Celebrity Championship Wrestling Show #20 by big fan (w/promos by Archer)
CCW on the road.
Stepping out of the air conditioned limo the first words out of Richard Fannin's mouth are, "DAMN it's hot!"

Allison Mack, following him, says, "It's nice."

Archer getting out the other side says, "I'm with Rich. What is this set to, roast?"

Billie Piper climbing out behind Archer makes a face. "I agree with the boys; plus it's too damn bright."

Walking to the beach front hotel they’re met by a woman they recognize as Linda Hogan who says, "We're glad you chose to come. If there’s anything I, or the staff, can do, just let us know." She looks over the group and adds, "Which one of you gets to face my Brookie?"

Amanda Bynes raises her hand, "That’s me."

Linda looks Amanda over and smiles, "Well I tell her to take it easy on you Honey." Amanda starts to protest, but Archer interrupts the conversation that can only go bad, "Yes, Can Rich and I see the ring and the ladies can be shown to their rooms." Linda smiles, "Sure. Ladies right over there and they will show you to the rooms.

After getting the women their rooms Linda says, "You two come with me." She leads Rich and Archer through the hotel to a fenced off section of beach where a standard wrestling ring has been set up with bleachers surrounding it only a few feet away - not much room for outside ring activities. Linda points to poles that extend above the fence, "If it rains we put up a tarp."

Rich walks around and notices several cameras, "Where do those go?"

"We have a control room," Linda says.

Rich interrupts, "Air conditioned?" Linda laughs and nods.
* * *
Several hours later, as the sun sinks into the ocean, fans fill the bleachers and the lights are turned on. Laetitia Casta begins the night by pinning Yvonne Strahovski - although she does have to use the ropes to keep the blonde down. Next, Billie Piper rolls over Alexis Bledel, getting an easy pin after hitting a Fisherman's Suplex. In the third match, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Lacey Chabert are locking up and fans of JMD matches aren’t disappointed! At the start, Lacey removed her top and challenged Jen to do the same. Never one to back down when her money makers are on the line, JLH hangs her top on the ring post behind her. Once the match gets underway, however, Lacey comes up a little short and gets smothered out by Jen - then has to suffer through a Reverse Facesit by Love. (Jen’s new combination move already being You-Tubed as “Front and Back.”) Jen finishes with both her top and Lacey's - adding to her impressive and rapidly-growing collection.

Florida's Brittany Snow is the first local wrestler to appear, taking on Beverley Mitchell. Brittany had a chance to make the CCW roster, but was defeated in a fatal four way. The two small busty blondes go back and forth is a tough match. Beverley tries to keep Brittany on the mat, but the young blonde's speed and agility allows her to escape and attack Beverly with lightning quick attacks. Brittany wearing down as Bev scoops her up and plants her with a bodyslam, then heads for the top turnbuckle. But as she climbs on to the top, Bev is there hitting Brittany with a right hand. Beverly steps up on the middle turnbuckle and bearhugs Brittany and hits a belly to belly suplex back into the ring. Beverley leans over the wheezing blonde and undoes her own top, letting Brittany see what's coming. Brittany may see the big boobs lowering on her face, but she can't do anything to prevent it. Snow struggles gamely for the better part of a minute, but slowly her movements cease and finally she does tap out.

The night's main event is Brooke Hogan vs. Amanda Bynes. Katie Holmes’ protégé comes out wearing her 'bruiser Bynes' warm-up jacket. Meeting in the center of the ring Amanda is in an unusual position for her, she's at least 3 inches shorter than Brooke and looks to be giving up at least 15 pounds to the Hulksters daughter. Early it’s apparent Brooke and Amanda are not high fliers, but ‘ground and pound’ types. Amanda shows her new mean streak, going after Brooke's recently enhanced tits and quickly gets Brooke topless and marks her breasts up.

Then Brooke then starts hammering Amanda. She bodyslams her in the center of the ring and heads to the ropes, coming back with a familiar appearing leg drop - but Amanda rolls out of the way and leaves Brooke holding her ass. Lesson #1: she should’ve worried more about Bynes than her butt! Amanda is on her feet while Brooke is still rubbing her backside and kicks the blonde in the side of the head, then rolls Brooke onto her belly. Kicking Brooke's legs wide apart, Amanda drops her knees inside Brooke's and digs in to lock a grinding crotch claw to Hogan's private parts.

Linda Hogan shows up at ringside, yelling at Brooke to get to the ropes and at Amanda it “Release that hold right this minute!”

Amanda teases Brooke, "Ohhhh, Mommy's not gonna save you. Tell her you don't want to hurt anymore."

Brooke does try to make it to the ropes, but she finally, tearfully, bobs her head ‘yes’ when the ref - who's been asking the blonde if she wants to submit - repeats his question. Linda scrambles into the ring and it looks like she’s going after Amanda, but she stops to help Brooke out of the ring and then holds her with an arm around her waist as the big blond hopples painfully back to her dressing room with tears streaming down her cheeks.

The morning after, Archer and Rich find all of the wrestlers in their own rooms - for a change! So at breakfast they’re surprised when Billie Piper, Allison Mack, and Alexis Bledel show up in swimsuits. Rich drops his fork as Allison sits in his lap, grins and says, "Hey Billie and I are gonna stay a few days with Alexis."

Billie adds, "Yer welcome to join us. Seems I have someone to get my drinks for me the next three days."

Alexis stands nearby with her head bowed. Rich looks around, "Sure, but no impromptu matches or picking fights."

Allison gives him a quick kiss and jumps down from his lap. "Oh, don’t worry you’re missing something. We'll tape them for you. Let's go girls."

After the trio leaves Archer says, "Well, that could’ve gone worse for Alexis..."

Rich nods, "She'll get a real work out keeping Billie in drinks."

Archer snickers and adds, “…and God knows what else!”
* * * * * *

Camilla Belle and her tag team partner Michelle Trachtenberg were walking towards the lobby of the CCW arena and they observed a crowd of fans encircling someone evidently doing autographs. The members of Team Archer looked at each other and grinned as they each held up pens.

"Hey!" Michelle called. "Any of you folks want 'Team Archer' autographs?"

The fans that have already gotten autographs quickly surged around the two new targets of opportunity. Camilla and Michelle cheerfully signed autograph books, unconsciously moving forward until they linked up with the original autograph giver.

"YOU!" A voice dripping with loathing suddenly froze the good mood. Camilla and Michelle jerked their heads up and Michelle found herself looking up at a tall, slender, young woman with flowing hair. But the woman wasn't looking at her; she was, instead, glaring at Camilla. Michelle followed her stare and saw Camilla's dark eyes burning with fury.

"Blake Lively!" Camilla spat out the name like it was deadly poison.

"Camilla Belle!" Blake snarled equally unpleasantly.

The autograph seekers fell silent and those closest pulled back out of harm’s way. This was the CCW so a brawl in the front lobby wouldn't have been a surprise. The crowd formed a circle around the three with Michelle standing to one side and a step back from Camilla. "What's going on?" Michelle asked.

"I heard the CCW had let your evil ass into this place. I couldn't believe Harold doesn't know what kind of person you are!" Camilla said, her tone indicating she wasn’t trying to disguise her loathing.

"Why is it a surprise? They let YOU in didn't they? And believe me, if Mr. Green knew the truth about you-" Blake began.

Michelle suddenly injected herself between them. "Hi, I'm Michelle Trachtenberg. I gather you already know my partner, Cami." Blake and Camilla looked at her as though she’d materialized in a puff of smoke.

"Stay out of this Mich!" Camilla snapped.

"Yeah, this’s between Cami and me," Blake said.

"Maybe, but I got a partner and I’d like to keep her healthy. I don't see how you two brawling in the lobby is going to do that," Michelle said stubbornly. Camilla and Blake tried to move at each other, but the dogged Michelle stayed between them.

At that point, Harold Green appeared. "Ah, Blake, nice to see you here," he said, though had he seen the confrontation he may have felt differently.

Before Blake could say anything, Camilla stepped in front of her to face Harold. "You’re making a big mistake signing her," Camilla said with real feeling.

"I doubt that, Ms. Belle. And I’m surprised at you for acting like this."

"Blake Lively brings out the worst in me," Camilla growled.

"Then that should make for an entertaining match because you’re her debut opponent Camilla."

Camilla's jaw dropped, but Blake elbowed past her to shake Harold’s hand. "Thank you, sir. I can promise you a very exciting fight."

"I'll bet," Camilla muttered.

"Come on, Cam, let's get out of here," said Michelle Trachtenberg taking her friend by the arm.

Camilla and Blake exchanged cold looks. The Camilla said: "See you in the ring, Blake."

"You certainly will," said Blake Lively.

Michelle then tugged Camilla away through the bewildered crowd and into the depths of the arena.

Michelle Trachtenberg was walking alone through the CCW arena deep in thought when someone came out of a side door and nearly knocked her over. She and Mary Elizabeth Winstead exchanged surprised looks.

"Watch where you're going, Trachtenberg, you and your partner are a menace enough when you're together."

"Leave, Camilla out of this! Michelle snapped. "She won't be around when I kick your arrogant butt in our match."

"Oh, I'm the arrogant one? That's a laugh!" Mary retorted. "If it weren't for your team you wouldn't even be considered for a singles match for me."

"Don't give me a hard time, Winnie, I'm not having a good day," Michelle snapped.

"So, it's true your partner nearly had a catfight with that newbie?" Mary asked with interest. "What's the story there? I've never heard of your partner and this Blake Lively ever tying up in a fed. So why do they hate each other?"

"If I knew I certainly wouldn't tell you!" Michelle snapped.

"But you don't know, do you? Your partner keeping secrets? What else isn't she telling you?" Mary asked with an irritating smirk

"You realized you are just motivating me all the more to kick your butt?" Michelle fired back.

"Motivation won't save you from me," Mary declared. "I'm a lock on this fight. I may have lost to Katie Holmes, but I am NOT losing to the likes YOU!"

"Locks have keys," Michelle retorted, her fists closing as she glared at Mary

"But you don't have one," Mary replied coolly and sauntered off leaving Michelle to stomp her foot in frustration.

"At least I'll be able to get my hands on you in a ring," Michelle finally (and much too late for Mary Elizabeth was long gone), and stalked off in another direction. "Katie was too easy on you Winnie-just wait and see!"

Allison Mack strolled into the FCBA weight room and noticed everyone seemed to be at one end looking back at the other end with a nervous curiosity. Lacey Chabert walked up and Allison said, “Don't tell me, Isla Fisher’s doing another nude workout."

Lacey sighed, "Oh, worse than that. She's got a poster of me up there. You remember me in those white undies? She says it’s her ‘inspiration’."

"Maybe it is," Allison said as Lacey’s face got even redder.

"It's all in that crazy redhead's imagination," Lacey said. "I've got to get out of here."

Allison watched the disturbed brunette hurry out. She then made her way to the end of the room where, sure enough, there was Isla wearing only a pair of sneakers, doing a vigorous workout in front of a big color poster of Lacey in all her tanned skin and white undies glory.

"Isla, do you really have to do that?" Allison asked.

Isla turned around. Her body was glowing from a sheen of perspiration, she grabbed a towel and wiped her face and chest.

"You must be Alli Mack. Pleased to meet you," Isla said extending her hand.

Allison politely shook it: "Good to meet you, but Isla, do you really have to exercise like that? I mean we were all getting used to the nude thing, but what's with the poster?"

Isla beamed: "Doesn't my 'She-Bear' look hot? I exercise so much better when I'm motivated. Really, I'd like to do with 'She-Bear' but she's still kind of shy. I really think you should try it Alli, you have a great body under those clothes, let everyone see it."

"I am not ready for that either," Allison said. "Can't you just put the poster away? I mean it's distracting."

"No, I love my 'She-Bear' even if she don't love me back…yet. I hope you don't mind, but I'm dedicating my win over you to her," Isla confided with a smug grin.

Allison's jaw tightened. "Before you go dedicating anything, you first have to beat me."

"No offense, but I'm better’n you," Isla said matter-of-factly.

"Not from where I stand!" snapped Allison gruffly.

Suddenly, a cell phone jingled and when Isla picked up, her face suddenly turned pale. She said nothing, but nodded her head several times.

"I will…I’ll come right now!" Isla said at last and hung up the cell phone. She then quickly pulled on a robe and headed for the showers with the poster under her arm. "Sorry, Alli, I must be going." Allison could only stare as the redhead hurried toward the locker room.

Beyonce and Julia make their approaches to the podium from opposite ends of the stage. Julia is wearing a simple short white summer mini-dress with a plunging neckline. Beyonce is in high heels, a purple thong bikini and short, unzipped golden jacket with BEYONCE lettered across in back in purple and a BK monogram on the left breast.

"I thought I'd give you another good look at what's going to be grinding in your face again," said Beyonce with a quick turn to show off her delicious rear end uncovered by the thong bottom as she reminded Julia Stiles of the end of their Show #4 match.

Julia gives her an icy look: "Did you here what I did to Laura Prepon at Big Sky Wrestling? Believe, your big ass is an even bigger target than hers!"

Now it's Beyonce's turn to get icy. Hands on hips, she glares at the blonde: "You won't get the chance you skinny, flat-chest loser!"

Julia's hands instinctively go up to her modest chest: "How dare you!"

"Dare what? Telling the truth? You talk big but there is no way you are going to get a hand anywhere near my butt!" Beyonce snarls and turns to thrust a bare hip at Julia.

Julia's hand lashes out and gives Beyonce's beautiful rear a healthy, resounding SMACK!!!

Beyonce responds with a slap that swiveled Julia's head, but the blonde stands her ground. The two glared at each other for a long second. Then Julia suddenly grabbed Beyonce around the waist and the two of them went down in a crash as the podium fell over. The two of them roll around on the floor howling and punching at one another. The course of the struggle, Julia's miniskirt gets hiked up high enough to see her pale pink bikini panties. The two continue rolling around in a fury until CCW Security come in and pull them apart. They are last seen being dragged to opposite wings of the stage shrieking dire threats and curses at one another.

Katie Holmes saunters up to a CCW podium in jeans and a tight blue CCW tee shirt. Missy Peregrym stands there impatiently in jeans and equally tight white CCW shirt.

"It's about time you got here," Missy grumbled. "I thought I'd have to do this alone."

Katie gave her a cold look: "That would have been a big disappointment to the fans. Nobody's looking forward to seeing you."

Missy glared at her: "Don't you dare diss me."

"You dissed yourself letting Agnes Bruckner take your top. You expect any kind of respect after that?" Katie replied.

"Bruckner will pay for that and now so will you. I'm not one of those weak rookies like Amanda Bynes or Alexis Bledel!" Missy declared.

"You'll look like one of them when I get through with you," Katie announced.

Missy made a lunge for Katie, but the veteran deftly stepped aside and she fell humiliating on her face. Katie then up a foot on Missy's shapely rear and kept her down.

"Don't make trouble for me," Katie said. "I may be alone, but I assure you, I can make your life just as miserable as the Legion."

"Get off me!" the squirming Missy snapped.

"Gladly," Katie said removed her foot from Missy's behind. She then turned and walked away.

Missy jumped to her feet, seething anger and darted after Katie, but somehow the veteran disappeared into the backstage maze and Missy was left fuming in frustration.

Scarlett Johansson is standing in a hallway at the CCW Arena with her tag team partner Kaley Cuoco. Kaley looks worried, but Scarlett pats her reassuringly on the shoulder.

"Don't worry, Campbell and that girl-gang of hers won't dare mess with me," Scarlett says.

Kaley remains troubled: "The Legion is not something to mess around with. You know I'll back you up, but we'll still be out-numbered."

"You take the odd-numbered ones, I'll take the even-numbered ones," Scarlett jests.

Suddenly a hooded figure was standing there next to them. In spite of themselves, Scarlett and Kaley jump back, tensed for action. The hooded figure steps into the light and they can see it is Neve Campbell herself.

"Sorry to interrupt this brilliant planning session of yours," Neve mocks, "but it's not going to do you any good. You are not going to win this match or my title Johansson."

Scarlett stepped forward: "You coward. You know you can't beat me alone. You have to have your girls' gang up on me."

"No, I don't," Neve said calmly. "Oh, I my devoted followers may appear, but I have no need of them to defeat the likes of you."

"Don't you try anything!" Kaley blurted out.

Neve gave her a look of contempt: "Do not try my patience, rookie. I have little tolerance for girls who don't know their place."

Scarlett and Kaley angrily stepped towards Neve. Neve raised her hand and snapped her fingers. Instantly the lights went out. The sounds of a struggle are heard. Then blows being landed. Groans. Bodies sliding to the floor. Fingers snap again. The lights return.

Scarlett and Kaley lie dazed on the floor. Around them stand the hooded members of the Legion: Rachel McAdams, Agnes Bruckner, Erika Christiansen, and Katherine Heigl. Neve motions for the others to stand back. She kneels down and speaks directly to Scarlett who looks up at her woozily.

"You have no chance, Scarlett. Just do enough to make me look good and I may go easy on you. Cause me problems and you-and your partner-will regret it."

"I-am-no-jobber," Scarlett gasps.

"As far as I am concerned you are," Neve says, the others inch forward as if to resume the attack, but Neve holds up a hand. "No more, I want Scarlett healthy for out match. Let no one say I beat a cripple."

She rises up and puts her foot on Scarlett's chest: "Consider yourself warned."

She snaps her fingers. The lights go out. Fingers snap from a distance. The lights come on and Scarlett and Kaley are alone, picking themselves up off the floor.

"I am not jobbing for you, Campbell," Scarlett mutters. "Never!"

Jessica Biel stands at the CCW podium in tight fitting jeans and blue silk top. She watches as a robed Katherine Heigl enters (the hood of her robe thrown back).

"All alone, Kat? Or can I expect a sudden problem with the lighting system?" Jessica asks.

"I am alone. My sisters wanted to come, but I prefer to see you alone. I am not intimidated by you, Biel. You only beat Tricia Helfer because of what Ashley Scott did to her. You're a hypocrite! You two probably planned it all along!" Kat cried accusingly.

Jessica's face hardens: "I can assure you, I had nothing to do with it. Ashley doesn't do anything except make trouble for me."

"Really? How does Tricia feel about that?" Kat sneers.

"I will deal with Ashley in due time. First, I will deal with you-again. I beat you back in Show #8. Nothing's changed in a year. You are going down again and so will any of your so-called 'sisters' if they stick their noses in my fight!" Jessica warns.

"Pay Ashley off in 'due time' with a title shot, you mean," Katherine retorts. "The fans may think you're so wonderful but I know you for the cheating phony you really are."

Jessica launches an open hand at Katherine's cheek, but Kat startles the champ by intercepting it in mid-air. Kat smiles: "As you can see, some things HAVE changed. You're going to find out just how much!"

Jessica withdraws her hand looking irritated with herself for having let the Legion member provoke her. She draws herself up:

"I have nothing more to say here. Anything else will be in the ring."

"Fine with me," Katherine says, clearly savoring her small victory. She pulls up her hood and glides away from the podium into the wings.

Jessica watches her go in growing disgust. She then gives the podium a mighty shove and then stalks off stage.
* * * *

Camilla Belle and Michelle Trachtenberg sit in the practice ring stretching.

Michelle looks sideways at her partner asking, "Are you going to tell me?"

Camilla doesn't look at her partner absently says, "Tell you what?"

Michelle sighs looking bothered to have to spell things out, "What's up with you and Blake? I've been working with her and she didn't strike me as..." Michelle thinks a minute and finishes, "a Bitch."

Camilla spreads her legs bending her body back between her long legs. When the brunette stands back upright she says, "Let it go Mish."

Michelle hook her right leg on the top rope and leans into the long limb, but then pulls her foot down and turns to Camilla demanding, "I'm you're partner, I need to know."

Camilla stops stretching and walks up to Michelle going nose to nose the brunette snarls, "If you want to stay partners I suggest you drop it."

Michelle has been nose to nose with Camilla many times, but this time the anger is all on Cam's side and Michelle's concern for her partner makes her think maybe she should back down from this one argument with Belle.

After Cam settles down and the two are about done with there work out Michelle tries one final time, "Do you want help getting ready for Blake?"

Cam shakes her head 'no' "I'll handle it, just do me a favor and don't get involved."

Michelle almost whispers, "Sure."

Later, Michelle walks the halls of the CCW backstage area where she finds the new office for her mentor Archer. Walking in, she sees it hasn't taken Archer long to clutter the room with stacks of DVD's. She looks at the TV which is playing a match and says, "Hey, she's trying to pull that woman’s fur bikini off...Oh I see...never mind."

Michelle turns away from the screen her face a slight pink color and Archer laughs, "Cheryl Ladd and Morgan Fairchild - about 1979, I think."

Michelle changes the topic, "You know a lot of history when it comes to celebrity wrestling. Any idea what caused Blake to show up and challenge Cami?"

Archer points his remote at the TV to pause the picture. Leaning back in his chair, he folds his hands on top of his head and purses his lips. "I was wondering how long it’d take you to come calling on this." He offers Michelle a seat and starts, "I was taken by surprise as much as you were."

Michelle looks around the large stacks of DVDs, reels of film, loose papers and external hard drives she knows all hold fem-fighting history and smirks. "I guess even you have your limits."

Archer smiles, "Nice try, but I know why Sarah Michelle Gellar got stripped of her title shot in 2003." Michelle turns bright pink as Archer continues, "If you want to find out why Blake has it in for Cam, you’re on your own."

Michelle pouts a bit, but seeing her manager isn't about to budge she turns and heads for the door, then stops. "By the way, about Sarah; let's not bring that up in front of her. She told me back then she’d kick my ass when I turned 18."

Michelle heads to the cafeteria thinking she may have reached a dead-end with her investigation - unless she risked pissing off her partner again. Walking up and down the line of food, Michelle walks away with a plate full of green Jell-O, then sits down and plays with the wiggling mass rather than eating it.

Just then, Kaley Cuoco walks in, picks over the offerings and heads to Michelle's table. "Mind If I sit, I hate to eat alone." Michelle looks up and shrugs. Taking that as an invitation Kaley plops her tray down. Kaley ask, "Why so glum?"

Michelle takes a moment, then explains, "Blake Lively is on the roster now, and she challenged Camilla to a match. Something is going on, but I can figure out why."

Kaley waves her fork at Michelle, "Those two have wanted to fight for years."

The blonde pops a big hunk of lettuce in her mouth as Michelle drops her spoon and her jaw, "How do you know?"

Kaley has to take a moment to finish chewing and Michelle grows impatient when Kaley takes a drink before answering, "You know you have to be 18 before you can wrestle here, but there are tons of horny high school boys out there with way too much money." Michelle reaches over keeping Kaley from taking another bite and lowers her voice. "So what happened? Did Blake and Cam have some great apartment style fight or what?"

Kaley looks at Michelle's hand on her arm and drops the fork before pulling her arm away, seeming a little irked. "Far as I know, they never fought. I mean, I know they *wanted to* but they could never make it happen."

Michelle sits back thinking, "So if they never fought, why do they hate each other now."

Kaley shrugs, "Ask them. Or ask Shia LaBeouf he use to sit up most of those fights."

Michelle jumps up and heads out, leaving Kaley alone to mutter, "Maybe eating alone isn't a bad thing."

Michelle spends the next few hours on her cell phone, but finally makes contact with Shia and sets up a meeting. Michelle waits at the small coffee shop checking her watch every few moments until Shia walks in the door. Taking a seat across form Michelle Shia smiles and extends his hand, "Nice to meet you Michelle. Now what can I do for you."

Michelle leans in closer and just above a whisper says, "I heard you set up apartment house wrestling matches."

Shia looks around to make sure no one is listening before answering, "I haven't done that in a few years now. Since I can get in to the CCW shows now I stopped hosting those kinds of fights."

Michelle shakes her head, "No, I just want to know about Blake Lively and Camilla Belle."

Shia leans back in the chair think and says, "OK, I'll tell you what I know. It's true me and a few other guys use to get under aged stars to come and Apartment wrestle for us. Most of it was just fun, but Blake and Camilla took it serious and they beat every one we would put them up against." Michelle doesn't even blink as she listens to every single word. Shia continues, "One night we thought it would be fun to match Blake against one of Cam's friends and Cam against one of Blake's BFF’s. Blake wrestled first and the other girl didn’t have a chance. Blake kicked her ass around the room twice. Blake made sure she was right in front of Cam as she stripped the girl down; made sure Cam saw her friend humiliated.

“When Cam's turn came, she was just a ruthless as Blake. Blake's friend was naked in about two minutes and Cam made sure Blake got a good view of *everything* she did to her. She finished by tossing this poor girl on the floor and turned her feet toward Blake and starts..." he pauses, searching for the right words. "Well, let’s say Cam treated her like a one holed bowling ball. Cam's working on this chick and she’s about to explode and Blake charges in and knocks Cam offa her."

Michelle waits a moment then prods Shia for more information, "Well, what then?"

Shia shrugs, "We separated them paid all the girls and sent them home. Cam and Blake started calling all the time wanting to set up a fight, but I was already 18 and I started coming to CCW matches. Then Cam turned 18 and went pro, so it just never happened."

Michelle nodde, "So for four years they've been waiting to get at each other?" Shia nods and shrugs.

Later alone at home Michelle thinks, "I won't interfere, but I'd better keep my eye on Cam. I'd hate to have to break in a new partner."
* * *
Neve Campbell burst into the room causing the four occupants to jump. Rachel McAdams quietly says, "Damn Neve." Not hearing her underling, Neve holds up a piece of paper and shows more emotion than normal for the leader of the Legion. "That dolt has just given us a gift." Handing the paper to Rachel, she orders, "Look at it!"

Rachel scans over the sheet which must be the match line up for the next show as the redhead says, "Yes, you all have title matches and I don't."

Neve gives her most argumentative follower a quick glance, but decides not to reprimand her. She grabs the paper and says, "No! That helpless clod Green has put Mack in a match with your little redheaded pet."

Rachel nods, "So he has, but I told you, it's dangerous to push her too hard."

Neve points to the paper. "This is it! We can be rid of that Blonde do-gooder - or as least weaken her!"

Rachel rolls her eyes, "Neve…CRACK!"

Neve’s anger emerges as her hand flashes out to slap Rachel. The three other Legion members quickly drop their heads, checking their cleavages as Neve and Rachel glare at one another. Neve snarls, "You've been told…its Banshee - and never talk back to me!"

Rachel starts leaning towards Neve, but the scrap of chairs catches her ear and knowing that the other three will not be on her side, yet. Rachel turns starting for the door saying, "Fine, but I'm not responsible if this goes wrong." Rachel walks out.

Neve turns to the other three, "None of you better fail. Now get out!"

Agnes and Erika trip over each other trying to get to the door as fast as possible. Kat Heigl slowly stands and starts for the door but Neve grabs her arm and the big blonde looks down at Neve. "Watch her!" snarls Neve. Kat’s only response is a quick nod of understanding.
* * *
Harold Green paces in his office waiting for the four women he’d sent for twenty minutes earlier. Finally, the knock he's been waiting for and entering are World Champ Jessica Biel; XX Division Challenger Scarlett Johansson, and the Tag Team Champs Eva Longoria and Eva Mendes. He offers the ladies a seat - which none take.

Jessica says, "We know why you called us here. We can't have The Legion control all the titles."

Harold nods, "That wouldn't be good."

Longoria jumps in, "You think it’d be bad for you? It’d be a disaster in the locker room."

Scarlett agrees. "We talked it over. We may not like each other, but The Legion is totally different."

Harold takes a deep breathe, "Good. I can’t give you any direct help tonight, but I'll make sure Neve and her girls don’t get the numbers game on any of you." Nodding, the women walk out.

"A stirring speech."

Harold almost jumps over the table when the voice comes from behind him. Neve Campbell comes out of the closet door where she’d been hiding. Harold looks angry, "How did you get in there? That's for my personal use."

Neve shrugs, "Don't worry, after tonight I'll have control of all three titles and you'll be on the way out." Harold sits down and motions for Neve to sit down. The brunette seems to mull her options a moment then moves to the other door. Before walking out Neve looks over her shoulder and points to his desk. "You're in the seat I want." She leaves Harold alone with his thoughts.
Match One: Camilla Belle vs. Blake Lively

Camilla is the first to the ring as AC/DC's "Hells Bells" plays. The brunette is wearing a dark cooper bikini instead of her Team Archer gear. Camilla stalks to the ring ignoring the cheering fans and only when she's in the ring does she hold an arm up acknowledging the fans. A few moments later Paramore's "Misery Business" starts to play and Blake storms out from behind the curtain to a sizable cheer. Dressed in a dark green bikini, Blake charges toward the ring and slides in under the ropes, then pops up to her feet. But Camilla is ready and greets her with a big right hand. Blake must have expected the attack because the two beginning trading punches and the ref gives up trying to separate the two women to call for the bell.

After a minute of wild swinging, Camilla drives a knee into Blake's gut, steps back and leaps, nailing Blake with a dropkick. Camilla looks like she's going to give the rookie a beatdown, but a short time later when she’s bending to pick Blake up, Blake grabs the front of Camilla's bottom and pulls the brunette facefirst into the corner.

Blake pulls Camilla out of the corner and belly-to-back suplexes her, then follows with more power moves driving Belle into the canvas several times. Blake looks like she's about to apply a sharpshooter, but instead reaches down to grab Camilla's wrist, lifting her torso off the canvas as she puts a foot on Camilla's neck and ‘curb stomps’ the brunette.

Camilla is in trouble, but fights her way back and Blake never sees the drop kick coming that sends her flipping backward over the top rope. Camilla gets to her feet and runs to the far ropes where she waits until she sees the top of Blake's blonde head above the ring apron, then takes off and leaps over the top rope to hits the blonde with a flying crossbody!

It takes a few moments for both to get to their feet - Blake being helped up by Camilla who thinks about staying outside the ring, but the ref's count is already at seven. Belle shoves Lively back into the ring and follows, locking the blonde in a headlock while she considers her next move.

Camilla pulls Blake to her feet and sends the blonde to the ropes. Blake bounces off right into Camilla's dropkick that catches her in both breasts. Arms flailing, Blake flys back into the ropes, ending up trapped when her arms get tangled between the top and middle ropes.

Camilla pops up and smiles, "Poor Blakie trapped?" She blocks Blake's long leg when she tries to kick Belle to keep her away, then straddles Blake's waist and reaches behind the blonde's neck to release her top. Tossed into the crowd, the green top starts a mini-riot among the rabid fans.

Blake warns Camilla, "Don't your daAAAAGGGHH!" as Camilla's long fingers dig into her soft breasts. Only Blake’s scream draws the attention of the ref who had been trying to free the blonde's arms. He comes to her aid with a five count which Camilla uses to the fullest before she steps back she says, "Be right back!" To put the exclamation mark on her statement, she drives a fist into Blake's taunt abs.

Once free from the ropes, Blake tries to keep away from Belle to give herself more time to recover, but Camilla is on her tail. Blake reaches the corner and seems to decide to make her stand, turning and kicking Camilla in the gut. Blake explodes forward, taking Cammy off her feet with a clothesline. But Blake stops to take a deep breath and cradle her aching boobs for a moment before turning back to Camilla who is face down on the canvas - an easy mark.

Blake undoes the back and neck straps of Camilla's bikini, pulls the top out from under Camilla and it joins the blonde's top in the crowd! Blake hair-hauls the brunette to her feet, spins Camilla around and hooks her in a double chickenwing, then suplexes her over!

Blake is back on her feet quickly and kicks Camilla over onto her stomach, steps on the back of Camilla's legs and hooks the brunette's ankles on her shins. Blake slaps Camilla's sides to bring the brunette's arms into reach, then falls back, lifting Belle into a Mexican Surfboard. But instead of holding her whole body up, Blake releases Camilla's arms letting her head come down to where she can lock in into what looks like a dragon sleeper.

Camilla cries out in pain, but refuses to submit, screaming "Never!" when the ref asks her.

To keep her own shoulders off the mat Blake reaches across with her right arm and grabs Camilla's left boob, also to add to the brunette's pain. Camilla still refuses to give up. Belle's left arm stretches for the bottom rope that's only inches out of her reach.

Michelle Trachtenberg, comes running from the back, but she doesn't enter the ring and stands at the ring apron, yelling at Camilla, "Come On! Reach it's right there!"

As soon as Camilla manages to shift her body just enough to wrap her fingers around the bottom rope, Michelle screams, "Ref! Break; she's got the rope!"

The referee calls for the break, but Blake doesn't release the hold, whispering in Camilla's ear, "Get use to this feeling, you'll be spending a lot of time in this position. By the way it's called The End of Gossip."

The ref’s count reaches ‘Four’ before the blonde shoves Camilla out of the hold, stands up and points at Michelle. "I better not find out you helped her."

Michelle, seeing a chance to help her partner, yells, "What if I did?"

Blake turns to face Michelle, "Then I'll put you in the hospital bed right next to your girlfriend."

Michelle starts to say something back, but Blake has already turned back to finish Camilla. Michelle's distraction may have helped, though, because when Blake reaches to pull Camilla up, she hits a small package on her.

The ref is a bit slow getting into position and Blake kicks out at two. Rolling apart the two wrestlers get to their feet about the same time, but Blake is in better shape with Belle barely able to stand. Blake charges Camilla who is about to be run over by the bigger blonde when she ducks, catches Blake on her shoulders and lifts the blonde into the air. She doesn't hold Blake for long, tossing the blonde up and over her head, letting Blake come down in front of her where Camilla takes the brunette's knee off the forehead and Blake stands stunned for a second after being hit with the Go To Sleep(GTS) before falling starfished in the center of the ring.

Michelle is at ringside yelling, "Pin her!" along with many others in the crowd. But Camilla is still on her back, blinking slowly. The ref starts to count both women out, but at “Four!” Camilla rolls over and starts to crawl toward the blonde. She flops an arm across Blake's bare breasts and the ref starts to count…


Blake may not have been able to kick out of a real cover, but she could escape this loose one. Michelle yells at Cam to cover her again and hook a leg, but before she can the bell rings and the ring announcer says, "This match ends in a time limit draw!"

Fans begin complaining, yelling for the match to continue but Michelle jumps in the ring and helps Camilla to her feet, then escorts her to a corner - then returns and helps Blake to her feet. She smiles trying to defuse the situation as she says, "Good match Blake."

Lively staggers a second, before shoving Michelle aside and starting back after Camilla. The ref steps in keeping the two women apart. Camilla is intercepted by Michelle who leads her partner out of the ring and to the back. Blake yells, "This isn't over Belle!"

Camilla turns and yells back, "Anytime…BITCH!" Then she tries to push past Michelle, but her partner keeps her moving to the back.
Match Two: Mary Elizabeth Winstead vs. Michelle Trachtenberg

Alter Bridge "Rise Today" plays as Mary Elizabeth Winstead makes her way to the ring to a loud cheer for a wrestler who is building a large fan base in the CCW. Mary is clad in a red and white stripped bikini. Several MEW signs dot the crowd as Mary jogs to the ring. Climbing on to the apron she bends over at the waist sliding between the ropes. Next, Michelle comes out to Pink's "Get this Party Started" in her Team Archer light/dark blue bikini. She is also greeted warmly by her fans, but she stops and has a quick word with Archer before jumping onto the apron and stepping between the ropes.

Mary and Michelle both rely on speed and neither seems willing to change tonight as the two brunette's trade dropkicks, hip tosses, sunset flips,and other high flying moves - but neither can get the win. Mary hammers Michelle with a clothesline as they pass, then begins taking advantage of her size.

Mary whispers to Michelle as she pulls her to her feet, "You should have worried more about me, than your partner's problems." She scoops Michelle up using a rude handful of Michelle's ass and drops her over her thigh in a backbreaker, then shoves Mish over her leg only to pull the brunette back up by the hair. This time, she lifts Michelle into a torture rack and carries her to the center of the ring where Winstead adds bouncing Michelle up and down to increase her pain. Michelle refuses to submit when the ref asks repeatedly.

Camilla Belle comes down the ramp to ring side and beats her fists on the ring apron, yelling Michelle's name. Camilla's presence snaps Michelle out of her fog of pain and she hammers elbows to the side of Mary's head until she’s freed and drops to her feet behind Mary. Ignoring her pain, Michelle nails Mary in the back with a dropkick.

Mary staggers forward, falling through the rope out onto the floor. Michelle lands hard from the dropkick and doesn't move as Camilla starts around the ring to the side where Mary is laying - but Blake Lively jumps her from behind, knocking her into the ring apron.

Security comes down to pull Camilla and Blake apart as they battle while Mary crawls back into the ring where Michelle has finally gotten to her feet. Michelle is first to act, running at Mary as she enters, leaping and wrapping both legs around Mary's head as she falls back into a hurricanrana. Michelle quickly covers, hooking Mary’s leg for the three count!

Michelle is unaware her partner is involved in a brawl outside the ring but finally sees what's going on and heads to join the fight. Security has Camilla and Blake separated and one guard veers off to intercept Michelle who puts up an impressive scrap with the much larger man until Archer himself comes over to get his tag team under control.
Match Three: Columbian Crush (Sofia Vergara-Shakira) vs. Natalie Portman-Elisha Cuthbert

Portman and Cuthbert come to the ring separately, but the two have tagged together several times. Natalie and Elisha haven't had much success as a tag team, but look to change that against Columbian Crush. Trick Daddy's "Let's go" Begins as bursting out of the back come Vergara and Shakira - aka Colombian Crush! The Colombian's receive more support from the fans as they make their way to the ring. Both Columbian Crush members are wearing red bikini top and black short shorts. Shakira follows Sofia into the ring giving her talents hips a shake for the fans before entering.

The match comes down to teamwork and that’s where Columbian have the edge, working much better together than Nat and Elisha. Natalie takes the brunt of the Columbian's offense and she’s unable to get to Elisha and make a tag. Sofia positions Natalie for Shakira who climbs the turnbuckle. Sofia backs into the corner, allowing Shakira to step up onto the bigger woman's shoulders, then Shakira leaps - flipping in mid-air to hit a 360 Splash onto Portman's chest she hooks Nat's leg and the ref returns in time to …


Disgusted, Elisha stalks away from the ring before the count is final, leaving Natalie flat on her back as the Columbian's strut around her enjoying their victory - putting themselves back on track to another title?
* * *
Cut Scene

The Jumbotron above the entrance comes to life showing the "Golden Goddess" Charlize Theron - already dressed for battle in her gold bikini. "Normally, I do my talking in the ring, but it seems some people are forgetting about me." Charlize holds up one finger, "First, tonight I’ll depose of Laura to put myself back in the title hunt." She pauses. "People are used to me squeezing the fight out of opponents, but tonight Laura will wish that's all I do to her." She starts to walk away, then stops, turns back and adds, "I won't be happy until there’s gold around the Golden Goddesses waist!"
Match Four: Isla Fisher vs. Allison Mack

Shinedown's "Fly from the Inside" begins playing and whistling fireworks are set off. Allison Mack comes out wearing a low cut sports bra and spandex short shorts both maroon. Allison has a large fan base and they are ready to see her in action. Coming to ringside Allison is slapping the hands of fans that extend them as she gets to the where Richard Fannin and Archer are sitting, Rich holds up his usual "BITCHSLAP ISLA FISHER" sign. Allison bends over the railing and kisses the sign right leaving a lipstick pucker print on the sign.

The blaring of Disturbed's "Stricken" breaks the fun mood of Allison's entrance. Isla Fisher breaks from the back she sprints to the center of the stage and stopping spins around once, she is wearing Red bra and underwear cut high on the thigh. When Isla comes around in her spin to face the ring she again takes off at a sprint and slides under the bottom rope. Isla pops to her feet and charges across the ring attacking Allison. The dumbfounded ref takes a few seconds, but final signals for the bell to start the match.

Allison isn’t caught off guard and blocks Isla's first wild swing, then nails the redhead on the jaw. Isla throws another wild right which Allison easily ducks and then shoots in, taking Isla down with a double leg take down. Allison climbs Isla's body mounting her and grabbing a handful of hair in her left hand, using her right to hammer punches to the side of Isla's head. Isla rakes her fingers across Allison's eyes to stop the blonde in her tracks and from there, the battle gets nasty!

They beat on each other without mercy and while Allison is able to avoid most of the redhead's wild attacks, her own offense doesn't seem to slow Isla a wit. Isla's 'Hyde' side bounces back up from each of Allison's power moves with little sign of any effect on the unstable redhead.

But Isla doesn't stop coming after Allison, even after taking bodyslams, European uppercuts, backbreakers, and a host of other power moves because Isla is getting in her share of offense too; hamming the blonde until she’s able to peel off Allison's top! It’s only fair that Allison is, therefore, obliged to remove Isla's top a few moments later - just to keep them on an even playing field!

Isla rakes Allison across the eyes for the third time and as the blonde stumbles back momentarily blinded, Isla opens up with heavy punches to her ribs, stomach - and she specifically targets Allison’s bouncing boobs - using her pancaking attack to force Allison back against the ropes. Isla ignores the ref as she continues to beat down Allison until the blonde is on her butt in the corner. The ref has to pull Isla off and she’s still in ‘berserker rage’ and charges back in - only to get Allison's foot in her gut for her trouble.

But Isla is only slowed momentarily and she comes back at Allison…but again, it's the blonde who strikes first with another kick to the gut. Allison forces Isla into a standing head scissors and powerbombs the redhead; the covers her, but she only gets a two count before Isla kicks out.

Allison's own temper seems to kick in then and she mounts Isla's stomach and begins hammering Fisher's boobs, chest and head. Lacey Chabert comes slowly down to the ring and stands by the apron, watching Allison pull Isla up and whip her into a corner. Lacey moves to the corner as Isla crashes into it as Allison explodes forward, clotheslining Isla in the corner. Isla staggers out, then falls facefirst to the mat. Allison goes in for the cover but somehow Isla kicks out again!

Allison shakes her head, grabs both of Isla's boobs and pulls them until the redhead rises squealing to her feet. Allison's arms encircle Isla and then clamp down at the small of the redhead’s back. Isla's face turns bright red, but she refuses to submit and Allison refuses to release her until she does! Isla's face is contorted in pain, but she still refuses to give and finally appears to pass out in Allison's steele embrace.

The ref calls for the bell and Lacey jumps into the ring yelling, "Let her go!"

Allison tosses the limp woman like last week’s laundry at Lacey's feet and stands smirking while her arm is raised. Lacey drops to her knees and bends over, trying to revive Isla with what appears to be ‘mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.’ Allison turns around, pulls her top back on and heads out just as Lacey is finally able to get Isla back on her feet. But Lacey has to support her girlfriend as they make their way to the back after what can only be described as a crushing defeat.
Match Five: Beyonce Knowles vs. Julia Stiles

Stiles enters to Fuel's "Won't back down" wearing a purple sports bra and black bikini bottom. Julia picked up her first win on a road show and is looking for her first win in the CCW arena. Beyonce comes out in her silver bikini to Destiny’s Child's "Survivor". Beyonce struts down the ramp but halfway, she breaks into a run and slides headfirst under the ropes. She’s on her feet as soon as she's under the bottom rope, popping up and pointing as she asks Julia, "Back for another facial?" Rubbing her crotch sensuously, Beyonce sighs theatrically, "Oh, I remember riding you." Then she winks!

Julia turns red but looks defiant as she snarls, "It’s NOT happenin’ again!"

In their last meeting Beyonce had overpowered Julia and she looks to do the same this time, but the blonde seems to have a better strategy tonight. Julia makes Beyonce keep a quick pace to the match and even when Beyonce hits a power move, Julia scrambles away and makes Knowles chase her. Julia leads Beyonce into several traps and she makes the singer pay.

Beyonce catches Julia with a power slam and this time the blonde is slowed and can't avoid Beyonce's hip drop that crushes her modest chest. Beyonce begins working Julia over and while the blonde puts up a better fight this time - it ends the same way, with Beyonce lowering her bountiful booty on the blonde's face.

Julia’s arms and legs thrash and kick wildly as she's smothered under Beyonce's booty until she submits - and even after! The sweaty Beyonce continues to grind Julia's nose long after the blonde taps out and it’s obvious Beyonce is really into the whole ‘face riding’ thing. After a minute, Julia's limbs fall still and her body goes limp. Even then, Beyonce takes her time and completes her domination-humiliation-embarrassment. She swings around and takes a seat on the comatose blonde's belly, slapping Julia's sweat-soaked face until Stiles eyes start fluttering open.

"I was pissed at first, but you kept fighting little girl. It makes riding your face that much more fun!" Beyonce give Julia a final hard SLAP, then stood up, adjusted her bottom and headed to the back wearing a satsified smile.
Match Six: Missy Peregrym vs. Katie Holmes

To Korn's "Freak on a Leash" Missy makes her way to the ring in a two-tone bikini, the top Olive Drab and the bottom black. She climbs the turnbuckles raising her arms and holding her finger in the bullhorns symbol. Missy will try and rebound from her first loss, but Katie Holmes is a tough draw for the 2007 Rookie of the year to get back on the winning track.

The Fly's "Got you where I want you" plays as Katie makes her way to the ring. She’s is in her normal gray two-piece, the bottom cut high showing her long legs. She greets some fans and trades insults with others, then slides under the bottom rope, popping to her feet. The two lock eyes across the ring, but wait for the ref to start the match.

Katie tests Missy early, catching her in submission holds, but Missy is able to find ways out of them, then uses her athletic ability to surprise Katie a few times. She throws Missy over the top rope, but Missy lands on the ring apron and waits until Katie turns, then leaps onto the top rope and springs off, clotheslining the bigger brunette.

Katie starts to take control of the match as she signals the end of the match and hits a powerbomb. Everyone in the CCW arena as surprised when Missy kicks out - but no one more than Katie who pulls Missy to her feet and tries to catch Katie with a kick. Katie catches Missy's foot and a second later realizes her mistake when Missy's other foot comes up, catching her in the back of the head with an Enzuigiri. Katie falls to her knees, then topples facefirst to the canvas.

Missy rolls on Katie’s back and heads to the nearest corner where she stands facing the crowd. She grabs the top ropes and jumps up on the top turnbuckle. Without hesitation, Missy does a Back Flip and comes crashing down on Katie. The "Gym-Nasty" crushes Katie as Missy's abs smashes Katie's boobs flat. Missy hooks Katie's leg and gets the three count to win the match.

Missy jumps to her feet holding her arms up after getting the tough win. Katie rolls out of the ring, holding her arms across her chest as Missy climbs each turnbuckle in turn, holding her hands in the bulls horn sign.
Match Seven: Laura Prepon vs. Charlize Theron

The "Golden Goddess" Charlize Theron comes out wearing her customary tiny gold bikini (tiny triangles over the front of her breasts and a g-string thong). The familiar rifts of ZZ-TOPS "Legs" blares as she strides toward the ring, ignoring most fans, but makes her usual stop to chat up Kim and Ginny before climbing into the ring.

Hole's "Celebrity Skin" begins and Laura Prepon makes her way to the ring. The redhead is decked out in a copper bikini and, unlike Theron, Laura takes her time getting to the ring. Not only is she more talkative than the "Golden Goddess" she trades insults with the fans who, judging by their taunts and remarks, seem to give the young woman much chance in this match.

Fans are eager to see Charlize and Laura matchup if only because Theron hinted at something new in her interview with CCW reporter, Keith Pensor. As soon as the match starts it becomes clear that one thing that isn't ‘new’ is that Charlize is dominating the redhead. Laura seems to have no answer for Charlize's offense and even when she does manage to gain control, Charlize seems to be waiting for the right opportunity to turn the tables - hard!

Charlize shows it's just not her legs that are really strong as she’s picking Laura up and tossing her around the ring like a doll. Charlize drags Laura around the ring in a side headlock until a forearm to her back and a huge shove sends Charlize headfirstd to the ropes. Laura's freedom is short-lived, however, as when Charlize returns she swings past Laura, hooks her neck and hits a Swinging DDT!

Charlize lifts the stunned woman by the hair and drags Laura to the corner where she lifts Laura's rubbery legs one at a time over the middle ropes, leaving Laura seated on the middle turnbuckle. After Charlize brushes Laura's red hair back off her face, she gets cheek-to-cheek with the winded woman and tells her, "I call this ‘The Shattered Driver’.”

If Laura had any idea what was about to happen to her she might have submitted right then and there!. Charlize backs up a few steps and then charges forward, cunt-punting Laura square in the crotch. She lets out one short cry at the top of her lungs, then passes out still slumped on the turnbuckle!

But Charlize isn't done yet! She stands up on Laura's quivering thighs and puts Laura in a Standing Head Scissors. She bends down, wraps her arms around Laura's middle, then falls back off the middle rope, spiking Laura's head into the mat with a Piledriver.

Charlize gets up and uses her bare foot to roll the comatose cutie over onto her back, then drops to one knee and slaps her palm down on Laura’s right breast, giving it a squeeze as the ref makes the “One…Two…Three” a mere formality.
Match Eight: Eva's of Destruction (Mendes-Longoria)* vs. The Legion (Bruckner-Christensen) *Tag Team Title

Warning sirens begin blaring and lights flashing around the arena as Sean Paul's "Temperature" announces the arrival of Eva Mendes and Eva Longoria both wearing red bikini tops and black bottoms cut high on the hips. They carry the CCW tag team belts and the fans are surprised since the Champions usually exercise their right to enter second. The Eva's don't look happy about the set up, coming to the ring even more surly than normal.

Carl Orff's "Carmina Burana" plays as two hooded figures slowly walk onto stage and down toward the ring. Reaching the ring, they drop the robes to reveal Agnes Bruckner and Erika Christensen have arrived. These Legion members are stoic as they climb onto the ring apron. Then Erika steps through the ropes to start the match.

Going away from their normal way of starting a match, Eva Mendes stays in the ring after the bell rings and the match begins. The match resembles a barroom brawl more that a wrestling match as many times all four women are in the ring at the same time fighting. Eva Longoria several times hits top rope moves without being tug into the match. After many to the scrums fans notice that the two wrestlers in the ring aren't the two that where legal, but the ref seems unable to control the fight. Longoria traps Erika in a neutral corner after a double team by the Eva's. Eva lays in some heavy kicks to Erika's gut and chest. Longoria backs up as Erika slumps into the corner. Eva charges and throws her feet out nailing Erika with a dropkick right in the face. Eva pulls the stunned Erika out of the corner and goes for the cover, but only gets a two count. Longoria makes a quick tag to Mendes and she takes over on the Legion member.

The Eva's keep Erika from making a tag to Agnes and begin picking Erika apart. The Eva's set Erika up for their E-Squared move, but Agnes isn't about to let that happen and charges into the ring and Chop blocks Mendes's right leg. Longoria and Erika fall into the pile and pushing and shoving begins as the teams try escaping each other. The ref finally gets Eva L and Agnes out of the ring and Erika and Eva M each began to crawl toward their respective corners.

Eva makes it first, but a heartbeat later Erika tags Agnes. Eva L runs right into a Clothesline from the bigger blonde but is back on her feet quickly - and turns right into a Bruckner Bearhug! Agnes squeezes the smaller brunette a while before Belly-to-Belly Suplexing her. Agnes goes right into a cover and gets a “TWO” count and Eva looks hurt!

Agnes easily lifts the limp woman on to her shoulder and hits a Michinoku Driver, then pulls Eva's leg up and waits for the ref to make the “ONE! TWO! THREE!” which he does.

Agnes tosses Eva aside and Erika joins her as they give each other a quick hug; then snatching the tag team title belts from the ref. Agnes lets the fans know, "One down two to go!" She’s showing off the belts to the fans as they head to the rear together; leaving (the now ex-champs) to help each other from the ring to polite applause from the fans as they limp to the back, defeated but with a glare in the Eva's eyes that tell their fans they haven't seen the last of them!
Match Nine: Neve Campbell** vs. Scarlett Johansson (**XX Division Title)

Carl Orff "Carmine Burana" the theme music for The Legion begins to play and then Sound garden's "Black hole Sun" begins and five hooded figures walk out on stage. All five throw back the hoods revealing the Legion member. Neve, Agnes and Erika open their robes to show off the gold around their waists.

Neve steps forward then turns to face the others ordering, "Wait for me." The other four turn and obediently walk away as Neve hands her robe to Agnes, the last in line. Neve wearing her normal black bikini turns and heads to the ring. She ignores the fans booing her and throwing garbage at the XX Division champ.

When Prodigy's "Fire Starter" begins playing Scarlett Johansson bursts from behind the curtain wearing a beige one-piece. The blonde, who normally doesn't speak to the crowd, stops to chat up her manager (Tech) before climbing in the ring. She looks determined as she glares across at the brunette. Not that Scarlett needs more incentive, but this is her first XX Division title shot, and she doesn’t intent to waste it.

At the bell, Neve slowly walks to center ring. Scarlett tries to match her causal pace, but arrives well before Neve.

Scarlett, trying to look defiant, asks, "You have something to say, Cunt!"

Neve smirks at what she takes as false bravado answers, "Wrestling is often referred to as human chess match. You realize you're a pawn facing a Queen in that context."

Scarlett lunges forward trying to catch Neve off guard, but Neve easily side steps the blonde and grabs two handfuls of blonde hair pulling back. Scarlett squeals as her hair is yanked and then she lands flat on her back. THUD! Neve crosses her arms over her chest while she waits for Scarlett to get back to her feet. Scarlett rubs the back of her head. The blonde starts back towards the Champ looking to lock up, but at the last second Scarlett drops down grabbing both of Neve's legs and uses a double leg take down on the brunette. Scarlett climbs up Neve's legs and the Champ turns over on her stomach.

"Let's see how you like this, Queenie!" Scarlett taunts as she lifts Neve's right leg, then drops her full weight onto the limb. Scarlett, feeling her confidence builting, rolls Neve over and applies a Stepover Toe Hold to Neve's right leg. Neve brings her left leg up planting it against Scarlett's stomach and shoves the blonde across the ring, then easily kips up to her feet.

Scarlett takes a little longer to get off the canvas, but as they close in again Scarlett catches Neve with a kick to her right thigh. Neve's leg goes limp for a second and Scarlett moves in scooping Neve up and bodyslamming her back to the mat. Scarlett staying focused on the right leg of the champ holds the limb down and drives her knee into the meaty thigh of the brunette. Scarlett keeps her knee planted on Neve's thigh pulling the Champs ankle up bending the trapped limb.

Scarlett looks at the stoic brunette and asks, "Do you… AAAHHHAA!"

Neve rakes her fingers down the blonde's face and then kicks her away with her left foot. Neve shoves the ref as she gets up, ignoring the reprimand for the Face Rake. Neve is on Scarlett before the blonde’s vision clears and a quick shot to the gut is followed by Neve hooking both of the blonde's arms in a Double Chicken Wing. She’s still trying to blink away her tears, when she’s lifted and sent flying over Neve's head with a Chicken Wing Suplex!

Scarlett's shoulders and head hit the canvas first and then all her own weight comes down on top of her as her legs go over her head. Neve holds the bridge for a second as if she may go for the pin, but then she releases her hold and gets back to her feet. Neve hair-hauls the dazed blonde to her feet. Neve wraps her arm around Scarlett's neck and hooks her foot inside the blonde's calf before falling back hitting a Russian leg sweep on Scarlett. As Neve hits the canvas she rolls over on to Scarlett's chest and hooks the far leg.

“ONE...TWO...” But Neve lifts Scarlett off the mat to break the count.

The ref starts to read Neve the riot act, but she smirks, "Give it a rest." Neve jabs Scarlett's big breast saying, "Told you this is a battle of wits…not tits."

Scarlett is stunned and probably should have kept quite, but replies, "Good thing for you - or you'd never win a match."

Neve glares down at her own modest breasts and angrily hammers a fist into the Scarlett’s bulging left cup, then quips, "I have very nice boobs, thank you."

Then Neve stands up and kicks Scarlett on to her stomach. Placing her left foot between the blonde's legs Neve hooks both of Scarlett's ankles on her shin. Neve bends down slapping the blonde's sides to may her bring her arms closer to Neve's grasp. Neve takes Scarlett's wrist and lifts the blonde's torso off the canvas in a surfboard type hold. Scarlett gasps in pain as her back is bent the wrong way, but she doesn't stay their long as Neve puts her right foot on the back of Scarlett's neck and Curb stomps the blonde. Scarlett is driven face and chest first into the canvas with an audible SPLAT!

Neve pulls Scarlett to her feet and tosses her in the nearest corner. Neve blasts a forearm across Scarlett's rack then walks away. Neve then waves her arms for the fans to make more noise as they boo her. Neve walks back and hammers Scarlett's boobs with another forearm shoot. The ref warns Neve, “Get outta the corner!” But he may as well be talking to the ring post. Neve, probably not because of the ref's warning, drags Scarlett out of the corner, sets her up and Suplexes her out to the middle of the ring.

She rolls Scarlett over, takes a seat beside her and traps the blonde's near arm between her legs. Neve hooks both arms around Scarlett’s chin and hauls back hard in the Crippler Crossface she calls, "The Banshee's Scream"

Scarlett's free hand begins rapidly slapping the mat and the ref calls for the bell - but Neve refuses to release the hold until the blonde’s eyes flutter and she passes out. The she releases the hold and hisses in Scarlett's ear, "A pawn out of the way. Soon the other Queen will be in position for me to remove her from the board too." Then she heads to the rear with her belt.
Main Event: Jessica Biel*** vs. Katherine "Kat" Heigl (***World Title)

After the dismantling of Scarlett by Neve the fans wait to see if The Legion can make it a clean sweep and claim the World title as well. Champion Jessica Biel already owns a title match victory over Katherine Heigl. Now though Kat is a member of The Legion and in her matches shows a meaner streak and no one never seems to know when the rest of The Legion may show up. Scarlett Johansson is finally helped from the ring and the ring announcer climbs into the ring waiting for the queue to start.

Velvet Revolver's "Slither" begins blaring. Explosions go off on the stage and sparks shower down on the stage. "The Champ! From Ely, MN...She stands 5'8"...the unstoppable…Jessica Biel!" Biel comes out wearing a light blue bikini the title strap around her waist. Jessica stops at the top of the ramp and holds up one arm and lets out a battle cry. Jessica then makes her way to the ring slapping the extended hands of the fans, then enters the ring and climbs each turnbuckle, pumping her right arm up as fans cheer. Jessica moves to her corner swinging her arms to loosen them up. Jessica then undoes the title belt and hands it over to the ref saying, "Take care of it, I expect to get it back the way I gave it to you."

Carl Orff's "Carmine Burana" starts then changes to Marilyn Manson's 'Sweet Dreams' announcing the approach of Katherine Heigl. Pyro whistles from everywhere on the stage as the Announcer introduces, "The Challenger hails from Washington DC She stands 5'8"...The owner of the most lethal breast smother in the CCW...Katherine “Kat” Heigl!" Kat comes out and again pyro is set off. She is wearing the long robes of a Legion member, but it hangs open in the front showing her lavender two-piece that puts her awesome cleavage on prominent display - as usual. Kat drops the robe and jogs slowly to the ring, her gate seems more to make her boobs bounce higher rather than quicken her pace to the ring.

After the introductions Katherine and Jessica stand in their corners eyes already locked on their opponents. The Ref waits for the ring announcer to clear the ring and a quick look at champ and Challenger, then calls for the bell.


Katherine is the first to step out further, but Jess hangs back a moment before moving down along the ropes. Coming closer the two women make two full circles of each other before colliding in a collar and elbow lockup. The initial collision gives neither an advantage. Arms and legs begin quivering as the tie up continues. With a burst of energy Kat pulls Jess into a side headlock. Grinding Jessica's head on her hip Kat taunts, "This time you're going dow…AAAAGGGGH!"

Jessica hammers a forearm into the small of Kat's back and Kat's grip loosens, but she quickly clamps it back on and Jessica drops to one knee grunting. Jessica wraps her arms around Kat's waist and tries lifting the blonde. Dropping her hips Kat keeps her feet planted on the mat, twisting Jessica neck Kat snarls, "I don't think so." Kat seems to realize she is giving Jess a tempting target as her legs are spread to keep her balance, so the blonde snaps the champ over with a headlock takedown. Kat slides her body to give Jessica a face full of boob while she squeezes and bends Biel's neck. Kat works the hold until Jess is able to her arms under Kat and rolling the blonde over her own body Jessica puts Kat's shoulders on the mat. The ref gets into position, but before his hand comes down the first time Kat pushes herself back over.

Kat slaps the top of Jessica's head, "No games bitch!" Heigl pulls Jessica back to her feet still trapped in the headlock. Jessica getting to her feet hammers the small of Kat's back and shoves the blonde away into the ropes. Kat bounces off the ropes and just as she turns Jessica is there driving both forearms into Kat's chest. The blonde's feet keep going for a second and she ends up fall flat on her back with Jessica standing over her.

Jessica snarls, "My turn." She drops to one knee with her other leg straddled over Kat. Jessica's left hand grabs a handful of blonde hair and she begins hammering right hands into Kat's forehead. The ref orders Jessica to open her fist, but a half dozen punches seems to satisfy the champ and she finally lets her challenger's head drop to the canvas.

Jessica stands and walks back to center ring shaking her right hand then running her fingers along the edge of her bottoms getting them back in place. Katherine rolls over shaking the cobwebs from her head and pulls herself up using the ropes to help. Jessica bulls into Kat forcing her back into the ropes and then sends the blonde across the ring with an Irish whip. Kat arms wind milling as she makes her way across the ring turns and rebounding off the ropes. Kat comes half back across the ring and Jessica meets her there with a clothesline. Jessica keeps her feet and turns quickly lining up and drops an elbow on Kat's ample cleavage. Jessica rolls over and hooks a leg, but only gets a one count before Kat shoves her off.

Jessica grabs Kat's wrist and pulls the blonde's arm behind her back in a hammerlock. Leaning on Kat Jess pushes her into the canvas taunts, "Your new outlook and old skills means you still can't beat me."

Kat grunts, "Fuck you!"

Jessica smiles, "I see Neve hasn't helped your wits any." She pulls Kat up by the hammerlock, spins her around keeping and then, keeping Kat's arm behind her, scoops the blonde up with ease and slams her down with her arm still behind her. Kat screams in pain as her shoulder takes the brunt of the bodyslam. Jessica bends down and hair-hauls Kat back up.

"Come on UUUMFFFFF!" Kat drives her fist into Jessica's unprepared abs, then hooks her fingers in Jess's togs to keep her from moving away and drives a knee into Jess's tight belly.

"Wazzamatta, you got nothing funny to say now, Jess?"

Jessica, coughing and trying to get air back in her body, struggles to get away but Kat lunges forward and Clotheslines Jess off her feet! Kat turns around and walks back to Biel and begins stomping the Champ and yelling, "Come on Jess, say something witty!" She continues to stomp Jess until she rolls out of the ring to escape. Kat starts after her, but the ref orders her to back away from the ropes and Kat snarls, "I'm sure you have orders to DQ me if I give you a chance."

Reluctantly, Kat backs away and lets the ref begin counting while Jessica, wincing, walks around the outside regrouping. She looks up at the ref, picking up the count and looks at Kat standing in the center of the ring.

Kat yells, "Come on Jess, I got more for you."

Jessica laughs, "Come on Kat. I'm just getting warmed up." She climbs up on the ring apron, then jumps right back down to the floor when Kat charges. Jessica reaches under the ropes and grabs the blonde's ankles tripping and dragging her out of the ring. Jessica loads up and hammers a Forearm to the blonde's head but Kat instantly fires back a Forearm of her own!

Jessica doesn't move after being hit and she hammers Kat again! The two women go toe-to-toe, trading forearms until the ref's count reaches ‘Seven!’ Kat knees Jessica in the crotch and rolls back into the ring, breaking the count. Jessica, while hurting, rolls in right behind her. Kat gets to her feet first and hooks Jess under the arms, lifts her to her feet and pushes the champ back into the corner where she props Biel against the turnbuckles and drives a shoulder into her belly!

Kat steps back and begins throwing punches at the champ's belly. Kat, listening to the ref, steps back when his count reaches four. She stands a few feet away and asks Jessica, "Got any smart comments now?"

Jess takes a painful breathe and gasps, "Yeah, you hit like a girl."

Kat charges, but instead of crushing Jessica in the corner, she runs face first into Jess's raised foot. Kat staggers back holding her jaw while Jessica comes off the ropes and Chop Blocks the back of Kat's legs, taking her down! Jessica drops to her knees and grabs Kat's left leg to apply an Anklelock.

Kat screams, "AAAAH! Leggo!" but Jessica's response is to twist the oot even harder and Kat cries out in pain again.

When Kat finally realizes how close she is to the ropes, she reaches out to snag the bottom strand. Jessica can’t hang onto the hold and drops Kat’s leg when the ref calls for a break and backs off, waiting for Kat to get to her feet. The blond tests her ankle before moving to lock up with Jessica who ducks under Kat’s grasp, puts the blonde in a Waistlock and takes her down on all fours.

Riding on Kat’s back, Jessica smirks, "You underneath me…now that seems very familiar."

Kat tries bucking Jess off and when that doesn’t work, she tries getting back to her feet; but Jessica maintains her advantage and then shoots a Half Nelson and flips Kat onto her back. When Jessica goes for the cover; Kat kicks out at one with ease.

Getting back to her feet Kat says, "It's going to take more than that to pin me."

Jessica laughs, "No problem, I have nowhere to go and I’ve got plenty of time."

Kat rushes Jess - and runs into a straight right to the chin. Stunned, Kat can't prevent Jess from scooping her up and rattling the ring by Body Slamming her! Jessica steps to Kat's side and goes for an Elbow Drop to Kat’s heaving chest, but Kat rolls out of the way and Jessica’s elbow hits only canvas.

Still, Jessica pops right back up to her feet and tries again, but again, Kat rolls away and , this time, Kat reaches over to Jessica, grabs her wrist and pulls her arm into a Short Arm Scissors. She bends Jess's wrist back to add to the pain, then rolls out, hanging onto Jessica's arm as she brings them both to their feet. Kat keeps the champ bent at the waist as she works Jess's arm between Jessica’s legs. Kat waits a second, then reaching across Jess's back she hooks her far arm and lifts Jessica to Pumphandle Slams the brunette!

Heigl goes Jess's feet grabbing both, holding them apart as she plants her right foot on Jess's pubic mound. Jess moans as Kat grinds her foot into her center. Jessica tries to push Kat's foot away without success. Kat looking down smirks, "Not enjoying yourself, Jess?"

She gives her foot another twist before planting her right foot at Jessica's left hip and turns the hold into a Texas Cloverleaf. Jess can't keep from screaming as the pain builds in her legs and back. Kat yells, "Submit Bitch, or I will break your back."

To emphasize her demand, Kat leans back in the hold but Jessica tells the ref "Fuck off!" when he asks if she submits.

Jessica begins the long crawl to the ropes, using only her arms, pulling Kat with her. It takes Jess a while, but she finally makes it and grabs the bottom rope. Kat makes the referee count, but she drops Jessica's legs when he reaches three.

Kat walks to the center of the ring and waits for Jessica to get back to her feet before going after the champ again. Jessica just gets back to her feet when Kat turns her around and pushes on the brunette's chin bending her over the top rope. Kat holds a finger to her lips quieting the crowd, then brings an overhead SLAP down to Jessica's chest. Jessica moans and drops to one knee. Kat grabs the back of Jessica's top and snatches her back to her feet, then sets her up for a belly-to-back suplex…but instead, she hits an Atomic Drop!

Jessica straddles Kat’s thigh moaning softly until Kat tosses her aside, reaches down and then hair-hauls Jess back up and taunts her saying, "That little bitch Mack put up a better fight than this."

Kat leads Jess to the nearest ring post and lifts her on to the top turnbuckle. Jess sitting there comes to as Kat begins to try and set her up for the muscle buster. Jess hammers right hands into Kat’s abs, then kicks the blonde away. Kat staggers, turning her back to Jess so she never sees the champ when she leaps, grabs Katherine by the head and hits the 'Biel-Dog'! Kat's head is driven into the canvas and Jessica scrambles to cover Kat quickly.

“ONE...TWO...THR…NO!” Kat's kickout tosses Jessica off.

Both are slow to get to their feet and back way from each other to give themselves more time to recover. After the quick check of their bodies Jess and Kat move back to lockup, but Kat hits Jess with a kneelift as they come together. Kat grabs Jessica like she's going to apply a cobra clutch, but instead once she has her arms around Jessica's neck Kat pulls her down. Kat post her left leg hitting an over the leg neckbreaker. Jessica finds out that the move is over as Kat holds her in place and leans forward; her breasts engulfing Jessica's face as Kat holds her in the Breast Smother.

Jessica's legs kick and her free arm tries to hit Kat anywhere to make her give up the oxygen-stealing hold. Jessica somehow wiggles off Kat's thigh and turns her head, gulping big gasps of air.

Kat growls, "Next time, no top, Jess."

Jessica sputters, "Those things are nasty."

Kat sneers but doesn't really say anything before kicking Jessica in the back. She grabs the back of Jess's top and begins removing it. Jessica tries to hold onto her top, but another kick to the back and Kat is able to rip it off over Jessica's head, then she spoons up behind Jessica and reaches around with her right hand to begin mauling Jessica's bare right breast.

Jessica is able to grab Kat's left wrist as it reaches around to attack her other boob, then squirms closer to the ropes, finally lifting her foot onto the bottom rope. Kat hangs on until the ref makes the count and when it reaches four Kat lets go and rolls away while Jessica rubs her boob.

Kat waves her fingers at Jess, telling her, "Come on!"

Jessica a heartbeat later charges Kat nailing her with a right to the side of the head. Jessica keeps firing punches as Kat is staggered back to the ropes where Jessica grabs her arm and Whips the blonde back across the ring. Jess moves to center ring and waits until Kat returns, then hits her with a Spinebuster Slam. Jessica pops up and straddles Kat's chest, dropping her ass onto Kat's rack; pancaking her precious puppies.

Jessica grinds her ass into Kat's boobs saying, "How's THAT feel?" Kat moans in pain, but doesn't answer. Jessica stands back up and yells to the crowd, "One good facial deserves another."

Jessica hikes her bottoms up and lowers her butt on Kat's face, controlling Kat's flailing arms under her legs. Kat's legs swing wildly but are out of range of Jessica. Once she has Heigl’s body secured, Jessica turns her attention to Kat's boobs. She tries to pull of Kat's top but has to settle for ripping the material between the cups and peeling the cups back to expose two of the biggest breast in the CCW. Jessica goes right after Kat’s nipples and she enjoys the next few moments; grinding Kat's face and mauling her tits. Jessica has been working Kat for almost a minute when she leans forward and shoves her and down the front of Kat's bottom.

But to reach Kat’s groin, Jessica has to lean far forward and - with less weight on her arms - Kat is able to pull one hand free and shove Jess’s ass forward. At the same time, she snaps a knee up and it catches the champ square in the forehead! Jessica falls forward and for a moment she Kat are in a sixty-nine position that has the fans hooting and hollering. Kat rolls Jessica over off her apple red, sweat covered, face as the ref begins to count both wrestlers out.


Jess stirs and so does Kat

"...EIGHT..." Both women get to their knees

"...NINE..." They rise on shaky legs and stagger toward each other.

Kat forces Jessica into a Collar and Elbow tie-up, but it's Jessica who pulls Kat into a Side Headlock. Jessica is still trying to clear her head, when Kat wraps her arms around Jess's waist and Belly-to-Back Suplexes the champ. It takes Kat a moment to move and go for a cover


Jessica's right air shoots up pulling her shoulder off the mat. Kat, on her knees beside Jess, looks stunned. She tries to fix her top, but realizes it's a lost cause and just pulls it off. Kat rolls Jessica onto her stomach and sits on her back, pulling Jess's arms back and hooking them over her thighs, then clasps both hands under Jess's chin in a Camel Clutch.

Jessica cries, "OHHH SHIT!"

Katherine hoarse voice demands, "Submit!"

Jessica moans, "No...no...no...no..."

Kat repeats her demand several times and the ref asks Jessica. Each time, she refuses. Kat pulls a hand from Jess's chin long enough to wipe the sweat from her face and Jessica again says "No" to the question.

Kat, getting her wind back, starts taunting the Champ, "It's over Jess. Give up you’re not getting away." Jessica's feet pound the canvas, but that doesn't get her any closer to escape. Kat seeing Jessica needs more incentive releases Jessica's chin moves her hands to Jess's jugs. She starts working Jess's nipples; pulling and twisting; getting satisfying squeals of pain from the champ. Then Kat starts mauling Jessica's full breasts.

In her intent focus on mauling Jessica’s breasts, Kat let’s Jessica’s right arm work free. Kat turns up the pressure on her breast mauling and again demands, "Submit! I have no problem crippling you."

Kat gives up the breast mauling to pull back on Jessica's chin once more but Jessica still refuses to submit, and in the process manages to free her other arm. Now Jessica gets her knees under her and pushes up. Kat is taken along for the ride as Jessica stands up, grabbing the blonde's legs to give Kat a piggy back ride. Then Jessica falls straight over backward, smashing Kat to the canvas with her on top. Fighting the pain in her body, Jessica rolls over and goes for the cover.

"ONE...TWO...THR...NO!" Kat rolls her shoulder off the mat, but it's just enough to keep the match going!

Jessica pulls the winded blonde to her feet; takes a moment; then sends Heigl hurtling into the ropes. Biel winces in pain after sending the blonde on her way, but regains her bearings and hits Kat with a 'Jess-Plex'

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inFRq1XZEb8"><B><U>In Honor of the Walking Dude - AKA Richard Fannin - see the video, HERE!</B></U></a>

The ref checks both women and is about to begin to count them out when Jessica rolls over and begins crawling toward the blonde. Jessica flops onto her blonde nemesis, but she doesn't hook a leg and that allows Kat to kick out at ‘TWO’. Jessica turns to the ref asking, "That wasn't three?"

But she doesn't wait for his answer, swinging a leg over Kat's body taking a seat on the blonde's stomach to repay the nipple torture she suffered earlier. Heigl's screams fill the arena as Jessica ruthlessly pulls and twists her soft, pliant, flesh. Kat tries pulling Jessica's hands from her boobs, but she gives up and instead attacks Jess's boobs.

Jessica cries out in pain as the ‘Battle of the Breasts’ resumes, but neither is willig to give up her breast mauling. Suddenly, Jessica lets out a loud cry of pain and drops her hands from Kat's boobs to grab the blonde's wrists. It takes Jess a moment but she pulls Kat's hands off her tits and rolls away. Kat won the tit squeezing, but both lay on the mat holding their mangled boobs; their chests heaving; tears filling their eyes.

Kat gets to her feet and staggers to one corner holding her boobs while Jessica walks to the opposite corner rubbing hers. The ref gives them a few moments, but then insists they come out of the corners. Wanting to hurt the other overrides the pain in their own body as they stagger to the center of the ring.

Kat strikes first, hitting Jessica with a Kneelift, throws Jessica's arm over her shoulder and lifts Jess, the turns her upside down. Kat poses a second once she has Jessica in position, then sits out; driving Jess's head into the canvas with ‘the Sword of the Legion’ and it leaves Jess twitching on the mat.

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdPgPmq1eoo&feature=related"><B><U>Sword of the Legion video!</B></U></a>

Kat sits with a blank look on her face for a second, then crawls onto Jess, covering her. "ONE...TWO...THRE..."

Jessica eyes are still closed as she slides out from under Kat who can't believe she's not the champ as she sits with a stunned look on her face. Kat wipes the sweat from her face and gets to her feet. It takes all her strength to lift Biel’s dead weight to her feet. Kat drags Jess to the near corner and puts her shoulder into Jessica's gut, lifting her butt up onto the top turnbuckle. Kat holds her back after positioning Jess, then walks a short ways away, turning back to lift Jess up for the Muscle Buster!

But Jessica kicksKat in the left boob and Heigl lets out a scream, turning away clutching her tit and giving Jessica time to get to ther feet on the turnbuckle. Jessica leaps off and as she comes down, Jessica grabs Kat's head and drives her forehead into the mat. Jessica spins on her butt to the blonde's side, pushes her over onto her back and flops on top of her inert body.


Jessica doesn't move as Velvet Revolver's "Slither" begins to play and the ref has to help her to her feet and support her as she stumbles to her corner where she slumps onto her butt on the middle turnbuckle. She looks up, brushes the hair from her eyes and asks the ref, "Where's my belt?"

He assures her, "It's safe Jess; but let's get you checked out first."

Jessica yells, "Screw that...get my damn belt!"

The ref shakes his head, but gets the belt and hands it to Jess who hugs it to her naked, heaving, bosom. The ref goes to check Kat who still hasn't moved since she hit the mat.

As her theme song repeats, Jessica gets to her feet and raises her arm, saluting the cheering fans as she walks slowly to the back. Behind her, Kat is helped to sit up, then is led from the ring by the ref on rubbery legs.
* * * * * *
Epilogue -

Katie Holmes sits in front of her locker hisses in pain as she peels her top off. Katie doesn't jump as Amanda Bynes' unexpected voice says, "That looked like it hurt."

Katie looks at her protégé and drops the top at her feet, "It does, but shit happens."

Amanda taking a seat next to Katie says, "Yeah I remember that, put those kinds of things aren't going to happen to me any more." Katie laughs, "It happens to everyone sooner or later." Amanda says, "Well maybe you're just getting too old. I mean you great training me, but those that can't do teach. Right?" Katie grabs a towel and starts for the shower. Amanda says, "Don't be mad. You could manage me to the title or something." Katie doesn't look back, but tells Amanda, "Don't be here when I get out of the shower."

Jessica Biel sits on the examination table letting the doctor check her over. After getting the OK from the doc, Jess gently climbs off the table and pulls a robe around her naked body. A knock on the door is followed by Harold Green's voice, "Is it OK to come in?"

Jessica looks around, "Doc’s dressed if that's what you mean."

Stepping around the corner the promoter walks over, extends his hand to the champ and says, "Great Match! You had me worried."

Jessica smiles saying, "Me too. I think you owe me a few shows off."

He nods in agreement, "Sure thing. With you safely hanging onto the title, I can look to getting the XX Division title away from Neve."

Jessica pats him on the shoulder, "Glad to help. Oh about my next title defense?" She leans over and whispers in the promoter's ear.

Harold's head snaps around. He looks Jessica in the eye, "Are you sure? She’s pretty tough but there will certainly be protests from others." Jessica smiles and nods, then leaves the room.
* * *
Richard Fannin is in Daunte's bar at a table alone when Allison Mack enters, walks across the crowded bar and joins him. Being the gentleman he is, Rich stands to pull Allison's chair out for her. Laughing, she says, "Why thank you, kind Sir."

Rich asks, "Where've you been? I thought you'd stood me up."

Allison orders a drink before she answers. "I had a conversation with Scarlett. Seems Neve wanted to pass some messages to me."

Rich nods, "I thought Neve was just taunting Scarlett, but she was talking a *lot* in the ring tonight - even for her." Allison takes her drink from the waitress and downs it with a single gulp. Rich waits, but Allison doesn't offer any more information, so he asks, "Well, what was the message?"

Allison grabs a second drink from a passing waitress and says, "What say we finish these and get outta here?"

Rich downs his drink in one pull, stands and offers Allison his hand. They leave arm-in-arm; Allison wearing a big grin and Rich a hopeful expression.

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