Celebrity Championship Wrestling Show #13 by bigfan (promos by Archer)
Standing at the podium, Christina Ricci gave Dani Fishel a look of contempt: "If you're looking for your first win against ME-think again."
Dani shrugged: "Okay, I thought about it again and you're still going down Chrissy, after all, you've lost a lot more often than I have."
Christina gave the smirking Dani a fiery glare: "You will regret bringing that up."
"Not as much as you're going to regret meeting me in the ring. I want a win and you are giving it to me," Dani informed the dark-haired beauty.
Christina looked ready to start the fight right there, but she settled for another angry glare and stormed away.
Dani turned to the camera: "Sorry, folks, I guess I hurt her feelings. Who knew she even had any? See you at Show #13!"

Milla is waiting impatiently at the podium; finally she turns to the camera: "Where is Bruckner? I'm not waiting here all day or don't they have clocks in the Legion's Secret Lair?"
Suddenly the lights go out. Sounds of a struggle are heard. A blow is struck, there is a crash and a thump of a body falling. The lights come on and Agnes Bruckner is standing there in her Legion hood. The podium has fallen over and Milla Jovovich is slumped across it.
"Oh my," Agnes says, "it appears Milla has met with an unfortunate accident."
She leans over and pulls Milla's head up by the hair. Milla's eyes are opened, but unfocused.
"Looks like Milla will have nothing to say. Just like she won't have much to say after I am done with her at Show 13. I can guarantee '13' will be her unlucky number."
Agnes laughs unpleasantly and releases her grip on Milla's hair. Milla thumps into the fallen podium.
The lights go out again and when they come up, only Milla is there pulling herself up, looking totally bewildered.

Looking over the posted announced of the 13th Show, Lizzy Caplan sees she has drawn Katee Sackhoff. She does not look happy.
"Disappointed it's me, Lizzy?"
Lizzy turned to see Katee Sackoff standing behind her, arms crossed and a smile on her face.
"No, of course not, you're the kind of fighter I need to beat to get to the top around here," Lizzy declared. "I'm more than happy to be fighting you."
"Sure you are," Katee returned, "and I want to take on the Legion all by myself in a handicap match. You're not bad, Caplan, but you're not at my level yet."
"I will be. Just you wait and see!" Lizzy insisted.
"Okay, champ, I'll wait and see, but don't get your hopes up," Katee said with a grin and sauntered off.
Lizzy watched her go and muttered: "Don't you dare underestimate me, Katee Sackhoff, don't you dare!"

Michelle Trachtenberg and Camilla Belle came out on the Promo stage wearing short silver jackets over their fighting bikinis. Michelle wore a navy bikini top and lighter blue bikini bottoms, while Camilla's attire reversed the colors: lighter blue top and navy bottoms. Both had stylized TA logo on the hips, again dark blue for Michelle and light blue for Camilla.
Standing at the podium were the veteran team of Elisha Cuthbert and Natalie Portman, they were in tight white tee shirts and black short shorts.
"What's 'T.A.' stand for?" Elisha sneered.
"Yeah, it can't stand for 'tits and ass' 'cause you two hardly have any," Natalie snickered and her blonde partner laughed loudly.
Michelle and Camilla flushed. Michelle stepped forward: "You know perfectly well it stands for our sponsor 'Team Archer'."
"Oh, yeah, that's right. Poor chump obviously knows nothing about wrestlers," Elisha retorted.
"YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH!" Camilla and Michelle said together.
"Oh, gawd! They're doing it! Natalie hooted. "The 'Double Dumb Twins' must be sharing the same little brain."
Camilla and Michelle gave each other dirty looks. They had no idea why they often said the same things at the same time, to the hilarity of their listeners and the embarrassment of the two speakers. On the other hand, their sponsor Archer, who had actually talked them into teaming up, seemed to find it a sign of good things to come.
Camilla stepped up to Natalie: "You won't be laughing when you see how well we work as a team."
"You two, a real team? All you'll do is get in each other's way. We probably won't have to do a thing," Natalie retorted.
"Hey, remember that fight with Anne Hathaway? They knocked each other out. Annie barely worked up a sweat! Wanna bet it happens again?" Elisha snickered and Natalie returned the snicker.
Camilla and Michelle looked at each other and suddenly they sprang forward together and with startling precision gave Elisha and Natalie identical knees to the belly. Cuthbert and Portman went down in a tangled heap. They looked up as Camilla and Michelle turned to each other, shook hands, and walked away. As they did, they revealed yet another of their sponsor's costuming brainstorms. Across the seat of Camilla's bikini bottoms was the light blue lettering TEAM, while across the seat of Michelle's bottoms written in dark blue lettering ARCHER.
A few moments ago Elisha Cuthbert and Natalie Portman might have found this lettering the source of more hilarity. They weren't laughing now.

Alexis Bledel was walking through the CCW parking garage when suddenly, a shadowy figure stepped out from behind a pillar.
"Oh, that can't be you, Rachel, I'm not taking a shower," Alexis said quickly.
"You are getting quick with the quip, Alexis," the hooded figure of Rachel McAdams said. "I trust your fighting skills will be equal the task of facing me."
"I still don't know why you keep hanging around me," Alexis said. Then she raised her hand: "Yes, I know, I have this great potential for evil and you want to draw it out."
"You clearly understand my words, Alexis, but you do not yet grasp their essential truth. I think learning will require more than words. Hence, I will be very hard on you in our fight. I plan to test you to your limits and beyond. We shall see if my perceptions are correct."
Alexis kept her voice steady: "Has it occurred to you that if you are right about me, you will be the first one to suffer from it?"
Alexis could see Rachel's lips smile as she replied: "That is my risk, child, do not fail me. I am not the sort of person you would want to disappoint."
"You won't be," Alexis said coldly. "And not because I am evil. It is because YOU are and I will destroy you for exactly that reason."
"If you care to think of that way, you may, but it is untrue. Your former friend Agnes Bruckner thought she wasn't evil, but we of the Legion showed her the 'True Path'. I am showing it you, even if you don't now appreciate it."
"Are you done with me now?" Alexis asked with an air of impatience.
"For now," Rachel said, and with that she gone in a flurry of darkness.
Alexis leaned against a car. She had kept her poise in front of the older woman, but now she could feel her heart pounding and the sweat pouring down her back.
"You are wrong about me, Rachel McAdams! I am NOT evil! I will make you SORRY you ever thought that!" She told herself, but her words seemed hollow. Instead there was that cold feeling deep in her stomach. It was fear that kept growing with every visit. The fear that Rachel was right...

Kaley Cuoco and Anne Hathaway stood in front of the podium a study in contrasts. Kaley was wearing a scoop-front electric blue top and worn-looking jean. Anne was wearing a floor length red grown with a scoop front of its own. The two eyed each other in some amusement.
"Am I overdressed for this or are you under-dressed?" Anne asked.
"Oh, it's got to be you, I'm well known as a fashion leader around here," Kaley claimed.
"Okay, if you say you," Anne said agreeably. "Fortunately, I am much wrestler than you are,"
"That so? Actually, I'm interested in finding out how good you really are, but it won't be good enough to beat me," Kaley declared.
"Only one way we're going to find out, you know-in the ring," Anne pointed out.
"Yep, but I'm not worried. I gonna win this," Kaley said with assurance.
"I'm not worried either. I KNOW I will be the winner," Anne said with confidence.
The two eyed each for a long moment, then said Kaley: "Guess we'll find out soon enough."
"I guess we will," said Anne and an electric air of competition crackled between them even as they shook hands and then went their separate ways.

PROMO #7: LAURA PREPON vs. MISSY PEREGRYM (Breast Claw Submission).
Laura and Missy enter the promo stage, but go to separate podiums. They are both wearing short shorts and uplift bras under scoop-front tank tops. Laura is in dark red shorts and a lighter red top, while Missy is in dark green shorts and lighter sea-green top.
It is obvious they are being kept apart.
"So we meet again," Laura says with a nasty tone in her voice. "You won't be so lucky this time!"
"Luck had nothing to do with it," Missy fires back. "I'm a better wrestler and you can't face that."
"You tell me that when I've got these driven deep into those plastic milk sacks of yours!" Laura said menacingly, holding up her hands, the fingernails had all been painted blood red.
"I can take anything your stubby digits can hand out, but can you really take it when I put these to work on your blubber bubbles?" Missy sneered holding up her own hands to display equally wicked-looking red-painted nails.
"You'll be crying and begging for mercy inside of thirty seconds, but I'm just gonna dig deeper and deeper. I WANT you to suffer!" Laura snarled.
"You'll be the one pleading for me to quit and it won't happen. You are going to be in such pain you'll wish you could pass out, but I won't let you! Prepare for agony, Laura Prepon, prepare for it!" Missy blazed right back.
The redhead took a step towards the other podium and the brunette braced herself, but suddenly several large Security men appeared. Laura pulled back and Missy warily relaxed guard.
"We'll take this up later-in the ring," Laura snarled. "Nobody beats me twice in a row!"
"I will," Missy declared. That made Laura step forward again, but the Security men stepped in quickly.
The redhead and the brunette exchanged hateful looks and then allowed themselves to be escorted off the stage.

Kristanna and Erica appear to have entered the stage after the departures of Laura and Missy. Kristanna is in a simple black dress and Erica is in a pink one. There is now only a single podium on the stage.
"Well, Loken, I don't think we can much more to top the Prepon/Peregrym gate."
Kristanna smiles: "Not unless you care to try to crotch claw submission match?"
"Noooooo, I don't think so. At least not this time. I think I'll have enough trouble just fighting you pro-style," Erica observed with a smile. "Not that I won't win in the end."
Kristanna shook her head: "And everyone told me you were an intelligent girl. You can't be if you think you have any real hope of beating me."
"Now, Krissy, don't go getting all over-confident. You know how embarrassing it can be when victory predictions don't work out," Erica continued cheerfully.
"Yes, that can be very embarrassing, but, dear Erica, it is YOU who are making the false victory prediction. I am merely stating the truth," Kristanna replied with equal cheer.
"Well, fortunately, there is a way of settling all this. I will see you at Show #13. I'll be the girl pinning you," Erica said.
"No, I will be the girl pinning you," Kristanna insisted.
They then shrug. Nod politely at each other and quietly exit the stage.

Kristin Kruek enters the stage scowling. She is wearing a black mini-dress and spike-heeled boots. Eliza Dushku in a white top and blue jeans with sneakers she already at the podium/ Eliza eyes the smaller brunette with amusement. Kristin marches up to Eliza and hisses:
"I'm NOT losing to you!"
"Someone get up on the wrong side of the cage this morning? Or are you still in a pout because you were eliminated from the XX tourney?" Eliza responds mockingly.
"I should be in that finals, but I'll settle for taking it all out on you!" Kristin coldly informs Eliza.
"Hey, at least you warned me. I admit you're kinda scary in person. Kris, but did you ever consider lightening up a little? I mean all that hostility can't be good for your digestion," Eliza informed her future opponent.
Kristin stomped her foot: "Laugh all you want. You won't after I get done with you."
"My, my, 'Little K' is having a temper tantrum. You better watch out. I may have to take you over my knee and give you a good spanking to teach you some manners," Eliza said.
"You wouldn't dare!" Kristin blurted out.
"It's not a good idea to dare me, Krissy," Eliza responded. "I just might do it."
"You won't get the chance," Kristin snapped and stalked away.
Eliza's smiled hardened: "We'll just see about that."

The tension between champion and challenger is clearly so intense that special measures have been taken. The double podiums are back on the stage. Jessica and Rosario each have two large Security men next to them.
"You are going to going down, Biel! I swear you are going down!" Rosario cries and has to be held back by her Security men.
"So you keep ranting, Dawson!" Jessica replies snidely. "I'm so sick of you are your whining. It is going to be my pleasure to shut your mouth and make you sorry you ever took me on!"
Now it's Jessica's turn to be held back by Security men. Rosario has given up her struggle to get at Jessica Biel right now, but she fixes a murderous gaze on her hated rival.
"You are the most overrated wrestler I have ever known. I will EXPOSE you for the fraud you are, Jessica Biel! After Show #13, you won't be able to get a job mud wrestling in the sticks!" Rosario explodes.
Jessica struggles fiercely to escape the grasp of the Security men, but she has to settle for verbal counterfire: "And you are the biggest loudmouth phony of a wrestler I've ever met. When I get done destroying you, the only wrestling you'll be doing is in a dumpster trying to get your next meal!"
Rosario shrieks with rage and nearly succeeds in breaking free of her minders. Jessica strains to escape as well and the Security men really have to struggle to hold her back. Someone apparently then signals the Security men that the session is over and they pull Laura and Rosario off the stage. The two women scream insults and dire threats until they are out of sight. The screen goes dark.


Olivia Munn walks into the backstage area of the CCW wondering who sent her the message offering managerial skills to her. Heading to the lounge Olivia enters and sees a man she recognizes as a fan named Tech. Then Olivia stops in her tracks as she see's at the table with the man is Laetitia Casta. Olivia asks, "What's she doing her?"
Tech looks at Laetitia but before he can answer Laetitia replies, "He's my new manager. What are you doing here?"
Olivia, looking confused, says, "I was to meet MY new manager here."
Tech finally gets a word in, "Yes, I’d like to manage you BOTH."
Munn and Casta in unison, "WHAT!"
Laetitia stomps her foot petulently and huffs, "I will NOT be involved with that trashy whore!"
Olivia shouts back, "Who are you calling whore, you French Prostitute!"
Laetitia and Olivia start to move towards each other and Tech tries to stop them, but they seem bent on continuing their feud. Olivia never sees a blonde enter the room behind her and Scarlett Johansson hammers a Double ax-handle to her back! Then Laetitia and Scarlett double team Olivia, punching and kicking the brunette to the floor over Tech's protests. Thes assault only ends when Olivia is balled up on the floor.
Laetitia orders Scarlett to “Get the bitch on her feet!” Scarlett chickenwings Olivia's arms behind her. Laetitia slaps Olivia a few times before she turns to Tech. "You really don't need this filth now that you have Scarlett and me."
Laetitia tears the t-shirt Olivia is wearing, exposing the red bra underneath, then grabs Olivia's tits and digs her fingers into the soft flesh. Laetitia moves to the side to give Tech a look at Olivia's rack. "Look, she has small boobs like Theron’s and they’re just as easily crushed." Laetitia pulls on the bra and both of Olivia’s boobs pop out of their cups. "You have Scarlett and me now."
Tech seems about to argue, but then shrugs and lets the matter drop. "OK. Let's go. I don't want my wrestlers suspended the first day I sign them."
Throwing Olivia over the back of a couch, Scarlett and Laetitia turn and leave with their new manager.
It was quiet in the CCW locker room. Amanda Bynes entered moving slowly, still feeling the strains and pains of her losing battle with Katie Holmes, but determined to keep to her training schedule. As moved behind a bank of lockers to get to her own. Much her surprise the lanky figure of Katie Holmes was stretched out on the bench in front Amanda's locker. As Amanda came into view, Katie sat up and said, "Didn't your mother teach you it's polite to reply to an offer to tutor you in wrestling?"
Amanda regarded Katie with suspicion: "Why are you so anxious to help me?"
"I'm not. I think I can help you, but if you don't want my help, I'll move on. Someone is bound to come along who'll be more interested. I thinking Mary Elizabeth Winstead."
"The bar fighter?" Amanda exploded. "She's trashy."
"But she's also a winner and she wants to win a whole lot more. I think I'll just go look her up…" Katie got off the bench, but Amanda moved to block her way. The angry look in Amanda's eyes faded and a pleading look replaces it. "Don't, please. I DO need your help. I don't want to lose so much any more. If you can help me…I…I'll listen."
Katie studied her. "I like that desperation in your voice; tells me you just might do what I tell you."
"So you'll help me?" Amanda asked anxiously.
Katie reached out: and pinched Amanda's cheek. "You are so very cute when you plead."
Amanda grew angry. "I’m not some little kid. You want to help me win, okay we're on. If not, go find Mary Liz and try her. I'll muddle through on my own!"
Katie folded her arms and grinned. "Alright, we’ve got a deal. I’ll tutor you but I can't guarantee you'll be the next champ…but you will wrestle better."
Amanda crossed her own arms in imitation of Katie’s pose. "Yes, I will. So those new girls like Winstead, Megan Fox and the rest better watch out, 'Bruiser Bynes' is coming!"
"Uh, Amanda."
"Forget the nickname; at least until you earn it," Katie said.
Amanda sighed: "OK, OK. But can I be 'Bruiser Bynes' in my own mind at least? I've heard visualizing a win helps you get one."
"Being able to actually wrestle well enough helps even more," Katie replied with a trace of a smile. "Get changed and meet me in the gym. I know you're hurting, but you need to start learning how to fight with pain."
Amanda nodded, "Yes, ma'am!"
"'Yes, Katie' is enough. If you call me ma'am again I'll make the beating I gave you last time look like a make out session." Katie replied, her smile growing bigger as she turned to leave the locker room. Amanda stared at Katie’s ass as she walked away and thought, ‘Makeout session…hmmmmmm.’
Match One: Christina Ricci vs. Dani Fishel

Dani wearing an electric blue bikini top and matching boy shorts appears to AC/DC's "You Shook me All Night Long". She stops at ring side to have a word with her manager, The Captain. After some last word of encouragement, she enters the ring. Christina is wearing simple black bikini of four small triangles of fabric held together with thin strings. Marilyn Manson's "Dope Show" plays as Christina struts to the ring ignoring most of the fans although she stops to give one fan a tongue lashing for calling her ‘Wednesday.’

Dani starts off quick running Christina over with two heavy Clotheslines at the opening bell but she lets her guard down as she pulls Christina up and Ricci nails her with a Low Blow. The crotch crusher takes all the wind out of Dani's sails and the next few minutes Christina runs roughshod over Fishel. Christina focuses her attack on Dani's huge tit's, stripping Dani’s top and tossing it aside then going after the bare, jiggling mountains of flesh as if she can’t stand that someone else’s juggs are actually bigger then hers. Dani looks to be in a world of hurt, but she catches Christina with a Boot to the Gut which stops Ricci’s attack in it’s tracks, then scoops the brunette up tosses her half way across the ring.

Dani stays on top by hitting several power moves on the smaller Christina before she sends Christina to the ropes. When Ricci returns, Dani scoops the brunette up onto her shoulders and holds her for several seconds before she lets out a war cry and drops backward, driving Ricci to the canvas with a Samoan Drop she calls "The Dani Drop". It’s academic from there as Dani rolls over and casually covers Christina for the three count.
Match Two: Milla Jovovich vs. Agnes Bruckner

Milla comes to the ring in a white tube top and bikini bottom as The Cult's "Fire Woman" plays. The redhead seems un-phased at the prospect of facing a member of the Legion or even that Agnes had jumped her at the promo. Breaking Benjamin's "Breathe" is played for Agnes' entrance and the blonde comes out in the Legion hooded robe, but drops it at the top of the ramp to reveal a white t-shirt with "They're Real" across her breasts. Taking off the t-shirt when she reaches the ring, Agnes is down to a gray bikini top and dark blue boy shorts.

Milla starts the match nailing Agnes with a Drop Kick but she’s only able to keep Agnes down a few seconds before the blonde powers her way upright. The match see-saws back and forth for the next few minutes with Milla seeming to be getting slightly the better of the action. She traps Agnes in a Body Scissors and Agnes struggles to drag Milla to the ropes forcing a break. Milla tries to stay on top of the blonde as action resumes, but she gets nailed by a Clothesline by the powerful blonde.

Agnes alternates between power moves and pain holds, wearing Milla down as the redhead tries to get back into the match. But each time Milla starts to build momentum, Agnes nails her and takes her back down to the mat. Agnes jerks the battered Milla around by the hair, then easily lifts the limp redhead onto her shoulder for a Michinoku Driver. Agnes lifts Milla's leg and waits for the ref to make the win official.

Agnes hauls a dazed Milla to her feet as Neve Campbell, Katherine Heigl, and Erika Christiansen join her in the ring. The ref is shoved aside as Agnes lifts Milla and deposits her ass on the top turnbuckle. Kat stalks over, pulling Milla's head down as she hooks Milla behind the knees, lifts her and walks to the center of the ring with Milla held up in the muscle buster. When Kat falls back, she crushes Milla into the canvas. The Legion stands over Milla, stomping the redhead's body mercilessly.

The time keeper rings the bell continuously, but no help is coming so Erika sets Milla up and hits the "Dark Sacrifice" on the ragdolled redhead. Finally, more refs' and security show up and the Legion calmly leaves as if nothing had happened.
Cut Scene One

Coming out to the ring the Eva's of Destruction carry the title belts over their shoulders. Eva Mendes holds the ring ropes for Eva Longoria to enter the ring, then Longoria returns the favor and Mendes ducks through the ropes. Calling for a mic, Longoria walks to Mendes in center ring and says, "Since we won the titles, Eva and I have been looking for a tag team worthy of being our first defense."
Mendes takes the mic and continues, "The truth is there are NO teams out there who deserve a shot."
Both Eva's then find a fan to argue the point, shooting down each team the fans suggest. Meeting back at the center of the ring Mendes continues, "The Simpson's? Oh puhleeze! Jess is just a big titty punching bag - and she's the GOOD one."
Longoria takes the mic. "Colombian Crush? Sofia is still recovering from the last beating we gave her and Shakira is a joke. She has her hands full with that other little blonde slut."
Holding the belts up again, Longoria and Mendes turn to leave but as they exit the ring Longoria says, "Get used to the Eva's of Destruction as your tag team champs." She tosses the mic and they leave the arena.
Match Three: Lizzy Caplan vs. Katee Sackhoff

System of the Down's "BYOB" blares over the sound system as Lizzy enters the arena in a black bikini with ruffled fringe. The music changes to Godsmack's "Whatever" as Katee Sackhoff comes out from the back wearing a gray low-cut sports bra and matching boy cut shorts. She has a stern look on her face as stalks down the aisle, ignoring the extended hands of the fans.

At the bell, they lock up and Katee just pushes Lizzy all the way back into her corner. The ref has to step between them but they break clean. Coming back to the center of the squared circle, Lizzy again locks up with Katee and once more the big blonde powers Lizzy back into her corner. Before the ref can intervene again, Katee backs up smiling, giving Lizzy another clean break. But then the brunette's hand flashes out and WHACKS Katee on the left cheek. With that Bitch Slap, Katee's smile disappears in an instant and she goes after Lizzy. The ref holds Katee back as Lizzy leans in her corner smirking.

Lizzy finds out quickly it may not have been a good idea to get Katee fired up as Katee tosses her around the ring. Between Body Slams and Hiptosses Katee wears Lizzy down with several grinding submission holds. Several times Lizzy fired punches or kicks but they had little effect on the blonde and only serve to piss Katee off even more.

Katee nails Lizzy with a Spinebuster! Sitting the brunette up, Katee applies a combination Body Scissors/Dragon Sleeper that she calls "The Frakin’ End". Katee squeezes and pulls and as if Lizzy isn't screaming loud enough, Katee adds some tit mauling with her free hand to force the brunette to scream out her submission.
Match Four: Michelle Trachtenberg-Camilla Belle vs. Nat Portman-Elisha Cuthbert

Nat and Elisha arrive at the ring separately, but they’ve tagged together several times and look to take out the newest tag team in the CCW. Then Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It" begins and Michelle and Camilla appear wearing short silver jackets with the back adorned in dark blue lettering saying, “Team Archer.”

Michelle wears a navy bikini top and light blue bikini bottom while Camilla's attire is reversed; light blue top and navy bottom - both with stylized ‘TA’ logo on the hip in dark blue for Michelle and light blue for Camilla. The two youngsters each take a side of the ramp and come down slapping the fans hands before they huddle for last minute instructions from new manager Archer.

As the match is about to begin Michelle and Camilla turn to each other and say, "You Start." A second later both say, "OK, I'll Start" and there’s a flash of the old frustration between them. But then Natalie and Elisha begin laughing at them and Michelle and Camilla quickly get over their habit of saying the same thing. Without another word, they somehow agree that Michelle will start.

It's hard to tell that Portman and Cuthbert are the experienced team as Trachtenberg and Belle work like old veterans; making quick tags to keep first Natalie, then Elisha, trapped in the ring longer that they should. Michelle nails Natalie with a Dropkick sending her into the corner where Camilla awaits. A quick tag and Team Archer sends Natalie across the ring to the ropes and when she returns out of control, they hit her with a Double Drop Kick. They may have gotten the win right there, but Elisha comes charging in to break up Camilla's pin attempt at “Two.”

Then Camilla gets caught on the wrong side of the ring and Natalie and Elisha begin pounding the brunette. In trouble and getting double teamed, Camilla kicks out of three nearfalls to keep the match going. When Elisha sends Camilla to the ropes, she misses a Clothesline as Camilla comes back to make the tag to her partner. Michelle was already halfway to the top turnbuckle and Elisha runs right into her Missile Drop! Michelle rolls through the move and comes up nailing Natalie with a Forearm. With Natalie down, Michelle scrambles back to Elisha and covers her for a three count.

Michelle and Camilla jump around the ring hugging before they head to the back, stopping to high five Archer on the way.
Match Five: Rachel McAdams vs. Alexis Bledel

Alexis comes out wearing a yellow bikini top and spandex short shorts, both with black trim. The Faders, "No Sleep Tonight plays as Alexis takes her time getting to the ring, greetsing her fans and stopping to pose for pictures. As she’s climbing into the ring the lights go out and gouts of flame shoot up from the stage. When the lights come up dimly, a hooded figure stands on the stage and Crystal Method's "Calling all Freaks" is being piped in over the sound system. The robe goes flying to reveal Rachel McAdams in an ivory bikini! She wastes no time coming to the ring and the ref has to stay between the two until the start of the match.

Alexis charges out of her corner at the bell and begins swinging at Rachel who ducks and weaves away from the wild attack. Rachel keeps her distance until Alexis begins to slow, then shoots forward and Kicks Alexis in the belly. Rachel sends Alexis to the ropes and when the brunette returns, Rachel leaps high to nail Alexis's in the chest with a Drop Kick that flips the brunette over backward.

Rachel lifts Alexis up and turns her around into a Reverse Choke. The ref demands Rachel release the blatant choke but she l ignores him, telling Alexis, "Time to let the darkness out or be consumed by it." She throws Alexis to the canvas before the ref reaches ‘five’.

Alexis abandons the wild attacks and gets back to her normal, quick-moving offense which gets Rachel in trouble a few times. Rachel seems to stop Alexis's momentum though and takes control before the brunette can put her away. Rachel has Alexis on the mat riding a Back Mount with a Chinlock and whispers, "You seem to need more incentive."

Rachel undoes Alexis' top and pulls it off of the protesting woman. Alexis is furious but she's also topless and when she breaks free of Rachel's grasp, Alexis again goes on a wild attack. Rachel easily avoids the attacks and when Alexis slows down, Rachel moves in and drives a Knee to the brunette's gut. Rachel follows with a Swinging Neckbreaker that leaves h Alexis starfished out on the mat. Rachel heads to the top rope, mounts the top turnbuckle and leaps half way across the ring, driving her elbow between Alexis' bare breasts. Rachel pins Alexis' arms and goes for the cover which she gets as the ref makes the three count without any movement from Alexis.

Getting to her feet Rachel whispers to the ref, "Get out of here."

Rachel lifts Alexis and props her against the ropes, backs up and leaps - nailing Bledel with a Drop Kick that sends her backward over the top rope. She hits the cement floor and the ref quickly moves to help, half dragging the well beaten beauty to the back. Then the lights go out and when they come back up, Neve and the rest of the Legion are in the ring.

Neve watches the ref leaving with her victim, then turns to Rachel, "What did you do?"

Rachel, her head bowed, answers, "Nothing, You didn't come out right away so I thought I’d start without you."

Neve looks upset, but turns to the others, "Greene must have warned the ref to get her away after what we did to Milla." Neve turns to Rachel, "Don't you agree Succubus?" Rachel looks at Neve with an expressionless face says, "I'm sure you're right Banshee. As always." Neve lets the issue drop and the lights go out.
Match Six: Kaley Cuoco vs. Anne Hathaway

Anne is wearing a simple black bikini as she comes out to Sum 41's "Fat Lip". A minute later, Velvet Revolver's "Come on, Come in" is playing as Kaley makes her way to the ring in a similar style white bikini with the letters ‘KC; in black on her right hip.

This is a big match for both women. Anne’s undefeated streak on the line and although Kaley has lost, she’s faced tougher competition. The winner of the match will be lifted into the mix of the world title hunt. Before the match begins the two women get into a shoving match, but the ref steps between them to avoid a brawl.

Anne takes control early in the match and several times she lifts Kaley to her feet only to Clothesline the blonde back down. She works on Kaley's arms when she has her on the mat, then again pulls Kaley to her feet and sets the blonde up for a Suplex. But Kaley blocks it and takes Anne up and over in a Suplex of her own. Kaley hits Anne with anything that she can think of that is high impact.

Kaley Bodyslams Anne and drops a leg across the brunette's ample chest. Kaley hairhauls Anne up and hooks an arm around the brunette's head, then drops her with a DDT. Kaley shoots a Half Nelson then rolls Anne into a Crossbody Pin, but only gets a two count.

Kaley drags Anne back to her feet again, running Anne backward into the corner where Kaley again targets Anne's cleavage with two open hand Chops! With Anne hanging in the corner, Kaley runs back to center ring and charges, leaping into Anne's chest with a Stinger Splash.

Anne is dazed as she staggers out of the corner, but before she falls, Kaley steps up beside Anne she wraps an arm around Anne's hips and lifts her arm behind Kaley's own neck. Then Kaley lifts Anne up onto her shoulders and turns, falling back to drive Anne into the canvas with an "Angle Slam" Kaley calls "The Big Bang" in honor of her new show. Anne never moves as Kaley puts a forearm across Anne's breasts, flattening them while the ref makes the three count.
Match Seven: Laura Prepon vs. Missy Peregrym (Breast Claw Submission)

The announcement that this next match is a breast claw submission match gets a loud roar of approval from the fans. Hole's "Celebrity Skin" plays as redhead Laura comes out wearing a copper color bikini. She gets in several shouting matches with fans who are chanting "Missy’s gonna kill you!" Then Peregrym's music - Korn's "Freak on a Leash" - plays as the brunette comes out to a surprisingly loud cheer for a rookie. Missy is wearing a two-tone bikini; the top olive drab and the bottom black. When Missy jumps from the floor to the ring apron and steps through the ropes, Laura starts to go after her as she enters the ring, but the ref quickly interposes himself between the women.

Early in the match, the bad feelings between Laura and Missy erupt and they stand in the middle of the ring trading punches. Missy is giving up a good bit of size, but she holds her own - at least until Laura sneaks in a Kick to the crotch. Missy’s legs buckle, but Laura keeps her from falling, pulling her into a loose Bearhug that she cinches tight before she Belly-to-Belly Suplexes the brunette stunning her.

Laura tries to get Missy's top but the brunette scrambles away and all Laura gets is the satisfaction of pulling one of Missy’s cups down to briefly expose her breast. After tucking the wayward mammary back in it’s holster, Missy goes to wrestling - which is more her style - moving quickly and striking Laura, then springing away before Laura can react.

Missy seems to be gaining the upper hand, but she makes a mistake when she attempts a Dropkick and Laura is able to block Missy's attack. Before the brunette can get back up, Laura is on top of her. She abandons wrestling in favor of simply beating Missy about the head and shoulders. Once she has Missy subdued, Laura hairhauls her up and locks the brunette in an Abdominal Stretch.

Missy is in obvious pain as her taunt stomach is stretched to its limit. But then Laura adds Breast Mauling to the mix and it looks like the end is near for Missy - but then she gets one leg free and Hiptosses the redhead to break the hold. After that, things go back and forth for several minutes. Naturally, Laura's top gets pulled off, but Missy can't capture the redhead in a hold long enough to go after those big, pale, boobs.

Laura Irish whips Missy across the ring but when she rebounds off the ropes, Missy leaps high, driving both feet into Laura's bare bosom. An even worse fate befalls Laura as she stumbles backward; arms windmilling to maintain her balance. She falls back against the ropes and at the angle Laura hits the top rope, her flailing arms wrap around the rope and are trapped between the top and middle ropes.

As she realizes she’s hopelessly trapped, Laura has a look of fear on her face. She desperately tries kicking Missy to keep her at bay but Missy moves in and straddles Laura around the hips. Laura yells at the ref to free her or at least make Missy back away but the match stipulates that ‘ropes are not a safe heaven.’

Missy smiles at Laura and hisses, “Oh, I'm going to really enjoy this."

Laura turns to the ref yelling, "I quit, I submit!"

Missy laughs, "You CAN’T submit, stupid, I haven't applied the Breast Claw yet. Speaking of which..." Missy reaches behind her and undoes her own top. Fans cheer, grateful to Missy for the gratituous display of tit flesh. Missy yells back, "…sacrifices are sometimes necessary." She balls up her own top and stuffs it in Laura's mouth. Then slapping Laura across the face Missy says, "Can't have you quitting to soon on me. Now I'm going to maul you like a redheaded...well… you know."

Missy holds her hands up giving the ‘hook'em horns’ sign, then SPLAT, slams her hands down on Laura's large pale breasts. The ref seems unsure of what to do. Laura's hands are flapping wildly, her wrists trapped in the ropes; her head rolls back and forth as muffled screams can barely be heard thru Missy's top gag. Laura's legs are kicking, but her feet connect with nothing. Missy goes from squeezing both breasts to slapping one while mauling the other; then switching. She continues working on Laura's boobs which quickly take on a ruddy pink hue, then turn red and finally a dark, dark crimson. Finally, Laura's flailing stops and tears run down her candy apple red cheeks. Missy continues pinching Laura's left nipple as she reaches up and pulls her top out of Laura's mouth.

Laura begins begging immediately, "Please stop, please…I quit….please… no more."

The ref calls for the bell and Missy steps back surveying her handiwork. She starts to put her top back on, but it's soaked with Laura's slobber so she just tosses it out into the crowd and heads to the rear topless! The ref frees Laura and helps her out of the ring while the fans pretty much ignore her as they stand to ogle Missy Pegrym’s bare breasts.
Match Eight: Kristanna Loken vs. Erica Durance

Kristanna is first to the ring in her all black, two-piece. Drowning Pool's ‘Bodies’ is playing on the sound system and it’s not until several seconds after she reaches the ring that Future Leaders of the World’s ‘Let me out’ starts and Erica Durance comes out in a red bikini top and black bottom with a red and black belt. Erica gets a much bigger ovation coming to the ring, but neither woman seems to notice the fans as their eyes never leave the other.

Kristanna tries to use her size advantage to push Erica around, but Erica stands her ground, hammering the bigger blonde right back on her heels. Erica takes Loken to the mat where she works those long legs, twisting them and putting a lot of pressure on Kristanna's joints. Loken fights her way back to her feet - only to have Durance run to the ropes and come bounding back with a Straight Arm Clothesline right across Loken’s firm, perky, breasts! The big blonde doesn't go down, but she’s rocked and Erica quickly backs up and charges with a second Clothesline.

This time, Kristanna lifts her leg and nails Erica flush on the jaw with her Big Boot. She pulls the dazed Erica to her feet, scoops Erica up and Body Slams her back to the mat. Kristanna follows dropping a Leg across Erica's bosom which gets the blonde a two count.

Kristanna pulls Erica up by the hair, grabs her wrist and holds her arm up and back, setting up for her ‘Heartless Punch.’ But Erica yanks her wrist free and grabs Kristanna's wrist. Turning and twisting, Erica turns the tables, setting Kristanna up for a ‘Heartless Punch’ of her own! Erica's fist pancakes Kristanna's left boob and Loken collapses to both knees clutching her injured mammary, her eyes tearing.

Erica quickly moves behind Loken to apply a Sleeper. She lifts Kristanna and slams her butt down on the canvas in a sitting position with Loken’s long torso trapped between Erica’s legs. The ‘Dirt Nap’ forces Loken to tap out quickly rather to avoid being rendered unconscious.

Erica releases her but leans over the blonde's shoulder and whispers, "Looks like I'M the better prognosticator!"

Kristanna doesn't answer so Erica gets up and stands with the ref offering her wrist so her arm can be raised. She hops out of the ring and waves to the fans as she heads to the back, leaving Kristanna sitting slumped in the ring in defeat.
Cut Scene Two

Fans waiting for the next match get a surprise when The Donna's ‘Take It Off’ begins playing and Lacey Chabert comes out on to the stage wearing jeans and a peach top that's cut low in a wide arc. She heads to the stage as her supporters try to be heard over the boo's and jeers being rain down on. The brunette ignores the fans as she knows they may boo her, but they love when she buries a face between her ‘babies.’
Lacey climbs in the ring and takes the microphone with a smile, saying, "I'm sorry to inform everyone, but Allison won't be joining us tonight." The boo's grow louder. Lacey continues, "Seems Allison figured out every one who gets in the ring with me gets a taste of boob sweat." Lacey gives her tits a quick adjustment and brushes them off. "Allison is just plan..."
But then Lacey is cut off them by the sounds of Shinedown's "Fly from the inside" as, coming out from the back, is Allison Mack wearing jeans and a purple sleeveless t-shirt. Allison heads straight into the ring and snatches the mic out of Lacey's hand. "What's the idea telling people I'm not here? You just pasted me in the back. Even you aren't that big of an airhead."
Allison waits for Lacey to retrieve another mic to get her answer, "Well Allison I know how self concussions you are I didn't think you'd want to stand in the ring next to me. I mean all these people seeing how dumpy you are compared to my perfect body."
Lacey does a little pirouette and wiggles her ass. Allison, hands on hips, actually laughs at Lacey. "We all knew you’re into self-love. By the way, you should give that a rest, you're going to rub yourself raw. But Lacey, I wouldn't miss this for the world."
Lacey is irate at Allison’s accusation of self-gratification gets even more fired up as fans start demanding that Lacey demonstrate her ‘fingering skill’ for them.
Lacey yells, "I DON"T DO THAT!"
As Lacey stomps around the ring in a snit, Allison shrugs, "Hey that's what your buddy Isla Fisher said!"
At mention of the insane redhead who has taken a liking to her, Lacey gets even more agitated. Tired of being made fun of, she collects herself and smirks, "At least I won MY semi-final match." Now Allison seems pissed as Lacey continues, "I beat Scarlett and put her face in my tit's ‘til she knew who the better woman was. You beat Billie with a cheap ass roll-up."
Someone in the back sends referees and security to the ring just as both mics hit the canvas and Allison and Lacey square off. The striped shirts fill the ring to keep them apart; although there are shouted insults and curses back and forth the entire time Allison and Lacey are being pulled out of the ring and taken to the rear.
Match Nine: Kristin Kruek vs. Eliza Dushku

311's "Beautiful Disaster" is playing when the small brunette r Kruek gives her practiced smiles to fans. She’s in her usual outfit: a purple bikini top and black boy shorts. Kristin loosens, but never takes her gaze from the stage when Eliza Dushku's music - Rob Zombie's "Living Dead Girl" - begins to play. Eliza comes on stage, and spins flinging her long dark hair around. Eliza is in a red spandex muscle shirt cut off just below her boobs and matching shorts. She reminds Kristin of her threat by licking her hand and slapping her on ass. Kristin’s eyes flare at the threat of a spanking by Eliza.

Eliza has a size advantage, but she can match speed and quickness with Kristin and in the early going she goes from one move to another with blinding speed as she keeps up with Kristin until Kruek gets the upper hand with an "accidental" thumb in Eliza’s eye.

Using Eliza's long hair, Kristin Hair Mares Dushku to the mat and works a Body Scissors on her until Eliza escapes by driving her elbows back into Kristin's thighs. Eliza stays on the attack with a series of Snap Kicks that change the flow of the match. The first catches Kristin in the stomach; the next connects with Kristin's left ribs; the third on her right ribs and the final one Eliza snaps to the side of Kristin's skull. Eliza covers quickl and gets a two count, but Kristin is able to shoot an arm up to break the count.

Eliza stays on a roll, controlling the next few moments by keeping Kristin guessing where then next kick is coming from. When she maneuvers behind Kristin, Eliza scoops her up and drops her across her thigh with a Gutbuster. That just to put Kristin in position for Eliza to administer the Spanking she promised!

Eliza gives Kristin's shorts a good yank up to expose Kristin's round cheeks, then Eliza slowly licks her right hand as she holds the wiggling, squirming Kristin with her left arm around the waist. Fans scream for Eliza as the first fleshy CRACK of hand on buttock echoes in the arena. Eliza spanks Kristin's ass a good two dozen times before tossing the screaming, sobbing, Kristin to the mat. Eliza stands shaking her hand as her palm is nearly as red as Kristin's butt.

Eliza goes back to work with a series of tosses and Kristin squeals and jumps each time her butt hits the canvas. Eliza pulls Kristin up one more time and hits an Implant DDT, then heads for the top rope for her Frog Splash. Eliza gets amazing height on the leap, but Kristin rolls away just before Eliza is about to crash into her. Eliza gagging and rolling around is holding her stomach and has no defense when Kristin rolls her onto her stomach and sits on her back, applying a Full Nelson before pulling Eliza back into the “Kruek Krippler.”

Kristin hauls Eliza's torso completely off the mat, keeping Eliza's hips pinned by sitting on her ass. Eliza refuses to submit, but Kristin keeps the hold on, wearing Eliza down. After a minute or more, Kristin holds up a limp Eliza, who still refuses to quit so Kristin takes both of Eliza's arms in one hand and slides her other hand up inside Eliza's top.Eliza cries in pain as Kristin begins digging her fingers into her boob. Eliza tries fighting the pain, but Kristin is relentless; squeezing Eliza's boob until she has no choice but to submit.

The Ref calls for the bell ending the match. Kristin releases Eliza's arms but only so she can reach around and begin working BOTH of Eliza's tits. Eliza screams, "Get her off me!" but the ref ignores her and walks over to chat up the time keeper.

Eliza's screams continue as Kristin pushes up Eliza's top, freeing her tits and hisses in Eliza's ear, "I told you; you never shoulda spanked me!"

Kristin gives Eliza's nipples each a cruel twist but the mauling goes on until the ref returns and orders her to stop. It takes three more commands before Kristin finally obeys and lets Eliza drop in a pile on the canvas. Kristin looks down on Eliza and smiles slyly as she leaves the ring.
Main Event: (CCW World Title) Champion Jessica Biel vs. Challenger Rosario Dawson

The ring announcer climbs into the ring and waiting a few moments begins, "Tonight's main event is the first World Title Defense in the CCW." Rob Zombie's "Superbeast" begins playing and lights flash around the arena. "First the Challenger...She's form New York, New York...Standing 5'8"...ROSARIO DAWSON!" Pyro is set off and pushing her way through the curtain Rosario emerges from the back wearing a pink and black stripped bikini with a short leather jacket on over the top. Rosario finds a few of Jessica's supporters and let's them know she plans to hurt their favorite wrestler and leave her broken in the ring. She climbs up in the ring stepping between the ropes she holds her arms up over her head. She turns moving to her corner and removes her jacket giving it to a Ring attendant.

The Ring announcer steps to the center of the ring again and Velvet Revolver's "Slither" begins to play, "She is the CCW World Champion, From Ely Minnesota...She stand 5' 7" and a half...JESSICA BEIL" The lights flash in the arena as sparks shower down on the stage and Jessica walks out wearing a stone gray bikini with sliver hoops connecting the front of the top and both hips. Jessica throws her arm up holding the title belt high. The lights go back to normal as Jessica heads down the ramp. Jessica stops by a fan holding a sign that reads "THE BIEL RULEZ" giving the fan a high five she moves to the steps at ringside climbing up to the apron. Jessica stops before entering the ring and stares across the ring at Rosario starring back. Jessica then quickly ducks threw the ropes and heads to center ring and again thrusts the title belt high above her head before turning and handing it to the referee.

Rosario walks out to the center of the ring as the ref explains rules Rosario and Jess have their own conversation. Pointing to Jessica's right shoulder Rosario asks, "How's the arm?"

Jessica flexes her bicep showing off the well muscled limb answers, "You'll find out soon enough."

Nodding Rosario spits back, "Good, I don't want you crying about injury after I take your belt."

The referee having finished his little speech waits and the two women seeming to just now notice him standing there turn and head to their corners.

DING...DING...DING! This World Title Match gets underway.

Moving out into the ring Rosario and Jessica begin to circle and slowly move into a Collar and Elbow Tie-up. After moments of struggles neither woman can get an advantage and they separate shaking their arms and rolling their necks.

Rosario says, "How's it feel to be at the end of your title run?"

Jessica smirks, "When I get close to the end of my run I'll let you know."

Moving in they lock up again. It looks like the lock up will end in a stalemate again when Jessica gets her arm under Rosario. Rosario is helpless to stop the champ from Arm Dragging her over. Rosario hits hard on the canvas, but rolls through the move and comes up on her knees. Jessica is up quickly as well, but the distance between her and Rosario keeps her from taking advantage of her move. Rosario gets to her feet and snaps her bottom back into position.

Jessica says, "Looks like I scored first."

Rosario moving forward to lock up replies, "It's not who scores first…" Her Kneelift catches Jess right on the belly button, "…it’s who scores last!"

Rosario then hammers a right forearm into the side of Jessica's head. Jessica turns to put some distance between them and clear the cobwebs, but Rosario isn't having any of it! She grabs the back of Jessica's hair, drags her into the corner and BONK bounces her face on the top turnbuckle. Jessica is completely dazed by the first turnbuckle strike, but Rosario isn’t happy until she’s slammed Jessica's head off the turnbuckle FOUR more times.

Taking Jessica by the arm and shoulder, Rosario pushes her down along the ropes, "Not looking so good now CHAMP!"

Rosario literally spits the last word. Lining Jessica up in the middle of the rope Irish Whips Jessica across the ring. Jessica does get turned, hitting the far ropes with her back and comes back towards Rosario who's moved to center ring to wait. Jessica has no chance to avoid the Knee Rosario drives into her stomach, Jessica’s body somersaults over Rosario's knee, landing hard on her arguably perfect ass!

Rosario walks over to Jessica who sits up with a stunned look on her face, slaps the top of Jessica's head a few times and says, "Some champ you are! I probably won't even have to use the Old Town Justice on your lame ass."

Rosario hooks her arms around Jessica's applying a Double Chickenwing which she uses to lift Jessica to her feet. Rosario grunts taking her up and overhead as she falls back, hitting a Chickenwing Suplex on Biel. Rosario keeps hold of Jessica's arms and bridges, forcing Jessica's shoulders to the mat. The ref has to run around the wrestlers, but gets into position for the ONE...TWO...

But Jessica kicks out as the ref's hand is going up for the last time. Rosario shoves Jess off and rolls over to get up while Jessica lies on the canvas holding the back of her head. Rosario takes a moment to yell at the fans at ringside who have been cheering for the champ. "Look at your hero, the sorry bitch is done already!"

Rosario hair-hauls Jessica to her feet, hooks her right arm under Jessica's left armpit and tries Hiptossing her, but Jessica doesn't move when Rosario lifts! Jessica's free hand swings around digging deep into Rosario's paunch as Jessica changes arm position and sends Rosario flying with a Hip Toss of her own! Before Rosario is aware of what's happening Jessica has her arm trapped and wraps her in a Figure Four Headlock. Jessica squeezes her head while pulling her arm.

Rosario screams, "You're going to pay for that, you cunt!"

Jessica arches her back and grunts as she puts more pressure on Rosario's neck, "I HATE being called a cunt!"

Rosario manages to swing her legs around, dropping her ankle over the bottom rope but Jessica keeps the hold until the ref begins to count before releasing her. Jessica moves to the center of the ring, but as Rosario pull herself up the ropes, Jessica suddenly lunges at her.

Rosario, who must have been waiting for it, rammed and elbow back into the pit of Jess's stomach. Jessica's mouth drops open as she groans and struggles to catch her breath. Rosario turns and slips her head under Jess's arm, hooking her around the head and lifting her up for a Vertical Suplex. But instead of dropping Jessica backward, she instead drops Jessica’s stomach onto the top rope, leaving her draped over the rope like yesterday’s laundry. Rosario backs up, then leaps and NAILS Biel with a Drop Kick that sends her crashing to the floor where she lands in a heap.

Jess isn’st moving as Rosario takes a ‘victory lap’ around the ring with her arms raised while the ref begins to count…


Rosario pushes the ref aside and jumps down to join Jessica on the floor. She hooks Jess under the arms, lifting her, then leans her back against the ring apron and steps to Jess's left, lines her up and…THWAP… Chops Jessica right across the tits. The loud smack of flesh on flesh can’t cover the sound of Jessica sucking air through clinched teeth as she folds forward with her arms crossed over her bosom for a second. When Jess straightens up, she grabs Rosario by the shoulders and spins her around, trading places with the challenger.

"My turn Bitch!" Jessica snarls as her arm swipes back and forth FOUR times, Bitch Slapping Dawson's ample tits as Rosario cries out in pain with each hard SMACK! Jessica barely hears the ref counting over the roar of the crowd. At ‘SEVEN’ she rolls back into the ring breaking the count out - then rolls right back out again. Rosario is on her knees, both hands gently cupping her stinging boobs. Jessica hair-hauls Rosario up, hooks her near leg and shoves an arm under Rosario's armpit.

Realizing what's coming next, Rosario screamss, "NOAAAAH"

Jessica takes Rosario up and over with a T-Bone Suplex she calls the "Jess-Plex" which leaves Rosario flat on the floor. Jess climbs back into the ring - allowing the ref to count Dawson out. The count is at ‘SIX’ when Rosario regains her feet and ‘EIGHT’ by the time she gains the apron. Jessica runs over to flip Rosario back into the ring over the top rope, but as she reaches for Dawson’s hair, Rosario ducks and WHUMP drives her shoulder through the ropes into Jessica's belly!

Rosario straightens and scrambles through the ropes just in time to avoid being counted out; grabbing Jessica by the hips as she hits a perfect Sunset Flip that plants Jessica's shoulders on the mat.


Jessica slams her thighs together, catching Rosario's head between them and breaking the pin attempt. Both women scramble to their feet and come together but Rosario goes low and catches the champ in a Wristlock. Before Jessica can react, Rosario lifts her, taking Jessica overhead with a German Suplex. Rosario bridges and gets a two count, but Jessica twists her right shoulder off the mat.

Rosario, upset, yells at the ref, "THREE! How damn tough is it to count correctly to three?!"

She turns to Jessica but Jessica is already up. She Bearhugs Rosario, then takes her over with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex! Jess pops up letting out a roar and heads to the near corner; climbing the turnbuckle. Just as Rosario was caught earlier, Jessica reaches the top rope only to turn around and find Rosario waiting. An arm sweep of Jessica's legs drops the champ straight down and she Crotches herself on the turnbuckle.

Rosario lifts Jessica's head to look her in the eye, "THAT’S gotta hurt! Maybe I'll take your belt with a Crotch Claw."

Jessica is in no condition to comment, her mouth in a tight ‘o’ as she rocks slowly back and forth holding her groin while Rosario climbs to the second turnbuckle and puts her head under Jessica's arm, then Superplexes her off her perch. Rosario rolls over and crawls on top of Jessica with her forearm under Jessica's jaw; pressing down as she waits for the ref to make her the new CCW World Champion!

ONE...TWO...THR-NO! Jessica is able to roll out of the cockily casual pin.

Rosario is in control of the match, but she’s clearly frustrated she can’t get the pin. Jessica lays on the mat rubbing her wounded center, unaware of the murmur in the crowd at the sight of the champ rubbing her pussy. Rosario takes time to catch her breathe and adjust her bottom before returning to Jessica and using a handful of hair to pull her to her feet.

Holding Biel up on rubbery legs, Rosario taunts her, "You'll always be able to say you where the first champ, but I hope you took a long look at that belt, because you're never going to see it again." She drives a Knee up into Jessica's belly, doubling her over wheezing. "Except from a distance as in hangs around MY waist!”

Rosario spins Jessica around and snakes her arms around her head, putting the champ in a Sleeper as she continues to taunt Jessica, "Just like a bad dream, go to sleep champ and wake up… loser!"

Jessica reaches back with both hands, grabs Rosario's hair, then drops to her knees, pulling Rosario’s jaw down into the top of her head as she slams into the mat! Rosario’s body snaps bolt upright, then topples over backward in slo-motion to sprawl spread-eagled on her back! Although stunned herself, Jessica is the first to rise and, after struggling to one knee and then her feet, she steps over to Rosario and kicks her over onto her stomach.

Jessica crosses Rosario's legs and folds them back with her heels touching her ass, then uses her own leg to hold Rosario's in place as she leans over Rosario’s back to cup her chin with both hands. Straightening up, Jessica slowly pulls back on Rosario’s chin, lifting her torso up off the mat. Jessica chose the hold for two reasons: first it makes Rosario very uncomfortable and, second, Jessica can use the break to regain her strength while weakening her opponent.

Jessica, after many deep breathes, finds her voice again, "You shouldn't count your titles 'til they're won."

She releases Rosario’s chin and pulls her up by her short dark hair, then turns Rosario around so they are face-to-face. Holding Rosario’s hair in her left hand, Jessica, THUMP, buries her right fist into Rosario's belly. “UNNNGH!” The punch is so hard it lifts Rosario's feet off the mat and only Jessica’s handful of hair prevents Rosario from collapsing when her feet again touch the mat.


SPLUT! “unnnnnnn….””

Twice more Jessica hammers Rosario's belly, each upper-cutting belly-buster lifting Dawson's feet off the canvas. Gagging and groaning, Rosario frantically tries to suck air back in her oxygen deprived lungs, but Jessica lifts the challenger and sets her for a Piledriver - but instead, she drives Rosario's shoulder down onto her leg in a Shoulder Breaker!

Jessica flings Rosario to the mat, rollling her onto her back as Jessica goes for the title-retaining pin! The ref is there right with the




Dawson incredibly kicks out a milli-second before the ref’s hand hits the mat! Bravely, the referee quickly waves off the ‘three’ "NO!! NO!! NO PIN!!”

Jessica is disappointed, but she’s feeling better now that she's handing out the beat-down. She gets to her feet and again uses Rosario's hair and one shoulder strap to pull her upright. Jessica pulls Rosario's head down under her arm against her side, flipping Dawson's arm over her shoulder as Jessica grabs the leg of Rosario's suit and flips her upside down for a Vertical Suplex. With Rosario upside down, Jessica stalls to let the blood rush to Dawson's head, then turns in a tight circle - making several dozen rotations before falling backward to finish the Spinning Suplex.

Jessica’s own head is spinning as she crawls over to cover Rosario again…


Rosario refuses to stay down! Jessica gets up and heads back to the top turnbuckle and this time Rosario stays down. Jessica perches waiting for Rosario to get up and once Rosario is on her feet, Jessica leaps off for her Bulldog fans taken to calling "The Biel Dog."

As Jessica is about to snag Rosario's head, Dawson reaches up and CATCHES Jessica out of mid-air and turns the move into a Sidewalk Slam of her own. Jessica's body bounces twice, then arches in pain as she writhes on the canvas. This time it’s the challenger who goes for the cover…


This time, Jessica refuses to be pinned! Rosario holds up three fingers, asking the ref, "That wasn't three?"

The ref shakes his head so Rosario gets to her feet and goes to retrieve Jessica. Reaching down, Rosario grabs Jessica's top between the cups and snatches Jess to her feet. Rosario hits a Russian Leg Sweep and when they hit the mat side by side, Rosario rolls over onto of Jessica for yet another pin attempt.

ONE…TWO…”Uh-uh.” Rosario gets yet another two count as Jessica kicks out again! Rosario wipes the sweat from her brow as she tries to figure out what her next move should be. She grabs Jessica's hair, starts to pull her up and then WHAM, slams Jessica's face into the canvas.

Rosario screams, "Stay the fuck DOWN!"


She bounces Jessica's head off the canvas three more times, then goes for still another cover, this time hooking Jessica's leg…


Jessica cuts it close once again, but the match continues. Rosario screams in rage…again. She stands and yells to the throng of fans, "Time this BITCH got some OLD TOWN JUSTICE!"

Rosario snatches Jessica off the mat by the hair but Jessica slaps Rosario's hand away and hammers two punches to the ‘Hispanic Hottie’s’ heaving boobs. As Rosario reels back on her heels, Jessica hooks her up for another Jess-Plex. Jessica throws Rosario half way cross the ring and her landing is NOT pretty - she hits head and shoulders first with the rest of her body coming down on top of her neck as she lands in a telescoping heap of hotness.

Jessica crawls across the ring, pulls Rosario away form the ropes, hooks her leg and falls across her chest.


Again one competitor in the match has just avoided the loss - this time Rosario.

Jessica doesn't bother questioning the count, just lifts Rosario to her feet and backs her into the nearest corner where she “UNGH! OOOF!” drives two Kneelifts to Rosario's belly, then wraps her arms around Rosario’s hips and lifts her up and sits her ass on the top turnbuckle. Jessica stands on the second rope in front of Rosario as she sets her up for an Elevated Jess-Plex. Jessica lifts and falls backward, driving Rosario up and over..

KER-ASSSH! Jessica crawls on hands and knees over to Rosario, heaves her over onto her back and doesn’t even both to hook her leg this time as Rosario never moves or resists while the referee counts her out.


Jessica pushes up to her knees and weakly raises her arm for the referee to hold as Velvet Revolver's "Slither" begins. The ref hands Jessica her belt and she climbs each turnbuckle in turn, showing off the belt she has retained after an epic struggle. Then Jessica exits the ring, stopping to high fiving several of her fans at ring side. Rosario is just now coming to and the ref is kneeling over her checking to make sure she is still in one piece. Jessica turns at the top of the ramp and gives one final salute; holding the World Champion belt overhead.

Harold enters the small bar that’s become THE after event party spot for CCW fans and wrestlers. Looking over the crowd he sees Archer and his new charges celebrating their victory. The Captain and Dani sit at another table also celebrating Fishel's first win. A faction Harold has just become aware of are in a corner scanning the crowd that includes Tech and his first two signings, Laetitia Casta and Scarlett Johansson, who seem to be scouting possible additions to the stable. Biel sits at a table drinking beer with a couple of her fans; "THE BIEL RULEZ" signs leaning against one of the table legs.

At a loud table Richard Fannin hosts a trio of blondes, Allison Mack, Billie Piper, and Kristen Bell. They’re drinking and laughing together while other wrestlers and fans continue to fill up the bar. Harold decides to leave his worries behind for a while and heads into the bar to enjoy himself. After socializing for awhile, he leans back in a chair against the wall listening to the din of the patrons when a figure pulls up a chair next to him.

Neve Campbell says, "Nice place." Harold groans and thinks so much for letting my problems at the door. Neve asks, "Is every thing set?" Harold reaches for his drink, but Neve's hand shoots out snatching it away. She takes a big mouthful and turns spitting it out. Looking at the promoter Neve says, "Who the hell comes to a bar to drink SODA?"

Harold sighs, "Look, Neve…"

But she corrects him, "It’s Banshee!"

Harold starts over - without using either name, "I signed you to the contract and I’ll honor it."

Banshee smiles and gets to her feet, stepping over the promoter and pausing straddling his lap, "I’d HATE to see any more of your girls end up like poor Milla." Neve steps over him and exits via the back door. Harold BONK bangs his head against the wall behind him as a waitress brings him another drink.

Having enough ‘fun’ for one night, Harold walks to the bar and tells the bartender to send the bill for tonight's crowd to the CCW offices, then goes outside and tries to figure out what to do about his problem….the Legion must be brought down!

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