Time Traveler #2: Karen McDougal vs. Scarlett O'Hara (1864) by Irish

It was Academy Awards week and every broadcast and cable station was showing Oscar winning movies from the past. Irish and Karen were flipping through the channels when they came across the 1939 classic 'Gone With The Wind.'

"Hey lets watch this!" Karen said, stopping on one of the Turner channels. "You like Civil War movies….please!" she insisted. "Look, ‘Gods & Generals’ or ‘Glory’ were Civil War movies,” Irish harrumphed. “THIS hardly qualifies! It’s a freakin’ ‘chick flick’ for God’s sake!"

But he could never say no to Karen and the next thing he knew, they were cuddled on the couch watching her movie. As Karen watched more and more of the film, she began to develop a visceral hatred for Vivien Leigh's character, Scarlett O'Hara and finally muttered, "That bitch is so mean! I can't believe how she talks to those poor people. You ever wonder what it would’ve been like living back then?"

"Can't say I’d like it very much, I suspect," Irish replied, reaching over to caress Karen’s full, firm breasts as if to console her..

That night Karen tossed and turned in her bed as she thought of how she’d loved to have been at Miss O'Hara's barbecue and slapped the bitch around a little to entertain the party guest.

The next morning she awoke early and checked her watch, "Let's see…. 7AM here, so it’s 10AM in New York. Guess I’ll call Paulie and see if he wouldn't mind loaning me his motorcycle again!"

As it turned out, Paulie and the ‘Fire Bike’ were in Vegas for a car show, so Karen packed a bag and headed for ‘Sin City’ where she she found the OCC guys. For the price of the Playboy mansion's private phone number, Paul allowed her to take the bike out for a little spin, warning her, "Look Karen, when you return, set the time for noon so we’ll have time to clean the bike up before the show."

Karen set the dial on the time machine and headed into the past once more…but not to 1939 Hollywood, rather her destination was 1864 Georgia to find out for herself if people like Scarlett O'Hara really existed! When the fire bike came out of a cloud into the past, however, Karen had a real struggle to keep the bike under control since the road she was on was no modern paved highway but rather a poorly maintained dirt road with ruts and bumps from wagon wheels that had traveled it to a plantation called ‘Tara.’

"I have to ditch the bike somewhere and see if I can't find some clothes from this period," she thought as she steered the bike into a grove of trees.

From the look of things at the main house, Karen figured some kind of shindig was going on. She killed the motor and pushed the bike into the trees out of sight of the house. With all the party guests in the rear yard, Karen was able to sneak into the house and find a party dress in a closet of an upstairs bedroom. It took a few minutes to figure out the corset and hoops but Karen finally got into the dress and began to descend the large staircase to crash the party and find the woman of the house.

"How the hell did they wear these things?" she wondered as she struggled not to trip in the long dress and take a header down the stairs.

Karen's unexpected appearance stopped the party dead. Her stunning looks snapped heads of partygoers both male and female but the woman of the house was incensed at the sudden arrival of competition, especially since the stunning brunette was wearing one of HER best dresses.

"Mammy!” Scarlett said to her maid. “I see that we have a new guest! Please detain her for a moment while I say good-bye to the rest of the guests; then I'd like to have a word with her in private!"

The large black woman approached Karen and said, "'scuse me ma'am, Miss Scarlett wants ta speak at you soon's she tends to her guests."

Karen thanked the large black woman and waited for the woman, who Karen thought was a dead ringer for Vivien Leigh, to say her farewells. Mammy liked Karen and wanted to warn her trouble was brewing, but she feared what Scarlett would do to her once everyone had left so she held her tongue. And for good reason, for her bottom still hurt from the last time her mistress took the switch to her! When everyone had left, Scarlett turned to Rhett and told him she had some business to tend to, but that she would be rejoining him shortly. Rhett, a dead ringer for Clark Gable, looked over Scarlett's shoulder at Karen, checking her up a down and liking what he saw! Maybe the big brunette would give his bitchy fiance a well-deserved ass-kicking, then he’d make a move on the stunning beauty.

"OK Scarlett, but take it easy on her."

"What ever do you mean Rhett dear? We're just going to have a little *talk*."

Rhett walked back toward the house wishing that Scarlett would let him watch her fight just once. Scarlett was just 5'4" and at most 105 lbs, but her abrasive personality got into plenty of scraps with other woman and Rhett had to admit, she’d held her own. But maybe today would be his lucky day and she’d finally get put in her place! Scarlett walked up to Karen and got in her face.

"Missy, I don't know who you are, but this is a private party so I’d like very much if you take my dress off before I tear it off!" Scarlett's accent was a thick southern drawl and Karen had a tough time making out everything, but her body language was universal and it told Karen her trip to the past wasn’t going to be wasted time.

"Look you grit eating redneck,” Karen hissed. “If you’re looking for trouble, I think you and I are going to make each other's day!" Scarlett was taken back a step. She didn't know what a redneck was, but it was obvious this interloper was from up North. Was she a Yankee spy? Plus, nobody had ever spoken to her like that before!

"Look Yank, I’ll be more then happy to show you a little southern hospitality if you’d be so kind as to follow me into the wood shed over yonder!" Scarlett said, pointing theatrically to a wooden barn behind the main house.

"This gal isn't wasting any time,” Karen thought. “But it’s just as well since I have the Fire Bike back in a couple of hours anyway and this is exactly why I made the trip!” As she walked toward the wood shed, Karen had to lift her dress so she didn’t trip on the material and she mused, "I've fought in bikinis, catsuits and birthday suits. But wearing this monstrosity will sure a first!"

As they reached the barn, Scarlett swung the door open and stepped inside. Karen could see a primitive door closer was attached to the door using a rope, a couple pulleys, and a weight to ‘automatically’ pull it shut which it did as soon as Scarlett stepped into the darkness. Karen reached out and pulled the door open for herself, thinking, "I'm going to kick this bitches ass!"

Karen stepped in and paused, waiting for her eyes to adjust to the dark interior. As she stood there, the weight pulling the door shut closed it on her dress, trapping it between the door and the doorjamb. Karen spun and tried to push the door open again so she could free the materia, but the latch had already clicked and she was unable to free herself.

As she struggled to pull the dress free, the very distinctive sound of cold hard steel hitting the back of Karen's head echoed through the wood shed….BONG! Scarlett hid picked up a shovel and swung for the fences! Our Playmate time traveler didn’t pass go and she didn’t collect $200, instead she went straight to ‘jail’ as she hit the dirt floor in a crumpled heap of woman flesh and taffeta!

Laughing, Scarlett freed Karen's dress and flipped the hooped dress up over Karen's head, the large hoops completely covering Karen's upper body and head, trapping her arms under the material. Not that it mattered….Karen was out cold and not going anywhere anytime soon. The Southern Belle sat down onto Karen's chest and began pounding away at the unconscious woman's belly with rapid fired punches until her arms grew weary.

"OK Yankee! Time to get you out of MY dress!" Scarlett giggled as she began to strip Karen.

No more then a moment later, Scarlett had Karen completely stripped nude - including the modern bra and panties that Karen keep on when she put on Scarlett’s dress. Using the same apparatus she’d used hundreds of times before to ‘chastise’ her slaves, Scarlett secured Karen's wrists to a rope that ran through a pulley on one of the beams of the wooden barn. Karen began to show signs of life as she started to regain consciousness - accompanied by an incredible pounding in her head just as Scarlett pulled down on the other end of the rope, dragging Karen to her feet with her arms stretched out over her head, then tied the rope off to a post.

Karen immediately realized the danger when Scarlett yelled, "OK you Yankee bitch! What are you doing here?" Her mind raced as she tried to think of a way out predicament but before she could speak, she heard a snap and her ass exploded in pain as Scarlett brought a heavy leather strap down with full force. "You going to talk spy, or do I have to beat it out of you?"

CRACK! The strap came down again, this time across the back of her upper legs. Karen frantically struggled against her restraints, but it was hopeless. CRACK! Another lash to her back set Karen bawling. Blow after blow criss-crossed Karen's back until it was covered with angry red welts and bloody gashes. Scarlett knew Karen wouldn’t be doing any talking tonight, but she was laying the groundwork for round two of her interrogation first thing the next morning. Maybe Scarlett would make sure she did that one in the presence of a Confederate officer.

Scarlett walked around in front of Karen's limp body and lifted her head by the hair forcing the sobbing Playmate to look her in the eye. "I'm going to let you spend the night thinking about the evils of your ways. Then in the morning, you are going to answer all my questions. Do you under stand Yank?"

"Fuck you!" was Karen shout of defiance.

A wicked smile crossed Scarlett's face as she sighed, "You are going to make this harder on yourself then it has to be. But alright Yankee, here's one more thing to think about tonight!" CRACK! This time the strap slashed across Karen's breast cutting her nipples which had stiffened in the cool night air. Karen screeched like a stuffed pig bringing another evil smile to Scarlett's cruel countenance.

Just then there was a loud crash behind Scarlett and she spun around with the strap-raised ready to strike like a coiled snake. She lowered her weapon when a very embarrassed Rhett tried to stand, and almost tripped over his trousers which were wrapped around his ankles. He’d figured to watch a heated battle between the two women and was secretly rooting for the Yankee stranger but by the time he made it to the knot hole in the wall of the barn, Scarlett already had the gorgeous stranger stripped naked and hung from the rafter where she erotically whipped her. Rhett became so excited he dropped his pants and was in the middle of rubbing one out, when the wall he was leaning against gave way under his weight.

Scarlett was pissed as he hurriedly pulled up his trousers and stood red faced before her, "Is this what you want? One of General Hooker's girls? This dirty little camp follower! Is this what you want?" Scarlett screamed at her on-again off-again boyfriend as she pointed at Karen's naked body. "I don't think she's up for it tonight, are you whore?" Scarlett growled as she lashed out with the leather strap, this time striking the Playmate's very sensitive groin.

"Scarlett! I need you right now!" the excited Rhett yelled, dropping his pants again and pulling Scarlett onto the floor of the wood shed where, in the shadow of the Playmate's dangling limp body, Rhett took Scarlett like he had never done before. When they had finished, Scarlett told Rhett to meet her back at the house for round two.

"I have to put our friend here away for the night and I'll be right there."

Rhett nodded, taking a last look at Karen's naked body; the image ingrained in his mind that would power his last love making session with Scarlett.

"I still would’ve loved to see her kick Scarlett's ass!" he thought as he hurried to Scarlett's bedroom to await hern.

Scarlett untied the rope and let Karen collapse to the floor. With the rope still securing her hands together, Scarlett wrapped the other end of the rope tightly around Karen's neck a couple of times like a leash.

"OK Yankee dog, time to put you into your new home for the night. One fitting such a fine upstanding Northern lady like you!" She forced Karen to crawl on all fours the length of the barn, then Scarlett opened one of the stalls that held her horses and pulled Karen to her feet by the rope. "No sense fowling up a perfectly good piece of rope!" Scarlett said as she removed it from the Playmate's neck and hands.

With Karen struggling merely to stand in front of the open stall, Scarlett gave her a rough shove, sending Karen flying face first into a pile of hay on the floor of the stall which, by the smell of things, obviously hadn’t been cleaned in quite a while! Karen's body was a wreck! She was naked, shivering, and almost every part of her body had been decimated by the cruel Southern Belle's leather strap. Karen could barely move, but was able to wiggle closer to the horse she shared the stall with. The odor was much worse up close, but the body heat she was able to share with the animal kept her from freezing to death that night as, in the comfort of Scarlett's expensive feather bed, Rhett made love to the plantation owner over and over while thinking of the gorgeous stranger.

In the morning, Scarlett awoke and headed out to the barn. She’d ditched her fancy party dress of the day before and changed into a blouse and riding pants.

"I do declare! This is a lovely day to play with my little Yankee spy!" she declared as she cautiously opened the door to the stall, not knowing if Karen would be ready to challenge her. She peeked in and saw the naked stranger's badly beaten body cuddled next to her horse. "Buttercup! Get away from that nasty woman!" Scarlett growled as she led her horse out of the stall, leaving Karen's nude body lying face down in the straw. "Looks like my new friend needs a little help waking up this mornin’” she chuckled. “Oh well, after I'm done, I bet she can help Mammy around the house with some chores. Great emancipator my ass, looks like I’ve just found a new slave thanks to that interfering President Lincoln!"

Scarlett headed out of the barn and went over to the well's water pump, muttering, "I know just the thing for her!” Filling a bucket with the icy well water, Scarlett went back to the barn and her still unmoving victim. "Rise and shine sweet pea!" Scarlett called as she threw the bucket of cold water over Karen's badly damaged body. The Playmate shot upright in reaction to the cold water from the artesian well and her body instantly felt all the pain of the previous night's beating she’d suffered. "What's the matter sugah?” Scarlett laughed. “Y’all don't like to splash a little water on that face to start the day?"

Karen cringed at the sound of Scarlett's voice and instantly turned in the direction of the open stall door. When Karen saw Scarlett standing there in the shadows holding something she couldn't make out in her hands, she began to back away from her nemesis.

"Oh God no! Not that strap again!" Karen thought as Scarlett advanced towards her.

Karen who came to a stop when her back hit the wall of the stall. Scarlett loved the look of fear in Karen's eyes. She approached the scared Playmate and pulled her to her feet with a handful of hair. Karen tried to cover up, but she couldn’t stop shaking. This wicked woman had knocked her unconscious and then whipped her unmercifully with a leather strap. The last two shots that Karen took with the strap, the one across the tits and the most devastating of all, the shot to the crotch, had completely taken away her will to fight. Now Scarlett owned her - and they both knew it!

"Well now, we're not so tough today are we? I know you were planning on kicking my ass, but first I have a full day planned for us. Down on your hands and knees Yankee bitch!" Karen dropped to all fours as her new Mistress ordered, her head bowed to hide her face in shame. She began to sob uncontrollably as Scarlett reached down and looped a short rope around her neck, like a choker leash you’d put on a dog. "OK! Crawl!" Scarlett snapped, giving a tug on the leash that gagged the sobbing Playmate. "Move!"

Scarlett led the Karen towards the main house and by the time they reached the house, Karen's hands and knees were bleeding from the long crawl. The rope was digging into her neck, but she was afraid to try and put some slack in the rope in fear of pissing off Scarlett. When they entered the kitchen, Mammy let out a gasp at seeing the condition of the woman Scarlett had at the end of the leash.

"Miss Scarlett what are y’alldoing? You gwine kill dat po’ chile!"

Scarlett didn't listen to a word she was saying, just stared across the kitchen to Jasmine who was peeling potatoes. A wicked idea hit her like a caisson. "Jasmine girl, get your black ass over here!"

The young black girl stood and darted across the kitchen stopping before her Mistress, "Yes Ma’am Miss Scarlett? What kin I do fur ya?" She was careful not to make eye contact with Scarlett, keeping her eyes downcast at the floor before her, but out of the corner of her eye, she studied Karen and thought what a pitiful site this white woman was. Still, as long as Miss Scarlett was beating this Yankee she’d be leaving her alone, and that was a good thing!

"Jasmine I have another big party planned for next Saturday. I’ll be entertaining some very prominent members of the Confederacy and the only thing that I don't have is some entertainment." Scarlett pulled back on the leash and tilted Karen's head back. For the first time, Karen gazed up at the Black Amazon before her and realized she stood at least six feet - a dead ringer for Ebony Eve! "What I propose is dressing our Yankee friend here in a blue uniform and you in a grey uniform, then we’ll have our own war right here! Of course,” Scarlett added with a grin. “If you win, she's yours to keep, Jasmine. Just think, you’ll have someone to do all your chores for you. How do you like that idea?"

"Oh yes’m Miss Scarlett! I make sure dat we entertains y’all ladies real fine!" Jasmine said with a huge smile, already thinking of how much fun she was going to have with this white woman as her personal slave! Karen knew Scarlett was setting her up for another beating but she didn't know how she could get out of it…and the way that she was feeling right now, the last thing she wanted to do was tangle with the giantess Jasmine!

"Yeah out in the barn she didn't have any nice things to say about you or your momma! Says she's going to kick your ass all over Georgia! Why don't you reach down there and get to know her…give her little titties a squeeze,” Scarlett said trying to instigate her slave.

"Oh, don't you worry none Miss Scarlett! Ain’t no Yankee bitch gwine embarrass you in fronta your guest!" Jasmine said as she reached down and grabbed one of Karen's breasts in each hand, then slowly squeezed Karen's melons with all her might. Karen let out a scream and all color drained from her face as her already aching breasts felt like they were clamped in vices after Jasmine's years of working the fields at the plantation.

"That's all for now Jasmine, you go back to fixin’ supper," Scarlett said, a thin trace of a grin on her lips.

Without a word, Jasmine released her grip, nodded and went back to her chores thinking, "Next week, tha’ scrawny Yankee bitch’ll be the one peelin’ taters!"

"OK Yankee,” Scarlett snapped gruffly. “Time to git upstairs; you know the way - that’s where you stole my dress from! Now move!" she said, giving a sharp tug on Karen’s leash, forcing her to crawl clear across the kitchen, down the hall and up the long, curving stairway and then down another hallway to Scarlett's bedroom. Scarlett pushed the door open and kicked Karen’s ass, sending her scurrying through the door into the room. The rough flooring was murder on Karen's knees and hands and she just wanted to get where they were going so she could stop crawling.

"Oh Rhett darling,” Scarlett announced. “I brought you a little surprise!"

He stepped in from the balcony where he’d been watching the horizon, seeing the thick smoke from the distant fire of Atlanta, but his jaw dropped at the sight of the completely naked Playmate on a leash (Hef’s gotta look into markenting those!) Scarlett saw the way her lover was staring at Karen and knew that he wanted her!. She began to slide the end of the leash up and down in the crack of Karen's quivering ass - exactly the spot Rhett's lusting eyes had been ogling.

"So Rhett, do you want to fuck her or not?" His stare was broken as he met Scarlett's eyes. "Don't give me that puppy dog look! I know you fucked everything on this plantation - including Jasmine and Mammy. If you want her, do it be done with it!"

"Scarlett I don't know what has got into you! Do you see that smoke? The damn Yankees will be here by nightfall. I have to go to town and see if I can help," he muttered as he stormed out of the room and down the stairs.

"Well Yankee bitch, it looks like it's just you and me,” Scarlett purred, flicking the whip against Karen's butt. Just then, Karen's stomach rumbled and she realized she hadn’t eaten in over two days. Karen smelled what must have been Scarlett and Rhett's unfinished breakfast still on the nightstand and Scarlett saw her staring hungrily at it. "Oh dear! What kind of hostess am I?" she said with a sneer. "Y'all must be starving! Sit and behave and I'll see about getting you something to eat."

Karen sat like a statue awaiting Scarlett's gesture of kindness, but rather then reaching for the bowl of what looked like cream of rice or something, Scarlett began undressing; allowing her clothes to drop slowly, one-by-one to the floor. "OK Yankee bitch! Get over here and earn your meal!"

Karen looked puzzled and didn't move immediately so Scarlett grabbed the leash and pulled Karen's head toward her. "Kiss your Mistresses feet! NOW! Or do you want more of the belt?" That threat was the only thing that could have gotten Karen to move but move she did! She bowed her head and allowed Scarlett to push her face down onto her foot. It wasn't much off a kiss, but Scarlett enjoyed rubbing Karen's puckered lips on her bare feet. "OK bitch! If you want to eat, start making your way up and show a little enthusiasm!" She guided Karen's face up her calf and over her thigh as Karen's tongue glided over her soft skin. "Now kiss my ass Yankee bitch!" Scarlett picked up the leather strap and began slapping it on her palm, sending a message to Karen not to challenge her authority.

Karen's lips met Scarlett's ass and the plantation owner offered words of encouragement. "That's it Yankee bitch! Show little old me that you don't want me to hit you any more."

Smack! Smack! Smack! Scarlett kept time with the leather strap on her palm. For the next part of the humiliation, Scarlett grabbed Karen’s hair and forced her face into her now tingling crotch; rubbing the Playmate’s nose up and down her slit brought a soft moan from Scarlett's quivering lips. When Scarlett let go of her hair, Karen began to flick her tongue over Scarlett's belly, happy to be leaving the Southern region of the plantation owner. When Karen made her way up to her breast, Scarlett stopped her before she traveled any further.

"Wait a minute Yankee. You earned a little porridge."

"Thank God!" Karen thought as Scarlett reached for the bowl and a spoon. But instead of letting her eat, Scarlett ladled up a good healthy spoonful of the now cold breakfast, took the spoon and smeared the porridge on each of her breasts. "OK Yankee, soups on!"

Smack! Smack! Smack! Three more reminding slaps of that heavy leater on her palm reminded Karen the price of disobedience. Starving, and not wanting to feel the leather again, Karen went to work licking the porridge from Scarlett's breast. When Karen had just about cleaned it all off, Scarlett said, "You missed a spot bitch! Right there! In the middle!" She pointed at her nipple, and Karen went to work trying to suck some nourishment into her system. Scarlett was really horny with the well-versed in woman loving Playmate suckling her sensitive nipples as Karen bent, twisted and flicked them expertly with her talented tongue.

"How about seconds?" Scarlett asked as she applied another helping of the sticky glop to her breasts. Smack! Smack! Smack! And Karen quickly licked them clean once more, suckling and smacking her lips until Scarlett’s breasts were shining like they’d just been scrubbed with soap and water.

Then another wicked thought crossed Scarlett's mind! She shoved Karen onto the bed on her back. Karen had no idea what Scarlett was up to, so she lifted her head off the pillow and saw that Scarlett was at her feet, spooning the goop between her legs. Karen didn't need a crystal ball to see what was coming next but Scarlett sure could have used one! She was so preoccupied with loading up some cream filling for her houseguest to enjoy, that Karen lifted both feet off the bed without the Mistress even noticing. Karen thrust both feet straight out, driving her heels into Scarlett's chest and flattening both breasts against her chestbone, sending her flying backwards off of the bed.

"CLUNK!" Scarlett landed awkwardly, hitting her head on the hardwood floor which stunned her momentarily. Karen slid her legs off the bed to pursue the fallen plantation owner who had begun to get her bearings and was frantically looking around for her leather strap. Seeing Karen coming around the bed, Scarlett lunged for one of the dresser drawers near where she landed. Karen grabbed the corner post of the bed as she spun around it, trying to head off Scarlett from reaching the drawer. But the bed post was loose and Karen lost a step, giving Scarlett just enough time to open the drawer and reach inside.

Karen didn't know what Scarlett was going for, but it would be safe to assume it wasn't a birthday card! As Scarlett began to withdraw her hand, Karen kicked the drawer shut, crushing her fingers in it. This was 1864, and this dresser wasn't one of those vinyl-clad pressboard numbers by Ikea, instead it was a solid oak drawer face in a solid oak dresser. Scarlett let out a scream as her fingers began to throb; sure that she’d broken several of them! Karen leaned against the drawer with her leg holding it shut using the weight of her body. Scarlett was trapped in front of Karen with her bare breast dangling down. With the plantation owner leaning forward on her knees, that target was just to irresistible for the Playmate who buried her foot in her chest, flattening the breast meat against her chest! Scarlett moaned and cried out in pain as Karen repeated the kick over and over. Then looking back at the bed, Karen saw the bedpost was leaning at a 45-degree angle from when her momentum nearly snapped it from the bed earlier.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Karen asked Scarlett who had no idea what she was thinking.

Karen ran over to the bed, snapped off the four-foot long, 4-inch diameter post and turned back, asking Scarlett, "How far are we from Augusta?" Karen stood on Scarlett's left as she lowered the bedpost to the floor. "Let see...what did Irish say….oh yeah! Relax your grip, knees slightly bent, slow back and then accelerate through your swing!" SMASH! “OWWW!” SPLAT! The smash was the bedpost crashing into Scarlett's ass. The OWWW came from Scarlett right after impact and the SPLAT was the sound of the porridge against the front of the dresser! Karen released Scarlett's hand from the dresser drawer and let her drop to the floor where she curled up in a fetal position.

"Now, now! Scarlett!” Karen chided. “We ain't done yet!"

She grabbed Scarlett’s ankles and gave her a rough pull, dragging her backward and causing her to crash face-first on the floor. Karen smashed the bedpost down hard across the back of Scarlett's neck and held it in place with her knee as she tied Scarlett's right wrist to one end with the short piece of rope that had previously been her leash. Wrapping it up the length of Scarlett's right arm, across her shoulders and then down her left arm, Karen secured her to the bedpost, tying her left wrist to the other end. Now tightly bound, Scarlett couldn’t move an inch and was trapped with her arms spread out to both sides by the length of the bedpost. Karen flipped Scarlett over on her back and suddenly it was Scarlett staring up with fear filling her misty eyes.

"Now where did you leave that strap?" Karen murmured, enjoying seeing Scarlett quiver in fear. "Oh, there it is!" she said to her tormentor. "Let's see how YOU like this!" Karen sceameed as she brought the leather strap down across her tormentors bare tits. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

Scarlett was screaming and begging Karen to stop, "Please! Yankee! Please stop hurting me!"

But Karen was far from done paying Scarlett back for all her pain and suffering, "Shut up bitch! You almost killed me last night. And now you want me to stop….I don't think so!"

After Karen grew tied of swinging the leather strap, she dragged the sobbing and barely conscious Scarlett to the bed and tied her ankles to the foot of the bed near the top of the bedstead so her legs were raised in the air. Karen grabbed Scarlett’s hair and pulled her up off the bed, stretching her out, then dropping her head on the floor, leaving Scarlett's body folded over the edge of the bed with her lower half suspended in the air. Looking around the room for props, Karen saw a candle on the windowsill.

"Hey! I have an idea; lets heat things up a little! Whaddya think, Janey Reb?"

In a flash, Karen was striding across the bedroom to the window where she grabbed the candle and struck a wooden match on the sill. Carrying the lit candlet, Karen walked back over to Scarlett's trapped body and sat on her chest facing her feet.

"Unnnhhg!" Scarlett grunted as the air was expelled from her lungs when Karen sat down, crushing her bloody tits under her ass.

Holding the candle in one hand, Karen asked, "Hey Scarlett, you know what really burns my ass? A flame about this high!" Karen said as she slid the lit candle under Scarlett's suspended body, holding it directly under her ass. It wasn't close enough for the flame to touch her skin, but Scarlett began to squirm as she felt the heat and sweat began to form on her bottom.

"Please don’t….you…you’re hurting me!" the trapped southern belle whined.

"Frankly Scarlett, I don't give a damn!" was Karen's angry reply. "You know, you've been flapping your gums all day. Now its time for you to start flapping that tongue!"

Karen slid back and covered Scarlett's face with her pussy, then she rode the Southern Belle’s scarlet face until she exploded, showering her orgasm over Scarlett's ruddy face. Karen got off the motionless southerner, went to the closet where she wiped herself off using Miss Scarlett’s Sunday Best dress, retrieved the modern clothing she'd stashed in a large hatbox the day before and got dressed. Karen walked over to the dresser to see what Scarlett had been so desperately trying to retrieve and pulled the drawer open to find a Colt revolver. She slipped it into her waistband, thinking, "It could've sucked if Scarlett had been able to get to her weapon.” She looked down at Scarlett one last time and Karen couldn't help herself! She fired a kick into the nasty woman's ribs and hissed, "Have fun on the bread line, bitch!"

Karen walked out of the bedroom and down the stairs, stopping in the kitchen to warn Mammy about the rapidly approaching Union troops. Seeing her, Jasmine leaped to her feet and started toward the Playmate, feeling she didn’t want her would-be slave to escape.

"Easy Jasmine! My problem isn't with you," she said as she lifted her shirt slightly to show her the pearl handle of the revolver. "Although I should bitchslap you for crushing my tits, but I’ll let it go this time! Look Mammy, the Union Army will be here within the hour. You should grab what ever you can and disappear into the woods 'til they pass. Oh! By the way, Miss Scarlett's upstairs a little tied up at the moment, so you should wait a few minutes, then go cut her loose. And Jasmine, for all the times she whipped your ass, why don't you give her little titties a little squeeze for me,” Karen said.

"Don't you worry none, Yankee,” the big black slave said. “I'll give them a lil’ extra squeeze for both of us,” Jasmine grinned.

Karen headed off to where she had hidden the Fire Bike. With the sounds of cannon fire growing closer, she brought it up to speed and headed back down the bumpy road back toward the present! Karen returned to the arena just in time for the OCC guys to clean it up and get it ready for the show. She headed back to the hotel she'd checked into early the day before and when she entered the lobby, she stopped at the front desk where a buxom redhead was working the desk to check her messages before heading up to the suite Hef kept at the hotel.

"Welcome back to the Montecito, Miss McDougal," Nikki Cox said with a smile as she confirmed there were no messages.

Nikki saw Karen very noticeable limping as she entered the lobby. Just the day before when Karen checked in, Nikki wondered what it would be like to take on one of Hef's girls - especially this one! She knew all about Karen's catfighting and had witnessed several in person! Now, with Karen at a noticeable disadvantage, maybe Nikki should find out just how tough the mighty K Mac was.

"You have a tough day Miss McDougal?" Nikki purred smoothly. "You look whipped!" Karen stopped short at Nikki's choice of words as, in the back of her mind she heard the SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! of Scarlett’s leather strap! She just stood there for a moment not responding, as Nikki continued, "I'll give you a chance to settle into your room and make sure that everything is OK. Then I'll come up personally to see if there isn't something I can do for you."

Karen thanked Nikki, then headed for the elevator bank and pressed the button for the penthouse. Thirty minutes later Karen was sitting in a hot bubble bath resting her aching muscles when she heard a knock at the door...

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