Time Traveler #2.5: Karen McDougal vs. Nikki Cox and Vanessa Marcil by Irish

PREVIOUSLY ON ‘TIME TRAVELER’: Karen has just returned from 1865 and is sitting in a hot bubble bath resting her aching muscles when she hears a knock at her hotel room door. Since she’d just found a comfortable spot to rest her head on the rim of the large tub - filled to near capacity so only her head and her knees broke the thick blanket of the bubble bath. She really didn't want to move, so she didn’t!

‘If I ignore them, maybe they'll just go away,’ she thought, remaining where she was with her eyes shut. But Nikki had no intention of waiting for somebody to let her in and she used her employee passkey to open Karen's door and enter the suite. With soft relaxing music playing in the background, Nikki walked through the living room area undetected. Karen wasn't in bed either, so Nikki continued to the bathroom where the door was slightly ajar. When she slipped through the door, her large breasts didn't clear the opening and brushed the door, pushing it open with a squeak.

"Damn! I'll have to get housekeeping to get that thing oiled up," Nikki thought. Karen heard the sound and it jolted her back from the little vacation she was taking in her mind. "Oh! I'm sorry Miss McDougal,” Nikki purred. “I just wanted to check in with you like I had said at the front desk; to make sure that every thing’s OK," she said with a smile. Karen could see Nikki was holding a magnum of champagne in her hand and a single fancy fluted glass. "I brought a little something from the Montecito's private wine cellar," Nikki said, brandishing the large bottle. "When I want to relax, I just take a hit of bubbly and before you know it, my eyes are closing and I'm fast asleep." Karen began to relax and closed her eyes again. Nikki stepped behind her, lifted the magnum and SMASH! "Just like I told you K Mac! One hit of the bottle and your eyes are closed! You’re fast asleep and now I can begin to relax!" Nikki said as she walked away from the unconscious Playmate to the vanity and set the glass down.

POP! went the cork, then Nikki poured herself a glass of the bubbly. She sat down on the toilet seat lid beside where Karen lay slumped in the tub. "Now that I have your attention, I wanted to have a little chat about the way Hef and his prima donnas treat the staff at the Montecito!" Nikki rambled on and on to her captive audience about how she was going to kick her ass all over the suite and how Playmate's were nothing more than glorified sluts until, after several minutes, Karen began to show signs of life.

"Hey now! Don't interrupt me!" Nikki barked as she grabbed Karen’s hair and pushed her under the blanket of soap bubbles. Karen began to thrash her arms and legs, flailing trying to gain her freedom; but Nikki was in a dominate position and the weakened Playmate couldn’t free herself before she succumbed to the water entering her lungs. Nikki pulled her head above the water and laid it back against the side of the tub, then te redheaded dynamo poured a second glass of the champagne and began stroking Karen's hair, brushing it away from her face. "Not bad! You and I are going to have fun here in Hef's little ‘home away from home.’ And then you'll be the one that will be waiting on me. Tending to my needs. Sounds like fun! Doesn't it?" The question went unanswered since Karen was still out cold, but soon Karen began to moan and show signs of reviving. "Just as well!" Nikki thought. "We might as well get this show on the road!"

She polished off the rest of her drink, set the glass back down onto the vanity, then arched her back, thrusting her big boobs out as she reached back behind her, and pulled down the zipper at the back of her dress, letting it slide down her long luscious legs to the floor and stepping out of it. She neatly folded the dress, laying it beside the glass. Nikki's large breasts strained the thin material of her bra as she stood over Karen in bra and matching panties, but she decided to leave her heels and thigh highs on after she looked her reflection in the mirror and mused, "Very nice - even if I do say so myself!"

When Karen began to cough up water, Nikki walked over, grabbed a handful of hair and with a flick of her wrist, rolled the sputtering, gasping Playmate out of the tub onto the hard ceramic tile floor. SPLAT! Karen’s naked wet skin made the the wet sound as she dropped onto the tile floor. She landed like a large tuna that’d just been reeled in and dumped on the wet deck of a fishing boat. Nikki planted her foot on Karen's hip and kicked her over onto her back, then the redhead sat down heavily on Karen's stomach, forcing more water from her lungs which spurted out her mouth like a fountain.

(COUGH! COUGH) "Nikki! What are you doing? Get off of me!" Still dazed and disoriented, Karen hadn't remembered all that had happened since she saw Nikki holding the champagne. Now the redhead was straddling her waist and her head was pounding.

"Oh give it a rest Karen! You know what this is all about. It's PLAYTIME!" Nikki said as she reached down and grabbed Karen's erect nipples and began to tug. Karen’s hands shot to Nikki's wrists as she tried to pry her fingers from her nipples, digging her fingernails into the soft flesh. Nikki yelped and grew pissed at this assault on her arms and began to painfully twist Karen's nipples.

“Shit Nikki! LET ME GO!" Karen protested at this new inflicted pain. But she was unable to stem Nikki's brutal attack on her breasts, so she decided to give the redhead a little of her own medicine and reached up and grabbed two handfuls of Nikki's large breasts, digging her fingers into the soft orbs right through the sheer material of her bra.

"OH! OWWWW FUCK! You bitch!" Nikki screamed at the pain that Karen inflicted on her pride and joys! She let go of Karen's breast as the Playmate continued to attack hers, trying to knock the actress off to one side. Karen tried wrestling Nikki off to her left as she continued to dig her nails into the redhead. POW! Nikki fired a right cross to the Playmate's chin and Karen saw stars; her grip on Nikki's breast loosening. Nikki placed both of her arms under Karen's, then shot them up and out, breaking the Playmate's grip. Nikki fired several punches straight down into Karen's breast flattening them up against her ribcage. Karen's arms just flailed away in panicked motions just trying to cover up and protect herself from the onslaught. As Nikki continued to hammer away, she began to grow frustrated and decided to grab Karen's arms. Once she had her restrained, Nikki lifted herself up off of Karen just long enough to pull her arms under her ass, then sat back down.

The redhead looked down at her own cleavage and noticed angry bloody scratches and screamed, "You fucking tramp! I'm going to kill you!" But with her arms trapped under Nikki, Playmate Karen was defenseless and Nikki just grinned as she sank her talons into each of Karen's bulging breasts until the Playmate was screaming, "Nikki! Please….please stop! Oh GOD!" After she’d carved parallel rows of deep, red, furrows in Karen’s formerly flawless breasts, Nikki sat back for a moment and studied her handiwork.

"Nikki….when I get up….I swear I'm ….gonna beat the ….crap….outta you!" Karen gasped between sobs.

"Oh! Is that so?" Nikki growled as she let go of her breast attack and reached behind her with her left hand and found Karen's sweet spot latching on tightly. Karen screamed and began thrashing her whole body about trying to break the hold. "How's this bitch? Let me know when you're going to beat the shit out of me!"

Nikki leaned forward and started throwing punches to Karen's face with her right hand. After several blows, blood began to flow from Karen's nose and the corner of her mouth. With one last punch, Karen's struggles stopped altogether. Nikki had broken a sweat from all the exertion so she decided to have a little more champagne. She walked over, poured herself another glass and started playing with her hair as she studied her reflection in the mirror. Then she picked up Karen's brush and began brushing her long hair back, finally affixing it into a ponytail. She then touched up her makeup and turned back to continue showing Karen a little 'Montecito hospitality.' Karen had rolled over onto her stomach by this point and was struggling to get to her hands and knees. That’s when Nikki saw Karen's back for the first time!

"You sick bitch! No wonder you looked whipped. What did they use to beat your ass like that?" Nikki took one long pull from her glass and looked around the room for something to make Karen feel at home. The best that she could do was to remove the shoulder strap from Karen’s pocketbook on the vanity. "Well, if that’s the kink you're into, I guess this’ll have to do."

SNAP! “AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!” Karen screamed on contact.

Karen's mind raced back to 1865 Georgia and Scarlett whipping her ass raw as she hung suspended in the barn. Would Nikki believe her if she told her that the bloody welts on her back and ass where really 140 years old? Karen crawled away from Nikki as fast as she could, but she could never get far enough away.

SNAP! “AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!” Another direct hit!

SNAP! “AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!” Hat trick!

Just as Nikki drew her arm back for another strike, the phone rang! "Who the hell could that be?" she bitched, angry at having her fun interrupted. "You're not expecting anybody are you?" But Nikki had worked in the hotel long enough to recognize the ring as a call originating inside the hotel. "Let me get that Karen. I'll be just a moment. And oh yeah!"


Nikki picked up the phone and in a very pleasant voice said, "Penthouse, may I help you?"

"Nikki is that you?" the voice on the other end of the phone whispered from the front desk.

"Why yes it is! What can I do for you today Vanessa?" Nikki purred.

Karen, taking what she saw as her only chance for help, began to scream at Nikki and the phone, "Help! CALL the police!"

Nikki was annoyed with Karen's efforts however and said, "Can you hold on a second dear? Thanks!"

SNAP! “AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!” This was a direct hit across the tits as Karen turned toward Nikki and the phone in an effort to have her cries for help heard.

"Nikki! What's going on up there?” Vanessa said breathlessly. “We’re getting calls from all over the hotel complaining about someone yelling bloody murder!" Vanessa Marcil asked her friend and coworker.

"Just tell 'em it's a lover's quarrel and to mind their own business! Hey Vanessa, what're you doing now? Why don't you come up and have a little fun with me and one of Hef's whores? Really? OK then, I'll see you soon!"

Nikki hung up the phone and turned back to Karen. "We're going to have some company in a few minutes Karen. But you look so tired; why don't you take a little nap?"

Nikki removed her bra allowing her large breast to make their first appearance of the day; the nipples swelled with anticipation as she stepped towards Karen. The poor Playmate was having a really bad weekend; first the coal shovel, then the whip, then Jasmine crushing her breasts in a vise followed by her fight with Scarlett. Then since she arrived back in Vegas it had been all Nikki as she easily handled the weary Playmate, first knocking her out with the bottle and nearly drowning her, then beating the shit out of her and whipping her with a strap. Karen realized she'd better do something fast before Vanessa joined the party. Nikki walked over to Karen, and pulled the Playmate to her feet by the hair and shoved her back, sending Karen onto the bed on her back.

"Not so fast bunny girl! I'll tell you when and how you'll take your little power nap!" Nikki said as she reached down and latched onto both of Karen's breasts, using the convenient 'hand holds' to drag her back up to a seated position with her legs dangling over the edge of the bed.

"OH SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!" the Playmate cried.

"I ought to wash that filthy little mouth of yours out with soap! But we're fresh out of soap, so these will have to do!" Nikki said as she pulled Karen's face deep into the cavernous cleavage of her breast.

"MMMPPPHHTTT!!" was all the protest Karen could muster as, with her body still wet from the bathtub, Nikki was able to form a perfect seal around her face.

In panic mode, Karen arms flailed and looked for something to grab hold of to help her gain her freedom. She figured that she had less than thirty seconds to come up for air or she would be out cold again. Her hands found Nikki's panties, which she immediately grabbed hold of and yanked high up into the crack of the redhead's ass.

"Ouch! Why you little bitch!" Nikki protested as she held Karen's head in place with a tight bear hug. "Soon you'll be picking my panties out with your teeth!" she hissed, not letting go an inch. Time was ticking and Karen felt herself getting light headed.

"Have to move now!" Karen thought as she sank her nails into the back of Nikki's thighs looking to shred her hamstrings. Nikki cried out and was forced to hold on when Karen stood, picking Nikki up off the floor. Karen began to wobble from the lack of oxygen and with her last remaining ounce of strength, pushed forward power bombing Nikki flat on her back. Karen's face was pretty much protected on impact by Nikki's breast. "I wonder if this is how they got the idea for driver's side airbags?" Karen wondered as she rolled off of Nikki gasping for air, sucking in enough to allow her lungs to reinflate.

Nikki wasn't as lucky as she landed flat on her back, striking her head on the floor with Karen's complete body weight driving her down. The redhead brought her hands up to her face and covered her eyes as her head pounded. Karen sat on Nikki's hands, trapping them against her face. The Playmate now made up for lost time as she hammered blow after blow to Nikki's tits that rapidly lost their shape and turned black and blue.

"I'll get to beating the shit out of you in a minute!” Karen told her. “But first, let me finish applying a little tenderizer,” she chuckled as she flattened Nikki’s breasts as she ground her ass on her face. With most of the fight taken out of Nikki, Karen reached down and grabbed the waistband of the redhead's panties. "Now, let's see if you're a real redhead!" Karen said as she jerked the clothl up, wedging it deep in Nikki's slit. RRRIIIIPPPP!!!!!! The material parted and Karen went tumbling off of Nikki.

Nikki had just begun to make it up to all fours when Karen snapped a kick right to the point of her chin, cranking her head back. A second kick to the belly flipped the actress back onto her back. Seeing her rival lying there in just her thigh highs, Karen got a clever idea and quickly worked them both down her legs and off her feet. Draping them around her neck, Karen grabbed a handful of red ponytail and hauled Nikki to her feet. Getting a running start, Karen threw Nikki up onto the bed causing her to crash face first into the headboard.

The Playmate straddled the actress' back as she took the first of the thigh highs from her shoulders. In a flash, she had Nikki's wrist bound together and then lashed to the headboard, with the strong nylon material. As Nikki began to realize what Karen was up to, she began to struggle frantically. But it was a little too little, a little too late and Karen grabbed the second thigh high and wrapped the ends around each fist before wrapping it around Nikki's neck. Karen pulled tightly as Nikki's eyes bulged and the redhead kicked her feet trying anything to free herself. When there was no more struggles, Karen released her chokehold and slid off of Nikki.

"I hope that champagne’s still cold." Karen said as she headed over to the bathroom. And there it was still in the chrome bucket full of ice, the magnum of champagne. Karen picked it up and took a swig right from the neck of the bottle. "Not bad! I'll have to order a second bottle and charge it to you my dear Nikki." Karen reentered the suite and picked up her pocketbook strap.

SNAP! “AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!” This time, it was Nikki who cried out in pain!

Vanessa Marcil was just about to put her passkey in the door lock when she heard the scream from inside the room.

"Shit Nikki! I told you to take it easy people were...." she stopped mid-sentence when she saw Nikki tied to the bed, being whipped by the busty Playmate. "What the hell happened in here!" she thought as she quietly shut the door and charged toward Karen.




SNAP! “AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!” Karen was busy getting even with Nikki for her earlier beating.

"GOD, I wonder if MY back looks that bad?" Karen thought.

BAM! Vanessa left her feet and dove into Karen knocking her from her perch atop Nikki. The two women landed on the far side of the bed with Vanessa ridding Karen all the way down to the floor. With the Playmate trapped under her, Vanessa began to bang Karen's head against the floor stunning her.

"Who the hell do you think you are hurting my friend Nikki?" she screamed at Karen who's eyes were rolling around in her head. "You fuck with her - you fuck with me!"

Nikki was brought around by Vanessa's voice. "Vanessa! Untie me! Quick!" Nikki pleaded to her friend. Looking down at Karen, Vanessa cocked her arm back to give Karen one more stiff bitch slap across the face, but she stopped short and instead caressed the Playmate's flushed face. "Vanessa! What are you doing? Untie me!' Nikki demanded.

But Vanessa was a little preoccupied at the moment, and leaned forward and planted a wet passionate kiss on the lips of the barely conscious Playmate. "Hey Nikki, do you think she swings?" Vanessa asked her friend. "I don't give a damn Vanessa! Untie me and she's all yours." Nikki screamed trying to get her friend to snap out of her trance. "She's got pretty nice tits too! Don't you think?" Vanessa ran her hand down the Playmate's breast, over her belly, and parted her labia, sliding two fingers into Karen. "Vanessa! Before she wakes up, get your ass over here and untie me! Now!"

Nikki finally had gotten Vanessa's attention, and the brunette stood up and began to suck Karen's nectar from her fingers as she defiantly stared down Nikki, “I'll be there when I'm damn good and ready!” Nikki wasn't real happy at the moment, but it wasn't like she could do anything about it. When Vanessa had finished her little snack, she walked over to free her friend. "I didn't know bunnies tasted that good Nikki," Vanessa giggled as she unwrapped the thigh-high that still hung loosely from Nikki's neck.

"That's better!” Nikki snapped. “Now get this shit off of my wrists; I'm going to kick that bitch’s ass!" Nikki yelled.

"You know what Nikki? You got really nice tits too!" Vanessa teased her girlfriend as she reached under her to fondle her large breasts. Nikki began to protest the violation, but instead of releasing her breast, Vanessa just started tweaking the nipples. Nikki's face was getting as red as her hair!

"Vanessa, I'm asking you nicely; please untie me so I can kick the shit out of that bitch? I promise once I'm done, I'll help you tie her up again, then she's all yours to do whatever you want with. Now please untie me?" Vanessa seemed happy with Nikki's idea and stopped playing around with her and went to work on the redhead's restraints. "Hurry up Vanessa! She'll be awake soon," Nikki protested.

"Relax Nikki! I'm doing the best that I can…I just can't get this knot!"

"Well look around and find a goddam knife you knuckle-head!" Nikki growled impatiently.

“AAAAHHHH!!!!” Vanessa screamed as Karen grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled the brunette into a side headlock and started pumping her fist into her face. The smaller brunette had been in only a few fights, and she’d decided she didn't care for it too much. As her companion cried out in pain, Nikki decided to swing into action. Her arms were trapped, but her legs weren't and Karen suddenly felt a shortness of breath as Nikki swung her legs around the Playmate's waist and locked her ankles.

"Oh shit!" Karen grunted as Nikki started to squeeze the life out of her.

Karen's grip on Vanessa began to weaken, and the brunette's body slid down the Playmate. Soon she completely released her grip and the brunette fell to the floor between Karen's legs. Karen's hands shot to Nikki's legs and frantically tried to pry them apart. Digging her nails deep into Nikki's thighs, Karen stood, stretching Nikki's body out and away from the headboard. Karen struggled trying to power forward as Nikki cried out feeling like her shoulders were being ripped from their sockets. Just as Karen felt like she was about to break free, she felt Vanessa's fingers penetrate her vagina again. The struggle became to a stalemate as the Playmate began to feel embarrassed at how much she was enjoying Vanessa's sudden ‘attack.’ Nikki sensed that something had changed. Either Karen was growing tired, or her legs scissors where having the desired affect. Either way, Nikki renewed her efforts concentrating all her remaining energy into squeezing Karen's waist.

"OOOOOWWW!" Karen gasped with pleasure.

Nikki didn't hear it, but Vanessa sure did and she pulled her fingers out. Karen was disappointed, but she tried to concentrate on breaking free from Nikki again and reached back and sunk her nails into Nikki's gut locking on a killer stomach claw. Nikki cried out and loosened her grip on Karen's waist.

In the meantime, Vanessa got up into a kneeling position in front of Karen, then reached around the Playmate and grabbed two handfuls of Karen's ass cheeks, pulling them as far apart as she could. Karen was caught by surprise again when Vanessa slid a finger past her sphincter muscle, but the most surprising thing was when Vanessa buried her tongue deep in the Playmate's pussy, which she’d spent the last few minutes priming! Vanessa began to expertly work Karen's love box, bringing her close to a climax! Karen broke free of Nikki's scissors and pushed Vanessa on her back, following her down but not allowing her to withdraw her tongue! When Vanessa's tongue began to cramp, she grabbed Karen's clit with her lips and sucked it into her mouth and hungrily began to suck it. Karen was completely got lost in the moment; fighting with all her might not to cum when Nikki kicked the Playmate in the side of the head knocking her off of Vanessa. Karen shrieked as her clit stretched before it was pulled from Vanessa's clenched mouth.

"Vanessa! Get your ass over here right now and untie me!" Nikki demanded of the love-struck brunette.

Vanessa jumped up as Nikki yelled at her not knowing what to do next. She quickly looked over at the Playmate and saw that she was rolling around on the ground in pain with her hands between her legs. "Let me find a knife Nikki. I'll be right back." Vanessa said as she ran out of the room and began rummaging through drawers in the kitchen.

“Hurry Vanessa!" Nikki urged.

The very pissed Playmate slowly got to her feet and picked up the discarded strap of her pocketbook from the carpet. Nikki was looking in the direction Vanessa had disappeared, hoping she’d release her before Karen shook off the pain.

SNAP! “AAAAAHHHHHH!!!” But it was too late!

SNAP! “AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!” Vanessa heard the crack of the whip and Nikki's screams from the other room and decided that she really didn't want to go back into the bedroom.

SNAP! “AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!” Karen whipped Nikki's ass raw before she dropped the strap on the bed and picked up the two thigh highs which she used bind Nikki's right ankle to the two bedposts. Then she climbed up onto the bed and straddled Nikki's waist. The redhead just lay there moaning in pain 'til Karen slapped her face several times, bringing Nikki around.

Looking down into Nikki's eyes, Karen yelled, "Vanessa! Get your ass in here! You don't want me to have to come looking for you!" The smaller brunette appeared in the bedroom doorway and timidly approached the bed. Karen moved herself down between Nikki's legs, then laid down on her back atop the redhead; reached behind her head and ‘plumped’ Nikki's large breasts like she was fluffing a pillow. She looked up at Vanessa and asked sharply, "OK, where were we?" The hotel hottie didn't waste a moment; she dove face-first between Karen's legs and picked up her tongue work right were she'd left off!

The next morning, when Karen was checking out of the Montecito to return to LA, she stopped at the front desk to say good-bye to Vanessa who greeted her with an impish smile and asked. "How was your stay at the Montecito Miss McDougal? Everything to your liking?"

Karen just smiled and said "I found the bed a little lumpy after you left last night. Maybe maintenance can take a look at it for me before my next stay?"

"We'll take care of it right away. And please cum again REAL SOON!"

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