Celebrity Championship Wrestling Show 18 by bigfan

CCW on the road.

After a long drive from the airport the two stretch Humvees pull up to a log cabin looking building, but the structure is huge. The lodge is to be divided into three sections a large central building with two slightly smaller wings. Archer and Richard Fannin head up to the main door as the nine ladies with them seem to forget they aren't all friends as they huddle for heat with the temperature well below freezing and snow falling. Archer and Rich are greeted by the local promoter Sam Walls, "Welcome, We have rooms ready for all of you inside."

Hearing the invitations to enter the warmth, the women nearly run over the three men to get inside. The wrestlers head to the rooms located in the wings of the building while Archer and Rich follow Sam deeper into the larger center building. "Nice place you have here." Comments Rich as they enter a large common are with a huge fireplace and many couches. Nodding Sam says, "Thanks" and pointing to a non-descript door says, "This way."

Walking through the door they enter a long corridor adorned with photos of women wrestling. Archer notices one and asks. "Isn’t that Marilyn Monroe and Mamie Van Doren?"

Sam takes a quick glance, "Yeah. Good eye." A little further down the hall he points out another photo of Mamie winding up to chest chop Marilyn in a corner. "This’s that same match. 1953. Mamie beat Marilyn." At the end of the corridor they see an old, but well-kept, ring. Archer and Rich inspect it as Sam explains, "The locker rooms are back there and the girls were given rooms on a hallway that leads right to them." Rich nods looking around, the room is very warm and the ring maybe a bit soft, but everything seems in order.

Archer asks, "How many people you get in here?" He’s eyeing the small bleachers on the one side of the ring.

Sam points to cameras encircling the ring hung from the ceiling, grins and says, "Most watch from their room, but the bleachers hold 50 - more, if they’re ‘really chummy’."

Happy with the set-up Archer asks, "I guess there’s only one last detail. Your celeb who’s facing Kristen. Who is it?"

Sam smiles, "One of our own home grown...Michelle Williams."

Rich give a low whistle, "Sounds like Kruek will have her hands full."

After shaking hands with Sam Archer and Rich head to find the CCW ladies and give them the run down.


The event starts and not only do the bleachers fill, but extra chairs are brought in for roughly another fifty spectators. Rich and Archer view the event from the small control room and its dozen monitors. Up first making her singles debut is Hayden Panettiere going against the more experienced and bustier Beverley Mitchell. Hayden makes some rookie mistakes and Bev makes her pay for them, but in the end Hayden hits a swinging DDT and rolls Mitchell over on her back. A few seconds later, Hayden heads to the top rope instead of covering and jumps. The brawny little blonde does a single flip in the air and lands feet first on Bev's tummy. Even as Mitchell's head and leg jerk of the mat Hayden keeps her balance and just steps of Bev and kneels beside her and hooks the leg for the win.

Laura Prepon takes on Julia Stiles next. The redhead looking for an easy win is stunned as Julia takes the fight to her. Laura is face down on the mat and Julia kneeling above her head locks Prepon in a head scissors. Julia's addition of an ass spanking forces a submission out of Laura.

Sarah Carter also makes her singles debut tonight taking on half of the tag team champions Eva Longoria. Eva has not lost in tag team or singles action yet since the CCW returned. The speed of this match makes it difficult for the fans to follow the action, when they thing Eva has the upper hand, Sarah sends her flying to a hard landing. Fans are under the impression that Sarah is in control and Sarah ends up trapped in a guillotine headlock. Sarah nails Eva with a spinning heel kick then heads to the top rope. Sarah stays perched on the top turnbuckle until Eva gets up and turns towards her. Then Carter performs a front flip from the top rope before executing a hurricanrana in to a pin. The Dragonrana Sarah calls the D.O.A. hands Eva her first loss of any kind.

The final prelim pits Team Archer's Camilla Belle against Anne Hathaway. The two had meet before in a four way match up, and had run ins with each other before, but this was their first meeting in one on one action. The match went back and forth with both girls staying inside the rules. Camilla gets control and under hooks both of Anne's arms and lifts the brunette up into a piledriver position. Instead of spiking Anne's on her head though Cam pushes up on her toes and falls forward slamming Hathaway tits and face first into the canvas. Camilla slides an arm between Anne's legs and rolls her to her back for a pinfall win.

Now it's time for the main event. Kristin Kreuk is the first to come to the ring, and while all night the Big Sky crowd had been supportive of the CCW wrestlers, that all changes as the brunette makes her way to the ring. Kristin is wearing a dark red bra and panties and her hair is pulled back in a tight ponytail. Kreuk almost seems to enjoy the boos and insults hurled her way, as an evil grin creeps across her face.

When the Big Sky's own Michelle Williams makes her entrance the crowd flips 180 degrees and cheers and starts a "Kill her Mish!" chant. The blonde's short hair hangs loose. Michelle is dressed in a dark drown bikini top that has leather tassels hanging off it. Her bottoms are a similar dark brown boy shorts that fail to cover the butt cheeks at the bottom.

While getting their instructions Kristin says, "Dark brown? Smart I guess the fans won't be able to tell when you shit yourself tonight when I lock you in the Krippler."

Michelle takes the insult and answers, "Just to remind you, I love sticking my tits into the face of loud mouth bitches like you."

Michelle and Kristin technically don't break any rules, but they do bend them a good bit. The ref's five count is liberal, but it is fair to both and both take advantage of the leeway.

Michelle uses Kristin's ponytail to hair mare Kreuk over several times. Kristin whips Michelle into a corner and taking a boxing stance throw a vicious combination into the blonde's rack, and then ends the assault with a knee to the trunks. Michelle traps Kristin in a grapevine hold pinning her arms above her head and gives Kristin a preview lowering her tits into Kreuk's face. Michelle warns Kristin, "Next time my top won't be on."

But Kristin seems to use the threat to motivate her and takes control of the match a short time later. Kristin lifts Michelle and drops her across her thigh in a gutbuster, Michelle coughing and holding her stomach has no defense ready as Kristin rolls her to her stomach and sits on her back applying a full nelson and pulling Michelle back into the "Kreuk Krippler".

Kristen pulls Michelle's torso completely off the mat while keeping the blonde's hips pinned to the mat sitting on her ass. Michelle refuse to submit, but Kristin keeps the hold on wearing down Michelle and after about a minute Kristin is holding a limp Michelle, who still refuses to quit despite the fact that she's utterly helpless. Kristen holds both of Williams' arms in one and slides her hand across Michelle's exposed rack and drags her fingers across both of Michelle's tits pulling her top out of position and leaving four red streaks on the blonde's swaying jugs. Michelle cries in pain and curses as Kristin begins digging into her boobs. Michelle tries fighting off the pain, but Kristen is relentless squeezing Michelle's boobs and finally Michelle has no other options, she submits.

The fans begin tossing beer and soda cups at the ring booing the smiling brunette. Kristin acts as if the abuse is actually cheers and waves smiling at the crowd. Kristin walks back to Michelle and straddling the blonde Kristin says, "I expect you to live up to our bet. Don't make me come looking for you." Michelle, in tears hugging her ravaged rack only nods that she understands.

The next morning, Rich and Archer are making rounds to the ladies room to give them a heads up that they will be leaving soon. Just as they reach Kristin's room, a disheveled Michelle Williams scrambles out the door with a towel wrapped around her. Knocking on the door, the two men are met by a smiling Kristin, fully dressed and looking ready.

Archer asks, "What was THAT?"

Smiling, Kristin only says, "What happens on the road show stays on the road, Show." Handing her bag to Rich, Kristin mutters, "What's for breakfast, I'm starving," and walks off whistling happily.

Alone in the hallway, the two men shrug then head down to the dining hall themselves.

(Promos by Archer)


Lacey Chabert encountered Natalie Portman in the CCW locker room. "I see you've got Isla Fisher in the next show," Lacey commented.

"Yes, I've heard 'things' about her," Natalie admitted. "I'm having enough trouble around here without wondering if my opponent is going to pass at me."

"You really have to watch out now. It's seems Isla has gone from wanting to make love to making war. At least that's what she did to me. For no reason, she powerbombed me into a laundry cart," Lacey related.

"And I saw her demolish Jessica Simpson like she was mad at her and I don't know of anything Jess ever did to her," Natalie said and Lacey nodded.

Just then the door opened and in came Isla Fisher and she was carrying a bouquet of flowers. She caught sight of Lacey and Natalie and broke into a big smile. She hurried over to them and thrust the flowers at Lacey.

"Will you be my valentine, She-Bear?" Isla asked blushing sweetly.

Lacey took the flowers. They were very nice flowers, red roses mixed with a few white.

Now it was Lacey's turn to blush.

"Uh-Isla, Valentine's Day was in February," Lacey pointed out.

"I know, but I wasn't in the mood then. Now I am and I want everyone in the whole world to know 'She-Bear is my sweetie buns," Isla explained. "You are aren't you?"

"Well, uh-I-uh-" Lacey faltered.

"I know, it's made you speechless. You don't have to say anything. I can tell you're happy," Isla said and suddenly swept Lacey into a crushing bearhug. Then, just as suddenly she let her go.

"I'm sorry, She-Bear, but I have to go," Isla announced. Then, as though for the first time, she noticed Natalie standing there with mouth hanging open. "Say, are you the girl I'm going to fight next?"

"Yes, I'm Natalie Portman. Glad to meet you, Ms. Fisher," Natalie said cautiously.

"You two look kinda of cute. Good thing I'm not jealous, 'cause I wouldn't like it if someone tried to steal my 'She-Bear' away."

"Isla, I'm not, Lacey and I aren't-aren't like that," Natalie stammered.

"Well, you ought to be. You know I've never had one of those-what do they call them?-oh, yes, a threesome. Maybe we can try that sometime," Isla chattered on.

Natalie and Lacey gasped and started to splutter protests, but Isla gave them both a big hug and bounded out the door. All Natalie and Lacey could do then was stare after her.

"Well," Lacey said finally, "I'll split the flowers with you."


Camera comes in on two CCW podiums. To the viewer's left is Eliza Dushku in a DOWN WITH THE LEGION tee shirt and jeans, to the viewer's right is ERIKA CHRISTIANSON in a Legion hooded robe, though the hood thrown back.

"I promise you Eliza, what's left of your CCW career is about to be swept away and take pleasure as representing the Legion in doing it," Erika sneered.

Eliza gave Erika a wicked smile of defiance: "I admit I've had my troubles lately, but, you know, what? Nothing gets me fired up like beating the crap out of a member of Legion, the biggest bunch of crap in the whole CCW."

"Brave talk, Eliza, but the fact is you've lost four matches in a row: you lost to Billie Piper, you lost to our leader Neve Campbell, you lost to Kristin Kreuk, and you lost to Elisha Cuthbert-now you are going to lose to me. Harold is going to send you back to the boonies and I'll have helped do it," Erika gloated.

Eliza's pale skin flushed: "I am going to take a lot of pleasure in wiping the ring with you Erika-and if any of your girl friends try to interfere-well, they'll just find out what happens."

Erika looked pleased with herself at having gotten to Eliza: "I won't need anyone's help beating you."

Eliza gave her an icy look, but then a sly smile came to her face. She leaned forward and inquired confidentially: "Is it true you Legion girls 'go commando' under those robes?"

Erika looked startled, but then Eliza suddenly darted forward and threw up the robe revealing very ordinary, though no doubt comfortable white cotton briefs. Erika let out of squeal of fury and snatched her robe back.

Eliza made a theatrical sigh: "Man, I don't think I've ever been so disappointed. The Legion wears 'Granny Pants'.'

Erika let out a cry of fury and charged Eliza. As the two go down in a crash. Someone shouts: "CUT!" and the screen goes black.


Alexis Bledel strolled into the CCW workout room in gray CCW sweat shirt and black shorts to find Amanda Bynes talking to Katie Holmes. Alexis knew that Katie had been tutoring Amanda and so this sight interested her. She tried to get close enough to listen without being obvious about it.

She failed.

Katie Holmes looked over at her and asked: "If you'd like me to speak louder, just say so Alexis, Amanda and I seldom talk secret fight strategy in public."

Alexis looked sheepish: "Sorry, I'll be going."

"No, no, I was leaving myself," Katie said, "you and 'Bruiser" here can talk some trash. It will get you revved up for your big fight."

With that, Katie made her exit. Alexis and Amanda stood there awkwardly. Finally, Alexis blurted out:

"Katie a good coach?"

"She's a good coach. I just wish I were a better student-which doesn't mean I'm going to let you beat me," Amanda said.

"Well, I'm not going to let you beat me. I've lost enough around here without losing to you-uh, no offense, I just can't afford another loss," Alexis said.

Amanda looked around and whispered: "Is it true Rachel McAdams is coaching you?"

"Oh, she comes around my locker room every so often and makes cryptic comments about my 'exploring my dark side'. I think she's seen too many movies," Alexis said.

"All those Legion girls give me the creeps. I sure wouldn't want one catching me in the locker room," Amanda shivered.

"I agree, but I don't seem to have much choice. I'm hoping she'll give it up," Alexis said.

Amanda studied her: "You sure that's what you want. It's really kind of flattering that she picked you out. I mean, she could pop in on Kirsten Dunst or Julia Stiles."

"Apparently she's not that desperate for a pupil," Alexis commented.

Amanda looked at her watch: "I'm sorry, but they want me for photo shoot. I'll see you at the show."

"Yes," Alexis said, "see you at the show. Good luck-I guess."

Amanda laughed: "I guess I wish you good luck, too."

Now Alexis laughed and Amanda went out of the room.


Laetitia in an elegant, low-cut green gown stands at a podium with Beyonce who wears somewhat flashier golden low cut gown.

"Ah, Mlle. Beyonce, it is so pleasing to know you shall be the next to taste defeat against me," Laetitia purred.

"Laetitia, honey, you do have the sweetest way of talkin' trash, but it's trash-just like you," Beyonce purred right back.

Laetitia has to some check mental translating (trash=insult). She draws herself up in fine Gallic hauture: "You dare speak to me in such a manner?"

"You better believe, Frenchie. I'm going whip the Victoria's Secrets off your snooty butt and that's a promise!" Beyonce said with a big grin, delighted that she had riled the proud supermodel.

Laetitia gave her a fierce look: "If I were not a woman of politeness, I would slap that smile off your face!"

"A slap? You mean like this?" Beyonce asked and save Laetitia a healthy palm to the cheek. "That's what you get for dissing me!"

Laetitia came right back with a healthy slap to Beyonce's face. Beyonce responded in kind and the two exchanged rapid fire slaps until Security Men rush out to drag them apart. They are last seen kicking and screaming as they hauled off the stage.


The two are standing at separate podiums. Wary Security men are on the edge of camera range. Agnes Bruckner in her hooded robe (hood up) is eyeing Missy suspiciously, Missy is wearing a black tee shirt and matching jeans she seems amused.

"You need those big guys here to make sure I don't look under your robe?" Missy jokes.

"I would have preferred to have my Legion sisters here, but management did send over these gentlemen, so curb your pervy impulses," Erika retorted.

"Actually, I just want to beat you in the ring, not look at your bad taste in underwear," Missy explained. "And you know I can do it."

"I know all about your being unbeaten, but you haven't faced me before!" Agnes declared.

"Aggie, I know you're 3 and 1, but that one loss was to the only really top class wrestler you've faced, Jessica Biel. I'm not saying you're bad. I'm just saying you're not as good as I am," Missy said frankly. "You can refuse to believe it, but you'll have to when I beat you."

"I will win!" Agnes stubbornly insisted. "The Legion does not accept defeat."

Missy's eyes narrowed: "That better not be a threat. You will personally regret it if there is any kind of interference in our match."

"I don't need anyone's help to beat you!" Agnes cried.

"Saying it, doesn't make it so," Missy replied. "I'm still going to be the winner."

Agnes stomped her foot, then she abruptly turned her back on Missy, hoisted her robe and bent over.

"Well, I'll be darned black satin!" Missy laughed. "It's always great be mooned by someone with good taste in undies."

Agnes gave her defiant smirk and departed the stage.


Now it's the turn of Kristen Bell in a royal blue miniskirt and Rachel McAdams in the now-familiar Legion to take to the dual podiums.

"Hey, Rache, I'll show you mine if you show me yours. You game?" Kristen leered flipping up the edge of her miniskirt just enough to hint at baby blue bikini undies.

"This is getting to be very tiresome," Rachel said with annoyance. "I have to wonder what has gotten into some of our members."

"Even Legion girls want to have fun showing off their underwear. I suppose it's to counteract those burquas you insist on them wearing," Kristen continued.

"Spare me the levity, Miss Bell, I am here to inform you that you face a particularly nard defeat," Rachel snapped.

"Uh-oh, that mean I can expect your gals to come running out and beat on me for lipping off to you? I should tell you, I have friends too, and they wouldn't approve of that. You won't like how they show their disapproval," Kristen said more seriously.

"I am not threatening interference. I am telling you what I plan to do to you. I will punish you. That is my promise," Rachel intoned.

"And a scary one it is, too," Kristen said. "Well, if you're done scaring me, I have a training session to get to."

"Yes, look to your training. It won't do you any good, but it will keep your mind off your impending doom," Rachel said.

'Yeah, 'impending dooms' can ruin your whole week. Well, take care, Rache and remember your mama was probably right."

"Right about what?"

"Always wearing clean underwear 'cause you never know when someone will see it," Kristen sniped and scooted off the stage as Rachel slammed an angry fist against the podium.


"Well, well, so you're the Billie Piper everyone's always talking about," Elisha Cuthbert sneered as she faced the British fighter across a podium. "You're not all that impressive in person."

Billie Piper's mouth curled in one corner: "Funny, I was going stay the same thing about you, ducks. I'll look more impressive when I finish you off."

Elisha and Billie were both wearing jackets (unzipped) over fighting bikinis. Elisha wore a blue satin jacket emblazoned ELISHA across the back in gold letters, while Billie wore a well-used black leather jacket. Underneath could be seen Elisha's white bikini, while was wearing a crimson red one. They both knew perfectly well that they looked hot, but they made themselves even hotter by getting within chest-pushing distance as they fired away.

"I'm going to make you wish you stayed across the Atlantic where you belong," Elisha was sneering (though it was obvious the challenge of the British blonde was exciting her).

Billie gave her a "Ha! You should have stayed up in Canada and wrestled chipmunks or something more your speed."

Elisha stared at Billie and suddenly burst out laughing. Billie grinned at her.

"You could have said wrestling polar bears," Elisha choked out between giggles.

"Now, 'Lishy, whose going to believe that one. Them polar bears would eat ya down and that wouldn't leave nothing for me," Billie said.

"Don't worry, I'm the toughest Chipmunk Wrestler in Canada. The little beggars are tough, but you get a cross body on 'em and they'll tap right out," Elisha said before dissolving into more laughter.

Billie patted her on the shoulder: "They never told me you had a sense of humor."

Elisha smiled sheepishly: "Harold likes it better when I'm mean and nasty. So I have to be terrible to everyone. Unfortunately, that includes you. I'm going to have to beat you, Billie, and I won't be nice about it. Just don't think I'm ALL bad."

"Dearie, 99 and 44/100th % is not ALL," Billie snickered. "And I must insist I'm going to be the winner and I won't be nice about it either."

"That's the CCW," Elisha said with a touch of regret.

"Yes, it is," Billie said and they went their separate ways.


Mary Elizabeth is looking at the bulletin board where the announcement of the 18th Show card has just gone up.

"YESSSS!!!!" She cries shaking her fist excitedly.

"It appears I should be flattered. Mary Elizabeth Winstead is excited to be fighting me," said voice behind her.

The CCW newcomer jumped and whirled around. Katie Holmes was behind her leaning against a post.

"Uh, hello there, I'm Mary," the younger woman said, offering her hand.

"Charmed," Katie said shaking the hand. "It is good to see there are some rookies with manners. You might tell me why you're so excited to fight me. Surely you don't believe you have a chance to beat me?"

"Of course, I do!" Mary blurted out. "I don't mean to brag, but I'm a good wrestler. You are, too, but I'm younger and I think that'll help."

"Really?" Katie said drily.

"Uh, that didn't exactly come out right," Mary admitted.

"No, it's what you think. I don't hold it against you. You're sadly mistaken, of course, and I will make that point further when I beat it into you. Nothing personal, you understand."

"Uh-sure," Mary replied uneasily.

Katie patted her on the shoulder: "You just put up a decent fight so I'll look good beating you and it will all over quickly."

Mary frowned: "I'll certainly do my best not to disappoint you."

"Good," Katie said and strolled away, leaving Mary Elizabeth Winstead to ponder the whole encounter.


Yvonne Strahovski was walking down a CCW corridor when she was suddenly confronted by Ashley Scott... Scott looked angry, though the newcomer couldn't imagine what she had done.

"You must be Ashley Scott, I'm Yvonne Strahovski, we'll be fighting on the next card," she said offering her hand.

Ashley gave her a withering glare and Yvonne withdrew the hand. She also took a wary step backwards and braced for an attack.

"I shouldn't be fighting you!" Ashley snarled. "Harold is punishing me for messing with one of those stupid refs. I should be in the main event fighting Helfer. I DESERVE to fight her! That last fight was a stupid time expired draw! I deserve a rematch."

Yvonne planted her feet: "Then don't waste your time whining to me about it. I'm just a rookie here. I fight who they tell me to fight and-unfortunately-it turns out to be a brass-plated bitch like you!"

Ashley took a step forward. Yvonne instantly went into a battle crouch, hands at the ready. Ashley gave her a once-over and smiled nastily.

"You got me scared now, Yvonne What's-Your-Name. Guess I'll have to watch out fighting a tough babe like you."

"I can take care of myself," Yvonne said. "You just hold up your end of the fight. It's my second and I don't want it looking too easy."

Ashley leaned in: "Don't you worry about that. Nobody has ever said an Ashley Scott fight was too easy. Well, maybe I did after I trashed some stupid rookie who didn't know her place."

Yvonne kept her fists up: "I won't be an easy fight. I can promise you that."

Ashley stepped back: "I still deserved that main event-but you'll do for making my point to Harold."

"Which is?"

"Don't mess with Ashley Scott," she snapped and then stalked away. Only when Ashley was out of sight did Yvonne lower her fists and allow herself to relax again.


Tricia is talking to a CCW reporter: "Yes, I've heard Ashley is whining about fighting me again. It's really pathetic that she is hung up on me. I don't mind fighting her, but I have a CCW career and, believe me, a title shot beats another fighting with Scott."

The reporter nods: "Do you feel you have a good chance to take the belt. I mean, Jessica is undefeated."

Tricia smiles confidently: "She was until she met me."

Reporter looks up: "Why, here comes Jessica Biel now. Hi, champ, I've just been talking to your next opponent."

Jessica enters the screen. Remarkably, she has the title belt slung over her shoulder. She smiles charmingly:

"I was just having it polished up before the show. I like it looking its best when I fight for it."

Tricia pretends to lean in and study it closely: "Not bad, Jess, but it will get much better care when I'm in charge of it."

"Oh, good, I've been thinking of getting a valet to handle things like that," Jessica says with a smirk.

Tricia is not amused: "I know you think you're hot stuff, Biel, but I'm here to douse the fire and get that title."

Jessica gives her a condescending look: "Of course you do, all the girls I fight think that, and it never came true for them. It won't for you either."

Tricia hands on hips says: "You are going to make beating you a real pleasure."

"No, the pleasure will be mine-from beating you," Jessica replies. She turns to the reporter: "I don't mean to seem rude, but I must be going. Goodbye, Tricia, this is the closest you're going to get to this belt."

Jessica Biel then saunters off. Tricia, arms still on hips, glares after the champ: "I REALLY don't like her."

"Sounds like you'll be really motivated for your fight," the reporter says.

"You bet I am," Tricia says and stalks off.



Sitting in his office Harold Green goes over the mound of papers creeping over the large desk. The steady pounding at the door pulls the promoters attention away from the work at hand. Entering the room are Richard Fannin and Archer, the men take what have become their normal seats in the office. Rich hands Harold a disk saying, "The Show's on there, Kristin defended the CCW honor." Harold takes the disk and looks like he's about to put it in his computer, but instead lays it on top of the pile of paper.

The Promoter notices a box Archer is holding and asks, "What's that?"

Archer smiling pats the box saying, "56 years of history. Sam at Big Sky was kind enough to burn me copies of their library. I'm really looking forward to a Blonde bunkhouse match between Marilyn Monroe, Mamie Van Doren, and Jayne Mansfield."

Rich leans over, "Yeah I told him to call when he got to the mid 90's." Digging through the stacks of papers Harold hands over a folder saying, "Next time you'll be off to Garden State Celeb Wrestling. There will be two matches against their ladies."

Rich looking through the folder says, "Cool it's in the Trump tower at Atlantic City."

After reading over the contents of the folder Rich and Archer head out to take care of other business, Archer to a training session with Team Archer and Rich to track down either Allison Mack or Billie Piper, maybe Sarah Carter or Kristen Bell too.

Olivia Munn is working out in the training room, when Jessica Alba comes strolling in. Jessica peels off the sweats she's wearing, and begins stretching. Jessica keeps her eyes locked on Olivia. After several minutes of being stared down Olivia turns saying only, "What!" Jessica sneers, "Rematch, You and me."

Olivia turning away from what she was doing starts walking towards Jessica, snaps back, "Fine, anytime, anywhere."

A sly look crawls over Jessica's face, "Any Rules?"

Olivia only hesitates a second before agreeing with a short, "Yes"

Jessica smiles, "Well, there’s a match you might not be aware of, being a cable host, but It's a red carpet match."

Olivia's anger is beginning to rise, "Listen you smug, arrogant, whore! I beat you once, and it may not have been easy, but it was sure fun."

Jessica is now the one feeling the anger moves in closer bumping into Olivia, "This is a star league, not some house catfighting organization. You don't belong here."

Olivia pushing back into Jessica with her chest says, "I thought it was the best wrestlers, which I proved I am when I beat you."

Just before Munn and Alba begin trading blows instead of insults, Katie Holmes walks in with Amanda Bynes. Eyeing the two, Katie asks, "Do you what us to come back later?"

Jessica's face changes to a warm happy smile, "No I'll take care of our business later." Picking up her sweats Jessica leaves the training room. Olivia watches her go before leaving as well.

Eliza Dushku walks into the CCW backstage area a bag slung over her shoulder. The brunette is greeted by a man yelling, "Eliza! Eliza! Can I have a word with you?"

Dushku taken back a bit give the excited man a crocked smile, "Sure, what can I do for you?" As he gets closer Eliza says, "Hey I know you. You're the fan that always has that Biel Rulez sign."

Nodding he finally remembers to introduce him self, "I'm Keith Pensor, a new writer for CCW magazine and a big fan of yours."

Eliza laughs, "And Biel's! Sorry I haven't given you much to cheer about lately."

Keith smiles, "You will, I'm sure of it." He seems to blush as Eliza gives him a smile and a pat on the shoulder. He clears his throat, "Now on to my official duties, I'd like to interview you for the next magazine."

Eliza looks at her watch, "Sorry I have to go, but if you want an interview after the show tonight I'm sure will can get together then."

Looking only slightly dejected, Keith says, "Sure that well be great...Go get 'em tonight."

Eliza laughs and says, "I'll try." Eliza then ducks into the locker room.


Match One: Isla Fisher vs. Natalie Portman

The chanting of John Williams's "Duel of Fates" begins and Natalie Portman wearing a white Spandex top and shorts with a black waist band comes out and heads down the ramp. Natalie is looking to build on her win the last time in the ring, but the unpredictable Isla is anything, but a push over. . Her opponent comes out a few moments later to Disturbed's "Stricken" two words that may well describe Isla Fisher "disturbed and stricken" Isla is wearing a Red bra and underwear cut high on the thigh. Isla smiles down the aisle and as she climbs into the ring, there is no sign of the Isla that had decimated Jessica Simpson the last time she was in the ring.

Natalie goes with a strategy of wrestling Isla instead of using the normal tactics she would employ, that may set off the red head's more violent side. Isla seems playful lightly grabbing Nat's crotch and breast several times. Isla pulls at Natalie's top trying to remove it, and after a bodyslam finally succeeds in pulling the spandex over Portman's head. Isla sits Natalie up and standing behind her yells, "Boob Quake!" dropping down and driving her elbow into the top of Portman's head. Isla looking over Natalie's should gets a look of disappointment and confusion saying, "Is that it?" Isla is obviously unhappy with the lack of movement Nat's small boobs provide. Isla pushes Natalie on to her back and pokes the small tits examining them.

Natalie survives the boob probe and later ducks under a clothesline from Isla and reaching back hooks her arm around the redhead's neck. Natalie backs into Isla then drops to her knees bend the redhead over her back in a sadistic backbreaker. Isla springs off Nat's back and flops a few times on the mat moaning. Natalie sees her chance to apply her finisher. Natalie lock on the STF, but instead of just applying the chinlock Natalie reaches under Isla's left arm and twists her body as Nat reaches around the redhead's neck. The ref gets down quickly checking on Isla, but is met with a wide grin from Fisher, Nat's version of the STF called the "Vendetta."

Isla refuses several times to submit. Natalie gives Isla's left boob a good squeeze and pulls the boob free of the top. Nat says, "Isla you want to give up before things get rough for you?" Isla's still smiling through the pain replies, "About time you started playing with my boobs, make sure you show them both some attention."

Natalie follows Isla's instructions mauling both of the redhead's breasts. Isla moans in what seems to be an equal amount pain and enjoyment. Finally some part of Isla's cross wired brain must fire to keep the redhead from suffering more needless damage and she taps out. Natalie is very subdued in her victory this time and leaves the ring before Isla can get back on her feet. Isla pushing up to her hands and knees watches Natalie depart saying, "I like her, but I think I'll stick with my She-Bear." Isla pulls off her dislodged top and tosses it to a fan as she walks slowly toward the back.


Match Two: Eliza Dushku vs. Erika Christensen

Rob Zombie's "Living Dead Girl" brings Eliza to the ring the brunette is wearing red spandex muscle shirt top cut off just below her boobs and matching shorts. Eliza slaps the hands extended her way and waves her arms getting the crowd more fired up. This isn't Eliza's first encounter with the Legion and the Brunette seems focused on making a better ending for her self this time. Carl Orff's "Carmina Burana" begins and the lights go out except for a single spotlight that follows Erika during her entrance to the ring. Erica wears a long robe which she discards prior to getting into the ring, she is wearing a dark red bikini with black runes covering it.

Eliza and Erika's match is filled with hard hitting violent action, as the two women try to knock each other out. Eliza uses her striking ability, but does show Erika some power moves, just to keep the Legion member off balance. Erika uses more power type moves trying on several occasions to drive Dushku through the canvas. The fight spills out on to the floor three times, the ref giving the wrestlers a chance to get back in the ring each time. Erika slams Eliza into the guard railing around the ring, then scoops the brunette up and places her on the ring apron. Erika grabs Eliza by the hair pulling her head down before hammering a forearm across Dushku's rack. Erika takes the time to remove Eliza's top at this point.

Eliza just barley kicks out of a pinning attempt moments later. Erika feeling confident now takes her time and pulls Eliza up to her feet and sends her into the ropes, but when Dushku returns Erika misses with a wild clothes line swing. Erika stops and without looking goes into a spin bringing her leg up SPLAT! Eliza's foot catches Erika on the side of the face. Erika drops to her knees first then falls flat on her face. Eliza weary rolls the unconscious Erika over and gets a three count. Eliza fearing the other Legion members may show up lets the ref raise her arm, but then takes off for the safety of the backstage area. Erika comes to a few moments later and staggers away on somewhat rubbery legs.


Match Three: Amanda Bynes vs. Alexis Bledel

When the Fader's "No Sleep tonight" begins to play Alexis Bledel burst out from behind the curtain. She is wearing a yellow bikini top and spandex short shorts, both with black trim. Bledel heads to the ring slapping the hands of fans and. Alexis has a look of determination on her face as she climbs into the ring. Alexis climbs the turnbuckles yell to the crowd, "Tonight is my night!" Christina Aguilera's "What a Girl wants" is playing as Amanda Bynes comes to the ring. Amanda takes her time greeting many of the fans and slapping the hands extended to her. Amanda is wearing a powder blue bikini with yellow trim and for the first time she wears her "Bruiser Bynes" warm up.

Fans not interested at the beginning of the match soon get sucked into the match as both Amanda and Alexis are pulling out moves not seen done by the two younger women before. Alexis connects with several drop kicks, as Amanda shows of power moves that rattle the ring. Alexis seems to let some of her dark side show as she leans Amanda into a corner and drivers a knee into Amanda's bottoms. Alexis follows up with a stinger splash and shoving Amanda out of the corner gets a two count.

It looks like Katie building up Amanda's toughness pays off, as Bynes fights back and nails Alexis with a Spinebuster. Amanda looks surprised to have Alexis starfished at her feet, but does move into action applying a figure four leg lock on Alexis. Trapped in the center of the ring Bledel taps out to save herself more punishment. Amanda rolls out of the hold a runs around the ring screaming in joy at picking up her first win. Amanda has her arm raised and walks over to help Alexis up saying, "Good match Alexis." Amanda extends her hand Alexis limps a little closer and they shake hand. Amanda pulls Alexis's arm and brings her knee up into Bledel's crotch. Alexis collapses to her knees her hands now covering her crotch groaning in pain. Amanda pushes on Alexis's head shoving her over says, "Another lesson from Katie, Don't take shit from Bitches." Amanda grabs her warm up and heads to the back.


Match Four: Laetitia Casta vs. Beyonce Knowles

Chris Isaak's "Baby did a bad bad thing" plays as Laetitia Casta makes her way to the ring. Casta stops and talks to only one fan, Tech her manager. Laetitia drops the 18th century long coat she is wearing giving it over to Tech. Laetitia is wearing purple with black trim leopard print bra and panties. Laetitia climbs in the ring and smugly bows to the crowd before turning up her nose and giving the fans a look of disdain. Beyonce comes out clad in her silver bikini. Destinies Child's "Survivor" is playing while Beyonce struts down the ramp. Half way down the short ramp Beyonce breaks into a run and slides under the ropes. Casta seeing her coming running across the ring and begins putting the boots to Beyonce before the singer can get to her feet.

Beyonce and Laetitia fought before to a double count out and this time it looked like a likely ending again as the where out of the ring almost as much as they where in it. Laetitia drops Beyonce across the guard railing and kicks the singer in the head. Laetitia a short time later gets dropped crotch first on the railing. All the time one of them goes back periodically to the ring to break the refs count. Beyonce is return from one of her trips into the ring rolls back out to the floor and right into a cunt punt from Laetitia.

Laetitia rolls Beyonce back into the ring. Laetitia makes sure Beyonce suffers for the remainder of the match. Laetitia starts with power wrestling moves, slamming and pounding on Beyonce. Laetitia grows bored with the wrestling tactics and removes Beyonce's bikini to do some more devilish work. Beyonce is barely defending herself, but refuses to submit to her hated rival. Laetitia seems ok with Beyonce's refusals and picks a different body part to work. Fan count off twenty ass spanks Laetitia rains down on Beyonce's infamous backside. Laetitia really tries to embarrass Beyonce using an ass smother on Knowles. The ref waits only a few moments before moving in and checking on Beyonce. Three times he lifts and releases Knowles arm and each time the limb falls. Laetitia holds a hand out insisting the ref help her stand before she will get off Beyonce.


Match Five: Missy Peregrym vs. Agnes Bruckner

As Korn's "Freak on a Leash" is playing as Missy makes her way to the ring wearing a two tone bikini, the tops is Olive drab, and the bottoms are black. Missy climbs the turnbuckles raising her arms and holding her finger on the bullhorn symbol. Missy puts her undefeated streak on the line against arguably her toughest opponent yet. Carl Orff's "Carmina Burana" plays a few bars before changing to Three Days Grace "The Animal I've Become" Agnes drops her Legion robes at the top of the ramp, she is wearing a gray bikini top and dark blue boy shorts. Agnes's gaze finds Missy in the ring and the blonde never looks way as she comes to the ring.

Missy and Agnes pound on each others body, they show they can not only hit the moves they show they can take them and come back. Missy catches Agnes with a spinning heel kick taking her down for a two count. Only moments later Agnes suplexes Missy and rolls right on top of her also getting a two count. Agnes pulls Missy up into a bearhug crushing the brunette. Missy's arms are free though and a thunder clap loosens Agnes's grip and forearms to the blonde's rack knocks Bruckner into the ropes. The toll his beginning to show on both Missy and Agnes as the pace slows and they each go for more covers, but neither can get the pin.

Missy whips Agnes across the ring and when the blonde returns Missy hits a tilt-a-whirl back breaker. Missy then heads to the nearest corner and stands facing out to the crowd. She grabs the top ropes and jumps up onto the top turnbuckle. With no hesitation, Missy does a Back Flip and comes crashing down on Bruckner. The "Gym-Nasty" crushes Agnes as Missy's torso smashes the blonde's boobs flat. Missy as her normal habit holds one arm up and counts along with the ref, but just before three Agnes kicks out. Missy sit on the canvas mouth open in disbelief that Agnes kicked out. Missy heads back to the corner for a second "Gym-Nasty" but this time Agnes rolls out of the way and it's Missy's chest the takes the brunt on the impact with the canvas. Agnes pulls the battered Missy up by her dark hair and Agnes easily lifts the limp woman on to her shoulder and hits a Michinoku driver. Agnes pulls Missy's leg up and waiting for the ref to make her win official. Agnes tosses aside Missy's leg saying, "Looks like I'm the better woman." Fan expect the normal Legion mugging after the match, but Agnes only claims Missy's top as a trophy and heads to the back.


Match Six: Kristen Bell vs. Rachel McAdams

Carl Orff's "Carmina Burana" plays a few bars before changing to Crystal Method "Calling all Freaks" Rachel McAdams is already taking robes she wears as a member of the Legion off as she comes out wearing an ivory colored bikini. Rachel stops to run her hands through her auburn hair then strolls down the ramp to the ring like she's walking a catwalk. Rachel slides into the ring almost reaching the center of the ring before popping up to her feet. Flyleaf's "Fully Alive" begins playing and Kristen Bell comes out wearing a tie dye bikini that's mostly red and orange. As she makes her way to the ring she stops as Richard Fannin hold's up a sign "I want to book a flight on KBELL airlines" Kristen jumps on to the ring apron. She climbs the ring post stand on top she holds up a hook'em horns and leaps into the ring.

Kristen usually has a quickness advantage over most of her opponents, but Rachel seems just as quick. Kristen offense is slow a great deal as every time she tries for a move Rachel counters. Kristen leap frogs a back body drop attempt by Rachel and the blonde tries hitting a spinning heel kick, but Rachel is ready blocking the kick and lifting Kristen hits a make shift powerbomb. Rachel gets caught at times as well. Charging into the corner after whipping KBELL into it Rachel takes Kristen's foot to her jaw. Kristen hops on to the top turnbuckle and leaps, her splash though ends with Bell being impaled on McAdams knees.

As the speed of the match begins to slow Rachel begins taking control working Kristen over. Rachel spikes Kristen into the canvas with a piledriver and the blonde barely beats the count then as Rachel goes for the cover. Rachel staying on top of Bell uses her shoulder straps to pull her up and hits a swinging neckbreaker. Kristen is hardly moving and Rachel snatches the dye tied top off Bell. Rachel heads to the top rope and leaps. Rachel's elbow strikes Kristen in the chest and Rachel covers again for the ONE...TWO...THREE!

If the Legion or Rachel had plans for any after match activity they fade as Katee Sackoff came chasing after Rachel. McAdams took off and Katee followed. Kristen pounded the mat before heading out of the ring.


Match Seven: Billie Piper vs. Elisha Cuthbert

Elisha comes out wearing a red bikini top and matching thong as Trapt's "Headstrong" is playing. Elisha seems to enjoy the fans booing her and she yells back, "You may not like me, but you love what I do." Some one in the crowd yells back, "You suck!" Elisha points the fan out saying. "Girls with bodies like mine don't care what guys with faces like yours." When AFI's "Miss Murder" begins to play Billie comes out the Brits large following greets her with a loud roar. Billie is wearing a bikini top with Union jack pattern and black bikini bottoms. Billie slides head first under the bottom rope, popping back up she moves to the center of the ring and pumps her fist in the air. Billie smiles at Elisha, "Fun and games time is over." Elisha only nods in response.

The match starts with good back and forth action. Elisha uses some underhanded moves, low blows, and breast mauling. Billie shows she doesn't mind getting catty either after Elisa started it. Billie does knock Elisha out of the ring with a European uppercut. Elisha is very careful after that to avoid being caught in position to be hit with another forearm from Piper. Elisha works submission holds, an abdominal stretch gives Elisha a chance to work Billie's tits and crotch while the Brit is trapped. Billie gets back in control though and hits a release German Suplex that fold Elisha in half.

Billie pulls Elisha up again by the shoulder straps. Billie winds up and pastes Elisha with another European uppercut that drops the blond flat on her back. Billie snaps her bottoms back in place before bending over and hair hauling Elisha up. Billie says, "Just so ye know, I don't think ye're all bad Cuthbert. Ye're the loser though." Billie flips Elisha near arm over her shoulder and then hooks Cuthbert behind the knee. Billie snaps the fisherman's suplex off with amazing speed. Billie holds the bridge and the cradle hold on Elisha as the ref makes the three count. Billie straddles Elisha, "Oy! Next time I want that pretty little bikini on the line." Elisha doesn't respond so Billie walks over to the ref to have her arm raised.


Match Eight: Katie Holmes vs. Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Alter Bridge "Rise Today" plays as Mary Elizabeth Winstead makes her way to the ring to a loud cheer for a wrestler who is building a large fan base in the CCW. Mary is clad in a red and white stripped bikini. Several MEW signs dot the crowd as Mary jogs to the ring. Climbing on to the apron she bends over at the waist sliding between the ropes. The Fly's "Got you where I want you" plays as Katie Holmes makes her way to the ring. Katie is in her normal gray two piece swimsuit the bottoms cut high showing off her long legs. Katie greets some fans and trades insults with others. Katie slides under the bottom rope popping to her feet as soon as she clears the bottom rope. Walking over to Mary Katie says, "Here's your chance."

Katie looks to feel out the rookie, but Mary comes right after Katie trying to take control right away. Mary uses a series of hiptosses and then and headlock takedown trapping Katie on the canvas squeezing her head. Katie powers her way back on to her feet and shoves Mary off her into the ropes. Rebounding Winstead is leveled as Katie drives a shoulder into her. Katie stands over Mary a second before taking off to the ropes opposite and building momentum from the ropes arrives back at Mary as the younger brunette is standing and hammers her back to the mat with another shoulder block.

Katie sands tall over the groaning Mary and says, "Welcome to the big time." Katie puts an exclamation point on her statement with a stomp to Mary's stomach. The two big brunette's struggle to maintain control over each other, but neither can string together more than a few moves before the other finds a reversal. Mary hair hauls Katie of the canvas after a bodyslam and shoves her into the nearest corner. Katie groggy and sore offers no resistance as Mary flips Katie's arms over the top rope CRACK! The loud smacking of Mary's hand to Katie's cleavage rings out through the small area. Mary standing back admiring the red mark forming on Katie's boobs is surprised as Katie growls and grabbing Mary by the shoulders trades places with her. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Mary's cries of pain as Katie lights up the young brunette's chest, fans count along as Katie lays ten such chops into the swell of Mary's rack.

Still going back and further Mary whips Katie into the ropes. Katie turns and springs off the ropes right into Mary's Sky High, an elevate sit out powerbomb. Mary hooks her ankles over Katie's arms holding her on the canvas, but as the ref reaches two Katie slams her legs together smashing Mary's head between her thighs to break the pin. It takes Katie only moments to go from near defeat to locking Mary in a figure four. Mary tries to get to the ropes or turn Katie over, but unable to break the hold Mary finally taps out. Katie has to have the ref help break the figure four so she can get up. Katie climbs the turnbuckles yelling at the fans, "My time is coming!" Mary limping gets out of the ring quickly to avoid any after match antics Katie may have in mind.


Match Nine: Ashley Scott vs. Yvonne Strahovski

Breaking Benjamin's "Until the End" Begins playing as Yvonne Strahovski makes her way to the ring. Clad in a light gray bikini top and boy shorts the blonde takes her time entering the ring as she circles the outside slapping hands with the fans and several fans hold signs that reads "StraHOTski". The blonde with her hair pulled back bounces up the ring steps and ducks between the ropes stepping into the ring. She goes to the center of the ring and bow before blowing a kiss to the fans. Aimee Allen's "I'd Start a Revolution" plays Ashley makes her entrance wearing black two piece swim suit with a long leather jacket over the top. Ashley lets the fans know she should be in the Main Event tonight. Ashley climbs in the ring and pointing a finger at Yvonne says, "I'm in a foul mood tonight and you're going to pay for it."

Yvonne shows no sign of be intimidated by Scott, taking the fight to the spiky haired blonde early in the match. Yvonne hits a sidewalk slam that nets her a two count. Ashley focuses on the Aussie's back hitting different variations of backbreakers. Yvonne almost gets a submission out of Ashley as well with a sharpshooter, but Ashley guts it out dragging herself and Yvonne into range of the ring ropes to break the hold.

Yvonne and Ashley have been battling for nearly 10 minutes when Ashley hits a German suplex folding Yvonne in half. Ashley pulls Yvonne to her feet and lifts Strahovski on to her shoulder holding the blonde like a sack of potatoes. Fans are getting excited as Ashley sets up for her finisher, a running power slam called the "Fate of Prey" Ashley takes off form the corner carrying Yvonne to mid ring and leaps. Both women bounce a foot off the canvas after the impact with Ashley on top of Yvonne. Ashley slides around so her crotch is rubbing against Yvonne's chin and folds the blonde's arms across her chest. Ashley's hips grind in time with the refs count as she picks up the pinfall win.

Ashley continues her 'ride', before getting to her feet and having her arm raised. Ashley looks darkly into a ringside camera growling, "Helfer! Don't think I've forgotten you." Ashley walks off. Yvonne takes longer to exit the ring. Yvonne showing she's not happy with the result shoving the ref away as her tries to help her to her feet.


Main Event - World Title: Jessica Biel (Champion) vs. Tricia Helfer

The Ring Announcer waits for a signal then begins, "Tonight's Main Event is for the CCW World Title. First the Challenger from Donalda, Canada...She stands 5' 10"...Tricia Helfer!"

A red dot appears on the giant screen and begins travelling from one side of the screen to the other leaving a faint line behind it and a low humming noise is heard. The arena is mostly dark now and two red dots flash just before the lights come up and Tricia is standing center stage giving the illusion that the two dots came from her own eyes. Tricia gets a mixed welcome from the fans as they seem spilt fifty/fifty in their support of the challenger and champ. Helfer is clad in a bright blue bikini top and bottoms cut high on her thigh. Her long stride carries her to the ring quickly, putting a foot up on the apron showing off her long legs Tricia uses the ropes to pull her up on to the apron. Giving the crowd a finally steely gaze Tricia steps through the ropes.

The Ring announcer steps to the center of the ring again and Velvet Revolver's "Slither" begins to play, "She is the CCW World Champion, From Ely Minnesota...She stand 5' 7" and a half...JESSICA BIEL"

The lights flash in the arena as sparks shower down on the stage and Jessica walks out wearing a stone gray bikini with sliver hoops connecting the front of the top and on both hips. Jessica throws her arm up holding the title belt high. The lights go back to normal as Jessica heads down the ramp. Jessica stops by Keith Pensor holding a sign that reads "THE BIEL RULEZ" giving Keith a high five she moves to the steps at ringside climbing up to the apron. Steps into the ring and climbs the nearest turnbuckle she bends at the waist and gives her shoulder a shake causing her tits to sway back and forth for the pleasure of the crowd. Jessica climbs the two other ring post repeating the move, but Tricia refuses to move from her corner to allow Jess to finish her entrance.

Jessica allows the ref to take the world title and walk across the ring to Tricia, showing the challenger the belt. The ref then walks back to center ring holding the belt above his head showing the title to the fans. Jessica and Tricia stand glare across the ring at each other shaking out their arms and legs preparing to put their bodies through the riggers of the match. DING...DING...DING!

Jessica and Tricia each hesitate for a second before moving to the center of the squared circle to meet. Jessica reaches out for a traditional collar and elbow lock, but Tricia shoves the brunette's arms aside and locks the champ in a headlock. Tricia pushes her hip into Jessica and flips her over the blonde's back to the canvas. Tricia still keeping her hold on Biel is pulling Jess back up as soon as the brunette's back smacks into the canvas. Tricia shifts her old on Jessica lifting her with ease into the stall position of a bodyslam. Tricia takes a moment to inform Jess, "This is power!" Then launches the champ a good six feet! Jessica hits with a loud THUD rolling with the slam, but she comes up in obvious pain and Tricia gives the crowd a look of "What did you expect."

Jessica walks on her knees to the ropes and uses them to help get back on her feet. Tricia stalks towards Jessica, "It's gonna beAAGUUFFF!"

Jessica's right foot shoots up catching Tricia just above the belly button. Jessica steps forward snatching Tricia as lifting her up for a bodyslam, Jessica says, "You want to play games. OK!" She tosses Tricia about the same six feet she’d been tossed earlier. Tricia lands and rolls up on to one knee holding her lower back. Jessica smirks, "Guess you're not the only strong person in this match."

Tricia stands wincing slightly and answers, "When I break you will see how strong you are."

Facing off again the champ and challenger this time do lock up in a collar and elbow tie up. Tricia begins to march Jessica towards the corner, but half way there Jess puts the breaks on and they go no closer. Pushing and pulling on each other Jessica is able to slip behind Tricia and apply a tight waist lock. Jessica's advantage is short lived as Tricia throws a back elbow that catches Jess square on the jaw. Jessica staggers back, but before she can get too far Tricia takes her by the wrist and sends her into the ropes. Jessica does get turned so her back hits the ropes and she rebounds off right into a breasts smashing clothesline from Tricia. Jessica lies on the canvas trying to regain her breath, but Tricia isn't going to give her a chance this time hair hauls her up. Tricia pushes Jessica into the corner then steps back and lifts her long leg pulling her foot against the side of Jessica's face and pushing. The ref steps in and begins a five count as Tricia tries pushing Jessica's head off her shoulders.

Tricia turns to the ref warning, "If you want to be around at the end you'd better not piss me off!" Tricia turns around just as a pissed off Jessica explodes out of the corner hitting the blonde with a lariat. Jessica keeps moving past Tricia and hits the ropes. The Champs timing is perfect as she returns and nails the standing Challenger as she rises with another lariat. Jessica stops and turns back grabbing a handful of dark blonde hair and pulls Tricia up.

Jessica says, "Looks like the fans are going home early tonight." Then pulls Tricia into a Standing Head Scissors. But whatever the Champ had planned comes a cropper when Tricia powers upright and sends Jessica over in a Back Body Drop!

Tricia checks her lip looking at the small crimson spot on her finger where Jessica's lariat busted her lip. Tricia's attention quickly turns back to Jessica. The brunette is just getting back to her feet when Tricia kicks her in the bread basket. Tricia moves to Jessica's side and wraps her arms around Biel's waist. Tricia lifts and flips Jessica over hitting a tilt-a-whirl back breaker that brings a cry of pain for the first time from Jess.

Still kneeling beside Jessica, Tricia swings around and mounts the Champ, then takes two handfuls of hair and begins to slam Jessica’s head on the mat. Normally, ref's are lax in enforcing the ‘no hair pulling’ rule, but this is a little beyond the norm, and the ref steps in to start a five count. Unfortunately for Jess, Tricia got two bounces for every count by the ref, so she still took the brunt of the move before Tricia stands and backs away, ignoring the refs rebuke.

Tricia walks back to the moaning Jessica and taunt, "How is it someone hasn't taken the belt from you yet?"

Jessica should have known better but answered, "You'll find out at the end of the match when I'm riding your face."

Tricia's response is to stomp on Jessica's gut. Jessica's body folds around Tricia's foot and then falls back to the mat. Tricia slides her foot under Jess and rolls her over on to her stomach. Tricia takes a seat on Jessica's lower back and cupping Jessica's chin in her hands Tricia pulls back. Tricia adds some insult to the injury she is causing, "Stripped of your title and your outfit, this isn't going to be your night."

Tricia makes her point with a crossface that snaps Jessica's head to the side. Tricia forces her index finger into Jessica's mouth and pulls on the Champ's face. The ref steps in demanding Tricia stop fish hooking Jess, he begins a five count. Tricia pulls her hand away showing the ref she's stop. Tricia, glaring at the ref says, "I can't jam my fingers in her mouth..?" So she reaches back and works her fingers into Jess's bottom, "But I can stick them in her pussy and you won't say a word!" Jessica groans as Tricia's fingers probe her womanhood. Tricia asks, "Who wrote these rules anyway."

She removes her hand from Jessica's groin, grabs the waist band of Biel's bottom and yanks. Jessica's perfect ass is spilt. But Tricia is caught off guard as Jessica lets out a scream as she pushes up, lifting Helfer like a kid taking a piggy back ride! Tricia changes her hold on Jessica into a near sleeper, but the brunette reaches back, grabs Tricia by the head and snaps forward, flipping the blonde over onto her ass at Jessica's feet! WHUMP!

Jessica's foot fires out twice, kicking Tricia in the back with a loud THUD-THUD!! Jessica steps away to gently remove her bottoms from between her butt cheeks. Tricia rolls over and is kneeling when Jessica comes back and drop kicks the blonde right in the chest. Tricia cries out in pain as she is blasted backwards and ends up starfished on the canvas. Jessica rolls over and crawls on top of the blonde hooking one of Helfer's long legs. ONE...TWO. Tricia kicks out.

Jessica looks at the ref holding up three fingers saying, "That was really slow, did you have to think about it?"

Jessica punches Tricia in the belly before standing herself. Moving to Tricia head Jessica measure the blonde and jumps pulling her knee across the blonde's forehead. Tricia legs jerk up off the mat then her upper body raises before she flops back to the canvas. Jessica again goes for the cover, but Tricia kicks out at two again. Jessica ignores the ref this time hair hauling Tricia to her feet. Jessica leans Tricia against her own body while shifting her grip setting Helfer up for a belly to belly suplex.

Jessica squeezes the blonde saying, "Another big blonde going down!" Jessica lifts twisting her body and slams Tricia into the canvas. Jessica pushes off of Tricia kneeling beside the blonde. Jessica grabs Tricia's top and tears the small piece of material between her boobs holding the top together. Jessica grabs both of the blonde's tits and digs her fingers into the soft flesh, "Never put your fingers in ANY of my openings!"

Tricia's feet stamp the canvas as she is being mauled and she tries to pull Jessica's hands away from her orbs. Tricia finally takes a handful of hair and jerks Jessica's head to the side sending the champ rolling away. Tricia covers her boobs with her hands trying to rub the pain away as she gets up. Jessica gets to her feet quickly as well.

Tricia removes the shredded remains of her top while backing way from Jess. Once her arms are freed, she turns back and locks up again with the Brunette. Again Tricia pushes Jessica back, but this time Biel can't stop the blonde's momentum. Tricia pushes Jess all the way to the ropes and strikes with a knee lift to the champ's solar plexus. Jess sags into the ropes giving Tricia a chance to set her feet and nail the brunette with a straight right hand to the forehead. Tricia pulls back her right hand driving the next punch right into Jessica's jaw. The ref is telling Helfer to get off the ropes, but she ignores him. Jessica being held up by the ropes offers no resistance as Tricia hooks her arm under Jess's and hiptoss Biel out into the ring.

Tricia yells out to the crowd, "Now… I take her apart piece by piece." Jessica is half way back to her feet when Tricia seizes her right wrist and armbars the limb. Tricia taunts, "Now the story is sinking in. that little nagging voice you've been hearing. It's getting louder, you're going to lose."

Tricia hammers a clubbing forearm down across Jessica's back, follow by about a half dozen more until Jessica is drive face flat on the canvas. Jessica's moans are barley audible as Tricia headlocks the champ using the time to regain some air. Tricia keeps Jessica face down on the mat knocking away Jess's hands as she gropes for Helfer's jugs. Tricia warns Jess, "No grabbing the goodies." Tricia pounds her fist into the top of Jessica's head to make her point.

Jessica turns enough to get on her side and wraps both muscular arms around Tricia waist. Jessica pushes up to her feet still trapped in the headlock. Jess lifts Tricia off the mat looking for a belly to back suplex, but Helfer breaks free of the waist lock and twists change the move into a DDT for her. Jessica lands head first with all of Tricia's weight coming down on Biel's neck. Jessica twitching still face down seems helpless to stop Tricia from rolling her over and covering the Champ. ONE...TWO...THRENOOO! Some how Jessica's right arm shoots up breaking the count.

Tricia takes her frustration out on Jessica's top sending it sailing out into souvenir territory. Jessica is beginning to stir and with Tricia yanking her by the hair Jessica is back on her feet. Tricia takes Jessica by the wrist pulling her arms back into a standing surfboard hold. The blonde pushes up on Jess's arms forcing her to bend at the waist. The lucky fans with seats in front of Jessica get a good view of the champ's breast swaying hanging under her.

Tricia steps around to Jess's side saying, "This is what you get for being a hard-ass bitch!" Tricia's right leg swings up, her thigh pancakes Jessica's tit between Jess's ribs and Tricia's thigh. Tricia doesn't stop with one and after the third the fans count for Helfer. Over the screams of pain from Jessica the fans count along…


Tricia lets Jessica fall into a whimpering pile at the blonde's feet. Jessica's body shakes from the damage done, but Tricia doesn't go for a cover instead she pulls Jess up by the arms. Jessica's powerful legs have been reduced to rubber as Tricia leads the brunette to the nearest corner. Tricia takes a handful of Jess's dark hair and bounces her forehead of the top turnbuckle. Tricia scoops Jessica up and deposits her across the top turnbuckle. Tricia runs a finger over Jess's abs saying, "No way you kick out after I hit the Cylon Raider. Thus ends the title run of the Un-Biel-livable."

Tricia gives Jess's stomach a hard slap before she steps up on to the second turnbuckle. Tricia picks Jessica up holding her across her chest. Ashley Scott hops over the guard railing moving to the corner of the ring Tricia is holding Jess in. Tricia never sees her blonde rival and attempts to do the back flip that will end with Jessica being crushed under her. Ashley reaches up grabbing Tricia's ankle. Tricia falls backwards and instead of slamming Jessica into the canvas Tricia lands on her back with Jessica on top of the blonde.

The Ref was also clueless to Ashley's interference and looks on wondering how Tricia's move went wrong. Jessica to her credit has the wits to hook Tricia's leg and the ref finding no explanation drops down to make the count. Tricia stunned, but still aware kicks out at two. Jessica driven by desperation pulls Tricia up and whips her across the ring before the blonde can get her senses back. Jess out of instinct catches Tricia coming back and hits a T-bone Suplex called the ‘Jess-plex.’

Jessica scrambles back to Helfer and covers again, but Tricia kicks out at TWO! Jessica pulls Tricia up to her knees and holding the blonde's chin Jessica says, "The belt is safe in my keeping. Now I owe you something bitch!"

Leaning over, she hammers forearms into Tricia's rack as the fans try to count along, but the blows come too rapidly for them to voice their count. Jessica hits ten or twelve forearms before shoving Tricia to the canvas where she lays whimpering and cupping her battered tits while Jessica heads to the nearest corner to climb to the top turnbuckle.

Crouching waiting to spring, Jessica yells, "Get UP!" Tricia is stirring as Jessica yells, "Come ON!"

Tricia stands looking for Jessica. Jessica leaps catching Tricia around the head and drives the blonde into the mat with Jessica's "Biel-dog" Tricia's face bounces of the canvas and her body goes limp. Jessica rolls Helfer over and hooks both legs going for the cover. ONE...TWO...THREE!

Jessica pushes up to her knees and holds her arms up in victory. Velvet Revolver's "Slither" begins playing again. Jessica leans over Tricia, "I earned this!!" She moves around so she's on her knees above Tricia's head. Lowering her ass on to Helfer's face Jessica begins grinding slowly against the blonde's features. Jessica alternates the speed on her grinding to maximize her enjoyment. Tricia's arms and legs weakly move, but she’s too weak to stop Jessica's victory ride.

Once finished to her satisfaction the ref hands Jessica her belt and she climbs each turnbuckle showing she is still the champ. Jessica climbs out of the ring and stops high fiving several of her fans at ring side. Jessica turns at the top of the ramp and gives one final salute hold the World Champions belt above her head.


The loud crash from the backstage area brings Harold Green and other running. Harold can here screams along with the sound of stuff breaking. Coming to the sense of the commotion Harold find Keith Pensor standing behind a large moving box and not far away Tricia Helfer and Ashley Scott locked in what looks to be a fight to the death. Scattered around on the floor are three security guards and a ref. Harold starts to move in to break up the brawl, but waits for a half dozen more security guard to show up. It takes all seven of them to keep the blonde apart.

Tricia screams, "I saw the replay you cunt!"

Ashley, kicking wildly, misses by several feet and snarls back, "It should have been me in the ring skank."

Harold orders the guard to take the blondes in two different directions. Harold calls over to the report and Keith come from the shelter he found in the storm. Harold asks, "I should know better than to ask, but… what happened?"

Keith swallows hard before starting, "We'll I thought it would be good to get Tricia's thoughts on the Title match for an article." Looking around at the destruction, he continues, "Well Tricia did know Ashley had grabbed her foot, and well she found out then."

Harold let that line of questioning drop and looks to the men on the floor asking, "And them?"

Keith points to each in turn, "Folding chair...Kendo stick...Super kick...Thrown into the wall."

Shaking his head Harold just walks away from the mess.

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