three of us just the bestest of friends?”

Sighing in frustration, Rachel said, “Just get her in the…”

Alyson grabbed Katie by the back of her head and snapped backwards, slamming the taller girl’s head, shoulders and back directly against the steel guardrail with a sadistically administered Russian Leg Sweep. Sitting on her butt beside her nemesis, Alyson looked up at a fuming Rachel and said, “Oops, I slipped; how clumsy of me.”

Gnashing her teeth, Rachel growled, “OK! That’s it…” Rachel shot towards the ropes and was in the process of slipping through them when Alyson dragged Katie to her feet and rolled her body into the ring under the bottom rope.

Just as Rachel’s feet hit the floor, Alyson slipped in under the bottom rope and rolled to one knee. Glancing over her shoulder at Rachel (who looked about ready to tear someone’s head off) Alyson asked, “Whatcha doing out there ref?”

Barely containing a laugh as Rachel reentered the ring, Alyson looked down at Katie and said, “Dropping you on the rail was fun Katie, but why should the inanimate objects get all the fun of hurting you? I mean, it would be a shame if I didn’t come away from this match with the memory of causing you indescribable agony.”

Alyson reached out and slowly pulled the gut-shot beauty up by her hair roots, shaking her back and forth with sharp, wicked yanks of her hair as she Frog-Marched Katie around the ring in a small circle. Then lowering her shoulder and spooning the other girl up, Alyson put Katie in yet another Fireman’s Carry. Satisfied with the effects of her previous taunts on the brunette’s psyche, Alyson remained silent as she allowed every member of the audience the opportunity to savor a fraction of the joy she felt in decimating Katie Holmes. After giving the clods their vicarious moment, Alyson pushed up on her toes and tossed the brunette over her head. As Katie began falling toward the canvas directly in front of her, Alyson dropped to one knee and waited the split second it took her lanky victim to smash chest-and-belly-first onto her posted joint. The Gutbuster folded Katie up instantly and she dribbled off her foe’s knee with a birdlike squeal of pain.

Dropping to both knees, Alyson threw herself across Katie’s midsection, hooked the far leg and went for the pin. She was pretty sure that the brunette was going to kick out, but she might not and - even if she did - the act of breaking the cover would force her to put more pressure on that tenderized midsection. To Alyson’s way of thinking, that was win-win! Trying to make sure all her weight was pressed on Katie’s middle, Alyson smiled at Rachel as the guest official dropped to count, ‘ONE… TWO…’ Katie got a shoulder up.

Alyson scowled at Rachel and said, “Your counts are as slow as the rest of you. Why am I not surprised!”

Rachel’s upper lip curled in a little snarl as she fired back, “Maybe you’re just not as good as you think you are.”

Alyson wasn’t flustered. “You’re right Rachel, I’m not that good’ I’m better!”

Rachel only rolled her eyes and got back to her feet, allowing Alyson to continue her attack as the redhead pulled Katie into a sitting position, snuggled in behind her and wrapped her exquisitely strong legs around Katie’s ribs. Making sure her thighs were drilling into the brunette’s midriff, the redhead locked her ankles and grunted as she began to squeeze, adding even more fuel to the steadily growing fire in Katie’s belly. Chuckling evilly as Katie’s previously limp frame tensed as she tried to wrench free, Alyson blew some hair out of her eyes and rudely slapped her right hand palm down on the brunette’s maimed middle.

Hoping Katie was still calm enough to understand what was coming, Alyson plunged her fingers deep in the brunette’s paunch, scraping and worrying the taut flesh with her second application of the Belly Claw. Katie twisted and jerked as she tried to escape, trying desperately to pull Alyson’s wrist away from her abs. Unfortunately for the brunette, every time Alyson relaxed the pressure on her Claw, she tightened the Scissors which sent a fresh wave of agony rolling thru Katie. Forgoing the typically subtle circular motion often employed with a Belly Claw, Allison went after Katie’s belly like a four year old scooping the guts out of a pumpkin!

As she watched her first set of knuckles sink into Katie’s stomach, Alyson demanded, “Submit now Katie. The sooner you end this farce, the more likely it is Pickman will take pity on you and keep me from ending your career,” She punctuated her demand by bearing down even harder on the Stomach Claw and twisting her hand in an effort to score the brunette’s abs even as she was tearing through them. Beating her feet frantically against the mat, Katie refused to give this wannabe the satisfaction of hearing her submit.

Momentarily ceasing her escape efforts, Katie rested her head on Alyson’s shoulder and panted, “Maybe I’ll take pity on him and plant your no talent, re-casted ass in the ground tonight.”

When she felt Alyson start to reply, Katie pulled her head forward and then smashed it back, catching Alyson flush across the mouth. Alyson grunted in pain and Katie felt the pressure on the Scissors and (mercifully) the Claw relax quite a bit. Using Alyson’s pain as motivation, Katie repeated the Headbutt, ramming the back of her skull into Alyson’s face a half dozen times before the redhead relinquished her grip and rolled away to keep Katie from pulverizing her features. Feeling rather satisfied, the wounded brunette pushed to her knees and was in the process of getting to her feet when the pain in her ribs flared up and she sank back to the canvas with a low groan.

Cursing the redhead’s concentrated attack, Katie mumbled, “God that hurts…”

From behind her, a cold voice answered, “He’s not going to help you tonight.”

Katie looked back over her shoulder - and took a thumb to the eye for her trouble! Sneering silently as Katie squawked in outrage, Alyson buried her talons in the brunette’s hair and hauled her back to her feet. Using her left arm, she trapped Katie in a Front Facelock. Making sure Katie was appropriately docile, Alyson lead her to the center of the ring, then tightened her grip. Grating Katie’s skull with the Facelock, Alyson captured Katie’s left wrist and folded it up against the brunette’s back, a simple but effective Hammerlock. Lifting Katie up onto her toes, Alyson jerked the Hammerlock and fell backward, drilling the crown of Katie’s skull into the canvas with her Modified DDT. Shoving the taller girl over onto her back, Alyson hooked the far leg and again went for the pin.

Glaring at Rachel, she snapped brusquely, “Count a little faster this time, huh?”

Unwilling to be bullied by the girl who had framed her, Rachel glared back at the other redhead as she slapped the mat, ‘ONE………. TWO………’ Katie kicked out, breaking the exaggeratedly slow count.

Smiling as Alyson fumed, Rachel cooed, “Ooops, was that too slow? Sorry, I’m new at this.”

Alyson shook her head and replied, “You think you’re being clever? Now I just get to hurt her that much more.”

Alyson pushed up off the canvas with Katie’s hair securely grasped in both hands and bent her over as she turned around, putting the small of her back against the top of Katie’s head. In the same motion, she reached back with one arm and then the other, hooking her arms behind the brunette’s elbows. Making sure her grip was secure, Allison took a breath and then ducked down, turning in a half circle until she was facing the other direction with the top of her head level with Katie’s butt. Almost done now, Alyson stuck her head between the brunette’s thighs and stood up, lifting Katie off the mat with her legs in the air and her head pointing down at the canvas. As Katie’s legs waggled uselessly overhead, her butt was resting easily against Alyson’s back.

Holding Katie upside down by her elbows, Alyson looked at Rachel, grinned and said, “Don’t feel safe Rachel. This could be yoouuuUUNNGHH!”

Alyson’s lapse of concentration had cost her finisher as Katie regained enough of her wits to slam her foot into the crown of her tormentor’s skull. Alyson’s convoluted grip loosened and Katie was able to squirm free, dropping into a crouch just behind Alyson. Ignoring that she’d barely averted disaster, Katie waited impatiently for Alyson to turn around but when she did, the lithe brunette was ready. Katie struck with a speed and venom not seen since her days in the Darkness as she lunged and wrapped both arms around Alyson’s thighs, clasping her hands under the redhead’s butt as she fired upward, bringing herself to her toes while lifting Alyson! At the apex of her lift, Katie pivoted 180-degrees and slammed down and forward, driving the full length of Alyson’s body into the mat with an EXPLOSIVE Spinebuster. Alyson’s head bounced off the canvas and she lay stunned, moaning as Katie got to her feet looming over her. Cradling one arm over her injured stomach, Katie kicked Alyson onto her belly and planted her boot on the back of her neck.

Pressing down with steadily increasing pressure, Katie growled, “I should just break your neck right now and dispel any illusion that this is a wrestling match.” Grinning as Alyson squirmed under her heel, Katie seemed intent on ending the redhead’s career when the referee started counting, “ONE… TWO… THREE… FOUR… Dammit, break the hold Katie!”

Katie turned a smoldering eye on Rachel and snarled, “Keep the hell outta this Rachel. Your time’ll come soon enough!”

Rachel lunged forward and shoved Katie as hard as she could. The tall brunette went sprawling onto her ass, but she was only there for a second before popping to her feet and stalking towards Rachel who didn’t back down. Seconds later the two vixens chested into one another and went nose-to-nose, with Katie glaring down while Rachel craned her head up to keep their gazes locked. Her voice dripping with undisguised rage, Katie told the official, “Touch me again Rachel...lay so much as ONE FINGER on me and you’ll see what happens!”

When she responded, the redhead’s tone was equally threatening, “You defy me ONCE MORE and I’ll do a helluva lot more than lay a finger on you! For now though, you’ll be better served by venting your frustrations on the woman you’re supposed to be here to fight.”

Rachel’s gaze shifted the tiniest bit and Katie whirled around just as Alyson was fighting to her feet. As Rachel suggested, Katie redirected her anger at Pickman’s Pupil and wasted no time giving Alyson another taste of her wrath! Grabbing hold of Alyson’s left wrist, Katie stepped back and purred, “This one’s for you Aly.”

Without further adieu Katie tugged forward, pulling Alyson off balance and into an ungraceful stagger. With Alyson’s arm still under her control, Katie took a half step back and then surged forward. Extending her left arm out straight, she caught Alyson across the mouth with an explosive Short-Arm Clothesline that blasted Alyson off her feet and put her on her back in a confused daze. Still fuming at how Rachel had dared to interfere with her hunt, Katie clamped down tighter on Alyson’s wrist, keeping the two foes linked by the redhead’s left arm. Sure her grip was secure, Katie let out a small groan of exertion as she pulled her nemesis back to a standing position.

With Alyson dazed and confused, Katie craned her head to look at Rachel as she purred, “This one’s for you Rachel!”

Taking a few steps back, Katie steadied her aim for a moment before pulling Alyson towards her and lunging forward all in the same fluid motion. Katie’s second Short Arm Clothesline was even harder than the first and, because Katie was thoughtful enough to release Alyson’s wrist before it connected, the collision nearly turned Alyson inside out, flipping her around in a 270-degree arc that left her splayed facedown on the mat!

Shaking off the tingling in her striking arm, Katie walked around behind the battered redhead and dropped to one knee, taking a deep breath before rolling Alyson onto her back. Katie sat Alyson up and then bent her back with a hard yank on her crimson hair. Smiling gently, Katie tucked Alyson’s chin into the crook of her right armpit and clamped down tight, pressing her forearm against the back of the redhead’s neck. If that weren’t enough, Katie pulled up and back, wrenching her neck with an Inverted Facelock about two seconds from being a full-on Dragon Sleeper.

As Alyson grunted and fussed with Katie’s choking arm, the slender brunette glared coldly at Rachel and lifted her left arm high over her head. Never breaking eye contact with the referee, Katie brought her arm whistling down and slammed the full length of her forearm across Alyson’s breasts with a muted, evil sounding SPLATT!

Knowing perfectly well there was no infraction Rachel could bust her for with the hold, Katie repeated the move several more times, bringing her left arm up only to lower the boom SMACK on Alyson’s heaving chest, then again WHUMP to her belly. The series of heartless Forearm Smashes rapidly drained the fight from the captured redhead. After more than ten blows, Katie’s arm started to throb, so she shifted her attack into high gear. While still firmly rooted on her knees, Katie reached out with her free hand, grabbed a handful of Alyson’s waistband and after flipping the hair back out of her eyes, Katie gazed up and down the length of Alyson’s pale torso.

“Time to rise and shine bitch!” Katie muttered as she pushed up off her knees and got to her feet, forcing Alyson to her feet or suffer the real possibility of a broken neck. When the brunette was fully vertical, she adjusted her holds on Alyson’s tights and neck, hauling the wounded redhead up and off her feet, lifting Alyson and holding her aloft overhead. As soon as Alyson was above her, Katie fell back hard and fast, completing the Inverted Vertical Suplex and driving Alyson into the mat with her brutalized breasts and midsection taking the full impact!

Gagging and retching Alyson hated to even think it but she was completely at Katie’s mercy. Unfortunately for Alyson, the most merciful thing Katie did was roll her over onto her back and go for the cover. Ignoring Rachel as she dropped down to administer the count, Katie slammed her forearm down across the bridge of Alyson’s nose and pressed down hard, adding a degree of smother to an already agonizing situation. In direct contrast to Katie’s hateful glare, Rachel watched with a curiously detached eye as she hand slapped the mat, “ONE… TWO…TH-NO!”

Just in time, Alyson shot an arm up off the canvas, ending her count. For the first time in the match, Katie didn’t sneer at Rachel and complain about the speed of her count. Instead, she took two handfuls of Alyson’s crimson mane and hair-hauled the shorter girl to her feet, then trapped her in a loose Side Headlock. Fixing her gaze on a point in the corner, Katie marched Alyson to the edge of the ring where, with a little positioning, she forced Alyson’s face down on the top rope, paying special attention to ensure her eye-sockets were pressed tight against the top rope.

Bearing down on the Headlock, Katie taunted, “I just want to know one thing Alyson. Did you and Pickman really think I was just going to give up without a fight? Did you really think that the Holmes who led the Darkness last year was an illusion? That I was faking it the whole time? DID YOU REALLY THINK THAT I WASN’T CAPABLE OF ENDING YOUR CAREER?”

Still suffering the after-effects of the Inverted Vertical Suplex, Alyson tried to fight out of the Headlock, but Katie stopped her cold by pressing down even harder and dragging her forward, raking Alyson’s face over the top rope as she marched her from one corner to the other in a slow, deliberate stalk. Moving at a leisurely pace, Katie smiled and licked her lips, obviously relishing every quiver and tremble of Alyson’s pain-wracked body. When she finally reached the corner, Katie pulled her victim’s reddened face away from the cables, but not as an act of mercy or charity. Given what happened next, Alyson might have preferred to suffer a few more circuits of the ring!

Forcing Alyson to bend double, Katie stepped forward and trapped the redhead in a Standing Headscissors. Wrapping her arms around Alyson’s waist, Katie clasped her hands together and bent her knees in a crouch. Preparations complete, Katie pulled up fast, yanking Alyson into the air and flipping her onto her shoulder with the redhead’s legs framing the brunette’s head. Stoically ignoring Alyson’s fragrant crotch only inches from her mouth and nose, Katie staggered forward a few steps, then began to turn in a slow circle. It wasn’t obvious at first why, but most fans figured she wanted to make sure everyone saw she was more than capable of exerting total control over the girl who’d terrorized the promotion for months.

After Katie made a complete circle, she rose up on her toes and slammed Alyson down as hard as she could, nearly driving her through the canvas with a Powerbomb that shook the ring. Flipping hair out of her face, Katie regarded the audience with a wild look in her eyes and roared, “IS THIS WHO YOU WERE ALL AFRAID OF? DOESN’T LOOK LIKE MUCH NOW DOES SHE?”

And indeed, Alyson didn’t look like much stretched out and starfished on the mat. She looked the farthest thing from fearsome - exactly what Katie wanted. Not knowing nor caring if the redhead was done for; Katie dropped to her knees and hooked Alyson’s far leg, trying to end the battle. Rachel didn’t want to admit it, but the Powerbomb had been impressive. Regardless of the redhead’s personal feelings about Katie, it was impossible to imagine Katie had lost her killer instinct.

Settling into position beside the two women, Rachel slapped the mat, “ONE… TWO… THR-NO!” Again, Alyson rolled a shoulder off the mat, breaking the count.

Katie scowled, but held her tongue, at least for the most part. Flicking her glance in Rachel’s direction she chided, “Bet YOU couldn’t kick out of THAT!”

Her face twisting in a sneer, Rachel fired back, “I wouldn’t have to; not that you’ll ever get the chance to find out!”

Katie just smirked and returned her attention to Alyson, who had managed to roll to the edge of the ring while Rachel and Katie exchanged barbs. Shaking her head in disgust, the tall brunette got to her feet and stalked over to her recovering adversary, bent down and jerked the crippled redheaded vixen to her feet. Driving a knee deep into the pit of Alyson’s stomach, Katie trapped the redhead in a tight Front Facelock and sneered, “You managed to slip out of this the first time I had you in it. Not this time though…”

Katie rose onto her toes and dropped back toward the mat to drive Alyson’s skull into the canvas with a DDT. Instead, it was Katie who made the trip alone when - in a particularly cagey move - Alyson had looped her arm over the top rope and held on; keeping herself vertical while Katie’s spine slammed into the canvas. Breathing hard as she tried to regain her equilibrium, Alyson looked down at her dazed opponent and said, “Looks like you fucked up and missed again Katie. That’s a mistake I won’t make.”

Alyson raised her right foot and stomped down, smashing her heel into the brunette’s groin. “ARRRRGGGHHH!” Katie let out a piercing scream, her upper body jerked up off the mat, then she rolled onto her side and curled in a fetal ball with both hands squeezed between her thighs…a little too late to protect her injured center. Worse for Katie, her position left her ribs exposed which was fine with Alyson who went to work on her with all the emotion of a pneumatic sledgehammer! Her foot pumped up and down over and over and over; each rib-rending stomp forcing air from the brunette’s lungs as Alyson systematically crushed the fight out of Katie. To her credit, Katie didn’t just lie there and take it; she tried to get away but Alyson stalked along beside her and every time Katie tried to rise to get her hands and knees under her, the redhead would draw back her foot and smash the point of her boot deep in the pit of Katie’s stomach, lifting her off the mat and dropping her back down flat as roadkill.

After one especially hard stomp between the shoulder blades left Katie flat on her face, Alyson ended her assault with a single stomp to Katie’s buttocks…more for spite than anything else. Feeling back in control of the battle, Alyson put her hands on her hips and opined, “You know, I never thought I’d say this Katie, but hurting you is starting to get boring. I’ll have to see if I can bring back the fun.”

With those cheerfully menacing words, the redhead jerked Katie to her feet, grabbed her right wrist in both hands and, aiming Katie toward the turnbuckles, planted her feet and Irish Whipped Katie with as much strength as she could. Katie crossed the ring in remarkable time given the shellacking she’d just taken; her speed not diminishing until WHAM, she slammed back-first into the thinly padded steel and was nearly knocked off her feet.

It was a testament to the brunette’s fortitude and tenacity that she managed to keep her footing and even come staggering out of the corner - the significance of her accomplishment greatly diminished when Alyson met her mid-ring with a sharp Boot to the Belly. As Katie doubled over in breathless agony, Alyson reached around her long torso, locked her hands against Katie’s stomach and hauled her off her feet. Alyson spun her around nearly 270-degrees, then dropped to one knee and smashed Katie’s stomach into the posted joint, nearly tearing a hole in her taller opponent with a Tilt-a-Whirl Gutbuster.

Savoring the feel of Katie’s sweat-tacky belly trembling over her knee, Alyson shoved the brunette onto the mat and went for the pin, once again making sure to lean her full weight across the scorched earth landscape of Katie tummy. Working in the same deliberate manner she’d officiated so far, Rachel dropped to her knees and counted, “ONE… TWO…"

Katie bucked her legs hard, breaking the count. Ignoring Rachel, Alyson grinned at Katie and cooed, “Lovely! I was worried my favorite toy was broken.”

With Katie on her back, Alyson straddled the brunette’s hips and slammed her right hand down on Katie’s hypersensitive midsection. Not bothering to wait for Katie’s vision to clear, Alyson tickled her fingertips over Katie’s belly before digging her fingers deep into the brunette’s paunch; pulling and twisting at the sweaty flesh with another application of the Belly Claw. The formerly limp brunette came to life, thrashing and writhing as she tried to escape, but Alyson held her victim in place and she only increased the pressure as she said, “Scream my name Katie. Scream it over and over again or I’ll claw right through you and show these stupid fans just how gutless you really are!” She punctuated her demand with another corkscrew of the fingers digging deep into Katie’s sweat-soaked, tormented tummy.

As her feet beat an erratic, staccato tattoo on the mat, Katie half-opened her eyes and glared up into Alyson’s face. Finding her voice, she croaked, “All right, but how about I add on some comments. Maybe something like, HANNIGAN’S A SECOND-RATE, B-TEAM, DIRECT-TO-VIDEO, KATIE HOLMES WANNABE…CUNT!”

Alyson’s face twisted in a sneer as she spat, “Have it your way you stubborn piece of shit. Just know that you will beg for me before the match is over.” She dug her fingers back in the brunette’s belly, relishing the pained cries of her writhing captive.

Trying her best to ignore the burning tines currently buried in her gut, Katie craned her head back and discovered that the ropes were still several feet behind her. Stifling a sob as Alyson dug a little deeper, Katie planted her feet on the mat and started to crab backward, pulling their combined weight with her hands and pushing with her feet, slowly but surely working her way toward sanctuary. It seemed like an eternity for Katie before she was able to reach out and grab the bottom rope. She thought she’d have to scream at Rachel to start the count, but Rachel surprised her and started it immediately. The officiating redhead had just reached ‘THREE’ when Alyson grudgingly released the Claw and lifted off her opponent.

As Katie lay quivering at her feet, Alyson reached down and pulled the tall brunette to her feet, standing Katie up on wobbly legs. Alyson placed her right hand and palm-down across Katie’s head in a skull pulverizing Face Claw. Katie tried to break Alyson’s grip but Alyson wasn’t looking for a submission! While Katie was preoccupied with trying to break Alyson’s grip on her face, Alyson stepped beside her squirming rival, wrapped one long pale leg behind Katie’s planted feet and, balancing all her weight on the other leg, Alyson kicked the leg behind Katie back as hard as she could, while simultaneously pushing forward on the Claw.

The combination Iron Claw and STO sent Katie crashing to the mat so hard the back of her head THONK cracked painfully on the canvas as her body folded up into an ungainly Matchbook. Katie spasmed once after impact and then lay still, her soft groans the only indication of her consciousness. Not bothering to relinquish her Claw on Katie’s face, Alyson got to her feet and pulled the brunette up with her. Content to draw out Katie’s punishment, Alyson drove her shoulder into Katie’s chest and tossed the lissome brunette over her shoulders in a Fireman’s Carry.

Moving rather well despite the burden of Homes’ weight, Alyson strode to the nearby corner where she announced, “Well Katie I’ve had lots of fun tearing you apart tonight, but if you’re not going to put up better fight, I’ll just have to finish you right now.”

At the turnbuckles, the redhead turned so she was facing into the ring and backed up, stepping up onto the bottom rope, then stepped up onto the first cable. Balanced oddly against the ropes, Alyson managed to climb to the top rope in a slow, awkward climb while holding Katie across her shoulders. Once at the top, Allison looked out at the crowd and said, “It’s my hope the following move will force all the pathetic loser tendencies out of Katie Holmes; but they may, in fact, be so deep-rooted in her psyche the procedure will have to be repeated more than once.”

As the mob started to buzz and Pickman continued sketching, Alyson bent her knees and leapt into the air with Katie still pooled in her grasp. As she reached the apex of her leap, Alyson muscled Katie up out in front of her while maintaining a tight grip on the flailing brunette. As gravity reclaimed them, Alyson tucked both knees up to her chest and waited for the landing. Seconds later, she was rewarded; landing hard on her back with a bone jarring THUD! While Alyson’s landing certainly wasn’t the most pleasant of feelings, it was a far cry from the absolute hell it caused Katie! She hit full force with her mutilated midsection driven full speed into Alyson’s raised, tucked knees. Katie had just been on the receiving end of the Stomach Pump, Alyson’s hideously augmented Double Knee Gutbuster she often used to end matches!

The breathtaking move (no pun intended) drove every bit of air from the brunette’s lungs and she rolled limp into the middle of the ring where she lay without moving while Alyson got slowly to her feet. In no particular rush to get the three count, the redhead snapped her red and black briefs back into alignment before sauntering over to Katie and placing her right foot on the brunette’s chest. Ignoring Rachel as the ref came to count, Alyson glared down at Katie’s pain-twisted face and sneered, “You make me sick.”

Oblivious to anything but the count, Rachel slapped the mat, “ONE… TWO… THRE-NO!”

Katie slapped Alyson’s boot off her chest at the last possible instant, keeping her hopes alive for at least another three seconds. Rolling her eyes in exasperation, Alyson bent down, pulled Katie to her feet and wrapped her left hand around the brunette’s windpipe. Looking Katie dead in the eye, Alyson whispered, “I’d almost forgotten how much fun strangling you is.” Then she clamped down tight and jerked Katie back and forth, abusing the brunette like a shopworn Kewpie Doll.

From her vantage point beside the pair, Rachel admitted that there was a mild vicarious thrill in watching the redhead choke Katie, but as the referee, she was obligated to stop the illegal maneuver. Finding her voice, the other redhead began her count. “ONE… TWO… THREE… FOUR…Let her go Hannigan!”

Alyson turned to face Rachel, smiled and said, “No I’d rather noTEEERRGGHHHH!” Rachel had been a second away from decking the redhead, but Katie had beaten her to it when she drew back her right leg and snapped her foot forward, kicking her tormentress squarely between the legs! Alyson’s hand fell from Katie’s throat as she doubled over too late to protect her injured center. Of course, this proved a terrible mistake!

There was a terrible fire burning in Katie’s dark eyes and it was apparent that she intended to incinerate Alyson with nothing more than the strength of her hatred. Without a word, Katie locked Alyson in a tight Front Face-Lock and held the position for a moment. Ever so slowly, her frightening smile made a return appearance and she whispered, “Third time’s a charm.” Then Katie drove herself back and down with everything she had, drilling Alyson’s skull into the canvas with her patented DDT. Sitting up next to her nemesis, Katie brushed hair out of her eyes and panted, “God that was satisfying.” Making sure she was still fully functional, Katie scrambled into position behind Alyson’s head and pulled the redhead into a sitting position. Leaning heavily on Alyson’s shoulders and back, Katie taunted, “You’ve had plenty of opportunities to sharpen your claws on me tonight Alyson, but you haven’t afforded me the same courtesy. Now that you’re suddenly so willing, let’s see how much you can endure.”

Placing both of her hands on Alyson’s shoulders, Katie’s long fingers curled into claws which she sank deep into the defenseless flesh, torturing her adversary with a brutally simple Nerve Hold. Groaning and thrashing in abject agony as Katie tried to rip her shoulders off, Alyson shrieked in pain and reached both hands towards the ropes that seemed so, so, very far away. Watching with a coldly reptilian interest as Alyson squirmed, Katie hissed, “Oh no you DON’T!” She rose up on one knee and pressed down even harder, adding the bulk of her weight to the already agonizing pressure of the Nerve Hold.

Alyson’s gasps of pain rose noticeably and she in turn scrabbled wildly at Katie’s intruding hands, trying to find some way to make the brunette release her Bear Trap grip on the redhead’s shoulders. Tragically for Alyson, Katie decided to relinquish her hold when something even more devious crossed her mind! She broke the claw and stood behind her seated victim. After taking a moment to, THUD, smash her knee into the back of Alyson’s head, Katie glommed onto her crimson locks and hoisted her to her feet. Whirling Alyson around to face her, Katie pulled the wounded girl in close and purred, “You hurt me really bad Alyson, but not bad enough. As long as I can breathe, I can still kick your ass!”

As her words were absorbed into the roar of the mob, Katie stifled a groan as she lifted Alyson up over her head and into a wobbly but effective Military Press. Smiling savagely as the crowd egged her on, Katie held Alyson up for as long as she could before her arms gave out and she had to drop the redhead to the mat in front of her. Wanting to get revenge for the times Alyson had targeted her stomach, Katie took a half step forward and dropped to one knee, letting Alyson flop belly-first across the posted joint in Gutbuster from several feet higher than usual. Alyson offered up a tortured gurgle and immediately rolled off Katie’s knee and into a ball at her feet.

Savoring the view of her former tormentor mewling on the canvas, Katie buried her hands in Alyson’s mane and pulled them both to their feet. Gripping Alyson by the shoulders so she couldn’t pull away, Katie said, “If you’re going to strangle someone Aly, you should at least use both hands.” She bent her knees and lifted straight up, hauling Alyson off her feet in a blatant Two-handed Stranglehold. Smiling sadistically as Alyson’s legs kicked frantically in the air, Katie dug her fingers into Alyson’s throat and counted sardonically along as Rachel enforced the five second rule on chokes.


Perhaps it would have been wiser for Katie and Alyson to forego the illegal maneuvers in this fight because they had a nasty habit of blowing up in their faces - like right here! As Rachel reached ‘FOUR’ Alyson whipped her right hand up and slashed it down across Katie’s eyes, breaking the choke in a crude but effective fashion. Landing on her feet in front of a stumbling Katie, Alyson cleared her throat with an enraged roar and followed that up with a heartless Cunt Punt.

Katie grabbed her pubic mound sobbing in agony as she dropped to her knees. But she only stayed there a second before the redhead yanked her back to her feet. Moving as quickly as she could, Alyson bent her rival over and turned around, so that the small of her back was resting against the top of Katie’s head. In the same motion, she reached back with one arm and then the other, hooking both of her arms behind the brunette’s elbows. Making sure her grip was secure, Allison took a breath and then ducked down, turning in a half circle so that she was now facing the other direction; the top of her head almost level with Katie’s butt. Almost done, Alyson forced her head between the brunette’s thighs and stood up straight, lifting Katie off the mat so that her head was pointing down at the canvas, her legs were dangling uselessly overhead, and her butt resting easily against the back. Holding the brunette by the elbows, Alyson looked at Pickman and smiled beatifically when she saw the artist nod his approval. Turning in a slow half circle, Allison stopped when she saw Rachel.

Grinning malevolently at the other redhead, Alyson said, “Like looking into the future isn’t it?” Then Alyson rose up on her toes and sat out, driving the top of the brunette’s skull into the mat with the brutal move she had dubbed ‘The Freefall in Crimson’ The crowd leapt to its feet and booed vociferously as Alyson released her grip on Katie’s elbows and let her collapse limp on the mat. Knowing she had all the time in the world, Allison still moved rather quickly as she pushed Katie over onto her back and hooked the far leg in a loose Cradle. The energy of the mob went down several notches as they watched the match end, but that didn’t stop them from chanting along with Rachel as she counted off, “ONE… TWO… THRE-NO!!!”

The roof damn near came off the building when Katie jerked her left shoulder off the mat, breaking the count with no time to spare. There were only three people in attendance that weren’t cheering Katie on; the first was Rachel McAdams whose silence was more out of respect for appearing unbiased than anything else. If she hadn’t been reffing the match, she’d probably be cheering too. The other two names on that short list were Alyson Hannigan and Richard Pickman. Neither of whom could believe the rangy brunette had been able to fight out of the redhead’s lethal finisher.

Shaking off her incredulity, Alyson buried her hands in Katie’s sweat-dampened locks and hoisted the brunette to her feet. Standing very close to her adversary, Alyson snarled, “I’m gonna rip your fucking jaw off.” Removing her hands from Katie’s hair, she curled her right hand into a talon and jammed her middle and ring fingers into the brunette’s mouth, slipping them under Katie’s tongue and pressing down viciously to lock in the Mandible Claw.

The blinding pain and numbing paralysis of the unique claw hold almost dropped Katie to her knees, but the brunette stayed on her feet if only by grabbing hold of the wrist of Alyson’s clawing hand. Bearing down with diabolical force, Alyson jerked Katie’s head left and right, trying her best to separate the brunette’s head from her shoulders. Glaring at Rachel, Alyson screamed, “ASK HER-AAAGGGHHH!”

Before Rachel could act on the other redhead’s command, Katie returned a favor from a few moments ago and lifted Alyson up on her toes with a hideous Kick to the Groin. Alyson’s intruding digits fell away and Katie took in a great, tearing breath as she cradled her face in both hands.

But the brunette’s pain was soon overshadowed by her hatred for the redhead. With a murderous gleam in her eyes, Katie trapped the crippled beauty in a Standing Headscissors and squeezed down tight. Unable to help herself, Katie brought up her right arm and slowly drew her thumb across her throat, signaling the beginning of the end. As the cries of the mob began to intensify, Katie wrapped her arms around Alyson’s waist and lifted her up high, bringing her to rest with the small of her back bent painfully across Katie’s left shoulder. Knowing there was nothing Alyson could do to escape, Katie turned in a slow circle, making sure there wasn’t a single doubt about what was coming. Satisfied, she bent her knees into a deep crouch and then jumped up. At the apex of her ascent, Katie tucked her legs under her and landed heavily on her knees, nearly snapping Alyson in half with the ‘Holmes Wrecker.’

Keeping her eyes locked on Richard Pickman after the move connected, Katie mouthed, “Is she the best you could do?” then dumped the broken vixen off her shoulder and onto the mat. Brushing aside the fire that was still raging in her ribcage, Katie threw herself across Alyson’s midsection and hooked both legs. Not needing to be asked at all, Rachel swooped in and counted off, “ONE… TWO… THRE-NO!”

Despite the fact that most of the fans in attendance hated her with a passion that bordered on fanatical, the mob couldn’t help but cheer its appreciation when Alyson kicked out of the pin. Shaking her head in disbelief, Katie glared daggers at Rachel who just shrugged and glared right back at her. Knowing what she had to do; Katie got to her feet and brought Alyson along for the ride. Making sure she was facing Pickman’s side of the ring, Katie forced Alyson into another Standing Headscissors and hoisted her up for a second, ‘Holmes Wrecker.’

Smiling sweetly as she felt Alyson’s weight droop across her shoulder, Katie stared at the artist and said, “She was never better than me Dick. I thought you would have figured that out by now.”

When Pickman didn’t respond, Katie dipped her knees and leapt into the air for a second time. She came crashing down with the same result, the ‘Holmes Wrecker’ hit beautifully and Alyson was bent into a terrible upside-down ‘U’ shape before Katie unclasped her hands and sent her dribbling onto the canvas. Too tired to do anything but end the match, Katie hooked both legs this time and waited for Rachel to count. She didn’t have to wait long; despite her hatred for the brunette, Rachel was committed to doing the job right and she proved as much by kneeling down by Katie and counting, “ONE… TWO…”

The lights went out all over the building. Before Katie, Rachel or anyone else in Black 13 knew what was going on, there was a giant GLORSH from the middle of the ring, followed by a disgusted shriek.

The lights came back a few seconds later and the audience groaned. The inside of the ring looked like a bad horror movie, it was splattered all over with the stage blood that the Hood had used in her ‘blood bath’ attacks before she was unmasked and it was apparent that Alyson had brought the technique out of storage for tonight’s match. Katie had been splashed with a fair amount of the stuff, but Rachel took the full brunt of it. The redhead was coated from head to toe with the crimson slime and given the shocked way she was regarding her new coloration, she wasn’t thrilled about it.

Not too far away, Katie spat, “Fuck!’ She got to her feet, half walking-half slipping through the gooey mess, and made her way over to Rachel. “Get your ass up and make the count Rachel!” she demanded with an impudent stomp of her feet.

But Rachel didn’t seem to hear her; she just kept staring at her hands and mumbling to herself. While Katie was busy yelling at Rachel, Richard Pickman was doing what all good teachers do when their students were in trouble - lending a hand! Or in his case, a seat - the steel folding chair he slipped under the bottom rope and shoved toward his groggy protégé. The chair slid to a stop at Alyson’s fingertips and the heretofore out of it redhead suddenly reached out and grabbed it with both hands. Nodding ‘thanks’ to the artist, Alyson fought her way to her feet, turned and looked for Katie.

Seeing the brunette was distracted by Rachel, Alyson reared back and purred, “Oh Katie, I’d like to have a word with you…”

Katie whirled around on her heel and Alyson was right there to greet her with a SICK chair shot that BWONG slammed off the brunette’s skull and dropped her in an unconscious heap. Taking a second to observe the dent Katie’s skull had put in the chair; Alyson tossed the weapon out of the ring and knelt down with both of her knees resting in the pit of Katie’s tortured stomach.

Ready to end this fight, Alyson cooed, “I hope you wake up with tears drying on your cheeks Katie.” She slipped the middle and ring fingers of her right hand into Katie’s mouth, applying the Mandible Claw once more. Clamping down tight on Katie’s jaw with her right hand, Alyson busied her left by slipping it down the front of the brunette’s trunks and digging her fingers into Katie’s womanhood with a Crotch Claw. Either of these two holds would have resulted in frantic screams and pleas for mercy in most situations, but they only brought mild twitching from Katie for the limber vixen had been put out of commission by the steel chair; everything else was just icing on the cake.

Grinning sadistically as she bounced on Katie’s ribs while simultaneously torturing two of her most sensitive areas, Alyson dug down deep with both Claw Holds and called for the ref. “Hey McAdams, you want to get over here and do your job? This bitch is tapping out!” Alyson’s words finally broke through Rachel’s slimy red haze and shocked the referee from her trance. The weary guest ref crawled over to Alyson and surveyed the situation. As she took in the scene, Alyson increased the ferocity of her clawing and demanded, “Check her arm, she’s out of it.”

Rachel was actually beginning to carry out Alyson’s order when she caught herself and looked Alyson square in the face. “I don’t… don’t think…so. I can’t… stop you from stealing… this match, but I KNOW you’re responsible for doing this to me… The least I can do is deny you what you want most.”

Before Alyson could protest, Rachel brought her hand down and slapped the mat three times in rapid succession, “ONE-TWO-THREE!”

The bell rang and Alyson was declared the winner, but the records would show her victory was by a pin, NOT the submission she so desperately wanted! Despite having just won what was undoubtedly the biggest match of her career, Alyson was furious. “You stupid bitch.” she hissed at Rachel.

Pickman’s protégé pushed up off her unconscious foe and chested into the slimy ref, who it should be noted, was not backing down one bit. Alyson’s dark eyes were throwing off sparks as she stared Rachel down and she seemed to be seconds away from taking a swing at the other redhead when she suddenly stepped back. Taking a deep breath, Alyson said, “All right Rachel, I understand. You were just doing your job and you did it quite well. But there’s one last part of being a ref you need to partake in before the experience is complete.”

Wary for any signs of an ambush, Rachel asked, “And what might that be?”

Alyson stuck out her right hand and demanded, “Raise my hand!” Rachel glowered. She really, really didn’t want to have to do this, but as Alyson had said, it was her job and she would see it through to the end. Sighing heavily, Rachel took Alyson’s wrist and raised her hand high over head while the crowd showered them both with disapproval. After turning to all four corners of the ring, Alyson pulled her hand away. Fixing Rachel with a Cheshire Cat grin, the victorious redhead asked, “There, that wasn’t so hard was it?”

Rachel shook her head ‘no.’ “Not as terrible as I thought it would be!”

Alyson opened her mouth to reply and that’s when Rachel snapped her right foot up and caught Alyson with a vicious Cunt Punt! Alyson howled in pain and started to fall forward, but Rachel caught her on the way down.

Holding the spaghetti-legged girl against her, Rachel snarled, “Don’t you EVER try to use me in your sick little games again, or I’ll hurt you worse that Katie ever could.”

Rachel shoved Alyson away and bent down; forcing her head between Alyson’s legs as if setting herself up for a Pile Driver. In the same instant, she cinched her arms around Alyson’s thighs and clasped her hands, holding the redhead in place. With a primal roar of satisfaction, Rachel straightened up with Alyson draped on her back, head down with her face level with the brunette’s butt. Her grin shining like a white crescent in the red drenched landscape of her features, Rachel bent her knees slightly and then jumped into the air. As she came down, she tucked her knees under her and landed on her knees at the same time Alyson’s head was spiked into the canvas. The crowd leapt to their feet and roared as Rachel had just blind-sided the Hood and laid her out with the McAdams Smasher.

But the show was only half over. Because when Alyson’s head connected with the mat, Rachel let go of the redhead’s legs allowing her to flop out bonelessly behind her. With Alyson’s head under Rachel’s butt, all the enraged redhead had to do was sit back a bit and drop the full weight of her goo-spattered rump on Alyson’s defenseless face in a perfectly administered Front Face Sit. The crowd’s energy level went into the stratosphere, everyone was near delirium over the fact that the most hated and feared woman in the promotion was going to suffer a Face Grinder right there in the middle of the ring.

It was one of life’s little ironies that Alyson was saved from this demeaning end by the woman she had cheated out of victory less than five minutes prior. Unbeknownst to Rachel, Katie had pushed herself off the mat and was limping toward the preoccupied redheads. Shuffling along like an accident victim, the brunette was on top of Rachel before the referee saw the shadow looming over her. Eyes wide, Rachel looked back over her shoulder just in time to be met by Katie’s Big Boot smashing into her chin. The ref let out a loud groan and toppled off Alyson, but Katie wasn’t done - not by a long shot.

Pulling Rachel up with a double handful of hair, Katie slammed a Knee Lift to the redhead’s groin and screamed, “YOU MISERABLE BITCH! I HAD HER BEAT AND YOU COULDN’T MAKE THE FUCKING COUNT?” She stopped roaring and pulled Rachel in close. Her voice dropping to a whisper, she continued, “I should cripple you right now Rachel, but I’m going to leave you just healthy enough to delude yourself into coming after me again. And in case you needed any more motivation; here’s a preview of how our next match is going to end.”

After a second of inactivity, Katie delivered a second Knee Lift to the front of Rachel’s unguarded shorts that doubled her over with a gasping, gargling, whimper of protest. Locking the disoriented vixen in a Standing Headscissors, Katie wrapped her arms around Rachel’s waist and lifted her, bringing her to rest with the small of her back bent painfully across Katie’s left shoulder. Unable to resist the urge to put her on display, Katie turned to Pickman’s side of the ring and locked eyes with the mildly distraught looking artist. Finding her voice, Katie whispered, “Next time this will be Alyson.”

Katie bent her knees in a deep crouch and then leapt upwards. At the apex, Katie tucked her legs up under her and landed heavily on her knees, snapping Rachel over her shoulder with the ‘Holmes Wrecker.’ At this point, Katie would normally release her grip and let Rachel fall but she clamped down tighter and ever so slowly muscled herself back to her feet.

Smirking to the audience, Katie explained, “I just plain DON’T LIKE this slut.”

Cheering their approval, the audience was on their feet when Katie left her feet and administered a SECOND spine-shattering ‘Holmes Wrecker’!. Feeling Rachel go limp on her shoulder, Katie finally opened her arms and let the unconscious redhead slither off her shoulder and puddle on the canvas. Rising, Katie looked around at Alyson, muttering, “Where the hell did you go…”

Her gaze stopped when she saw the grinning Pickman helping his woozy protégé up the aisle. Denied her revenge again, Katie stormed to the edge of the ring and screamed, “THIS ISN’T OVER! DON’T THINK FOR ONE SECOND I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF KICKING YOUR CHEATING, DUPLICITOUS ASS!”

From her place on the ramp, Alyson just smiled and taunted Katie with a mocking little wave. “Don’t worry Katie.” she purred. “The next time you and I meet up, there won’t be any need for stage blood. You’ll provide more than enough of the real thing to paint my masterpiece.” As if her words were a talisman, the lights went out again and when they came back, the redhead and the artist were gone, leaving as they so often did nothing but broken bodies and chaos in their wake.
Backstage, a few minutes later…
Still trying to scrub the stage blood off her arms and shoulders, Katie tossed the filthy towel away and snatched another off the laundry cart. Toweling the crimson sludge off her face, Katie glared over at her partner and spat, “I HAD her, Sarah. I FUCKING HAD HER! She was broken on my shoulder but then Pickman pulls his fucking mojo and that idiot bitch McAdams can’t make the count!” Gellar opened her mouth to reply but Holmes cut her off by slamming her fist into the wall.

Sarah cocked an eyebrow at the brunette, waited a moment and then said, “OK, so she beat you. But there is a silver lining…Pickman had to show his hand to save her. He can’t deny they’re connected anymore. AND you got to take out your frustrations on Rachel - which I don’t necessarily condone, but I’m sure it felt good.”

Katie smiled, even as she was cradling her wounded hand. Smirking at the blonde she asked, “I did do a number on that bitch didn’t I?”

“Not good enough apparently!” came a ragged voice from behind the partners.

Just as Katie started to turn, BWANG a steel chair slammed into her skull and the lanky brunette went down in a heap. Glaring at her crippled nemesis, Rachel tossed the dented seat aside and pounced on the shell-shocked vixen. Straddling her chest, the redhead started pounding Katie’s face with wild, callous Haymakers.


Her rant was short-circuited when Sarah buried both hands in Rachel’s auburn mane and dragged her off of Katie, whipped Rachel into the wall and then chested up the taller girl back into the wall. Craning her neck to lock eyes with Rachel, The Slayer said, “Excuse me…but we were talking.”

Rachel pushed off the wall, but was shoved back by the smaller blonde. Seething with anger, Rachel snarled, “Lemme go Slayer, I got unfinished business with your partner.”

Rachel tried to break free again, but Sarah was fresher and was able to keep the Auburn Avenger pinned against the wall. “And I’ve got unfinished business with YOU! How does hitting my partner with a chair; FROM BEHIND no less, make you any better than her?”

Pushing forward with everything she had, Rachel snarled, “It’s not about being better Slayer, it’s about righting a wrong. Given your history with Katie I thought you of all people would understand.”

Sarah leaned forward, going nose to nose with the redhead, “I don’t need any lectures from you Rachel. I fought Katie head on and won. It’s something you might want to consider.”

Rachel was more than a little pissed by the none too subtle indication. “Lemme go Sarah, or I’ll go right through you.”

Gellar smiled coldly as she replied, “You don’t need another enemy right now, Rachel, but if you’re looking for one I’ll be more than happy to kick your ass.”

“Don’t you dare Slayer! I’ve got dibs on her perky, red-headed ass.” Katie groaned as she sat up rubbing her forehead, but otherwise she looked OK. Fixing her gaze on the redhead and the blonde, she added, “Let ‘er go Sarah.”

The Slayer wasn’t one to listen to Katie’s orders too often, but she didn’t feel like picking a fight with the brunette tonight. Stepping back, she removed her forearm from Rachel’s neck and let the taller girl go. The instant she was free, Rachel brushed Sarah aside and chested into her brunette rival. Glaring up into Katie’s equally angry face, Rachel growled, “You almost ruined my reputation in this promotion and you didn’t even care! You just stepped over me on your way to Alyson. Now I’m going to step ON you.”

Katie closed her eyes for a moment, and then opened them. When she spoke, her tone was almost apologetic. “You were hanging around with Pickman and looked suspicious as hell. I’m sorry you got dragged into this, but I’m not sorry for attacking you. Someone needs to kick the shit out of you and I’ll be glad to do it.”

Rachel shook her head ‘no’ in a silent but emphatic denial. “I’m going to SHRED you in Pandora’s Box, Katie. Then I’ll go after Alyson and Pickman. You may have started this, but I’ll be the one who finishes it.”

Rachel stared at Katie for a few more seconds, then spun on her heel and stalked off down the hall. Watching her go, Sarah placed a hand on her partner’s shoulder and said, “She might be even more dangerous than Alyson. You better be careful around her; especially in the Box.”

Katie smiled and whispered, “She’s the one who needs to be afraid, Sarah. They ALL need to be afraid, very afraid…”

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