Pressly’s Payback: Match One - Jamie Pressly vs. Izabella Scorupco by Interac

Months and months of waiting, working out and healing had all come down to this. Now was the time, Jamie was ready to get even with the three women who had beat her and beat her. First she wanted Izabella Scorupco, the woman who at the Maxim Challenge had handled her one on one. Izabella knew Jamie would come after her and not only wasn't afraid of her, she even told Jamie where and when to find her.

"My you really want another fight with me, one on one. No one else there, well I know a place, I have some property in this area and I have a chain link fence that is covered in so no one can see what is inside it between two buildings. Oh you are interested, well to make sure everything is fair, and you show up an hour early and check it out. All that's there are the two brick walls, some wooden palettes, a garbage bin and that chain link fence."

Jamie didn’t care where they fought she just wanted revenge and let Izabella have the fight there, Jamie did show up an hour early to make sure nothing was hidden then from a door Izabella appeared, wearing a very form fitting pair of shorts and shirt. Jamie was wearing a vest and tight pair of blue jeans.

"This is what I've been waiting for, come on." Jamie said as she walked up to Izabella who met Jamie halfway, Jamie threw a punch which Izabella blocked. Izabella then nailed a punch into Jamie's stomach getting a little grimace but not much else from Jamie who smiled and hauled back and nailed a punch to Izabella's midsection. Getting the same effect that Izabella had gotten.

Izabella pushed Jamie away by the shoulders and ripped off her shirt revealing a very firm and trim body, "You think you're the only one who works out hard?"

Jamie nodded her head and circled around unbuttoning her brown leather vest and threw it to the side. Jamie was had a lean muscle shape as did Izabella. Izabella suddenly rushed in at Jamie and slammed her into the caged fence. Jamie moaned as Izabella grabbed the chain links and started ramming her shoulder into Jamie's six pack stomach. Finally stopping and standing up, Izabella smiled as Jamie started to slide down but she caught the blonde by the hair and slammed her back into the chain link fence.

Cupping Jamie's chin with her hand she cracked a punch to Jamie's cheek that dropped her to the ground. Izabella shook her fist and drew back to continue the beating but she was tripped up by Jamie very quickly and as Izabella fell down and looked up Jamie shot her foot out and connected with Izabella's jaw. Izabella landed flat on her stomach and was able to push herself on her back but all she saw as she opened her eyes was Jamie's knee as it came crashing down onto her stomach. Jamie ground her knee onto Izabella's stomach for a moment and then turned around sitting her ass just underneath Izabella's breasts pushing them up near Izabella's face.

Hauling back Jamie a punch with her right to the Swede's firm stomach then one with her left. As she brought the right up again, Izabella grabbed it at the elbow then reached up and grabbed the back of Jamie's hair and pushed her to the other side. Both women rolled to one side and looked up at each other neither wanted to make a snide comment about the other' body they just wanted to hurt who they were looking at. Each came in going low having the same idea they collided and brought up solid. They ended up in a shoving and pulling match up. They were trying to just show the other who was the stronger of the two.

They stood up straight and locked their hands in a test of strength. Neither moved for a few minutes then until Jamie was able to move Izabella back against the brick wall, she lifted Izabella's arms up in the air brought her body into Izabella's. Izabella tried to turn Jamie around but Jamie slammed her back into the wall. Both women's arms were trembling one trying to keep the other in place and the other tried to push away.

"Say you give and I'm stronger and it won't be that hurtful," Izabella screamed, pushing herself off the wall to slam Jamie hard into the opposite wall. Slamming her body into Jamie's and pressing her breasts down onto Jamie's, Izabella held Jamie's arms over her head.

"Why would I do that when I'm the stronger of the two of us," Jamie gasped between breaths.

The two women looked square in the other's eyes, and Jamie was fighting back pushing Izabella off and back to the middle and proving how much stronger she was then Izabella a silent Jamie started to push Izabella down bending her back. Izabella screamed but fell down putting her foot onto Jamie's six pack stomach and flipping her over. Jamie landed on the wooden palettes and arched her back and moaned in pain. Izabella got up from her back and shook her hands pissed that Jamie did win the test of strength she walked over to were Jamie was and reached down picking her up by her blonde hair. Scooping Jamie up in a front body slam she slammed her down on the palettes again. She lifted Jamie up by the hair again, and Jamie had her eyes closed tight as the pain in her back was almost unbearable.

"Open your eyes, my sveet" Izabella said her accent coming out and as Jamie did open her eyes she was slapped amazingly hard putting Jamie back to the wall. Jamie was sliding down the wall when Izabella caught her by arm pits and brought her back up straight.

"Not going to be so easy," Izabella growled as she buried five hard punches in Jamie's stomach, then let her drop to her knees holding her stomach. "Say good night sweetie," Izabella purred happily as she whipped around and nailed a round house kick to Jamie's head seemingly knocking her out. Izabella turned and walked back toward the door she’d entered through, brushing the dirt off her amazing body and feeling quite proud of herself for beating up her nemesis.

Then behind her, she heard the deep southern drawl, "The fighting aren't done yet, you meatball!"

Jamie was back on her feet and Izabella slowly turned around and she looked at Jamie who was waving her back in. There bodies were glistened with sweat and Izabella smiled and ran in at Jamie who followed suit, but ducked down and speared the hell out of Izabella. Slowly getting up, Jamie held her back and stretched it out before running at Izabella who was holding her stomach crying. Jamie ran in and started kicking her in the stomach, the first kick sent Izabella rolling to the wall, and Jamie followed her in putting her hands up on the wall and repeatedly kicking the former Bond Girl in the stomach.

"You slut, you whore!" Jamie wasn't stopping her onslaught of kicks at Izabella. "What did you think you could beat me? Fuck you! Fuck you, fuck you!" Jamie picked Izabella up by the hair and slammed her fist into Izabella's face sending her back down.

The now redhead tried crawling away, but Jamie wouldn't let her, kicking her in the ass. Izabella rolled after the kick and got back to her feet her face in pain she rested against the chain link fence; Jamie rushed in and drove her shoulder into Izabella's stomach again. Izabella moved this time though and Jamie caught herself before she did any damage. Izabella had gotten away along the wall trying to recuperate, and Jamie followed her until Izabella quick as a cat turned and nailed a kick to Jamie's ribs. Jamie doubled over and Izabella raised her two hands up and slammed a double ax handle on Jamie's already hurting back, putting Jamie back to the ground.

"No screw you!" Izabella dropped her elbow down on Jamie's back, but Jamie moved out of the way and the elbow missed. She got back to her feet at the same time as Izabella who rushed Jamie, but the Former Maxim cover girl rolled backwards flipping Izabella over the top. Izabella landed hard on her back in pain and when Jamie got up, she pulled Izabella up by the hair.

"Get up now my dear. I got a surprise for you." As Jamie looked at Izabella’s face, she slapped her; putting her back down to one knee.

From one knee, Izabella rose up, driving her shoulder into Jamie's stomach and slamming her down. Jamie was saved from injury when she grabbed Izabella's neck to soften the blow. Both women grabbed at the other's hair with both hands and started rolling back and forth on the dirty pavement. Each hand dropped a bit to rip the other's bra off, they both got up to their feet and Izabella let a hand go and punched Jamie in the face. Then swung Jamie into the chain link fence. Jamie hit the fence and then leaped off of it nailing a punch to Izabella's jaw

Izabella struggled to stay on her feet as Jamie followed her in, when Jamie got into striking distance though, Izabella turned quickly and buried a punch to Jamie's stomach, to which caused Jamie to fall to one knee gasping for air. Izabella stood over Jamie and yanked her hair back so Jamie looking up, and Jamie spit upwards then nailed her own punch to Izabella's already damaged stomach. Now the European beauty fell to one knee gasping for air.

Jamie smiled to herself and yanked back on Izabella's fire red hair, and was going to go for a head butt but Izabella still had her hand near Jamie's hair and grabbed it and with all strength she could muster yanked Jamie to the side and to the ground. Jamie held onto Izabella's hair and she went down as well. Thinking right away Izabella used her free hand and dug it into Jamie's boob, causing Jamie to scream aloud. Pulling out then pushing back in on Jamie's boob, Izabella put Jamie on her back.

"You wimp, look at you. Watch me finish this." Izabella turned stood up on her knees by the top of Jamie's head. She slid her knees backwards and started to drop her breasts onto Jamie's face while holding onto her own breast claw. Jamie opened her eyes and bit down on one of Izabella's breasts.

Izabella screamed her head off, and let go off her breast claw and as she did Jamie kicked her feet up nailing Izabella at the top of the head with her knee. Letting her bite go she pushed Izabella to the side and threw her leg over Izabella's face and then got into position and had her perfect ass astride the European actresses face. She punched Izabella in the breasts three times each before finally sinking her hands into them. Jamie stood up still having Izabella's breasts firmly in her hands and digging into more and more titflesh. She let one hand go and turned Izabella around and then put that hand in the European's hair and threw her as hard as she could into the brick wall.

Grabbing her by the arm Jamie turned Izabella around so she was facing her. Then stepped back and hit a vicious knee between Izabella's legs. Izabella went to fall down in pain, but as she doubled over Jamie stepped into a hard uppercut that whiplashes Izabella upwards slamming back into the brick wall. Jamie stepped back and sized up what she was going to do then stepped in and hit a few left and right handed punches to both of Izabella's breasts. Izabella tried covering up but Jamie was a predator now coming in on the prey She came in lightning quick and hit a knee to Izabella's stomach. Izabella's face just fell forward onto one of Jamie's boobs. Jamie grabbed Izabella by the back of the hair and pressed her face in tight against the breast.

She could faintly feel Izabella still punching her in the sides, she smiled. "Still trying to win are you?" She threw Izabella away from her breast, " I don't to win that way anyway. This is more satisfying."

Jamie dropped her shoulder and went for the knockout haymaker, and connected putting Izabella flat down on her stomach. Jamie spit down on her foe and walked over her body pressing her foot down onto Izabella's head grinding it there then leaving Izabella beaten she retrieved her vest and got to her car. Taking a notebook from the glove box, she drew a line through Izabella's name and looked down at two names of women who’d beaten her in the Maxim Challenge: Brittany Daniel and Ashley Judd.

"One down , two to go!"

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