Time Traveler #3: Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS (Karen McDougal w/Neriah Davis as Ilsa; Adara Michaels as Helena) by Irish

During World War II, the allies had a hardly know secret weapon, Prisoners of War. Not just any POWs, but specifically the allied POWs of Stalag 13 not too far from the German City of Dusseldorf. The soldiers and airmen of Stalag 13, under the command of Colonel Robert Hogan, conducted various acts of sabotage, espionage, smuggling, and supporting local resistance. One of their most important missions was helping allied airmen escape to England through the French underground. All was going well for the allies, or as well as things could go for POWs. The camp was under the command of the bumbling and harmful Colonel Wilhelm Klink and it was well know that the camp was really run by the prisoners and Colonel Klink's secretary Fraulein Hilda. Hogan could get Hilda to do just about anything for the price of a new set of nylons. Klink's second in command was Sergeant Hans Schultz, and for the price of some baked goods, they had him jumping through hoops.

That all changed one day after a visit from Major Wolfgang Hochstetter of the SS. He saw what was really going on and knew that the POWs of Stalag 13 were still playing a very active role in the war efforts. It was time for a change. Hochstetter didn't replace Klink, as it would be too obvious that he was on to the POWs game. Instead, he had his own personal pit bull replace Fraulein Hilda as Klink's secretary. The new secretary, Ilsa, was a high ranking SS officer.

The way Ilsa's game worked was that when a new allied service man was captured, they would be brutally tortured by members of the SS. When they didn't succumb to standard SS methods, they would be delivered to Stalag 13 commanding officer's waiting room where the beautiful blonde secretary would show them all kinds of kindness and sympathy for their harsh treatment.

Most of these soldiers were strong willed men, but after not seeing their wives or girlfriends for months or even years, some gave into the She wolf's act. If they didn't give it up to her there in the waiting room, she would wait until that night when the prisoner was cold and starving in solitary confinement. Then like an angel of mercy, the beautiful Ilsa would appear with warm clothes, food, and an irresistible perfume generously dabbed right at the apex of her plunging neckline.

Ilsa got what she wanted and the serviceman wound up in general population as a traitor never haven't gotten a chance to sample the goods. The effectiveness of Stalag 13's POWs was now nonexistent. Even their nightly excursions had ceased when the special black uniformed troops of the SS started making the prison camp their home. The men of Stalag 13 had to except the fact that they were going to be watching the rest of the war from the sidelines.

As it turns out Hef's father felt the wrath of Ilsa first hand. He had been shot down in a bombing raid and sent to Stalag 13. Hef, the senior, had been tortured by the SS and then deposited the young aviator at the desk of Ilsa. He was in such bad shape from the beating, that she had to nurse him back to health. During her many visits to his bedside she was able to find out details of a secret project the Americans were working on called "The Internet." The information that the axis powers had gained from him almost cost the allies the war.

After Karen had returned to the LA Playboy mansion and told Hef all about her time traveling adventures, he had sat there looking off into space. "Hey Hef, are you OK?" she asked him. She was able to use her charm and dragged Hef's dark family secret from him. "Do you know where he was held and when?" Karen asked her boss. "I'll shoot back to good old Germany and be there as his chute lands. He can hop on the back of the fire bike and we'll do Paris together."

"Absolutely not! It's way too dangerous and I will not allow you to be put in that position." Was Hef's answer. "But Hef..." Karen began to protest, but Hef would have none of it. "I would never forgive myself if anything happened to you over there. Now drop it!" and that was as Regis says "The final answer."

Over the next few days Hef was miserable. He couldn't concentrate on business; he just moped around the mansion in a fog. See Hef in this state really bothered Karen. She knew just how she could find out what she needed to know for her little trip back in time.

"Christy, do you have a minute?" Karen asked as she poked her head into Christy Hefner's office. Christy just rolled her eyes. She hated Karen more then you would ever know. "If it really can't wait. I'm a little busy trying to run a magazine here! I don't know what up my father's ass lately, but he has become completely useless." "That's what I wanted to talk to you about. I think I have a way of helping him out, but he wouldn't let me. He says it's too dangerous and that I might be seriously hurt if was to try." Karen had Christy hook, line, and sinker!

Christy went on to tell Karen every detail that she possibly could with the intent of sending the Playmate off into harms way. Or as Christy hoped, worse! Karen knew what Christy was up too but took in every detail and either memorized it or jotted down notes to help her on her journey. When Christy had finished you would swear that her grandfather, Hef senior, was Eisenhower's right hand man and the winner of the Congressional Medal of Honor with five oak leaf clusters, if there was such a thing. Karen read through the bullshit and headed off to pick up the fire bike to start her little journey.

Paul Tuttle had done a lot of work to the fire bike, specifically in the time travel device. As Karen and the fire bike arrived in World War II Germany it was night time and the air was full of flashes and the sounds of anti-aircraft artillery peppering the dark sky in the hope of hitting an allied bomber on its way to hit its target of a German factory or military installation.

The loud noises frightened Karen as they seemed it be going off all around her. She quickly scanned the sky and focused on the drone of a B-17's engines. Not far behind was the P51-mustang flown by Hef Sr. Just as she saw the plane's silhouette against the flashes in the sky there was an explosion as the fighter was hit in one of the wings. It immediately began to lose altitude as it descended back towards Earth.

"I better get moving." Karen thought as she headed off towards the woods about a mile in front of her. As she sped down a winding road, a single chute appeared in the sky. "I hope that's Hef Sr.!" Banging the next gear of the bike. Just as Karen came out of a turn she heard the rush of water. "Fuck! Christy didn't say anything about a river!"

The rushing water grew closer as Karen sped down the roadway towards the crossing. Just as she neared the bridge, she had to lock up the brakes when she realized that the roadway was a casualty of war. Either taken out by an allied bomber to stop the German retreat, or taken out by retreating Germans to slow the progress of the advancing allies. Karen threw the bike back into gear and started following the river for another crossing. She found one about five miles up stream and made her way across and again followed the river back to the original bridge to get her baring. She saw the clump of trees that she watched the chute descend into and made a beeline for them. Just as she reached them, she heard a buzz of activity as the German troops came looking for the downed airman. There was a bounty on any captured pilots, and these troops would do just about anything for a weekend back in Berlin. Karen knew that she would have only seconds to effect the rescue and make her way to safety before the entire woods were swarming with krauts.

Karen wanted to cry out "HEFNER!" but with all the company she had in the woods, it was way too dangerous. She heard a tree branch break and looked up. There hanging from a branch near the top of the tree was the pilot hanging from his chute.

"Shit! Christy left this part out too. I'll never get him down in time!"

The German troops grew closer, and Karen had to beat feet without recovering Hef Sr. before her exit stage left. She shut the motor off and hid in the shadows, unable to do anything other than watch as the Germans captured Hef and beat him. She didn't know if his injuries were from the harsh landing or from the treeside interrogation by the troops, but Hef left on a stretcher. Karen was pissed off; both at Christy and at her inability to complete her mission. She should've been on her way back to France by now.

"I guess I will just have to settle for plan B!" she muttered as she waited for the activity in the woods to cease before firing up the bike and heading off in the general direction of Stalag 13. "I'll make the grab there and get him back where he belongs. Then, when I get back, Christy and I are gonna have a little *talk*"

Karen drove half the night till she reached the outskirts of a town not far from Stalag 13. She figured that the Germans probably hadn't made it this far with Hef yet, so she found a deserted farmhouse that must have been abandoned as the war swept through the area. She ditched the bike in the barn and slipped inside careful not to alert anybody that might be inside. As she searched the house, she was able to confirm that it was vacant and found herself an upstairs bedroom. It had three beds in it. One was too hard. One was too soft. But one was just right! She tied some tin cans to the door to act as an alarm on the door and snuggled into bed to catch some shut eye. She decided to wait for nightfall to begin phase two of the rescue mission.

Karen slept through the day and woke in time to watch the sun set over the mountains. It had snowed during the day and a thick white blanket covered everything causing Karen to forget about the war, as everything seemed so clean and peaceful. She scrounged around the house and found some canned food in the pantry.

"Whoever lived here sure left in a hurry!" But Karen was starving and the cold canned slop tasted like a gourmet fare.

She grabbed her backpack that she had brought with her to change into some clothes that were more from that time period. Her first choice, a black turtleneck and dark jeans, would not work against the white background of the snow. In one of the closets of the bedroom she found a white button down blouse and slipped on a pair of stone-washed jeans.

"This is about the best I'm going to be able to do in the way of camouflage."

In the hall closet Karen found a white fur hat and coat that she slipped on. The coat was a little large, but it was either that or freeze to death now that the sun had gone down. She slipped through a large group of trees till the prison camp came into view; a well-lit compound with high fences topped by razor sharp barbed wire.

"How the hell am I going to get in there!" she wondered as she walked along the tree line so as not to be spotted by one of the many guard towers until she came to an area of the fence line in the shadow of one of the buildings. She slipped into the darkness looking for an area that she could exploit. She felt a shiver pass through her as a cold, biting, wind blew right through the ill fitting coat. She looked up to the top of the nearly twenty foot fence and was just about to start scaling it when a strong arm grabbed her from behind and covered her mouth. Karen struggled with all her might to try and get away from her attacker, but the arm was way too strong!

"Don't move or I'll snap your neck," a firm voice whispered in her ear. She didn't make another move. The sentence was spoken in perfect English with an accent that she figured as from near Chicago.

She looked down and saw that the hand that covered her mouth was black. She relaxed a little thinking she couldn't remember any blonde, blue eyed Aryans who were black, so he had to be an American. The next thing she knew, she heard him whisper 'sorry' then he brought down his right hand at the base of her neck knocking her out. The American easily picked her up and carried her back towards the tree line. He made sure that he was not being watched and then opened the top of the tree stump that concealed the opening to the secret tunnel that led from underneath the barracks. He quickly made his was back to through the tunnel and climbed the ladder leading to the enlisted men's barracks of the prison camp.


His special knock was answered and the bottom bunk began to rise revealing the inside of the room.

"What the hell do you have there Kinch?" LeBeau and Newkirk asked the Sergeant. "It's a bloody woman! What did you bring her here for?"

Kinch dumped Karen on a bed in the center of the room and removed her hat and coat.

"You two keep an eye on her. I have to go find Colonel Hogan and see vat he vants to do vith her." Kinch said as he opened the door a crack.

When the coast was clear, he went in search of his commanding officer. Back in the barracks LeBeau and Newkirk argued over Karen.

"Kinch is fucking nuts! She HAS to be a Nazi spy. What else would she be doing wandering around the woods outside a prison camp? I bet she's one of that evil bitch Ilsa's girls; sent here to charm information out of us. But this time, I'm getting some!" Newkirk added.

He reached down grabbed hold of the front of Karen's blouse and tore it open sending the small buttons flying all over the room. LeBeau reached down and undid Karen's pant's button and zipper. In a flash the small Frenchman had her jeans and panties down below her knees. LeBeau dropped his own pants preparing to mount the Playmate while Newkirk yanked up on her bra pulling it up around her neck. The barracks had no insulation and Karen's nipples immediately stiffened in the cold air.

"Would you take a look at these babies?" Newkirk called to LeBeau.

Neither had been with a woman in quite some time and really didn't care if Karen was a Nazi spy or not. Karen came around and began struggling against the two men intent on raping her.

"Let go of me you fucking animals!" she protested just as the door opened and Kinch and Hogan entered.

"What are you two doing? We could hear you from half way across the camp! Quiet it down before this place is crawling with krauts!"

But his warning was too late for right behind the two Americans were three German guards that had also heard the struggles from inside the thin walls of the barracks. Two guards lined the allied troops up against the wall while the third went in search of the camp Commandant. Karen was forced to stand along the wall, but not until after the horny guards stripped off her bra and blouse. The jeans and panties were left around her lower legs and while they waited, one guard began prodding Karen with the barrel of his rifle; first pressing it deep into her breast and flattening the tender flesh against her body; then he lowered the barrel between her s legs and was trying to force them apart when the first guard returned with Sergeant Schultz, Ilsa, and her new assistant Helena. Schultz was the first to enter and stopped dead in his tracks blushing, then muttered, "I zee nothING!"

Ilsa and Helena pushed past him and stopped in front of Karen and the allied prisoners.

"Vell, vat do ve haf herre?" asked Ilsa a she took the rifle from the guard and spun it around so the barrel was pointing at the floor. She pushed the rifle barrel between Karen's legs, rubbing the front cold metal against her naked sex. The sadistic blonde really enjoyed seeing the fear in Karen's eyes.

"Helena! Comen ze herre. Vat do you zink of our neu visitors teats?"

Helena leaned forward and licked a long stroke with her tongue across one of Karen's tits. The men in the room grew weak in the knees for it was exactly what they'd all have loved to be doing.

"Zhe tastes a little zalty," Helena observed. "Ze slut probably dozzn't bathe all zat much!"

Helena grabbed both of Karen's breasts and began to gently massage and caress the large mounds of flesh. Karen held her breath as the German woman enjoyed herself, then without warning, the gentle fondling fingers turned into angry claws as Helena dug her fingernails deep into Karen's flesh. Karen's hands shot up to defend herself, but she was stung by a brutal backhanded bitchslap!

"Did I tell you zat you could touch me!" Helena spat in Karen's red face. "You are now ze prizonner uf var; und ze only rights you haff frum now on, are zee ones zat I giff you - or zee ones zat I beat out uf you! Verstanzee, fraulein slut?"

When Karen didn't acknowledge the question immediately, her face was rocked by another bitchslap, followed by a knee to the groin that doubled the Playmate in pain. Ilsa grabbed Karen's hair and pulled her forward, flinging her to the floor on her belly.


"Schultz! Cuff ze prizzoner unt haul ze bitches azz to the gulag. Mach schnell!!"

The German sergeant was deeply afraid of Ilsa and Helena and he jumped at the sound of her voice, cuffing Karen's hands behind her back before pulling the Playmate to her feet. Once he had her up, he bent over to pull up her jeans so Karen could walk.

"I dint zay nozzing about her pantz fool! Get ze bitch movink!" Ilsa demanded.

Schultz looked at the She Wolf, but decided it wasn't a good idea to question the Gestapo, so he took Karen by the arm and pulled her toward the door. Karen was forced to shuffle her feet through the deepening snow outside as she was led away. Ilsa decided Karen wasn't showing enough enthusiasm and snapped at Schultz in German to let go of her arm and let her walk on her own. Karen was relying on Schultz's support and when he released her arm, she stumbled and almost fell. When she came to a stop, Ilsa cracked her riding crop across her ass and yelled at her to move, "Schnell!"

Karen jumped on contact with the riding crop, tripped over her pants and crashed face first into the snow. With her hands restrained behind her back, nothing broke her fall and she crashed down tits-first in the snow. The Playmate was cold enough from the lack of clothing and the freezing, biting, wind. Now, lying in the cold wet snow, she was almost numb with pain.

"Oh look, our little visitor vants to make ze snow angels. Here, let me help you!" Ilsa said.

She kicked Karen in the ribs rolling her over onto her back in the snow. Helena felt left out and since she was standing opposite Ilsa, she kicked Karen back toward her boss. Soon, the two women were having what looked like a tennis match with Karen as their ball! When Karen stopped at Helena's feet for the last time, the cruel blonde reached down and pulled Karen's shoes, socks, jeans, and panties off, leaving her completely naked and shivering in the snow.

"Ilsa dahlink, vould you mindt giffing me a hand?" Helena asked her boss.

The two women bent down between Karen's legs and spread them wide and then wider still! When she was just about at the breaking point, Helena scooped up two handfuls of snow and began to mold and roll it into a cylindrical shape. Schultz, at this point, was ready to explode! He hadn't felt this excited since the time LeBeau baked him a hot apple pie for his birthday! Here he was outside in the dead of winter, and he was actually sweating. Helena grabbed the phallic shaped shaft she'd fashioned and shoved it up between Karen's legs. It melted almost instantly, but Karen's core temperature was dropping rapidly.

Then Ilsa got an idea for some psychological warfare against the male prisoners of the camp. She sent one of her guards back to the barracks to make sure that they weren't looking out the window, but to ensure she had their attention, then instructed Helena to cover Karen's mouth so she couldn't scream.

"Schultz! Get that fat ass of yours over here!" Schultz did as he was told and ran to the She Wolf. "Drop your pants!" she ordered.

In fear for his safety, he did exactly that without question. With his pants around his ankles, she pulled out a knife and plunged it right towards his face. She didn't stab him as he feared, but instead instructed him to bite down on the handle. When everything was in place, she swung her hand, connecting with a loud SLAP on his ass. At the exact monent of the impact, Helena yelped a feminine cry. SLAP! "OW!" SLAP! "OH SHIT!" SLAP! "PLEASE…STOP!"

From inside the barracks, it sounded like Karen was getting her ass beaten red only a few feet away from the barracks front door. It was quite a convinsing show and as Ilsa beat Schultz's ass red, she had every Allied soldier squirming and fearing for the safety of their beautiful visitor.

"Are you happy now!" Kinch snapped at LeBeau and Newkirk.

They finished up the show, Helena grabbed Karen by the ankles and dragged her the rest of the way to solitary confinement, bumping and scuffing her bare butt through the icy cold snow. Ilsa instructed her to place Karen's body on a metal cot without a mattress and strap her wrists and ankles to the four-corners.

When the Playmate was restrained, Ilsa ordered on of her guards, "Bring me Hogan!" Then she pulled a curtain closed to hide Karen from view.

"Mistress Ilsa, please allow me the pleasure of this interrogation," Helena requested. "If you like, you can watch the session from the fishbowl."

Ilsa knew it was time to see what her young assistant had and left the room taking her place behind the one-way mirror. Helena filled a bucket with cold water, and placed it just outside the door as she awaited the arrival of Hogan. When the guard brought him into the room, she instructed him to secure the Colonel to a heavy metal chair that she had set up and to excuse himself, as she and the American had a lot to talk about. The guard did as he was told and closed the door behind him. When she was in the room with Hogan by herself, Helena began to slowly and seductively strip in front of him.

"What the hell is she doing?" Ilsa asked one of her guards not really expecting him to be able to answer the question.

When she was completely naked, Helena sat on Hogan's lap and began to grind her ass on his cock, which she could feel growing hard beneath her.

"So Colonel Hogan...can I call you Robert?" she asked as she continued to grind.

"Hogan, Robert; Colonel, United States Army Air Corps, 8675309," was his only reply.

"Oh come now Bobby. I can feel by zee zize of your cock zat you *enjoyed* zee way we handled zat little intruder. Iz OK for you to talk to me."

"Hogan, Robert, Colonel, United States Army Air Corps, 8675309," Hogan said, sticking to the company line!

"Look! You eizzer talk to me and tell me what I vant to know - and maybe ve enjoy ourselfes a little bits - or I beat zee shise out of zat American trollop - and it vill be on your head!"

"Hogan, Robert, Colonel, United States Army Air Corps, 8675309," he answered again.

"Very well zen, have it your vay, Oberst 'Ogan!"

The blonde stood and dressed herself. As Helena walked passed the mirror, she gave Ilsa a wink and headed for the front door. She opened it and retrieved the metal bucket of water that had already formed a crust of ice on its surface. Helena purposely walked across the room to the curtain and stood before it.

"Are you sure you don't vant we to spend zee rest of zee night zucking your dick instead of beating zat poor girl's azz?"

"Hogan, Robert, Colonel, United States Army Air Corp, 8675309," Hogan said once more.

"OK, haf it your way!" Helena said pulling the curtain open revealing Karen's unconscious body strapped to the bed.

She picked up the ice-cold bucket of water and tossed it onto Karen's naked body shocking her back to consciousness. The Playmate spit, shivered and shuddered as chunks of frozen water peppered her body. She was absolutely freezing now and to make matters worse, Helena had left the door to the interrogation room open allowing the cold breeze to blow across her shivering body. Helena rolled a small cabinet into Hogan's view as Karen pleaded for a blanket.

"You know Colonel, vasser makes a great conductor uf ze eeelectrizity," Helena stated as she affixed a metal clamp to each of Karen's hard, stiff nipples; red to one and black to the other, then sent a quick shot of juice through the connection. Karen's body jolted rigid as she screamed in agonyn. And that was just from a brief shock!

"Are you zertain mein Koronel? From zat bulge in your trousers, it lookz like you really could use a good zkrewink, yah?"

"Hogan, Robert, Colonel, United States Army Air Corps, 8675309."


Helena held the switch down nearly a minute, sending an electrifying shock through Karen's body. The Playmate's scream could be heard through out the entire camp.

"How about now Koronel? Are you zdartink to enjoy yourself, nein?" Helena asked once more.

Behind the glass, Ilsa was growing horny herself and began to rub the front of her uniform skirt, just below the belt. "I like ze way zis girl vorks! She iz almost az evil az meinzelf!"

"Hogan, Robert, Colonel, United States Army Air Corps, 8675309."


The latest *treatment* lasted well over two minutes with Helena slowly increasing the voltage as she stared down Hogan. When he didn't flinch, she shut off the machine and called for the guard to untie him and haul him to solitary. She didn't want her secret getting back to the other prisoners yet.

"Bring me anozzer von!" Helena snapped at the guard. As she waited for her next victim, she walked over to the two-way mirror and spoke to Ilsa. "I'm zorry I haven't had any zuckzess wiz him. I dunt zink he likez freuleins!"

"Don't worry liebling," the She Wolf replied. "You and I vill meet later to discuzz your ztyle!"

"Just az I thought, Ilsa iz von horny mozzer! I'll haf her eating out of mein ...hand, or vhatever...by tomorrow," Helena thought.

The next soldier brought into the interrogation room was Sergeant Andrew Carter. He took one look at Karen and was just about to start singing like a bird when they strapped him to the chair.

"Don't tell this bitch anything! Be strong!" Karen yelled, trying and inspire a little courage in him.

"Excuse me von minuten, Zargent!" Helena said as she walked over to the controls and sent another jolt to Karen's body.


"Oh shit!" Karen cried out in pain. "I'm going to kick your Nazi ass all over this fucking camp!" she threatened.

"Zorry about zat Andrew. Vhere vere ve?" Helena asked. "Oh yezz!" she said as she knelt between his legs, undid the zipper of his uniform pants, and pulled his dick out. "You like girls, ja Andrew?" As she fondled his balls, she took his shaft in her mouth all the way down the shaft. "Vood you like to zex vit me? How about zat American bitch over there? Tell me vat I need to know and zhe vill be all yours."

"Shut the fuck up Carter! Don't tell her anything," Karen groaned.

Helena went back down on the serviceman, who as it turns out, was still a virgin. "Zoo vat's it goink to be? You vant me to play nice or do you vant to vind up in zolitary? If I bring Kinch in here, I'm sure he vill be all over zat piece of azz over zere!" she said pointing at Karen. "If he sticks hiz big black cock in her, zhe'll never be zee zame again. Zo, if you vant to fuck her, now's ze time! Vat's it going to be?"

When she went down on him again, his eyes rolled back in his head and the Nazi knew he was going to tell her everything she wanted to know. When he was done singing, she called the guards and told them to take him back to the barracks.

"Hey! What about me and her...you promised!" he whined as he was dragged from the room.

"I lied dumpkoff. Write your congressman!" she laughed as he was dragged sobbing back to his barracks.

"You nasty bitch! That wasn't fair! You took advantage of that boy! Why don't you untie me and you and I can have a little talk about it?" Karen demanded of the blonde.

The blonde strode across the room back to where Karen was restrained on the bed and hissed angrily, "Don't hurt yourzelf tryink to be clever, American svine. After I uz you to bleed every lazt bit of informazzion from dese schoolboyz, I'm goink to conduct a lottery to pick zee order uf men who will raape you. You'll like zee German schtock a lot better zen zose limp-dick boyz your country haz zent over 'ere. Maybe zee Fuhrer himself vould like to fuck you in zee azz also!"

Before Helena left she tore both clamps from Karen's breast. "Oh shit!" Karen screamed. Helena just laughed as she headed out of the room, leaving the Playmate whimpering in pain.

Ilsa congratulated Helena on breaking the American Sergeant, "I izzpezially like ze vay zat you handled zat female zchpy. Letz go back to my quarterz to discuzz zis further and plan tomorrow'z interrogation ztrategy."

The two woman walked arm and arm across the camp disappearing into Ilsa's quarters. Soon after their arrival, the interior light went off and Helena never left for the rest of the night. When Carter got back to the barracks, he was a basket case. He just kept rambling on how he was sorry and how he really tried not to tell the Krauts anything.

"What the hell are we supposed to do now?" Newkirk asked. "We don't even have Colonel Hogan here to figure out a plan."

With their leader in solitary, the group of allies where disorganized and began to fight and argue with each other.

"Kinch this is all your fault! If you never brought that woman here I never would have broken!" Carter insisted.

"Me? What; are you kidding? If these two horny bastards could keep their dicks in their pants, the Krauts would have never known about her!" was Kinch's reply.

"Screw you Kinch!" LeBeau and Newkirk said in unison.

Just then the door to the barracks flew open and the badly beaten body of an American pilot was tossed into the middle of the fray before they guards disappeared and slammed the door shut behind them. Suddenly, the argument was forgotten and they all raced over to tend to their new prison-mate. They helped him to stand and lead him over to a table where they offered him a drink of schnapps that they had conned out of Schultz.

"Here Major. Take a leele hit of thees, it weel help dull zum of zee pain," the little Frenchman insisted.

Introductions were made and as it turns out, the injured flyer was one Major "Pappy" Hefner, a fighter pilot who had achieved Ace status just two months ago.

"Who's in charge here?" Hef asked curtly. "I've heard a lot of good things about this unit from pilots you've gotten back across the channel."

"That would be Colonel Hogan, but we have a bit of a situation here; he's spending the night in the cooler; maybe longer!"

When Hef was brought up to speed, he fought through his pain to and started to develop a plan. When all the men had their assignments, they sent for Colonel Klink to continue phase one of the plan.

"Colonel, thanks for joining us on such short notice." Pappy began when Colonel Klink arrived.

"Heer Major, you will learn from your stay here zat I run zis camp, not you! If I vish to speak to you, I vill send fur you," the German answered, trying to establish the tone for this new arrival.

"Colonel, we just wanted to talk to you about the American female prisoner your She Wolf has been torturing in the interrogation room." Pappy realized that Klink had no idea what was going on by the look on his face. "You ARE the one who runs this camp, aren't you Colonel?" Pappy pushed. "We were thinking maybe instead of them beating her the way they've been doing, it'd be more sporting for a little friendly competition. You ARE the master race, aren't you? Of course, if you're still embarrassed from the '36 Munich games, we understand...."

Klink immediately took the bait; hook, line and sinker. "Tomorrow we vill haff a lizzle kontest and our Ilsa vill show you vhy the Third Reich vill last a touzand years!" Klink said as he stormed out of the barracks.

"LeBeau! I need clothes for our new friend! Kinch, Newkirk; see if you can get Schultz to let you into that interrogation room and bring that woman back here! Lets move...hup, hup, hup!" Pappy growled at his subordinates.

"But Major! What do you want me to do?" Carter asked.

Before Hef could answer, Newkirk spit out, "Haven't you done enough?"

Hef looked over at Carter's hurt expression and gave him a task to carry out, "Carter, I need you to turn Colonel Hogan's room into VIP quarters for our guest. Make sure she has clean sheets, water, and something to eat!"

The men scattered to carry out their assigned tasks and soon Karen was being fed and resting comfortably in Hogan's warm bed. The allied troops took turns standing guard over her room and tending to her and Hef's injuries throughout the night.

The next morning, Ilsa and Helena had breakfast delivered to their quarters before making the trip to the interrogation room. This time, Ilsa wanted some hands on interaction with the new detainee. When they entered the dimly lit room, Ilsa was shocked to find the bed empty. "Schultz! Get your fat azz in here!" The nervous German sergeant arrived in a flash and stood before Ilsa and Helena shaking in his boots. "Schultz verdammit! Vere zee hell izz mein prizzoner?"

Schultz struggled to explain how Colonel Klink had Karen moved to prepare for the evening's games. As he had to explain to Ilsa exactly what games he was talking about, she grew more and more enraged. With Major Hochstetter away in Berlin, Ilsa didn't have much choice but to carry out the wishes of the camp commandant but as soon as he was back, she intended to make sure Klink was commanding a rifle squad on the Eastern Front!!

Ilsa and Helena spent the rest of the afternoon trying to get to Karen before the event, but during her short stay, Ilsa had made more then her share of enemies among the German troops and many of them who were off duty spent the day guarding the barracks, denying access to Ilsa and the Black Shirt Gestapo troops. Karen didn't get much rest that afternoon as she heard the sounds of the saws and hammers of the workers busily building the makeshift ring for the up-coming battle.

When Karen was given the clothes that LeBeau had worked all day, she took one look at the outfit; blue star-spangled short-shorts and a red bustier with gold trim, and she shook her head!

"Wonder Woman!? Is that the best you could do LeBeau?"

"I'm sorry mademoiselle," he whimpered. "But ze only zng zat I had to work wiss were zome of Carter's comic books. It waz either Wonder Woman or Bettie Boop....I 'ope you don't mind."

"It'll do," Karen sighed. "I'm certainly no Betty Boop! Now, how about working on some clothes for when I get OUT of here. If I remember correctly, I can't wear the clothes I arrived in because two perverts tore them off of me!" Karen said, casting a cold eye at LeBeau and Newkirk.

"I am very sorry about zat also," LeBeau purred superciliously. "I 'ave already made ze repairz for you!"

As night fell and fight time arrived, troops from both sides jammed the sides of the ring trying to get the best possible view of two beautiful women locked in mortal combat. At the appointed time, Colonel Klink took center stage and introduced the ladies; Karen first. She made her way to the ring to loud cheers from the allied troops and even some Germans. She stepped through the ropes in an olive drab robe made from a blanket from the barracks.

Then Ilsa was introduced! The big blonde Valkerie made her way to the ring in black-bloused pants tucked into her riding boots with an off white uniform shirt open to the waist. Completing the classic outfit, she carrieda riding crop hooked to her belt! Helena glared at the German troops, forcing them to support their countrywoman whether they wanted to or not. But when Karen dropped her robe and a deafening silence fell over the crowd; eyes grew wide and mouths dropped at the sight. Newkirk couldn't help but pat LeBeau on the back in recognition of his work on Karen's Wonder Woman costume.

The fight was like no other; there were no speeches, no opening bell, and no feeling out the other fighter. As soon as Klink exited the ring, the two women charged at each other and began to rain haymakers into each other's bodies. Initially, neither seemed to have an advantage with both women's faces showing early signs of battle scars and bruising, but soon, Ilsa began to take control as Karen's barrage slowed, obviously as a result of the previous night's torture session by Helena. Karen threw a sloppy right hook that was easily blocked by the She Wolf's left arm and the Playmate was wide open for a right uppercut to her bare midriff that lifted her feet right up off of the mat as Karen let out a pained grunt that brought a wicked smile to Ilsa's face. Not giving Karen a second to catch her breath and regroup, Ilsa reached forward, grabbed a handful of brunette hair and began spinning Karen around and around in a tight circle, then released her, sending her flying into the corner post!

The big blond German charged forward, smashing her right forearm down on the Playmate's throat. As Karen gagged and gasped for air, Ilsa grabbed her hair, pulled her out of the corner and flipped her out to the center of the ring. Karen landed hard flat on her back and while she lay struggling to get her wind, Ilsa ran across the ring, hopped over Karen and threw herself into the opposite side ring ropes which sling-shot herself back toward Karen. As Ilsa reached the wheezing Playmate, she leapt in the air and came down with both knees onto Karen's right thigh. Her body jackknifed in pain and Karen let out an ear-piercing scream.

"Vell Major Hefner, it dozzen't look very goot fur your shampion now," Klink began to break Hefner's balls.

And Hef had to admit, it didn't look too good as Ilsa lifted Karen's right leg, then began slamming rapid-fire kicks at the bone. Yes, it seemed Ilsa was going to find a weak spot and then exploit it! Karen grabbed her injured leg and tried to protect it but while she was busy leaning over cradling her throbbing leg, Ilsa stepped around behind Karen and released the catch of her red bustier.

ZZZZZiiiiipppp!!! Karen felt a sudden chill across her upper body as Ilsa whipped the hastily constructed Wonder Woman costume top from her body.

"I haf to zay Major, if zose are your secret veapons," Klink said, his eyes widening at the sight of Karen's magnificent mammaries. "Vile zeh look very evvective at distracting my men, zhe izz no match fur ein fighting freulein uf zee Turd Reich!"

At ringside, Helena was banging on the apron trying to get Ilsa's attention. When she made eye contact, Ilsa immediately knew what the young blonde wanted and she grabbed Karen by the arm, dragged her to her feet and flung Karen facefirst in the corner turnbuckle. Karen's bare breasts molded themselves around the thinly padded cushion, her chest and stomach taking the brunt o of the impact. She staggered, almost falling, then Helena reached under the bottom ropes and yanked the faltering Playmates legs out from under her. Karen slammed down on her ass on the mat, her big boobs bouncing as the crowd roared their appreciation of the awesome sight, then toppled over on her back. Ilsa came over, grabbed both of Karen's arms and pulled them over her head, kneeling down on them and pinning them to the mat. Outside the ring, Helena was busily beating her fist on the injured area of Karen's thigh but what was even worse, with her arms immobilized Karen was helpless to stop Ilsa from mauling her exposed breasts!!

"Klink! Stop this! She's had enough!" Hefner pleaded.

"I don't zink zo Herr Major. I beleef zis little zporting efent vas your idea. Now mein girlz are 'ust haffing a little vun," was the Colonel's reply.

"That's not fair, dammit!" LeBeau protested. "Zat beech on ze outzide of ze rink isn't part of ze fight!"

"Zorry mein little Frog freund, but zis izz vat ve kall 'ze home feld advantage'!"

With Helena holding and beating on her right leg, Karen drew back her left foot and kicked out with all her might, connecting with the soft flesh just below Helena's jutting chin. The German nearly bit her tongue off and she tasted her own blood as she dropped to the ground holding her jaw, spitting blood and gasping in the dirt in front of a group of Allied prisoners.

"Now THAT was justice!" they thought, recalling all the torture and punishment they'd suffered at Helena's hands.

Back in the ring, Ilsa was so intent on punishing Karen's tits that she had no idea she'd lost Helena's help as she'd taken her eyes off of Karen for a split second to reach down to her belt and unhook the riding crop she was carrying there. She reared back and prepared to slash the crop down across Karen's tits but with her legs now free, Karen brought both knees up to her chest, snaked her legs out from under the bottom rope and as Ilsa turned back to her, she snapped out her legs like a coiled snake striking!

Karen wrapped her strong legs around Ilsa's neck like a python trying to crush it's prey and the German freulein droped her crop as she reflexively shot her hands to Karen's ankles to try and pry them apart. Once she got Ilsa off balance, Karen snapped forward with her legs, driving the brutal blond bitch face-first into the steel corner post. BONK! Ilsa's grip loosened slightly and Karen repeated the move twice more. BONK! BONK!

Hef elbowed his German host in the ribs, "Not looking to good for the master race NOW, is it Klink?"

Klink just stared straight ahead in disbelief as Karen released her leg scissors and crawled out from under the She Wolf. She stood, she pulled Ilsa to her feet by the hair, then picked her up inverted and drove the German bitches head into the mat in a perfectly executed pile driver! Ilsa lay in the center of the ring, nearly out cold and flat on her back, her firm tits jutting upward and wobbling slightly with her heavy breathing. Looking down at her, Karen spied her red armband with the offensive swastika symbol of Nazi Germany. She thought of the grandparent of her best friend and the numbers tattooed on their forearms. But they'd been among the lucky ones who survived the death camps when the Allies liberated them. Karen knelt down, pulled the armband off of Ilsa's arm and proceeded to stuff it in the She Wolf's mouth.

"Chew on this awhile...bitch!" Karen said as she began to strip off the Nazi's uniform to the jeers of all the prisoners and most of the German regular army guards to whom Ilsa had 'endeared' herself during her short stay at Stalag 13. The black-clad SS troops just stood staring in shock as this American woman disassembled their feared leader. After Karen had removed Ilsa's uniform, she used the Nazi's belt to hog-tie her wrists and ankles behind her, then stood and posed with her foot on Ilsa's ass and her arms raised in victory like a cowboy she'd once dated after tying up a calf at a rodeo.

As Karen posed and preened for the cheering throng, Hefner suddenly yelled, "Lookout!"

Karen barely had time to turn around, let alone drop her arms, before she was hit with a spear by Helena. The impact slammed Karen down onto Ilsa on her back and, once again, the Playmate lay writhing and gasping with the wind knocked out of her - and Helena on top of her! As Karen struggled to catch her breath, Helena scrambled to her feet, grabbed the ankle of Karen's injured leg, and yanked up! The Playmate was slowly rotated over onto her stomach as the pit bull cranked up the pressure and rocked back trying to snap her leg. If this were a wrestling match, Karen would have tapped out from the pain, but there was no referee and this was no friendly contest - the stakes were far higher! Helena looked down at the fallen and disgraced Ilsa and sensed a changing of the guard in the female interrogation unit at Stalag 13!

Karen was able to twist her body until she was on her back and as Helena continued to wrench and twist her leg, Karen lashed out with a powerful mule kick to Helena's kneecap. The kick hyper-extended Helena's leg and, screaming in pain, she dropped the Playmate's ankle and crumpled to the mat writhing and clutching her injured knee. Karen crawled to the ropes which she had to use to pull herself back up to her feet. Once she was upright, Karen shakily hobbled back to the fallen German to renew her attack. She stepped between Helena's legs, reached down and grabbed a handful of blonde hair and started to pull, but the tough German wasn't done yet!

Helena snapped her legs together, trapping Karen around the ankles, then she reached up with her right hand and grabbed the waist of Karen's star-spangled shorts and yanked them down around her knees. Karen quickly let go of Helena's hair and grabbed her shorts, struggling to keep the garment up. But as Karen was in the tug-of-war over her shorts, Helena fired a looping punch with her left hand that she drove dead center onto Karen's injured right thigh; her knuckles digging almost to the bone!

Karen's leg crumpled and she toppled off to her left but Helena maintained her tight grip on the shorts, and as Karen fell, she pulled them the rest of the way down her legs and wrapped them around her ankles. Using her shorts, Helena dragged Karen to the ropes directly above where Colonels Klink and Hefner were seated. Getting a curt nod of approval from the commandant, Helena reached down and slammed her middle finger into Karen's ass, then jammed her thumb into her pussy. Tightening this 'bowling ball' grip, Helena pulled the Playmate up like a six-pack, pressed her back against the ropes and placed her fist on Karen's navel to take aim, then drew her arm back and buried her fist deep in Karen's belly.

"OOOFF!" Karen grunted as the air was driven from her lungs. "OOOFF! OOOFF!" Two more blows followed before Helena dropped Karen's legs and stepped out of the ring between the ropes. She reached back into the ring, grabbed Karen's ankles and dragged the Playmate's body toward her with one leg on either side of the bottom rope. Helena put her foot up on the ring apron for added leverage as she pulled Karen's legs until she had wedged the crude rope deep into Karen's sex. A moment later, Helena ran toward the corner of the ring, pulling Karen's crotch along the abrasive rope and tearing her pussy apart!

"Aaaaaiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!" Karen wailed, then she began to sob, unable to hold back the tears.

"Leave her alone you evil bitch!" Hef screamed, finally getting Helena's attention.

The bitch dropped Karen's limp legs and swaggered over to Hef, glared him right in his eyes as he stood up out of his seat. She raised her hand and backhanded him across the face, knocking him back into his seat. A guard grabbed each of Hefner's arms from behind and restrained him while Helena lifted her leg and placed her foot on his seat directly between his legs, then shifted her weight to that front foot, crushing his manhood! Hef gasped as he felt like his balls being squeezed up into his throat like toothpaste in a tube. But Helena soon grew bored with him and returned her attention to Karen who was still writhing in the center of the ring, clutching her abraded crotch with both hands. Helena climbed up onto the ring apron, then kept climbing until she was on the top of the corner turnbuckle.

She glared back over to Hef and sneered, "Zis one iz fur youy tough guy!"

Just as Helena dove off her perch, Karen caught the motion with her peripheral vision and got both feet up just as Helena stretched out for her 'splash.' The Playmate's feet sank deep into the German's belly as she jackknifed over Karen's legs. But Karen's weakened legs couldn't hold Helena's weight and her legs swung to the side, dumping the gasping, groaning German woman to the mat. Karen grabbed Ilsa's riding crop. crawled over and pulled Helena's shirt up over her head hockey style, trapping her arms in the 'sack' it created, then she knelt on the shirt pinning the blonde as she reared back and let fly with the riding crop.

SNAP! "AAAHH!" SNAP! "AAAHH!" SNAP! "AAAHH!" SNAP! "AAAAAAAHH!" She beat Helena's back unmercifully in retribution for the electroshock therapy the night before, and she continued the beating until German guards rushed into the ring and dragged Karen off of Helena and took her back to the interrogation room.

The prisoners were hustled back to their barracks and locked down for the rest of the night without explanation. There was a feeling of celebration in the prisoner's barracks as they'd thoroughly enjoyed seeing their tormentors put in their place but back in the interrogation room, Karen sat in total darkness, unsure what would become of her or of Hef Sr. Suddenly, the door swung open and as she blinked in the harsh light, a blast of cold air swept through the room instantly stiffening her exposed and sensitive nipples.

"Oh GOD! What now?" she thought.

She lay in silence holding her breath as she heard the click of the heels of German storm trooper boots on the tile floor moving toward her into the shadows. A match was struck and a candle lit that brought a warm glow and some dim light to the dark room. "Great! Now this asshole's feeling romantic! I'm not gonna be able to fight him off for long." But when the German leaned toward her, Karen recognized him as the soft glow from the candle illuminated his face; it was Schultz! He began to unbutton his great coat and the Playmate's hopes plummeted to rock bottom. "This fat piece of shit is gonna lay on me and rape me," she thought. Then smiled as a phrase came to mind, "and there's noz-INK I can do about it!" But once it was unbuttoned, Schultz didn't take off the coat. "What's he up too?" Karen wondered.

Then he began to remove a blanket he had wrapped around his waist under the coat. He wrapped it around Karen and briskly rubbed her arms trying to warm the shivering Playmate. The blanket was already warm from his body heat and her shivering slowed and then stopped. He moved the candle closer for added warmth from the radiant heat, then turned and started to walk out of the room.

When he reached the door, she called out, "Thank you Sergeant!"

He turned back to her and said simply, "I know noz-INK!" He smiled and stepped back out into the cold closing the door behind him.

The next morning Karen was awakened abruptly by commotion caused by the arrival of a German staff car that pulled in front of the interrogation room. An immaculately dress German officer stepped out of the back of the car when one of the guards held it open for him. If she had to hazard a guess, Karen figured him for an intelligence officer. He immediately began barking orders and Karen watched through a crack in the door as guards ran to the prisoner's barracks. In a moment, she saw Hef Sr. being dragged out to the staff car in shackles and thrown into the back seat. Her heart sank when the intelligence officer looked toward the interrogation room and started barking a fresh set of orders and German troops began to run in her direction. She jumped back from the door just before it burst open and two guards rushed in. Each one grabbed an arm and dragged her out to the car. She tried to resist, but she just didn't have anything left! When they reached the car, the guards stopped atthe back door and started to put shackles on her too.

"Halt!" The German officer snapped brusquely.

He walked over to Karen and stopped in front of her, grabbed ther blanket she held wrapped around her body and pulled it open. He looked her up and down slowly, spending several moments as if trying to memorize every nook and cranny of her naked body.

Then he looked her in the eyes and said, "Those vill not be nezezzary!"

The soldiers began to help Karen into the back seat but he again called out, "Halt! Zee blanket ztayz heer. If zhe feelz kalt, I vill be more zen ‘appy to varm her meinzelf."

As the large gates opened and the staff car sped off toward Berlin, the officer tried to snuggle up to Karen and his hands began to wander over her body. "Keep your fucking hand s offfa her kraut!" Hef demanded.

The German just laughed at him. "Major you are in no pozition to be making zee demandz, ya! Soon, ve vill be back at headquarterz vere ve vill extract every bit of informazion fum you and zen ve vill discard you like yezerdayz garbage!"

Just then the staff car slowed and then came to a stop. There was some kind of roadblock across the road ahead.

"Vhy are you schtoppink!" he yelled at his driver. "Run zem down if zey dunt moof!"

A German soldier approached the driver's side and demanded to see his papers. Karen wasn't sure, but she thought she recognized his face, but his helmet was pulled down low over his eyes. The German intelligence officer yelled at his driver again. "Tell zem to let us thr...Ugh!"

He was cut off mid-sentence by Hef who wrapped his handcuffed wrists around the German's neck and began to choke him. Karen lunged for the officer's Luger a split second before he reached it himself, then she pushed the barrel in the German’s belly as Hef yelled, "Carter! Get the keys from the driver and get these damn cuffs offa me!"

"How’d you know it was me Pappy?" Carter chirped with a big grin.

"I signed up for this war at night,” Hef grumbled. “But it wasn't LAST night! Now get these things off and cuff this kraut officer's hands behind his back!"

In less than two minutes, the staff car was moving again, but this time heading west to France and the advancing Allied army. As they approached the farmhouse Karen asked to be let off by the back door.

"You're not coming with us?" Hef asked in astonishment.

"I'll see you back in the states," she told him. "I have my own borrowed transportation and I promised to return it!"

She ducked into the house to look for the clothes she’d arrived in since she’d never make it as a member of the Polar Bear club! As the staff car pulled out with Hef holding the German's gun to his head in the back seat and the chauffeur doing as he was told for fear of being shot, Karen fired up the Fire Bike, steered it onto the road and gunned the engine, heading back to the present. She returned the Fire Bike to the Tuttle's, then drove back to the LA mansion and cleaned herself up.

Once she felt presentable, she went upstairs and knocked on Hef's office door, "Got a second boss?"

As she entered his office, Karen noticed subtle differences in the room but she couldn’t place them.

"What can I do for you Karen? Enjoy your weekend?" Karen forgot why she’d come to see the boss for she was scanning the room to see what was different. "Is something wrong Karen?" Hef asked.

Then she saw it! There, on the wall behind his desk, she saw what was different! It was one of those picture frame/shadow boxes with some medals in it she knew hadn’t been there before.

"Hey Hef, what is this light blue ribbon with the little white stars on it?" she asked, pointing to the medal in the center.

Hef spun his chair around and grabbed the frame off the wall. With more pride then he’d shown Karen before, he proclaimed, "That's the Congressional Medal of Honor dad was awarded in World War Two."

"My GOD!" Karen thought. "He went from military leper to a hero on the grandest scale."

"You see Karen,” Hef continued. “Dad was shot down over Germany, was captured and became a POW. Long story short, he not only escaped, but he captured some big-wig intelligence officer who spilled his guts to the Allies. They credit dad with cutting two years off the war and saving thousands of lives," Hef boasted.

"You must be very proud," Karen observed.

"He claims he met an American woman over there who helped him escape. After the war he went back to the farmhouse where he last saw her, but nobody ever heard of her. He kept looking, then one day he met the woman who’d become my mom. They lived happily ever after and here I am!"

Karen couldn’t stop grinning as she headed down the hall to annoy Christie Hefner once more, just for the hell of it!

Continue to Karen’s next exciting and arousing adventure…somewhere in time!