Celebrity Championship Wrestling Show 11 by bigfan
But first, a field trip...
Richard Fannin and Archer stand in the CCW parking lot checking their watches, "He said 6? Right?" asked Archer.

"Yeah, he's twenty minutes late," Rich muttered. Almost as soon as the words are out of his mouth though a White Toyota Tundra rounds the building and stops beside them. Hopping out is Harold Green, then the back doors open and Allison Mack and Billie Piper pile out.

"Sorry I'm late,” Harold says. “But it took me forever to get these two dressed."

Billie yells, "'ey, you could 'ave given us more warning."

Allison adds, "Women don't pick what clothes to wear by smell you know!"

Harold laughs, "Come on get in; we need to get cracking." He gets behind the wheel as Rich and Archer fight over ‘Shotgun.’ After going back and forth they finally do ‘rock, paper, scissors’ and poor Rich has to settle for being sandwiched between the two blondes in the back.

A little over an hour later they arrive at the roadside bar hosting the wrestling show tonight. A ring has been erected over the dance floor and already people are filling the seats. Harold shakes hands with a man coming to greet them and introduces him to the others, "This is Reggie, the promoter of this organization."

The short, older, man shakes hands with everyone, then leads them to the rear. Harold spends the next hour talking with many of the women wrestling while Allison, Billie, Archer, and Rich walk around and get into conversations with some of the ladies.

Going out to ring side as the action is beginning, Allison and Billie get cheers from the crowd. Harold leans over and reminds them, "You're spectators tonight. No rushing the ring!"

Billie pipes up, "No fear. But the first bitch who comes over the rail this way, gets nailed." And Allison gives Billie a high five in agreement.

Turning to his brain trust Harold says, "You keep these two in control."

Archer replies, "Oh, I'm sure they’ll behave as the ladies they are."

Early matches include Brittany Snow beating Avril Lavigne and Brit newcomer Michelle Ryan impressively disposing of Jordan Brewster.

Harold breaks out a note pad for the next match in which Megan Fox takes on little known Erica Cerra. Most would think Megan would run over the lesser known actress, but Erica had Megan in trouble most of the match until Megan - outside the ring - grabbed Erica’s ankles and pulled her out to ringside where she used whatever she could get her hands on to beat down the brazen brunette before she took the action back into the ring where Megan rolled Erica face down, walked over to the ropes where Harold and crew sat and yelled, "Just so you know this is called the PARALYZER."

Walking back, Megan steps between Erica's legs and wraps her arms around the woman's waist. Megan lifts and begins swinging Erica's torso up. After twice lifting and letting Erica fall, Megan lifts again, this time flipping Erica completely over. Megan turns and reaches back, grabbing Erica's head as she falls back to the mat with Erica's head trapped against Megan's shoulder. When they hit, the Wheelbarrel Neckbreaker leaves Erica out cold for an easy roll-up and three count.

There’s an intermission after Megan Fox's match and the brunette climbs out of the ring, walking over to Harold to ask, "When can I expect the contract?"

Smiling, Harold says, "Nice to see you don't lack confidence Megan."

She puts her hand in front of her and slowly moves it up and down over her body. "You can see where the confidence comes from."

Laughing Allison offers, "Yeah, your plastic surgeon?"

Before anyone can stop her, Megan reaches out and SMACK slaps Allison who is half way over the railing before the three men grab her and pull her back to keep her from going after Megan. Walking away laughing, Megan yells, "That should give you some incentive to sign me." It takes several minutes for Allison's dark mood to pass.

The wrestling is OK after the intermission, but no one really stands out until the Main Event where Mary Elizabeth Winstead faces Maggie Grace. Mary is challenging for Maggie's federation title and the match has all the trappings of a title match as Mary and Maggie go back and forth. Maggie looks to have Mary done for with an Inverted Cloverleaf in center ring. Mary refuses to surrender even when Maggie bends Mary in half and kicks Mary in the head with her own feet. Maggie gives up, thinking she can just go for the cover but she’s most surprised when Mary kicks out, then Reverses an Irish Whip on Maggie. The Blonde returns and Mary lifts and turns her, Slamming Maggie with a Powerbomb she calls ‘The SKY HIGH!’ It’s all academic as Mary quickly covers for the three count and the win.

Harold and Rich guide Allison out to their truck to keep her from looking for Megan Fox. As they are leaving with Archer in the front seat again - after losing another ‘rock, paper, scissors,’ says, "I think the two we thought before coming are the two that should get the call up."

Rich, wedged between Allison and Billie says, "Yeah, nothing really changed my mind."

Turning on to the freeway Harold leans back in his seat and proposes, "Yeah, Mary and Megan will be the two."

Allison starts, "I want...."

But Harold quickly cuts her off, "NO!" Allison tries to complain but Harold won't listen. Later, after Allison has been quite for a few minutes Harold says, "Alli, I’ll give you a shot at Megan, but not right away. You’ve got other things to look after first." The rest of the ride is relatively quiet after Allison and Billie warn Rich several times to “Keep your hands to yourself.”

Promos for Show #11

The two XX Division contenders stand at the CCW podium wearing beautiful evening gowns cut low to display their assets. The brunette Lacey is in a sunny yellow that contrasts nicely with her tanned skin. The blonde Elisha is a snowy white that seems to show off her lighter skin. It is a pleasing contrast, though the two young women don't seem too pleased as they jostle each other at the podium.

"Stop pushing, you Canuck cow!" Lacey hisses.

"You stop pushing ME you backwoods trash!" Elisha sneered.

"How DARE you insult my people!" Snapped the pride of Purvis, Mississippi.

"You started it!" The Northern Blonde fires back.

"Ladies, please! We HAVE to get this promo done!" Pleads an off-stage voice.

"Oh, all right," Lacey mutters. Things seem to quiet down and Lacey breaks into her big Southern belle smile and says sweetly, "Hello y'all, ah’m lil’ ol’ Lacey Chabert. Glad y’all folks are tunin’ in. I just wanna make sure y’all tune in to CCW Show #11 an’ see me DE-molish this overrated blonde here." She gives Elisha an elbow in the ribs.

Elisha (ignoring the elbow) smiles, "Hello to all my Canadian fans, I’m Elisha Cuthbert - but I'm sure you already know that! I’m sure my fans are looking forward to me showing the CCW just WHO’s overrated - namely, this obnoxious brunette here with the fake boobs!"

She gives Lacey an elbow to the ribs. Lacey doesn't feel the elbow, but she's outraged at the insult to her pride-and-joys! "You low-down, plastic-hootered, bleached blonde, bimbo! How dare you insult ‘my girls.' They’re 100% real - as you'll find that out when I mash'em in your ugly face!"

Elisha and Lacey get face to face and hooter to hooter as they stand for what looks like a test of strength; grinding their breasts together for several minutes until it’s clear they’re both beginning to enjoy it…waaay too much.

An off stage voice interrupts, "Uh, ummm, Ms. Chabert; Ms. Cuthbert, I think we’ve had enough for now."

Elisha and Lacey break off the jug grinding and step back, both of their faces flushed. It takes them a moment to recover.

"See you at the Show," Elisha finally says with a sigh.

"Yeah, see you at the show," Lacey says, her chest heaving excitedly as they turn and stride away. Then each pauses and looks back at the other over her shoulder. Seeing the other looking back, they each hurriedly exit, blushing some more.

At the podium we see buxom Agnes Bruckner and willowy Alexis Bledel who can’t tear her eyes away from Agnes’ filled to bursting bra.

"Jealous, Lexie?" Agnes inquires. "Wish you had summa THIS?"

Alexis just smiles, "I'm not the jealous type Aggie. I was just wondering how you keep your balance."

Agnes isn’t flustered. "It's a gift. Like the gift I'm going to give CCW fans when I kick your skinny, winless, bod to the canvas."

"Ooh, I'm really worried! I hear they won't even show your match with Kirsten Dunst on the air," Alexis said thoughtfully. "As for me not winning, I'm not discouraged. One cocky, over-confident rookie and…voila, I'm in the win column!”

“Hey, I did MY part. If it was dark, it wasn't MY fault. However, I DO welcome the chance to show what I can do on you! You aren't breaking your losing skein with me!"

"Now, see what I said about an over-confident rookie! You put your faith in your boobs instead of your brain. That’s my edge!" Alexis cheerfully tells her.

Agnes looks mildly annoyed, but it was clearly hard for her to get mad at Alexis. Instead she simply smiles right back at her and says, "Tell yourself that if you like, but my boobs AND my brains will beat you!"

"We'll just see," Alexis said serenely.

As the camera starts to go off, we see Agnes and Alexis break into giggles. Who knows what will happen at fight time, but they seem less than mortal enemies at this point.

Billie Piper studied the Show #11 match posting on the CCW locker room bulletin board. She’d just come out of the shower and was still wrapped in a big white, fluffy, terry cloth towel. "Ooh, lord luv a duck. I get to face Jenny Love-herself!" Billie chuckled.

"It'll be an honor to fight you, too," Jennifer Love Hewitt said. Billie coolly turned to see the brunette standing there in a white towel, clearly headed to the showers.

"I have ta tell ya, Luvvy, it's somethin' I've been waitin' for since I got here," Billie said with a smile. "I know yer rep and I want you to know mine's better."

"We'll just see who is better," Jennifer said with assurance. “Although I already know…I AM!”

"Ah, I like'em cocky. So much better when I beat'em. They can't believe they lost ta me and the look on their faces is an extra treat!" Billie replied with equal assurance.

"You won't see that on my face!" Jenny said, still sounding very sure of herself.

Billie's face grew sly: "I don't usually go in side bettin', but I think I'd like to make a little wager with ya-if yer game for it."

"I AM NOT gonna be your love slave for a month!" Jennifer snapped with a sly smile of her own. "…but less than that… yeah, that I may consider."

"How 'bout winner gets the losers top…autographed," Billie proposed.

"I'll think about it," Jennifer replied. "Now I have a shower to take."

"Didn't think you'd chicken out," Billie said, sounding disappointed.

"I didn't say 'no', did I?" Jen replied as she continued toward the showers.

In the CCW locker room, Camilla Belle is wearing her favorite navy blue track shorts and sky blue sports bra as she prepares to head for the workout room. Suddenly, who should come in wearing sky blue shorts and a navy sports bra but Michelle Trachtenberg! They each take one look at the other and appear stunned.

"I fooled you!" Michelle declares. "I wanted to wear the navy trunks and blue bra, but I just KNEW you were thinking the same so I reversed colors! Gotcha!"

Camilla scowled, "You sure got me last time. How could you’ve been so stupid as to miss Anne Hathaway and hit ME!"

"You shouldn't have been there. You cost me that match and then I had to listen to Hathaway making fun of us all week!" Michelle complained.

"I was trying to support you, dimwit! How did I know you'd be so clumsy? And I had listen to her, too. Jeez, did she have to use that English accent she used in ‘Becoming Jane?’ It was bad enough in American, but now she sounds like Keira ‘freakin’’ Knightley - or one those other snotty Brit bimbos!"

"DID I HEAR YOU INSULT THE MOTHER COUNTRY?" Camilla and Michelle both jumped at the unexpected voice. For a terrible second they both thought it was Keira Knightley (or even worse, Billie Piper). Instead, it was just the smirking Kirsten Dunst who was tarted up in a sexy red, two-piece workout set.

"Gotcha!" Kirsten smirked.

"No, I'll get you!" Camilla vowed. "Everyone knows you're the biggest jobber around!"

"So you hope!" the blonde replied. "I've seen you in action Cami; I'm sure I can beat you, especially if your partner here shows up. You better not though. I don't like interference."

Michelle flushed, "I don't interfere! Besides, I'm not her partner; I don't even like her."

"Yeah, that's right, I don't like HER either!" Camilla insisted.

Kirsten looked at Michelle's outfit and then at Camilla's. After a dramatic pause, she grinned, "And I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale. Well, don't want to waste time around here, I've got a match to prepare for/ See you Cam; see you Mish!" The blonde strolled out of the locker room leaving Camilla and Michelle more than little irritated, though whether it was with Kirsten Dunst or each other was hard to tell.

"If you insist on coming to the match,” Camilla sighed. “Please, try to say out of my way!"

"If I come- and that's a big IF- I will!" Michelle said.

"OK then, let's go to the workout room and see if we can make some trouble for Dunst," Camilla proposed. "Maybe we can do an 'Isla Fisher' on her."

Michelle was scandalized, "I am NOT stripping nude in front of Dunst - or anyone!"

"Just joking," Camilla said with a wicked gleam in her eye that indicated she hadn’t been.

"Oh, well, sure. Gotta admit, that WOULD blow that minx’s little blond mind!" Michelle said. They both laughed.

"Finally, I get the chance to prove my superiority over Theron. She's ducked me for too long! Enough is enough!" Rosario tells the camera while Charlize stands next to her, looking down her nose disdainfully. Both are dressed in jeans and tops emblazoned “I'M NUMBER ONE IN THE CCW!”Rosario’s is red and Charlize’s yellow.

"No one, least of all me, has been ducking YOU!" Charlize retorted. "Just because you want a fight doesn't mean you can have it whenever you want. You’ve got to learn patience, my dear; it might help."

"I don't need advice from YOU!" Rosario spat. "You WERE ducking me, admit it!"

"Will not!" Charlize replied frostily.

“Will too!” Rosario insisted.

"Pushy rook!" Charlize sniffed.

"'Pushy'? Try this…!" Rosario shot forward and gave Charlize a two hand shove to the shoulders. Caught by surprise, Charlize feet flew out from under her and WHOMP, she landed her butt! She scrambled up like a shot and Rosario took a wary fighting crouch.

"You’ll be sorry you did that!" Charlize hissed as she wound up to unload a punch to Rosario's jaw. Rosario ducks away just as Charlize unleashes and when the shot misses, she lunges forward, grabs Charlize around the waist and they both go down in a fighting tangle on the floor. The security crew pile in to pry the furious women apart and both are dragged off stage flailing, kicking and cursing...


Laura Prepon is at her locker getting dressed when Missy Peregrym steps around the row of lockers and clears her throat. "You just couldn't take the loss and leave the ring with some dignity could you?"

Laura quickly pulls the blue t-shirt she's holding on before answering, "You may have won the match, but I told you it was boobicide to get in the ring with me…TINY."

Missy steps closer going nose to nose with Laura, "I want you to try that again!"

Laura stutters, "I...I...you're nuts, I crushed your tits."

Missy laughs, "You're kidding right, I've had dates fondle ‘em harder than that."

Laura, turning red and getting frustrated, shoves Missy but the Brunette comes right back at the redhead, slamming her tits into Laura's. Not backing down, Missy says, "You and me; topless in the ring. To win you gotta squeeze a submission out of the loser's tits."

Laura glances down at Missy's boobs brushing against her own tits and thrusts her boobs into Missy's, "You're on!"

Laura gives a finally shove with her chest and walks out of the locker room. Missy watches her go saying, "Big mistake Red."

Harold Green CCW promoter goes to the filing cabinet and unlocks it. Opening the top drawer, he digs through the papers and pulls handfuls out, tossing them on the floor. A quite whistle from behind him causes the promoter to jump and turn. Neve Campbell stands in the door way of the office holding the folder of papers she purchased before.

"Looking for something?" it's hard to believe the innocence in Neve's voice isn't genuine.

Harold looking at the folder holds out his hand demanding, "Give it to me!"

Neve thumbs through the pages as she walks over and hands him the folder. Turning and walking away, Neve says, "Not very smart keeping a hard copy of all the Executives that support this little venture in the office. I wonder how many would like it known they put up the money to supply women for a wrestling league."

Harold slams the papers on the desk, "Neve, You've gone too far now. You mess with them and you won't get any acting jobs again."

Neve walking out sniffs, "THEY have more to lose than me." She stops at the door, "And by the way, save the second promo spot for the legion; I have an announcement." Grinning, Neve walks away.
Match 1: Lacey Chabert vs. Elisha Cuthbert (XX Division Match)

Getting the night started Trapt's "Headstrong" begins playing as fans move to their seats. Elisha comes out wearing a Red bikini top and thong. The blonde for being a heel does have a very large cheering section, which she ignores. The Donna's "Take it Off" lets the fans know Lacey is about to make her appearance. The brunette is wearing a burnt orange bikini top and black boy shorts that gives Lacey butt cleavage to go with her large chest cleavage. Lacey also has a lot of support for a non-face wrestler.

The tone of the match is set early when Elisha ducks under Lacey and from behind latches on to both of Lacey's tits. Lacey's top comes off first, but not long after Elisha's red top is tossed into the crowd. After about five minutes of heavy back and forth action Lacey and Elisha end up on their knees in the center of the ring pressed tit to tit. The fast pace of the wrestling action slows to a stop as they grind chest to chest. Lacey seems to notice the large audience first and shoves Elisha way both women blushing.

Elisha body slams Lacey then drop a knee into the brunette's head. Elisha stands up adjusting her thong and tells the crowd, "Time for the WGF" Pulling Lacey up by the hair Elisha clamps her thighs on the side of Lacey's head. Elisha prepares for her sunset flip pile driver, but as she starts over Lacey shoves the blonde's thighs off her head and Elisha lands on her back as Lacey counters the move into a back drop. Lacey waits for Elisha to get up staying behind the blonde. When Elisha does turn to face Lacey the brunette steps into Elisha and sets her up for the "Lacey Bottom" Elisha squeals as her thong is yanked up into her ass and Lacey with arm across Elisha throat slams her down to the canvas.

Lacey kneels beside Elisha and raising her right hand up high brings it crash down on Elisha crotch as Lacey goes for the cover. Lacey digs into Elisha pussy as the ref makes the three count. Lacey not satisfied with just getting the win mounts Elisha lowering her tits into the beaten blonde's face. Lacey's J-M-D treatment of Elisha goes on for a few moments and the ref looking on seems to forget it's his duty to break up such actions. Lacey then slides down Elisha's body bring their tits in contact again. Lacey smiles, "My boobs are on top; right where they belong."

Elisha coming out of her stupor begins to struggle more, but Lacey holds her in position keeping their breast tight against each other. Finally the ref reminds Lacey the match is over and tells her to get off of Elisha. Lacey says, "I'm working on that....Oh you said 'get off her' not 'get her off!' Sorry, maybe next time, Lish."

Lacey heads to the back the first of the final four for the XX Division Title.
Match 2: Agnes Bruckner vs. Alexis Bledel

Before the match begins Agnes catches Alexis staring at her chest again, "Lexi! They don't do tricks, unless you count smothering you out."

Alexis blushes and rolls her neck and shoulders stretching out and pulling her eyes way from Agnes' boobs. They lock up to begin the match and Agnes Belly-to-Belly Suplexes Alexis who lands flat on her back with Agnes on top. Caught off guard, the ref quickly moves around to count and Alexis barely kicks out to avoid a very embarrassing loss.

Agnes's power is scary as she lifts Alexis off the mat with ease, keeping the brunette bent at the waist as she reaches between her legs as Agnes sets Alexis up for a Pump Handle Slam. She flips Alexis up onto her shoulder before driving her back to the canvas with a Power Slam. Alexis is barely moving but manages to roll a shoulder right before the ‘Three.’

Agnes spares Alexis being hit with another big move and instead rolls her onto her stomach where she grabs Alexis's wrists and pulls her arms back in a Surfboard. Alexis’ body is bent and stretched for the next two minutes by the blonde bulldozer before Agnes pulls Alexis up on shaky legs. Agnes easily lifts the limp brunette onto her shoulder, then hits a Michinoku Driver. Agnes pulls Alexis's leg up and waiting for the ref to make her win official.

Agnes stands and has her arm raised and acknowledges the cheers of the crowd. walking back to Alexis Agnes pokes a finger into Alexis right boob saying, "Hey Lexi, You ok?"

The brunette groans while Agnes rubs Alexis's tit. Coming back around Alexis groans, "OOOWWW!"

Agnes giggles, "Sorry little tits, but you WANTED to wrestle me." Agnes helps Alexis to her feet and offers, "Want another peek at my tits?"

Alexis shakes her head, "Nah, I've seen enough tonight." Suddenly, without warning, Agnes pulls Alexis around and hits another Michinoku Driver! Tossing the limp brunette aside Agnes stands and raises her arms! Walking up the ramp unphased by the taunts and slurs hurled at her by the fans, Agnes stops and turns around. Joining her from the rear appear Banshee, Lamia, and Succubus. The Legion now has the one thing it lacked before…SIZE.
Match 3: Billie Piper vs. Jennifer Love Hewitt XX Division Match

Piper is the first to come to the Ring as AFI's "Miss Murder" plays. Billie is wearing a bikini top with the union jack pattern on it and black bottoms. The Brit is obviously a fan favorite and she returns the crowd cheers high flying as many of the fans as she can before entering the ring. Maroon 5's "This Love" begins playing as Jen takes her time to come out getting just about the same ovation as Billie did. Jen is wearing the Lime green two piece swim suit with white trim she normally wears.

Before the match begins Jen yells over to Billie, "I'll take your bet with two changes."

Billie smiling answers, "Name it Luv."

Jen walks out to the center of the ring and Billie meets her. Jen says, "I want the whole outfit. Also, the loser can never again wear that outfit."

Billie smiles, "Now ye're talkin"

They shake hands. Each takes a step back and as soon as the bell rings, Billie takes Jen to the mat where she works holds that allow the Brit one free hand which finds it's way time and again to Jen's big tits! Jen's wrestling skill allows her to escape and several times she traps the blonde - working a few boob grabs of her own! The mat wrestling continues for a few minutes before Jen pulls Billie up and, holding her in a Front Facelock, drops the Brit with a DDT! Billie shakes off the effects in time to kick out before Jen steals an easy win.

The pace of the match picks up after the near fall on Billie. The blonde begins hammering hard shots to Jen's back and belly. Jen fires back with Chest Chops that spin Billie around. Jen hits Billie with another Breast Chop and when Billie turns away, Love steps in close and wraps her arms around Billie's waist, taking the blonde over in a Bridging German Suplex.

Billie rolls out of the pin at two and half and Jen, seeing a chance to end the match, pulls Billie up by the top and sends her to the ropes with an Irish Whip while Jen takes off to the opposite ropes. Both women rebound back but Jen leap, turning her ass and smashing it into Billie’s chest. Jen goes for another cover but Billie just beats the count, getting her shoulder off the mat at probably two and seven eighths! Fans begin a rhythmic “J-M-D, J-M-D” chant as Jen lifts Billie for another move.

Jen whispers in Billie ear, "Don't take it personal, but you're about to become another J-M-D…”

CRACK! Billie lifts Jen’s foot off the mat with her European Uppercut, then Billie pulls Jen back to her for another Uppercut that snaps the brunette's head backward! Billie’s third straight European Uppercut knocks Jen off her feet and deposits her on her smooth, round rump!

Billie takes a second to regain her bearings before she hairhauls Jen up, hooks the back of Jen's left leg and then takes the brunette up and over with her finisher, the Fisherman's Suplex she calls, "Pay the Piper!"

Jen's kick out comes too late, an instant after the ref's hand smacks the mat for the third time! Billie gets up pumping her fist. She’s reached the final four! The Ref raises Billie's arm and she takes a lap around the ring waving to her fans before she returns to Jen wearing a leering grin.

"You can wear it until you get to the back, but I expect you to live up to our wager!"

Billie jumps out of the ring and heads to the back while back in the ring, Jen struggles to her knees, then lets out a long, loud, frustrated bellow. "FUUUUUUUCK!"
Match 4: Kirsten Dunst vs. Camilla Belle

Belle comes out in a dark copper-colored bikini as AC/DC's "Hells Bells" is piped over the loud speakers. She has a good many supporters in the crowd as does Kirsten Dunst who Dunst comes out in a yellow bikini to Metallica's "Fuel." is playing as Kirsten. The fans seem split on their support. When Kirsten enters the ring, she looks around, then turns to Camilla asking, "Where's your little buddy Mish?" Cam just glares at the blonde without replying.

They’re both looking for their first wins in the CCW; but Cam has come closer than Kirsten who goes on the offensive at the opening bell, driving Cam back into a corner with a series of Forearm Shots to the chest. Kirsten follows up, ramming her shoulder into Camilla’s belly while the brunette is trapped in the corner. Smiling, Kirsten Hip Tosses Cam out to the center of the ring and goes for a quick cover but Camilla kicks out at one.

Getting to her feet quickly to take over the match, Camilla’s offense is a mix of power moves and acrobatic attacks. She hits a DDT on Kirsten, then rolls the blonde onto her back and takes off for the far ropes. When she returns, Cam leaps over Kirsten, lands on the middle rope and flips backward to land across the blonde with a big Lion Moonsault!

Camilla goes for the cover, but Kirsten weakly rolls her right shoulder at two and a half. Camilla is determined to put Kirsten away as she pulls the blonde back to her feet and traps Kirsten's head between her thighs. Cam underhooks both of Kirsten's arms and heaves the blonde up into position for a Piledriver.

But instead of spiking Kirsten on her head, Cam pushes up on her toes and falls forward, slamming Kirsten’s tits and face into the canvas. Camilla insinuates her arm between Kirsten's legs, then rolls her onto her back for an easy win.
Cut Scene 1

A camera finds Michelle Trachtenberg in the back jumping up and down yelling, "Yes! She did it!" Seeing the camera she settles down and waits until Camilla Belle comes into frame. Standing less than a foot apart, Michelle and Camilla glare at each other for a few seconds before they say in unison, "I was thinking about what Archer said." A flash of anger goes over each of the faces as their habit of saying the same thing at the same time. Michelle holds up a hand, indicating she wants Cam to hold off saying anything. Cam nods and Michelle says, "I think you and I can work well as a team." Camilla now holds up her hand and Michelle nods. Camilla says, "I think so too, but that doesn't mean I LIKE you." Michelle nods, "Good. I don't like you either." They turn and walk off in opposite directions.
Match 5: Tricia Helfer vs. Ashley Scott

The blond Amazons move to the center of the ring, standing nose to nose. At the bell there are no fancy moves, no jumping around trying to create angles - the two big blondes just begin trading blows until Ashley is staggered by a Forearm to the head and steps back. Tricia moves in, but Ashley brings a Knee up, catching Tricia square in the belly button.

Ashley's control of the match is short lived, however, and after a few moves Tricia blocks a Bodyslam then hammers Forearms to Ashley's back until she drives her to the canvas on all fours. Tricia stomps Ashley's back several times, flattening her on her belly before dropping an elbow in the small of Ashley's back. To the excitement of the fans, Tricia rips Ashley's top off!

But Tricia's dominance doesn't last much longer and Ashley reverses an Irish Whip to send Tricia slamming chest-first into the turnbuckles! Then she evens matters, popping Tricia's back strap and pulling her top off! It appears being topless doesn't worry the two blondes as they toss and slam each other for the next several minutes. Tricia lifts Ashley onto her shoulder and after carting the blonde around the ring, drops her face-first on the top turnbuckle. The Snake Eyes makes Ashley easy pickings for Tricia who hairhauls her up, slides her arm between Scott's legs and holds the short-haired blonde across her chest. But Tricia doesn't Body Slam Ashley, instead she lays her across the top turnbuckles in the corner, then clasps her hands together overhead and WHAM, Double Ax-handles Ashley’s taunt gut!

The ref forces Tricia to back off, but as soon as the ref turns around, Tricia shoves by him aside and goes back, climbing to the middle turnbuckle. She puts an arm between Ashley's legs and the other around her back, lifts Scott up and holds Ashley to her chest as Tricia does a Back Flip off the turnbuckle! Ashley lands on her back with Tricia on top of her!

Tricia pushes up to her feet and straddles Ashley's head. The move off the turn buckle - the "Cylon Raider" - has Ashley in trouble and Tricia hikes up her bottom before lowering her ass onto Ashley’s ashen face. Tricia grabs Ashley’s tits as she rides the blonde's face. While Tricia grinds away, Ashley's legs kick weakly and the ref makes the three count.

Tricia's grinding motion speeds up after the ref completes the ‘three’ and it’s not until after several warnings and a threat of disqualification that Tricia gets sheepishly to her feet and readjusts her soggy bottom, then leaves the ring.
Match 6: Sarah Michelle Gellar vs. Scarlett Johansson (XX Division Match)

Sarah and Scarlett lock up at the bell and the younger, thicker, Scarlett drives Sarah back into the corner. At the last second, Sarah reverses positions and rams Scarlett back into the corner where she lights up the big breasted girl's cleavage with a series of Judo Chops. Sarah backs up a few steps and as Scarlett slumps forward, Sarah Drop Kicks her back into the corner! Sarah keeps Scarlett on the defensive the next minute or so until Scarlett eludes a Kick toward her mid-section and drops Sarah with a hard Clothesline.

Scarlett hammers away at the smaller blonde, keeping The Slayer trapped on the mat as she works on Sarah's back. She drops The Slayer over her thigh in a Backbreaker and holds Sarah there by pushing on her chin and crotch. Scarlett gets several near falls over the next few minutes while Sarah twice catches Scarlett in a Small Package and almost ekes out a win.

But when Sarah ducks under a Clothesline by spinning on her heel, she’s in perfect position for a Super Kick as Scarlett turns around. Apparently, Scarlett had seen the video of the long line of ladies laid out by Sarah's Super Kick because without even seeing it, she ducks, letting Sarah's foot flash past overhead! Sarah, off balance, can't stop Scarlett from applying a Reverse Sleeper as Scarlett pulls Sarah's face into her sweaty rack, trapping The Slayer.

Scarlett's smile grows as the wiry blonde’s struggles rapidly fade. If Sarah's face weren't buried deep in Scarlett's breasts she may have seen how close to the ropes she really was, but Sarah chooses to tap out to avoid passing out and Scarlett advances!
Match 7: Jessica Biel vs. Keira Knightley (Non Title Match)

Keira is introduced first while Green Day's "She's a Rebel" plays. Keira is wearing a white bikini with black trim. Some fans chant, "You're gonna lose!" over and over as she makes her way to the ring. Keira stops and turns to the group chanting, and flips them off. Then Screaming over the loud system is, "The Champ is Here!" just as Velvet Revolver's "Slither" explodes. Holding the belt over her shoulder, Jessica Biel comes out in a pale blue bikini and the crowd roars as Jessica stops to hold the belt overhead. She ‘high fives’ her fans as she makes her way to the ring.

At the beginning of the match Keira keeps her distance from the champ, using a lot of kicking to keep Jessica from moving in. Jessica lets Keira dance and keep moving away until she tires of chasing the Brit and moves to the center of the ring where she simply stops and waits until Keira charges, hoping to take the champ down with a Shoulder Block,

But Jessica doesn't move out of the way and after she bounces off, Keira heads to the ropes and tries to use them to generate more momentum in another attempt to Shoulder Block the champ off her feet. And again she has no success! Jessica offers to give Keira to a third attempt and she runs to the ropes and this time she lowers her shoulder on the rebound.

This time, Jessica springs forward and extends her muscular arm, Clotheslining Keira and flipping her around in the air before she crashes to the canvas in a heap at Jessica’s feet.

Jessica takes the next several minutes to use Keira’s body as a training aid! She hits several power moves and applies a few different submission holds to the fading Brit. To her credit, Keira tries to fight back, but her comeback attempts are cut short by Jessica inflicting even more pain! Finally, Jessica pulls the spent brunette to her feet and hits her ‘Jess-plex’ a T-bone Suplex that puts an end to Keira's night when Jessica easily makes a casual, one-hand cover for a pinfall win.
Cut Scene 2

The Arena goes dark and Gregorian chants begin piping over the sound system. Flames leap from the stage and faint lights begin floating around the ring. With an explosion from the ring the lights come up and standing in the ring are five hooded figures. The center one throws her hood back revealing the face of Neve Campbell. A second later the two nearest her flip back their hoods and Rachel McAdams and Erica Christensen turn to look to their leader as Neve lifts the mic she’s holding.

"The strength of the Legion continues to grow. You couldn't stop us before - now there is no hope!" Erica turns and pushes the hood back of Agnes Bruckner who had joined earlier. The blonde is the only one of them smiling, but it's not a happy smile. "The final piece of our little puzzle - the woman with whose help The Legion will rise to new heights."

Neve walks around the figure continuing to speak. "The woman who will put fear in the bravest of hearts." Neve pauses and grabs the hood. With a jerk Neve pulls the hood back exposing the pretty face of Katherine Heigl!

Neve walks back to the center of the group and concludes, "With Agony" she points to Agnes, "and Katastrophe" her hand indicates Heigl, "No one dare stand before us!" The lights go out again and when they come back up the ring is empty.
Match 8: Olivia Munn vs. Allison Mack (XX Division Match)

The final XX division match of Round Two pits two undefeated women Allison Mack and Olivia Munn. In looks they are very different, but in build they’re nearly identical. However, Allison has 3-4 years of experience while Olivia has just five matches under her belt. During Allison's entrance the blonde stops and points to a sign held by Richard Fannin reading, "BITCHSLAP OLIVIA MUNN!"

The wrestlers give a perfunctory handshake and the match begins as both drop into wrestling stances before locking up. The beginning is a clinic as Allison and Olivia trade holds and escapes. Allison gets behind Olivia and takes the brunette over with a German Suplex into a Bridge, but the ref barely gives a one count before Olivia kicks out! Olivia beats Allison to her feet, moves quickly behind the blonde and German Suplex’s Allison over into a Bridge, but Allison also kicks out before a count.

The back a forth wrestling continues as the past the ten minute mark at which time Olivia drops Allison across her leg in a Backbreaker. Allison flops to the canvas and rolls onto her stomach. Olivia stands over the blonde, straddling her back then drops her butt down hard on Allison's spine. Reaching back, Olivia hooks Allison's ankles, crosses them and holding them with one hand, and reaches forward with the other to gather up both of Allison's wrists.

Olivia pulls tight on the hold, bending Allison the wrong way in the Rocking Horse. Allison cries out in pain but stubbornly shakes her head when asked if she will submit. After nearly a minute of torture, Olivia drops Allison's arms and legs to move on to another hold.

Both have been battered in this match and the pace slows perceptively. Each woman gets a dozen near falls but the three count still eludes them. Allison ducks under a Clothesline by Olivia and both women continue to the ropes. When they return, Allison lowers her shoulder and drives a Spear Tackle through Olivia's belly! Allison pauses to push the hair off her face and adjust her bottom before kicking the brunette onto her back and going for the cover.

ONE...TWO...THNO! Olivia some how rolls her shoulder!

The match is approaching the thirty minute mark and twice Allison had trapped Olivia in her Bearhug, but each time Olivia was able to free an arm and grab the ropes. Olivia blocks Allison’s Suplex and reverses the blonde, taking her over. Olivia pulls Allison up and clamps the blonde's head between her thighs, wraps her left arm under Allison's gut as her right slides down Allison’s back and back up between her legs.

Lifting Allison, Olivia sets the favorite in the XX division tournament up for her 'System Crash'. Olivia holds Allison, turning a full 360 to give all the fans a view of her claw digging into Allison’s crotch before Olivia drops to her knees and spikes Allison's short blonde-haired head into the mat! The fans can't believe Olivia hit the move but Olivia has to catch her breath before she rolls Allison over and falls across her chest for the...

ONE...TWO...THRENO! The roof is almost blown off the arena when some how Allison's right arm shots up and lifts her shoulder off the mat! It's past thirty-five minutes since they shook hands to open the match.

After surviving the 'System Crash', Allison reversed the tables when Olivia tried setting her up for a second 'System Crash' and flipped the dark haired Olivia over with a Back Drop. Allison Body Slams Olivia and looks around trying to figure out what she can do next. Alli bends down, grabs a handful of damp hair and hauls Olivia's head up to trap it between her thighs. With Olivia’s head trapped, it’s unlikely Olivia hears her as Allison says, "Sorry, but I'm out of ideas."

She wraps an arm around Munn's midsection and with the other reaches down between Olivia's legs. Allison groans as she lifts Olivia up for a 'System Crash'. She too gives fans at ringside a 360 view of her mauling Olivia's crotch before she rises on the balls of her feet and drops to her knees. WHAM Olivia's head impacts the canvas and her body topples forward. Allison rolls Olivia onto her back and hooks a leg.

“One...Two...Three!" Allison is unable to get up as she lets Olivia's leg drop, too exhausted to even roll off Munn for almost a minute. It takes another minute before Allison stands to have her arm raised. She moves to the ring ropes and uses them to hold her up while she catches her breath before exiting the ring. When Allison looks up as her Music stops playing, she reads on the Jumbotron screen, "XX Division Semi-Finals:" then once everyone seems to be looking, the following appears:

"Chabert vs. Johansson plus Mack vs. Piper."

Allison shakes her head in disbelief at the pairing!. Allison starts to step through the ropes when Olivia grabs her and pulls her back into the ring. Unsure of Olivia's intensions, Allison is surprised when Olivia offers her hand. "You won today, but I'll get you somewhere down the road."

Allison smiles taking the rookies hand, "Anytime! But next time, I'll know what you're capable of and I won't go easy on you." The two exit the ring.
Match 9: Tag Team Title Match Eva's of Destruction vs. Colombian Crush

Now that the final for of the XX Division tournament is set, fans get ready for the two big final matches. Up first is the battle for the tag team titles. Warning sirens begin blaring and lights flash around the arena as Sean Paul's "Temperature" begins.to play. "Ladies and Gentleman...EVA'S OF DESTRUCTION!" Coming out form opposite sides of the stage are Eve Mendes and Eva Longoria, both wearing red bikini tops and black bottoms cut high on the hips. The Eva's aren't much friendlier to the crowd as they come to the ring and Eva Mendes even stops to trade insults with one of the fans at the railing.

Tricky Daddy's "Let's Go" begins playing as the ring announcer begins, "From Colombia....Shakira and Sofia Vergara ...COLOMBIAN CRUSH!" The shorter Shakira pops out from behind the curtain first follow a few seconds later by the busty Sofia. Both are wearing light blue bikinis with yellow trim. The fan reaction is somewhat mixed, but the ladies seem uninterested in crowd interaction. Rolling under the ring ropes together they both jump to their feet raising their arms before going to their corner a discussing strategy.

Both teams are warming up as Kristen Bell comes out carrying an armload of signs. Three of the four women ignore her, but Shakira glares at her new ‘least favorite person in the world.’ Walking to the security railing where Fannin and Archer are sitting, KBell hands her signs to Rich, then climbs over the railing to take her seat between them. She takes her signs back and looks through them before choosing one to hold up.

"KBELL Airlines - Now booking flights." Shakira glares at the blonde.

The ref orders each team to have one women exit the ring to begin the match. Watching each other Eva Longoria and Shakira step through the ropes and take positions in opposite corners. Sofia and Eva M stand in the ring ready to begin. Eva side steps locking up with Sofia and grabs the brunette's wrist twisting her arm around with a Wristlock. After Eva forces Sofia to bend at the waist, Eva hammers her arm down across the dark haired woman's back. It takes four big blows, but Eva drives Sofia to the canvas. Still holding the Armbar, Eva slaps the back of Sofia's head, "You're not fighting some blonde bimbo!"

Eva places Sofia's arm on the mat and holding her wrist and shoulder Eva drops her knee across Sofia's upper arm. Sofia cradles her arm while Eva quickly goes to her corner and tags Longoria in. Mendes goes back to make sure Sofia doesn't get to her corner. Longoria taps Mendes on the shoulder, "Let's make a wish."

The Eva's each take one of Sofia's ankles holding her legs up and then the Eva's fall backwards pulling Sofia's legs in opposite directions. Sofia cries out in pain as she is forced into the split. Mendes heads out of the ring and Longoria rolls Sofia to her stomach applying a Rear Chinlock on the bigger woman. Eva, known as a trash talker, begins, "Big bitch getting handled by a little lady like me must be embarrassing?"

Sofia, having trouble responding with Eva's hands on her chin, says, "Screw you puta!"

Longoria laughs and then slaps Sofia across the cheek. "Watch your mouth!"

Still holding the Chinlock, Eva L pushes her legs up off the mat and drives her knees into Sofia's back. Still riding the bigger Sofia, Eva L releases the Chinlock to untie the neck and back of Sofia's top. When Sofia pushes up on to all fours she sends Eva rolling off, but the small brunette has Sofia's top in her hand and as Eva scrambles to her feet she tosses the top aside.

Sofia charges after Longoria, but Eva is more than ready and drops to the mat and weaving her legs between Sofia hits a drop toe hold. Sofia falls hanging herself on the middle rope. Eva is already on her feet when Sofia hits the ropes and running across the ring hits the ropes. Eva leaps and lands her ass on Sofia's back. Eva bounces a few times before dismount and pulling Sofia off the ropes. Eva rolls Sofia over on her back for a cover. Shakira and the fans scream as Eva puts her feet on the ropes for added leverage, but Sofia still kicks out at two. Eva yells at the ref, "Did you ride the Short bus to school? That's the only thing that would explain the slow count."

Eva would’ve been better off keeping her eye on Sofia because when she turns around, she turns right into Sofia's right fist! She staggers away, leaving Sofia free to head to her corner and tag in the eagerly awaiting Shakira. At ringside Kristen Bell now holds up a sign reading, "BEWARE low flying Shakira's"

Shakira reaches Longoria before Eva can regain her senses completely. Shakira headlocks Eva and snaps the brunette over with a headlock takedown. Shakira leans back into the headlock while glaring at Kristen Bell. Shakira's attention to KBell allows Eva to hook the singer under the legs and roll her over on to her back. Shakira kicks out at ‘Two!’

The blonde then rapid fires four or five punches into the top of Eva's head to punish the brunette for the roll-up attempt. Shakira rolls away from Eva getting to her feet and waits for Eva to stand. Before Eva is fully upright though Shakira grabs her wrist and send the brunette off into the ropes. Shakira times her move perfectly leaping and trapping Eva's head between her legs, Shakira falls backwards take Eva over with a hurricanrana. Eva is toss through the opposite ropes to the floor. Shakira getting up sees Kristen Bell holding a sing the reads "YAWN"

Shakira begins heading towards the blonde, but Sofia yells at her partner to keep her focused on the match. Shakira turns and heads to where Eva is crawling up on to the ring apron. The Colombian reaches out to grab Eva and bring her back into the ring, but Eva hooks Shakira head and falls back to the floor hanging Shakira on the middle rope. The blonde's arms windmill as she springs of the rope back into the ring. Shakira gasps and chokes, Eva smiling viciously climbs back in the ring and makes a quick tag to Mendes.

Longoria turns to go back to Shakira, but the ref steps in her way ordering her out of the ring. Mendes gets to the small blonde though before Shakira can get back to her feet. Eva grabs a handful of the wild blonde locks pulling Shakira to her feet. Eva scoops Shakira as if she is going for a Body Slam, but Eva spins the blonde around and drops her across her posted leg in a backbreaker. Eva gives Shakira no chance to recover pulling the blonde up. Eva digs her hands into Shakira's armpits and lifts. Eva tosses Shakira into the nearest turnbuckles. Eva moves back to mid ring and charges. Eva looking to crush Shakira spins driving her hips into Shakira's soft belly. Shakira falls to her knees after Eva steps away. Shakira's eyes are watering and she tries to gulp air back into her lungs.

Eva struts around the ring holding her arms up yelling at the crowd, "You may boo me, but admit it you love seeing me take apart this little Ho!"

Several fans prove Eva's point, yelling back, "Strip her!"

Mendes turns to Longoria saying, "See their not as stupid as they look. That's a great idea."

Eva heads for Shakira who's using the ropes to make it back to her feet. Eva moves in raising her arms to deliver a double axe handle to Shakira's back, but the blonde somersaults by Eva before the bigger woman can strike. Shakira comes up on her feet spinning and drop kicks Eva in the chest. Eva falls back into the ropes bouncing off and landing on her face on the mat.

Shakira kips up and runs over to tag Sofia. Mendes's arms cover her boob that took the brunt of Shakira's drop kick. Sofia goes right after Eva's top, Sofia not shy about being topless, but she figures she shouldn't be the only one topless. It takes some time for Sofia to pull Eva's top free, but it goes spinning out into the crowd.

Sofia rolls Eva to her back and pulls her hands above her head. Sofia then kneels on Eva's wrist saying, "The little Simpsy girl had nice, but these will do." Sofia slaps the sides of Eva's boobs a few times before moving on the mauling and nipple twisting. Eva's legs thrash around, but she cannot free herself for the breast torture. Eva screams, "I'll fuckin kill you!"

Sofia laughs and grabs both Eva's tits and slams them together. Eva gasps in pain, Sofia done for now stands, but pulls Eva up with her. Sofia wraps her arms around Eva pulling her in tight. Their bare breast mushroomed out Sofia takes Eva over with a belly to belly suplex. Sofia goes for a pin, Eva kicks out at two. Sofia stands and runs her fingers along the edge of her bottoms adjusting them. Sofia takes Eva's left wrist pulling her up and turning it into a hammerlock.

Sofia yells to Shakira, "Time to work together." Shakira nods, but Eva pulls away and ducks down trading places with Sofia in the hammerlock.

Eva whispers to Sofia, "Double teaming sounds like a good idea." She forces the brunette toward The Eva's corner where they make the tag and Longoria comes barreling through the ropes to hammer Sofia's belly and boobs with punches while Mendes hangs onto the brunette as the ref begins a five count, the signal for Mendes to Whip Sofia across the ring into the ropes.

When Sofia returns, Longoria drops low sweeping Sofia's legs and Mendes nearly takes Vergara's head off with a clothesline. Mendes heads out of the ring and Longoria heads to the ropes jumping on the middle rope she hit a moonsault splash coming down across Sofia's chest. Longoria hooks a leg, but at two Shakira Stomps on Eva's back, breaking the count. The ref escorts Shakira out of the ring allow Mendes to enter and the two Eva's each take an ankle and fall back opposite directions stretching Sofia's groin. The ref turns to see Longoria exiting the ring. He thinks about asking about the tag, but figures he knows the answer he'll get anyway.

Mendes give her breast a quick rub remembering Sofia's treatment earlier. Eva decides it's time for pay back. "You got to have tough boobs to be a champ, let's see if your's have what it takes."

Eva rolls Sofia on to her side and slides in behind the brunette. Reaching around Eva unleashes some heartless breast mauling on the Colombian. Sofia legs kick and she cries out in pain at times. The mauling settles into Sofia moaning in pain and cursing Eva, while Eva seems not to want leave any part of Sofia's large tits untouched. Eva satisfied finally moves up to her knees and rolls Sofia to her back to Hammer Fist Sofia's belly. Eva, still looking to cause more pain, digs her Claws into Sofia's loose stomach muscles. The Stomach Claw has Sofia screaming even louder than the Breast Mauling she’d just suffered and the ref drops down on the mat, asking Sofia if she wants to submit.

She can only manage a short breathless "no...noooo." Eva smiles as Sofia weakly tries pulling her hands away without success. Eva gives Sofia's belly a loud, flesh cracking, SLAP, before going to tag in Longoria. Sofia tries crawling towards Shakira, but Longoria drops a knee down across Sofia's back. Longoria takes a seat on Sofia’s back while Mendes pulls the brunette's bottom down around her thighs and then clear off!

Mendes twirls the baby blue panties and fires them out into the crowd when she reaches her corner. Longoria grabs two handful of Sofia's hair pulling her head up, "What were you thinking you could be in the ring with us." She moves her right hand back between Sofia's legs and slides her three middle fingers deep into Sofia's pussy.

Sofia screeches, "OOH NOOO!"

Eva laughs, "Like that, don't you?"

Sofia tries wiggling free, but Eva's fingers work in and out. The pussy fingering isn't a devastating wrestling hold, but the fans are howling and the embarrassment for Sofia has a devastating effect on her psyche.

Eva changes tactics pulling Sofia's head up Eva's swings her right arm around Cross Facing the brunette. Twice more Eva's arm swings around, each time smashing a Forearm into Sofia's face. Longoria stands looking to her partner and says, "She’s ready."

Mendes nods in agreement so Longoria bends down, lifting Sofia by the hair. She dips at the knees, putting her arm between Sofia's legs and lifting. Eva is a good bit smaller, but with a grunt, Longoria lifts Sofia up and turns, Body Slamming her to the canvas while Shakira climbs the turnbuckle and perches; waiting for Eva to rise.

Coming over the guardrail Kristen Bell runs up the ring stairs and SHOVES Shakira off the turnbuckle! She falls nearly ten feet to the floor, bouncing and crashing into the railing surrounding the ring. Then Kirsten returns to the floor and goes back to her seat. Eva Longoria, still unaware of what happened, turns to partner Mendes who is holding her hand out yells, "Come on, E-squared time!"

Longoria doesn't bother asking again and makes the tag. Together they bring Sofia to her feet and standing on either side of her as they place Sofia's arms behind their heads, then reach down to hook their hands behind her knees. Lifting Sofia, The Eva's turn her upside down, then pull her legs down. Sofia's chin digs into her cleavage as her wide-spread legs give fans an awesome view of her Colombian pussy! Holding her in place upside down, The Eva's let the blood rush to Sofia's head.

Taking Sofia straight down, ‘The E-Squared’ ends with Sofia's head impacting the canvas with a loud BONK! Eva Longoria heads to her corner while Eva Mendes drags Sofia over onto her back using the brunette's boob as a handle. Then Mendes covers the naked woman as the referee counts ONE...TWO...THREE!

Mendes and Longoria hug as Sean Paul's ‘Temperature’ plays. The new champs pick up Sofia and toss her out of the ring, then they climb the turnbuckle and let the fans know ‘We Are The Champions’ and that they plan to remain so for a long, long, time. Climbing down, the ref hands them their new tag team belts which Longoria and Mendes snatch like the ref is trying to steal them.

Longoria calls for a mic, "You’re looking at the Tag Team Champeens! If anyone wants to take them...they’ll fail!"
Main Event: Charlize Theron vs. Rosario Dawson

Once the celebration for the tag team champs is over, the ring announcer climbs into the ring as ZZ Tops ‘Legs’ begins to play. "From Benoni, South Africa by way of Hollywood California...standing five foot ten inches tall...she is ‘The Golden Goddess’...Mz. Charlize Theron!" The fans nearly blow the roof off the arena as sparklers shower the stage when Charlize makes her way out in her trademark gold bikini top and matching thong. Charlize doesn't interact with many of the fans, but she does pause to talk to Kim and Ginny who are sitting ringside before climbing into the ring where she stretches her long legs.

The music changes to Rob Zombie's ‘Superbeast’ as the ring announcer continues, "Her opponent tonight is from New York, New York...standing five foot eight inches tall...Miss Rosario Dawson!" Rosario doesn't get as big a reception as Charlize, but her fans are very vocal! Rosario wears a black and pink stripe bikini as she runs to the ring and jumps up on the ring apron, pausing to ensure Charlize isn’t going to charge her as she lowers her head to enter the ring. Rosario steps between the ropes and moves to mid-ring, raising both arms with her wrist crossed. Rosario turns a full circle, giving all the fans a chance to check out her body from every angle.

At the bell both women move quickly to the center of the ring where they begin trading big blows, rocking each other back and forth using mostly big, powerful, right hands with a few jabs and hooks thrown in for good measure. Slowly, Dawson begins to gain the upper hand in the action as she lands two shots in a row, blocks an overhand right by Charlize, then Pancakes Theron’s left breast with two consecutive ripping, hard right hands!

Rosario backs Charlize up against the ropes where she puts her hand under Charlize's chin and forces the blondes head back over the top rope, giving her a clear shot at Charlize's chest. The fleshy CRACK of Rosario's overhand slap echos in the arena but it only seems to enrage Charlize! She slaps Rosario's arm off her chin, grabs the brunette by the shoulders and swings her around, trading places and propping Rosario up in the corner. Charlize pushes Rosario's head back in a similar fashion, then brings an overhand Chop down on Rosario's ample cleavage. The sound of flesh-on-flesh rings through the arena and the fans let out a loud ‘Oooh’ of sympathy for Rosario.

Charlize slides her right arm under Rosario's left and Hip Tosses Dawson half way across the ring. She hits on her butt and rolls, coming back up to her feet before Charlize can move in on her. A sly smile curls Charlize’s lips, "Now you know what you're in for. Is the fear sinking in?"

Rosario, staying crouched and ready, responds, "The only thing sinking in here tonight is my fingers in your pussy!"

Charlize eyes widen in surprise, but then she smiles, "Ohhhh, feisty. I love squeezing the feisty out of smart-mouth bitches."

They begin circling, gradually moving closer until they lock up Collar and Elbow. After several seconds of jockeying, neither can get the advantage so they break the clinch and back off, both shaking their arms and rolling their neck. Again they come together, but this time Rosario hammers a Forearm Smash to the side of Charlize's head. She takes the blow and fires back one of her own. But Rosario won’t back down and she slugs Charlize with another Forearm that barely moves Charlize!

She rears back and pastes Rosario in reply, then Charlize kneelifts Rosario, hitting her just below the waist of her bikini before Rosario can load up for another shot. Charlize hooks Rosario under the arm and Arm Drags her into the ropes. Rosario scrambles to her feet as the blonde comes in, then scrambles away, keeping her distance from the Golden Goddess while she tries to come up with something to even the score.

Charlize stops pursuing Rosario long enough to ask, "You going to get back to wrestling soon?"

Rosario stops and steps forward and raises her right arm high, obviously challenging Charlize to a test of strength with a taunts, "Does ‘Miss Legs’ wanna try an upper body challenge? Looks like you're somewhat ‘lacking’ in the upper body," she snickers, flicking her finger at Charlize’s ‘pecs.’ Charlize peeks down at her obviously perky, but clearly smaller, tits, then with an angry scowl, steps in to accept Rosario's challenge! She raises her left hand and clasps Rosario's right, but Rosario has other plans…WHAP Rosario DRIVES a Kneelift into the blonde's bellybutton, doubling her over with a loud grunt as her cheeks huff out and her butt shunts back. Rosario pulls her back to her, wrapping her arms around Charlize's torso, then lifts, turns and flattens the blonde with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex!

Rosario hair-hauls the gasping blonde back to her feet immediately after the Belly-to-Belly suplex and sets Theron up for another Suplex, but this time she hooks Charlize's long lovely leg and turns it into a Northern Lights Suplex. She bridges perfectly and ONE...TWO…

Charlize's arm swings up, her fist punching Rosario in the ribs to break her grip. Rosario hooks Charlize under the armpits and lifts her upright, drives her back against the ropes and then Irish Whips her clear across the ring. Charlize rebounds off the far ropes and Rosario clasps her hands together over her head. Theron is heading straight into a Double Ax-handle - but she leaps and Drop Kicks Rosario in the belly before she can strike! Rosario is bent over gagging and gasping for air.

Charlize scrambles back to her feet, turns and takes off toward the ropes. She comes back bringing her right leg up for a Axe Kick to the back of Dawson's head but Rosario isn’t in as bad shape as it appeared and she catches Charlize's ankle, yanks and drops Theron down in an impressive - and painful looking - Splits. Charlize writhes in pain holding her groin as she tries to massage away the pain while Dawson gets up and stands over her smirking.

"Ohhh, that's gotta hurRRRAAAAAGH!" Still in her Split, Charlize hammers her fist up and delivers a Low Blow to Rosario's womanhood. Then the crowd ‘oohs’ as Charlize rolls over onto her knees, pushes up out of the split and again heads to the ropes. This time when she comes back she hits the Axe Kick to the back of Dawson's head and Rosario goes sprawling face first on the canvas.

Charlize rises and struts around Rosario accepting the cheers from her faithful fans. She mounts Rosario, wrapping her legs around Rosario’s left leg while she pins Dawson's left arm under her body. Looking down at her trapped opponent, Charlize smiles and coos, "All wrapped up; and me with a free hand."

Rosario starts a retort, but before she gets a word out, Charlize jerks aside the triangle of fabric covering Rosario's left boob and begins nipple twisting. In seconds, Rosario starts squirming in pain. Charlize goes into full Breast Mauling mode, and while Rosario squirms and bucks, she’s unable to escape the blonde's python-like hold. At first, Rosario remains stoic and tight-lipped as she fights through the pain, but after a minute she screams and then yells, "BITCH!"

Smirking Charlize pulls Rosario's top back over her breast and lets it SNAP back in place. "Momma always told me to put away my toys when I was done playing."

Charlize rolls off Rosario, gets to her feet and walks around the downed woman, stomping Rosario's arms and legs as she makes a full circuit. Almost satisfied, Charlize gives a final Stomp to Rosario's right breast which leaves the brunette curled up in a protective ball. But Charlize isn't about to let her plaything just lie there, oh no! She reaches down and hair-hauls Rosario back to her feet, lifts Rosario's right arm and slides her head under Dawson’s armpit, then wraps her own arm around Dawson's neck.

When she grabs the waistband of Rosario's bottom and starts to lift her up in a Suplex, Rosario's foot shoots out, hooking Charlize's leg and keeping her from lifting her up. Then Rosario turns the tables; quickly snapping Charlize over with a Suplex of her own. Stunned, Charlize lays on her back as Rosario rolls over, gets back up and then comes right back down again, Elbow Dropping the point of her elbow into Charlize's left breast! Rosario goes for a cover, but fails to hook the leg and Charlize kicks out at ‘Two!’

Rosario rises to her knees beside Charlize and looks at the ref in disbelief, shaking her head and holding up three fingers as if asking, "Three?" The ref shakes his head ‘no’ and Rosario, although disappointed, grabs Charlize's damp blonde hair and pulls her back to her feet. Rosario draws her right fist back to paste Charlize, but the blonde's left arm shoots up, blocking the punch. Then Charlize fires one of her own, hammering a Forearm into the side of Rosario’s head. She staggers back, trips and then drops on her ass! Charlize moves in, quickly applying a Figure Four Head Scissors. She holds Rosario's arm in one hand and a handful of dark hair in the other, keeping her securely trapped. Rosario’s muffled screams can be heard as Theron cranks up the pressure.

Rosario swings her legs from side to side, rolling both herself and Charlize over twice until she is able to throw her leg over the bottom rope to force a break. Charlize makes the ref begin the five count and only releases Rosario when the count reaches ‘Four!’

Free of the crushing Figure Four, Rosario pulls herself up the ropes in obvious pain while Charlize yells at the ref, "Get her off the ropes, Come on!"

Rosario holds onto the ropes as she gets to her feet, leaning against the ropes while she milks the time to recoup. Charlize gets tired of waiting and lunges at Dawson, trying to catch her unawares. But Rosario's foot shoots up and she Snap Kicks Theron right between her legendary legs, her instep smashing into the blonde’s crotch with a wet THWAP!

Charlize's legs buckle and she staggers in a half circle, then crumples to her knees with both hands wedged between her tightly clenched thighs. Rosario lets out a scream as she throws herself off the ropes and Kicks Charlize in the chest as she runs past the reeling blonde. Rosario spins around, comes up behind Charlize and pulls the gasping blonde up by the shoulder straps of her top.

Rosario Whips Charlize into the ropes and when she rebounds out of control, Rosario bends low and tackles her around the thighs, straightens up and lifts the blonde straight up, then snaps her backwards into a Spinebuster. WHAMM!

Rosario covers Charlize again, “ONE...TWO...THNO!"

Rosario doesn't both arguing with the ref, but does look out into the crowd and yells, "Time for some OLD TOWN JUSTICE" (a Running Powerbomb!) She drags Charlize off the canvas, forces Charlize's head down and traps her head between her thighs. Rosario waves an arm overhead, screaming to get her fans fired up!

Charlize, realizing what's coming, digs deep, bends her knees and powers straight up, flipping Rosario over her head in a big Back Body Drop! CRASH!

Both women are down on the mat, neither moving to get up. The Ref starts counting them both out… One...Two...Three...Four...Five...Six...

Rosario pushes up on to her knees…


When Rosario stands upright, the ref stops the count. Rosario ignores the pain in her own body as she stumbles to Charlize who is laying near the ropes. Rosario drops to her knees next to Charlize and brings a Double Ax-handle down between Charlize's breasts. The blonde lets out a terrible scream and grabs her breasts in both hands as her long legs fly straight up into the air. Rosario reaches down, grabs the front of Charlize's thong and yanks….Charlize cries out in pain as the Wedgie digs deep into her battered pubic slit. Rosario begins to hammer fists down; starting with Charlize's groin, moving up to her stomach and tits; finishing with a punch right between the blondes eyes!

Rosario wipes the sweat from her face as she kneels next to Charlize who is barely moving after the pummeling she’s taken, but that doesn't change the fact that she's kicked out each time Rosario has gone for the pin. So Rosario takes a deep breath and grabs a handful of short damp blonde hair, using it to pull Charlize back up to her feet one more time! The two women almost fall over when Rosario's legs give out on her, but she regains her balance and manages to hold Charlize up as well!

Taking a deep breath, Rosario pulls Charlize's head down and clamps it tight between her thighs in a Standing Head Scissors. Rosario lets out a cry as she leans on Charlize’s back and wraps her arms around Charlize's waist, then lets out a loud grunt as she lifts the blonde upside down. Charlize's long, limp legs fold over Rosario's shoulders as Rosario changes her grip to two handfuls of Charlize's ample butt cheeks, her fingers digging into the soft flesh as she tries to hold her in place. Taking a few awkward steps forward, Rosario Powerbombs Charlize; nearly driving her head through the mat with the ’Old Town Justice.’

Rosario folds Charlize body into a Matchbook Pin, wrapping her legs around Charlize’s legs to keep them bent back over her head. Her hands rest on Theron’s up-turned ass, her fingers drumming on the pronounced swell of the pubic mound brought into prominence by her pose. The ref counts… ONE...TWO...THREE!

At the bell, Rosario flings Charlize away and, with the ref's help, gets to her feet where her arm raised in victory. Rosario then calls for a mic and the ring announcer tosses one up to her. She takes another moment to catch her breath, then says, "Jessica Biel, Your about to enter MY court and face the OLD TOWN JUSTICE!" Rosario drops the mic and heads out of the ring.

Billie Piper turns off the shower, grabs her towel and beings to dry herself. Stepping out of the shower as she wraps the towel around her and almost runs into a naked Jennifer Love Hewitt. "Hey, Jenny! You want to 'ave another go?"

Jen seems to think about it a moment and replies, "Maybe in the ring another time. I'm just here to settle our bet."

Jen holds out the outfit she wore in the ring. Written across the cup is "Good Luck Billie --- Jennifer Love Hewitt." On the bikini bottom, she had written, "To my favorite Brit --- JLH"

Billie takes the outfit examining it and checking out Jen's naked body. She says, "Good to see you keep your word Jen. Nice birthday suit too."

Jen smiles, "Well, I thought you should get a peek at what your prize held."

Billie laughs and turns toward her locker when Jen grabs her arm, spinning her around. In a cold tone Jen says, "NEXT time we meet, I'm taking YOUR outfit IN THE RING. And you’ll find out why I'm the best JMD wrestler here!"

Billie's expression turns stern, "I don't back down from anybody; big knockered slags least of all!"

Jen nods, "Oh, I WILL get you in the ring again."

Billie pulls her arm from Jen’s hand and hisses, "When I'm Champ, ye'll be the first I look up."

Jen nods and turns away, walking out the door leaving Billie holding the outfit she’d won. Billie tosses it in her bag and begins to get dressed.

Meanwhile, Harold makes his way to his office to find a note taped to the door. “Off to the bar, meet us. Rich.” Harold looks at the office door, turns to go and THAWCK Everything goes dark.

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