Celebrity Championship Wrestling Show 19 "aka - CCW Hits The Road" by bigfan

Archer leads the ladies out of the limos as they pull up to the Trump Plaza in Atlantic City. Standing on the steps to the Hotel is a man dressed in a three piece suit waving them CCW crew to him, "Greetings I am Conner Jackson promoter here at Trump Plaza for the Garden State Celebrity Wrestling." Shaking hands with Archer Conner leads them to the front desk and gets the women room keys and has there bags take to the rooms. Conner asks, "I was told there would be two of you with the ladies."

Archer nods, "My partner in crime came to Jersey a few days ago. He'll meet us here."

Once the women are taken care of Conner pulls Archer aside, "I have to warn you. Tonight's main event Laura vs. Jodi may have some fallout of events going on here."

Intrigued Archer asks, "What events?"

Conner casts a suspicious glance around the lobby before answering, "Jodi is the current number one contender here, and she and the champ have been at each others throats for months." Lowering his voice Conner adds, "The champ is Ivanka Trump, and she really wants to put Jodi in her place!" He pats Archer on the shoulder and smiles, adding loudly, "Have a great show tonight!"

Archer looks grim at having someone with their name on the building looking to run afoul. He stands out near the entrance of the Trump Plaza alternating between looking at his watch and down the street. Finally, the black 1967 Chevy Impala he's been watching for turns onto the street and pulls up. Getting out are Richard Fannin and Allison Mack.

Archer looks at Rich, "Dude, it's almost showtime, where the hell have you been?'

Appearing slightly disheveled, Fannin glances at Allison before he replies, "Sorry. We were looking for the Jersey Devil."

"Did you find it?"

Rich hesitated a long while. "No.... but it's cool...we weren't bored."

Allison heaves her bag over her shoulder, heads into the hotel, then calls over her shoulder, "Remember, I helped hunt for the devil, tonight you take me dancing."

Rich yells back, "I don't dance!"

Allison smiles, "Don't worry, all my moves aren't limited to the ring." Rich and Archer watch the blonde until she steps into the elevator.

Archer looks back at the car and asks, "How long did it take to find that?"

Rich smiles, "Adds to the atmosphere."
Team Archer starts the second road show with a win over the Simpson sisters, when Cam and Mish hit Jessica with a double dropkick and Cam covers for the three count. Christina Milian gets caught in Natalie Portman's Vendetta submitting to the hold. Kaley Cuoco has Eliza Dushku beaten it looks like, until Eliza hits a backflip enzuigiri that stuns Cuoco long enough to get the win. Eliza climbing out of the ring is confronted by CCW's reporter Keith Pensor who follows Dushku to the back.

In the first match featuring local talent Kristen Bell takes on Jersey rookie Ashley Tisdale. Kristen sets the tone of the match early taking control, but Ashley gamely fights back. Ashley tries to work on Kristen's legs, but does have the ability to hold Bell down long enough to do any real damage. Kristen treats the match almost like an instructional session for the rookie. KBell tells Ashley what she's about do to and then hits the move. Kristen uses a few more power moves than she normal does as she begins to dominate Tisdale. Kristen plants Ashley with a bodyslam near one corner and before the rookie has time to recover Kristen is on the top turnbuckle and leaps. "The Bellrasier" (Kristen's 630 Corkscrew Splash) crushes Tisdale and the three count that follows is a mere formality.

Kristanna Loken meets Jodi Lyn O'Keffe in the main event and after Bell and Tisdale, Loken and O'Keefe look even bigger than they are. Kristanna and Jodi settle into a ground and pound match both relying on their power. Loken is taking a beating in the corner an instant later it's Jodi absorbing the blows in the corner. In classic power wrestler mode Jodi and Kristanna take turns standing in the center of the ring while the other bounces off the ropes and tries to run over the other. There is no flash in this match but the displays of power and impact of bodies and canvas draw several ohs and ahs from the fans. The two brawlers are nearing the twenty minute time limit when Loken pulls an exhausted Jodi to her feet and pulls her left arm over her head and lifts the brunette's top hammering the 'Heartless Punch' into Jodi's left boob. Kristanna's fingers close around Jodi's neck lifting her in a choke. Kristanna sits out powerbombing O'Keefe. After hitting her 'Pain Killer' Kristanna hooks her ankles over Jodi's arms and the ref makes the three count.

Kristanna is all smiles as she starts to stand, but another woman enters the ring and the big blonde newcomer hammers Forearms to Kristanna's back until she is smashed to her knees, then hair tosses her clear out of the ring! The intruder turns back to the semi-comatose Jodi and fans now see the women id indeed Ivanka Trump. Gathering up the helpless brunette Ivanka flips her up into the power bomb stall position. Trump begins turning tight circles, then drives O'Keefe into the mat. Trump waves to someone at ringside who hands her the 'Garden State Title Belt.' Ivanka yells at the slumbering Jodi, "You will NEVER get this!"

Kristanna begins to climb back into the ring, takes another look at Ivanka and seems to change her mind. She shrugs and heads for the locker rooms.
The next morning, Rich and Archer walk the halls making their rounds in preparation to depart. Rich asks Archer as they walk, "Have you seen Allison this morning?"

Archer shakes his head no, "Last I saw her was one the dance floor with you last night."

Quickly changing the subject Fannin says, "Here's Kristen's room."

Archer grabs Rich's arm keeping him from knocking on the door saying, "Twenty bucks Ashley Tisdale makes the 'walk-o-shame' out of the room."

Considering the wager a moment and simply says, "Pass."

Knocking on the door no one answers. Several more attempts also fail to receive and answer. Archer goes in search of his tag team and Rich heads to the lobby to see if anyone can help find the missing blonde.

Rich passes the stage area where last nights event was held the night before and hears the tell tale sound of "THWACK!" a body hitting canvas.

Turning into the doorway Rich finds three blondes in work out clothing moving around the ring Kristen Bell and Allison Mack seem to be giving Ashley Tisdale lessons. Allison shows Ashley a simple counter to a headlock turning the hold into an armbar.

Kristen seeing Rich waves and yells, "Hey Rich!"

Stopping the training, Allison and Ashley also wave. Rich asks, "How long have you been at this."

Allison shrugs "What time is it?"

Pulling out his cell phone Rich answers "Quarter of ten."

Allison and Kristen move to grab their jackets that hang on the ropes. Allison says "Give us ten minutes and we'll be ready."

Ashley begins to thank the two other blondes. "Allison, You did promise you'd let me try and escape."

Mack rolls her eyes, "OK, but just once."

Stepping to the center of the ring Allison wraps her arms around Ashley's slender frame and asks, "Ready?"

Ashley gives a quick "Yep" and Allison cranks down on the Bearhug.

Ashley's eyes bulge and she mouths, "Ggivvve...I give...," but no sound comes out.

Kristen watching yells, "Alli let her go!"

Allison quickly releases the hold and helps steady Tisdale keeping the blonde from falling to the mat. Ashley sucks air and Allison apologizes, "Sorry Ash I didn't hear you."

Getting her air back Ashley says, "I couldn't get anything to come out."

Hayden Panettiere is studying the newly posted schedule for CCW Show #19, when she hears someone clear their throat behind her.

"I wondered when we'd meet," came a silky, though sarcasm-tinged voice.

Hayden nearly jumped, but she managed to control herself and simply turn: "Nice to meet you, Kristen. I've heard a lot about you in the locker room."

"And I've heard a lot about you, too," the brunette said with a smirk.

"The legend is growing," Hayden responded.

"It's about to take a tragic turn," Kristin informed the blonde. "'Promising young career derailed by crafty veteran'."

Hayden gave Kristin a smirking smile: "I thinking it would be more like 'hot blonde rookie upset arrogant brunette has-been'."

"Oh, you are really asking for it young lady-I'm the one who'll give it to you," Kristin snapped.

"And I'm the one who'll give it right back to you!" Hayden retorted.

Kristin scowled: "You talk too much, kid, now you'll pay for it."

"And so will you," Hayden fired right back.

Kristin gave Hayden a shoulder whack and strode from the room. Hayden glared after her.
Camera opens on the official CCW promotional podium. There stand Jennifer Love Hewitt in a vee-cut blue dress and next to her Sarah Carter in a pink dress.

"Looks like I get to be your first CCW singles match," Jennifer comments.

"It wasn't my idea to start out in a 4-Way, but that's what Harold Green wanted. So now I get my single's start. I have to say I think it's a lucky break for me," Sarah Carter said.

"Really?" Jennifer replied. "How so?"

"Well, I might have been facing someone tough, someone hard to beat, but I've drawn you," Sarah coolly informed her.

"Don't get your hopes up, sweetie. I've beaten Christina Ricci, Christina Aguilera, and Rose McGowan. Now who exactly have YOU beaten in the CCW?" Jennifer responded.

"Oh, I intend to start with you," Sarah said with assurance.

"You've got a lot to learn about the CCW, Sarah and I don't mind teaching you," Jennifer said with a hard smile.

The rookie was unfazed: "You don't scare me. I'll see you there."

Jennifer and Sarah exchange icy smiles as the camera goes dark.
Scarlett is strolling through the CCW lounge when she encounters Lacey Chabert who seems uncommonly nervous, looking over her shoulder.

"Is the prospect of fighting me again making you paranoid Lacey?" Scarlett inquired.

Lacey gave her a look: "Don't flatter yourself, Scarlett. I beat you the first two times,"

"Ah, then it must be the love-struck Isla Fisher. How is that going? She get you into bed yet?" Scarlett asked mockingly.

"How dare you!" Lacey spluttered. "That is none of your business!"

"No, but we're all curious about you two."

"Keep wondering!" Lacey snapped.

Suddenly a red-haired fireball appeared behind Lacey and grabbed her from behind in a crushing reverse bearhug. Lacey was actually lifted off her feet.

"Isla! You stop that!" Lacey cried.

Isla giggled and let the brunette go. She turned to Scarlett: "My 'She-Bear' is the cutest thing. I love her to pieces."

"Do tell," Scarlett replied with a sneer.

Isla frowned: "I don't like you."

"I'll learn to live with that," Scarlett sneered.

Isla suddenly grabbed Scarlett in a crushing face to face Bear hug. Scarlett struggled, but caught by surprise, she was unable to escape. Lacey enjoyed the spectacle for a few moments, then tapped Isla on the shoulder.

"Let her go 'Red', leave me something to finish at Show #19," Lacey said smiling at the frustrated Scarlett.

Isla released Scarlett who struggled to regain her dignity: "I'm leaving."

"Good," Lacey said.

"Yes, and you be nice to my 'She-Bear' or you'll be sorry," Isla warned.

Scarlett turned on her heel and marched away without another world. Lacey turned to Isla.

"'Red', we may not be the kind of friends you want us to be, but I got to admit you're growing on me," Lacey said.

Isla beamed: "We're perfect together, 'She-Bear'. Some day you'll know it, too."

"Don't get your hopes up too high," Lacey cautioned.

"Oh, I can wait," Isla assured her, but then glanced at her watch. "Except for now, I've got to go meet someone. See you soon, 'She-Bear."

Isla gave Lacey a last bear hug and then bounded off.


Harold opens the door to his office to find a brunette sitting at his desk. Harold stands at the door saying, "Kat lost Banshee, that's still MY desk."

For the first time in a long while the brunette actually smiles replying, "You're learning. And they say you're brain damaged." Neve stands and moves around the desk as Harold moves around the other side and takes his seat. She pushes a folder lying on top of the pile towards the promoter, her tone is one of triumph "This is for you; from the Championship committee."

Long suspiciously at the woman known as Banshee, Harold opens the folder and reads over the contents. Harold slams the paper on the desk and looks at the XX division champion for a moment. "Who of your bunch did you pimp out to get these pushed through?"

Banshee gives the promoter a mock look of hurt. "Once I knew where to go above your head things became a lot simpler. They are much more understanding than you are." Harold crumbles the paper as tosses it across the room. Neve smirks, "Careful, the stress can cause physical problems. I wouldn't want you to have to leave your job here."

Neve turns to leave, but stops short when Harold clears his throat and grumbles, "You can’t hide from Allison forever."

Neve laughs, "I don't plan on hiding forever. She'll be ready soon enough." She gives a small, cold, laugh, "Keep guessing. Maybe you'll be able to save your new heroine before she learns the hard way the good guys don't always prevail."

Later that day Isla Fisher is bouncing through the hallways backstage when the redhead rounds a corner coming face to face with a hooded Legion member. She gives a short squeak as she falls to her knees, her face buried in her hands and stammers, "I…I…I…I’ve been good."

The hooded figure places a hand on Isla head stroking her red hair soothingly says, "I know. But I need you tonight."

Isla keeps her head bowed and asks, "Do you need me...Or HER?"

With a slow stroke of red hair, the figure says, "Of course I need HER. At then end of Johansson-Chabert SHE'LL take out the winner."

Isla weakly says, "I don't want to hurt She-Bear."

The hooded figures laughs, "Well, then hope she doesn't win tonight," the figure whispers into Isla's ear.

Isla is still huddled on the floor as the woman walks away. Moments later Isla stands, no longer the happy Isla she turns and walks away.
Match One: Keira Knightley vs. Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway comes to the ring with Sum 41's "Fat Lip" playing. Anne seems down as she walks to the ring, after her quick start Anne has hit some hard luck lately and is on a three match losing streak. Anne adjusts the black bikini she is wearing, getting a cheer from the crowd as she snaps the bottoms on her butt cheeks, before climbing into the ring. Green Day's "She's a Rebel" introduces Keira Knightley as usual. Keira is wearing a white bikini with black shoulder straps and piping. Keira got back on track at show 17 with a win, and now she looks to avenge her lost to Anne in the first show.

Keira is out to a quick start hiptossing Anne and nailing her with a drop kick as the brunette stands. Keira bounces right back to her feet and takes only a second to line up and drive a pointy elbow right between Anne's tits. Keira goes for a cover, but Anne safely kicks out in time. Keira headlocks Anne keeping her on the mat saying, "I don't know why I tried playing mind tricks with you before. You're not that good." Anne works her way back to her feet and shoves Keira into the ropes breaking free of the headlock. Keira rebounds into a clothesline that flattens the Brit.

Anne taking control on Keira body slams her several times tossing Knightley around the ring almost at will. Keira holding her back in pain after one of the ring rattling bodyslams lashes out with a foot catching Anne on the knee. Keira kicks and twists Anne's shapely legs trying to destroy the powerhouse's base. Anne hit Keira with a fall away slam that breaks Keira's momentum for a moment, but when Anne tries to get back to her feet her left leg gives out. Keira only takes a second to recover and is back on Anne. Keira snatches Anne's left ankle and before Anne can do anything Keira locks in a figure four leg lock. Anne's screams fill the area, but soon they subside into sobs of pain and Anne has to give up. Keira makes the ref undo the hold making Anne suffer longer. Keira's smug confidence is back as she stands over Anne and holds out her hand to the ref.
Match Two: Kristin Kreuk vs. Hayden Panettiere

311's "Beautiful Disaster" plays as Kristin Kreuk is introduced, the brunette has her hair pulled back into a ponytail and she is wearing a dark red bra and matching panties. Kristin begins trading insults with the fans as she makes her way to the ring. The Foo Fighters "Pretender" begins playing and exploding from behind the curtain comes Hayden Panettiere. The young blonde is clad in a two tone red bikini. Hayden is all smiles and high fives coming to the ring. Hayden runs up the steps and hops on the top turnbuckle and does a forward flip into the ring. Everyone with the exception of Kristin is impressed with the high energy entrance.

Hayden show early she is capable of wrestling with Kristin. Hayden doesn't control the match, but she gets enough offense in to impress the fans. A lion moon sault get a rise out of the crowd and gets Hayden a two count on Kreuk. Kristin works a surfboard hold on the youngster and to her credit Hayden endures the hold and works her way to the ropes to escape. Hayden again hits a high risk move this time a top rope leg drop across the brunette's chest, but again Kristin kicks out at two. Frustrated with Hayden's refusal to roll over, Kristin begins pushing the boundaries of fairness; blatantly choking the rookie four or five times, then releasing her just before the ref reaches the five count.

After Kristin props Hayden in the corner, she hits her with a blistering slap, then locking her fingers on Hayden's throat, n hisses, "You're going to win this match, but I promise you, you wouldn't feel like a winner."

She continues to choke Hayden even when the ref’s count reaches five. The ref grabs Kristin's arm and tries pulling it off Hayden's throat. Kristin backs up and shrugs as the ref threatens to disqualify her. Hayden slumped in the corner tries to get back to her feet, but Kristin stomps down on her stomach. Kristin finally obeys the ref's instruction, pulling Hayden out of the corner - only to send her careening clear cross the ring into the opposite turnbuckle!

Hayden surprises everyone, instead of crashing into the pads she runs up them like steps and reaching the top flips backwards with a 'Whisper in the Wind'! Kristin, charging after her, is almost caught but at the last second she dives out of the way and Hayden crashes hard to the canvas!

Kristin angry that her play thing tried such a bold move crawls back to Hayden and begins a blatant choke hold, again. The ref begins counting and this time when Kristin doesn't release the hold as he reaches five the ref calls for the bell. Hayden, coughing and gasping for air rolls to her side, but can't escape Kristin. Kreuk now free of the restraints of the match hooks a hand inside Hayden's waistband.

The ref warns Kristin to leave the young blonde alone and she responds, "Hey dumbass, you already disqualified me! I don't have to listen to you." Turning back to Hayden, Kristin runs a finger over the bridge of Hayden's nose and in a sweet voice Kristin whispers, "Now I give you a REAL welcome."

Kristin forces Hayden onto her back, puts a knee on either side of the blonde's head and lowers her sweaty center. As Hayden's face disappears under her crotch Kreuk laughs, "Now, I'll bust your face cherry." She slowly begins grinding the Reverse Facesit as Hayden's arms and legs wave wildly. After the first minute or so, she remains trapped but her wild flapping arms fall still. Kristin's body continues to grind until it shudders and she lets out a satisfied sigh. As she pushes her dark hair up off her face, Kristin's evil smile is chilling. She dismounts the shell-shocked Hayden, leans over and smirks, "Told ya, you wouldn't feel like a winner."
Match Three: Jennifer Love Hewitt vs. Sarah Carter

As Maroon 5's "This Love" begins playing fans turn the stage area to see Jen come "bouncing" out from the back. Love is sporting an electric blue swim suit that has JLH in white letters on the hip. Her hair hangs loose, Jen looks a little confused as the crowd doesn't seem to be as loud for her as normal. When the Foo Fighters "DOA" begins to play Jen gets her answer to why her entrance was lesser than normal as many fans cheer the blonde as Sarah Carter comes out on the stage. Sarah is wearing a silky-looking black bikini with the letters SC scrolled on the back side and the left breast. Sarah trots to the ring slapping hands and giving fans fist pumps as she circles the outside of the ring. Sarah hops on to the ring apron and steps between the ropes. Climbing the nearest turnbuckle she points out to the fans getting them to cheer even louder.

When the bell sounds the two wrestlers slowly begin to circle sizing each other up. Jen says, "It's nice the fans support the unknowns around here." Sarah stops circling and looks at Jen and gives a small chuckle, "Was that you trying to be mean Love?" Jen looks a little uncomfortable and stammers, "N-No I-I just meant..."

Sarah laughs saying, "Its OK Love, we're in the ring; you can be mean to me - if you want." Jen turning a light pink in the face as she begins moving toward Sarah who keeps her distance long enough to add, "Let's see who can be meaner!"

Once the action starts Jen takes Sarah to the canvas and works holds meant to ware the blonde down, but Sarah shows a knack for find escapes. Sarah offense is a combo of good mat wrestling and striking that seems to give her an advantage over the slow handed Jen. Jen uses the extra cushion of her backside to hit an ass drop on Sarah's chest, crushing the blonde's tits and blasting the air out of her lungs. Jen keeping Sarah down, Splashes the blonde next, but only gets a two count.

Sarah hurting from the squash moves Jen hits on her manages to escape outside the ring to regroup. Sarah climbs back in the ring, but Jen is there waiting for her and sets Carter up for a suplex back into the ring. Sarah hooks her leg on the bottom rope stop Love and then nails the brunette with two stiff right hands. As Jen staggers back Sarah jumps to the top rope and springs off. Sarah flips in mid-air to catch Jen's head between her legs, then falling backward takes Jen over in a ‘Dragonrana’ she calls ‘The D.O.A.”

Sitting on Jen's chest, Sarah hooks her legs under her arms and hangs on for the three count. She holds her arms up, waving to the fans cheering her once again, then rolls out of the ring and heads to the back. Sarah gets up and runs to the ringpost nearest the departing Jen’s back and yells, "JEN!" When Jen turns around, Sarah continues, "Looks like your name is first on my list!" Jen takes a few steps back towards the ring, stops, shakes her head, turns and leaves smiling.
Cut Scene One
Blue Oyster Cult's "Godzilla" plays as Harold Green walks out mic in hand. Harold signals to cut the music and stands a moment before beginning, "A few announcement are in order. First tonight's main event, Olivia Munn verse Jessica Alba, is a special 'Red Carpet' match. The ring will be torn down and replaced with a 16x16 piece of red carpet. Paparazzi will surround the carpet behind a velvet rope. The winner will be the first to claim a Sharpe tied to one of the poles and autographs the body of the other wrestler." Walking around a Harold is no longer looking at the fans and his voice not as loud as before says, "My second announcement deals with the three titles. The championship committee has come to the judgment that at the next show all three titles should be defended." Taking a moment Harold continues, "Tonight the winner of the Bone Slayers and the Legion's tag team will meet Eva's of Destruction. Katherine Heigl has been given a rematch against Jessica Biel for the World title." Harold shakes his head, "and finally the winner of tonight's Lacey Chabert and Scarlett Johansson match will take on Banshee for the XX Division title." Harold walks off.
Match Four: Megan Fox vs. Estella Warren

When "Paralyzer" begins to play Fans of, "The Fox" jump to their feet even though they are out numbered and Megan looks like she would spit on them before acknowledging their support. Megan is clad in shiny brown bikini, her dark hair hanging loose. "Bulls on Parade" by Rage Against the Machine begins playing, the song goes on for a good bit before Estella does make her way out. The blonde is wearing a lime green two piece swimsuit.

Megan gives up some size to Estella, but the brunette has two things on her side quickness and cruelty. Estella also doesn't count on Megan being able to match strength with the blonde. Megan works a neck claw on the blonde digging her fingers into Estella's shoulders at the base of her neck. Megan's attacks mostly focus on weakening the blonde's neck and back to set her up for the 'Paralyzer'.

Estella tries turning the match into more of a catfight going after Megan's tits, but it backfires on the blonde as Megan is more than willing to go to Estella's big rack and trunks to continue to break down the blonde. Megan then hits a reverse Russian legsweep instead of falling backward Megan takes Estella down face first into the canvas. Megan pops up to her feet and moves down to Estella's feet and kicking them apart Megan steps into the V of the blonde's legs. Reaching down Megan wraps her arms around the blonde's waist. Megan pulls Estella up off the mat and drops her facefirst to the canvas,

Megan lifts again getting Estella higher this time, but again Warren eats a face full of canvas. The third time Megan lifts she releases Estella and spins around. Estella's feet go over her head and Megan catches her by the head Megan hitting the neckbreaker she calls "The Paralyzer" Estella's body convulses twice as Megan mounts the blonde and pulls Estella's face up into her crotch as the ref makes the three count. Megan's hips sway as she grinds her crotch on Estella's nose. Megan enjoys her ride a few more moments then stands to celebrate her victory.
Match Five: Katherine "Kat" Heigl vs. Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst comes out to Metallica's "Fuel" the blonde clad in a sunny yellow bikini. It's plan to see Dunst does not want to be in this match tonight and it takes her a long time to make her way to the ring and climb in. Carl Orff's "Carmina Burana" plays a few bars before changing to Marilyn Manson's "Sweet Dreams" introducing Katherine Heigl. She comes out in a hooded robe with the hood hiding her face - the front open to display Kat's assets in a black top and black short-shorts. She discards the robes half-way down the ramp and stops, giving the booing fans a look of disdain.

Dunst's fear proves to be well founded as Kat dominates her from the opening bell. Kirsten's meager attempts at offensive end with Katherine dishing out more punishment to the blonde. Without any noticeable effort Katherine flips Kirsten up into the stall position of a powerbomb. Heigl pauses for a few seconds before slamming Kirsten into the canvas. Kirsten matchbooked at Katherine's feet show no signs of moving. The ref checks on Kirsten, but Heigl shoves him away and lifts Dunst on to her shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

Over the protest of the ref, Kat carries Kirsten to a corner and deposits her there, setting her up for a muscle buster. Kat pulls Kirsten's head down, hooks Dunst behind the knees, lifts and carries the blonde to the center of the ring. Kirsten is held in the muscle buster until Kat falls back, smashing her into the canvas. Kat finally goes for the cover and Kirsten never moves as the ref quickly counts three. Heigl stands over Kirsten, then reaches down and rips the yellow bikini off the comatose blonde, hooks the souvenir in her waistband and stalks away.
Match Six: Katee Sackhoff vs. Michelle Ryan

God Smack’s "Whatever" blares throughout the small arena as Katee Sackhoff stalks from the back. Katee isn't smiling, but she does stop twice on her way to the ring to waves her arms and yell for the fans to make more noise. The blonde is wearing a gray low cut sports bra and matching boy shorts as she climbs in the ring and tests the ropes running across the ring and bouncing off the far ropes before moving to her corner. "Becoming the Bull" by Atreyu begins playing as the ring announcer introduces "The British Bull Michelle Ryan” who comes out wearing a white bikini with the Union Jack flags on her breasts and crotch - and the word "Bull" scrolled across her butt.

Michelle and Katee meet at the middle of the ring waiting for the ref to finisher his instructions. Michelle says, "Didn't take 'im long to get us in the ring."

Katee’s lip curls into a smile, "Worried?"

Michelle shakes her head. "Your arse is as good as any other for me to kick."

Katee and Michelle go after each other like they have already built a grudge with each other. Michelle whips Katee into the corner and lays in some heavy handed boob slaps to the blonde. Katee is equally cruel when she traps the Brit along the ropes turning Michelle's chest and cleavage a bight pink color. Katee slows the match down locking Michelle in an abdominal stretch. Katee takes advantage of the multiple targets available to her while she has Ryan trapped. Michelle is finally able to work Katee leg loose and sends the blonde flying with a hip toss.

The American gets back to her feet in time to be run over by a clothesline from Ryan. Michelle moving slow after the abuse she just took rests against the ropes a moment before walking back and pulling Katee off the canvas. Pulling Katee's arm between her legs Michelle sets up for her pump handle powerslam finisher, but Katee slips from Michelle's grip and lands flips over the brunette's shoulder landing on her feet. Without hesitation Katee leaps hitting Ryan between the shoulder blades with a drop kick. Ryan shoots forward out of control and tumbles over the top rope. Michelle bounces of the apron on her way to the floor.

Katee lets the ref begin the count out on Michelle. Michelle gets to her feet as the ref reaches six, Katee at the same time rolls through the ropes. Katee grabs Michelle by the hair coming up from behind the brunette. Katee leads Michelle to the nearest ring post pulling her head back to drive it into the steel. Michelle with her head clearing releases what's about to happen and puts a foot up on the ring post blocking the move. Michelle nails Katee with and elbow to the chest giving her the space to turn and Irish whip Katee into the railing around the ring. It takes some time to the ref is finally able to get Katee and Michelle to return to the ring.

The battle continues each woman soaking up a ton of damage and fighting back to dish out more to the other woman. As the ring announcer calls the final minute of the match Michelle has just kick out for at least the tenth time in the match. Katee frustrated hair hauls Michelle to her feet and positioning the rubbery legged Brit in the center of the ring Katee charges the ropes. Getting the boost from the ropes Katee speeds back towards Ryan, but Michelle lunges forward hammering a clothesline across Katee's chest. Michelle goes for a quick cover, but Katee kicks out. Michelle straddles Katee hooking her arms under the blondes and lifts her with a loose bearhug applied Michelle drags her massive chest back and forth across Katee's saying, "Yer face is next." Michelle hits a belly to belly suplex, hooking Katee's near leg as she does. The time keeper begins a count down from ten. ONE...TWO...If Katee kicks out the match will end in a draw...THREE! Katee's escape comes a heart beat to late and Michelle gets the pin at 14:56 only four seconds from a draw.

Michelle sore and tried gets to her feet holding out her hand for the ref to raise says, "Come on mate, I've some business with Miss Jackoff to attend to yet."

Doing as he's instructed the ref holds up Michelle's arm turning her to all four sides of the ring. Michelle reaches behind her back and undoes her top moving back to Katee. Michelle yells, "Oy! It's about to get real dark Katee!"

Michelle begins to lower herself on to the blonde, but Katee's knee shoots up between Michelle's thighs. A yelp of pain comes for the brunette as she falls beside Katee. Katee rolls out of the ring and gives Michelle the middle finger before leaving. Michelle rubbing her wound has to be helped from the ring.
Match Seven: Rosario Dawson vs. Erica Durance

Fans know Future Leaders of the world "Let me out" belongs to Erica Durance as she comes out a few seconds after the music begins. Erica is dressed in red top with black bottoms with a red and black belt. Erica is very no nonsense coming to the ring. She still gives a nod to the fans, but tonight she seems all business as she enters the ring. Rob Zombie "Super Beast" plays while Rosario comes to the ring. Dawson is wearing a pink and black stripped bikini.

Rosario steps through the ropes heading straight for Erica and as they chest into each other, they jaw back and forth until the ref is able to separate them to begin the match. They don't disappoint fans of high impact wrestling with even simple moves like chest chops seeming to have extra impact. Neither woman is willing to back down which leads to several moments of trading blows and bouncing off the ropes trying to take each other off their feet with shoulder blocks. Erica comes close to applying her sleeper hold, but Rosario turns into it and lifts Erica hitting a belly to back suplex.

Even escaping Erica's finisher doesn't turn the tables for Rosario long, and they are back trying to pound each other into submission. Time is beginning to run down in the match and both Rosario and Erica are taking more chances to try and hit a big move that will score them the win. Rosario whips Erica into the turnbuckles and moves to the opposite corner. Rosario leaps from almost eight feet away about to crush Erica with a stinger splash. The move may have ended Erica's night, but she isn't in the corner when Rosario hits chest first. Staggering out of the corner Dawson is easy prey for Erica to slap her sleeper hold on. Erica lifts Rosario and falls back dropping Dawson on her ass. Erica pushes forward after landing putting Rosario's head between her knees and completing the "Dirt Nap."

Rosario struggles and refuses to accept that she is trapped, but it's soon apparent Rosario is done. Rosario keeps fighting until the lights go out though and the ref has to check her arm three times before calling the match. Erica pulls Rosario up and gently lays her flat out on the mat; her seemingly kind action tempered by her words. "No one is going to stand between me and the title. You blew your chance."

Erica stands holding her arm out for the ref to make the results official. Erica starts to walk out of the ring, but then turns back and leaning over leans Dawson up to undo the back strap of Rosario's top and pulls it over her head. Erica smiles, "I believe this belongs to me now!"

Erica climbs out of the ring and greets some of her cheering fans and tosses Rosario's top into the crowd. Watching Erica notes, "Just like feeding time at the zoo." as a sea of arms reach for the keepsake.
Match Eight: Lacey Chabert vs. Scarlett Johansson

Lacey Chabert is the first to come to the ring as The Donna's "Take it Off" plays. Lacey is wearing a dark orange bikini top and boy shorts her long dark hair hangs loose. Lacey maybe be a heel, but she's a heel many fans like. Lacey already owns two wins over Scarlett and incase anyone has forgotten Lacey reminds them on her way to the ring. When Prodigy's "Fire Starter" begins playing Scarlett Johansson burst from behind the curtain. Scarlett is wearing a beige swim suit the blonde who normally doesn't speak to anyone in the crowd, stops and speaks with her new manager Tech before climbing in the ring. Scarlett looks determined as she glares across the ring at her brunette opponent. Not that Lacey and Scarlett needed incentive to go after each other, but the winner getting a XX Division title shot was icing on their cake.

Lacey starts with the insults even before the bell sounds smirking, "Your spending so much time under my boobs, I'm going to have to start charging you rent Scarlett."

Scarlett shoots back, "How about I beat you quick and you can go find your buddy Isla."

Lacey and Scarlett skip the feeling out process and go straight to beating on each other. Of course their tops don't last long as they are high priority targets. Scarlett works Lacey's abs hitting gutbusters and stomach claws trying to take the brunette out.

Lacey a little less focused, attacks whatever Scarlett isn't protecting at the moment, legs, back, stomach, boobs it doesn't seem to matter to Lacey. Lacey bearhugs Scarlett, going boob to boob with the blonde grinding against her, which brings cheering from the happy fans. Scarlett doesn't back down from the challenge wrapping her arms around Lacey and matching the brunette's grinding. The ref finally calls for a break to get the two chesty women to give up the battle that could go on much longer than they have to wrestle.

Lacey hammering on Scarlett sets up the blonde for the 'Lacey Bottoms' as Lacey give Scarlett the wedgie Johansson's elbow bounces of the side of Chabert's head. Scarlett puts two more elbows into Lacey's ear and spins the brunette around scoping her up for a bodyslam. . With the brunette in trouble after a backbreaker Scarlett pulls Lacey up to her knees and applies a reverse sleeper breast smother. Keeping Chabert's face buried in her cleavage Scarlett twists Lacey back and forth. Lacey tries to punch her way out of the hold hitting Scarlett's hips and sides, but soon the punches fade. Fans start a "JMD" chant as Scarlett forces the fading Lacey to the canvas.

The ref goes in and lifts Lacey's arm three times and each time it falls lifeless. Scarlett hangs on to the hold for a few seconds before letting Lacey free. Scarlett sits on top of Lacey's stomach slapping Lacey's face lightly until the brunette comes to. Scarlett smirks, "When I win the title feel free to challenge me. I'll jug you out anytime you feel up to it."

Lacey just turns her head and waits for Scarlett to stand and have her arm raised while Scarlett gathers her top and Lacey's and as usual throws them out into the crowd. She is halfway up the ramp when a redheaded blur comes flying out of the back and clotheslines her! Isla Fisher turns back and hair-hauls Scarlett back to her feet, then screams in her face just before she drives a knee into the blonde's crotch. Isla lifts Johansson in a Fireman's Carry and marches to the ring carrying her across her shoulders. Standing next to the ring, Isla tosses Scarlett in the air and lets gravity bring her down - smashing her face into the ring apron! Isla pulls the limp Scarlett to her feet leaning her against the ring apron and hammers Overhand Chops down onto the blonde's bouncing boobs! Finally, she puts her in a Standing Headscissors and Piledrives the blonde into the thin padding surrounding the ring. Referees and security finally separate the new XX Division number one contender and the crazed red head!
Match Nine: The Bone Slayers (Emily Deschanel-Sarah Michelle Gellar) vs. Erika Christensen-Agnes Bruckner

Emily and Sarah Michelle are first to the ring; Deschanel wearing a purple bikini top and matching boy shorts with a white belt and Sarah in her cammo pattern bikini of red, black, and brown. Each taking a side of fans, the two make their way to the ring slapping fans hands.

Carl Orff's "Carmina Burana" plays as two hooded figures slowly walk out on stage and towards the ring. Fans are unsure what combination of the Legion was on it's way to the ring. Reaching the ring both women drop the robes revealing Agnes Bruckner and Erika Christensen. The Bone Slayers seem unimpressed as Emily and Sarah have worked their way into to title contention and to have the Legion stroll down the ramp with a chance to take that the first time they team up doesn't sit well with the Bone Slayers.

Sarah as usual starts for the Bone Slayers as Agnes steps out for the Legion. The bigger blonde has an evil grin seeing the much smaller Sarah moving towards her. After two snap kicks and a spinning kick to the gut Agnes's smug confidence is gone as she picks herself up off the mat. Sarah taunts, "Maybe you'd like to try my partner?"

Agnes quicker than Sarah gives her credit for charges Sarah and hammers a forearm to the side of the Slayers head. Tags on both sides are quick and often as the teams battle back and forth.

For not having teamed up before Erika and Agnes work well together. Sarah standing outside waiting to get back into the match sees the other members of the Legion come out on the stage. Turning her attention back to the ring Sarah sees her partner Emily trapped in an over the knee backbreaker by Agnes. Emily brings her knee up catching Bruckner in the side of the head escaping the painful hold. Emily crawls towards Sarah trying to tag in the blonde while Agnes also goes for a tag. Agnes reaches her corner first and makes the tag. Emily is almost to her corner and Sarah takes a quick look to the stage, only two hooded figures stand there now.

Sarah scans the area, but is too late as the third hooded figure grabs Sarah's ankles and pulls her off the ring apron. Sarah's face bounces off the apron as she falls. Emily looking up, searches for her missing partner. The Ref turning around sees nothing and looks confused at the unexplained absence of the Slayer.

Erika launches herself on top of the prone redhead and muscles her into a loose headlock pounding fist into Emily's head. When Sarah climbs back on to the ring apron she complains to the ref about the interference, but to no avail. Erika lifts Emily on to her shoulders carting Emily to Agnes waiting in the corner. Erika deposits Emily across the top turnbuckle. Erika begins arguing with the ref allowing Agnes to hammer forearms down across Emily's torso. Sarah screams from the corner trying to get the dope to turn around. Erika walks back to the corner and with Agnes's help sits Emily up on the top turnbuckle. Erika standing back to back with Emily reaches up and digs her fingers into Emily's armpits. The crucifix powerbomb know as the 'Dark Sacrifice" folders Emily in half. Erika flops across Emily's thighs for the cover. Sarah is through the ropes in a heartbeat, but Agnes is also and Sarah focused on her partner never sees the clothesline coming that spins her head over heel. The ref ignores the two blondes and makes the three count.

The ref tries to pull the Legion members away from the Bone Slayers, but the just shove him aside. Rachel McAdams, Katherine Heigl and Neve Campbell now with hoods back stalk to the ring as the time keeper begins ringing the bell at a desperate pace, the usual sign that help is needed in the ring. Security comes running from the back, but the Legion is already in the ring sadistically attacking Emily and Sarah. Banshee pulls her group back all laughing as they leave the ring area.
Main Event: Jessica Alba vs. Olivia Munn

In preparation for the final match four large screens are lowered above the ring and the ring announcer explains, "Because of the special stipulation on the final match the red carpet match will be taking place in the backstage area and we will show all the action on these screens."

Soils 'Halo' beings playing as Jessica wearing a pale blue bikini walks on to the red carpet. Jessica is also wearing white knee pads and elbow pads. Limp Bizkit "My Way" replaces Jessica's music and Olivia Munn runs out on to the red carpet. Olivia is in a simple black bikini and pads, she doesn't have as many fans, but they are making noise for the brunette. Photographers now encircle the red carpet area and already begin snapping photos. A ref pushes his way through the crowd and points to the Sharpe hanging from the one post. The ref will only stop the match once someone has written their signature on the others body. The ref checks both wrestlers and then lacking a bell yells, "WRESTLE!"

The ref scrambles into the crowd of paparazzi, leaving Jessica and Olivia to settle their differences. Flashes from all the cameras surrounding the two wrestlers causes a constant glare on the red carpet. Olivia starts across the red carpet, while Jessica smiles for a few more pictures waiting until Olivia moves closer.

Jessica holds up a hand as Olivia begins getting too close, "We have to take photos first."

Olivia stops and puts her hands on her hips, "What are you talking about?"

Jessica smiling answers, "well all these people her taking are picture, they want us to take a few before shots." Olivia lets a frustrated grunt out and Jessica moves close putting an arm around Olivia's shoulders. Jessica smiles saying, "Come on, it's only a few shots, then I'll beat your chubby ass."

Olivia lets out a roar of frustration and pushes Jessica into the crowd of paparazzi. The nearest members of the press grab Jessica and they all begin counting. Olivia looks confused as the hold Jessica until their count reach ten and they release Alba. Jessica looks angry at first, but smiles seeing Olivia's look of confusion. Jessica explains, "Part of the rules, if you get too close they grab and hold you for a ten count. You might wanna remember that - cable girl."

Olivia adjusts her elbow pads and nodding says, "OK, let's get this started."

With a quick nod from Jessica the two lock up in a collar and elbow tie up. Jessica drops to one knee to keep from being shoved into the groping arms of the paparazzi. Olivia pulls Jessica into a side headlock and snaps Alba over with a headlock takedown. The smack of Jessica's back on the carpet sounds much different than the normal ring canvas, and Jessica's cry of pain supports that landings are going to hurt more on the carpet. Olivia pulls Jessica up holding on to the headlock. Jessica tries escaping by hammering forearms into the small of Olivia's back, but after two shots Olivia pulls Jessica around in front of her and scoops the blonde with ease. Olivia pats Jessica's round butt before dropping Jessica's legs and swinging her into a Sidewalk Slam. Jessica's back arches after the impact.

Olivia runs a hand over the flat abs of Jessica, "Ah did that hurt?" She jams her fist into Jessica stomach asking, "Does that feel better?"

Olivia sits beside Jessica and locks Alba's right arm in a short arm scissors. She works Jessica's trapped limb, changing to pressure and angle she pulls with to maximize the pain she causes the blonde. It takes some time, but Jessica is able to turn into the hold and get her feet under her. Jessica stands up, in a normal match it would have been enough to break the hold since Olivia's shoulders are on the carpet. Olivia knowing she can't be pinned hangs on to the hold trying to pull Jessica back to the carpet. Jessica fighting through the pain reaches around Olivia with her free arm and lifts Olivia off the ground. Olivia looks surprised that Jessica is strong enough to lift her. The surprise gives way to pain as Jessica drops her back to the carpet. Olivia's arms cover her head freeing Jessica, the blonde steps away rubbing the injured arm.

Jessica still rolling her shoulder reaches down hair hauling Olivia to her feet and whips her into the crowd of paparazzi. Olivia manages to turn so she is face Jessica and not the cameramen holding her. Olivia struggles trying to free herself, but they have her held tight, they begin a slow steady count.

Jessica, laughing as she approaches, says, "At least they don't bite...well, at least I don’t think so!"

Jessica throws a hook into Olivia's ribs just below her left boob. Jessica fires more left and right hooks into Olivia's ribs until the paparazzi reach their ten count and free Olivia. The brunette sinks down to the carpet, but still has her wits enough to roll away from the velvet rope.

Jessica laughs, "Your kind of soft C-list. Better work on those abs."

Olivia rolls closer to the center of the red carpet, comes to one knee and retorts, "You call those punches? It felt like I was back in a third grade catfight."

Jessica charges forward, but that's exactly what Olivia wanted. Jessica charging in thinks Olivia on a knee is in no position for offense, but Olivia grabs the blonde's arm and hits a fireman's carry on Alba flipping Jessica over her shoulders Olivia toss the blonde. Jessica grunts landing flat on her back and the wind is driven out of her lungs. Olivia slides over to where Jessica landed and pulling Alba's head up off the floor Olivia locks in a figure four head scissors.

Olivia reaches down and gives Jessica's left boob a couple of squeezes. "What'd those cost, twelve or thirteen grand?"

Jessica trying to squirm free snaps, "Fuck you Fat Ass!"

Olivia lifts her hips of the floor adding to the pressure of the hold making Jessica cry out in pain. Jessica claws at Olivia's shapely legs trying to escape and without the ropes and ref Jessica has to find her own way out of the hold. Olivia takes a stronger grip on Jessica's tits while Jessica still tries to pry a part Olivia's legs. Working the hold for nearly a minute Olivia locks her legs and pulls a red faced Jessica to her feet. Olivia kneelifts Jessica, hitting her right on the navel.

Olivia then says, "Let's see how you like it!" then she sends Jessica into the crowd of paparazzi.

Jessica gets turned so she goes back first into the crowd. Olivia smiles as Jessica's arms are trap, but the paparazzi are counting much faster than when they had Olivia trapped. Olivia charges forward trying to beat the count that will free Jessica.

Olivia yells, "HeyUUUFGGH!" while her arms where held Jessica's legs remained free and she kicks Olivia in the gut as she approaches.

Olivia holding her stomach tries to back away from the down free Jessica, but Alba launches herself nailing Olivia with a drop kick to the chest. Olivia blasted to her back rolls over moaning in pain and Jessica lines Munn up and drops an elbow into the small of Olivia's back. Jessica turns quickly taking a seat on Munn's back and cupping her chin locks in her fingers. While Jessica is pulling back on the chin lock she taunts Olivia, "I like falling on you, it's like landing on a bag of marshmallows."

Jessica pulls on the chinlock a while longer then bounces Olivia's head off the floor. Jessica jumps up to her feet and stomps both feet on Olivia's back and continues to stand on the brunette. Jessica stomps her feet down several times before stepping off Munn. Jessica reaches down grabbing the back strap of Olivia's top and pulls her to her feet. Jessica flips Olivia's near arm over her shoulders and grabs her waistband and with a quick pop of her hips Jessica takes Olivia up and over with a snap suplex.

Jessica pops right back to her feet and posses for the paparazzi saying, "Now you're seeing the difference between an A-list star and a poser!"

Jessica turns back to Olivia, but the brunette is already on her feet and arms swinging in a Mongolian chop. Instead of chopping Jessica on the side of the neck Olivia hits both Jessica's boob. Jessica cries out in pain and tries to stagger away. Olivia chop blocks the back of Jessica's knee keeping her from escaping. Olivia pushes Jessica over on to her stomach and back mounts Alba applying a full nelson. Olivia Shifts her grip to hold Jessica with one hand and undoes Jessica's top. Pulling the top off Olivia tosses it aside. With the full nelson securely applied again Olivia asks Jessica, "Ready for a boob burn?" Jessica doesn't have time to respond as Olivia drags her in and arc across the carpet. Jessica is quickly wailing in pain as her soft flesh is drug across the coarse carpet. Olivia makes about a half dozen of the arcs before rolling Jessica over and observing her work. Jessica's boobs are a bright pink and the blonde is sobbing softly waving her hands over the top off her tits trying to cool them down.

Olivia leaves Jessica on the floor and heads towards the pole with the Sharpe attached. Reaching Olivia who is about an inch taller than Jessica cannot reach the Sharpe. It dangles almost a foot out of her reach. Looking around Olivia says, "What the Fuck!" Not seeing any way to get up to the pen. Olivia still looking for a way to get the Sharpe doesn't see Jessica coming up from behind her and grabbing Olivia by the back of the head Jessica rams her face first into the pole.

Jessica keeps Olivia from falling and turns her around shoving her into the waiting arms of the paparazzi, snarling, "Hold her! And don't bother counting; I'll tell you when you can let her go!"

Jessica first takes a water bottle from one of the photographers and pours it over her boobs. The taking a towel from another photographer she pats her boobs down. Jessica turns her attention back to Olivia, Jessica points to the paparazzi saying, "If you haven't figured out they are loyal to the famous."

Jessica grabs the material between Olivia's tits and yanks until the top gives way. Jessica claps both hands against Olivia's defenseless boobs curling her fingers into the soft flesh. Olivia helpless can only scream in pain as Jessica squeezes and pulls the soft breast meat in her hands. Jessica grabs the bottom of Olivia right boob holding it she brings her other fist smashing down squishing the boob between her hands. Olivia cries out in pain and seems to go limp. Jessica smiling says, "That's enough. Let her go so I can finish this."

Jessica takes the spaghetti legged Munn and scoops her up for a bodyslam. Jessica walks to the center of the red carpet and dumps Olivia there. Walking to where the Sharpe hangs Jessica tries to jump and snag the dangling pen, but comes up short, but does get several whistles as her boobs bounce as she jumps.

Jessica ignores the calls for her to try another leap at the Sharpe and points to a sturdy looking paparazzi and orders him, "Get on your hands and knees!"

Jessica waits for the man to take the position and then steps on his back and easily reaches her prize. Jessica holds the Sharpe up showing it off, this turns out to be a mistake as a very pissed off Olivia comes up behind Alba. Olivia wraps her arms around the blonde's waist and takes Jessica straight back over Olivia's head in a release suplex. Jessica flips through the air, but the blonde catches a small break, instead of landing on her head, she lands more flat on her front. Jessica rolling in pain shows it is only a small benefit to land tits first. Olivia takes a knee after tossing Jessica and tries to recover a little more before going after the blonde again.

Olivia straddles Jessica facing her feet and drops all her weight down on the blonde's back. Olivia grabs the waistband of Jessica's bottoms and yanks.

“YIIIIOOOWW!” the blonde squeals as her cute backside is split.

Olivia asks the crowd, "You want to see this spoiled bitch get spanked?"

The brunette only get a mewing responds to which she replies, "Well, I don't care what you bastards want. I want to spank some A-list ass!"

THWAK!...THWAK!...THWAK! She cracks Alba's butt cheeks with a series of slaps before Olivia stops shaking her own hand in pain. Olivia reaches back pulling each of Jessica's hands up looking for the Sharpe, but it's no where to be found. Olivia spins around on Jessica's back and slaps the back of the blonde's head saying, "Where is it?"

Jessica moans, "I don't know."

Olivia grabs two handfuls of blonde hair pulling Jessica's head up, "What did you do with it superstar?"

Jessica's comeback may not have been the smartest given her position, "Fuck off, casting couch whore!"

The brunette slams the blonde's head down and stands looking for the Sharpe. She walks around scanning the carpet for the gray and black pen. Not finding it Munn turns back to Jessica as Alba tries to get to her feet. Jessica sees Olivia coming and scrambles backwards trying to buy extra time. Olivia slows down as Jessica gets close to the paparazzi. Jessica happy to see the brunette slow takes the time to pluck her bottoms free of her butt cheeks.

Olivia gets a disgusted look on her face and asks, "Did you stick the Sharpe up in your..." Olivia seems to search for a word before coming up with, "Vajayjay? I know I should have checked there first!"

Jessica happy to take time to recover from her pains answers, "You leave my privates alone. It's not there anyways." Olivia waves for Jessica to come back out saying, "Come on out Jess. You can't hide by your friends."

Jessica takes more time adjusting her pads and giving her bare breast a rub before coming back out to meet Olivia in the center of the carpet. Olivia looks confident reaching to lock up with Jessica, but the blonde ducks out of the brunette's grasp and drives a kneelift into Munn's mid-drift. Jessica standing beside the winded woman brings her left arm swinging over her head and hammers it down across Olivia's back. Its takes three more similar shots to drive Olivia to her knees. Jessica goads Olivia, "Wishing you stuck to pudding wrestling aren't you."

Jessica turns to line up Olivia's head and kicks the brunette in the side of the head. Olivia just collapses where she is. Jessica looks down on Munn and pokes her foot into Olivia's side looking for a reaction. Getting no response from the out cold wrestler Jessica now begins looking for the missing Sharpe.

Jessica looks around, but the Sharpe seems to have disappeared. Jessica finally yells out, "OK! Who got the Fuckin Sharpe?"

One of the paparazzi sticks an arm out holding the lost pen. Jessica snatches it away, but does then stop to pose for a few shots for the photographer that gave her the pen. Jessica is running her hands through her blonde hair posing for her 'victory' pictures as the paparazzi let her know Olivia is stirring. Jessica starts back towards the brunette, but looks back saying, "Don't go anywhere, I'll be back for more."

Walking back to Olivia Jessica hooks the Sharpe on her waistband not wanting to lose the pen again. Rolling Olivia to her back Jessica sits on the brunette's stomach facing Olivia's feet. Jessica asks, "Ready for your Britney moment?"

Olivia still in a haze finally catches on as Jessica pulls aside Olivia's sweat soaked bottoms. The cameras flash and click not stop drowning out Olivia's protests of having her pussy exposed. Jessica keeps busy keeping Olivia from getting her legs closed so the paparazzi get good pictures. Olivia screams, not in pain, but in anger and reaches up grabbing two handfuls of blonde hair and yanks Jessica off her perch. Olivia gets to her feet awkwardly as her bottoms are still bunched to one side.

Jessica not really injured rolls to her feet and leaps aiming a drop kick at Olivia's boobs. Munn out of reflex swats Jessica's legs away and the blonde lands in a heap. Olivia has to take time to work her panties back to their normal position before going after Jessica. Alba is back on her feet though at the same time Olivia is ready. Olivia smashes a forearm into Jessica's rack the staggers the blonde, but to Alba's credit she musters the strength the return the blow to Olivia's rack. Olivia doesn't hesitate to hammer Jessica's tits again this time knocking the blonde on her butt.

Olivia turns to the paparazzi, "I'm betting shots of her nasty snatch are going to be worth more than mine." Nodding all of the photographers agree with Munn's statement. Olivia turns towards Jessica talking to no one says, "No account for quality there." She stands over Jessica facing her feet and drops her ass down hard on Jessica's belly. Olivia pulls the Sharpe free saying, "I'll take that."

Jessica protests what's coming, but to it falls on Olivia's deaf ears. Olivia doesn't just pull aside Jessica's bottoms she undoes the sides and strips Jessica naked except her pads. To keep Jessica from closing her legs, Olivia hooks her arms behind Jessica's knees and lifts and pulls Alba's legs apart. Again the paparazzi burn through shots capturing Jessica's crotch for their collections.

Olivia bounces her ass on Jessica abs to drive the air and more of the fight out of the blonde. Jessica tries raking her fingers down Olivia's back, but that only gets the blonde a harder ass drop on her abs and a punch between the legs. Olivia feeling Jessica weakening lets the blonde's right leg drop saying, "You're looking a little pale Jess. Let's try and get some color back down there." With a loud smacking sound Olivia slaps Jessica's pussy.

Jessica cries, "STOP! STOP!" several times as Olivia's hand slaps her crotch over and over.

Olivia give a final smack to Jessica's abused crotch and stands up and lets out a victory cry of her own as Jessica curls into a sobbing fetal position. Olivia asks, "What should I sign her ass or boobs?"

Olivia walks back to Jessica hair hauling the blonde on to her rubbery legs. Olivia leads her towards the paparazzi taunting, "Big star my ass. You're a little bitch and I kicked your ass like one." Olivia then shoves Jessica into the throng of camera men and yells, "Hold her!" Olivia uncaps the Sharpe and moves in to sign Alba's butt cheek.

Olivia stands for a moment as the blood starts to pour from the round cut just above her eye. Jessica rears back and hammers the heavy camera into Olivia's forehead again knocking the brunette out cold. Jessica drops the camera sinking to one knee and holding her damaged crotch waiting for the pain to subside. Jessica rubs the pain away enough to crawl over to Olivia and giving Munn's nipples a quick tweak looking for a reaction from the brunette Jessica is happy to see Olivia is out cold!

Jessica grabs Olivia by the shoulders sitting her up and points to the blood covering the pretty brunette's features. Jessica says, "This is what happens to no talent bitches that fuck with me."

She starts to mount Olivia with a Reverse Facesit, but the blood on Olivia face and the pain in her loins forces Jessica to change her mind and she kneels beside Munn instead as she scribbles her autograph on Olivia's boobs. Still not satisfied just to get the win, she removes Olivia's bottoms and rolls her over to autograph her ass too!

The ref signals the end of the match, but Jessica has one final touch she wants to add lifting Olivia's hips Jessica spreads Munn's legs and backing up cunt kicks the brunette. Olivia is shocked back to consciousness for a moment before passing out again. Jessica limps away as the ref checks on Olivia and quickly calls for the medics. Jessica turns back as she steps off the red carpet and tells those standing nearby, "Cable girl looks like she'll be packing her bags back to what ever hole she climbed out of."
Daunte's is filled with the fans, wrestlers and staff of the CCW tonight and most of the talk is of how the Legion could end up with all three of the titles at the next show. The women standing in the Legion's way all seem confident that they will stop the Legion from dominating the Promotion.

Jessica Biel, the World Champ, is promising another victory over Katherine Heigl.

The Eva's of Destruction, Eva Longoria and Eva Mendez, tell everyone there is now way they will lose to a unproven team like Christensen and Bruckner.

Even Scarlett Johansson - the unlikely number one contender to the XX Division title - announces she plans to give Neve Campbell a face full of boobs that the woman now known as Banshee won't forget.

All the bluster sounds like confidence, but there is the hidden undertone of desperation. If the Legion wins all three belts they will in effect control the promotion and could force even a change in management to someone of there choosing.

Team Archer sits at a table with the manager as a tall blonde walks up. Michelle Trachtenberg recognizes the newcomer and greets her, "Hiya Blake. What are you doing here?"

Blake Lively the blonde smiles and says, "Hello Mich. I was told I'd find you here. I just signed a contract and well I'm her to challenge your partner to a match."

Camilla Belle puts down her drink and stands up looking eye to eye with the newcomer. Blake says, "Remember me? I haven't forgot you Cam. You and I have unfinished business."

Camilla nods, "Fine, you want to finish our business and your career your first match. Fine by me."

Blake not blinking says, "Good, I already talked to Mr Green. You and I are the first match in the next show." Blake spins on her and drives an elbow back into Camilla's slack abs. Camilla collapses back into her chair trying to get her breath back. Michelle jumps up to come to her partners aid, but Blake puts her hand up saying, "Michelle, stay out of this!"

Then Blake walks away. After getting her breath back Camilla refuses to talk about her past with Blake.

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