Celebrity Championship Wrestling Show 16 by bigfan (pre-fight promos by Archer)

Alexis Bledel walked away from the CCW bulletin board where the card for Show 16 had just been posted. "Troubled, child?" Came a voice from a darkened part of the locker room.

"Hello, Rachel. I was wondering when I'd see you again," Alexis said coolly. She had almost grown accustomed to Rachel McAdams mysterious appearances into her life.

"You have a difficult opponent," Rachel observed. "I trust you will properly prepare."

"Considering you're facing Katee Sackhoff, you should worry more about yourself," Alexis retorted.

Rachel chuckled softly: "Touche, child. You needn't worry. I plan to be ready. I still believe you have an excellent future if you properly develop it."

"You mean, if I turn to the 'Dark Side' and join the Legion?"

"You definitely have an unexplored capacity for darkness, Alexis. Whether or not that requires the Legion, is a question for another day," Rachel purred. "In the meantime, do yourself some good and defeat Missy Peregrym as she deserves to be beaten."

"What does that mean? That I cheat to beat her?"

"I think you know what I mean. Explore your darkness, that's all," Rachel replied. "Let Peregrym be the first to touch it."

"Did I hear my name?" Missy Peregrym said as Alexis gave a surprised start.

"I was just talking to…" Alexis turned to point to Rachel…only to realize Rachel had disappeared through the door when Missy came in and was now out of sight.

Missy eyed Alexis with suspicion. "Talk to yourself much?"

“Sometimes it seems that way," Alexis muttered. "See you at the Show."

"Sure," said Missy who suspiciously watched Alexis walk away. She didn't know what was going on with Bledel, but she didn't like it!

"It's been a long time, but finally I'm going to be able to teach one of the Legion losers a lesson," Katee Sackoff told the CCW reporter.

"Aren't you worried the Legion interfering?" The reporter asked.

Katee smiled grimly: "Let's just say counter-measures have been prepared. Let's see if McAdams is so gutless she has to have her girls bail her out."

"Really, Katee, you make us sound so sinister," came a familiar smooth voice. Katee and the reporter turn to see Rachel standing there in her Legion hooded cloak, a sly smile on her face.

"And you are all such nice, sweet ladies, aren't you?" Katee sneered.

Rachel glided up to them: "We share mutual interests and a desire to protect ourselves from the unruly elements of the CCW. Your new friends, Ryan and Strahovski won't help. I can promise you that."

"I can promise you your days of terrorizing this fed are about to come to an end," Katee snarled.

"Don't count on it!" Rachel said with a sneer as she made a gesture with her hand. Suddenly, the lights went out and strange sounds are heard. When the lights come back on, the CCW reporter stared down at Katee who lay at Rachel's feet. "It appears Ms. Sackhoff has fallen and can't get up,” Rachel told the reporter. “I hope you’ll assist her." She smirked as she glided away. Katee gave a groan and rubbed a bump on her head as the reporter helped the blonde up.

"She and the Legion are going to pay for that!" Katee angrily tells the reporter.

The two newest CCW rookies stand talking to the CCW reporter.

"I have to say this is the most exciting promotion I've ever seen," Michelle commented. "And Yvonne and I are in the middle of it."

"When I heard about this 'Legion' group, I was outraged," Yvonne said. "I don't understand why management can't seem to stand up to Neve Campbell and her bunch. However I will certainly be glad to lend a hand if means bringing justice to this place."

"And there could be a good brawl or two," Michelle chuckled.

"I certainly hope so. I do love a good brawl," Yvonne admitted.

"And what about your fights: Michelle you'll be facing Megan Fox; Yvonne you'll be facing Laura Prepon. Your thoughts?"

"From what I understand, Megan's a worthy opponent. My only concern is interference from outside forces," Michelle commented.

"I feel the same. I’d rather concentrate on winning my fight with Laura Prepon, but if anyone else tries anything, they will regret it," Yvonne said.

At this point Megan Fox and Laura Prepon appear on the scene.

Laura spoke first: "Meg and I just want you two to know that we don't want any Legion bitches messing with our fights. If they try anything, we are prepared to side with you two."

"Of course," Megan added, "that doesn't mean we're going to let you beat us."

Michelle and Yvonne nodded. "That's all we ask: an honest fight," Michelle said.

"And we appreciate your backing us up. Maybe it will be enough to keep the Legion away," Yvonne added.

Suddenly, the lights go out, they return quickly. The four wrestlers are all in defensive mode, but they and the reporter are unharmed. However a big banner now hangs behind them: THE LEGION WILL BE WATCHING

(Michelle tears the banner down. Yvonne, Megan, and Laura look on angrily).

Agnes Bruckner in her hooded Legion costume is walking through the CCW backstage when she is suddenly confronted by Jessica Biel.

"I wanted to have a word with you in private," Jessica said.

Agnes tries to maintain the proper cool sneer of a Legion member, but she's clearly been taken by surprise.

"No fun when you're the one being ambushed, is it?" Jessica said.

"You will regret anything you do to me," Agnes blurted out.

Jessica laughed unpleasantly: "I seriously doubt that."

Jessica then forced Agnes up against the wall: "I'm just going to warn you that anything your friends try against me in our fight is going to come down on YOU personally. Just remember that if they suddenly decide to gang up on me."

"I don't need any help in beating you!" Agnes said, and she pushed Jessica back.

"You're a strong one, all right," Jessica observed. "You might not need any help. So why did you join them?"

Agnes looked confused, but then her face hardened: "I had my reasons."

"Couldn't have been very good ones," Jessica said.

"They were good enough," Agnes said stubbornly.

Jessica shrugged: "If you say so. I've given you my warning. Remember it."

"I'm still going to beat you-and without anybody's help!" Agnes retorted.

"Leave it at that and you'll have no trouble from me," Jessica said simply and walked away.

Agnes watched her go. Suddenly, a hand reached out from the shadows and touched her shoulder, Agnes spun around. There stood Neve Campbell, leader of the Legion.

"Not exactly an inspired defense of our sisterhood," Neve said coldly.

Agnes stood her ground: "I am a loyal sister of the Legion, but I don't need help in defeating Biel."

"IF we were to interfere, it would not be to help you. It would be to make a point about the Legion. I think you need to mediate on that," Neve said in a voice that sent chills down Agnes' spine. "Come with me-now."

"Yes, Mistress," Agnes said quietly and followed Neve into the shadows...


The Sun shine is bright as Sarah Carter stands looking around the CCW parking lot when Promoter Harold Green walks up to the lost looking blonde, "Can I help you Sarah? You know you're not wrestling tonight." Sarah removing her sunglasses smiles saying, "Yeah, but I wanted to bring these over" she kicks the bigger of two larger cardboard boxes, "They just arrived."

Harold looking at the plain brown cubes asks, "Well what's in them?"

“My bikinis,” Sarah answers. "I have my initials sewn on when I buy them in bulk. The big one holds my tops; I go through a lot of those." Harold couldn’t help but laugh, not at the blonde but at her foresight and the truth of her statement. The women’s tops DID tend to end up as souvenirs for fans in just about every match.

Harold says, "Wait here." Going to the door and seeing a familiar figure, he yells, "Rich! Grab a hand truck and come here."

"Yeah!" was heard and a few moments later Richard Fannin stepped out the door with a dolly in hand.

Harold introduced the them. "Sarah this is Rich, he'll help you put those boxes away." Turning to Rich, he added, "I figured you want to get to know our newest XX Division blonde since your scouting instincts are what helped get her here."

Sliding the dolly under the boxes, Rich is interrupted when Sarah asks, "So, where's my locker?"

Harold nods to Rich, "You mind showing her around?"

With a smile, Fannin replies, "Sure, No problem." Harold watches the two go and chuckles at his friends fondness for the XX Division blondes and his uncanny ability to pick the ones that are better wrestlers.

Kristen Bell looks around the work out room and mutters, "He's always saying, he'll hold my feet for crunches." She takes a deep breath adding, "Where is he when I'm actually doing them?" She hooks her feet under the pads and begins doing a sick amount of sit-ups. After nearly a hundred, Kristen flops back catching her breath and doesn't see another woman approach until the intruder jabs a finger in KBell’s very tight abs. Kristen leaps to her feet with impressive speed.

Laughing, Hayden Panettiere says, "Wow, must suck getting old and having to work than hard to keep yourself in average shape."

Kristen relaxing a bit when she sees the youngster shoots back, "Looks like you could spend sometime in here Thunder Thighs." Hayden crosses her arms huffing as she blurts out, "I came to challenge you to a top rope match." Moving to the treadmill, she stops. "Yer kidding?" is Kristen's only response as she looks dumbfounded at Hayden.

Hayden puffing herself up, nods. "I know I can beat you, but if you're scared..."

Kristen holds up a hand interrupting, "WHOA there wide load. Before you get all third grade on me calling me a scaredy cat think about what you're asking and WHO you're asking."

Hayden is almost in full pout mode now and even stomps her foot once. Kristen, looking at the barely legal teen, asks, "What is your top rope move anyway, a tadpole splash?"

Hayden's pout is turning to anger as she shouts back, "You'll find out when I nail you with it!"

Stepping up on the treadmill, Kristen hits a few buttons and beings running, after a short silence and thinking that Hayden maybe holding her breath until Kristen says something Kristen finally agrees. "OK I'll take you on in a top rope match. Does matter to me. You want to end your career before it begins."

Hayden gives Kristen a crooked smile, "See you in the ring."

Kristen points to the treadmill. "You better jump on that one if you plan to meet me in the ring. I'm going to wear your ass out."

Turning to leave, Hayden grumbles, "We'll see who wears who out."
Match 1: Alexis Bledel vs. Missy Peregrym

The new Rookie of the Year Missy Peregrym is the first woman to come out tonight. As Korn's "Freak on a Leash" is playing as Missy makes her way to the ring wearing a two tone bikini, the tops is Olive drab, and the bottoms are black. Missy climbs the turnbuckles raising her arms and holding her finger on the bullhorn symbol. When the Fader's "No Sleep tonight" begins to play Alexis Bledel burst out from behind the curtain wearing a yellow bikini top and spandex shorts both with black trim. She heads to the ring slapping the hands of fans and ignoring a small, but loud group chanting "You're gonna get crushed!"

Alexis has a look of determination on her face as she climbs into the ring. Prior to the match, Missy chests up to Alexis and the wiry brunette gives the Rookie of the Year a shove. Missy smiles and nods as Alexis seems determined not to be pushed around by the stronger Missy and moves with her.

The flaw in Alexis's plan is obvious Missy hits a lot harder than Alexis. Alexis tries to turn the tempo of the match up, but Missy seems right at home with that as well. While Alexis has a little more success with the quicker pace Missy still seems in control of the match. Missy bodyslams Alexis and almost before Bledel hits the mat Missy is falling driving the point of her elbow between Alexis's boobs.

Missy peels Alexis off the mat, securing her head between her thighs. Then Missy twists her hips back and forth crushing Alexis's head and twisting her neck. Alexis begins screaming and clawing at Missy's thighs just as, with a final twist and short hop, Missy send Alexis rolling across the canvas. Alexis lays very still after she comes to a stop; moaning in pain as Missy hair-hauls her back up. She keeps Alexis bent at the waist as she positions her, then Missy backs up a few steps and Scissor Kicks Alexis!

Standing over her fallen adversary, Missy uses her toe to nudge Alexis onto her back spead-eagled. Missy moves to the corner and looking out to the fans she tells them, "It's over!" She grabs the top ropes and leaps from the canvas to the top turn buckle. Without any hesitation Missy does a Back Flip and crashes down across Alexis's chest.

After hitting the "Gym-Nasty" Missy could be accused of making a lax cover as she leans across Alexis on her right hand and counts along with the ref - but Alexis never moves and Missy stays undefeated.
Match 2: Lizzy Caplan vs. Natalie Portman

The chanting of John Williams's "Duel of Fates" begins and Natalie Portman wearing a white spandex top and shorts with a black waistband heads down the ramp. Natalie hasn’t had much success so far but she looks determined to end her losing streak tonight. Music System of the Down ‘BYOB’ takes over as Lizzy comes out in a simple black bikini. She’s won a few matches and isn't about to let Natalie get healthy at her expense.

Starting off somewhat slowly, the two brunettes begin picking up the pace as both seem to settle into the quicker pace with easy. After ducking attempted Clotheslines from each other, Nat buries her foot in Lizzy's gut and hits an X-factor, grabbing the back on Lizzy's head and leaping in the air. When Natalie comes down she is still holding Lizzy’s head and drives her facefirst to the mat! Natalie gets a two count, but Lizzy kicks out and scrambles back to her feet.

Natalie sees her best chance for a victory in awhile flitting away and hammers Forearms to Lizzy's head as she backs her against the ropes, then captures Lizzy's wrist and Irish Whips her across the ring - or at least she starts to - because Natalie hangs onto Lizzy’s wrist and turns it around, instead sending Lizzy over the top rope in the corner she just came out of!

Lizzy's back hits hard on the ring apron as she falls to the floor below. Natalie walks around the ring arms raised, while Lizzy moans in a heap as the ref counts her out. Lizzy drags her way back onto the apron only to have Natalie come running over and drive a shoulder into Lizzy knocking her off the apron, sending her flying through the air into the security railing surrounding the ring!

Natalie watches as Lizzy tries to struggle back into the ring, but Lizzy looks like she won’t beat the ten count. Then Natalie helps Lizzy though the ropes, jumping out of the ring to break the count by going after the brunette. Lizzy gets the first right hand in as Natalie approaches, but Nat fires right back with a right of her own! Lizzy leans back against the guardrail, swooning as Natalie takes her arm and whips Lizzy into the steel steps leading to the ring.

Natalie may be a heel, but she knows how to work the crowd and before going after Lizzy she shows her ass to the crowd, giving them a good view as she ‘adjusts’ her bottom. She pulls her shorts up, showing a pair of nicely rounded asscheeks before snapping them back in place.

Finally, Natalie starts after Lizzy, but she realizes the ref is counting them both out and slides back in under the ropes, shoving the ref aside as she gets up. Natalie climbs to the top of the ringpost above Lizzy while Lizzy staggers to her feet. Liz never sees Natalie perched right above her and Natalie waits for Lizzy to move away from the steps before she flips off the turnbuckle! Natalie's butt hits Lizzy right in the head as the smaller brunette comes down on top of the laid out Lizzy!

Natalie struggles to lift the deadweight of Lizzy as she heaves her back into the ring and rolls her out to mid-ring where she crosses Lizzy's legs and sets her up for an STF. But instead of applying the Chinlock Natalie reaches under Lizzy's left arm and twists her body as she reaches around Lizzy's head.

The ref gets down quickly checking on Lizzy, but she has already begun to drool on Nat's arm. Nat's version of the STF called the ‘Vendetta’ has Lizzy almost unconscious. Lizzy makes no response and the ref calls for the bell. Natalie gives Lizzy's left boob a good squeeze before dropping her on her face, then stands and struts around yelling, "I’mmmmmm baaaaaaack!"
Match 3: Elisha Cuthbert vs. Eliza Dushku

Elisha comes out wearing a red bikini top and matching thong as Trapt's ‘Headstrong’ is playing. Elisha seems to enjoy the fans booing her and she yells back, "You know want to see me humiliate Eliza!"

Someone in the crowd yells back, "You suck!"

Elisha points to the fan, "Be nice, or I may not strip Eliza for you."

Rob Zombie's ‘Living Dead Girl’ brings Eliza to the ring the brunette is wearing red spandex muscle shirt top that’s cut off just below her boobs and matching shorts. Eliza gets a better welcome from the fans; slapping offered hands on her way down the aisle, then waves her arms to get the crowd even more fired up.

The match starts with Eliza showing her quickness and striking ability, keeping Elisha on the defensive. Elisha relies on counter moves whenever Eliza stays close for too long. Elisha does well keeping Eliza on the mat, making the brunette work hard to escape. Eliza still controls most of the match and after whipping Elisha into the corner she moves in beside the blonde. Eliza holds the top rope as she delivers a series of kicks to Elisha’s chest until she drops to her knees, then flops facedown to the mat.

Dushku rolls Elisha to her back, then climbs the turnbuckle and she doesn't hesitate before leaping, Eliza's Frog Splash is perfect - except Elisha had rolled away at the last second, leaving Dushku writhing on the mat holding her stomach. Elisha gets to her feet and stomps on any part of Eliza she can get her boot on!

Elisha pulls Eliza up into a Standing Headscissors, telling the crowd, "Time for the TWGF!" (The Worlds Greatest Finisher). She hooks her arms around Eliza’s waist and flips over the brunette's back and lands on her ass with Eliza's head is still trapped between her thighs. Dushku gets spiked headfirst into the canvas.

After that, it’s all academic! Elisha rolls Eliza onto her back and plants her ass down in a Reverse Facesit and before the ref can start to count, Elisha pulls Eliza's top up and adds some breast mauling during the three count. Once the match is done, Elisha peels off Eliza's top and gets to her feet. She teases the crowd, twirling the top overhead, then sling-shotting it out into the crowd.

Eliza is forced to take the walk of shame up the aisle with her arms criss-crossed over her bare chest.
Cut Scene One

Team Archer stand back stage Michelle and Camilla are talking when Eva Longoria and Eva Mendes stroll up behind the youngsters and shove them each in the back. Michelle and Camilla look at each other, slowly turning to face the tag champs.

Camilla starts' "If it isn't the..." and Michelle picks up, "…tagteam Champions!"

Mendes waves a finger at Team Archer, "Don't start that, Children of the Corn, shit on us!" Trading a smile, Camilla and Michelle alternate word in their next sentence, "We…don't…know… what… you… mean."

Longoria shoves Michelle, "You mess with us and your little funny gags could get you hurt, so go run along and play with the other little girls."

Before things can escalate, Harold Green steps in with a few security guards to separate the teams. Both began talking at once until they’re finally stopped when Harold looks up and says, "I'm glad I found the four of you. I have an announcement."

The Eva's broke in, "NO...They don't deserve it!"

Harold smiled, "Well, I believe they SHOULD get a shot. So at the next show your titles will be on the line and…" pointing to Team Archer… "THEY will be your opponents."

The promoter walks away and the Eva's glare at Team Archer, but the storm away. Now alone Michelle and Camilla drop the cool exterior they were holding and begin jumping up and down. It doesn't take long until the two bouncing girls get too close and CRACK! Michelle and Camilla smack heads and both stand stunned holding their head.
Match 4: Katee Sackhoff vs. Rachel McAdams

God Smack’s ‘Whatever’ blares throughout the small arena as Katee Sackhoff stalks from the back. She’s not smiling but she does stop twice on her way to the ring, once to wave her arms and once to tell the fans to make “More noise.” She’s wearing a gray low-cut sports bra and matching boy-cut shorts. After Katee climbs into the ring and tests the ropes by running across the ring and bouncing off them, she goes to her corner and Carl Orff's ‘Carmina Burana’ plays a few bars before changing to Crystal Method’s ‘Calling all Freaks’. Rachel McAdams is already taking off the robe she wears as a member of the Legion as she steps through the curtain, baring her ivory bikini. She stops to run her hands through her auburn hair, then strolls down the ramp like strutting a catwalk.

Rachel is barely in the ring when Katee walks past the ref saying, "You'd better ring that bell NOW." and continues toward Rachel who when she sees the blonde stalking her, quickly backpedals. Katee isn’t thinking defense as she chases Rachel to the ropes with big clubbing blows that Rachel's quick jabs and nimble kicks can't match. Katee shoves Rachel into her corner and hammers Forearm Smashes to Rachel's chest and only Katee’s leaning on Rachel keeps the redhead upright!

The ref already reaching the five count, tries pulling Katee off Rachel but Sackhoff spins around to face the ref and puts her hands on his shoulder, then pushes him clear across the ring to the opposite corner!

"The Big girls are working out their differences, you STAY until I call for you!" she tells him.

The Ref looks ready to protest, then thinks better of it and waits for Katee to start back after Rachel before he leaves the corner. Katee reaches up to hair-haul Rachel out of the corner but Rachel tosses some kind of powder into Katee's eyes! Screaming, Katee staggers away trying to clear her vision and Rachel rolls out of the ring, grabs a folding chair from the ring announcer and climbs back into the ring where she waits until Katee stumbles blindly into range and…

BAWHANG! The metal chair crashes into Katee's skull.

The Ref, emboldened by Katee’s catastrophe, now calls for the bell but Rachel isn't done. Katee, sprawled flat on her back on the mat, is defenseless as Rachel drives the top of the chair down into her gut. Katee's head and feet fly up off the mat in a V, then flop back as she curls into a ball. The continued ringing of the bell finally brings Allison Mack running from the back. She isn't scheduled to wrestle, but even in her street clothes this is one blonde who seems determined to get her hands on a member of the Legion.

Rachel hears the roar of the crowd and drops the chair, leaning over Katee to tell her, "You're lucky! If I ran the Legion, your ass’d be in a wheelchair."

After giving Katee a last kick to the ribs, Rachel rolls out of the ring on the opposite side from the one Allison is coming from, waves to Allison and runs around the ring just as Allison dives in under the ropes. Allison kneels to check on Katee, then watches as Rachel makes her way to the back. Allison kicks the bottom rope in frustration as she and Katee leave the ring with their arms around each other’s waist.
Match 5: Rosario Dawson vs. Katherine ‘Kat’ Heigl

Rob Zombie’s ‘Super Beast’ plays while Rosario comes to the ring wearing a pink and black striped bikini. Then Carl Orff's ‘Carmina Burana’ changes to Marilyn Manson's ‘Sweet Dreams’ to introduce Katherine ‘Kat’ Heigl who comes out in a hooded robe hiding her face, but with the front gaping open to display show Kat's awesome assets in a black top and skintight black short-shorts! Kat discards the robes halfway to the ring and gives the fans - now booing her - a look of disdain. The fans may not like the change in Heigl, but they aren't going to let that stop them from enjoying a match with two women who have both come up on the short end of the last two world title matches.

This match lives up to the fan’s hopes as Rosario and Kat go back and forth, each trying to drive each other through the canvas with power moves. The only time one is not slamming the other is when they’re trying to crush each other! The winner of the match will be right back in the title hunt while the loser will have a long climb back to her next title shot!

Rosario works on Kat's shoulders, trying to weaken the powerful blonde while Kat focuses her attack on Rosario's back and it begins to show as Rosario fails to scoop Kat up for a Bodyslam, drops her and walks away holding her back. Rosario turns around - right into a Lariat that crushes her tits flat! Kat reaches down, grabs a handful of the tiny cloth between Dawson's jugs and jerks her back up and sets her on her feet.

Once Rosario is upright Heigl's other hand takes a rough grip on Rosario's crotch as she hoists Dawson into a Military Press. Kat wants no doubts about her power as she carries Dawson around the ring overhead until her arms begin to shake from the strain. Then she turns Rosario over, slamming her on her back to the mat! But Rosario impressively kicks out when Kat goes for the cover, but it turns out Rosario has only earned more abuse for her effort!

Again, Kat snatches Rosario to her feet, then up onto the blonde's shoulder where she holds her as Kat carries Rosario to the nearby corner and plants Dawson’s ass on the top turnbuckle. Kat pulls Rosario's head down, hooks her behind the knees and takes Rosario back to center ring in the Muscle Buster.

Kat falls backward, crushing Rosario into the canvas and this time when Kat goes for the cover Rosario never moves. The ref counts three and Heigl stands up over Rosario, then snatches her arm away when the ref tries to raise it, stomps on Rosario as she storms out of the ring in a huff.
Match 6: "The British Bull" Michelle Ryan vs. Megan "The Fox" Fox

‘Becoming the Bull’ by Atreyu begins playing as the ring announcer introduces, "…The British Bull…Michelle Ryan!” The brunette come out wearing a white bikini with a Union Jack pattern and the word ‘Bull’ in script on her butt. ‘Paralyzer’ begins to play and Megan’s out-numbered fans jump to their feet as the announcer says, “She’s known as ‘The Fox’…Megan Fox!” Megan, in a shiny brown bikini, looks like she’d rather spit on them than acknowledge their support. Both women wear their long dark hair loose and Megan, the shorter of the two by a couple of inches, nevertheless is first to chest up as soon as they meet at mid-ring.

The match begins pretty much how fans think it would as Michelle hammers Megan, then Megan turns around to hammer Michelle. The two brunettes then see who can get more distance on a bodyslam as they toss each back and forth across the ring. Michelle misses a Clothesline and when she turns around, Megan is already in mid-air, her Drop Kick catching Ryan square in the gut.

With Michelle winded and gut shot, Megan takes the opportunity to relieve her of her bikini top - to great approval from the fans of both! Michelle recovers thanks to the respite her top gave her and she Belly-to-Belly Suplexes Megan as soon as she returns from flinging Michelle's top three rows into the grateful crowd.

Michelle doesn't seem bothered by her lost top as she continues to hammer Megan who is forced to finally escape the ring to buy some time, then invites Michelle to join her on the floor. Michelle declines the invitation, however, and stands in the center of the ring letting the referee's count force Megan to come back into the ring to avoid a humiliating disqualification.

Michelle Whips Megan to the ropes and when she rebounds, Michelle drives a knee up between Megan's bouncing boobs. Turn-about being so ‘fair play’ Michelle takes Megan's top and turns it into a souvenir before hair hauling the wheezing Megan to her feet. Standing at Megan's side, Michelle uses her hair to keep Fox bent at the waist while she reaches between Megan's legs and takes hold of her right wrist. Pulling the arm up between Megan's legs, Michelle uses Megan's own forearm to pound her crotch several times before she reaches over Megan's back, hooks her free arm and then lifts and twists Megan with a Pumphandle Slam. Megan rest on Michelle's right shoulder a second then Michelle Power Slams Fox to the canvas in a move Michelle will later christen, ‘The MICH-MASH.’

Michelle throws herself on Megan belly-to-belly, Grapevines her legs and then sides down to lay her tits on Megan's face. The ref makes the three count but Michelle still gives Megan a couple of extra jiggles before getting up to have her arm raised. She stops on the way out to autograph her top for the lucky fan who caught it; laughing as he stares at her big boobs.

"Funny they say ‘girls can't throw’,” Michelle chuckles. “Yet our tops always make it into the crowd somehow."
Match 7: Yvonne Strahovski vs. Laura Prepon

Breaking Benjamin's ‘Until the End’ plays as Yvonne Strahovski comes to the ring for her first time. Clad in a light gray bikini top and boy shorts, the blonde takes her time entering the ring after she circles the outside slapping hands with the fans and stopping to have her picture taken with a fan holding a sign reading, "StraHOTski".

While Yvonne stretches in her corner, Hole's ‘Celebrity Skin’ announces the arrival of Laura Prepon decked out in a copper color bikini. She too takes her time getting to the ring, but her interactions with the fans are more trading insults than shaking hands.

When the bell sounds, Yvonne catches Laura with a foot to the gut, followed by a Spinning Backfist that flattens the redhead. Yvonne gets a two count and Laura barely gets a shoulder up in time to avoid an embarrassingly fast loss. Yvonne pulls Laura to her feet, ducking a wild right by the redhead in the process. The next few minutes of the match consist mainly of Laura swinging wildly and Yvonne easily avoiding her wild attacks - then nailing Prepon with counters.

But Laura hits one move - sweeping Yvonne off her feet with a Clothesline, then leaps on Yvonne trying to control her on the mat. The blonde reverses positions and Laura gets her face shoved in the canvas, then dragged back and forth on her chest as Yvonne stomps both feet down on Laura's back.

Later, Yvonne sends Laura to the ropes and nails her with a Spin Kick between the breasts when Laura comes bouncing back. Yvonne pulls Laura to her feet and whips her into a corner, then walks up and as Laura hangs in the corner, asks her, "Have you been doing your crunches?"

She rapid-fires four punches to the redhead's paunch as Laura tries to cover up. Yvonne just pulls her hands away and pounds her a couple of more and the ref is finally forced to back Yvonne off. The crowd gasps when they see Laura's belly is as red as her hair! Yvonne waits at center ring, and when Laura doesn’t come to her, she moves in, grabbing Laura's wrist and pulling her out to mid-ring. Yvonne steps into Laura, dips her hips, and heaves the big redhead onto her shoulders.

She takes a second to hook her left arm around Laura's head and her right around Laura's right leg, then pushes up on the balls of her feet and falls to the side, hitting the Death Valley Bomb she calls ‘Spies-Demise’. Yvonne hangs on to the hold and Laura's neck, using her leg to cradle her while the ref makes a three count.

Yvonne doesn't show a lot of emotion after the win and calmly stands while her arm is raised, then waves to the fans. She has a big smile on her face as she heads to the back to rejoin Michelle.
Match 8: Christina Ricci vs. Dani Fishel

Dani Fishel comes out wearing an electric blue bikini top and boy shorts to AC/DC's ‘You shook me All Night Long’. Dani stops at ringside for a word with her manager, The Captain, then after last word of encouragement climbs the steps and enters the ring. Christina Ricci is in simple black bikini - barely four triangles of fabric held together with thin spaghetti strings as she comes to the ring to Marilyn Manson's ‘Dope Show’. As Christina walks to the ring she ignores most of her fans, but she does stops to give one fan a tongue lashing when he calls her ‘Wednesday.’ Christina had demanded this rematch after losing to Dani the last time they meet.

It turns out this match could’ve been held in a phone booth because Dani and Christina go to the mat and, while they trade positions several times ,they stay in the center of the ring. Headlocks, Waistlocks, Armbars and other mundane wrestling holds are traded, but the fans interest picks up when Beast and Crotch Claws are introduced into the match. The busty wrestlers both lose their tops but still they refuse to move more than a few feet from center ring!

Christina comes out of a Headlock and rolls Dani under her, then swings a knee into her crotch, drawing a sympathetic OOOOWWW from the crowd. Dani cries out once and moans as she clutches her wounded groin. Christina gets to her feet, then comes crashing down across Dani's chest with a Splash! Crushed under the stocky Ricci’s hard body, Dani's legs fly up, then fall back flat. Christina grinds her big boobs into Dani's heaving hooters as the ref counts, but Dani kicks out at two!

Christina kneels beside Dani and taunts, "Let's see if it's as soft as I remember."

Applying a Double Belly Claw, Christina digs all ten fingers deep into Fishel's stomach! As Ricci bores in, Dani tries pulling her hands away, but Ricci slams her shin across Dani's upper chest, blocking her. Dani's sucking breath through clinched teeth tries to kick her feet up and kick Christina, but it only adds to the pain of the Stomach Claw. Dani's refusal to submit angers Christina who moves her right hand down to Dani's crotch. After that, it’s only seconds before Dani starts slapping her hand on the mat - tapping out!

Christina gives each claw hold a final squeeze before standing and kicking Dani out of the ring.
Cut Scene Two

Shinedown's "Fly from the inside" lets the fans know Allison Mack is about to come out. The blonde doesn't keep them waiting long as she pushes her way through the curtain and with mic in hand makes her way to the ring. Allison is about to climb into the ring when Katherine Heigl leads the Legion out from the back. Allison tosses the mic into the ring and turns and sprints back up the ramp. Katherine Heigl gives a quick smile before charging to meet Allison. The two blondes collide and after both regain their balance they begin trading punches. The other four Legion members start to come to Heigl's aid but the roar from the crowd suggests they better turn around. Erica Durance, Billie Piper, Michelle Ryan, and Yvonne Strahovski each match up with a Legion member and the brawl is on. Most of the focus is on Heigl and Mack and to most fans surprise Mack is holding her own against the bigger woman. Now the fans turn though booing as more than twenty security and refs pour out from the back pulling the two groups apart.
Match 9: Agnes Bruckner vs. Jessica Biel (Champion) [Non-title contest]

Agnes is the first to enter the ring to Three Days Grace ‘The Animal I've Become’ wearing a gray bikini top and dark blue boy shorts and while she’s a little disheveled from the earlier brawl, she’s none the worse for wear. Champ Biel comes out to Velvet Revolver's ‘Slither’ in a stone gray bikini with a silver disk between her breasts and the title belt around her waist. As she comes out from behind the curtain, she unsnaps the belt and throws it over her shoulder, then heads down the ramp. Jessica greets many of her fans but her attention never leaves the blonde waiting for her in the ring.

Jessica climbs in the ring and warns Agnes again, "You and your friends try pulling that shit on me, I'll make you pay." Agnes, grimly staring across the ring at the champ, doesn't acknowledge her.

Fans expecting to see the champ mow down the blonde are shocked, as Agnes stands toe to toe with Jessica and matches her move for move. Jessica whips Agnes into the ropes and when the blonde returns, the champ hits a beautiful Powerslam, landing perfectly for the cover. But at two, Jessica is tossed clean off Agnes when the blonde kicks out.

Soon after, Agnes has Jessica trapped in the corner; the champ on rubber legs as Agnes hammers hard rights to her torso and head. Agnes pulls Jessica out of the corner by the hair and slams into Biel, wrapping her in a Bearhug and slamming her back into the turnbuckles so hard her head whiplashes back over the top buckle!

Jessica is in trouble against the rookie and has to kick out of several cover attempts by Bruckner who once more yanks Jessica up by the shoulder straps and begins to set her up for the Michinoku Driver that has ended all of Agnes's victories so far! But Jessica blocks the first attempt to lift her, then fires a series of Uppercuts into Agnes's stomach. A dozen shots later, two last Uppercuts send Agnes' boobs bouncing around on the blonde's heaving chest.

Jessica holding Agnes up sets her up and nails a Jess-plex! The T-Bone Suplex may have been enough to get Jessica the win, but she heads to the nearest corner; climbing the ropes for an insurance move. She perches on the top ropes as she waits for Agnes to stagger to her feet then leaps into space, catching the blonde around the head to Bulldog Agnes’ face into the mat!!

The ‘Bieldog’ leaves Agnes star-fished face down and not moving. Jessica scrambles back onto the blonde and rolls her over for a perfunctory ‘One...two...three!’ by the referee.

Then Jessica gathers her belt and walks back to the center of the ring where her expression almost dares the other Legion members to come out. While Jessica is watching the curtain, Agnes rolls out the other side of the ring, drops to the floor on one knee, rises and staggers awkwardly away. Jessica waits several more moments, then says, "I didn't think so!" She climbs each turnbuckle in turn, holding her title belt over her head to show everybody she's still the woman to beat.
Main Event: Tricia Helfer vs. Ashley Scott

After watching the Champ escape her non-title match up fans are more than ready to see the number one contender match. Two leggy blondes that have really taken to hating each other what more could the fans ask for. The lights dim and Aimee Allen's "I'd Start a Revolution" begins playing. Search lights spin around the arena. "From Matairie, LA...at 5’9” and most of it legs…….ASHLEY "Legs" SCOTT!" Ashley pushes out through the curtain her long black leather coat floating behind her. Ashley stops at the top of the ramp and places her hands on her hips her coat open showing the small black bikini underneath. Surveying the crowd Ashley waits and heads down the ramp. The trip to the ring is an unusual one as some fans reach out to slap the blonde's hand, while others yell at Scott as if she a heel.

After Ashley steps to the far corner of the ring, the announcer continues, "From Donalda, Canada...She stands 5' 10"...Tricia Helfer!" A red dot appears on the giant screen and begins traveling from one side of the screen to the other leaving a faint line behind it and a low humming noise is heard. The area is mostly dark now and two red dots flash just before the lights come up and Tricia is standing center stage giving the illusion that the two dots came from her own eyes. Tricia gets the same mixed welcome from the fans as they seem spilt fifty/fifty in their support of the wrestlers. Tricia is in a bright blue bikini top and bottoms cut high on her thigh. Tricia enters the ring and starts after Ashley, seeing Tricia coming Ashley steps out to meet Tricia. Bumping chest to chest Tricia and Ashley try staring down each other. Neither woman will back down and their foreheads press together, but both are silent.

Helfer breaks the silence, "This is the last time we meet. I'm not getting in a long feud with a jobber to the stars like you."

Ashley tilts her head, "How's the crotch?"

Tricia shoves Ashley and with the space created the ref steps between the wrestlers and escorts Tricia to her corner. The ref wastes no time calling for the bell after getting the wrestlers to their corners. Even with the fact that the two blonde's would love nothing more than rip each other apart, neither is reckless enough to just charge into her opponent. Circling, they move into a collar and elbow tie up, almost at the last second Ashley slaps at Tricia's head hitting her above the ear. Tricia backs up quickly and glares at Ashley who is smugly smiling.

"Keep your eyes opUNNNHG!" Tricia cuts Ashley off mid sentence with a foot to the gut, the steps to Ashley's side and drives a knee up into the blonde's chest, Ashley stands straight up for a moment before falling flat on her back.

Tricia stands over Ashley gloating. "Too easEEEEE…" Ashley's left leg kicks Tricia shin and her right leg catches the back of Tricia’s knee, sending Tricia face first to the canvas.

Ashley sits up and grabbing Tricia's ankles and crosses Tricia's legs. Ashley's hands cup Tricia chin and Scott pulls back locking in the STF. Ashley leans forward to whisper in Tricia's ear, "I'm going to wear you big ass out."

Tricia's jaw being held shut keeps her from answering, but she digs her elbows into the mat and drags the wrestlers combined weight the few feet she needs to be able to reach the bottom rope and force a break. Ashley uses all of the ref's five count before rolling off Tricia and getting to her feet. Tricia is a little slower to get up. Tricia stretches her long legs out as she stands and glares at Ashley as they circle again until they lock up.

Pushing and pulling on each other the blondes try to find a better hold on each other. Tricia pulls Ashley into a side headlock. Tricia grinds her hip into the side of Ashley's head while dragging Scott behind her around the ring. Ashley makes a grab for Tricia's crotch trying to escape the hold, but Tricia knocks the hand away and snaps Ashley over with a headlock take down.

Tricia leans back in the hold, telling Ashley, "Stay away from my bottom or I'll break you damn neck." Ashley works her arms under Tricia's legs and rolls the Helfer over Ashley's own body into a pinning predicament. The ref gets a two count before Tricia can push her shoulders off the mat. Tricia furious with Ashley's attempt at a quick fall yells, "Bitch!"

Tricia hammers right hands into the spiky blonde hair atop Ashley's head. Ashley arms and legs are flailing as Tricia land about ten shots, Tricia shakes the pain out of her own hand when done and pulls Ashley into her feet again still holding on to the headlock. Tricia, stomping around the ring, yells to the fans, "I'm gonna squash her head like a grape."

Tricia stops and readjusted her hold on Ashley, but when Tricia tries pulling Ashley behind her again Ashley puts on the breaks and doesn't move. Tricia takes a step back at the same time Ashley wraps her arms around Tricia waist and lifts Helfer up falling back with a Belly-to-Back Suplex.

Tricia's arms spring open as her head hits the canvas. Ashley shoves Tricia aside getting to her feet the sides of Ashley's face bright red from her time trapped in the Headlock. Ashley takes deep breathes as she gets to her feet and moves back to Tricia hair hauling Helfer up. Ashley decides to make a point with her next actions.

"The…" she says as she chops Tricia’s chest, THWAP!

"…title…" another chest chop, SPLAT!

"…shot…" a third chest chop, SMACK!

"…is mine!" THWACK!

The final chop sends Tricia reeling back into the ropes where she sags with her arms draped over the top rope. Ashley steps up, cups a hand under Tricia chin and digs her fingers into her cheeks, hissing, "I'm going to do whatever it takes to make you miserable, and by the time I'm done you'll be begging me to stop."

Ashley pushes Tricia's head aside and delivers another flesh cracking cleavage chop. Ashley not giving Tricia anytime to recover hooks Helfer under the arm and hiptosses her out into the ring. Ashley follows Tricia to the mat holding Tricia's wrist Ashley wraps both legs around Tricia's left arm locking in a short arm scissors. Ashley pulls on the trap limb until she is rewarded with a cry of pain from Tricia, and then Ashley lessens the pressure a bit so she can lean forward and SLAP, cuffs the top of Tricia's head.

Ashley smugly taunts Tricia, "Ready for another close up look at my crotch?"

When she leans forward and gives Tricia’s left boob a quick squeeze, Tricia screams, "I’m gonna fuckin kill you."

Ashley falls backwards pulling on Tricia’s trapped arm causing another cry of agony from Tricia.

Ashley asks, "How are you gonna kill me, if I rip your arm off and beat you with the bloody end?"

Tricia rolls into Ashley and getting her feet under her Tricia begins driving into Ashley. Ashley is match booked, under Tricia but with the pressure off her arm Tricia pushes down on Ashley putting Scott's shoulders on the canvas.

“ONE...TW…”THUMP! Ashley snaps Tricia back down to the canvas.

Ashley reaches out giving Tricia's boob another squeeze, but the change of position brings the ropes close enough for Tricia to hook an ankle over. Ashley hangs on until the ref begins to count before releasing the hold and rolling away to get to her feet. Ashley runs her fingers along the back of her bottoms snapping them back into place while she waits for Tricia to get back to her feet. Tricia shakes the blood back into her left arm then steps forward raising her right arm high challenging Ashley to a test of strength. Ashley not about to back down from Tricia in anyway steps up to accept the challenge.

Slowly, they lock fingers and then bring their other arms up and repeat the process with the opposite hands. Slamming chest to chest the two blondes strain against one another for superiority. The struggle continues both wrestlers trying to gain the advantage. Tricia lets out a scream and bends Ashley's wrists back. Ashley fighting to at least get back to even pushes up against Tricia.

Tricia snarls, "On your knees!" Ashley tries not to obey, but is unable stop Tricia from forcing her to one knee, then down on both knees. Ashley's forehead tilts forward on Tricia tight belly and she bites her lip to keep from crying out in pain.

Tricia adds taunt to torture, "You don't deserve a title shot! I'm going to beat that truth into you." She gives a little extra pressure to the hold until Ashley does howl in pain.

Tricia smiling takes a step back kicking Ashley in the sternum breaking the hold. Tricia has to pull her bottoms back into position before she goes after Ashley and hair hauls her to her feet. Tricia takes Ashley by the left wrist and upper arm and whips her into the corner. Ashley's back arches as it hits the lightly padded turnbuckle. Tricia follows grabbing Ashley by the chin and Tricia's right arm raises her elbow even with her shoulder and Tricia pistons fists into Ashley's face.

The ref quickly begins counting, but a half dozen punches seems to satisfy Tricia and she steps back holding her hands up. Ashley's butt is caught on the second turnbuckle or she would probably sink all the way to the canvas. Tricia grows tried of waiting quickly and moves back to Ashley grabbing her ankles and dragging her out into the ring.

Ashley's leg held up in the 'V' leave her very exposed to Tricia's foot which stomps down on Ashley's crotch. Tricia drops the legs and leans over Ashley, "That's for the last time, but don't think that makes us even." She falls heavily across Ashley's chest and hooks her near leg.

“ONE...TWO...NO!” Ashley kicks her leg free of Tricia's hold and flops on to her side. Tricia turns to the ref holding up three fingers, but the zebra shakes his head no.

Less than happy, Tricia stands up and reaches out to hair haul Ashley up again. Ashley waits until she is back on her feet and digs her fist deep into Tricia slack stomach. Ashley then nails Tricia with an upper cut that clips the blonde's chin. Tricia staggers back leaning heavily on the ropes that keep her upright. Tricia's eye look un-focused as Ashley catching a second wind charges extending her arm and clotheslines Tricia backward over the top rope.

Tricia bounces off the ring apron before falling the rest of the way to the floor below. Ashley steps back and hunches down a hand going to her crotch to try and rub the pain still there away. Tricia groans and rolls on to her back staring at the rafters with a glazed look over her eyes. The ref begins counting Tricia out of the ring and at five Tricia seems to recognize where she is and what's going on. Tricia gets to her feet and the loud roar from the crowd lets Tricia know she better look up. She does, just in time to see Ashley come flying over the top rope!

Ashley had stood in the ring and waited until Tricia stood, then took off; throwing herself over the top rope and hitting Tricia with a Crossbody Block. Tricia tried to catch Ashley, but Ashley's weight and her momentum meant even Tricia couldn’t prevent her from driving Tricia into the thinly padded floor. Ashley runs her fingers on the side of her top, pulling it back into position before getting the her feet and hair-hauling Tricia up.

Fans at ring side beg Ashley to throw them Tricia's top but she answers, "Maybe later! I don't want her nasty bare tits rubbing against me."

She lifts Tricia on to the apron and turns Helfer so her head is the only thing hanging over the apron. Ashley lines her shot up and drives her elbow between Tricia's jugs. Ashley shoves Tricia's gasping body back into the ring and climbs in after her. Ashley rolls Tricia away from the ropes and falls across her chest. Ashley getting a little sloppy forgets to hook a leg and Tricia kicks out at two and a half.

Ashley pulls Tricia up along with her as she stands SMACK! Tricia's right hand shoots out nailing Ashley on the jaw. Ashley caught off guard tries to hit Tricia with a right of her own, but Tricia blocks it with her left arm and hits Ashley with another right hand. Tricia's arms encircle Ashley torso and Tricia Belly-to-Belly Suplexes Ashley. Tricia slides around Ashley taking a handful of short damp blonde hair Tricia places Ashley's head between her legs. Tricia clamps down on the head scissors, adjusting the hold so Ashley's nose brushes against the thin fabric covering Tricia's crotch. Tricia seems to have picked this hold as much for the pain and humiliation she's causing Ashley, but Tricia is also getting a chance to recover. Tricia is rubbing her chest where Ashley not long ago buried her elbow.

Ashley's legs flop back and forth as she tries to escape the hold, she yells, "Let me go, Bitch!"

Tricia lifts her hips off the mat adding to the pressure on Ashley's neck and head saying, "Get used to the view!"

Tricia done checking out her own pains turns to causing Ashley more reaching out and grabbing a solid handful of Ashley's left boob. Ashley cries out in protest while Tricia pulls Ashley's top aside to get a flesh to flesh contact. Ashley kicks and bucks looking for some escape route. Ashley rakes her fingers down Tricia's long legs, but still cannot escape. Ashley catches a break as her flailing brings the ropes into range and she hooks her ankle on the bottom strand.

Tricia looks at the ref watch him make the count and when he reaches four she finally releases Ashley and rolls away getting to her feet. Ashley rolls to the ring rope hold the bottom rope with one hand and cupping her damaged boob in the other. Ashley takes her time only taking a few quick looks to make sure Tricia isn't closing in. Ashley pulls her top back in place and pulls her self up the ropes. Tricia has been telling fans that she is now in control of the match. Ashley wipes either the sweat from her face or maybe tears as she moves to the center of the ring.

Tricia moves to grab Ashley, but Scott dodges under Tricia leaving her grasping only air. Ashley behind Tricia kicks the meaty part of the back of Tricia's thigh. Tricia limping now can't prevent Ashley from following up with three more kicks to the same thigh before the leg gives out on Tricia and she falls to the mat. Ashley pulls Tricia back up by the shoulder straps pushing the limping blonde into the nearest corner and lifts Tricia up on to the top turn buckle. Ashley turns so her back is facing Tricia and steps up on to the second rope reaching back and head locking Tricia. Ashley plans to drive Tricia into the mat with a bulldog, but when Ashley leaps Tricia shoves her and slips out of the Headlock.

Ashley sails across the ring landing on her ass. Ashley mouth hangs open in a silent scream until Tricia's feet nail her in the back. Tricia waited until Ashley hit and then leaped missile dropkicking Ashley's back. Tricia hair hauls Ashley up and scoops her up. Tricia carries Ashley across her chest to the corner she just came from and lays Ashley across the top turnbuckle. Tricia clasps her hands together and hammers down on Ashley stomach. Three more times Tricia hammers Ashley's belly. Ashley coughing and gasping for air has now way of preventing Tricia from stepping up on to the middle rope and then lifting Ashley again holding her across her chest Tricia does a perfect back flip. Ashley hits first and then all of Tricia's weight comes down on top of her. Tricia pulls up on Ashley's far leg.


Ashley kicks out, but the ref is up calling for the bell. Ashley struggles to her feet to keep and starts after Tricia, but the bell rings. Ashley looks stunned at the ref, "That wasn't three! I kicked out!" Shaking his head 'no' the ref quickly raises Tricia's arm. Ashley kicks the bottom rope before turning to Tricia yelling, "This isn't over!"

Ashley climbs out of the ring. Tricia is happy to have the title shot, but she’s unhappy she didn't finish the rivalry with Ashley. Tricia will have to think about Ashley later, right now, she needs to get ready for Jessica Biel.

Harold Green for the first time in several shows ends up at what as become the after show party at a bar called Daunte's. Fans and wrestlers mingle after each show talking and drinking. Looking over the crowded bar Harold notices for the sake of peace there are many of the wrestlers that give enemies wide berths. Some of the fans bounce from table to table talking to as many of the wrestlers as possible while others seem to be fixtures at a given wrestlers table. At all the tables the weakness seen in the Legion is brought up. It looks like things may be getting back to normal around the CCW, but that can all change with the results of one match at Show 17. Harold walks over to talk to the young lady that has his future in her hands. Allison Mack as usual is sitting with Billie Piper and some fans, also at the table sits Sarah Carter.

Allison sees the promoter coming, "Let me guess, more bad news for me? Katherine gets to start the match sitting on my face?"

Harold has become use to the small jabs from Mack, he does have to admit she's been given the short stick lately. "No, just wanted to stop by and see how things are going."

Richard Fannin offers, "Sit down, it's time to take a load off."

Harold waves off the offer, "No thanks, I just wanna let Allison know I’ve added a personal stip to her match with Heigl."

Allison rolls her eyes, "You're going to book me in a gator wrestling match?"

Harold shakes his head 'no' and continues, "If you win, you’ll be number one contender for the XX Division Title get a title match with Neve."

Allison's eyes lit up, "Now you're talking."

Harold bids everyone a good night and turns to leave, then takes a second look back at the table. Was it him or were Billie and Sarah glaring at each other? As he looks back, the whole table is doubled over laughing. Shrugging the promoter walks out.

Neve is pacing back and forth in front of the four other Legion members. "What has happen to you, I picked you because I thought you had what it took to help me pull this off."

Rachel McAdams mumbles something, but when Neve stops in front of her and asks, "You have something to say?"

Rachel quickly answers, "No"

Neve pulls Katherine Heigl out of the line up and puts her arm around her shoulder. "She’s the ONLY one I can count on. That's why she gets the honor of crushing that blonde goody-goody. I can't believe I was once like her." Kat stands beaming with pride while the other three look disgruntled as Neve continues. "Once Kat is down with Little Miss Sunshine, we all hit the ring! If those other do-gooders show up, we'll deal with them too, but whatever else happens, Mack leaves on a stretcher - or in a casket!" Neve looks around her little group, then yells, "Got it?"

The women respond in unison, “YES NEVE!"

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