The Hypocratic Oak#2: Amy Lee vs. Britney Spears by Piper

It was a late night in October as I watched Amy Lee entering her home in Little Rock, Arkansas. I knew the time had arrived to claim my next prey. I wondered if this mission would work out as well as the Jessica Simpson wedding. Still I crept up to the side of the house and glanced in through a window.

Amy opened the door and walked down the hallway into her kitchen. She noticed in the center of her table was a note with an Apple resting on top of it. In her moment filled with curiosity she slid the note out from under the Apple and read: “Thank You For Being My Poisoned Apple!” love Shaun

Amy had an infatuation with Snow White and always joked about it. Amy knew what Shaun had meant, that she was his ammunition against all the things opposing him in life. I guess it was his way of saying he loved her. She took the Apple in her hand and started to eat it. It was a long day and she was hoping Shaun would kiss her lips while she was asleep and awaken her when he arrive during the night! Wishful thinking she had hoped. They haven’t been spending much quality time together since their tour ended in August, this could be a sign that things were getting back to normal.

Amy walked into the bedroom and began to strip down to her birthday suite before dropping a slinky black generously transparent nightie on over her head. Between every step she took a bite out of the apple that Shaun had left for her. When she was finished she walked barefoot into the kitchen and placed the eaten fruit back onto the center of the table. Underneath it she turned over Shaun’s note and wrote back: “Release me from this spell I’m under” love Amy!

It was her way of inviting him into her own late night fairy tale! She finally finished off her day with a smile and went to sleep resting contentedly on her back in the darkness. I stood and watched as she was whisked away into the quiet night. Amy had been at rest for close to two hours, when the quiet was broken by a song. ‘A Little Past Little Rock’ by Lee Ann Womack played gently on her stereo creating this distant, almost silent eerie atmosphere. Amy hated country music, and just the sound of it woke her from her slumber.

Little did she know she had also opened her perceptions to something else. She began to cough and choke uncontrollably as the music played very quietly in the distance. She grabbed her neck, trying to get a breath in but it was no use, she had realized it wasn’t just a dream. In her own head she struggled to understand her situation.

“Was it something she had eaten? THE APPLE! Was there something in the apple? Is Shaun trying to kill me?”

Then her coughing relented for a moment before she threw up all over the floor next to her bed. When she was finished she grabbed her neck once more trying to reach for the lamp on her night stand but to no avail it was no longer there. She began to comprehend the words of the song as she made an attempt to get off her bed:

“I'm a little past Little Rock, Further down the line
Too soon to know what's up ahead, Too late to change my mind”

The words, the song, the style of music outraged Amy and she started to choke again wondering if this had meant Shaun had left her to die or had been taken away from her. When she regained herself in the darkness the music stopped. She listened in the silence for something she could grasp onto that actually made sense, and that moment had finally arrived.

As she reached her silky leg to the ground a light flickered on in front of her. An image stood a couple feet away of a person holding her lamp under their chin so that only certain prominent features captured the light. Amy started to cough and choke again from the sudden fright of having a stranger in her bedroom. She tried to stand but her bare foot caught the end of her disgorged vomit and she slipped down to her knees and leaned forward against the bed. When she once again gained some composure she looked to identify her intruder as the person pulled the light forward a couple of inches to reveal a little more of their features.

The light slowly and poetically captured the true identity of Amy’s perpetrator, causing Amy flinch back onto her back knee. Moving closer step by step was a woman who had every right to be upset with Amy and that she was. Britney Spears noticed as she approached Amy that her eyes were watering from her absence of breath. She moved a little closer and shined the light down on her stomach revealing a black corset around her waist.

“Like my outfit sweetie? I wore it for you!” Britney giggled

Amy used all her strength to stop coughing, before making an effort to tackle Britney to the ground. Britney however swung up her leg and kicked Amy on past her, face first to the ground. The impact caused Amy to start coughing again, but it was clear the effect of the poisoned apple was wearing off.

Britney looked down at Amy struggling to get to her feet! Her shapely ass a perfect target for some foul play. Britney looked down at the unshaded lamp, then back at Amy’s ripe ass contemplating her next move!

“Hmmm! Now what would you do to me in this situation? Hmmmmmmm!”

Britney passed up the chance to do serious and permanent damage to Amy’s privates as she walked over to the night stand and reached over to return the lamp. She turned around to see that Amy was on her knees and recovering slowly she proceeded to kick her in the midsection spinning her onto her back. Both ladies were dressed in black and very hard to see with their shadows being magnified from the back-lighting. In my eyes this was the perfect setting to reenact Amy’s WNCI interview about Britney.

Britney pulled Amy to her feet before throwing her into her dresser, luckily not the one with the mirror on it. Amy’s head skinned the wall as she twisted drunkenly down onto her back. Her slender smooth pale legs smacked against the bottom draw as she stared at the dim reflections on the ceiling. Amy was now trying not only to breath but keep her already vitiated vision from fading.

“Well, I already poisoned you! What did you say you would do to me next if you met me in a dark alley?”

Britney moved her head closer to Amy’s trying to distinguish what she was trying to say, finally, Amy put some words together for only Britney to hear!

“Yyyyyyooouuu Biiiiiiiiiitttcccccccccccch”

Britney wasn’t surprised that Amy didn’t choose to play along with her little game of antagonizing so she grabbed Amy by the hair straightened her up and kicked her between the legs with a resounding thud! I cringed at the sound of it as Amy let out a loud shriek. Amy sagged on her knees still fighting with her newest coughing routine.

“Let me refresh your memory!

Britney took the corset off from around her waist that revealed a black lace bra underneath. She proceeded to act out a portion of Amy’s interview by wrapping the corset around Amy’s neck and choking her. This was easier said than done as she had to position herself behind Amy and drove her foot into the small of Amy’s back in order to get enough leverage for the constriction. Still it wasn’t your typical strangle, as the corset curled up against Amy’s neck driving her head backward. Her dark hair brushed against Britney’s hands as she felt Amy’s fight diminish almost completely. She released her grip on the corset and dropped her victim viciously to the ground.

Barely conscious, Amy’s sexy form rested face down with her nightie halfway up her bare bottom. As the gasps for breath slowly died down, Amy became motionless. Britney rolled Amy onto her back before she reached under the bed and slid along the hardwood floor a 6 inch woodcraft vice. She dragged it over to Amy’s feet and placed her right foot inside. She then walked into the bathroom and grabbed a cup of water slowly making her way back into the room.

“Wake uuuup! Sleeeeepy Leeeeeee!” Then she poured her water on Amy’s face administering a graphic thrust of her elbow against the hard ground. Amy was awakened as Britney tormented her with her bare foot. “So do you think I should compress this occasion?”

Amy Lee knew that she was referring to the interview again, except she said she had hoped it would rain to depress the occasion, meaning her concert that day. Amy, who was now more aware then ever before looked at Britney with pure hatred in her blue eyes. She tried to wiggle her foot free but that vice was heavier than she thought. She looked at Britney and finally spoke her mind!

“You wouldn’t, you don’t have the guts, you slut! The interview was a joke and you know it!”

Britney drove a kick into her side for talking back, though it’s what she wanted Amy to do!

“It was a joke to you! What about creating negative energy for me? You basically turned all your already hostile fans directly on me and that was wrong, talk about a publicity stunt, that is just the kind of thing you would have accused me of!”

Amy threw her arms from side to side trying to get a piece of Britney, but she was sitting on her left leg ready to twist the vice. Britney pulled out a picture from her pocket and crept up into Amy’s line of vision. It was a picture of Britney with her head being crushed in a corset with Amy Lee standing behind her pulling it.

“Kevin’s son heard about this picture at school, it was off one of YOUR fan sites! It’s you strangling me, just like you said in your interview! Do you even BEGIN to understand how hurt I was when Donnie came running in the room laughing, waving this picture?”

Amy didn’t quite know what to say, but eventually she again tried to smack Britney. This time she connected a little as she rolled to her side trying to reach Britney’s hair! But Britney was quick enough to kick to Amy’s throat and that flattened her on the ground.

“I’ve been the scapegoat for every female artist dressing sexy; I’ve suffered accusations true and untrue! Now it’s time YOU suffered for THIS disgrace you caused me!” Britney slowly tightened the grip on Amy’s foot. Lee’s aggression nearly knocked Britney off of her other leg but she struggled to remain planeted on top as to restrict her from any offensive movements. She continued to crush Amy’s foot but not to the point of destruction, just discomfort or maybe some broken bones. “This should be your fucking head, bitch!”

With the very last inch came the crackling of Lee’s foot. Britney showed some mercy and stopped there. Spears however wasn’t done! She still had to finish acting out Amy’s interview. She slid her body up Amy’s torso taking Lee’s thin black nightie with her revealing all of Lee’s womanhood. Britney laced a right hook across the cheek and then another repeatedly until Amy was knocked out completely. Blood trickled from Lee’s nose and mouth as her head slumped to her right side. Britney went on to release her foot from it’s vice.

“Now, how am I going to dye your hair back to it’s original color, puke green?” Britney grabbed Amy’s arms and dragged her over to the side of the bed before dropping her down into her own puke! She knelt down onto her knees, place her hand on Amy’s face and smeared the brunettes hair in her own grotesque vomit! “It’s not green but it will have to do!”

When she basically mopped the floor with Amy’s hair she looked down at her fallen foe with some satisfaction. I knew what she was thinking, as she gushed out a sympathetic sigh! It’s one thing to have an opinion, even those are misused these days, but it’s another thing to promote hatred or harm to another person. This is what Amy has now found out first hand, or in this case first foot!

Britney grabbed a hold of Amy’s nightie and ripped it from the woman’s body! Amy’s pale white skin was now completely on display. Britney and I then carried her out of the house, but oddly enough Britney was singing this strange children’s song…“I caught a little baby bumble bee”

We paraded Amy’s naked body outside her home and into some wooded area that made up parts of her backyard. Britney pulled out the ceremonial leather thong and put it on Amy. She looked at me with confusion as to how these little trees where going to do the job, the giant oak did on Jessica!

I flinch my eyes a bit motioning for her to turn around again. When she did, she was astonished that the “Hypocratic Oak” tree was now in front of us. She dragged Amy under the tree, took a few steps back and watched fascinated as tree’s branches once again swooped down and latched onto the back of Amy’s thong picking her up like she was weightless. As the beautiful “Hypocritical Oak” carried Amy to her place she noticed some guy already hanging on the tree.

“Who’s that?”

The sight of Amy’s naked body ornamenting the tree was beautiful! I turned to Britney and told her who the guy was, “He called himself ‘Goth Boy’; he’s the one who gave the interview!”

“Oh yeah!” she grinned.

“I wonder what’s going to happen to Amy’s hair when the sun hits it?”

She let out a little laugh, as we both watched the tree disappear into the night, back to it’s respected home on the Island of Kos!

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