Celebrity Championship Wrestling Show 14 by bigfan
As the fan make their way into the arena and familiar faces take seats around the ring, Chris Isaak’s “Baby did a Bad Bad Thing” begins playing as Laetitia Casta saunters out from the back. Laetitia is wearing a white and yellow sun dress, she obliviously is not coming to the ring to wrestle. The fans are not the only one’s surprised to see the French woman coming to the ring, her new manager Tech looks confused to see his new charge coming down the ramp.

Laetitia stops telling Tech, “It’s OK.” Then without further explanation she climbs to the ring and takes the mic. After tapping the mic between her breasts to ensure it’s on, Laetitia brushes her hair back behind her ear, clears her throat and says, “I want to explain what happened at the last show. People are saying I ran from Heigl…THAT’S NOT TRUE!”

Fans who witnessed that event let Casta know they don’t believe her and Laetitia stomps in anger as some fans start chanting, “quitter! quitter! quitter!”

Laetitia yells, “I didn’t quit!” Then calms herself and continues, “I ate at an American café, and the poor food caused me to leave the ring.” She rubs her stomach and looks sad, hoping for sympathy from the fans but no one is buying the story and even her new manager is shaking his head in disbelief.

Then a voice comes over the loud speaker, “Well, I believe you Laetitia!” Stepping through the curtain is Olivia Munn. The brunette pushes her long dark hair back before continuing. “Your tummy must really been hurting. But then making up excuses seems to be what your best at!” Laetitia angrily stalks around the ring while Olivia slow walks down the ramp, then puts a finger to her chin as if pondering. “Hmmmm, Let’s see…when I beat your skany ass it was ‘a fluke’; when Beyonce put you through a table, ‘she cheated’; and now ‘a tummyache’ caused you to leave and keep Kat Heigl from doing pretty much whatever she wanted to you! Have I got that right, hon?”

When Olivia reaches the bottom of the ramp, she stops and adds, “Oh yeah! I almost forgot; to keep ME from beating your punk ass backstage, you got yourself some help.” Olivia then stops at the ring apron and looks up at Casta and simple says, “Payback time Bitch!”

Before Laetitia can get away, Olivia grabs her ankles and pulls her feet out from under her, dropping Laetitia on her ass. Not done, Olivia drags Casta out under the bottom rope and begins hammering her fist into the French woman’s skull! In desperation, Laetitia starts throwing punches and the two trade heavy blows until refs and security can pull them apart. Both women kick at the other as they’re dragged away by different routes toward the back.
Match One: Jennifer ‘Juggs of Love’ Hewitt vs. Scarlett ‘The Bosom’ Johansson

As Maroon 5’s ‘This Love’ begins playing fans turn the stage area and the first thing they notice as Love pushes her way out from behind the curtain is she is no longer wear the light green bikini she had for years. Love is new sporting an electric blue swim suit that has JLH in white letters on the hip. When Prodigy’s ‘Fire Starter’ begins playing Scarlett Johansson burst from behind the curtain. Scarlett is wearing a beige swim suit the blonde who normally doesn’t speak to anyone in the crowd, stops and speaks with her new manager Tech before climbing in the ring.

Scarlett tries turning the match into a catfight early going after Jen’s tits and crotch several times. Jen fights fire with fire mauling Scarlett’s big boobs and nailing Scarlett with a couple of crotch shots. Scarlett traps Jen in the corner slapping her tits while the ref delivers a five count. Scarlett backs off to avoid a DQ, but as the ref steps away, Scarlett swings her foot up between Jen’s legs!

Jen drops to her knees moaning. The ref warns Scarlett, but she ignores him and pulls Jen out of the corner by the hair, keeping her bent over while she undoes Jen’s top. Keeping it wrapped around Jen’s neck, Scarlett uses it to Snapmare the brunette onto her back! Again the ref warns Scarlett, but she keeps the top wrapped around Jen’s neck and chokes her with it! The referee starts a five count while Jen tries to dig her fingers under the top. Scarlett release her grip at ‘Four’ and the ref quickly grabs the top and tosses it out of the ring where it can’t be used again but causes a furor as fans scramble for the sweaty souvenir.

Scarlett props Jen in the corner, moves back to mid-ring and charges, but Jen still has her wits and dives out of the way at the last second, letting Scarlett slam her own chest into the hard turnbuckle! Jen steps in behind Scarlett and grabs her wrists, then plants her foot in Scarlett’s stomach and Monkey Flips her! Scarlett lands with a wet THUMP as Jen does a Back Somersault and comes up seated on the blonde’s belly.

Jen’s quick hands remove Scarlett’s top, then a flick of her wrist sends it several rows into the crowd where another scuffle breaks out over the much desired souvenir. Jen takes out her anger and frustration on Scarlett’s tits, mauling, slapping, and punching with both hands before she pulls the red faced Scarlett to her feet and pulls her head down to trap it between her thighs in a Standing Head Scissors; setting Scarlett up for her ‘Love Hurts’ Piledriver.

But Scarlett is able to power Jen up and over with a Back Body Drop and the match continues with neither able to gain a clear advantage. Both got a few near falls, but as the match goes back and forth, there wasn’t enough sustained offense by either wrestler to get the win. Several times, the two busty wrestlers go chest-to-chest, grinding their boobs on the other.

When Scarlett and Jen lock up again, Johansson scores a Kneelift to Love’s gut, then steps to the side to the doubled over beauty and leaps high, driving her elbow down on the back of Jen’s neck. Jen is slammed face first to the canvas and Scarlett drops to her knees, rolls Jen onto her back and leans over, giving Love a good look at the impending ‘Domes of Doom’ that await!

Scarlett wraps her arms under Jen’s head and pulls her face into the ‘Valley of Cleavage’ as Jen’s legs kick and thrash wildly in a desperate attempt to escape. Suddenly, Love’s arms come up to encircle Scarlett’s head, and she yanks the blonde’s face down into HER rack!

Jen manages to roll the startled Scarlett over and trap her under her. For a couple of minutes they roll over and over, trading positions as each tries to smother the other. Unable to tell who’s winning the Double Breast Smother, the ref and fans look on for any sign. Finally, their rolling takes them into the ropes and the ref calls for a break.

Not getting any response from either, the ref moves in and taps both on the shoulder. Their arms fall limp and the two women both lay sprawled with blank stares. Wiping boob sweat from their faces, both take several moments to struggle up on shaky legs. But before they can resume, the ring bell sounds ending the match as a time limit draw The fans scream for more, but Jen and Scarlett flop to the mat, taking a seat facing one another until they regain their breath - and strength. A minute later both on their feet trading insults and challenging the other to a rematch!
Match 2: Keira Knightley vs. Olivia Munn

Limp Bizket’s ‘My Way’ begins playing a few moments before Olivia Munn comes out from behind the curtain wearing a simple black bikini. Olivia shows no ill effects after her earlier encounter with Laetitia Casta, Olivia’s fan base has been growing steady and they are making a lot of noise as the brunette makes her way to the ring and stepping between the ropes. Before Olivia finishes her entrance, the music changes to Green Day’s ‘She’s a Rebel’ and Keira Knightley comes out on stage in a white bikini with black trim. Keira ignores fans as she heads to the ring and climbs up on the ring apron. Olivia starts to go after Keira, but the ref blocks her way allowing Keira to enter the ring.

Olivia yells, “Great, more Euro trash for me to take out.”

Keira gives the brunette a sly smile saying, “You’ll eat those words…and my pussy…before I let you outta the ring tonight.”

The match was very competitive with Keira’s speed off setting Olivia’s power. Keira took the action to the outside of the ring several times, either to escape Olivia or to lure the lesser experienced wrestler into traps. In the ring Olivia rocked the slender Keira with impact moves that looked like they would break the Brit in half. Olivia taking control peels Keira off the mat only to Irish whip the lanky girl across the ring.

On her return, Keira leaps, hitting Olivia with a beautiful Crossbody, but Munn catches Knightley across her chest, holds her screaming for a moment before turning and Powerslamming the Brit! Olivia again hair-hauls Keira to her feet and forces her head down between her thighs. Olivia loops her right arm under Keira’s slim waist and lifts her for a Piledriver.

Olivia taunts the helpless Keira, “You thought I would eat your pussy!? I don’t think so! But I WILL spank it for you!”

WHAP! THWAP! SPLAT! Olivia’s left hand cracks Keira’s crotch three times before she applies a cruel Crotch Claw to Keira’s womanhood. Keira suffers a few moments in the pussy Claw before Olivia drops to her knees, completing the ‘System Crash’! Keira’s body convulses once, then is still.

Olivia crawls onto her and sits on her face grinning like a Cheshire cat and grinding as the ref makes the three count!
Match 3: Ashlee ‘Lil Sis’ Simpson vs. Megan ‘The Fox’ Fox

Finger 11’s “Paralyzer” begins playing just before Megan Fox pushes through the curtain and makes her way to the ring. The fans cheers and their boos are lost on Megan is oblivious to the throng of fans as she smugly struts to the ring. Megan slides under the ropes and pops up to her feet moving to the center of the ring she holds her arms up high showing off her body clad in a simple brown bikini. As soon as Ashlee’s ‘La La’ starts playing, most of the fans start to boo! Still, Ashlee comes out smiling a big grin, ignoring the fans calling for her to “…get some good entrance music!” The young blonde is wearing a dark gray bikini and she sprints the last few feet, then jumps up onto the apron. Ashlee looks at Megan before stepping thru the ropes and heading to her corner where she stands as they await the bell for the match to begin.

Ashlee is starting a trend in tonight’s show - women who normally are part of a tag team in a singles match. This one starts slowly as the two girls feel each other out until Megan gets the better of things but she hesitates to press her advantage! She settles into the flow, slowly breaking down the blonde’s defenses. Once Megan takes more control of the match, Ashlee’s top is sent into the crowd as a treat for the fans.

Then Megan sends Ashlee to the ropes and aims a Clothesline at the blonde’s jaw. But Ashlee ducks the Clothesline, stops on a dime and spins to confront Megan who regains her balance, and whirls around - right into Ashlee’s waiting arms! Ashlee’s arms encircle Megan, pulling her in as Ashlee sets her up and hits a Belly-to-Belly Suplex! Moving fast, Ashlee pays Megan back, tossing her top to a lucky fan at ringside as sheh pulls the brunette up for another Belly-to-Belly Suplex.

Ashlee gets a two count before Megan kicks out! Megan struggles through the next few minutes, but she again takes control of the match and this time she punishes Ashlee! After a series of Body Slams, Megan picks Ashlee off the mat for about the tenth time and backs her up in the center of the ring. Standing beside a swaying and staggering Ashlee, Megan hooks the blonde under one arm and steps her leg in front of Ashlee, then hits what amounts to a Reverse Russian Leg Sweep (instead of falling back, Megan slams Ashlee facefirst into the canvas.)

Megan pops up to her feet and moves down to Ashlee’s feet, kicking them apart before she steps into the V. Then Megan wraps her arms around the blonde’s waist and lifts Ashlee off the mat only to WHAM, drop her face back on the canvas. Again, Megan lifts Ashlee - higher this time - and again Ashlee eats a face full of canvas! The third time Megan lifts her, she releases Ashlee as she spins around with Ashlee’s feet over her head. Megan catches Ashlee’s head and hits the Neckbreaker she calls ‘The Paralyzer’.

Ashlee’s long, lanky, body convulses twice as Megan mounts her and roughly pulls Ashlee’s face up into her crotch. As Megan grinds and grunts, the ref makes a perfunctory ‘1-2-3’. Megan’s hips continue to bump and grind as her pussy rides Ashlee’s new nose. Megan enjoys the ride several minutes before, with a soft moan of release, she struggles to her feet and uses her foot to rolls Ashlee out of the ring so Megan can celebrate her victory without distraction (or tripping hazard).
Cut Scene One

After Megan leaves the ring the Foo Fighters “Pretender” begins playing over the sound system. Fans necks stretch as they look for the owner of this before unheard song. After a few more seconds of suspense a short blonde clad in a two tone red bikini pops out from behind the curtain. It doesn’t take long for the fans to recognize Hayden Panettiere as she makes a point to slap every hand extended on the way to the ring. Hayden climbs the stairs to the ring apron, but she doesn’t stop there, she continues up the turnbuckle until she is standing on the top turnbuckle. Hayden raises both arms and then leaps. Hayden does a summersault in mid air and lands on her feet, both arms shoot up again.

She calls for a mic and when it’s handed to her, Hayden says, “Seems my eighteenth birthday went by un-noticed here in the CCW.” She has a big smile on her face that slowly fades as she continues, “Well I’m here now; ready to wrestle! So, get someone out here NOW!”

Fans cheer at the thought of getting a bonus match. Hayden turns to the look at the curtain to see if she will get her wish. Hayden’s jaw almost hits the canvas when AFI’s ‘Miss Murder’ begins to play. Hayden mouth stays open until Billie Piper comes onstage. Luckily for Hayden, Billie has mic in hand and is dressed in jeans and a Sex Pistols t-shirt. Billie walks to the center of the stage and looks to Hayden shaking her head.

Seeing Billie isn’t coming to the ring Hayden relaxes and retrieves her mic. Billie chuckles before beginning, “you need a change of bottoms there pixie?” Hayden looks down to her crotch to makes sure, but her bladder held. Hayden seem to be over the shock and fires back, “If your not hear to fight, get some one down here that will.”

Billie nods in approval of the small blonde’s sprit “The boss asked me to come out. Mostly I think to see that reaction on your face when my music began. As I was saying though ‘Arry ask me to come out and let you know you won’t ‘ave a match tonight.” Fans boo and hiss, and Hayden seems about ready to burst. Billie holds up a hand asking for the fans to quite down, “You will be in a Row on the next show with someone else that thinks she deserves to be on the roster.”

Hayden simply asks, “Who?”

Billie smiles at Hayden and waves good-bye to the blonde before leaving. Hayden looks around and again asks, “Who?” Realizing she’s not going to get an answer, Hayden finally leaves to go in search of one.
Match 4: Tag Teams. ‘The Bone Slayers’ vs. ‘The Charmed Ones’
(Emily Deschanel & Sarah Michelle Gellar) vs (Rose McGowan & Alyssa Milano)

At the last show the Eva’s of Destruction cut a promo saying there were no tag teams that could challenge them. They may have spoken too soon. Sarah started the match for her team against Alyssa, and the next few minutes Sarah and Emily ran a clinic on tag team wrestling. Alyssa was trapped on the wrong side of the ring and after many kicks from Sarah and being tossed around by the bigger Emily Alyssa was desperate to get a tag to Rose.

Sarah took her eyes off Alyssa just long enough for Alyssa to get an elbow to the gut in on Sarah. Alyssa didn’t think twice she turns and scrambles for her corner and the outstretched hand of Rose. Alyssa swings her hand out, but Rose withdraws her hand and Alyssa catches only air. The shocked look on Alyssa’s face only grows as Rose drops down off the apron and starts walking to the rear. Alyssa forgetting where she is and who is lurking near by turns right into a super kick from Sarah. Again fan’s yell, “Timber” as Sarah fells yet another opponent.

Sarah slams her forearm across Alyssa’s ample boobs and lays on her while the ref makes the three count. Then Emily and Sarah exchange a confused, but uncaring, look as Rose has just reached the stage and turns looking then walks to the rear. Emily and Sarah allow the ref to gather Alyssa up and help the small brunette from the ring.

Sarah calls for a mic from the ring announcer. Sarah barely broke a sweat in the match looks out into the crowd and ponders her words, “Long ago, I held tag team titles with both Alyson Hannigan and Charisma Carpenter. After those experiences, which were great, I thought I was done with tag team action.” She looks at Emily, “Now, I think I’ll give it another shot.”

Sarah tosses the mic to a smiling Emily who announces, “Eva’s of Destruction, be warned, ‘The Bone Slayers’ are coming!” Tossing the mic back to the ring announcer the newest challengers to the tag team title leave the ring.
Match 5: ‘Desperate’ Eva Longoria vs. Christina ‘X-tina’ Aguilera

‘Fighter’ Plays as X-Tina makes her way to the ring in search of her first victory. Christina is wearing a baby blue bikini. Eva Longoria carries her tag team title belt as she comes out to Santana’s “Smooth” wearing a dark pink bikini for her first singles match. Eva hands over the belt and lets Christina her losing steak will continue.

Those that think of Eva as only a tag team wrestler get a quick realization and Aguilera is in that group. Eva out quicks Christina hitting the blonde almost at will, and when Christina does get some offense going Eva shows she’s sturdy enough to mix it up. Eva is going through one of those rough points when X-Tina whips her into the ropes, Eva returning, goes into a baseball slide right between Aguilera’s legs. She pops back up before Christina can even turn, then jumps and grabs Christina’s shoulders. Driving her knees into X-Tina’s back, Eva hits her with a Lung Blower!

Eva later traps Christina in the corner and beats and stomps Aguilera down until the blonde is sitting in the corner. Eva kicks Christina’s legs apart and then does a Baseball Slide - feetfirst into Christina’s crotch! Eva drags Aguilera back out to center ring, lays her out and heads for the top turnbuckle where she hits a Swanton Bomb, then covers for the win.
Match 6: Eva ‘Hot Stuff’ Mendes vs. Jolene Blalock

Jolene Blalock comes out first wearing a simple white bikini but over top that she is wearing a chain mail bikini. As Jolene’s entrance music Silva’s “Click, Click, Boom” Ends Jolene removes the chain mail bikini as her opponent is introduced. Eva Mendes comes out as Sean Paul’s “Temperature” plays Eva has a red bikini top on with Black bottoms that have a red Eof D on the right hip and the tag team title belt in hand as she reminds all the fans on her way to the ring. During the referee’s instructions Eva and Jolene stand less than a foot apart talking smack and poking each others breast to make their points.

The match begins with chain wrestling moves as they trade the top position and also a few boob slaps. Eva catches Jolene with a knee lift as the blonde returns from being whipped into the ropes. Jolene lands hard and Eva turns staying on top of the blonde pulling her up by the hair. Eva Chops away at Jolene’s tits, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, driving her back into a corner. Eva kneelifts Jolene in the gut, then grabs her wrist and sends Jolene across the ring.

Jolene leaps before hitting the turnbuckle and tries to land on the middle turnbuckle, but her right foot misses and her left leg twists and the blonde lets out a loud scream of pain. Jolene crumples holding her knee, as Eva slowly stalks after her. The ref checks quickly on Jolene and turns to Eva - keeping her back a second until Eva shoves him aside and hooks Jolene under the arms, then drags her out into the ring where she kneels pulling Jolene’s head onto her lap. She hammers several punches to the blonde’s forehead before letting Jolene’s head slide between her thighs.

Eva wiggles her ass forward onto Jolene’s face and moments later the blonde taps out in submission. Eva gives her ass a final wiggle, gets up and struts around the ring arms raised as the ref helps the dazed and disoriented Jolene out of the ring. She’s unable to put weight on her injured leg and while they tried to cover it up, the fans could tell something went wrong with this match.
Match 7: Jessica ‘Dark Angel’ Alba vs. Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst is wearing her yellow bikini and Metallica’s ‘Fuel’ is playing as she makes her way to the ring as fans chant “You’re gonna lose again!” Jessica Alba’s intro is greeted with more appreciation as she saunters to in a pale blue bikini to the sound of Soil’s ‘Halo’ filling the area.

The fans turn out to be correct and the match turns into a showcase for Jessica’s moves with Kirsten eating them. Jessica hits a verity of Dropkicks, taking the blonde off her feet. Kirsten can’t mount any offense against the “Dark Angel” and displays almost no ability to defend against the moves Jessica is throwing at her!

Jessica climbs the ring post and crouches waiting for Kirsten to get to her feet. Dunst gets up on shaky legs and a short whistle from Alba turns Dunst towards Jessica. Even before Kirsten is turned fully around Jessica leaps and catches the blonde’s head between her legs. Jessica falls back hitting the flying hurricanrana. Jessica takes her time going over and covering the limp blonde for an easy three. Jessica has her arm raised, but doesn’t seem to celebrate this win. Jessica checks on Kirsten as she begins to come around, then heads to her dressing room while the ref has to carry Kirsten to hers.
Match 8: Charlize ‘The Golden Goddess’ Theron vs. Sofia ‘Big Stuff’ Vergara

Next is another tag team specialist in singles action as Sofia Vergara tests herself against ‘The Golden Goddess’. Theron comes out first wearing her usual gold thong bikini to the familiar riff of ZZ-TOPS ‘Legs’ and she's immediately followed by Sofia accompanied by Trick Daddy’s ‘Let’s Go’. Sofia's in a simple white bikini instead of the customary red and black one she wears for her tag team matches.

At the start, Sofia makes the same mistake other big-bosomed beauties make when they get in with Theron - assuming they can intimidate Charlize with their “breast” size. Every chance she gets, Sofia shoves her far bigger breasts into Charlize’s much smaller boobs and - once or twice - she even slams them in the blonde’s face!

Charlize pushes the pace of the match, forcing Sofia into a constant flow of action that Sofia doesn’t seem accustomed to. She has Sofia backed into one of the corner, driving Kneelifts to Sofia’s body just below her bouncing boobs, then Snapmares the buxom brunette over leaving her at mid-ring. Sofia, winded and sweating heavily, sits up in the middle of the ring after the Snapmare trying to suck air into her body, unaware Charlize is moving in to end the match.

As soon as the blonde’s legs encircle Sofia and she locks her ankles, Charlize’s fans start chanting, “It’s all Over!”

Sofia lets out a breathless groan as her sides are crushed and she begins to pry at the long legs trapping her. Charlize arches her back, adding to the pain, then leans forward and releases Sofia’s top. Whispering in the Colombian’s ear, Charlize says, “Another lovely set of boobs for my collection! I’ll let you know where they rank in my opinion.”

She begins by rubbing Sofia’s larger tits and although Sofia tries to pull Charlize’s hands away, the blonde cranks down on the body scissors and Sofia’s arms go limp. After her ‘inspection’ of Sofia’s big boobs, Charlize begins mauling and twisting the soft flesh.

Sofia continues to try to pry Theron’s legs open but without success. Sofia tries to drag Charlize to the ropes, but can only roll onto her side. Charlize starts toying with Sofia like a cat with a mouse! The blonde really cranks down on the Body Scissors whenever Sofia tries too hard to escape. Charlize’ breast mauling is broken by periods of (almost loving) fondling - as long as Sofia is willing to lay there and take it!

Sofia spends over a minute trapped before she is forced to admit she has no hope of escape and taps out! Charlize loosens her legs and rolls Sofia onto her back, then sits astride the brunette’s stomach with her hands again fonding and stroking Sofia’s heavy breasts.

The blonde looks down of Sofia and purrs, “I like them a lot! I’ll give ‘em a nine!” Seeing Sofia’s eyes tearing up and seeing her petulent pout, Charlize adds with a smile, “Oh, don’t feel bad! I’ve never given ANYone a 10! I’m still looking for THE PERFECT pair!”

Then Charlize pushes herself up and stands to have her arm raised. After she ducks out of the ring, the ‘Golden Goddess’ stops by to talk to some of her fans at ringside before heading to the back. Sofia retrieves her top from a blond at ringside before heading toward the back - but she makes sure she gives Charlize a wide berth as she passes.
Cut Scene Two

The screen comes on showing Kristen Bell. The small blonde is wearing a white t-shirt with SHAKIRA written on the front with the red circle around the name and a red line through the name.

KBELL is smiling says, “I’ve been informed due to the unpredictability of my actions in regards to Shakira I am not allow to enter the ring to confront her tonight.” Boos ring out from the crowd and Kristen gives them a second to settle down. “Shakira calls herself a high flyer (Bell makes imaginary quotation marks with her fingers when she says high flyer), but she hasn’t seen me coming off the top rope at her.” Kristen looks down and when she looks back up the smile is gone, “I will show Shakira and everyone else I am the true aerial specialist here in the CCW.” Kristen holds up the bullhorns on her fingers for the camera and then walks away.

After a second the screen comes back to life and Shakira is on the screen: “Kristen Bell? KBELL? You think you are the true aerial expert. When I drive this (Shakira pulls up the t-shirt she is wear and pats her tight abs) through your chest and you go down I will remind you who can really fly around here.”

Shakira looks like she about to say more when Kristen blurs into the picture and the two small blondes trade punches and fall out of the camera frame. Fans see security pass the camera and can hear Shakira and Kristen screaming at each other.

The screen goes blank and then text appears reading: “SHOW 15: Main Event - Shakira vs. Kristen Bell”
Match 9: Tricia Helfer vs. Ashley ‘Legs’ Scott

The final prelim is a rematch of two big blondes with Ashley Scott looking for revenge after losing to Tricia Helfer the last time they met. Aimee Allen’s ‘I’d Start a Revolution’ plays as Ashley makes her entrance in a black two-piece with a long leather jacket over it. Tricia comes out next to Ozzy Osbourne’s ‘I Don’t Wanna Stop’. Tricia is wearing a bright blue bikini with the bottom cut high to show off her long legs to best advantage.

When the bell rings the two women stalk to the center and go nose to nose. Their conversation centers on the previous match won by Tricia. Ashley makes her final argument in the form of a right to the side of Tricia’s head! The two blondes begin trading heavy blows until Ashley gets a Knee in, nailing Helfer right on the (belly) button! With Tricia doubled over, Ashley goes to work on her back, trying to take away the blonde’s power. Tricia fights back and as she gets the upper hand, she goes to work on Ashley’s back. Both want to rob the other of her ability to hit big power moves! The nastiest move during this part of the match is when Tricia delivers a Triple Backbreaker, lifting Ashley and dropping her over her knee THREE TIMES in sucession!

Ashley and Tricia collide after Ashley whips Tricia to the ropes and Scott staggers back against the ropes. Tricia gets her wits back first, charging Ashley who’s leaning against the ropes to Lariat Ashley backward over the top rope. But Helfer’s momentum carries her over the top rope as well and they both bounce off the ring apron and crash to the floor in a jumbled tangle of long arms and legs!

Instead of counting, the ref follows the wrestlers out of the ring to check on their condition. Tricia takes advantage by pulling Ashley up and Whipping her back into the guardrail. Ashley crashes into the railing and tumbles over it, into the laps of Richard Fannin and Archer!

As Ashley slithers off their laps and slides down on the floor, Tricia throws the ref aside, ignoring his warning to “Get back in the ring.” Tricia leans over the railing and pulls Ashley up by the hair, saying, “Time for more pain!”

Tricia almost has Ashley up when Scott’s arms wrap around Helfer’s head and as Ashley falls backward to the floor, Tricia’s barely clothed breasts SMACK the metal railing! Her body reacts by springing backward and she lands in a heap with her legs under the ring. Ashley climbs over the railing and grabs Tricia by the hair, jerks her upright and spins her around so she’s looking at the ring. Then Ashley leans Helfer against the ring apron, kicks her feet apart like a cop about to frisk a suspect and drives her fist up between Helfer’s spread legs.

WHUMP! Tricia cries out in pain and sinks to her knees, but Ashley flings Tricia back into the ring under the bottom rope. Ashley takes a short break before climbing back into the ring, bending over the unaware Tricia and then yanks her to her feet! Ashley holds Tricia by the hair as she runs her toward the corner, lifting Helfer up onto her shoulder with Tricia’s head in front of Ashley’s boobs with one arm around Tricia’s neck and the other around her midsection. After a few steps, Ashley leaps and Powerslams Tricia to the canvas, hitting the “Fate of Prey!”

Ashley crosses Tricia’s arms over her chest and mounts the blonde, pinning Tricia’s arms as her crotch bounces up and down on Helfer’s face. The ref makes the three count with Ashley still grinding her crotch on Tricia!

After Ashley’s dragged from her perch by the referee, Tricia gets to one knee and Ashley, angry that her victory ride was interrupted, starts back after Tricia. Suddenly, Blue Oyster Cult’s ‘Godzilla’ begins to play. The strange song has everyone looking around, including the two wrestlers and the ref as no one’s ever heard the song before.

Promoter Harold Green steps out with a mic in hand and yells, “HOLD IT! HOLD IT!” He walks to the center of the stage, getting the wrestlers and audience’s attention, then continues. “Before you two get back to biznezz, I want you to know I was prepared to make Tricia the Number One Contender. But now that Ashley got the win, I need to have another match with the Number One Contender spot on the line. Whaddaya think?”

Ashley and Tricia look at each other and then both turn to the promoter and nod in agreement. Happy to avoid an after match brawl, Harold says, “You two will meet with a title shot on the line.” Giving each other evil looks Ashley and Tricia exit the ring. Harold turns seeing the two blonde’s departing and says, “Now I need to fire that sound guy who decided my entrance music should be ‘Godzilla’!”
Main Event: Allison Mack vs. Lacey Chabert (XX Division Title Match)

The time to crown the first XX division champ had now come. The ring announcer standing in the center of the ring begins, “Our first challenger hails from Los Angeles California...stands 5’4”...and is a perfect 5-0 in singles matches... she is ALLISON MACK!”

Shinedown’s ‘Fly from the Inside’ begins as sparklers rain down on the stage while Allison makes her way out from behind the curtain. She stops at the top of the ramp and waves her arms, calling for the crowd to make more noise. Then as she strides to the ring, Allison slaps hands with her fans thronging at the railing. On the way, she stops to read Richard Fannin’s sign which says, “Bitch Slap Lacey!” Allison climbs the stairs and steps into the ring. She climbs up onto each of the four turnbuckles, tapping her heart and then raising her arms.

As the music dies down the ring announce steps back out to center circle and introduces Allison’s opponent, “The other challenger is the pride of Purvis, Mississippi...she’s 5’3”... and has a flawless 6-0 record...LACEY CHABERT!” The Donna’s ‘Take it Off’ blares over the sound system and pyros explode across the stage as running out from behind the curtain comes bouncing Lacey Chabert. She turns her back to the fans, giving her ass a shake befor turning back to give her boobs a quick adjustment, then heads toward the ring. Lacey ignores the hands extended her way and even goes out of her way to make sure none get too close to her.

Climbing into the ring Lacey goes to the middle where she slowly turns in a circle so everyone can see her self-described ‘Totally Fuckin Awesome’ body. Lacey comes out of her turn facing Allison and says, “Loser!” holding her hand with her thumb and forefinger in an ‘L’.

Allison taking the insult in stride says, “We’ll see.”

The ref takes the new XX Division title belt from an attendant at ringside and holds it up to show both Allison and Lacey what they’re fighting for tonight. It has a black leather strap and three gold plates; two smaller ones on either side of a bigger middle one, each with an “X” inlaid in white gem stones. The larger center plate has ‘CCW’ in red gems at the top and two ‘X’s below in blue gems. Allison and Lacey both get a look, then the ref holds up to show the fans before he turns and gives the belt back to the attendant. He gives each wrestler a final check, turns and calls for the bell…


Lacey and Allison move out of their corners coming together at the center of the ring Lacey chests into Allison as the two stand nose to nose. Lacey says, “You’re going to pay for those comments at the last show. I am going to gratify myself on your face tonight.” Allison pushes her forehead into Lacey’s saying, “I promise you aren’t losing to a roll up. You’re not that good for me to need it.”

Lacey is first to strike her right hand coming up clipping Allison on the temple. Allison fires right back hitting Lacey with a right hand. They trade three more rights neither giving an inch. Lacey then chops Allison across the chest. Allison then does her best to cave in Lacey’s chest with a chop. Lacey cries out in pain and tries to cover her chest and turn away. Allison yells, “Uh-Ah” and pushes Lacey’s arms away and nails the brunette again.

WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! Three more chops follow, driving Lacey back to the ropes. She rubs her reddening chest for a second before Allison captures her right wrist and sends Lacey, bra bouncing, across the ring to the far ropes. She turns so her back hits the ropes, but rebounds right back into a Spear from Allison! The Fans go crazy as barely a minute into the match Allison has hit her “MACK ATTACK” finisher!

Lacey lies on the canvas holding her stomach as Allison goes for the pin.

“ONE...TWO...THRE…NO!” Lacey gets a shoulder up and as Allison turns to question the ref, Lacey rolls out of the ring holding her stomach with both hands. Fans at ringside quickly notice Lacey’s left boob has been dislodged from her top by the impact of the spear, but are too fascinated by the sight to mention it to her.

Allison moves over to the ropes near where Lacey tries to walk off the effects of the spear and yells down at Lacey, “You can quit now!”

Lacey tries to answer but breathing still hurts and she has to refrain from responding. The ref moves to back Allison up so he can begin to count Lacey out, but Allison yells, “Hey Bimbo!”

Lacey looks up and Allison pulls on her own shoulder straps and adjust her top. Lacey finally catches onto Allison’s hint and, blushing, covers the exposed breast. Allison finally backs up, running her fingers along the bottom of her shorts and snugging them in place. The Ref finally returns and begins to count Lacey out of the ring but by the time the count reaches ‘SEVEN’ Lacey is moving and breathing better, but still not trying to get into the ring so Allison impatiently walks over to the ropes near Lacey and, standing beside the ref, yells, “Hey L…UGGHH”

Lacey’s trap springs! As Allison gets near the ropes, she turns grabbing Allison’s ankles and pulls the blonde’s feet under the bottom rope, dropping Mack on her backside! Lacey gives Allison’s legs another yank and drags her out of the ring. The ref resumes the ten count now on both wrestlers as Lacey lines Allison up, then THWAP, chops the blonde’s chest!

WHAP! SMACK! SPLAT! Three more flesh-cracking slaps rain down on Allison’s chest which takes on a pink glow. Lacey snatches Allison’s wrist, turns and sends her into the railing surrounding the ring. Then Lacey rolls back into the squared circle and moves to center ring, doing a little pirouette and wiggling her ass as she points at her head and nods, telling the fans, “I’m too smart for her!”

Allison, being counted out by the ref, winces as the pushes up to her feet and staggers to the ring apron, heaves herself up and rolls under the bottom rope into the ring barely beating the count-out.

Lacey yells “Get outta my way!” Shoves the ref aside and stomps on Allison’s back! She straddles Allison and drops her butt on the small of her back, then hooks the blonde’s foot under her arm and pulls back in a Half Boston Crab. Allison reaches out grabbing the bottom rope and cries to the ref, “Get her offa me!”

The ref orders Lacey to break the hold, but she stubbornly hangs onto Allison’s limb. Waving his hand right in front of Lacey’s face, the ref begins the five count. Lacey waits until the count reaches ‘FOUR’ before she chops her left hand down into Allison’s crotch, then drops the blonde’s leg and stands up! Allison let’s out a gasp of pain and her cheeks puff in and out after the assault on her private area. She rolls to her knee, one hand rubbing her crotch, and glares at Lacey.

“I hate wrestling dirty bitches like you.”

Lacey shrugs. “It’s my motto do onto others before they can do it me.”

Lacey, now thinking she has the upper hand, moves in and grabs for Allison’s head…but the blonde lunges forward, driving her head into Lacey’s belly and Lacey lets out a loud, “OOFFF” as the air is driven out of her.

Turning, Lacey tries to stay way from Allison, but Mack reaches out to snag the waistband of Lacey’s bottom and pulls the brunette back to her. Getting to her feet, Allison pulls Lacey backward and places an arm around Lacey’s waist, then another hooks behind Lacey’s left thigh. She gives Lacey a little clue to what’s coming when she says, “Let’s see how YOU like it!”

Allison lifts the brunette up stopping once she has Lacey’s back parallel with the mat then Allison brings her back down to land spine and crotch first on Allison’s posted leg. Lacey starts screaming both Allison hits the Atomic drop. Lacey springs up off Allison’s thigh Lacey takes a few steps and falls one hand rubbing her crotch the other rubbing her tailbone.

Allison stands and gives her bottoms a quick tug back into place before going after Lacey. Allison wraps Lacey’s long dark hair around a hand to pull her up. Allison spins Lacey around so they are face to face. Allison taunts, “Come on I need to do more onto you!” Allison snatches Lacey up and bodyslams the brunette right at her feet. Lacey when she hits the canvas bounces once and then scrambles for the safety of the nearest corner. Allison watches Lacey crawl away and says, “Scurrying like the RAT you are.”

Lacey winces as she gets to her feet happy Allison is allowing her to get back to her feet. Lacey has to adjust both her top and bottoms before she’s ready to move back out of the corner to face Allison. Lacey and Allison move together to lock up, but the brunette buries her knee into Allison bellybutton.

Lacey gloats, “No chick who plays a nerd, will beat me.”

Lacey hooks Allison under the arm and hiptosses Allie over. Allison lands on her ass sitting right in front of Lacey. Lacey drops to one knee behind Mack and reaches around cupping Allison’s chin and pulls her back into the other knee. Lacey grinds her knee into Allison’s spine and pulls on Allison’s chin.

“Give up!” yells Lacey as she pulls back harder.

Allison, straining to push Lacey’s hands off her chin, can’t answer but shakes her head to let the ref know she has no intention of submitting. Finally able to loosen Lacey’s grip enough that she can move to Lacey’s side, Allison gets the brunette’s knee off her spine and pushes up to start getting to her feet. But Lacey counters by shifting to a Side Headlock and she wrenches Allison’s neck to force her face into the side of her right boob.

Lacey taunts, “Get used to the view; these babies are gonna be the last thing you see tonight!”

But Lacey underestimates the power of the blonde and she lets out a pained and surprised gasp when Allison’s arms encircle her mid-section and takes the brunette off her feet. Allison falls back driving Lacey’s head and shoulders into the mat with a belly to back suplex. Allison pushes Lacey off her and gets to her feet. Allison takes a single deep breath before reaching down and hooking her hand in Lacey back strap of her top. Pulling Lacey up Allison turns her around saying, “This is the first time I’m trying this in a match, let me know what you think.”

Allison hooks her left arm behind Lacey’s head pulling her head down and then Allison’s right arm hooks up catching Lacey across the jaw with a European Uppercut. Lacey flies backwards and - if not for the ropes - would have fallen. Allison looks at the result of the blow and says, “Damn!”

Lacey leans against the ropes in a fog as Allison moves in and gives Lacey some of her own medicine with a Knife Edge Chop across Lacey’s ample cleavage. Allison looks out in the crowd and flexes her right arm showing off the larger than normal bicep, “Time for the ‘gun show’.”

Allison grabs Lacey’s wrist and puts the other hand on the brunette’s should and whip her across the ring. Lacey hits the far ropes and returns to Allison who is now in the middle of the ring. Mack extends her right arm and hits Lacey with a breast crushing clothesline. Allison follows Lacey to the canvas and goes for a cover.

“ONE...TWO...” Lacey rolls her hips pulling her shoulder off the mat.

Allison kneeling beside Lacey looks down and adjusts Lacey’s top for her, this is the second time Mack has it Chabert so hard that her boob has popped out of Lacey’s top. Allison says, “You may want to get a better top their Lacey, those things keep popping out.”

Lacey groggy doesn’t respond, but roll over on to her stomach. Allison puts her knees on Lacey’s back and grabbing her far ankle and hooking a hand on her chin Allison rolls back. Lacey is bent in an upside down U across Allison’s shins as the blonde pulls on Lacey’s chin and leg.

Allison looks at Lacey mocking, “Your turn, Give up and I won’t snap your spine in half.”

Unable to answer the ref verbally, Lacey gives the poor dope the finger when he asks if she wants to submit. Lacey then catches a big break as the ref notices Allison’s shoulders on the mat and he begins to count. After the first time his hand hits the mat Allison releases Lacey and kicks her away. Again Lacey scrambles to the safety of the corner while Allison waits at center ring. Allison waiting tries baiting Lacey into action, “Wonder how long people will remember you as the trivia question who did Allison Mack beat in the first double X division title match?”

Lacey pulling herself up with the help of the ropes shoots back, “In a year when they are asking who was that dumpy girl that thought she could beat Lacey? I’ll let them know it was you.”

Coming back to meet in the center of the ring Lacey ducks under Allison’s attempt to lock up and when Allison turns around Lacey is there waiting with a right to the jaw. Lacey standing like a boxer hits two more jabs to Allison’s chin drawing a warning from the ref for the closed fist, but Lacey ignores him and Irish whips Allison to the ropes. Lacey waits for Allison to return and leaps hitting the ‘Lacey Press’ taking Allison off her feet. Lacey sits on top of Allison and hammers more blows into the side of her head.

Lacey, happy with the stunned look in Allison’s eyes, undoes her own top and tosses it aside. She gives her breasts a shake and says, “Time to meet the babies!”

Her arms encircle Allison’s head as she begins to lower her tits to Allison’s face, but the blonde puts both her hands on Lacey’s hips. Bridging and shoving at the same time Allison dislodges Lacey from her perch and sends her rolling. Allison beats Lacey to her feet and as the brunette gets to her hands and knees Allison is there to kick Lacey in the gut. Lacey rolls over twice stopping at the ropes, but this time the ropes aren’t the safety net they have been as Allison walks over and grabs Lacey by her right wrist and ankle and drags the brunette back into the ring.

Allison getting Lacey way from the ropes hair hauls the brunette to her feet. Allison makes sure the wobble brunette would fall steps to Lacey’s side and chops Lacey’s boobs. The flesh crack rings out through the area as does Lacey scream. Then three more identical CRACK-(scream) follow as Allison drives Lacey back into the ropes.

Leaning against the smaller brunette Allison observes, “Taking you own top off may not be the best idea.”

Allison whips Lacey across the ring and moves to the center of the ring to wait for her. Lacey rebounds off the ropes and heads back towards Allison. Mack is waiting and jamming both her hands into Lacey’s armpits lifts the brunette and Allison sits out driving Lacey into the canvas with a sit out powerbomb. Allison hooks her ankles over Lacey’s arms and the ref gets down and begins to count.


Lacey’s left shoulder rolls of the mat enough to break the count. Allison version of Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s ‘Sky High’ almost got her the win, but after shoving Lacey’s legs away Allison is back up looking to put Chabert away for good.

Allison hair hauls a limp Lacey to her feet, but the brunette isn’t as out of it as she played. Lacey hooks her arm around Allison’s head and catches Allison behind the knee with the other arm and rolls her into a small package. The move that got Allison into the finals only gets Lacey a two count as Allison is able to power out of the hold. Allison slaps the mat angry that she almost got caught in the trap. Lacey rolls away to gets to her feet. Lacey taunts Allison, “Looks like you not as smart as you think.” Allison stalks after Lacey who backs away circling the ring to buy time.

Allison asks, “Where you running too? I thought you wanted to push that TFA body all over me?”

Lacey still back pedaling replies, “Oh you’re still getting a face full of the nicest boobs around, but first I’m going to work your dumpy ass over.”

Allison pretends to look hurt, “That’s not a nice thing to say, but I’ll give you an up close look at my ass so you can apologize to it in person.”

Lacey finally stops running and turns to face Allison, coming together Lacey’s foot shoots up, Allison tries to catch the limb, but just misses and Lacey’s foot buries into Allison’s tummy. Allison doubled over gasping is easy prey for Lacey to move in a drive an elbow right between Allison’s shoulder blades. It takes four more such elbows, but Lacey drive Allison flat on the mat.

Lacey straddles Allison’s lower back facing her head. Lacey pushes her hair back out of her face and to no one says, “Something’s not right here.”

She looks around and then comes up with the answer she’s looking for, Lacey undoes Allison’s top and yanks to out form under the blonde. Lacey holds the maroon top up to her own tits saying, “Well, THAT would never fit.”

Allison groggy replies, “I’ll have to burn that top if it touches those nasty tits.”

Lacey never one to take an insult of her pride and joys lightly hammers forearms into the base of Allison’s neck. Lacey tosses the top aside saying, “Me wear your top? I wouldn’t do that to my babies. It would be like going from the penthouse to the slums.”

Lacey then slides her hands under Allison, and from the cry of pain from Allison it seems a good bet Lacey is digging her fingers into Allison’s boobs. Lacey now lying on top of Allison continues the breast clawing yelling, “Tap out!” every so often. The Ref on the mat right in front of Allison asks several times as well if Allison wants to give up. Allison though answers the same way each time with a simple, “No.”

Lacey tried of waiting for a submission pulls her hands out and pushes up off Allison giving the blonde a stomp to the back. Lacey grabs a handful of short damp blonde hair and brings Mack to her feet. Allison is holding her boobs so Lacey drive a kneelift into Allison’s belly. When Allison’s hands drop red marks can be seen on her pale breast from the treatment Lacey just gave Allison’s underrated rack. Lacey Just wanted to see her handy work and after checking out the damage to Allison’s boobs scoops the blonde up and carries her to the center of the squared circle before bodyslamming Mack to the canvas.

Lacey waits to see Allison at her feet then the brunette turns and runs into the ropes. Lacey wait until she is all but back to Allison to leap in the air and flatten her body out, when gravity takes over Lacey comes crashing down across Allison’s chest. Lacey hooks Allison’s far leg.


Allison’s right arm shoots up breaking the count and Lacey screams at the ref, “Are you kidding me! You got ONE JOB - count to three - and you fuck it up?”

Lacey gets up and snaps her bottoms back into place and again talking to no one says, “Its ok, I haven’t giving her the Lacey Bottoms yet and right after that I’ll turn the lights out on her.” Lacey moves around Allison waiting for Mack to get to her feet. Allison doesn’t make her last long but Lacey stays behind Allison and as the blonde turns Lacey steps in. Lacey’s right arm crosses under Allison’s right arm and grabs her left shoulder. Lacey’s left hand grabs Allison waist band and a quick jerk up gives the blonde a mean wedgie. Lacey taunts, “Say goodnight Mack, it’s about to ge…” SMACK!

Allison’s first elbow shuts Lacey up, the second buckles the brunette’s knees. Allison pulls Lacey in front of her and applies a bearhug, but instead of going for her finisher Allison takes Lacey over with a spinning belly to belly suplex. Allison gives Lacey no chance to recover pulls her up by the brunette’s tangled damp hair. Allison shoves Lacey into a corner propping her against the turnbuckles and looping Lacey’s arms over the top rope, giving her a clear shot for the revenge she has planned.

Lacey’s ‘babies’ are given a couple hard SLAPs before Allison gathers a handful of each as payback for what she suffered before. The ref had given Allison extra time by not starting the count sooner, but now orders Allison to get Lacey out of the corner and begins a five count. Allison pulls Lacey out of the corner by the boobs and throws her to the mat.

Allison takes a moment to recompose herself and then looking over to Rich Fannin says, “Ok, This is for you.”

Allison hooks her arms under Lacey’s armpits pulling her up and turns Lacey around to face her. Allison reaches way back and ‘Bitch Slaps’ Lacey across the cheek. Only Allison’s quick reflexes keep Lacey from falling again, but Allison’s arms encircle Lacey’s torso and she clamps down on the Bearhug!

Lacey lets out one gasp of pain as she realizes if she lets the air out Allison can squeeze tighter and keep the air form coming back in. Allison then begins to shake Lacey back and forth like a puppy with a chew toy. The ref is trying to check on Lacey, but the thrashing forces him to keep his distance. Allison stops shaking Lacey and a familiar sight in Allison matches appears Lacey’s head comes to rest on Allison’s shoulder. Even with both their bodies slick with sweat Lacey can’t find a way out of the bearhug. After a few quite “No’s” when the ref asked Lacey if she wanted to submit, Lacey finally sobs, “Yes. OK, I guh…guh…give.”

Allison drops Lacey on the spot as the ref turns calling for the bell as Allison climbs the nearest turnbuckle and lets out a scream of joy. Jumping down from the corner Allison turns around and the ref is there holding her new belt. Allison takes the belt holding it above her head as Shinedown’s ‘Fly from the Inside’ plays. Lacey has crawl to a corner and sits crying either out of pain or frustration of getting so close to the title or more likely both.

While Lacey is helped from the ring, Allison finds her top putting it back on - to the disappointment of the fans - then again shows off her new belt. ‘Fly from the Inside’ is ending when instead of looping as long as the new champ wants to stay in the ring as is customary, Carl Orff’s ‘Carmina Burana’ - the theme for ‘The Legion’ begins to play.

Allison looks around a worried look growing on her face. Instead of the lights going out Neve Campbell comes out form the back in her Black bikini with a second ref in tow. Allison looks a little more relaxed now that she has one of The Legion to focus on. Neve walks over to the ring announcer handing over a piece of paper with the simple instructions, “Read IT!”

The newly arrived ref has a quick word with the ref that handled the title match and the new ref climbs in the ring. “Ladies and Gentleman.” Once the crowd quiets some the ring announcer continues, “The following is the second of Banshee’s guaranteed anytime anywhere matches.” Allison looks stunned as Neve climbs in the ring taking the corner opposite her. The new ref asks Allison for the belt since the match is about to start. Speechless at what’s happening Allison gives up the belt. The ring announcer is still reading, “This match is for the XX Division title and will be contested under no disqualifications rules.” With that the ref turns and signals for the bell.


Neve charges across the ring plowing into a still speechless Champ. Neve fires clubbing forearms to Allison chest and head and drives her back into the corner. Allison finally snapping back fires shots of her own back, but Neve’s assault is too relentless and the Champ sinks into the corner trying to cover her head as best a she can. Neve stops only long enough to reach down and pull Allison up by the hair. Neve turns Allison so she is looking out into the crowd and Neve hooks an arm around the blonde’s waist and one behind Allison’s knee and lifts Mack up sitting her on the top turnbuckle. Neve hammers Allison’s back twice before reaching up grabbing Allison’s head and pulling her off the seat into a nasty looking Neckbreaker. Allison hits and covers her head wrapping both arms around her head. Neve turns over crawling back to Allison.

Banshee hisses, “He thought he could keep THE LEGION from taking the symbol of power?”

Neve slaps Allison before continuing, “THE LEGION will own all the symbols of power soon, but mine is first.”

Neve grabs the straps of Allison’s top and pulls her up to inflict more punishment, but Neve has underestimated Allison as the champ drives a kneelift into Banshee’s gut. Allison the backs up a few steps before exploding forward and taking Neve off her feet with a lariat. Neve is right back on her feet but Allison is ready and whips the Legion’s leader into the ropes. Allison goes slightly out of character, but throws a beautiful Dropkick that would have nailed Neve square in the chest if Banshee hadn’t hooked the ropes!

Allison lands hard and Neve is right on top of her again applying a camel clutch. Neve see’s an opportunity to taunt the champ, “I see your friend Rich is here.” Neve grabs a handful of Allison’s hair positions Allison’s head so her fan will be in view. Neve whispers, “How does it feel to have my sloppy fan boy seconds? You know he was my biggest mark?”

Allison more focused on escape than Neve’s taunts frees her arms and pushes up on to all fours. Neve reaches back and gives Allison’s bottoms a hard yank giving Allison her second wedgie of the night. Neve actually smiles as Allison yelps in pain. Allison blocks the pain and embarrassment out and shoves her way up sending Neve rolling backward. Allison takes a few gingerly steps and then as delicately as possible pulls the fabric out from between her butt cheeks.

Neve is back to her feet before Allison is done freeing the wedgie, but Neve waits until Allison turns ready to face her. Allison resists the urge to charge Neve. Neve holds an arm high challenging Allison to a Test of Strength. Allison is slow to move in but Neve taunts, “If you’re afraid?”

Allison keeping her eyes on Neve raises her arm and laces fingers with the brunette then they lock their other hands. Once the grips are secure they both drive their chest forward crashing together. Allison quickly bends Neve’s wrist back getting the first worried look from Banshee since the arrival of The Legion. Allison’s joy is short lived though as Neve pushes back and kicks Allison between the legs. The champ falls to her knees hands holding her crotch. Neve pulls Allison up in a front headlock and then drops her with a DDT.

Allison looks to be out cold face down on the mat. Neve takes her time apply what use to be called the Campbell Crossface, but she now refers to as “The Banshee’s Scream” Allison is out cold and the ref only takes a second to realize it and call for the bell. Neve continues to pull back on Allison’s head and neck until the referee touches her shoulder. Neve springs up as if she’s about to take the ref out as well, but seeing the belt snatches it away.

Again ‘Carmina Burana’ begins to play as Neve stands over Allison holding the belt high. The ring announcer states the new fact, “You’re new XX Division Champion BANSHEE!”

Then the four other members of The Legion come out and make their way to the ring. Neve walks over to Katherine Heigl and Agnes Bruckner as they climb into the ring and gives a simple order, “Cripple her!” Looking at each other once the two bigger blondes nod and Neve looks at Rachel McAdams and Erika Christensen and says, “Help them!”

Neve then takes a seat on the nearest turnbuckle.

There’s a roar form the crowd at this point and it seems all the friends of Allison and those that have been screwed over by The Legion come running from the back. Erica Durance and Billie Piper lead the charge, but Jessica Alba, and Katee Sackhoff are not far behind Sarah Michelle Gellar and Emily Deschanel lead a second group with Alexis Bledel and Olivia Munn. For the first time The Legion finds itself out numbered. Neve gives the signal and The Legion exits the ring and heads through the crowd. Billie and Erica lean over Allison as the others keep watch. It’s plain to see the women in the ring are very angry and frustrated without anyone to take that anger out on.

Harold Green sits in his office what should have been a great night for the CCW has turned into a disaster. Jolene Blalock’s knee injury will sideline her for months. Christina Aguilera decided to take a leave of absence, until she can get her wrestling worked out. Rose McGowan signs with another wrestling organization and turns on her partner. Alyssa Milano, Rose’s form partner quits, following Rose to the other promotion. Alyssa plans on hunting McGowan down and paying her back for the backstabbing. Then to top every thing off Neve Campbell had tricked him into giving her ironclad match contracts that cause his first XX Division Champ Allison Mack to be screwed over.

The promoter made up his mind to just go home before any thing else bad could happen tonight. Getting up he shut out the lights in his office and made his way to the parking lot outside the area. His was the last vehicle in the lot, and not really surprised he found his driver side tires slit. The list of possible suspects was to long for him to even think about right now, so he just pulled out his cell phone and called a cab. He could have the studio people change the tires and he would pick the vehicle tomorrow.

While wait for the cab Harold hears a voice behind him, “Why did you do it?” Turning, Harold had to admit he was pleased to see Allison Mack on her feet and for someone that spent nearly an hour in the ring tonight she looked pretty good. She repeats her question, “Why did you fuck me over like that?”

Harold now focusing on the question answers, “Allison, I’m sorry. When I brought Neve into help with the Lamia problem I didn’t realize I was letting the lead devil in.”

“OK,” Allison nods. “But that still doesn’t explain why you didn’t warn me, or do anything.”

Harold nods in agreement, “I couldn’t, I gave Neve contracts for three matches anytime or stipulation she wanted.”

Allison staying clam but her fist clinched says, “I want a re-match!”

Harold nods. “I’m forgoing the normal number one contender stuff and making at return match for you, but Neve is going to try and block it. I just haven’t figured out how.”

Allison still outwardly clam says, “I don’t care. Just get me and Neve in the ring, I’ll take care of the rest.”

The headlights from the cab light up the parking lot. Harold asks, “You need a ride?”

Allison shakes her head. “I got one coming.”

Harold starts to get in the cab, stops and turns back, “Allison I promise you’ll be the first two time XX Division Champ.”

Allison simply says, “Damn straight.”

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