Sharon Stone vs. Charlize Theron by Bob

A bitter feud had been raging between Charlize Theron and Sharon Stone ever since they'd both been featured together in an action packed movie about a philandering president and the rivalry between his heartless mistress and his jealous wife. Charlize played the part of a heartless mistress, while Sharon portrayed the jealous first lady.

Sharon had a reputation as being very difficult to work with, while Charlize was supposedly one of the easiest actresses to work with. Sharon had a hard time with how sweet Charlize was and was sure that Charlize was a phony who was manipulating everyone. Charlize was growing more and more tired of Sharon's constant complaints and constant fights with everyone, including herself.

Towards the end of the movie, the first lady was supposed to confront the mistress and the two were supposed to argue until a brief scuffle broke out. According to the script, the first lady was supposed to defeat the mistress, by hitting her on the chin and sending the mistress to the floor. As the first lady stood over the mistress and taunted her, the young mistress was supposed to start crying before getting up and running away. As professional as Charlize was, she had had enough of Sharon and had a few ideas of her own as to how that battle sequence should be done. Because of Sharon's constant abuse, the South African blonde decided to upstage Sharon during the verbal confrontation. As the two divas began their dialogue, Charlize cut Sharon off several times, upstaging her co-star, and stealing the scene. Then, completely ignoring the script, Charlize gave the older and shorter blonde a hard shove into a wall. She then grabbed Sharon's short blonde hair, grabbed her blouse, and ripped it open, exposing Sharon's large breasts.

Sharon responded by savagely, kicking Charlize in the shins and then pushing the young blonde away. The young blonde was caught by surprise and flew over a couch that had been near the two. Sharon then showed she was still in great shape, running towards the couch, leaping over it, and landing on top of the younger blonde. After landing on Charlize stomach, Sharon hauled off and punched Charlize several times until cast members, realizing that the two had deviated from the script, ran to the two gladiators and pulled Sharon off. It took several seconds for cast members to pull Sharon off, and another several seconds for the dazed Charlize to recover. However, angered by Sharon's attack and not thinking about the fact that a couple of cast members were holding Sharon, the tall blonde went after her costar. She threw a right hand, which caught the unsuspecting blonde goddess by surprise. Sharon's legs went limp and she would have fallen backwards had the cast members not been holding her in an effort to calm her down.

Charlize looked at her unconscious costar and turned to the cast members. "I guess that will teach her not to mess with me. You mess with the bull and you get the horns."

Although cast members had been holding a defenseless Sharon, many of the cast members had to admit that Charlize had thrown a devastating punch that probably would have sent Sharon to dream land even if she had been fighting back. Charlize had always had a reputation for being a great fighter and during the filming the leggy blonde had proved to be exceptionally strong. She also was constantly rough housing with members of crew. Despite the fact that Sharon was supposed to be tough, few cast members doubted that Charlize wouldn't have easily had her way with the older diva even if Charlize had been getting the worst of the exchange before cast members stepped in and stopped the fight.

Sharon was carried to her dressing room and placed on a couch. She woke up several minutes later and asked what happened. When she was told that she and Charlize had a fight and Charlize knocked her out, the older blonde vowed that she would get revenge, especially when she remembered that crew members were holding her when Charlize decked her. Sharon then picked up a glass and threw it down on the floor. The glass shattered as Sharon swore she was going to get the blonde bimbo back.

Later that day Charlize and Sharon had to appear together at a charity fundraiser. The two of them had been asked to participate in a female celebrity beach volleyball game. As a favor to the producer of the movie, the two beauties were asked to be captains of the opposing teams. While the two had been looking forwards to the game, the altercation on the set made the director of the movie wish that the two stars would skip the game. Both had been very competitive and their hatred for each other continued to grow and grow with each passing day. The fight was the icing on the cake. Charlize was determined to teach the older beauty that she could beat her in everything. Because Charlize had knocked her out, Sharon had determined that she was going to humiliate the blonde, especially since she had been cold-cocked with a cheap shot!

The two stars had planned to go to the beach together. However, neither was speaking to the other. Sharon arrived first and was cheerfully chatting with the other celebrities. Despite socializing with everyone and being very pleasant, she knew the moment Charlize arrived. Their eyes immediately locked and they did not stop eyeing each other until the organizer of the fundraiser announced it was time to start the game.

Charlize wore a tiny white bikini that amply showed off her strong, lean, athletic body. She was in superb physical condition and those who were aware of the incident were not surprised at how she had decked Sharon. Sharon wore a bright yellow bikini, which showed off her upper body. Sharon had a bigger upper body than her South African adversary, and it was easy to see that she was in great shape as well.

The game started and unlike the other participants the two captains were playing hard, playing to win; playing for blood. Although several of the participants told Charlize and Sharon to take it easy, neither one was about to let up. Both were intent on ramming the ball down the other one's throat. Most of the celebrities who were participating in the fundraiser were not as tall, as strong, or athletic as the captains. None of the other participants had a vendetta; they were playing to help raise money for a worthy cause, playing to have fun. Despite the fact that the game was for charity and all of the other players were playing for fun, the older blonde superstar and the South African superstar were playing hard, trying to put each other out of the game due to injury. With twelve celebrities on each team, players were being shuffled in and out of the games. However, the two captains refused to have anyone substitute for them and the rotations worked out so that the two captains went head-to-head as often as possible. The games were close, with first one team winning and then the other. Playing the final game and Charlize's team needing a point to win the match, s luck would have it Charlize and Sharon were playing directly opposite one another at the net. The South African blonde viciously spiked the ball at Sharon. The ball was the hardest ball that had been hit and when it bounced off Sharon's chest and sent her sprawling to the sand, Sharon got up with fire in her eyes.

"You did that on purpose you bitch," Sharon screamed.

"Of course I did. Now I know why everyone says you're so smart. Tell me you wouldn't have done that to me if your teammates set you up with a ball that would have allowed you to do that," Charlize said in a very derisive and condescending manner.

Sharon angrily snapped, "I've had just about enough of you. You're the most unprofessional actress I have ever worked with. You've been trying to show me up since day one!"

Charlize laughed. "Sharon showing you up hasn't been hard. You're a no talent hack."

Sharon had had enough. "That's it, it's you and me. Woman to woman."

"Just the way I like it and I'm going to close your eyes one more time."

"Yeah, bitch, but now there won't be anyone to hold me so that you can hit me with a cheap shot."

"I don't need to hit you with a cheap shot to kick your ass," Charlize boasted.

"You forget Tough Girl, I had you down and was pummeling you," Sharon taunted.

Charlize immediately went on the offensive, charging under the net and ramming her head into Sharon's stomach. Sharon had been taken by surprise and staggered backwards several steps. As she regained her balance, Charlize butted her in the stomach again, and quickly brought her head up, butting Sharon under the chin. Sharon's jaw snapped shut and her knees buckled. Making sure that she hit Sharon with her large diamond ring, the blonde followed with a backhand slap across the Sharon's cheek. Sharon was hurt and fell backwards, hitting the sand with a thud. Charlize stalked her foe, reaching down, and rubbing Sharon's injured cheek. The blonde amazon put her hand in front of Sharon's eyes so that Sharon could see that she was bleeding. Sharon instinctively reached for her cheek, giving Charlize the opening she needed. Reaching out with her right hand, the blonde easily ripped Sharon's halter-top off, revealing Sharon's round and firm breasts. Charlize couldn't help but stare at Sharon's breasts for a second or two. She then grabbed Sharon's hair and pulled the dazed blonde to her feet.

Charlize reached for Sharon's chest with both hands, grabbed the battered blonde's tits and started to squeeze with all of her strength. However, the South African blonde didn't squeeze Sharon's chest for long as Sharon retaliated by hitting Charlize in the mouth with her right hand. The punch was a good one and Charlize could sense a couple of her teeth had been knocked loose as blood trickled from the inside of her mouth. While Charlize had had her share of fights, she had never tasted blood before. The blonde seemed bothered by the blood and froze, trying to think about what to do. While standing there and contemplating her next move, Sharon reached out, grabbed Charlize's bikini top and ripped it off. Sharon followed with a right-left combination to Charlize's tits. Despite the fact that Charlize's tits weren't very large, they started to swing from side-to-side from the force of Sharon's hard combination. Sharon followed with a punch to the blonde's nose. Much to her surprise, Charlize was still on her feet. However, Sharon followed with a right to the stomach and a left to Charlize's chin. The long-legged blonde tumbled backwards, the back of her head taking the brunt of the fall. Charlize was now groggy as Sharon put her right foot on the blonde's groin and pushed down. Charlize screamed as she hit the sand. She was dazed and groggy. Sensing that Charlize was ready to be taken, Sharon mounted her foe. However, despite being groggy, Charlize had the heart of a tiger and savagely seized hold of Sharon's round tits, grasping each mound firmly and using her incredible strength. She viciously squeezed and twisted Sharon's vulnerable tits as if she was going to rip them off.

Screaming in agony, like an animal caught in a trap, Sharon was desperate to remove Charlize's death grip. Charlize continued to squeeze Sharon's tits as Sharon fought desperately in an effort to remove Charlize's hands. Suddenly Charlize rolled Sharon off her. However, despite being in pain, Sharon was not about to let Charlize get on top of her. For several exhausting minutes the two divas wrestled in the sand, rolling around and around, causing Charlize to release Sharon's tits. The two blondes rolled around in the sand; kneeing, kicking, pulling hair, spitting and cursing one another, each trying to get an advantage over the other. As they continued to roll, their bodies got closer and closer to each other until they were too close together to land a solid punch to the head or chest. However, with both gladiators fighting as if their lives depended on winning they pounded at one another's backs with an occasional uppercut landing on the back of the other's neck. Their exchange was brutal, but Sharon finally used her weight and strength to starting gaining an advantage. She continued to pound Charlize as they kept rolling around in the sand. With Sharon starting to pummel Charlize, the South African beauty had to do something to regain the advantage. Despite being in pain, Charlize wrapped her arms around Sharon's body and started squeezing. As Charlize pulled Sharon closer to her, Sharon's titanic tits rubbed and squeezed against Charlize's naked cupcake sized tits as if they were having a fight within a fight, the erect nipples colliding against each other. Sharon got a hold of Charlize's long blonde hair and jerked her head back, then clobbered her with an elbow smash in the jaw that left Charlize dazed and stunned.

Sharon climbed on top of Charlize, firmly seated on her torso and pinned the South African's wrists to the sand. As Sharon leaned forwards, her ponderous breasts were swaying dangerously close to her younger foe's face. As Sharon's tits brushed against Charlize's cheeks, Charlize arched her head up a few inches and sank her teeth into the delicate underside of Sharon's right tit. Surprised by Charlize's attack, Sharon screamed from the agony of Charlize's vicious attack. Even though she was still dazed and groggy, Charlize managed to roll Sharon off. The South African blonde then scrambled to her feet while Sharon grabbed her wounded breast and painfully rolled into the fetal position. Although Sharon was now at Charlize's mercy, Charlize was in a lot of pain. Instead of going on the attack, she stood doubled over, her hands against her knees, and took several long and slow deep breaths. The battle had taken its toll on her and she had been taking quite a beating. Although Charlize knew she should attack before Sharon was able to resume fighting, she was in so much pain she decided she would take as much time as she could to recover so that she could finish her tough opponent off.

Although Charlize was still in a lot of pain, she was in a little better condition than Sharon and ready to finish her tough opponent off. Sounding like a wild animal as she screamed and threw caution to the wind, the leggy blonde charging at her supine foe, her sinewy muscled arms extended and long, strong fingers arched like talons, as she dove on top of Sharon reaching for Sharon's ravaged torpedoes. However, despite still being in the fetal position, the buxom blonde was ready, knowing that her mountainous mammaries just couldn't endure much more punishment and battering. Sharon's feet shot out, drilling Charlize solidly in the upper cheek and eye and snapping the blonde's head back. Charlize's onslaught stopped just as quickly as it had started, looking as if she'd run into a brick wall, stunned and tottering. Sharon slowly got up and cautiously studied her foe. Charlize's left eye was closed shut and her cheek looked as if she was storing a grapefruit it in. Sharon carefully measured her opponent and then rocked the blonde with a hard kick in the ribs. Sharon watched as Charlize's body began to tremble. Lying on the ground, Charlize looked as if an earthquake was tearing her body apart. When Charlize began to cough blood, Sharon backed off and raised her hands in victory. She was sure that she had broken Charlize's jaw and several ribs.

Sharon turned and arrogantly said, "Someone better call for an ambulance. This bitch is done."

However, when she heard someone say, "Watch out," Sharon turned just in time to catch a hard punch to her throat. Now it was Sharon's turn to fall to the sand. Although her mind was telling her to kick Sharon in the ribs, Charlize's body was unable to respond and she immediately fell to the sand.

Pam Anderson walked over to where the two gladiators lay in the sand. She looked at Charlize's face and said, "She's going to need some plastic surgery." She then looked at Sharon's face and said, "She's got a little swelling, but her face doesn't look too bad. I think we better get two ambulances. They're both barely conscious."

As Pam started to tend to Charlize who was in much worse shape, Sharon suddenly sprung to her feet and pushed Pam out of her way. She then leaped high in the air and crashed knee's first onto Charlize's stomach. Charlize groaned as she struggled to breathe. Before Sharon could finish her opponent off, Pam grabbed Sharon's arms and pulled her off. "Fights over Sharon, you won."

Sharon tried to free herself from Pam's grip. She fought like a wildcat until she finally broke free from Pam. Once free she turned and delivered a jackhammer-like punch to Pam's jaw. Pam's eyes closed before she flew backwards and hit the sand.

Suddenly Sharon felt something hard hit the back of her head. She tumbled face first to the sand. Charlize smiled at those that were watching the two divas and then slammed her foot as hard as she could against the back of Sharon's head. She then slammed her foot into Sharon's rib cage. She didn't know why Sharon hadn't finished her off, but she didn't care. All she knew was that her opponent and made a mistake and she was going to make the fool pay. Looking at Sharon, Charlize spit some blood on her foe and delivered one more hard kick to Sharon's ribs. Sharon rolled to her back from the force of the kick. Suddenly Charlize was feeling 100% better and had no doubt that she would finish Sharon off in a minute or two. Charlize, carefully mounted her foe and was about to start throwing punches when Sharon reached up, grabbed Charlize's blonde hair and yanked as hard as she could. Suddenly Charlize was no longer in control as the two divas rolled until Sharon was on top. Sharon quickly shifted until she was sitting on Charlize's face. She then turned so that she was looked at Charlize's stomach. Quickly locking Charlize's arms between her legs, Sharon started throwing some hard punches to Charlize's hard, flat stomach and chest. As Charlize's stomach and chest started to turn bright red, Sharon increased the tempo, throwing more and more punches. With each punch, Charlize clumsily kicked the hot coarse sand. Sharon was in control once again and was going to finally finish her foe off.

Sharon continued to throw punches to Charlize's stomach and chest until the blonde South African stopped kicking. Once the blonde bombshell was no longer moving, Sharon shifted her position one more time. She then turned Charlize so the battered blonde was on her stomach. Once again Sharon used her legs to lock Charlize's arms and then locked her hands under Charlize's chin and pulled the blonde's head back as far as she could. Charlize began to punch and kick the sand. The more Charlize punched and kicked, the more Sharon pulled Charlize's head towards her. She was going to rip Charlize's head off if she could.

Sharon continued to pull Charlize's head until she heard what sounded like the bones in Charlize's back cracking. Fearing that she was going to put her foe in a wheelchair, Sharon let her foe go and got off her.

Much to Sharon's surprise, Charlize tried to get up. However, because of the beating she had taken, she drunkenly fell to her stomach. Sharon put her foot on Charlize's back and pushed her into the sand. "Do you give?"

Charlize weakly said, "Fights not over yet, I've still got plenty a fight in me."

Sharon laughed as she reached down and grabbed Charlize's arms. With her foot on the small of Charlize's back she yanked Charlize's arms up. Holding Charlize in a surfboard, Sharon asked her one more time, "Do you give?"

Once again Charlize said, "Fights not over Scumbag."

Despite the fact that she didn't like Charlize's lack of respect and the fact that Charlize had refused to submit, Sharon, and everyone who was watching knew the fight was over. Looking at the many spectators who couldn't believe how easily and how badly Sharon had taken Charlize apart, Sharon released her hold and said, "Sorry Babe, but if we keep fighting you're going to be maimed for life. You lost and everyone knows it."

Still lying on stomach, Charlize weakly said, "I'm not ready to quit."

Sympathetically, Sharon said, "Fights over. You can't even get up and if you do, I'm only going to knock you down again. You lost Chickie. I'll see you on the set when you get out of the hospital and if you're stupid enough to want a rematch I'll give you one. But before you do another dumb thing; just remember how badly I kicked your sorry ass."

Charlize made one more desperate attempt to get up and once again she fell. Sharon shook her head and then put her foot on the back of Charlize's head, pushing her face in the sand. Struggling to breathe, Charlize wasn't thinking about the fact that she was lying face down in the sand and swallowed a mouth full of sand. As Charlize began to gag, Sharon removed her foot from the beaten blonde's head, turned, and looked at Halle Berry. She nodded and started to walk away. Halle jogged until she caught up with her friend. As the two walked, Halle laughed and said, "You really kicked the shit out of her.

Sharon shook her head and asked, "Did you think the fight would end any other way than me kicking her ass?"

Halle laughed and said, "I knew you'd kick her ass, I just didn't think you would do it that badly."

Sharon smiled and said, "She's one tough bitch. I don't believe how much punishment she took. And she wanted to keep fighting. I'd have killed her if I didn't walk away."

"Yeah, she is tough, but she got her ass kicked big time. She's supposed to be the toughest fighter. Look's like she's not the toughest fighter anymore."

As Sharon heard the sound of an ambulance siren wailing in the distance, she turned around and saw a large crowd of celebrities surrounding Charlize. She turned at Halle and asked, "How do I look?"

Halle laughed and said, "You look like someone who just had a tough fight, but you still look pretty damn good to me and you sure look a lot better than Charlize."

"Believe it or not, I feel pretty damn good. Not that it's a surprise to me but I really kicked that bitches ass. I think it will be a long time before that bitch fights again, but if she's dumb enough to want a rematch I'll give her one and next time it will be even worse for her."

Halle laughed and said, "Somehow I don't see her wanting a rematch. She's lucky you didn't break every bone in her damn body." She then asked, "So, how do you think I would do against her?"

"You weren't easy when we worked out together while doing Catwoman. I think you would give her a pretty good beating. But remember, you can't beat me."

"Being second toughest is fine by me."

The two friends hugged each other and Sharon said, "Doubt she's going to finish the picture. Maybe you'll get the part."

"Works for me," Halle said.
Halle Berry vs. Nikki Cox by Bob

After Sharon Stone beat up Charlize on the beach, the South African blonde was unable to continue working in the picture due to her injuries and Sharon went out of her way to make sure that Halle got Charlize's part. Rather than re-shoot the whole movie, the writers edited the script, changing the plot and used a body double for new scenes with Charlize's character. The revisions called for Sharon to persuade someone to assassinate the mistress, eliminating Charlize's character. Not being content with his wife, however, the President soon found a second mistress to replace Charlize and, of course, Halle was that new mistress!

Because Halle was so excited that she got Charlize's part and to celebrate Sharon's kicking Charlize's ass, Halle threw a party. She was having a great time, recounting and embellishing how Sharon had given Charlize the beating of her life. In addition, she couldn't stop talking about how she'd been added to the cast and how much she would improve the movie. One of her guests, Nikki Cox was a friend of Charlize's and got irritated hearing Halle continually repeating the fight story over and over. Finally the buxom redhead had heard enough and told the chatty hostess it was time to shut her mouth.

Halle stopped what she was doing and asked, "What's YOUR problem, bitch?"

The redhead stared at the African-American princess and said, "You're my problem. You talking about a friend of mine and laughing at how Sharon beat her up. I find the conversation distasteful. It seems to me that you're gloating as if you were the winner of the fight."

Sensing a problem, many of the guests, including Nikki's husband Bob "Bobcat" Goldthwait, started crowding around the two beauties, several whispering 'ohh catfight!' while others openly urged the two women to "scratch her eyes out!"

Halle haughtily huffed, "Actually, from what Sharon told me - and from what I saw with my own eyes, I would have given that bitch just as bad a beating if I'd fought her!"

"Is that so," Nikki replied. "And I suppose you think you could you beat ME too?"

Halle just laughed out loud, but when she stopped laughing, she glared at the redhead, then arrogantly put her hands on her hips.

Sensing she was being challenged, Nikki gave Halle a hard slap. "Well, if you think you're tough let's see what you've got."

Acting instinctively, Halle slapped Nikki back and said, "I've got more than you can handle."

Nikki and Halle began to circle each other, looking for an opening when Nikki heard her husband say, "Get her Nik; kick her ass."

Nikki quickly looked at her husband and winked. Suddenly, with Nikki's eyes on Bob, Halle reached out and grabbed her long red hair with her left hand and started swinging with her right fist. Every punch Halle threw was one that could have sent the redhead to the ground and ended the fight but most of them were wild and, despite having her head pulled forward as Halle held her by the hair, Nikki managed to block most of her punches. But although Nikki was blocking most of Halle's punches, she was on the defensive and couldn't throw any of her own. She knew she had to level the playing field somehow so she grabbed Halle's left hand and tried to pry Halle's fingers out of her hair. She also tried grabbing Halle's right hand so Halle couldn't punch her.

Nikki squeezed Halle's left wrist as hard as she could, but Halle still continued to grip the redhead's hair, holding her bent forward. Nikki made futile attempts to catch Halle's right hand but Halle was becoming more accurate with her punches and she repeatedly punched the redhead in the face and, of course, her bulging bra took several hard shots. Halle was landing a lot of good shots and knew it and both Halle and Nikki knew that if Nikki didn't fight more aggressively she was going to lose.

The redhead finally let go of Halle's left hand, reached out, and grabbed Halle's hair in her left hand, then started throwing rights at the African-American beauty. The two beauties stood toe-to-toe, each holding the other's hair in one hand and throwing haymakers with the other hand; neither offering any defense, simply all-out aggression! Both women were connecting with punches that would have doubled over most opponents or at least sent them to the ground but these Amazons were filled with adrenaline and neither was prepared to give an inch.

Finally, Nikki landed a devastating punch low into Halle's stomach that made her grimace and release Nikki's hair. After a couple of minutes of toe-to-toe action, someone had finally gotten the advantage. The African-American strong girl let go of Nikki's long red hair, stopped throwing punches and grabbed her stomach. With her left hand still holding Halle's hair, Nikki threw three crushing rights to the side of Halle's head. Halle's legs buckled and when Nikki let go of her hair, the African-American Strong Girl staggered backward.

Like a tigress stalking her prey Nikki moved in for the kill but when Nikki got close, Halle snapped her right foot up and drove it into Nikki's groin. Nikki had never been kicked in her groin so hard and couldn't believe how painful it was. Screaming in agony and holding her wounded groin, the redhead collapsed to her knees in tears as Halle stepped back still holding her belly with one hand..

Halle looked at Bobcat, snickered, then sadistically delivered a hard spin kick to Nikki's massive chest, rocking her back on her haunches but not knocking her over. Then, to everyone's surprise, Halle whirled around and kicked Nikki flush in the jaw a fraction of a second later. This time the redhead went sprawling backward, her head hitting the floor THUNK and bouncing.

Many of the spectators were in awe at the rate of speed in which Halle had delivered the kick combination but as a child growing up in an affluent Cleveland suburb Halle had learned the hard way not to give an opponent a chance to recover. She quickly mounted the dazed redhead and started hammering her huge breasts and swollen jaw. As Halle pounded away with both fists, she was amazed that while the redhead who was too dazed to defend herself or offer any resistance, she was still conscious. Halle was getting tired from all the punches she had thrown and was definitely slowing down. Finally she stopped throwing punches, leaned forward, grabbed Nikki's arms, and pinned them at her sides under her knees; holding Nikki down without expending any more energy until see got her second wind or Nikki started resisting.

After resting for a minute or so, Halle ripped off Nikki's halter top, exposing Nikki's huge melons. Halle dug her nails into the soft breasts and Nikki, who had been regaining strength and getting ready to resume the fight, let out a loud scream and cried, "When I get out from under you, I'm gonna kill you!"

"Oh, are you? Really?" Halle mocked.

Then the African-American princess smashed Nikki in the jaw. The punch had caught the redheaded beauty by surprise and her head snapped backwards. The guests applauded Halle as it appeared the fight was just about over. But although Halle thought Nikki was done, the beautiful redhead was still willing to fight. Once again Halle started working the redhead's massive chest, clawing and twisting Nikki's tits and causing her to squeal in pain. Nikki started kicking and bucking like a wild bull crying out in pain. Despite the redhead's frantic efforts to unseat her, Halle continued to claw away. But the dominant African-American was so intent on destroying Nikki's chest she didn't realize the redhead had lifted her legs and was wrapping them around her waist.

Nikki grunted between screams as she started to squeeze Halle's ribs and as she applied more and more pressure to Halle's waist, Halle tried to pry the redhead's ankles apart before she could do too much damage. Nikki continued to grunt and scream as she applied more and more pressure. Suddenly, both women realized Halle was in a lot of trouble. But Nikki also knew she had to be quick when making her move. Pulling Halle back with her powerful legs, she managed to sit up, using Halle as a counterweight as she was pulling her backward.

Once Nikki had Halle down on her back, she slammed Halle's head on the floor. THUD! Knowing she could do more harm if she was standing, Nikki released her powerful scissors and slowly go to her feet. She was holding her aching tits with both hands, hoping she'd stunned Halle enough that the African-American goddess would stay on the floor. Staring down at the woman who'd been beating the hell out of her, Nikki was ready for a little revenge but she couldn't stop staring down at her injured breasts as she tried to catch her breath and clear the constant buzzing in her head.

When the redhead saw what Halle had done to her magnificent breasts, she let out a scream and kicked Halle in her ribs. Halle groaned as her body bounced and rolled over onto her stomach. Nikki delivered another hard kick to Halle's ribs, bouncing her but leaving her face down. Nikki looked back down at her scratched and bruised tits, then went after Halle with a fury; leaping on Halle's back and wrapping one arm around Halle's throat. She started squeezing the air out of Halle's lungs but despite having trouble breathing, Halle was determined to regain her advantage. She had been fighting most of her life and wasn't about to lose to some redheaded bimbo with a big mouth - and in her own house!

Halle managed to struggle to her knees with Nikki sitting on her back sensing that she was about to lose her dominant position. But once Halle pushed herself up, Nikki was able to wrap her legs around Halle's waist and again she started to squeeze with all her might. Nikki leaned forward and slowly forced Halle back down on the floor with Nikki's tits on either side of Halle's head as she forced the African-American's face into the carpet. Nikki quickly started rocking and bouncing, grinding Halle's face into the expensive Berber as Halle groaned.

After grinding Halle's face in the carpet for a few minutes, Nikki stopped and lifted her chest off the back of Halle's head and got up. She stomped on the small of Halle's back and Halle let out a loud "OOOF!" Nikki turned and straddled Halle's head, then grabbed Halle's hair and pulled her to her knees where she wrapped her muscular legs around Halle's head and began to squeeze. Halle screamed from the pain of Nikki's powerful head scissors for several minutes until Nikki's legs just couldn't maintain the pressure any longer and she let go of Halle's head and let Halle collapse on her stomach.

Nikki put her foot on Halle's back and winked at her husband as she asked, "So, tough girl, you had enough?"

Halle was in a lot of pain, but she was too proud to quit in front of her guests. "No," she whimpered. "I'm not done yet."

Nikki laughed and said, "Bad move."

She walked down Halle's body and straddled her legs. With Halle on her stomach, Nikki's next move was easy as she grabbed Halle's legs, locking her arms around them, then squatted as she pulled Halle's legs back until she had the African-American beauty in a Boston Crab. As Nikki continued to apply more and more pressure, Halle's back began to ache. The pain grew more and more intense as the redhead continued to apply pressure.

Halle held out as long as she could, but finally she could not tolerate the pain anymore and weakly said, "I give. You win."

Nikki released Halle's legs and raised her arms in the air as Bobcat came over and gave her a hug and a kiss. Halle continued to lie on the ground for a couple of minutes while her guests ignored her, crowding around Nikki and congratulate her for her victory. Halle began to sob and she continued to cry until Sharon Stone picked her up and carried her inside. She put Halle down gently and got a wash clothe and some ice, then carefully cleaned her up and put ice on Halle's aching back.

Sharon smiled and said, "We're going to have to start working out again when you're feeling better. Then as soon as you're ready, you're going to challenge that big-titted smart-ass to a rematch. And next time, that shit is going down - hard!"

Contine to Sharon Stone vs. Raquel Welsh

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