Celebrity Championship Wrestling Show #3 by bigfan

Sarah Michelle Gellar walked into the backstage area of the CCW's studio/Arena. Sarah moves as if expecting action at anytime. Making her way to her dressing room she swings the bag off her shoulder going for her keys. Just before getting to her door movement to her left causes Sarah to jump and take a wild swing.

The arm that blocks the punch is much too large to be owned by a member of the CCW. Breaking into Laughter, David Boreanaz says, "Wow! That brings back some memories."

Sarah relaxes seeing her old co-star asks, "What are you doing here?"

"Emily has her first match tonight. I just stopped to wish her well in case there wasn't enough time before the show tonight." David, in a quieter voice adds, "Sorry about Alyson screwing you. What's she thinking?"

Sarah takes a deep breath, "She still mad the way Buffy ended, the way our tag-team disappeared after I won the singles title."

David nods, "Well that was a nice super kick to what's her name."

Sarah looks surprised, "You saw that? I didn't think you where here?"

He smiles, "Well I wasn't but in addition to paying for the tickets I also get DVD's of each show sent to me. How much trouble you get in for that?"

Sarah breaks out her fake pouting says, "Well that's why I'm here. I didn't play nice with the others and the principal want's to see me. Maybe he'll spank me?"

David gets a chuckle out of Sarah's little act. "I have to go. Watch your back."

Sarah nods and enters her dressing room.

Thirty minutes later Sarah is knocking on Harold Green's door. The Promoter's voice calls out inviting her in. Entering Sarah declines the seat offered to her. Harold leans on the desk starts, “I understand why you would want to get back at Cobie and Alyson, but I can’t have you disrupting matches like that.”

Sarah crossing her arms fires back, “But it’s OK for Alyson’s new friend to jump me at the end of a match?”

Harold holds up a hand, “No, but if you’d have come to me we could have worked something out.”

Harold walks around the desk and pulls out a paper, at show five you have a tag match with Alyson and Cobie.”

Sarah mouth drops open after a second she asks angry, “Who’s my partner?”

He shrugs, “You better find one or it’ll be a two on one.”

Even angrier now, Sarah yells, “That’s great see which way this promoter is leaning.”

Harold tries to calm the angry blonde, “Anyone you get on the roster to team with you I’ll ok, but I can’t be involved in that.”

Sarah drops her arms and turns to leave adding, “Thanks for nothing.”

Harold waits for the door to close and pulls out a blackberry. Working the buttons, he brings the phone to his ear, “Hey I have a favor to ask; but no one can know I was involved.”

CCW show starts by greeting the fans with AC/DC’s “Thunder Struck” playing as the clips from the previous show are show. The rich and famous fill the mini arena ready for another night of action. After the song and video display ends pyro shoots off around the ring and stage area. The ring announcer climbs into the ring and welcomes the fans before introducing the first match.

Match 1
The first match of the night pits Ashley Scott against Paris Hilton. Ashley goes on the attack at the opening bell and a few minutes into the match has Paris trapped in the corner, working the slim heiresses body over. Nicky Hilton comes to ringside in a less than surprising move and Ashley keeps an eye on Nicky while continuing to work Paris over.

After Ashley hits a German Suplex, Nicky climbs onto the apron and begins to yell at Ashley. The spiky haired woman goes to confront Nicky and shoves her off the apron into the guardrails. That break gave Paris a chance to mount her first offense of the night and when Ashley turns around, Pairs kicks Ashley in the crotch.

Paris pounds on Ashley to the cheers from Nicky and boos from the fans. Paris applies a Head Scissors with her strong, wiry legs that puts Ashley’s flushed face uncomfortablely close to Paris’s nasty pussy. Ashley finally works her way to the ropes to escape the Head Scissors but Paris sets Ashley up for an Irish Whip. Ashley reverses it and when Paris rebounds off the ropes, Ashley crushes the blonde with a Clothesline.

Back on offense, Ashley batters the blonde heiress until Paris is rubbery legged and dazed but once again Nicky climbs on to the apron just as Ashley scoops Paris up. Ashley walks over to Nicky, trading insults with her as she holds Paris in her arms. Having enough of Nicky's lip, Ashley tosses Paris into her sister and Nicky is again sent crashing into the guardrails. Ashley gathers Paris back up, placing the blonde over her left shoulder. Then Ashley takes a few running steps and Power Slams Paris…the start of her "Fate of Prey". Ashley crosses Paris's arms over her chest like a corpse in a casket and plants her foot on Paris as she waits for the ref's three count.

Ashley leaves the ring and destruction in her wake. Paris is out cold and Nicky is sitting against the guardrails holding the back of her head.

Match 2
Emily Deschanel is making her ring debut against Rosario Dawson. The first few minutes of the match were a wrestling clinic on counter and counter-counter moves as Emily and Rosario trade control. The redhead Emily was matching the more experienced Rosario hold for hold.

Things started to slow as the wrestlers tire and settle in to grind down their opponent. Rosario traps Emily in a Half Crab that took Emily some time to fight her way to the ropes to break. Rosario is staying one step ahead of Emily working her long legs for the most part.

Rosario sends Emily for the Ride, lining up the Clothesline for the redheads return but Emily has other plans! Ducking the Clothesline, she stops on a dime and catches Rosario in a Sleeper. Already worn down by the long match Rosario starts to fade, but a burst of energy gets her to the ropes in time to force a break.

Emily goes to work on Rosario’s ribs and back, making a few covers that Rosario is barely able to kick out of, then she sends Rosario into the corner with an Irish whip. Rosario leaps up onto the second turnbuckle and springs backward, turning around in mid-air. Emily doesn’t have time to react to the move and Rosario’s Cross Body smashes Emily’s chest flat! Rosario hooks Emily’s legs as they hit the mat and Emily’s weak kick out comes a split second too late to save her.

After the match the two women shake hands and hug. The good sportsmanship is booed by some in the crowd while other cheer the great action they has just witnessed.

Match 3
The battle of Kristin's was up next and Kruek gives Dunst a wrestling lesson early. The few times Dunst does go on the offensive, Kruek counters in painful ways and the blonde's size advantage almost seems an illusion as Kruek dominates the early action. She has Dunst facedown on the mat, enjoying the view from her seat on the blonde's backside.

Kreuk weaves her arms under Dunst's and back up over the back of her neck. With the Full Nelson locked, Kruek rearss back, pulling Dunst's torso off the canvas. Kruek pulls her almost perpendicular with her trapped hips and it doesn't take the beaten blonde long to cry out her submission.

Cut Scene

Kelly Preston is standing with Jessica Biel on the giant screen as fans wait for the next match. She asks Jessica, “I understand you have an announcement to make?”

Jessica nods, “At the next show the main event will eliminate one of the world title contenders. I should say this is where Kristanna Loken’s title hopes end.”

Kelly asks, “So it will be you and Kristanna Loken in the next main event?” Jessica nods but Kelly pulls the mic back asking, “How can you be so confident going against one of the biggest women here?”

Jessica looks upset as she flexes her arms and answers, “Because I AM that damn good.” She grabs the mic and, pointing at the camera, says, “Blondefoot, get ready! You’re next!”

Jessica walks off leaving Kelly alone.

Match 4
Tag team action is up next with Alyssa Milano and Rose McGowan taking on ‘The Eva’s of Destruction’, Eva Longoria and Eva Mendes. Fans are going nuts as within the first few minutes as all four wrestlers are quickly stripped topless. Not long after that, Longoria pulls Rose's bottoms off and - after a reversal - Rose yanks Eva's off to even the score.

Rose and Eva L stand on the outside naked while Alyssa and Eva M trade heavy blows in the ring until Alyssa takes control and drives Eva M back into the ropes with a series of hard chops to her chest. Eva grabs Alyssa by the shoulders and trades places with her, paying her back for her painful chest chopping before she sends Alyssa across the ring and into the ropes. Upon her return, Eva hits a Side Slam and goes for the pin.

Alyssa is able to escape and tags in Rose who gets caught in the Eva’s corner. Keeping Rose in their corner, The Eva’s make quick tags, each hitting a move or two before tagging. Eva M pulls Rose’s arms back in a Chickenwing, exposing her for Eva L who takes great delight in slapping Rose’s tits and punching her gut.

Rose manages to hit Eva M with DDT and scrambles to tag Alyssa but she doesn’t fair any better than her partner as ‘The Eva’s’ two on one takes its toll. Alyssa is caught in a breast mauling Camel Clutch by Eva L. Seeing the end is near, Rose - still groggy - tries to enter the ring to save her partner but a Knee Lift by Eva M sends her flying off the apron onto the floor and Alyssa cries out a teary submission seconds later.

Both Eva’s proclaim they should be the tag team champs, wrapping their hands around their waists where they feel the belts rightfully belong as Eva Mendes tells the crowd, “You’re looking at the tag team champs!”

Match 5
Erica Durance and Michelle Trachtenberg lock up next and it’s a very exciting match as they trade holds and insults. Erica works Michelle’s back and stomach, while Michelle focuses on Erica’s legs. She traps Erica in an Ankle Lock, but Erica’s upper body strength allows her to pull them both to the ropes for the break. Michelle delivers several kicks to Erica’s shapely thighs before ultimately releasing her.

Later, Erica has Michelle trapped with a Stomach Claw and Michelle looks in real trouble, but fighting through the pain she positions herself within range of the ropes and gets her foot over the bottom rope. Erica looks like she’s going to give the youngster a clean break, but remembering Michelle’s actions earlier, Erica hammers Michelle’s gut with a couple of Double Ax-handles before breaking.

The wrestlers end up on the outside of the ring trading blows where Erica gets the better of it, pushing Michelle into the guard rail and connecting with two Knife Edge Chops that really hurt Michelle. Erica turns when the ref is at “eight” on the ten count and heads back to the ring.

Michelle, clutching her chest, sees Erica heading to the ring and dives at the back of Erica’s left knee. The Chop Block puts both combatants in a heap and as they tangle, neither is able to get to the ring before the count hits ten. The ref signals for the bell, callling it a draw. Erica is frustrated not to get the win while Michelle seems happy not to have to take a loss. The two begin to trade blows again until the ref and others pull them apart.

Match 6
Billie Piper found out Isla Fisher's crazy act in "Wedding Crashers" may not have been an act. Billie controls most of the action, but when Isla does get the advantage she attacks Billie breasts, crotch and uses Choke Holds to try and bring the beautiful Brit to heel. The ref warns Isla repeatedly, but each time she breaks the hold just before being disqualified.

Billie, frustrated by the dirty tactics, resorts to some of her own, removing Isla's top and mauling the redheads rack. Billie tries to end the match by going for several covers after moves, but the little redhead shows she's tough and resilient if nothing else.

Isla’s offensive chances become fewer as Billie counters each of her offensive thrusts. Billie sets Isla up for a Fisherman's Suplex, but when she has Isla up at the top of the move, Billie drops her straight down with a Fisherman's DDT, then covers her for the pinfall victory.

Match 7
The second tag match of the night pits Sofia Vergara and Shakira against Alyson Hannigan and Cobie Smulders. Shakira’s speed and quickness catches Alyson off guard and the small Columbian gets the upper hand on the Canadian redhead. Trapped in the corner and kicked in the gut repeatedly by Shakira, Alyson ends up sprawled on her backside. Shakira starts shaking her booty as she backs it up in Alyson’s face for a belly dancing Stinkface.

Though Shakira got her team off to a good start, Sofia takes the battered Alyson lightly and gets caught in the wrong part of town. Sofia gets double teamed without mercy, her large breasts proving a favorite - and unmissable - target. After a tag, Cobie drops Sofia over her knee in a Backbreaker holding her for Alyson who climbs to the top turnbuckle and then leaps off, Leg Dropping across Sofia black and blue bosom.

Shakira tries to get in to break the momentum of her opponent’s and give Sofia a chance to make a tag but Cobie catches Shakira and sends her sailing headlong over the top rope. Shakira lands hard on the outside where she is jumped by Alyson. The redhead scoops her up and holds Shakira for a Body Slam, dropping the blonde’s chest on the guardrail.

While Shakira writhes in pain on the floor, back in the ring Cobie grabs Sofia’s legs and pulls them out from under the brunette, folding Sofia for a Matchbox Pin. While the ref is down checking Sofia’s shoulders, Cobie puts her feet up on the second rope for added leverage. The ref totally misses the move and makes the three count.

Cut Scene
After their win Alyson and Cobie stay in the ring, grabbing a mic from the ring announcer. After cutting her music, Alyson begins, “At the last show many of you witnessed the act of cowardice committed by your hero Sarah Michelle Gellar. You all cheer for Sarah like she can do no wrong. Well I’m here to tell you your little Hero is nothing but an over-rated back-stabbing coward.” Cobie nods in agreement as Alyson takes a second to argue the point with a fan at ring side.

The sound system kicks on playing Marcy Playground “Comin’ up from Behind” Fans come to their feet but they don’t have to wait long as Sarah comes out a few seconds later wearing jeans and a pale green t-shirt. She stands on the stage with mic in hand saying, “Hold it right there Alyson. It seems to me I remember Cobie coming in the ring and trying to beat me senseless to save your ass. Then you try to take my head of while apologizing for Cobie.”

Alyson and Cobie shake their heads in denial, “You’re distorting things again Sarah.”

Sarah holds up a hand again interrupting, “Hey, you two want me in a Handicap match I’m fine with that. It gives you two a fighting chance to win, but I still think you’re going down.”

Alyson and Cobie are both irate, Cobie grabs the mic from Alyson and tells her, “Sarah, when where done with you there will another opening for Harold to fill.”

Sarah starts to say something when The Cults “My Bridges Burn” begins playing. Still in her ring attire Emily Deschanel walks out on to the stage. Sarah looks at the tall Auburn haired woman who asks Sarah for the mic.

Emily looks towards the ring saying, “I think you two should know as of about fifteen minutes ago your 2:1 handicap match with Sarah became a tag match against Sarah and me.”

Alyson and Cobie slap the ropes and stomp the ring, showing how pissed they are at this new development. Cobie asks, “What the hell do you think you’re doing? You don’t even know Sarah.”

Emily replies, “No, but I know YOU and really don’t like you.”

With a big smile on her face, Sarah extends a hand to Emily. After shaking hands, the new team heads to the back, leaving Alyson and Cobie fit to be tied in the ring, Cobie slams the mic down and pieces go flying off the device.

Match 8
Tricia Helfer and Milla Jovovich battle in what is billed as an elimination match for the World Championship. The feeling out process last a little longer in this match than in most as neither wants to give up any easy moves to the other and the early advantage. Fans begin yelling for the wrestlers to pick up the action. Tricia breaks the stalemate, nailing Milla with a Forearm to the side of the head. The big blonde follows with a Clothesline that takes Milla off her feet, then Tricia grinds Milla on the mat with a variety of holds.

After using some other holds, Tricia locks Milla in a Boston Crab. The redhead takes the punishment as she slowly works her way to the ropes to escape. Milla gets her turn on top a little later. After avoiding a Back Elbow Milla hits a German Suplex on the blonde. She works Tricia’s long legs, dropping knees on Tricia’s thighs and using other leg locks to set up Milla’s Figure Four finisher.

After escaping from Milla, Tricia is wobbly on her legs but she can still shows off her upper body power as Tricia tosses Milla around the ring with Body Slams and Hip Tosses. Tricia sends Milla to the ropes and on her return sweeps the redhead up onto her shoulders and walks around the ring carrying Milla. Then she falls backward in a Samoan Drop.

Milla is barely able to kick out but Tricia doesn’t waste time complaining. She drags Milla back to her feet, leads Milla to a corner and lifts the redhead up into a seat on the top turnbuckle. Tricia hammers a few punches to Milla’s belly to soften her up, then one to the head that almost knocks Milla backward off her perch.

Tricia slides her shoulders under Milla’s thighs pulls Milla’s crotch is tight into her face - but not for long. Tricia turns facing the ring and Power Bombs Milla. There’s no doubt the match is over as Tricia casually lays down across Milla’s chest and smiles while the ref makes the obvious outcome official.

Match 9
Christina Ricci and Jennifer Love Hewitt renew their old rivalry and to no one’s surprise the bosomy brunettes focus their attack on their rival’s hulking rack. Love traps Christina at on point with a Body Scissors, then adds a brutal Breast Claw to the hold.

Going back and forth in the match - most of it topless as both women strip their opponent in the first two minutes - begins to take its toll on both women. Jennifer escapes one Ricci Breast Smother attempt by pounding her fists into Christina’s ribs. The fans had long ago started their “J-M-D” chant before Jen escaped.

Christina barely kicked out following a Hewitt Elbow Drop to her left breast off the second turnbuckle. Then Jen catches Christina in a Sleeper and as Ricci begins to fade, Jen taunts, “That’s it be a tough chick and pass out rather than submit. You won’t want to be awake for what I’m going to do to your tits anyway.”

The ref lifts Christina’s arm three times and each time drops it and it falls lifeless.

Jen celebrates by pinching Christina’s breasts, turning the slumbering little brunette’s ‘pride and joy’s’ black and blue before giving her own prodigious boobs a shake as she straddled Ricci’s slumbering form as her arm was raised in victory. Christina came to after a few minutes, relieved not to find Jen wasn’t still mauling her already throbbing and swollen, battered boobs. Ricci vowed revenge as she staggered groggily from the ring holding her breasts tenderly in both hands as tears streamed down her ruddy cheeks.

Main Event
The time comes for the main event. The ring Announcer has to scream over Soil’s ‘Halo.’

“From Pomona, CA she stands 5’6”…Jessica Alba!” Pyro on the stage shots two fountains of sparks as Jessica comes out on stage and makes her way to the ring to a mixed reaction. Jessica still waves to the crowd and slaps hands coming to the ring. Jessica climbs on the ring apron and holding the top rope flips her self over into the ring. Jessica is wearing a pale blue two piece suit.

The ring announcer goes on, “Her opponent from London, Ontario, Canada is 5’5”…Rachel McAdams!” Crystal Method “Calling All Freaks” blares over the sound system Red police light circle the arena with strobe lights going off. Rachel comes out arms above her head her wrist crossed. Rachel’s strut to the ring shows her confidence as she ignores the fans even though a good size section of them are cheering her. Just before getting to the ring Rachel burst into a run and slides under the bottom rope. Popping to her feet as soon as she clears the ropes Rachel turns to her corner. The lights fade and the normal lighting comes back showing Rachel is wearing a yellow two piece outfit.

The ref signals for the bell to begin the match. Jessica walks out to mid ring and extends her hand. Rachel moves in cautiously as Jessica says, “Let’s have a good match.”

Rachel snipes back, “You’re kidding, Right?”

Jessica smiles, “No I don’t want to hurt you, but I’m getting ready to face Lamia and I may go a little overboard on you. I just want you to know it’s not personal.”

Rachel laughs stepping forward extending her hand and at the last second SLAPS Jessica who turns away holding her face. Rachel yells, “You stupid cunt!” and grabs the waistband of Jessica’s bottom, then yanks up in a vicious, ass-splitting, Wedgie. Jessica yelps in pain trying to pull away while dancing on her tip-toes. Rachel gives up on the wedgie, adding, “You think you can just look past me?”

Rachel turns Jessica so they are face to face. Jessica is busy readjusting her bottoms. Rachel knife edge chops Jessica hitting her several times driving the brunette into the corner. Rachel keeping the pressure on Jessica brings a knee lift up into Jessica’s gut. Rachel doesn’t wait for the ref to begin counting pulls Alba out of the corner, drops to her knees and takes Jessica over with a simple Fireman’s Carry. Jessica lands on her back, but Rachel pulls her up to a seated position and locks a Reverse Chinlock on her.

Rachel’s knee digs into Jessica’s back to add to the damage inflicted. Rachel asks Jessica, “Still thinking about the masked menace?”

Rachel stands still holding Alba’s chin, now with one hand. The auburn haired Rachel begins banging fist into Jessica’s chest and tits. Rachel kicks Jessica to the side. Jessica lies on her side arms crossed over her chest. Most fans are stunned to see Rachel handling Alba in so dominating a fashion, but Rachel’s supporters are going nuts as she continues her assault.

Jessica gets a small break as Rachel takes a lap around the ring arms raised. When Rachel does return and begins to haul Jessica to her feet, Rachel is caught off guard when Jessica bear hugs the slender wrestler and belly to belly suplexes Rachel over. Jessica goes for a cover instantly, but only gets a one count. Jessica pulls Rachel up by the hair and backs her up against the ropes. Jessica says, “You want to be a tough chick? Ok well do things your way.”

Jessica whips Rachel across the ring Rachel’s arms wind mill as she’s off balance crossing. Jessica spins as Rachel returns and buries her foot into Rachel’s stomach. All the air driven out of Rachel keeps her from screaming as she sinks to her knees. Jessica takes the time to adjust both her top and bottom that has been askew for sometime. Not wanting to give Rachel too much time to recover, Jessica lines up and kicks Rachel across the back this time.

Rachel goes facefirst into the mat where Jessica drops a knee on her back, causing Rachel’s head to lift up off the canvas. For the first time and audible sound of the pain comes from Rachel. Jessica kneels beside Rachel and hooks the downed woman’s foot under an arm, then hauls back on the limb as she keeps her knee pressing down on Rachel’s hip to hold her in place while Jessica works the Leg Lock.

Rachel works her way to the ropes to force the break Jessica obeys the ref without waiting for the count. Standing up Jessica warns Rachel, “I’m going to teach you some respect.”

Rolling over and flexing her leg, Rachel replies, “Screw you.”

Rachel walks along the rope until her leg seems able to support her. Jessica for some reason allows Rachel this time. Rachel comes towards the center of the ring and Jessica move in to meet her. Jessica catches Rachel in a Side Headlock and takes McAdams over to the mat hanging on to the Headlock.

Jessica looking down taunts, “You…AWWW!” Her taunt is cut off by Rachel bringing her legs up and wrapping them around Jessica’s head. Jessica is taken to her back by the Head Scissors.

Countering Rachel’s counter Jessica rolls on through, escaping the head scissors. Both women get to their feet about the same time. Rachel drops into a low crouch and waits for Jessica to come at her. Jessica moves in slow looking for the trap the redhead has planned. Jessica moves just outside Rachel’s reach and charges to bowl Rachel over but Rachel spins on her knee letting Jessica go by. Rachel grabs both of the brunette’s ankles and pulls up. Jessica falls face first to the mat. Rachel drops one ankle and lacing her leg around drops on Jessica’s back applying an STF.

Rachel hisses, “Submit or I’ll cripple you.”

Jessica tries pushing Rachel’s grip off her chin. Using her free arm and left leg Jessica is able to drag both her and Rachel a few feet to where Jessica can reach the ropes. But Rachel doesn’t give up on the hold right away, making the ref go to the count before releasing Jessica at four. Rachel goes to the nearest corner and takes a seat on the top turnbuckle while Jessica gets up and turns around.

Rachel leaps nailing Jessica with a Flying Crossbody. Rachel easily hooks Jessica’s leg as they hit the mat and gets a two count. Rolling apart from each other Rachel laughs, “You’re going to take out Lamia? Jessica take my advice stay away from her.”

Jessica eyes open wide, “You know who she is.”

Rachel caught off guard by the accusation says, “No. But from what I’ve seen, you’ll end up like April Scott, and Bev Mitchell. Not that I care.”

Jessica with a stern look on her face cuts the space between her and Rachel quickly and drives a Kneelift to Rachel’s belly. She reaches up between Rachel’s legs, grabs her right wrist and pulls it down into Rachel’s crotch. Hooking Rachel’s left arm, Jessica lifts and turns the redhead hitting a Pumphandle Slam.

Jessica covers Rachel, not bothering to hook a leg. One…Two…

Rachel rolls her hips getting her shoulders off the mat. Jessica takes a handful of hair to pull Rachel up to her feet. Jessica Bearhugs Rachel and lifts. As they come back down Jessica drops to one knee and Rachel’s crotch is slammed down onto Jessica’s raised knee. The Inverted Atomic Drop devastates Rachel and Jessica holds her there to taunt, “Still think I can’t take your buddy?”

Rachel groans, “I…I don’t….know…who …she… is.”

Jessica stands still holding Rachel in the Bearhug and gives her a second Inverted Atomic Drop. Then she continues her interrogation. “I don’t believe you. Who is she?”

Rachel in a pained voice just mumbles, “Fuck… you.”

Jessica shoves Rachel to the mat where Rachel lays on her back, legs spread, both hands trying to rub the pain out of her crotch while Jessica stands over her taking a few deep breathes. Jessica reaches down, grabbing a strap of Rachel’s top and a handful of hair to lift her again. Jessica pulls Rachel’s left arm back in a Hammerlock.

Jessica, still not happy with Rachel’s past answers, asks again, “Who’s under that mask?”

Rachel answers by nailing Jessica in the side of the head with a Back Elbow, then reverses the Hammerlock. Rachel slams her free hand up between Jessica’s thighs and lifts her off her feet, taking the screaming Jessica over with a Belly-to-Back Suplex!

Jessica’s head and shoulders hit the mat with a hard THUD and Rachel rolls off her, grabs Jessica’s hair and pulls her head up to look into Jessica’s glazed eyes. Almost a snarl, Rachel hisses, “Get this through that thick grey matter you call a brain. I don’t KNOW who Lamia is.” Then she bounces Jessica’s head off the mat.

Rachel takes a moment to push hair out of her face and make a quick adjustment to her bottom. Jessica is beginning to stir as Rachel comes back and kicks her in the ribs as she’s trying to get up. Jessica flips onto her back holding her side, allowing Rachel to straddles Jessica and drop her bruised pussy on Jessica’s face.

Holding onto two handfuls of hair to trap Jessica’s head, Rachel laughs, “Kiss it and make it better.”

Jessica’s muffled response is unintelligible as her feet pound the mat and the trapped brunette bridges. Jessica pushes on Rachel’s hips and Rachel loses her seat as Jessica slithers out from under her. Jessica rolls away to the ropes and uses them to pull herself up. Rachel starts after Jessica, but the ref holds her back as Jessica is still holding the ropes. Once Jessica moves away from the ropes, the ref allows the action to resume.

Rachel lines Jessica up and Knife Edge Chops the brunette’s chest while Jessica the fires a chop to Rachel’s chest. Rachel, not giving up, chops Jessica again, this one pancaking her boob. Jessica gasps in pain, but returns the breast chop with one of her own and Rachel staggers back with a cry of pain.

Jessica uses the opening to grab both of Rachel’s shoulders, then jumps up and pulls Rachel backward, dropping on her knees. Following the Back Cracker, Jessica covers Rachel again. One...Two...Th…NO! Rachel’s left arm shots up pulling her shoulder off the mat.

Jessica does turn and ask the ref about the speed of the count, then returns to Rachel, but as she lifts McAdams, Rachel grabs Jessica’s head and drops to one knee. The Jawbreaker sends Jessica flying backwards on her back on the mat. Both women are now down and seem willing to take at least part of the ref’s ten count. Rachel keeps an eye on Jessica and when the brunette begins to raise at seven Rachel does as well.

Again Jessica asks. “Who is she?”

Rachel now angry yells, “Listen One Track, I have no idea who Lamia is. At this point I’d tell you just to shut you up.”

Jessica, not giving up, says, “I’ll have you screaming her name along with your submission.”

Rachel just shakes her head as Rachel and Jessica lock up in a Collar and Elbow. Jessica forces Rachel back towards a corner picking up speed. Just before Rachel’s back hits the turnbuckle Rachel twist around trading places with Jessica, putting the brunette in the corner. Rachel nails Jessica with a Back Elbow to her jaw, then bends over in front of Jessica and grabs the ropes on either side of Jessica. Rachel drives her shoulder into Jessica’s gut four times in succession while the referee counts for a break. At the four count, Rachel grabs the back of Jessica’s head and Snap Mares her out of the corner.

Rachel tosses her hair out of her face and takes a second to catch her breath. Jessica, breathing hard on the mat, rolls to her stomach and struggles to stand. Rachel waits for Jessica stand then moves in, grabbing Jessica by the wrist and pulling Jessica toward her as Rachel’s shoulder drives into Jessica’s ribs and boobs.

Staggering backward, Jessica groans in pain then is yanked forward and again Rachel drives her shoulder into Jessica’s chest. Rachel does it a third time before she sends Jessica to the mat in a heap. Rachel checks her shoulder for damage before returning to Jessica who is holding her ribs sobbing quietly.

Rachel hooks her hands on the sides of Jessica’s top and when she yanks, the sweaty top slides off, rolling up on itself. Rachel chucks the sopping wet garment out of the ring.

Jessica moans, “What are you doing?”

Rachel coldly responds, “Wars are fought un the will, and I’m about to take yours.”

Rachel’s fingers dig into Jessica’s firm tits and Jessica screams, “No!” but Rachel shows no mercy, twisting and squeezing the sensitive flesh. Jessica tries pulling Rachel’s hands away and her body starts squirming, trying anything to end her torment. Jessica kicks the ropes but it takes her a few seconds to realize how close she is to them, close enough to hook her ankle over the bottom rope and force a break by the ref.

Jessica covers her heaving chest and sobs as Rachel hooks her under the arms and drags her out into the ring. Rachel covers loosely, hooking Jessica’s leg. One…Two...No. Jessica kicks her legs and pulls her shoulder up of the mat. Rachel smiles, “A little fight left in you huh? I’ll beat that out of you soon enough.”

Jessica rolls towards the ropes for needed time to recover but Rachel takes off toward the opposite rope, hits it and returns. Just before she gets back to Jessica, Rachel goes into a baseball slide and drives both feet into Jessica knocking her out of the ring under the bottom rope and sending her off the apron to the floor below.

The ref steps between the ropes and Rachel as she gets up. Rachel holds her hands up saying, “Go ahead count. I get the winner share either way.”

Rachel backs away from the rope where Jessica lies on the floor. The ref begins counting, one…two…Jessica rolls on the floor showing no sign of trying to stand as the ref reaches six. As the ref counts eight it seems Rachel will win by count out but then she has a change of mind then and charges the ropes throwing herself over the top rope.

The ref never had a chance to stop Rachel, but her attack goes awry when Jessica rolls out of her way and Rachel crashes face first on the thin pad around the ring. The ref now begins the count all over as Jessica gets to her feet and roughly drags Rachel up.

Jessica angrily asks, “Let’s see what kind of will YOU have.”

Jessica lifts Rachel, placing the redhead’s feet in the ring but leaving her head hanging out over the ring apron. She drives the point of her elbow down into Rachel’s chest and follows with an Overhand SLAP down on Rachel’s right breast. Rachel cries out in pain and tries to roll back into the ring but Jessica holds her in place with a handful of hair.

Jessica pushes Rachel’s top up, exposing her small breasts and gives her right tit a second Overhand SLAP. Rachel cries out in pain again and this time she does roll into the ring. While Jessica climbs the steps to enter the ring, the fans get a good look at Rachel’s boobs and the red welt coloring her pale right breast. The ref warns Jessica about keeping the action in the ring, but she brushes past him and goes after Rachel while the redhead is getting to her feet and struggling with her displaced top, forcing Rachel back into a corner.

Jessia drives Kneelift after Kneelift into Rachel’s torso until the ref steps in and insists she let Rachel out of the corner. Jessica grabs Rachel by the wrist to send her cross ring to the other ring post but Jessica seems to change her mind half way through and spins Rachel 360 degrees, sending her back into the same corner they’d just left.

The ref just happens to be crossing behind the action then and Rachel’s and the ref’s heads collide, knocking both down. Jessica stomps and yells, “Shit!” seeing her opponent and the ref go down.

Jessica moves to pick Rachel up when the entire arena goes dark. Less than ten seconds later, the lights come back up and Lamia is in the ring with the wrestlers. Jessica hears the crowd’s reaction and turns expecting to find someone, but that couldn’t prevent the kick to the gut Jessica gets from Lamia. With Jessica bent over Lamia traps Alba’s head between her thighs. The masked woman takes no time to flip Jessica up and position her for the “Dark Sacrifice.”

Jessica’s head and shoulders impact on the canvas as Lamia falls forward. Jessica convulses once then goes still. Lamia scanning the ring goes to Rachel and half lifting, half dragging, throws Rachel on top of Jessica. In what seems to be an afterthought, Lamia takes Rachel’s left hand and pushes it down the front of Jessica bottom.

Then Lamia slides out of the ring before slapping the ref’s face lightly and pushing the ref towards where Rachel now covers Jessica. The groggy ref doesn’t question how the scene had come to be and, seeing Jessica pinned, just slaps the mat. It takes the ref much longer than 3 to actually make the count, but Jessica never moves during the count.

Rachel does come around and holds her hand up as the ref finishes the count. Crystal Method “Calling all Freaks” begins playing and Rachel rolls off Jessica holding her head where she ran into the ref.

Rachel gets to her feet and takes a victory lap during which Lamia re-enters the ring. Rachel stares down the masked wrestler. Rachel, having come back to where Jessica lays passed out, picks up the brunette and tosses her to Lamia who catches the stumbling Jessica, bends her over and stuffs her head between Lamia’s thick thighs for the second time tonight. Then Jessica goes up in the air for her second “Dark Sacrifice.”

Rachel gives a one finger salute to the masked wrestler before leaving the ring just as Jessica gets dropped on her head again. Security finally comes out of the back where they’d been drinking coffee and eating doughnuts, but then the lights go out again and when they come on ten seconds later - Jessica is sprawled unconscious on her back in the ring - alone.

Harold meets Rachel as she comes through the curtain, “Why are you helping her?”

Rachel looking angry fires back, “I didn’t, but if Ms. Mask wants to hurt some one it’s not going to be me.”

Harold a little shocked says, “Nice. You just serve up Jessica to save your own ass.”

Rachel smiles now replying, “Well my ass is nicer” Rachel then walks away.
Meeting in the hallway Sarah Michelle Gellar and Emily Deschanel are talking together as David Boreanaz walks up. “You two have been here the whole time?” David asks.

The two women turn smiling Sarah answers, “Yeah Emily was just telling me about all these messages she had on her cell.”

David shrugs, “Well it only seemed right, you needed the help and getting involved will help Emily out too.”

Sarah smiles, “Thank you.”

Emily adds, “You’ve had good luck in co-stars.”

David feinting modesty says, “Well, You know I just really been lucky.”

Sarah asks, “How did you know Harold would allow Emily to be my partner?”

David laughs, “Who do you think asked me to bug Emily into teaming up with you.”
Later on in the office of Harold Green the promoter is sitting with Richard Fannin and Archer, in what is becoming an after show tradition. Harold asking, “How did she get in the ring? I had crew checking under the ring between each match.” Rich and Archer shake their heads indicating they too are unsure of the entrance of Lamia.

The three men sit talking about the other matches for a while, when a knock on the door interrupts. Coming in the room one of the crew hands Harold a harness. Harold looking says, “Well I wasn’t ready to chalk up her entrance to Demonic Powers, but this at least explains it.” Rich nods, “Impressive; repelling out of the rafters and then re harnessing in the dark to make her escape.”

Harold gives the crewman back the harness saying, “Next show make sure she can’t use this again.” The crewman nods and leaves the room. Before Harold can retake his seat another knock comes at the door. This time a medic gives a paper to the promoter and leaves. Reading quickly Harold informs his guest, “Looks like I’ll be with out Jessica Alba’s services for about three weeks, report says slight concussion.” He wads up the paper and angrily throws it at the wall.

Again someone is knocking at the door. Opening it Harold is surprised to see Katie Sackoff, the short haired blonde. “I want to fight Lamia at the next show.”

Harold does a poor job concealing his surprise answers, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

Katie nods, “It’s time I make a mark here and I can’t think of a better way than putting that bitch in her place.”

Harold thinks a moment, then agrees. Katie thanks him and leaves the room. After the door slams behind Katie, he turns to Richard and Archer. “Come on, before someone else comes in. I really need that drink now.”

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