Celebrity Championship Wrestling Show #4 by bigfan

Harold walks the halls of the back stage area checking with the crew that all the preparations for the evenings show are being taken care off. Warning a crew member about watching for Lamia's tricks and possible ploys to disrupt the show. Harold turns around to find Kristanna Loken standing behind him. "How could you let that loud mouth Jessica Biel make fun of me like that on the last show?" Loken asks, her voice trembling with anger.

Harold motions for Kristanna to follow him to his office. "It's called a promo Kristanna, you know you guys talk shit about each other to get the fans excited to see you wrestle."

"I know that, but why wasn't I given a chance to talk about Jessica and tell people how bad I'm going to beat her?"

Harold reaching his door stops answering, "Well Kristanna, we only do so many promos and there are other things going on."

The blonde, looking angry, says, "I am not happy, she called me "Blondefoot" I want my turn."

He pats Kristanna on the shoulder, "You can say everything you want in the ring tonight."

Kristanna storms away unhappy.

Entering his office the promoter finds the hood Lamia sitting at his desk. Not bother to hide his annoyance the promoter asks, "What are you doing here? And get out of my chair!" Lamia stands slowly and pulls out a piece of paper.

Snatching the paper from the woman, Harold reads and after a few seconds says, “Banned from ringside? How the hell did you get my crew and me banned from ringside for your match with Katee?” The hooded woman says nothing as she heads for the door. Crumpling the paper Harold throws the balled up paper, hitting Lamia in the ass. She never stops and walks out leaving the promoter alone. “I hope Katee kicks her ass tonight,” he mutters.

Fans take their seats as Rob Zombie’s “Never Gonna Stop” Plays and scenes from the last show and the two previous shows play. Fans rush the guardrail as wrestlers come out and sign autographs and take pictures with the fans.

Neve Campbell spends most of her time with Richard Fannin and Archer talking. Charlize Theron spends her time talking to Kim and Ginny. Fans like Boeing666, JackFlash, and bbb4 meet several of the wrestlers getting pictures with them. The night’s events are ready to get under way…

Match 1

Anne Hathaway and Amanda Bynes start the show. Anne’s slightly smaller than Amanda, but it’s Anne who takes control early and Amanda, after soaking up a lot of damage, is caught on her back and escapes several times - each one she’s barely able to kick out. Anne crushes Amanda’s chest with a Double Ax-handle as Amanda returns from beginning thrown into the ropes. Amanda is just barely able to kick out again. Frustrated, Anne goes to the turnbuckle and climbs to the top. Leaping off Anne looks for a Frog Splash, but Amanda rolls out of the way and Anne’s big breasts take the brunt of her collision with the mat.

Amanda recovers first, but she seems unsure of what to do. Her first attack is an awkward kick to Anne’s ribs but then she goes after Anne’s bruised tits, trying to squeeze a submission from the breathless brunette. But Anne nails Amanda with a knee to the head as she is bent over mauling Anne and Anne is back in control. She doesn’t take long to lift Amanda up in a Suplex and drop her on the ropes. Anne waits for Amanda to reach the top of the arc coming back, then she turns the move into a Power Slam. “The Anne-sthesia” puts Amanda out as Anne casually covers her insensate body for the three count.

Match 2

Beyonce “guarantees” victory coming to the ring to face Julia Stiles. Early on, it looks like Beyonce may be eating her words as Julia is out wrestling the egotistical singer. But Beyonce's power balances out Julia's ring skills and leads to Julia absorbing several big blows that obviously stun the blonde. Julia is laying face up on the mat when Beyonce drops her booty on Julia's small rack, flattening her breasts with the ‘Black Beauty’s’ bodacious backside!.

Beyonce grinds her hips, heaping punishment on Julia’s bounty. Soon the blonde is being dragged around the ring from one move to another. Beyonce Bodyslams the blonde in the center of the ring and straddles her. Beyonce even takes the time to hike up her own bottom, exposing even more of her tawny butt flesh. Slowly, Beyonce's ass is lowered onto Julia's sweaty, wide-eyed face. Julia's arms and legs flail and thrash wildly as an air-tight seal is made. After a short struggle Julia takes the only escape available and frantically taps out.

But Beyonce continues to grind on the young blondes face and - after giving her two warnings - the ref begins a five count to have Beyonce dismount Julia's face. Beyonce finally obeys and re-adjusting her bottom as she takes a well-deserved victory lap around the ring.

Match 3
Neve Campbell and Kate Beckinsale locked up in the next match with Neve starting out quickly, working on Kate's back and shoulders. Without warning, Neve took Kate down with an Arm Bar and almost locked in the Crippler Crossface, but Kate was able to scamper to the ropes before Neve secured the hold.

Then Kate battled back, hitting a series of moves on Neve that lead to two near falls. Kate kicked Neve in the stomach and headed for the ropes. On her return, Kate leaped and wrapping an arm around Neve's head driving the brunette face first into the canvas with a Bulldog. Again Kate could only get the two count.

Kate can't believe Neve's resilience bends to lift Neve for another move. Kate is caught off guard is taken down with an Arm Bar then trapped by Neve's Crippler Crossface. Kate struggles to escape, but Neve isn’t about to let her escape and the pain building in Kate's neck, back and shoulder finally force the brunette to a teary submission.

Cut Scene
The giant screen comes on showing Kelly Preston standing with a sweaty Neve Campbell. “Neve you just won your second match hear, how do you thing your doing and what are you goals?” Neve takes a quick drink before answering, “I’m pretty happy so far, no offense to Kate and Christina, but I need to see how I handle some tougher competition. As for my goal…It’s always about the titles.”

Kelly nods, asking, “It’s rumored that you have three open contracts that you can pick your opponent and name any stipulations for?”

Neve looks a little annoyed by the question, and simply says “Yes.”

Kelly asks, “Any plans to use them.” Neve shakes her head and just walks out.

Match 4
Jessica and Ashlee Simpson are back in tag team action against Kaley Cuoco and Scarlett Johansson. The blondes don’t disappoint the fans as action is fast and tops go flying quickly. Kaley and Scarlett seem to be the better singles wrestlers, but the sisters tag teamwork begins to take control of the match after several minutes of back and forth action.

Kaley is being worked over by quick tags and double team moves within the five count the sisters are allowed after making a tag. Kaley stripped naked catches Jessica with a Clothesline and crawls to her corner for the tag to Scarlett. Scarlett hits the ring fired up and pound away on Jessica and strips her of her bottoms. Scarlett works Jessica tits over as well, then tags Kaley back in to finish up.

The big blonde looks for some revenge as she lifts the smaller blonde up on to her should like a sack of potatoes. Kaley takes a few running step and Power Slams Jessica but Simpsy kicks out at two and Kaley has to tag Scarlett. Kaley is confused by her partner’s screaming and pointing at their opponent’s corner where Jessica is almost to Ashlee’s outstretched hand.

Kaley charges across the ring too late and Jessica slaps Ashlee’s hand. Ashlee, grabbing the top rope vaults and swings her legs over the top rope right into Kaley’s chest! Ashlee picks Kaley up and whips her into a neutral corner where she gives Kaley two Overhand SLAPS to the tits before pulling her out into the ring. Ashlee Bearhugs Kaley, rubbing her tits against Kaley’s before hitting a Tit-to-Tit Suplex

Ashlee makes a quick tag to the now-nude Jessica, then Ashlee lifts Kaley in the center of the ring and waits for her sister. Ashlee whips Kaley into the ropes and Jessica heads for the opposite ropes. When Kaley staggers back Ashlee crouches and wraps her arms around Kaley’s thighs, then lifts and drives Kaley down with a Spinebuster. Ashlee rolls off Kaley just as Jessica goes airborne and crashes down across Kaley chest with the Splash.

Ashlee watches Scarlett as Jessica hooks Kaley’s leg. Kaley weakly struggles as the ref makes the three count. The move has been dubbed the S5, because the Simpson Sisters Super Spinebuster Splash sounds stupid - but whatever it’s called, the move gives Jessica and Ashlee Simpson another tag win to put the sisters at the top of the tag division. Already fans are speculating on a possible Simpson Sisters vs. Hilton Sisters match with the winners guaranteed a shot at the tag team champs.

Match 5
Laetitia Casta and Rookie Olivia Munn match up next. Laetitia's normal disdain for her opponents comes through clearly as she quickly removes the brunette's top and lands a few open handed slaps that set Olivia's tits ajiggle! But Laetitia’s arrogance leads to her making sloppy covers allowing Olivia to easily kick out. Then Olivia takes advantage of the French woman's lack of respect as she begins working Laetitia over with a series of Suplexes and Slams. Olivia pulls Laetitia’s top off and tosses it out of the ring (where a small riot ensues over the trophy).

Olivia traps Laetitia face down, sitting on the brunette's back. Olivia pulls on Laetitia's bottoms, the Wedgie digging deep into Laetitia rear cleavage. Olivia adds to her humiliation as she spanks Laetitia's exposed cheeks, turning them a nice shade of red.

But then Laetitia catches Olivia with a low blow to regain control of the match. Going for revenge, Laetitia strips Olivia of her bottoms and digs her fingers into Olivia's pubic mound. Olivia scrambles to the ropes before Laetitia’s Crotch Claw can force a submission.

Laetitia returns to wrestling with the same lack of respect for the smaller Olivia, making lazy covers and taking to long between moves. She sets Olivia up in the corner, then crosses the ring to get a running start but Olivia has more than enough time to wait and she’s baiting Laetitia in. At the last second Olivia raises her leg and plants her foot right in Laetitia's grill!

Olivia follows up with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex that gets her a two count. She pulls Laetitia up and uses her thighs to trap Laetitia's head. Olivia lifts Casta for a Piledriver but she holds Laetitia in place so she can reach up and add a Pussy Claw before driving Casta’s head into the mat. The "System Crash" leaves Laetitia limp and defenseless for Olivia who casually covers for her by sitting on Laetitia’s huge chest as the referee gives her both the three count and the win!

Match 6
At least this time Laura Prepon didn't provoke opponent Katie Holmes prior to the match. But it makes little difference to the outcome of the match. The redhead was only able to mount a limited offense against Katie who worked on weakening the legs and lower back of the big redheaded Laura.

Katie hit a Spinebuster that almost got her the win and Laura, unable to slow Katie's attack, soon found herself trapped in the center of the ring as Katie applied a Figure Four to her long legs. From there, it didn't take long until Laura screamed her submission to the painful hold. Katie took some time after the match to plead her case for a spot in the first World Title Match.

Match 7
A battle of rookies was next as Missy Peregrym and April Scott met. After a one-sided lost to Lamia, April comes out to prove something early in this match as she takes Missy to the mat and works a series of holds to wear down her fellow rookie. April works in some tosses as well Suplexing and Bodyslamming Missy.

But when Missy blocks a Suplex attempt, she hoists April up and over in a Suplex of her own. Missy and April trade holds and moves for the next few minutes; both showing a lot of toughness by shaking off attacks and finding a way to go back on the offense. April is the first to go dirty, removing Missy's top and mauling her boobs.

A short time later, however, Missy makes April pay for her tit torture, removing April's top and working over her heavy tits. Missy keeps control of the match after working on April's boobs, nailing a DDT at center ring. When Missy rolls April over, she leans over the stunned wrestler and says, "You know that movie I did here not long ago? Well, get ready to see why I took the role."

Missy then heads to the nearest corner and stands facing out to the crowd. She grabs the top ropes and jumps up onto the top turnbuckle. With no hesitation, Missy does a Back Flip and comes crashing down on April. The "Gym-Nasty" crushes the downed brunette as Missy's torso smashes April's boobs flat. Missy writhes in pain a couple of seconds, holding her stomach, then crawls over and hooks April's unresisting leg for the win.

Cut Scene
After the Rookie’s leave the ring Future Leaders of the World’s ‘Let Me Out’ begins playing as Erica Durance comes on stage wearing jeans and a reddish brown T-shirt. Erica, mic in hand, starts, “I’ve been hearing a lot of names when people talk about the World Title.” Using her fingers Erica counts off, “Theron, Heigl, Holmes, Dawson, Biel, Loken - but I haven’t heard MY name, Erica Durance!” Some fans cheer as others offer reasons Erica hasn’t heard her name. Erica begins to walk down the ramp to the ring. “I want an answer to why I haven’t been given the proper respect.” She climbs in the ring.

If Erica is waiting for the promoter to show she gets a surprise! Aimee Allen’s, ‘I’d start a Revolution’ begins playing and Ashley Scott comes out; also in jeans and a white tank top. Ashley comes down to the ring, climbs on the apron and holds her hands up, telling Erica she didn’t come to fight - this time. Ashley enters the ring and Erica reluctantly hands her the mic.

“I believe Erica is right, but she also left the name Scott on that list.” Again some fans cheer as others let Ashley know why she shouldn’t be on the list.

Harold Green Promoter of the CCW comes out with a mic of his own. “Ladies, I promise you no one is being overlooked.” Ashley and Erica both voice their disagreement. Harold holds up a hand to quite the two women before going on, “Yes it’s true the winner of tonight’s Biel-Loken match is getting ONE of the slots in the first Title Match…”

Some fans cheer and just as many boo. Ashley and Erica both complain. Harold again holds a hand up. “…but her opponent for that Title match will be decided in a Royal Rumble Style over the top rope battle Royal. Twelve women will be in that match and I’m here to give the two of you the first two spots in that match.” The fans cheer loudly, but Erica and Ashley only seem slightly satisfied.

Harold announces, “All the participants will by announced at the next show and the match will be the main event of Show 6.” As he turns to leave, Ashley and Erica head to the back take solace in that they at least have a shot at getting into the title match.

Match 8
Allison Mack and Elisha Cuthbert meet in a match that will have a big impact on the new Double X division where women under 5'6" will battle for the title. Early in the match Allison is outwrestling Elisha who nevertheless manages to get her blows in. Elisha, growing frustrated with Allison's control over her, finally resorts to dirty tactics, tearing off Allison's top and giving the blonde a nasty Wedgie which causes Allison a great deal of discomfort.

Although Allison doesn't sink to Elisha level, she still turns up the pressure, hitting Body Slams, Suplexes, and a Piledriver that nearly gets her the win. Elisha, in trouble, uses probably her dirtiest tactic - hammering her fist into Allison's crotch. Disabled by the Low Blow, Allison is can’t prevent the next series of attacks Elisha unleashes although she’s able to kick out each time Elisha goes for the pin.

When Elisha applies a Crotch Claw it looks like it may end the match, but Allison gets to the ropes in time to break the hold, then turns the tables on the ruthless blonde! Alli shows a mean streak of her own when she traps Elisha in the corner and rips her top off, then bashes and batters Elisha's boobs.

Allison doesn't follow up with any more underhanded tactics, but she does work over Elisha's ribs and back and once the prep work is done, Allison wraps Elisha in a rib-crushing Bearhug. Elisha arches her back in pain, squirming but slowly fading until she slumps with her head on Allison's shoulder. Hopelessly trapped and with no chance of escape - Elisha submits just before her lights go!

Match 9
The ring announcer climbs into the ring, waiting only a few seconds before Godsmack ‘Whatever’ begins. The announcer cries over the music, “From Portland, OR…She’s 5 feet 6 and one-half inches tall…Katee Sackhoff!” Katee comes out wearing a gray two piece swimsuit. Katee stops on the stage and runs a hand over her short blonde hair. Katee breaks into a jog heading to the ring shadowboxing as she comes to the ring. Katee leaps grabbing the top rope and pulls herself up on to the ring apron. She then walks around the outside of the ring greeting fans before climbing into the ring and heading to her corner to stretch.

The music changes to Carl Orff’s “Carmina Burana” The announcer looks at the card then takes a quick before starting, “Her Opponent From….Katee’s worse nightmares…(Katee flips the ring announcer off) She’s 5’5” tall and she’s the Mistress of the Dark Sacrifice…LAMIA!” Smoke blows on the stage and two gouts of fire shoot from the stage. Slowly walking on to the stage is a figure wearing a heavy robe with hood pulled over the head. Walking to the center of the stage the woman drops the large cowl. Underneath the woman has a two piece outfit of dark red with runes in black on both the top and bottom. The mask she wears has a demonic leering face on it and covers the woman’s head and all of her hair. She is obviously all woman though as her breasts are a solid D-cup and her figure is shapely.

Lamia walks slowly to the ring her head straight eyes on the ring. Some fans at the rail call back, “She has blue eyes” there are no tattoos visible to give away the masked wrestlers identity. Lamia climbs the steps entering the ring between the middle and top rope. Lamia head is now locked on Katee as she steps back into her corner waiting for the match to begin.

The ref calls the two wrestlers forward for instructions, Katee yells, “Screw that! Ring the damn bell and get outta my way.”

With a nod from Lamia the ref shrugs and signals for the bell at the same time scampering to a neutral corner. Katee and Lamia come out to the center of the ring and begin circling moving a little closer with each revolution until they collide in a Collar and Elbow Tie-up. Both women push and pull on the other but they stay within a foot of where they started. Not getting anywhere the two break the hold and back away from each other.

Katee lunges forward nailing Lamia with a Forearm to the side of the head. Lamia staggers backwards, but then lunges forward and hits Katee with a Forearm Shot to the head. Katee shakes the blow off quickly Judo Chopping Lamia across the chest. Before the crowd is done wooing Lamia Chops Katee’s chest. Katee goes back with a straight right hand to Lamia’s forehead next. Lamia, not backing down hits Katee with a straight right to the hair line.

Katee isn’t backing off either and she again Chops Lamia’s chest. Lamia staggers and Katee, not passing up the chance, Chops her again - then Chops her a third time! Katee setting up for her next blow is unprepared for the Kneelift by Lamia that hits Katee just above her bottoms waistband. Lamia grabs Katee’s left wrist and Arm Wrenches her left arm. Holding Katee’s left wrist in her left hand, Lamia has an open shot and drives three Knife Edge Chops up into Katee’s exposed breasts. The flesh-cracking SMACKS drop Katee to one knee with her right hand over her heaving chest.

Lamia backs up a few steps and then Kicks Katee in the side of the head with her foot. Katee crumples to the mat. Lamia is on top of her, wedging an arm between Katee’s legs that she uses to force the wheezing blonde over onto her back. The ref only gets a one count before Katee kicks out. Lamia, still hovering over Katee, grabs both of the blonde’s breasts and clamps a tight grip on them as Katee cries out in pain.

But Katee keeps her wits and hammers a right into the masked woman’s head. Lamia quickly gives up the jug mugging to backs out of range of Katee’s right fist. Katee rolls away from Lamia to get to her feet and once she’s upright, moves in against the masked woman again. Katee starts in like she’s going for a Collar and Elbow but at the last second ducks under Lamia’s arms and wraps up around Lamia’s waist. Katee, still in motion, lifts and falls backward, Suplexing Lamia over.

Lamia lying on her stomach is offers no resistance as Katee Hammerlocks her right arm, then beats her fist on Lamia’s shoulder. Katee leans down close to Lamia’s head say, “Let’s see you get me up in a Dark Sacrifice with one arm.” Katee lifts Lamia to her feet by the Hammerlock. Leading the masked wrestler closer to a corner, Katee shoves Lamia into the turnbuckles shoulder first. For the first time since her arrival, the fans hear Lamia hissing in pain as her shoulder strikes the turnbuckle. Katee hears it too and taunts, “Hurts don’t it. Not so tough now are you.”

Katee spins Lamia around and aiming for her huge D-cups, Chops Lamia’s across the boobs. Lamia slumps back in the corner for a second, then grabs Katee by the shoulder and swings her around, trading places with the blonde. Lamia returns a boob shaking Knife Edge Chop to Katee’s perky breasts. She then puts both hands around Katee’s throat choking her.

The ref instantly begins a very quick count to get Lamia to release the Choke Hold and Lamia obeys - dropping the choke and hooking Katee under the left arm to Hip Toss her out into the ring. Katee lands on her back hard and she’s sitting up when Lamia captures her right arm. Holding it over Katee’s head, Lamia traps the arm and Katee’s head between her thick, muscularly powerful thighs. Lamia uses a handful of Katee’s hair to help keep her trapped in the Standing Head Scissors.

Katee struggles to get free, but can’t find a way out. She pushes back into Lamia, bridging to force Lamia’s shoulder onto the mat. The ref gives her a one count before Lamia kicks her heel into Katee’s gut, collapsing her bridge. Katee rolls her hips and forces both wrestlers over onto their stomachs. Katee rolls again and extends her leg, flopping her ankle onto the bottom rope and the ref has to work the five count to force Lamia to release her. Lamia rolls away from Katee as the blonde rolls into the ropes and uses them to get to her feet. Katee has red marks on the sides of her head where Lamia’s thighs had been constricting her. Katee walks down along the ropes, keeping an eye on the masked woman.

Lamia then charges and the two wrestlers end up with their arms wrapped around the other’s waist. Lamia pulls Katee’s hips in and lifts the blonde taking her over with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex. Katee hits the canvas hard with Lamia on top of her and the impact drived the air out of the blonde. Lamia hooks a leg but only gets a two count. She grabs Katee’s top between the tits and a handful of short blonde hair, using the double grip to force Katee to her feet.

Lamia, now controlling the match, scoops Katee up and holds the blonde across her chest before Lamia drops to one knee, slamming Katee’s back down over her extended thigh. The Backbreaker makes Katee scream in pain. Lamia pushes on Katee’s chin and her crotch, bending her back further. The ref asks Katee if she wants to submit, and she tells him, “Go fuck yourself!”

Lamia takes her hand off Katee’s pussy and SMACK, slaps the trapped blonde’s pumping belly. Katee lets out a squeal and tries to wiggle off of Lamia’s leg but Lamia stops pushing on Katee’s chin and hooks the bottom of Katee’s top, pulling it up expose Katee’s right tit. Grinning, Lamia raises her hand and SLAP-SLAP, then she pinches and pulls the stiff, pink nipple. Again the ref asks Katee if she wants to submit this time Katee says, “No, you dumb shit!”

Then Katee’s right knee shoots up, catching Lamia in the side of the head. Lamia falls limp and Katee rolls off the leg on to the mat where she lays not moving. The ref begins to count both women out, but Katee starts moving, fixing her top to cover her breast. Katee rises at four while Lamia still hasn’t moved. Katee uses the straps of Lamia’s top to pull her up, then takes a second to berate Lamia, “You’re nothing! I’m going to beat you and take the mask exposing you.”

Katee bends her knees as she wraps her arms around Lamia’s thighs, then lifts the masked wrestler, spins and falls forward, slamming Lamia to the canvas with a Spinebuster. Katee pops back up to her feet as soon as they hit the mat and takes off toward the ropes, picking up speed on her return she Leg Drops her thigh across Lamia’s chest.

Staying on offense, Katee puts one hand on Lamia’s head while the other on holds down Lamia’s right arm at the wrist. Katee raises her legs off the mat and brings her knee swinging down into Lamia’s shoulder. Lamia’s body bucks in pain, her free hand clutching the damaged shoulder. Showing no mercy, Katee again pins Lamia’s right wrist and drops her leg across the arm again.

Katee drags Lamia up to her feet and drives a Kneelift into Lamia’s gut. Keeping her bent over, Katee grabs the back of Lamia’s top and bottom, giving the masked wrestler a Wedgie as she’s exposing her broad hips. Katee throws Lamia shoulder first into the corner and she goes between the second and top rope, her shoulder hitting the steel post on the outside. The ref reprimands Katee for the move, but she brushes past the zebra to get back to Lamia. Katee pulls Lamia back into the ring, kicking her in the back of the knee to force her to her knees.

Katee says, “First things first; I owe you something HERE!” She holds Lamia’s chin with one hand well her other hand digs inside Lamia’s top pulling her left boob out. Katee pounds her fist into the mound over and over, then follows with two SLAPs and several nipple tugs that leave the masked wrestler whimpering in pain. Done with her revenge, Katee says, “It’s time.”

Katee’s hands work quickly, untying the back of the mask and starting to unlace the laces. Lamia lets out a screech and before Katee can prevent her, Lamia scurries out of the ring. Fans at ringside get a look at the hair color of the mysterious Lamia, some yelling, “Light brown” others “dark blonde”. Lamia covers her exposed breast and checks to make sure her mask isn’t going to come loose.

Katee has been trying to push past the ref to get at Lamia. Katee backs off and rolls out of the ring on the other side. Katee makes her away around the ring while Lamia checks her tits, making sure her top is back in position. As she closes in, Katee says, “You should have left that out because I’m not done with it.”

Katee charges forward arm extended, Clotheslining Lamia onto her back. Katee turns back around and hauls Lamia semi-upright. Holding the back strap of Lamia’s top and the waist of her bottom, Katee pulls the bottoms up the masked wrestlers back. The Wedgie causes Lamia to yelp as her but cheeks are fully exposed. Katee tosses Lamia shoulder first into the steel steps outside the ring. The top of the two-piece stairs knock off the bottom piece. Katee takes time to catch her breath hearing the ref is up to seven Katee rolls under the bottom rope and rolls right back to the outside.

Katee goes back to Lamia saying to the masked woman, “Normally I like to chat up my opponents a little more, but since you’re not holding up your end in the match - or the conversation - I’ll let it go.”

Katee bends to pick Lamia up when the masked wrestler grabs the front of Katee’s bottom and pulls, sending the blonde headfirst into the steel ring post. There is a sickening THONK then Katee topples over backward like a felled tree. Lamia struggles to her feet and rolls into the ring, ending the ref’s count. Lamia lifts Katee’s dead weight onto the apron and rolls her under the bottom rope into the squared circle. Fans see that Katee’s blonde hair now has a growing spot of red. Lamia takes the time to dig the Wedgie out of her butt and adjust her bottom.

Lamia rolls into the ring after Katee and pushing her over on to her back Lamia hooks Katee’s leg. One...Two…Th…NO! Katee kicks out. Fans aren’t sure the blonde is conscious because Katee doesn’t put up a struggle when Lamia pulls her top off and then the blonde’s bottom! Naked and bleeding, Katee is dragged to her feet where she sways back and forth with her arms limp at her sides. Lamia grabs a fistful of hair and pulls Katee’s head down and wedges it between her thighs. Lamia tries to lift Katee upside down for the “Dark Sacrifice” but the damage to her shoulder prevents her and she has to settle for underhooking Katee’s arms and hitting the blonde with a Pedigree.

Katee isn’t moving as she’s rolled over onto her back where Lamia takes time to maul both Katee’s tits and pussy. She moans during the assault but takes no move to defend either of her most sensitive body parts. Finally, Lamia covers Katee again. One…Two…Three.

Katee doesn’t move as the count is made and Lamia lays on her for a few seconds to recover from the grueling match. The ref gives Lamia time before meeting her in the center of the ring to raise her arm. Lamia kicks the ref in the nuts and then tosses the zebra out of the ring. Lowered from the rafters is something that looks like a metal cross. Lamia lays the cross in the middle of the ring and drags Katee’s unconscious body onto it. She straps both arms and legs to it, then stands back and watches as Katee is lifted off the canvas to hang upside down and naked on the cross above the ring.

Lamia rolls out of the ring and stumbles back to the backstage area. The crowd sits stunned and mostly silent as Lamia departs. Not until after the masked wrestler exits do stage hands charge down to get Katee down so medics can check on her. It takes a long minute before Katee starts slowly moving but soon, the blonde is shoving Medic’s away and standing although one medic tries to get her to sit down. Katee nails the medic with a Forearm to the side of the head before she leaves the ring and staggers up the ramp, still totally naked; shoving anyone trying to offer her help.

Main Event
After the ring is cleared, the Ring Announcer climbs into the ring to get the Main Event under way.
It doesn’t take long and Velvet Revolver’s “Slither” begins. Explosions go off on the stage. “From Ely, MN…She stands 5’7.5”…Jessica Biel!” She comes out wearing a red two-piece white floral print. Jessica stops at the top of the ramp and holds up one arm and lets out a battle cry. Jessica then makes her way to the ring slapping the extended hands of the fans, then enters the ring and climbs each turnbuckle, pumping her right arm up as fans cheer. Jessica moves to her corner and stretches her well muscled arms before she steps over to have a word with the ref.

The Ring Announcer waits and soon Drowning Pool’s “Bodies” begins to play. “Jessica’s opponent tonight hails from Ghent, NY…She stands 5’11”…Kristanna Loken!” The big blonde comes out wearing all black top and bottom. Pyro sizzles and shoots sparks as Kristanna makes her way to the ring. The blonde climbs the stairs to the ring apron, moving to the center of the ropes where she pushes the top rope down and steps over it into the ring - this reminder of just would big Kristanna is impresses fans, but not Jessica.

Kristanna points across yelling, “You like running your mouth? See how much trash talking you do after I hit the Painkiller on you.”

Jessica smirks replying, “OK Blondefoot, Do the other Sasquatch know you left the woods?” Kristanna starts across the ring as she passes the ref she simply says, “Ring the bell.” The ref quickly obeys. Jessica, not backing down an inch, comes out and meets Kristanna. It doesn’t happen often, but Jessica finds herself looking up at the big blonde. Kristanna growls, “Your mouth is writing checks your ass can’t cover.”

Jessica in an equally dangerous tone says, “When my ass covers your face remember what you said here.”

Kristanna bodies into Jessica pushing her back, “This isn’t going to be some friendly wrestling exhibition. It’s going to be a dirty, knock-down, drag-out, last woman standing wins street fight.”

Jessica smiles and says simply, “Good!” as she nails the big blonde with a Forearm Shot to the head that staggers Kristanna! Jessica leaps forward, Clotheslining Kristanna across the chest. She staggers backward but doesn’t fall. Jessica backs up, bounces off the ropes and comes back with more force - again Clotheslining her extended arm across Kristanna’s breasts. The blonde still refuses to go down! Jessica heads back to the ropes again but this time Kristanna catches the brunette on the rebound, hitting a Side Slam. Jessica arches her back in pain while Kristanna, sitting on the mat next to Jess, takes time to shake off the effects of the Clotheslines.

Both women get back to their feet. Kristanna taunts, “You couldn’t get me off my feet, but it was sure easy to put you down.”

Jessica moves in to lock up with Loken, then ducks under Kristanna’s right arm grabbing her by the wrist. Jessica pulls Kristanna’s right arm back in a Hammerlock forcing the blonde’s hand up almost up between her shoulder blades. Jessica blocks an attempted Back Elbow and forces the arm higher, causing Kristanna to bend over at the waist to ease the pressure.

Releasing the Hammerlock, Jess moves quickly to secure a Side Headlock, then before Loken can make a counter, Jessica flips her over onto her back. Jessica really leans into the hold, working her elbow as she’s squeezing the blonde’s head. Kristanna lets out a pained groan as Jessica’s strong arms constrict tighter. The ref slaps the mat once when Kristanna shoulders briefly touch the mat, but she quickly rolls to her side.

Kristanna snakes an arm between Jess’s legs and rolls her backward on to the mat. The ref slaps the mat again, but Jessica uses her right hand to push up off the mat while still holding Kristanna Headlocked in the crook of her left arm. But Kristanna is able to turn into the hold and get to her knees, then powers her way back to her feet.

Jessica tries taking Kristanna over again, but the blonde blocks this attempt, wraps her arms around Biel’s waist and lifts. Falling backward, Kristanna hits Jessica with a Belly-to-Back Suplex. Jessica grabs the back of her head with both hands as she rolls around in pain. Kristanna hurriedly snags Jess’s right leg and goes for the quick pin but the ref again only gets a one count before Jessica twists her shoulder off the mat.

Kristanna kneeling beside Jessica windmills her right arm, bringing her fist down into Jessica’s tight belly. Then she uses a handful of hair to hair-haul Jessica to her feet. Scooping the brunette up with ease, Kristanna holds Jessica chest high, lietting her think about it a second before powering her to the mat with a Bodyslam. Kristanna bends over Jessica to taunt, “Poor little girl… CRACK

The loud sound that stops Kristanna in mid-sentence is a Bitchslap by Jessica. Kristanna reels upright, holding her cheek, her mouth gaping in shock and pain. Jessica gets to her feet untroubled and kicks Kristanna in the gut, then nails the blonde with a European Uppercut. Again, Kristanna is staggered but doesn’t go down! Jessica moves in, wrapping her arms around Kristanna and spinning to take the blonde over with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex. Jessica pops up quickly, turns and steps on the blondes left ankle, pinning her leg as she Stomp Kicks her inner thigh a few times. Jessica moves around to Kristanna’s head and Elbow Drops those perky breasts.

Jessica says, “You really need to figure out when to talk shit and when to shut up!”

Jessica uses a handful of blonde hair to bring Loken back up to her feet. Not wanting to be outdone, she scoops Kristanna up and gives her a chance to think about it before Jessica drives Loken down with a Body Slam that shakes the ring when Kristanna hits the mat. Jessica Stomps Kristanna’s gut and the blonde’s head and legs both fly up in the air. Jessica goes for a cover, but Kristanna kicks out before the two count. Jessica stays on the offense, dragging Kristanna up by her right arm and bra strap. As soon as Kristanna is upright, Jessica hammers Forearm Smash into the blonde’s bosom. Jessica drives Kristanna backward across the ring with a series of hard Forearm Smashes until Loken’s back is against the ropes.

Jessica takes Kristanna’s left wrist and Whips her across the ring stepping to the center of the ring to wait as Kristanna rebounds off the far ropes. Giving Kristanna no indication of what’s coming Jessica bends at the last second and lets Loken fly over her head before straightening and sending Kristanna to the mat with a Back Body Drop.

Jessica winces slightly as she stands up and when she looks over her shoulder, she’s shocked to see Kristanna is already back to her feet faster than either she or the fans thought possible. Kristanna latches on to the back strap of Jessica’s top and yanks the brunette back into a Forearm Smash to the kidneys. Still holding her by her top, Kristanna runs Jessica forward into the ropes, using their spring to add power to another slamming Forearm Smash to Jess’s spine. Kristanna holds Jessica up and snarls, “Let’s see if you’re as tough as people say.”

She whirls the brunette around to face her and goes for a blatant choke; lifting Biel straight up before Kristanna sits out and drives Jessica into the canvas with a Chokeslam Powerbomb Loken calls “The Painkiller.” She hooks her legs over Jessica’s arms and the ref counts, One…Two…Thr…NO! Jessica’s kick out wasn’t powerful, but it got her shoulder off the mat.

Kristanna slaps the mat and warns the ref., “Listen you try screwing me over with these slow counts and I’ll bury you!”

The ref ignores her to check on Jessica, then Kristanna moves in and drags Jessice to her feet. Guiding the brunette Kristanna back Jessica into a corner, Kristanna puts Jessica’s arms over the top rope exposing her chest. Kristanna Knife Edge Chops Jessica’s chest. Jessica screamed, “Shit!” as Kristanna bent her head backward over the top turnbuckle.

“I’m going to beat you flat-chested!” taunts the chest-challenged blonde as she brings an overhand SLAP down onto Jessica’s left tit. The ref began a five count, trying to warn Kristanna to get Jessica out of the corner. Kristanna backs off - but only a second before she steps back in and nails Jess with a European Uppercut that buckles her knees!

Grabbing Jessica’s top between the boobs, Kristanna pulled the wobbly brunette into the ring and then THUMP drove a Forearm Smash that pancaked Jessica’s boobs and sent her careening backward into the ropes.

Jessica bounced off the ropes and SMACK nailed Kristanna across the breasts with another Forearm Smash. The big blond staggered, then turned and THWAP Karate Chopped Jessica’s heaving chest - only to have Jessica fire back a Knife Edge Chop of her own to Loken’s left breast. The blonde steps back, but takes a different route for her next attack, a Knee Lift low blow that stops Jessica’s offense in it’s tracks.

Kristanna holds Jessica upright, telling her, “I’m going to enjoy breaking you in half.” She scoops Jessica up, holds her across her chest and then drops, slamming Jessica’s back over her right thigh. As Kristanna holds Jessica’s bent body in the Back Breaker, pressing Jessica down across her thigh and taunting, “Let’s see what we have under here,” referring to Jessica’s top.

The brutal blonde pushes the top up, baring Jessica’s nice, firm tits, then Kristanna digs her fingers into the soft flesh and after pinching the brunette’s nipple, gives to boob a shake. Jessica screams, “Leggo!” and sits up, nailing Kristanna in the cheek with her fist.

The blow takes Kristanna attention away from her Rack Attack as she lets Jess slips out of the back break and crumple on the mat while Kristanna lands on her butt shaking the cobwebs from her head. Jessica rolls over, crawls to the ropes and pulls her top back down, snugging it into position. Kristanna is slowly getting to her feet at the same time Jessica pulls her self up with the aid of the top rope.

Kristanna charges Jessica with her arm raised to Clothesline her out of the ring over the top rope, but Jessica - waiting until Kristanna couldn’t stop herself - suddenly pulls the top rope down and Kristanna goes flying over the top rope, sails past the ring apron and KA-WHAM lands heavily on the hard floor a good ten feet below!

Jessica pulls herself back up and steps back, letting the ref start a ten count. She re-adjusts her top as she takes time to catch her breath. Kristanna rolls over and slowly sits up holding her head, trying to catch her breath before climbing up onto the ring apron. As the count passes fifteen, Kristanna climbs to the ring apron with a wary eye on Jessica.

Kristanna looking across the ring says, “You know it’s just a matter of time before I hit another Painkiller and end this.”

Jessica smirks, “You won’t get another chance, Blondefoot.”

Kristanna angered by the continuous insult, steps through the ropes and charges. Normally, Jessica would meet an opponent head-on, but Loken isn’t ‘most women.’ Jess ducks under Kristanna’s charge and, turning behind her, grabs Kristanna’s shoulders and by jumping, pulls back and drives her knee into the base of Loken’s spine. Kristanna lands on her ass as her knees buckle and Jessica wastes no time rolling Kristanna over and covering the blonde. But the ref barely makes it to two before Kristanna shoves Jessica off.

Jessica takes Kristanna’s right ankle and wrenches the long stem hard, wrapping it around her own leg. Kristanna cries out as her knee is twisted and Jessica laughs, “Not gonna get me up in that Sasquatch Bomb if you can’t stand up!” Jessica lets go with her hands, raises her arms, then immediately reapplies it before Kristanna can move her leg!

Kristanna screams, “ARRRRRGH! Gawd…I’m going tuh…kill…you!”

Jessica nods sarcastically and mutters, “Like…sure you are.” Then she drops and drives her right knee straight down into the meaty flesh of Kristanna’s thigh. THUNK! Jessica stands and begins to stomp Kristanna’s legs; moving up and stomping her stomach…then her perky breasts and chest. Jessica concludes her mudhole stomping with a hard Kick to the side of Kristanna’s head one that draws a desultory warning from the amused ref - which Jessica ignores.

Kristanna, hurting all over, curls into a ball, cuddling her wounded body - but does nothing to resist when Jessica hair-hauls her upright and sets her up for what appears to be an Atomic Drop…but instead of posting her knee and driving Kris’s pussy down onto it, Jessica instead lets Kristanna fall all the way to the canvas. She bounces once, then topples over writhing in pain; moaning; her hands rapidly rubbing her bruised tail bone.

Jessica laughs, “Sorry to tell you, but I think that move just made your hips wider...though they’re already so big nobody will notice.” Jessica takes a seat behind the seated blonde and wriggles up snug against her back; her legs wrapped around Kristanna’s mid-section. “Remember you started this!”

Jessica reaches around, digs her fingers in under the cups of Kristanna’s sweaty top and yanks it upward. Kristanna struggles to keep it in place, but Jessica simply slams a couple of Forearms to the back of Kristanna’s neck and head. Once the towering blonde is stunned and unresisting, Jessica works the top off and tosses it aside. She wraps her arms around Kristanna outside the blonde’s arms, trapping them against her sides, then with both of her hands free to work unencumbered, Jessica begins pinching, twisting and stretching Kristanna’s nipples. The blonde screams her lungs out, calling Jessica a “whore” and other dirty slurs. Then Jessica’s strong, digging fingers move on a full-fledged breast mauling.

“You don’t’ want your titties mauled, don’t go grabbing other peoples!”

The hard-hearted mammary mauling contines for a good minute with Kristanna alternately crying in pain and threatening. Several times the ref asks if Kristanna wants to submit, and although each time she refuses her hesitation grows longer with each request. Finally, her fingers burning from the strain, Jessica rolls Kristanna to her side and stands up.

Bending to lift Kristanna up Jessica laughs, “Having you topless is a real disadvantage for me. Without those bra straps as handles…I’ll just have to use your hair!” Jessica pulls Kristanna and sets her up for a Suplex. She uses the blonde’s bottom to help get her up and over in the Suplex and when it hits, Jessica rolls right into a cover. Kristanna is unable to user her leg power kick out but she manages to roll a shoulder at two breaking the count. Not discouraged, Jessica hauls the blonde up by the hair. “That was a weak kick out Blondefoot. You’re fading on me.”

Jessica whips Kristanna around, sending her windmilling toward the ropes. When she rebounds out of control, Jessica reaches across the blonde’s body and hooks her leg, sweeping Kristanna overhead into a T-Bone Suplex she calls the Jess-plex. The move results in Kristanna WHAM hitting the mat flat on her back. Jess crawls over to the insensate blonde to cover her.

One…Two…Th-NO! But Kristanna digs deep and weakly kicks out once again.

This time Jessica is upset not to get the three count and turns to the ref to complain about the slow count. She turns back to Kristanna after several seconds. Jessica bends over to lift Kristanna again saying, “This next move will bring our night to an end.” Pushing the staggering Kristanna backward into the corner. Jessica leans over and “UNGH” drives her shoulder into Loken’s gut. But Jessica doesn’t draw back after the Shoulder Block, instead lifting Kristanna to sit her on to the top turnbuckle.

Then Jessica climbs the ropes, telling her unwilling accomplice, “Not sure what a Jess-plex from here will do, but I bet it’ll hurt like hell!”

In desperation Kristanna hammers her left fist into Jessica’s right side. Jessica, set to deliver her move, tries ignoring the punch and struggles to set Kristanna up. Kristanna hammers two more punches into Jessica’s side, taking her breath away. Then Kristanna flings Jessica backward off her perch WHUMP. Her uncoordinated landing drives the air from Jessica - and Kristanna jumping on her and driving her knee into Jessica unprepared belly only adds to her discomfort.

Kristanna grabs the ropes and pulls herself to her knees just as a fan at ring side yells, “Nice tits Loken!”

Loken smiles, “Thanks, I’m betting they look better than Jess’s, but let’s find out.”

Jessica still has her arms folded across her stomach but she’s struggled to her knees when Kristanna come back to her, lifts Jessica and NAILS her with a European Uppercut that sends Jessica slumping back against the turnbuckle. Kristanna pulls the brunette’s top up, once again exposing her firm, young, boobs. Still holding Jessica by her top, Kristanna pulls Jessica out of the corner, then flings her into the middle of the ring - leaving the top in Kristanna’s tight grip. Tossing it away, she stalks over to Jessica, hooks her under the arms and lifts her to her feet.

Reaching across Jess’s back Kristanna grabs Jessica’s left arm by the wrist and pulls it up into a position that looks like Jessica is patting herself on the back. With her torso now totally exposed, Kristanna hammers what looks like a Heart Punch, only a few inches lower which pancakes Jess’s left boob! Jessica collapses on her knees, whimpering, unable to draw a breath through the agonizing pain.

Kristanna reaches to pull Jess back up says, “Next time you’ll think twice about who you give nicknames to.” She feeds her arms under Jessica’s armpit and locks her in a rib-crushing Bearhug. Jessica’s feet are lifted off the mat as Kristanna flexes her arms, increasing the pressure on Biel’s body. The ref asks Jessica if she wants to submit and, unable to inhale, she can only shake her head ‘no.’ Kristanna taunts, “I love the way a Bearhug feels when we’re both topless.” Jessica’s head is beginning to lull and her face getting bright red. Kristanna continues, “I can feel your heart beating through my boobs.” Kristanna’s arms and face are beginning to shake from the strain of keeping the hold applied and the ref, getting worried, asks, “Jess gimme a sign or I’m stopping the match.”

In response, Jessica becomes alert and - raising a hand to each side of Kristanna’s head - she slaps the blonde’s ears with a thunder clap! Kristanna drops Jessica as she falls to her knees holding her ears. After a few quick gulps of air, Jessica hair-hauls Kristanna up and sweeps the blonde up and over into another Jess-plex. WHAAAAM!

Both women lay on the mat panting hard, but as the ref begins to start a ten count, Jessica struggles gets to her feet. She takes a quick look around the ring, pushes the disheveled hair out of her face and staggers to the corner nearest the prostrate Loken. Jessica climbs slowly to the top turnbuckle, turns and takes a seat to await Kristanna’s attempt to stand.

Kristanna gets to all fours, looking around with unfocused eyes. She gets to one knee, then slowly and agonizingly, pushes herself to her feet, her body hunched over. That’s when Jessica leaps! As she soars through the air, Jessica hooks an arm around the blonde’s neck and her Top Rope Bulldog nails Kristanna perfectly; driving her face into the mat. Jessica struggles to all fours and crawls back to Kristanna, grabs the blonde’s far boob and her bikini, then with an audible grunt, rolls her onto her back.

The ref is poised and waiting as Jessica hooks a leg. One…Two…Three!

No last second kick out this time for Loken and, in fact, it looks like the ref could have counted for quite a while because even after Jessica’s hand had been raised and the victorious brunette had left the ring, the dozing blonde still slumbed for several minutes more before she regained consciousness.

Sitting in the office alone Harold is not surprised by the knock at his door. He is surprised to see Katee Sackhoff walk in the room. Offering her a seat the Promoter asks, “Should you be up and around already?”

Katee smiles, “Sure I’m fine.”

Harold looks at the blonde saying, “Not according to the doc. Six stitches and a concussion.”

Katee gently touches the top of her head, “Yeah. You might want to buy some thicker pads for your ring posts.”

“You weren’t supposed to be fighting on that side anyway.”

“Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.” Then Katee gets serious. “I want her again,” the blonde says in a low voice.

Harold leans back in his chair and shakes his head, “Sorry. I can’t.” Before Katee can protest, he continues, “Lamia’s gonna be off the next two shows, and someone else has already signed to face her in show 7.”

Katee asks, “Who?”

Harold looks down, “Katee, I’m sorry you lost tonight. You had her if you’d kept it in the ring. I’m sure you would have got you win. I’m sorry I can’t tell you who Lamia is wrestling next.”

Katee gets up, storming to the door, saying just before she slams it behind her, “I want her again; one way or another.”

The next knock a few minutes later heralds Jessica Biel’s arrival. “You wanted to see me?” She’s dressed in sweat pants and a loose hanging gray T-shirt; her hair still wet from the shower.

Harold waves her in, “Yeah I need your signature on this contract.”

Jessica smile grows wider as she crosses the room, picks up the contract and hurriedly scans it. Taking the pen, she signs. “I admit, you’re a man of your word.”

Harold bows slightly, “Well, Thank you.”

Jessica smiles even more, “Yeah, good thing. I’d have kicked your ass if you reneged on our agreement.”

Chuckling, Harold says, “Well. Thank you.” As she turns to leave, he asks, “How you feeling?”

She nods, “I’m good; but it’ll be a few days before I can wear a bra.” Then with a leer she adds, and it’ll be a week before that ‘no tits, no talent’ Loken can squeeze into one!”

Harold laughs but before Jessica is out the door, he asks one more question, “Have you seen Rich and Archer?”

Jessica nods, “Yeah they’re hanging with Neve Campbell.”

Harold straightens some papers after Jessica leaves and says out loud, “Well, guess I better go get them. God knows how long I’d be waiting here for them.”

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