Part One: Blondes, Brunettes, and Redheads: Julia Schultz vs. Karen McDougal vs. Alexandria Karlsen by Irish

The newest addition of 'Playboy's Blondes, Brunettes, and Redheads' was about to go to print. Everything was decided except who would be on the cover. All the girls always wanted to be the cover shot since it would help get newer models discovered and jump start the careers of a models who'd been "out of the limelight" for a while.

Christy Hefner had already promised the cover to Cara Wakelin, a beautiful blonde who Christy had grown 'close to' during the making of the newsstand special.

One day, daddy Hef entered daughter Christy's office and told her he'd narrowed the choice of subjects for the cover shot to three; Playmates Julia Schultz a blonde, Alexandria Karlsen a redhead and Karen McDougal, his choice for the brunette. Christy had tried to explain her theory for the cover but couldn't change her papa's mind once it was made up. Hef explained to Christy that he was to be out of town for a few days and she could find a way to decide which would be the cover girl for the magazine.

Christy called Cara and broke the news to her. Naturally, Cara was furious. She couldn't believe that Christy would go back on her word. She really needed the exposure of the cover to further her career. Christy reassured Cara it wasn't a done deal just yet. She explained to Cara that she had chosen to put all three women in the ring in a triple threat match. After the three of them had finished beating and disfiguring each other, none would be very photogenic. Cara laughed heartily and told Christy to save her a seat in the front row.

"Consider it done darling," said Christy who invited Cara to stay with her at the mansion after the fight to celebrate (and so Cara could properly express her 'gratitude' for the opportunity Christy was giving her.

Christy called Karen, Julia, and Alex and with each of them the conversation began the same way, "Hey I want to congratulate you. You're one of three finalists for the cover of the newsstand special."

All the women, of course, were very excited by the prospect of being the cover girl on a magazine with worldwide distribution. They all asked Christy how she'd choose between them.

She just chuckled and said, "Oh, don't worry. I've decided we'll have a small contest to decide the winner."

Alex, a newcomer to the Playboy family, asked, "You mean, like a game or something?"

Christy responded, "Yes, definitely, it's just like a game."

But Christy changed the subject whenever a woman asked who the other finalists were. She just told them to be at the mansion tomorrow night at seven for the eight o'clock contest. Both Karen and Julia, being longtime Playmates, had a pretty good idea what kind of contest they were about to enter. It wasn't the first (or last) time a cover, PMOY or other plum assignment would be decided and it always seemed to involved either a fight or sex, sometimes both!

The next night all three arrived at the mansion on time. They were kept separate from each other to maintain an element of surprise. Even the audience had no idea who the women were although speculation and rumors were rampant in the close-knit community that made up Playboy Enterprises.

Julia Schultz was introduced first and as she approached the ring loud speakers blared, "Our first contestant at 5'9" tall 125lbs., measuring 34C-25-36; Miss February 1998 - Julia Schultz."

Karen McDougal's friends in attendance knew it was going to be a blood bath because of the years of enmity between them.

Alex was introduced next, "Our next contestant at 5'7" tall and 107lbs., measures 34C-23-34. She was Miss March 1999 - Alexandria Karlsen."

Julia immediately broke into a wicked smile as she watched the lamb being led to slaughter. Alex still had no idea what kind of contest she was in.

The load speakers blared again, "And our final contestant is 5'8" tall, 125lbs., 34C-24-34 and she was the 1998 Playmate of the Year - Karen McDougal."

Alex hid Julia from Karen's view and as soon as Karen passed through the ropes Julia pushed passed Alex and the fight was on. Alex was shocked as Karen and Julia stood toe to toe exchanging vicious punches. She waited for Playboy officials to enter the ring and separate the two women so that the contest could start. When that never happened and the way the people in the audience were going nuts, she realized that this was the contest.

Alex wanted the cover of the magazine very badly. As both Karen and Julia were starting to feel the effects of their opponents attack, Alex decided when they were done killing each other she would take on who ever was left.

Although Alex was a novice at this "contest" stuff, she was about the same size of the two other women. As long as the winner had enough of the fight taken out of her, she thought her chances were pretty good.

With Karen's next punch she knocked Julia to the ground. That segment of the contest was over, as Karen did not allow Julia one-second to recover. Karen quickly jumped on top of her sitting on her waist and began to hammer away at Julia's face with both fists.

Julia's left eye was nearly swollen shut and her nose was now bleeding freely. Alex was now about to act for the first time. Although Karen was now exclusively doing all the punching, Julia's attack had hurt her more then she wanted to admit, and was now beginning to tire.

Alex moved to Julia's head so that she was now facing Karen. Just like she was back on her high school soccer team taking a corner kick, she let rip with a devastating kick to Karen's face that Karen never saw coming. Karen was sent flying and landed on her back completely on the other side of the ring.

As Julia began to stir, Alex still wanted nothing to do with this fight as she slipped out of the ring. As Julia got to her feet she couldn't care less were Alex was. Her eyes were fixed on one person and one person only. It was payback time! She charged at McDougal who was now just beginning to stir.

Julia began to rain blows down onto Karen's face. When she grew tired of that she tore off Karen's bikini top just as she had in their previous fight and began mauling Karen's breast. Karen was in big trouble for the first time of the fight. As Karen moaned as her breasts were under an all out attack, Julia could see the sheer pain in her face.

Karen began to have flashbacks to their first encounter when Julia burst into her room and savagely attacked her nearly destroying her breast. As if Julia was reading her mind she taunted her "what's the matter little schoolteacher? Do you remember this?" As she locked her claws into both of Karen's tits and began to twist. Karen could not defend herself and began to cry out in pain. Oh God No! She yelled as Julia began to enjoy herself. Now with each cry or whimper the intensity increased as Julia was feeding off the punishment she was inflicting on Karen.

Alex thought it was time to end it. Karen was done and she had to take out Julia before she regained too much of her strength.

Alex had watched lots of wrestling with her dad when she was a kid and climbed to the top rope like she saw on TV. Luck was on her side as Julia's swollen shut eye was now facing Alex. Karlsen jumped from the top rope and nailed Julia in the chest with both feet just as she looked up.

Alex thought, "Super Fly would have been proud of that one!" As she tried to catch the breath that was knocked from her when she hit the mat.

Cara Wakelin was growing very nervous. A fresh and untouched Alex Karlsen stood in the center of the ring as two beaten and battered women lie at her feet. Christy's plan to pick the cover model was unraveling.

Alex kicked each woman one at a time and decided that McDougal posed less of a threat then Schultz. Alex decided that she would tie up Julia while she was still hurt and then go after Karen for the win.

Karlsen went up to Schultz and stripped her of her bikini top. There was very little reaction from Julia so Alex figured her bathing suit would work just fine as a restraint. She reached down and started to pull the bikini down Julia's long legs but this time Julia reached up and grabbed a handful of Alex's hair. She wasn't strong enough to go on the offensive yet, but Alex couldn't free herself from Julia's grasp.

Alex thought back to the wicked exchange of punches that had started the fight and instantly decided that she wanted nothing to do with that. As Julia continued to pull on her hair Alex decided to drop to her knee landing a direct hit right between Julia's legs. Julia saw stars and dropped back to the mat. Alex thought, "Wow, that was close" and she knew she had to inflict more pain to take the fight out of Julia. Alex hurriedly completed removing Julia's bikini bottom and then dragged her toward the corner post. She glanced over at Karen and saw she still hadn't moved. Alex left the ring and positioned Julia with one leg on each side of the ring post.

"She must be nice and sensitive down there by now," Alex thought. "This should do the trick."

She drilled Julia's mound into the ring post. Alex pulled Julia back to a sitting position and bound her wrist together before she attached them to the ring post. But when Alex began to tie Julia's ankles together, she received a kick to her right breast that infuriated her. Alex grabbed Julia by both ankles and slammed Julia's mound into the ring post three more times.

She began to yell at Julia, "You fucking cunt you couldn't make this easy could you!"

She bound Schultz's ankles together and then to the ring post, completely immobilizing her. Next, Alex went to Karen who was still down and with hardly any effort at all removed her bikini bottom. She dragged Karen into position near the opposite ring post and was going to repeat the process with Karen that worked so well with Julia. When Karen was in position, Alex walked to the center of the ring where Julia had already removed Karen's bikini top and retrieved it to use as a restraint. She picked up the top and saw that Julia was trying to use her teeth to untie her wrists. Alex looked back to a still unmoving McDougal and decided she'd better take care of Schultz first. She walked up behind Julia, grabbed a handful of hair and began beating the blonde's head against the ring post.

"I'm going to smash your head until I knock some sense into that bleached blonde bubble of yours, like that's possible!"

Sitting at ringside, Cara didn't like the way things seemed to be turning out.

When Julia lost consciousness, Alex stopped her assault and was about to turn her attention back to Karen. But when she looked in the other corner of the ring, McDougal was gone! A chill swept down Alex's spine. She closed her eyes and replayed the start of the fight, but this time instead of Schultz, a very pissed off McDougal was raining punches down on her. It was time to make a decision between fight and flight. If she just bailed now she would gain nothing. She really wanted the cover shot of the magazine so she chose to stay and fight.

Alex thought to herself, "Karen was hurt badly, how far could she possibly have gone? I'll track her, and when I find her, how much fight could she possibly have left. I'll target her tits like Schultz did and this should be over fast."

Alex started toward the corner of the ring were Karen had been lying still clutching the two pieces of bathing suit in her hand. She was right on one thing; Karen hadn't gone far. While Alex had spent time with Schultz and trying to figure out what to do with McDougal, Karen had time to regroup. Alex arrived at the ring corner and looked down for Karen. Just then Karen grabbed Alex's ankles, knocking her off her balance and sending her crashing to the mat on her butt. Karen wasted no time as she dragged Alex as hard as she could - crotch first into the ring post.

Alex screamed as she planned to be on the other end of this attack. Karen repeated the move twice more to take more of the fight out of Karlsen, then she climbed to the top rope from the outside of the ring. She jumped off kicking both her legs out straight and landed butt first on Alex's stomach eliciting a loud grunt from Alex.

Karen had knocked down Julia fairly and was in the process of giving her a well deserved beating when Alex interfered with her. Because of that interference, Karen had had to withstand a great deal of punishment.

She looked Alex right in the eye and said, "Girl, I'm going to have to teach you to mind your own business!"

Then she began raining punches down on Alex's face and chest. When she thought that Alex had suffered enough, Karen grabbed her bathing suit from Alex and used the same knots to tie Alex to the ring post that Alex had used on Julia.

Karen slapped Alex's face a couple of times till she had her attention, then said, "I watched wrestling when I was little too!"

She left the ring to the cheers of the crowd. She had won and now she headed back to her dressing room to shower and relax.

A short time later there was a knock at the door. Karen looked through the peephole and recognized Christy Hefner, the editor of the special with her new 'girl toy' Cara Wakelin. Karen opened the door and let them in. She thought they'd come to congratulate her on her win and tell her she'd been chosen as the cover model for the upcoming issue. But Christy had some other news for Karen and Cara wanted to be the one to break something.

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