Celebrity Championship Wrestling Show 15 by bigfan

MATCH FIVE: (4 way) Hayden Panettiere/Brittany Snow/Sarah Carter/Christian Milian

The scene is the lounge of the CCW, the four newcomers are standing, eyeing each other resentfully. They are all wearing CCW satin jackets over bikinis and matching boots. It’s obviously they have dressed to impress and they are certainly impressive.

Hayden Panettiere, on the left of the group, in a red two-tone bikini speaks up first: “I don’t know about the rest of you, but I resent making my debut in a gimmick match. I deserved a singles match!”

Sarah Carter stands next to Hayden. She is wearing a silky-looking black bikini. As Hayden speaks, she snickers and says. “You’re lucky it isn’t with Billie Piper, I hear you nearly had to change your suit when she showed up during your rant at the last card.”

This draws titters of laughter from the other two rookies, Brittany Snow in a white bikini with a red swirl pattern and Christian Milian in a glittery gold bikini. Hayden turns bright red.

“Just shut up, Carter or I’ll shut you up right now!” Hayden cries, her fists clenched as she glares at the older blonde.

Sarah puts her hands on her hips and sneers, “Don’t tell ME to shut up, you little twerp!”

Hayden moves closer to Sarah, “I’m not afraid of you!”

“Well, I’m sure not afraid of, YOU!” Sarah snarls back and they start moving around, which causes them to bump into Christian Milian, who stands next to Sarah.

“Hey! Watch it you, two! We’re only getting paid to do a promo. Let’s get it done and get out of here!” Christina snaps.

“Ah, nice to know someone has remembered that,” said the voice of the girl on the extreme right of the line.

The other three girls turned towards her.

“Who is she anyway? I forget,” Hayden said with a smirk.

“I think her name is Brittany, but she’s too small to be the one what’s always in the tabloids,” Sarah observed airily.

“I think she’s ‘Last Year’s Blonde’ - but I forget which year,” Christian added with an impudence equal to the others.

Brittany Snow seemed unfazed, “You’ll remember Brittany Snow when the fight’s over. I’ll be the one with her boot on your three sorry asses.”

Hayden, Sarah, and Christina exchanged looks and started to move in Brittany’s direction with the obvious intention of teaching the blonde the error of her thinking, but before they could start to encircle her, Brittany dove at their legs in a rolling block. The surprise moved dropped the other three girls like bowling pins and Brittany rolled clear of the tangle, bounding to her feet. She headed for the exit, but then turned back to face the camera which zoomed in on her.

“Well, folks, that looks like all for now! See you at the PPV!” Brittany called.

“GET HER!” Sarah, Hayden and Christian cried and surged at the blonde, who waved defiantly at them and then bolted down a hall with the three hot on her heels!
MATCH SIX: Mary Elizabeth Winstead vs. Anne Hathaway.

At the CCW promo podium Mary Elizabeth and Anne are wearing elegant dresses. Mary’s is a bronze shade, while Anne is dazzling red and looking at each other warily.

“I’ve heard a lot about you,” Mary tells Anne. “I hear you’re supposed to be a hot young talent. How come you couldn’t beat Kaley Cuoco?”

“You try fighting her and ask that,” Anne retorted. “I suppose you think beating Julia Stiles is impressive.”

“It impressed me,” Mary said with assurance. “Now I’m ready to add your name to my win column.”

“You mother ever tell you nice girls don’t brag about who they are going to beat up?” Anne inquired.

Mary smiled: “She told me it isn’t bragging if you can actually do it.”

“And it is if you can’t,” Anne retorted.

Mary’s smile faded: “You’re going to find out just how good I am.”

“And you’re going to find out just how good I am,” Anne replied firmly.

“It won’t be good enough to beat me!” Mary insisted.

Anne’s eyes narrowed: “Rookie, you don’t know the meaning of defeat until you’ve met me.”

Mary crossed her arms and glared at Anne: “I knew you were stuck up!”

“And I knew you were big talking rookie,” Anne retorted, crossing her arms and glaring right back.

“I guess we’ll soon find one which of us is right,” Mary said after a long pause.

“That’s the one thing you’ve said that I agree with,” Anne retorted.

They glared at each other and then slowly withdrew from the stage clearly determined to prevail at the next PPV.
MATCH SEVEN: Alyson Hannigan-Cobie Smulders vs. Camilla Bell-Michelle Trachtenberg (Team Archer).

Camilla Belle and Michelle Trachtenberg head back into the locker room after a long practice/workout session. They are wearing sturdy dark blue sports bras and shorts with TA (for Team Archer) on them. As they enter the locker room, they come upon Alyson Hannigan and Cobie Smulders looking at the newly posted Show #15 schedule. They seemed to find it funny.

“What luck! We got ‘Dumb and Dumber’,” Alyson said.

“Yes, finally an easy win!” Cobie agreed.

“AHEM!” Camilla and Michelle’s joint interjection got Alyson and Cobie’s attention, but the expression on their faces was one of amused contempt for the Team Archer girls.

“Gosh, Mish, it looks like we’re being underestimated again!” Camilla Belle loudly observed to her partner.

“Yeah, Cami/ Cuthbert and Portman thought we were an easy win…” Michelle Trachtenberg continued.

“…but all they ended up with was…”

“…a great big L on their record…”

“…and we got the great big…”

“…W!” They said in unison.

“They took us…“ Camilla said.

“…for granted…“ Michelle said.

“…JUST LIKE YOU TWO!” they said together.

Alyson and Cobie just stood there with their mouths hanging open. It had been a source of great humor that Camilla and Michelle would say the same thing at the same time. Finishing each other sentences was new, and, it seemed to Alyson and Cobie-disturbing.

Nevertheless Alyson swiftly composed herself: “We’re not underestimating you. You got lucky with Elisha and Natalie. You won’t get lucky with us!”

“Yeah,” Cobie added, it having taken a bit longer for her composure to return.

Camilla and Michelle nodded together: “You just tell yourselves it was all luck.” They said together.

Alyson and Cobie exchanged nervous looks. The rookies suddenly weren’t jokes and they were looking eerily coordinated.

“You’ll have to excuse us,” Alyson said suddenly. “We need to go practice some more.”

“Yeah! Practice real hard!” Cobie blurted out and the pair headed for the exit.

Left alone, it was now Camilla and Michelle’s turn to burst out laughing and exchange high fives.

“You know, Michelle, I can’t say that I exactly like you,” Camilla said.

“But we do make a good team,” Michelle admitted.

“So let’s keep it going!” Camilla declared and attempted to hug her partner. That was the idea anyway, but somehow or other, their foreheads connected with a painful CRACK!

“OWWW!!!” Team Archer cried stumbling backwards.

Camilla and Michelle rubbed their bruised foreheads.

“Uh, we still have a few rough edges to work out,” Camilla admitted ruefully.

“I noticed that,” Michelle agreed with equal regret.

“Come on, I know where we can get some ice,” Camilla said and they (warily) left the locker room together....

Allison Mack absently looks at the TV screen playing her happiest moment in wrestling and her biggest nightmare all in the span of about 10 minutes. Jumping back to where she applies the bearhug to Lacey Chabert Allison begins watching again for an uncounted number of times. Allison is snapped out of her near catatonic state when a hand yanks the remote from her grasp and turns the TV off. Allison jumps off the couch spinning to face whoever dares interrupt her. Standing on the other side of the couch is Erica Durance and Billie Piper holding the remote.

Erica looking concerned says, “Allie this does no good. We need to look forward to getting you and Neve in the ring where you can pay her back.”

Billie tosses the remote aside saying, “Don’t sit ‘ere feeling sorry fer yer self. We got some good news.”

Allison still doesn’t seem happy with her friends interrupting her.

Erica says, “Billie is right. It may take some doing, but sitting her sulking isn’t going to help.”

Allison crosses her arms across her chest says, “I’m not sulking. Neve has no idea what a big mistake she made. I don’t care if I have too take the entire Legion on by myself, I’m getting my belt back.”

Billie says, “Good, but ferget that alone stuff.”

Erica and Billie trade a smile and Erica waves Allison to follow them saying, “Come on. We have some business in the boss’s office.”

Allison looks about to object when Billie takes her arm and pulls the blonde along, “Just come with us. This is just a step to getting that belt around ye waist again.”

Allison gives up letting her friend lead her out of the room. Billie then adds, “We got to get the belt back to ye so I can take it proper like.” For the first time Allison cracks a smile saying, “You wish.”

Amanda Bynes sits in front of her locker holding up a new jacket she plans to wear to the ring tonight. The jacket is a shiny black satin with pink trim and lettering “Bruiser Bynes” scrolling across the back. Amanda hurriedly shoves the jacket into her locker, throwing a towel over it when she hears the locker room door open. She isn’t surprised to see Katie Holmes walking her way.

Katie tosses her bag down next to Amanda’s and says, “Hey Kid! You ready for tonight?”

Amanda pulling off her shirt nods, “Yea. After what you’ve been putting me through I really want to get my hands on someone.”

Katie smiling gives Amanda a pat on the head saying, “That’s a good attitude to have.” Amanda pulling her head away looks annoyed with Katie shoots back, “Quit treating me like a kid would you?”

Katie’s hand shoots out pinching Amanda’s cheek with her thumb and index finger. “Win a match and we’ll talk.”

Amanda finishes dressing putting on her new wrestler outfit which is a bikini top and boy shorts. The outfit is mostly pink but has black piping. Katie also getting ready for her match tonight gets dressed in her gray bikini. Katie putting her street clothes in her lock turns to give Amanda some final instruction, “Laetitia Casta is a good and bad draw for you right now.” Amanda listens as her new mentor puts her arms on Amanda’s shoulders and looks her in the eye. “Casta can be a dirty bitch. She’s more catfighter than wrestler, so expect to get your boobs grabbed…and she’ll go for your crotch if she can.”

Amanda nods, “Yeah we talked about this already.”

Katie gives Amanda a playful shove, “Ok, let’s go get stretched out and warm up.” Then slyly adds, “And leave the jacket in the locker.” Amanda begins to protest, but finally lets Katie lead her out of the locker room. “Bruiser Bynes” will have to wait to make her debut.
In the office of promoter Harold Green the four women facing off in the fatal four way sit three glaring at the one, Brittany Snow had got the better of the other three at the promo shoot. As much as Hayden Panettiere, Sarah Carter and Christina Milian want to get at the blonde they all know now is not the time. Harold finally opens the door and seeing the four young ladies says, “Good, all here and you’re not tearing my office apart.”

Harold didn’t expect a big reaction from his little joke and isn’t disappointed as none of the four as much as cracks a smile. Harold walks around to the chair at his desk taking a seat. Pulling out three small stacks of paper he shows them to the four women explaining, “I have three spots open after signing two other women already. You four will be fighting for the three spots.” Hayden, the youngest, has already proven herself the most vocal and asks, “So how’s this gonna work?”

Harold clears his throat, “That’s why I’ve called you here. Only the loser of the match will not get a contract. This brings me to one stipulation, if you avoid or fail to take a tag in the match tonight you will be immediately disqualified and the other three will get the contracts.” Standing, he continues, “One last thing; to determine who will start the match I have four coins in this bag. Two red, two green. Green starts the match off.”

Hayden is the first to reach in and pulls a green coin. Christina is second pulling a red, Sarah next also pulls red. Brittany doesn’t bother reaching in turning to Hayden says, “You and me half-pint! Guess Sarah and Christina get free rides. This will be over quick.”

Hayden’s eyes narrow as she steps up to Brittany, “You better get your ass out of the ring fast or you’ll be headin’ back to that bar league you came from.”

Harold again clears his throat, “I don’t have to remind you all I expect the action to be in the ring, not my office.”

Hayden grins over her shoulder, “Sure boss,” then leads the four out of the office.

Harold thinks, “This should be good.”
Match One: Julia Stiles vs. Estella Warren

Estella Warren is the first wrestler to come through the curtain for tonight’s show. “Bulls on Parade” by Rage Against the Machine plays while Estella tries to fire up the crowd as she heads to the ring. Estella is winless so far, but clad in her pale green bikini she looks to change all that. Julia Stiles enters the ring to Fuel’s “Won’t back down” the blonde is wearing a purple sports bra and black bikini bottoms. Julia also winless is friendly with the fans as she enters, but it plain to see many believe her winless streak will continue tonight.

Estella takes over on Julia early throwing the smaller blonde around the ring. Julia is bounced off the canvas repeatedly, but to her credit she gets back up each time and tries to get some offense going. Estella plays to the crowd after a snapmare a little too long and when she turns her attention back to Julia, Warren catches Julia’s feet in the chest as Stiles hits her with a drop kick. Julia tries to go for a cover, but Estella kicks out easy. Julia kicks away at Estella keeping the bigger blonde on the canvas.

Julia then heads to the ropes and springing off the ropes nails Estella in the chest with another drop kick as Warren tries to get to her feet. Julia climbs through the ropes and heads to the top of the nearest turnbuckle. Julia gets her left foot up on the top when Estella shows up. Estella grabs Julia by the crotch with her right hand, and Estella’s left takes Julia by the throat. Estella makes it look effortless as she lifts Julia up in a military press and toss Julia halfway across the ring.

Estella drags Julia back to her feet locking Julia’s arm behind her in a butterfly lock. Estella looks around and then moves Julia to where she wants the blonde. Estella lets out a scream and hoists Julia up and flips the blonde taking her back down with a powerbomb. The Butterfly bomb looks to have knocked the wind and senses out of Julia and Estella folds her in a matchbook pin and gets a three count for her first win.
Match Two: Beverley Mitchell vs. Kristin Kreuk

Pink’s “Trouble” plays for a few moments before Beverley Mitchell pushes her way through the curtain. The cheers for the blonde are modest, but most eyes focus on her large boobs jiggling in the pink bikini top holding them. Beverly is wearing black shorts with Beverley written across the backside in pink letters. 311’s “Beautiful Disaster” plays as Kristin Kreuk is introduced, the brunette has her hair pulled back into a ponytail and she is wearing a dark red bra and matching panties. Kristin begins trading insults with the fans as she makes her way to the ring. She sees a fan hold a poster that has Ladies of Smallville written on it and pictures of her Allison Mack and Erica Durance. Kristin walks over snatching the poster away form the owner and rips it in half. Kristin walks away as the fan yells, “You are my least favorite any way Bitch.”

Kristin shows herself is be much quicker than Bev and Kreuk’s strikes and kicks rain down on Mitchell. Kristin showing little regard for the rules is several times warned by the ref for choking Bev and an illegal thrust to the blonde’s throat nearly gets Kristin disqualified. Beverley outmatched in cruelty never gets a chance to get going and Kristin is relentless in dishing out punishment to the blonde. Kristin then begins to work over Beverley’s back with backbreakers and bodyslams. Kristin places Bev facedown on the mat and heads to the top rope.

Kristin flies off the turnbuckle and drives her knees into Mitchell’s lower back. Now Kristin stalks around the ring waiting for Beverley to get to her feet on her own. Kristin waits until Bev is on her hands and knees and charges driving the sadistic brunette driving her knee into the side of Bev’s skull. Bev maybe out cold already, but Kristin isn’t done and applies her “Kreuk Krippler” a camel clutch where instead of draping Bev’s arms over her legs Kristin locks the arms in a full nelson.

It doesn’t take the ref long to call for the bell as Bev is in dreamland. Kristin tosses Mitchell hard to the canvas and has her arm raised. Kristin heads out of the ring and has words with the fans again as she lets them know she’s sick of being over looked and more wrestlers will be joining Beverley soon.
Match Three: Laetitia Casta vs. Amanda Bynes

Christina Aguilera’s “What a Girl wants” is playing as Amanda Bynes comes to the ring. Amanda takes her time greeting many of the fans and slapping the hands extended to her. Chris Isaak’s “Baby did a bad bad thing” plays as Laetitia Casta makes her way to the ring. Unlike Bynes Casta stops and talks to only one fan Tech her manager. Laetitia drops the 18th century long coat she is wearing giving it over to Tech. Laetitia is wearing purple with black trim leopard print bra and panties. Laetitia climbs in the ring and smugly smiles across the ring at the American youngster.

The beginning of the match shows no great change in Amanda as Laetitia marches her to a corner off the initial lockup and gives Bynes a chest chop that catches much more breast than chest. Casta lines up to give Amanda a second boob slap when the youngster grabs the French woman by the shoulders and delivers an over hand slap to Casta’s big boobs. Amanda backs up and challenges Casta to meet her in the middle of the ring then. For the next several minutes Amanda holds her own against Laetitia, Bynes showing more toughness than in the past if nothing else.

Laetitia isn’t happy that Amanda isn’t just rolling over for her and she sends the American out of the ring, tossing her over the top rope to the floor below. The ref warns Laetitia not to go after Amanda, but the warning falls on deaf ears as the busty brunette hops down to where Amanda lies in a heap. Using the ref’s ten count, takes Amanda on a short tour of the outside of the ring before she whips Bynes into the security railing, then BANGs her head on the announcers table before she whips her into the unpadded ring post.

Laetitia still has time to gather Amanda back up and roll her into the ring and climb back in herself before the ten count is reached. From that point on Laetitia is able to control the youngster and after pouring on more abuse. Casta sets Amanda up and pedigrees her in the center of the ring, then rolls Amanda over and takes a seat on her face while the ref makes the three count. Amanda’s legs kick weakly as Laetitia refuses to dismount the fallen girls face and Casta grinds her crotch with increasing speed.

Laetitia is in mid-enjoyment of her ride when Katie Holmes pushes out from behind the curtain and stalks towards the ring. She’s too focused on her postmatch celebration to realize the big brunette is there until she rolls under the bottom rope. Then Casta gasps and lets out a shudder as she rolls off Amanda and out under the bottom rope just before Katie gets her hands on her!

Katie doesn’t bother chasing Laetitia and, instead, checks on Amanda. It takes a few minutes but Katie gets Amanda on her feet and helps her to the back. Amanda still groggy asks, “Thought you weren’t coming out?”

Katie looks sideways at Amanda, “Well if you hadn’t fought hard I’d have let her finish what she started.”
Cut Scene One

Blue Oyster Cult “Veterans of the Psychic Wars” Plays as Harold Green comes from behind the curtain and stands on the stage. Harold has brought a mic with and jumps right into his reason for being out on stage, “I’m here to introduce the two newest competitors joining the CCW.” The crowd starts to chant, “Get on with it!”

Harold doesn’t seem to mind the chant, but he does wait until more fans join in before making the introductions, “First from Enfield England...Michelle Ryan!” The brunette walking out is wearing a blue dress that shows of her ample cleavage and shapely figure as she waves to the crowd and walks over to stand next to Harold. After a quick word, he makes the second intro, “And from Sydney Australia...Yvonne Strahovski!”

The tall blonde is not as thick or large breasted as Ryan, but is very impressive in the tight black dress. Yvonne talks to both Michelle and Harold as fans cheer the additions to the CCW. Harold leaves the two new wrestlers on the stage and heads to the back while Michelle and Yvonne walk down the ramp talking to fans, slapping high fives, and even signing autographs. Climbing in the ring they are handed a mic by the ring announcer.

Yvonne takes it first, “Hiya!”

The blonde laughs and waves to fans still cheering her and Michelle share a laugh and Yvonne holds up a hand for the fans to quite down. Yvonne is about to say something when the lights go out and “The Legion’s” music begins to play. When the lights come back up on the stage stands all five members of The Legion; Neve with the XX Division title belt slung over her shoulder holds a mic. She points to the two women in the ring, “I heard rumor you two where bought in for a reason. I have to ask, what would that be?”

Yvonne and Michelle just look at each and shrug, which is not the answer Neve was looking for. With a nod of her head Neve and the rest of The Legion begin heading down the ramp. Michelle and Yvonne push the shoulder straps of their dresses off and with a quick pull let the dresses fall to the mat, both are dressed in wrestling outfits. Michelle is wearing a white bikini top and bottoms with the union Jack pattern; Yvonne a simple gray bikini top and matching boy shorts.

The Legion continues on toward the ring until three robed figures climb the guard railing and entire the ring behind Michelle and Yvonne who seem unaware of the newcomers. The Legion stops and looks at each other confused, then the three robed figure toss back their hoods and discard the robes.

Allison Mack, Erica Durance, and Billie Piper walk up standing beside the two new wrestlers. Billie takes the mic and acts as spokesperson, “We knew you’d come slithering out from under yer rock. Well meet OUR new friends. Looks like things are evened up now.”

Billie drops the mic and with the other four wave The Legion to come to the ring. Katherine Heigl and Agnes Bruckner seem more than willing to continue on, but Neve not liking having everything under her control stops the two big blondes and The Legion backs away.

Neve adds before leaving, “Allie I have a little surprise for you later.”

Billie picks the mic back up yelling, “See you soon Erica!”
Match Four: Isla Fisher vs. Jessica Simpson

Jessica’s “Irresistible” plays as the busty blonde comes to the ring wearing a pink bikini. A new addition though is the number 9 on her left cup of her top. The blaring of Disturbed’s “Stricken” is a major change from Jessica’s intro and when Isla Fisher breaks from the back she sprints to the center of the stage and stopping spins around she is wearing Red bra and underwear cut high on the thigh. When Isla comes around in her spin to face the ring she again takes off at a sprint and slides under the bottom rope. Jessica and the ref are both caught off guard as Isla pops to her feet and charges across the ring attacking Jessica. The dumbfounded ref takes a few seconds, then signals for the bell to start the match.

By the time the bell sounds, Isla already has Jessica by the hair, bouncing her blond head on the top turnbuckle. The ref starts to count to get Isla to back off, but she pulls Jessica by the hair out of the corner and Hair Mares her over. Jessica bounces twice on her ass and before her heaving hooters stop jumping, Isla swarms all over her! Isla stomps Jessica a dozen times before wrapping both hands around Jessica’s throat in a Blatant Choke!!

Isla breaks the hold just as the count hits "FOUR!" but after giving the ref a snar, Isla goes right back to the choke hold. Again, the ref starts the count and again Isla breaks at "FOUR!" - then goes right back to choking Jessica!

This time the ref warns Isla he'll disqualify her if she continues the tactic, so Isla stands up and goes stalking after the ref, screaming in his face before finally turning back to Jessica. Isla has been unstable since her arrival in the CCW, but tonight it’s not the quirky, funny Isla, but a wild redhead who seems intent on dishing out a generous dose of sadistic punishment to her blonde opponent.

Poor Jessica never recovers from being jumped at the beginning of the match and is quickly reduced to a rag doll being taken apart by the unstable redhead as Isla continues to inflict painful and questionable legal moves on the blonde 'bimbo.'

Isla mounts Jessica and beings raining punches on the defenseless blonde’s forehead splitting Simpson’s head at the hair line. The blood rolling down Jessica’s forehead seems to be Isla’s cue to end the match. Isla scoops Jessica up and carries her to the corner sitting Jess on the top turnbuckle. Isla fires four hard, heavy, right hands that pound Jessica’s proud boobs flat before climbing up and putting Jessica in a Standing Cradle.

Isla lifts Simpson and turns, leaping of the turnbuckles. Her Sit Out Powerbomb from the top rope leaves Jessica folded in half between Fisher’s legs. The ref’s count seems fast, but out of mercy for Jess nobody complains as it's clear Simpson isn't going to recover in time anyway. Isla screams and once more tosses the limp body of the blond singer aside, then struts off without explanation or giving the fans any hint as to the reasons for her actions.
Match Five: Hayden Panettiere/Brittany Snow/Sarah Carter/Christina Milian

The match begins with Hayden and Brittany in the ring and Sarah and Christina go to the corners waiting for their chance to get into the ring. The two blondes circle each on the defensive. Hayden hits an armdrag on Brittany and then Brittany takes Hayden over with the same move, but as Hayden is getting to her feet Christina slaps her on the back tagging herself in. Brittany and Christina trade moves, and after Christina hits a drop kick Brittany scrambles over tagging in Sarah for the first time. Sarah shows a verity of kicks getting a near fall of Milian after hitting an enziguri kick. Christina tags Brittany back in and Sarah nails Brittany a with a kick to the gut and follows with a DDT that gets Sarah another two count.

Hayden in next in the ring and after watching the other two get almost kicked out of the match Hayden is more cautious and avoids the kick Carter has planned for the small blonde. Hayden shows she has some power hitting an over the head German suplex on Sarah and getting a two count.

The match goes on with each wrestler getting caught with their shoulders on the mat at some point. Brittany Snow hits a powerslam on Hayden, but Milian yanks Brittany off the youngster and then tags herself in when Brittany comes to argue with Christina. Milian thinking Hayden will be easy pickings gets caught and almost pinned when Hayden hits a northern lights suplex on her. Several more minutes pass and all four girls are in and out of the ring.

Christina Milian and Brittany Snow are in the ring and bouncing off the ropes both go for a crossbody block hitting belly to belly they both have the wind knocked out of them. Milian rolls to the corner Hayden is in and Panettiere slaps Christina shoulder and moves to the center of the ring ropes. Hayden waits for Brittany to get to her feet and the small blonde leaps up on to the top rope and springs off. Hayden flying through the air wraps her arm around Brittany’s head as she passes and swings around the blonde driving the top of Snow’s head into the canvas with a the Springboard DDT.

Hayden shoves her hands under Brittany and rolls her on to her back and hooks the leg. Sarah climbs through the ropes, but stops and allows Hayden to get the three count and the win.
Match Six: Mary Elizabeth Winstead vs. Anne Hathaway

Alter Bridge “Rise Today” plays as Mary Elizabeth Winstead makes her way to the ring to a surprisingly loud cheer for a wrestler newly arrived to the CCW. Mary is clad in a red and white stripped bikini. Anne Hathaway comes to the ring with Sum 41’s “Fat Lip” playing Anne seems disappointed that fans that have been cheering her now seem to be supporting her opponent. Anne adjusts the black bikini she is wearing before climbing into the ring.

The match up has good hard hitting action as Anne and Mary go back and forth trading moves and blows. The ref gets a surprise as both ladies are listening to his instructions, not once has he started a five count on either women. Anne marches Mary back into a corner and as soon as the ref calls for the break Anne slowly backs up and Mary doesn’t take a cheap shot as Anne backs away. Not to say the action is light, Mary drives a series of kneelifts to Anne belly doubling her over. Anne locks Mary in a head scissors grinding the sides of Mary head with her thighs until Mary is able to wiggle her way to the ropes and get a foot on the bottom rope.

Mary catches Anne coming of the ropes and twists her into an abdominal stretch and THAWK, THAWK, THAWK, slaps Anne stomach leaving red hand prints on Anne pale abs. Later it’s Anne’s turn as she runs over Mary with a clothesline SMACK, and turning Anne finds Mary struggling back to her feet WHACK, Mary is driven back to the canvas by a second clothesline. Anne has to wait a little longer, but Mary stands again WHAM, a third chest crushing clothesline takes Mary off her feet.

Anne looking to end the match pulls Mary into a front facelock and positions her near the ropes. Anne sets Mary up for her “Anne-sthesia” Anne lifts and drops Mary’s legs across the top rope. Mary some how twist while Anne is bring her back up and slips out of a Hathaway’s grasp landing on her feet right behind Anne. Anne knows she has a problem, but then realizes how big her problem is when Mary’s arms encircle her waist. Mary lifts falling backwards, THUMP Anne lands heavily on the back of her head and shoulders. Mary not happy with one German suplex rolls Anne over and pulls her back up for another, another THUD, as Anne lands the second time. Mary still doesn’t release the waistlock and pulls a rag doll Anne to her feet again and hits a third German suplex.

The difference with this German suplex is Mary release her waistlock sending Anne over her head to land in a matchbook position. Mary takes a few moments before crawling over to Anne and going for the cover. Mary, the Fans, and the Ref are all amazed when Anne kicks out at two. Mary shakes her head as she pulls the stubborn Anne to her feet and backing her into the ropes send Anne arms windmilling across the ring to the far ropes.

When Anne returns Mary jams her hands in the brunette’s armpits lifting Anne and then turn drives Anne to the canvas with a sit out powerbomb called the “SKY HIGH” this time there is no movement from Anne as the ref makes the three count. Mary pushes Anne over and climbs to her own shaky legs the ref supporting her as he raises her arm. Mary uses the ropes for support until her legs get some strength back in them. Mary goes over and checks on Anne and shakes her hand before leaving the ring.
Match Seven: Alyson Hannigan-Cobie Smulders vs. Camilla Belle-Michelle Trachtenberg (aka Team Archer)

Team Archer making their second appearance comes out to Twisted Sister’s “We’re not gonna take it” Michelle Trachtenberg and Camilla Belle come out wearing short silver jackets, on the back in dark blue lettering Team Archer is written. Michelle wears a navy bikini top and lighter blue bikini bottoms, while Camilla’s attire is reversed colors: lighter blue top and navy bottoms. Both had stylized TA logo on the hips, again dark blue for Michelle and light blue for Camilla. The two young women each take a side of the ramp and come down slapping hands. Together they get last minute instructions from their new manager Archer. While Michelle and Camilla are still talking to Archer, Slipknot’s ‘Vermillion’ begins playing and Alyson and Cobie come out wearing matching teal two piece swimsuits.

Alyson Seeing Michelle is going to start the match for Team Archer sends Cobie out of the ring. Alyson smiles across the ring, “Little Mishy T, Now all grown up thinking she’s the big wrestler.”

Michelle tries ignoring her old co-star, but Allyson continues, “Look at you being all serious and mean. Is little Mishy going to kick my butt?”

Michelle stops and says, “No wonder Sarah dumped your ass and has been kicking it lately. You’re a full blown bitch!”

Alyson reaches out and slaps Michelle across the face. Michelle not backing down an inch fires right back with a slap of her own. Michelle and Alyson go at for about the four or five minutes like they have no partners to tag out to. Alyson is the first to make a tag after taking two drop kicks to the chest from Michelle. Michelle tags in Camilla rather than face the fresh Cobie. Camilla nails Cobie as they come together with a kneelift.

Camilla stays on top of Cobie, but a low blow turns the tide and Alyson takes the tag to inflict more punishment on Belle. Alyson removes Camilla’s top and tosses it at Michelle, predictably bring Michelle into the ring and while the ref is busy keep Michelle from getting at Alyson, Cobie and Alyson are double teaming Camilla.

Alyson holds Camilla in the corner as Cobie tries to bait Michelle back in the ring. Camilla drives an elbow into Alyson jaw. Cobie doesn’t realize Camilla is free until Michelle points a finger for Cobie to turn around. When Smulders turns its right into a drop kick from Belle. Camilla is up and tags Michelle in. She runs across the ring nailing Alyson with a forearm knocking her to the floor below, then turns, leaps and catches Cobie in the chest with both with a dropkick!

Michelle makes a quick tag and while Camilla is getting in the ring Michelle Irish whips Cobie into the far ropes. Cobie’s return isn’t pleasant as she’s hit with a double drop kick from Team Archer. Camilla goes for the cover and gets the three count. Michelle and Camilla are celebrating the victory and some how get tangled as the go to have their arms raised and crack heads again. The small damper of the headbutt doesn’t last long though as Camilla retrieves her top and the two youngsters head to the back. As Team Archer goes to exit the ring Michelle and Camilla try holding the middle rope down so the other can step through. Both offer to allow the other go first, then for some unexplained reason both straddle the middle rope and release it THAWK.

Michelle and Camilla let out squeals and they both roll down to the floor hands rubbing their crotches. They stop to talk to their manager Archer, “The wrestling we have down,” Starts Michelle, and Camilla finishes, “It’s most everything else we need to work on.”
Match Eight: Billie Piper vs. Erica Christensen

After the earlier encounter a match between Billie Piper and Legion member Erica Christensen promise to be very interesting. Carl Orff’s “Carmina Burana” begins and the lights go out except for a single spotlight that follows Erica during her entrance to the ring. Erica wears a long robe which she discards prior to getting into the ring, she is wearing a dark red bikini with black runes covering it.

When AFI’s “Miss Murder” begins to play Billie comes out and sprints to the ring. Billie is wearing a bikini top with Union jack pattern and black bottoms. Billie slides head first under the bottom rope, not stopping she charges across the ring and attacking Erica. The ref was at least smart enough to realize what was going on and calls for the bell to start the match. Billie hammers away on Erica driving her back into the corner and then nails a jaw rattling European Uppercut that looks to knock Erica loopy.

The ref tries to regain order by starting a five count to get Billie out of the corner, but Billie just ignores him hammering more forearms into what every part of Erica’s body is available. The ref grabs Billie by the arm to pull her out of the corner and the ref and Billie begin screaming at each other. Billie finally turns back to Erica, but Christensen drives a knee up into Billie’s crotch and she drops to her knees with her left hand wedged between her thighs while Erica sinks back into the corner to take advantage of the time the knee strike bought her!

Billie and Erica get to their feet about the same time and Billie just tackles Erica and the two being rolling around the ring. When on top the wrestlers’ rain punches down on the other until the bottom wrestler is able to change positions and she begins hammering punches. Erica rolls on top and drives both fists down into Billie’s boobs, Erica then hair hauls the Brit to her feet. Erica tries to suplex Billie, but the blonde blocks the move and snaps Erica over with a suplex.

Billie pulls Erica back to her feet and nails another European Uppercut that sends Erica to the canvas starfished. Billie goes for a cover, but Erica is able to kick out. Billie pulls Erica back up standing face to face Billie lifts Erica bring her back down into an Inverted atomic drop. Billie keeps Erica from falling off Billie’s posted leg and the Brit stands Erica up belly to belly suplex her over again getting a near fall.

At this point the rest of the Legion seems to have seen enough and Kat Heigl, Agnes Bruckner, and Rachel McAdams come out, suspicious by her absence is their Leader Neve Campbell. The Legion barely reaches the ramp when Erica Durance, Michelle Ryan, Yvonne Strahovski, and Allison Mack burst through the curtain and begin a brawl on the stage.

Security pours out of the back along with many referees and even looks like a few police officers. In the ring Billie has Erica on her feet again and Billie sets Erica up for her Fisherman’s DDT “Pay the Piper” and drives the top of Erica’s head into the canvas. Billie skips a normal cover going instead for a reverse face sit while the ref makes the three count. The Legion and the other women here the bell and their attentions are pulled to the ring.

The Legion become more agitated seeing Billie grinding her hips on Erica’s face. The refs move to the ring and keep Billie from going to overboard with her after match work. As much as fans seem ready to witness the all out brawl it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen and after several minutes all the wrestlers are ushered to the back.
Cut Scene Two

The giant screen above the stage in the arena come to life showing Neve Campbell walking up to Harold Green’s office door and walking right in. The promoter drops then pen he’s using asking, “What do you want?”

Neve seems almost pleased with herself like the cat that eat the canary, “I would like you to call me Banshee and to give you this my final guaranteed “

Harold takes the paper and reads he looks almost happy as he takes it, probably since this is Neve’s last one. “What the Fuck!” the explosion from the promoter happens shortly after he starts reading the contract. Neve’s smile grows wider, it’s the first smile anyone has seen on her face in a while. “You find something you don’t like?” Neve asks casually.

Harold taking a quick second to scan over the rest of the contract to make sure there are no other shocks waiting for him finally says, “You’re not even in the match, these where for you to have matches anytime, not play promoter.” Neve still smiling shrugs, “The deal was ANY match I want, with any stipulations. Now are you going to honor it or does clause three go into effect?”

Harold reads aloud, “Allison Mack vs. Katherine Heigl. One: if Heigl wins, Mack can never challenge Banshee for the XX Division title again. Two: if Heigl wins she gets a world title match at any time of her choosing. Three: if anyone attempts to aid Mack during the match she will be disqualified.”

Harold drops the paper, Neve helpfully reaches over and turns the page saying, “You missed the second page...” She saves him the trouble by reading the last two clauses herself. “Four: if Heigl wins, Banshee will become the promoter of the CCW.” Taking a deep breath Neve adds, “And Five: if Mack refuses the match, all other clauses immediately go into effect.” She looks around the office. “This really won’t do once I am in charge. Since you were so nice to me I may keep you on, someone has to clean up around here.”

Neve, no longer cheerful, concludes, “I’ve been in this business so long you never stood a chance, I suggest you tell Mack to save herself and just not bother showing up.” Then Neve turns and leaves with Harold following her out a few moments later.
Match Nine: Katie Holmes vs. Beyonce Knowles

The Fly’s “Got you where I want you” plays as Katie Holmes makes her way to the ring. Katie is in her normal gray two piece swimsuit the bottoms cut high showing off her long legs. Katie greets some fans and trades insults with others. Beyonce comes out clad in her silver bikini. Destinies Child’s “Survivor” is playing while Beyonce struts down the ramp. Beyonce moves right over to Katie and the trash talk begins between the two.

The match has a ton of hard hitting action neither woman backing down. Katie focuses on Beyonce’s very strong legs, Beyonce’s offense doesn’t seem as focused as she tries hurting what ever body part she can get her hands on her. The fight goes outside the ring where Beyonce places Katie on a table and climbs up on the apron and leaps looking to nail Katie with her “Booty Bangin” legdrop finisher. Katie rolls off the table and Beyonce goes crashing through the table.

Katie gathers Beyonce up rolling her back into the ring. Katie drags Beyonce to the center of the ring looking around Katie wraps Beyonce’s leg around her own and applies the figure four. Beyonce writhes in pain and screams trying to escape or reverse Katie. It’s been over a minute and Beyonce has found now way out of the hold. Beyonce just refuses to submit and Katie refuses to release the hold. Finally Beyonce’s shoulders end up on the mat and twice she is able to get a shoulder off the mat, but the third time the ref makes the count, Beyonce’s shoulders stay on the mat for the pin.

Katie rolls out of the hold and has to stretch out her own long legs after spending over two minutes in the figure four even though she was the one applying the hold.
Main Event: Kristen Bell vs. Shakira (Top Rope match)

The Ring announcer has some explanations to make before the introductions for this main event, “Ladies and Gentleman the follow match has the following stipulation...A pin fall can only occur after one of the participants has successfully hit a move from the top rope on her opponent.” Flyleaf’s “Fully Alive” begins playing “From Detroit MI...Standing 5’1”....KBELL... Kristen Bell!”

After sparks rain down on the stage Kristen Bell pushes her way out from behind the curtain wearing a tie-dyed bikini looks to have been white to begin with but has added red blue green and orange to it. The blonde has a large following, but the reaction is mixed as Shakira also has a large group backing her. The result is loud, but difficult to make out which way the audience is leaning. Kristen enters the ring and climbs each turnbuckle giving the hook’em horns sign and waving to the crowd. Kristen moves to one corner and lights begin flashing around the arena and Shakira’s own “Objection Tango” plays.

“From Barranquilla Colombia...She is 5’ even...SHAKIRA!” Again the crowd is loud and split on its support. Shakira comes out stopping at the top of the ramp and gives a short hip wiggling, torso rolling, belly dance before making her way to the ring. Shakira is wearing a red bikini top and black boy shorts that hug her hips. Shakira moves to the center of the ring and again gives a short belly dance and gets an eye rolling look from Kristen. Shakira moves back to her corner and awaits the start of the match.

The referee calls the two blondes out to the center of the ring to explain how he will not make pinfall counts unless they have just come of the top rope. Kristen not use to being the tall wrestler steps into Shakira, “You won’t have to worry about that top rope thing. You won’t get the chance.”

Shakira give a small shove back, “What makes you so cocky, bitch?”

Giving Shakira a crooked smile for the softball she tossed up, “You really want ask that? When they’re carrying you outta here tonight you’ll have your answer.”

Shakira a little upset she had set KBELL up for that, replies, “I’m going to beat the smug outta you!”

The ref has already completed his deal and is waiting for the blondes to finish their conversation. Kristen backing up says, “Many have tried. All have failed” Shakira also moving back to her corner points at Kristen, “You’re going down”

The ref turns to the time keeper and signals…DING! DING! DING!

Both blondes are out of their corners quickly and circle, Kristen taunts, “I can out fly you and out wrestle you.”

To prove her point Kristen shoots in taking Shakira’s wrist and twisting her arm back in a hammerlock. Shakira just as quick though reverses the hammerlock on Kristen saying, “Too easy.”

Kristen un-phased by the move drops her hips her slides behind Shakira going into a tight waist lock. Kristen laughs, “No that, was too easy.”

Shakira pushes on Kristen’s arms trying to escape, but can’t break the loop of Kristen’s arms. Shakira finds a way out after a few moments by dropping her hips and hooking her left leg behind Kristen’s legs and tripping the blonde. Shakira steps aside as Kristen falls face first on the mat and Shakira keeps her leg across Bell’s and pulls on her ankle bending Kristen’s leg around her own. Shakira works the ankle lock keeping Kristen face down on the mat. Kristen digs into the mat and drags both small blondes towards the rope. The trip takes about fifteen to twenty seconds, but finally Kristen is able to grasp the bottom rope. Shakira says, “How to you expect to hit a top rope move if you can walk?”

She stands still, holding Kristen’s left leg and then slams the limp back to the map. Kristen gasps in pain as her knee digs into the mat. Shakira backs up allowing Kristen to get to her feet. Kristen takes a gingerly step on her leg THAWK, Shakira’s foot shoots out catching the meaty part of Kristen’s left thigh. Kristen doesn’t fall but has to reach out grabbing the top rope to hold stay upright. Shakira moves back in grabbing Kristen by the ankle and lifting Bell’s left leg Shakira pulls her back out into the ring making Kristen hop after her.

Shakira holds Kristen’s leg against her hip while Kristen tries to throw wild punches that miss by a good foot. Shakira leans her jaw forward taunting Kristen, “Come on hit me!!”

Shakira lets Kristen take about five swings at her that come no where close to hitting. Shakira tried of the game brings her elbow down on Kristen’s trapped leg right above the knee cap. Kristen collapses holding her leg. Shakira stands over Kristen, “Not talking much now are you?”

Rubbing her leg, Kristen says, “Don’t worry I’ll be carrying the conversation by the end of the match when you can’t talk.”

Shakira angry lashes her foot out to kick Kristen, but Bell seeing in coming and ducks under the kick. Shakira off balance gets dropped on her butt when Kristen grabs her foot planted on the mat and yanks.

Kristen and Shakira roll apart from each other and get back to vertical bases. Kristen is still a little gimpy, but she circles with Shakira for a moment and her leg seems to get stronger and the limp is almost gone. Moving together Kristen drives a kneelift into Shakira’s taunt stomach with a SMACK. Shakira bent over cheeks puffing can’t prevent Kristen from driving a headbutt right into Shakira’s forehead. Shakira is knocked to the mat, but Kristen may rethink future headbutts as she wobbles for a second as well before shaking off the effects of her attack. Kristen takes a handful of Shakira’s long curly hair and pulls her up. Kristen uses the long hair to snapmare Shakira back to the canvas and pulls her back up to her feet with the ref warning Kristen not to use the hair.

Kristen lets go of the locks a moment, “What’s up with the 80’s hair band look? Let me guess the 80’s didn’t come to Colombia until 2002.”

Kristen grabs two handfuls again and snapmares Shakira over again. Kristen pushes Shakira down on the mat face up and licking her hand once Kristen slaps Shakira’s belly, the blows coming so rapidly it sounds like one long SMACK. Shakira holds her stomach moaning after the storm of slaps rain down on her mid-section.

Kristen hair hauls Shakira to her feet again. Shakira once on her feet knocks Kristen’s arm away and throws a quick jab that clips Kristen on the chin. Shakira steps in wrapping her arms around KBell and belly to belly suplexes her over. Shakira pops back up to her feet and standing beside Kristen Shakira jumps throwing her feet across Kristen’s body and comes crashing down back first across Kristen’s chest. Shakira rolls off Kristen and hair hauls Kristen to her feet before using her blonde hair to snapmare Kristen over. Shakira reaches down grabbing both of Kristen’s wrists and falls backwards. Shakira places her feet on Kristen’s shoulders and pulls on her arms causing Kristen to shriek, “EEEOOOOWW!”

Shakira taunts, “Can’t climb to the top if a rip you’re arms out of the socket can you.” Kristen’s legs kick wildly as she tries to relieve the pressure on her arms and shoulders. Shakira pushes into Kristen forcing her to sit up and moving her feet to Kristen’s back Shakira turns the hold into a more traditional surfboard hold. Shakira taunts some more, “Legs, arms, back there not going to be much left of you when I’m done.”

Kristen fires back, “You’ll be begging No MAS when I’ve finished with you.”

Shakira lets go of Kristen’s arms and pushes her away with her legs. Kristen is pushed up on to her feet, but can’t hold her balance and falls face first into the canvas. Shakira nips up then a second later Kristen on her back now does the same. Shakira thought she had time to go after Kristen finds the small blonde charging her. Kristen’s drop kick catches Shakira in the chest. Shakira lands a few feet away from Kristen arms folded across her chest. Kristen back up quickly moves over to Shakira and with a little hop Kristen drives both feet into Shakira’s slack belly. Shakira’s legs and head lift up off the canvas in a Jackknife and a loud audible (UUOOOFF!) comes from the singer. Kristen hops off Shakira and runs to the ropes. Kristen jumps her feet hitting the middle rope and she flips back landing across Shakira’s chest.

The Lion Moonsault from KBELL gets the crowd fired up. Normally Kristen could have gone for the cover there, but since she didn’t come off the top turnbuckle it would not do her any good here. Kristen kneeling beside Shakira says, “That’s more like it.” SMACK! She gives Shakira’s gut another swat with her hand, “See that’s the difference...” SMACK, Another open hand slap to the belly. “I have aerial skills and...” A third stomach slap SMACK, “you don’t.”

Kristen pulls Shakira up by the hair. Leading the Colombia to the nearest corner Kristen smirks, “Ok this wouldn’t be high flying, but it should hurt.” Kristen locks Shakira in a full nelson. Kristen next move is ruthless as she alternates between bouncing Shakira’s face and chest off the top turn buckle. Four times Kristen forces Shakira’s head into the light padding and three times she shoves the singer chest first into the corner. Kristen struggles to keep Shakira on her feet at this point and releases the full nelson and props Shakira in the corner like someone putting a broom away.

Kristen gives the groggy wrestler a bit of foreshadowing, “This will be more high flying for you.”

She sprints across the ring and turning takes off like a gymnast running for the vault. Kristen leaves her feet around six feet away from the corner and looks to splash Shakira in the corner, but the Singer may not be ready for any great counter she can fail out of the way leave KBELL to eat a mouthful of turnbuckle. Kristen staggers back hands over her mouth and falls to the mat.

The two blondes get to their feet at the same time, Kristen working her jaw making sure she can open and close her mouth. Shakira takes the extra time to pull her bottoms back into place. The ref lets them take the extra time as the pace of the match until now was very fast. Satisfied nothing is too bad off they move back to the center of the ring and circle again. Shakira drops done sweeping her right leg out and catches Kristen in the calf tripping her to the mat. Shakira snags KBELL’s left ankle as she stand lifting the leg. Shakira kicks the back of Kristen’s thigh repeatedly, Kristen flops around after each kick trying to get away and finally gets close enough to the ropes to latch on. Shakira still holding on to the leg puts her shin against the inside of Kristen’s thigh and with a little hop drives her shin down across Kristen’s leg. Shakira backs away after warns from the ref she turns to him, “Yo no hablo ingles.”

Shakira waits until the ref turns and moves back to Kristen grabbing her left ankle and dragging her out into the ring. Shakira drops the leg and steps up onto KBELL’s stomach. Standing on the protesting blonde Shakira leaps in the air and does a standing moonsault crashing down across Kristen’s chest. Out of habit Shakira hooks Kristen’s leg, but when the ref does begin the count she remembers and hops up heading for the nearest turnbuckle. Shakira steps out the ring on to the apron and climbs the turnbuckle as the crowd grows louder, Shakira thinks it’s in anticipation of her 360 splash that will end the match. The hand on her throat as her left foot reaches the top turnbuckle shows she wrong about that. Kristen back on her feet catches Shakira as she is about the finish her climb and grabs the signer by the throat with her right hand Kristen then slams her left hand into Shakira’s crotch.

Kristen snarls, “You wanna fly? Let me help you.” Kristen pushes up lifting Shakira off the turnbuckle and tosses her with a gorilla press like slam out into the ring.

Kristen is still limping slightly as she goes after Shakira. Shakira trying to get back up is on her hands and knees when Kristen viciously kicks the singer in the side of the head. Kristen looking down says, “That puffy poodle hair probably acts like a shock absorber.” The glassy eyed look on Shakira’s face does look like her big hair helped any. Kristen hair hauls Shakira up and backs her into a corner, Kristen observes, “Well no one is going to chant JMD while the two of us are in the ring, but...” Kristen pushes Shakira’s head back and over hand slaps Shakira’s left boob.

Kristen takes the entire five count from the ref to lay more flesh cracking slaps in on Shakira’s tits. Shakira’s legs give out on her and she sinks into the corner. Kristen seeing Shakira sitting helpless gets a look on her face like a child on Christmas morning. Talking to her self Kristen says, “Shakira here helpless and me with a decision, stink face or bronco buster?” With a shrug Kristen says, “Why not both!”

Smiling out to the crowd Kristen hikes her briefs up and backs up into Shakira and scrubs her backside against Shakira’s face. Kristen steps away snapping her bottoms back into place. Kristen looks back at Shakira and says, “Now for part two.” Kristen runs to the opposite corner and leaps, but letting her plans out in the open may not have been the best idea as Shakira rolls under the bottom rope.

Kristen’s legs shoot between the bottom and middle rope one on each side of the ring post. Kristen saves herself from disaster by stopping before her crotch hits the ring post. Shakira though is right there to take hold of both of Bell’s ankles, looks at Kristen and simply says, “Gotch ya!”

Kristen with a look of panic screams, “NOOOO...THUD!”

Shakira falls back, bringing Kristen's crotch forward and slamming it into the ring post. Shakira takes her time getting back in the ring even though the ref is counting and while she's climbing back into the ring Kristen is able to push her way back into the ring, but she collapses and lays curled up in a ball in the corner. Shakira pulls Kristen up on to her knees, stands beside Kristen and with a pop of her hips, nails Kristen in the side of the head. The hip thrust may not sound vicious, but Kristen’s head snaps as Shakira’s powerful hip impacts. Kristen goes limp and crumples to the canvas in a heap!

Shakira rolls Kristen onto her back and then heads for the turnbuckles once again. She finds Kristen is still on the mat this time when she gets to the top turnbuckle, she yells, “It’s Over!”

She leaps and does a complete 360 before she flattens out and comes down across Kristen’s chest. One problem - Kristen rolls out of the way and Shakira slams into the mat tits first! She writhes around in pain with her arms crossed over her aching chest while Kristen crawls to the ropes to use the ropes to get back to her feet.

Shakira back on her feet takes a swing at Kristen as she comes in, Kristen ducks and catches Shakira around the waist and lifts Shakira taking her over with a belly to back suplex. When they hit Shakira curls up holding the back of her head, Kristen though is right back on her feet gathering a third or fourth wind.

Kristen looks down on Shakira saying, “Close, but not quite yet.” Kristen pulls Shakira up by her shoulder straps and leads the singer to a corner. Kristen faces Shakira towards the turnbuckles and wrapping her arm around Shakira’s waist and hooks the other arm under Shakira’s leg. Kristen lifts Shakira and sits her on the top turnbuckle. Kristen turns around and reaches back grabbing Shakira’s head and begins walking away from the corner. When Shakira’s ankles are the only part still in the turnbuckle Kristen sits out snapping Shakira’s neck on her shoulder.

Shakira convulses several times before Kristen roll her on to her back. Climbing the corner Kristen faces the crowd and after flashing the fans the Bullhorns the blonde leaps backward flipping and twisting at the same time and crashes down across Shakira’s chest. The corkscrew 630 splash Kristen calls the “Bell-Raiser” completes the first tonight’s stipulations, Kristen hooks a leg. The singer never moves as the ref makes the three count.

Kristen ignores her aches and pains climbing each turnbuckle and flashing the hook’em horns sign. Kristen yells several times, “I told you so!” Kristen jumps out of the ring and high fives fans as she heads to the back.

Allison Mack sits in the locker room with Erica Durance as Harold Green walks in. Allison looks up, “What do you want? Maybe book me in a match with a polar bear?” Harold takes the anger sent his way knowing Allison just needs to vent. The Promoter starts, “Allison, I’m sorry, but unless you do this Neve will take over and what do you think will happen then.” Allison, looking less happy, says, “Thanks for putting it all on my shoulders.”

But Erica interrupts, “Allie you can beat Kat.”

Allison seems surprised, “What makes you think that?”

“Well, I could beat her,” Erica says. “And I know you COULD beat me - if you had too!”

Allison, looking a bit surprised, grabs her bag and stands up. Turning to Erica she says, “Well come on! We’ve got a lotta training to do.”

Walking out Harold says, “I can’t do anything about the match, but I can ensure there’s no outside influence.”

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