Time Traveler #4: Stag Party (Victoria Zdrok, Marilyn Monroe, Karen McDougal) by IRISH

Back in October 1994, Victoria Zdrok, an unknown immigrant from the former Soviet Union was picked as Playmate of the Month by Hugh Hefner himself. Victoria enjoyed the notoriety that her instant stardom allowed her and went on to model in several more Playboy editions during the year. In her mind, she was a shoe in for Playmate of the Year. As a mater of fact, she already had the $100,000 spent. When the 1995 Playmate of the Year was announced as Julie Lynn Cialini and not Victoria, it was the beginning of the end of the relationship between her and Playboy Inc. Eventually, she followed the lead of Lynn Thomas, or was it Linn, and posed for Hef's arch-rival, Penthouse Magazine. This act of rebellion completely infuriated Hef, and all ties with Victoria were severed. As a matter of fact, the mere mention of her name sent Hef into a tirade.

In January of 2004, Victoria was named Penthouse's Pet of the Year. She still felt Hef had cheated her, and since her departure there had been many courtroom battles involving her still using the trademarked title of Playmate. When she decided to run her own "Super model convention," Hef again went nuts when she advertised herself as a Playmate and forbid other Playmates from participating in the event if they valued their current arrangements with Playboy Inc., not to mention the accompanying paychecks.

"Fuck him! Who the hell does he think he is to threaten my girls like that," Victoria railed. "This isn't communist Russia; these girls can do whatever they choose!" Victoria seethed inside and tried to think of a way once and for all to get even with Hef for causing her even to fail.

At the Playboy mansion, Karen McDougal had just returned from her latest time traveling excursion and was using the down time to rest and recuperate from her dealings with Ilsa and Helena. Rumor began to circulate around the Mansion of the Tuttles' invention and battle lines of jealousy began to be drawn, as each model wanted to get a shot at the Fire Bike for herself. In Hollywood there were three ways a rumor is spread, telephone, telegraph, and tell-a-Playmate. Soon the rumor of Playboy's Time Traveling machine made its way to the Penthouse camp.

"You're not going to believe this one Victoria," Bob Guccione called out to Victoria. "Old man Hef's telling everyone he has a motorcycle capable of time travel. What a load of bull!"

"Yeah boss, sounds like bullshit to me alright," Victoria said.

But something deep inside of her told her to look into the rumor further. She picked up the phone and called one of the Playmates who had backed out of her Supermodel convention, November 1994 Playmate Donna Perry. The two had remained friends over the years and Donna had even done a photo shoot for Victoria's web site, Planet Victoria.

"Yo Donna, how's it going?"

Donna Perry immediately recognized Victoria's voice and began to apologize even before the Pet had a chance to speak.

"Vicky I was just going to call you. I'm really sorry about this shit that Hef is pulling. I hope you're not mad at me. I had my agent look at my contract, and there is nothing that I could do about it."

"Don't worry Donna; I know it's not your fault. But don't unpack your bags just yet, I have a plan to exploit a loop hole."

Over the next several moments, Donna Perry went on to provide Vicky with all the information she could to confirm the existence of the time machine. Victoria hung up with her friend and booked the next flight to New York. It was time to pay the Tuttles a little visit and take the bike out for a spin herself.

"Fuck you Hef! We'll see who's coming to my convention; and who'll be sitting in a trailer park waiting for his next Social Security check!"

Victoria stepped off the plane at New York's LaGuardia Airport, hopped on the shuttle to the rent a car company, and went to pick up the car that she had reserved. Flashing her pearly whites, she had the guy behind the counter upgrading her rental and loading her baggage into the car's trunk. Victoria whipped out the directions to Rock Tavern New York she had downloaded from Mapquest and headed North across the Throgs Neck Bridge.

As Victoria pulled into the parking lot of OCC, she heard Paulie and Paul Sr. at it again from the fabrication shop up the hill. She was very pleased to find Mikey minding the store when she entered the office. His jaw dropped and bounced off the top of his desk when she walked into the small area.

"This is going to be easier then I thought," she thought, hoping he'd wipe the drool from the corner of his mouth so she could talk to him with a straight face. "Hi! My name's Victoria. What's yours?" she started the conversation.

"I'm Mikey. I'm in charge around here!" he said, trying to sound as convincing as possible.

Victoria had watched 'American Chopper' in occasion and knew exactly where Mikey fit into in the pecking order.

"That's great Mikey! You're the one I need to talk to. Maybe you can help me?" Victoria said as she rolled Mikey's office chair away from his desk and sat down on his lap. "Mikey, I have a bit of a problem. You see I lost something and I have to go back and look for where I left it. My good friend Karen McDougal told me a big strong man like you would be happy to lend me your motorcycle," she said, batting her eyes at him for effect.

"But Miss Victoria, I don't think my dad would let me lend out the fire bike. He gets real mad at my brother all the time."

Victoria didn't want it to go this far, but she definitely wanted to get even with Hef.

"Please, call me Vicky," she said as she slid from his lap and knelt between his legs. She undid his zipper and slid out his cock from his boxers. Then just as she slid her lips down his shaft, the door opened and Paul Sr. poked his head into the room. Mikey quickly rolled his chair forward to hide his father's view of the blonde. When she was wedged under the desk, Victoria banged the back of her head on the underside of the middle desk drawer and damn near bit off his dick.

"OOOWWW!!!" he cried out.

"Hey Mikey! You OK?" his dad asked.

Mikey felt Victoria take him into her mouth again and start working him in and out. "Oh! Oh! Oh! I'm OK dad," he stammered, as his balls were getting ready to explode.

"I'm going to the gym. Keep an eye on things while I'm gone," his father said as he turned and closed the door behind him.

Mikey's pocket rocket exploded in Vicky's mouth but she continued to go down on him 'til she sucked up all of his remaining juices, then she took a moment to wipe her mouth and allow Mikey to catch his breath.

"So Mikey, what's it going to be? You gonna lend your good friend Vicky that motorcycle for a little while? Or should I go pay a visit to Jesse James? I'm sure he'll lend me one of his."

"The keys are over there on the peg board. Bring it back as soon as you can...and please, be careful!" he said motioning to the board next to the shop door.

In flash, she grabbed them and followed him into the storage area where he lifted a tarp and briefed her on the use of the time machine device. Victoria gave him a big kiss on the lips, fired up the bike, set the time device to 'December 1953' then raced out the driveway and down the road until she disappeared into the time warp.

December '53 was the month Hugh Hefner had launched Playboy under the name "Stag Party." If Victoria could intercept his first centerfold and prevent that historic photo shoot from ever happening, she was certain Hef would be ruined and never become the financial success in 2004 who was interfering with her convention. Of course as we know now, that centerfold in the December '53 issue was a young starlet by the name of Marilyn Monroe!
Back in New Jersey in the present, Paulie tore into his brother, "You did WHAT! Mikey, what the fuck were you thinking? You know dad didn't want anybody using the fire bike!"

"But...but...Paulie..." she said she was a friend of Karen's. "And then she..."

"And then she WHAT Mikey?"

"Then she knelt down in fronta me, pulled down my pants and then she..."

"She WHAT? Gave you HEAD?" Paulie asked. Mikey nodded his head numbly. "SHIT! I'll call Irish and see if he knows what this is all about," Paulie grumbled, picking up the phone. When Paulie was done telling Irish about the stolen bike, Irish promised him he and Karen would be on the next plane to New York.

"Paulie, is there anyway in hell you could rig another bike for time travel?" Irish asked.

"I'll do my best pal! I'll meetcha at the airport with it."

When the connection clicked off, Paulie turned towards his brother and growled, "I hope that BJ was worth it; 'cause dad's gonna kick your ass!!"
Victoria arrived in 1953 and immediately headed out toward Marilyn Monroe's beach-front home. Victoria was 5'9" tall and weighed in the 120-130lb. range. Monroe on the other hand only stood at 5'5" and barely 115lbs. Victoria planned to swoop in on the unsuspecting actress, hand her a beating so she couldn't appear in the photo shoot since she would be black and blue all over. It took Victoria a couple of hours to actually find the house...which she did only after using her 'charm' to pry - or should I say suck - the information out of the gate guard at Monroe's movie studio.

Victoria pulled the bike into the circular driveway, shut it off and rolled it behind the bushes next to the front porch. Then Victoria walked confidently up the path to the front door and rang the bell...DING DONG! Marilyn answered the door herself since her housekeeper was off running some errands.

When Marilyn opened the door a crack, she eyed Victoria up and down before she asked, "Can I help you?"

Victoria smiled and said, "Actually Norma Jean, you WILL be helping me."

"Nobody calls me THAT anymore!" Marilyn's angrily replied, then tried to shut the door in Victoria's face.

But Victoria had her foot in the door preventing it from closing, then she slammed her shoulder into it, sending Marilyn reeling backward across the living room. She threw open, rushed in and dove on Marilyn, quickly overpowering the dazed blonde. When Marilyn awoke, she was in her basement, naked, hanging by a rope binding her wrists above her head.

"Lookie here! Nice of you to join us," Victoria taunted.

"Let me GO right now," the spoiled blonde actress demaned. "Or I'm going to kick your as...OOOFFFFF!" Marilyn grunted as Victoria drove her fist deep into the actresses soft belly.

"I'll tell you when you can and can't speak bitch! For now, shut your mouth!"

Originally Victoria was just going to detain Marilyn long enought to make her miss the photo shoot. But Victoria took a dislike to the haughty blonde on first sight and now with all the lip the smaller blonde was giving her, Victoria had no problem tossing her a beating. SLAP! Victoria backhanded Marilyn across the mouth to shut her up, then stepped back to take in the sight before her. Looking Marilyn's soft, pale body up and down, Victoria marveled at her exposed unkempt bush - as was the style of the times - and an evil thought crossed her mind. A look of fear crossed Marilyn face as Victoria reached down and grabbed a good fistfull of stray blonde hair and began to tug.

"NO! PLEASE....DON'T!" Marilyn pleaded.

Victoria just smiled and yanked upward, pulling Marilyn toward her as she let out a long, wailing scream...
Back in the present, the Playboy jet touched down at LaGuardia and taxied to a spot near the Marine Air Terminal. Paulie's truck pulling a horse trailer sped across the tarmac toward the plane. As the OCC guys unloaded Mikey's bike from the back of the trailer, Paulie explained how they'd equipped it with a second time travel device. Karen got a quick briefing on the new bike, then kicked it into life and roared off down the runway. At LaGuardia, the runway ends at the water and Karen said a little silent prayer that she'd reach the required speed before she and the bike got very wet. With ten feet to spare, the bike disappeared in a flash of light and Karen found herself on a road that she guessed must be the grandfather of the Santa Monica Freeway. She had already checked the Playboy historical database for Marilyn's address and as she swung the bike around and ran through the gears, she hoped she'd be in time to beat Victoria to the house. If she did, Karen planned to lie in Marilyn's bed wearing a blonde wig like the Big Bad Wolf waiting for Little Red Riding Hood.

"Boy is that blonde bitch going to be surprised!" she grinned.

Victoria had quickly grown weary of hearing Marilyn's whimpers and sobs and had taken one Marilyn's stockings from the laundry basket and tied it around Marilyn's mouth to gag her. As it turned out, Victoria silenced her just in time to hear the loud, deep, throaty rumble of Karen's approaching chopper. Victoria looked up with a look of concern, but she wasn't totally surprised. Donna had told her Karen always had a way of popping up to try and foil someone's well-laid plans.

Karen pulled into Marilyn's driveway, took off her helmet and shook out her shining hair as she walked right up to the front door, secure in the knowledge that she'd beaten Victoria to their goal. When nobody answered the doorbell, the Playmate remounted her bike, leaving her helmet on the seat as she drove around to the back. She figured if nobody was home, it would be even easier to protect Marilyn when the fur began to fly. She'd just slip into the house and let operation "Lil' Red" unfold according to her plan.

But Victoria had other plans to celebrate the arrival of the brunette Playmate. She tip-toed up the outside stairs and slipped out the Bilko doors. Then she crouched at the corner of the house like a snake, coiled and ready to strike. As the blue chopper rolled into view around the corner, she sprang into action! Karen wasn't moving that fast, but when Victoria lunged from her hiding place, Karen didn't have any time to react to the blur of movement she saw in her peripheral vision. Victoria brought her arm up and threw it out, catching the relaxed Playmate across the throat and clotheslining Karen backward off her cycle.

The chopper continued on until it crashed into a tree, bending the front fork and disabling the bike. Karen didn't fare as well; her body viscously jerked backwards as her feet left the pegs of the chopper, flying through the air. (Why do they call it head over heels anyway? Shouldn't it be the other way around?) She landed hard, flat on her back, her head smacking into the hard, dry ground. Without her helmet, Karen was knocked out momentarily, spread-eagled at Victoria's feet as the grinning blonde cast a dark shadow over the lovely brunette's face.

Victoria shook the stinger out of her right arm that she'd used for the clothesline, kicked Karen in the side to roll her over onto her belly, then pulled her to her hands and knees by the hair and her belt. The waistband of Karen's thong was visible above the waist of her low cut jeans, and Victoria reached down and grabbed it like a handle. With one hand in Karen's hair and the other giving her a painful wedgie, Victoria forced the brunette to crab walk to the top of the basement stairs.

When Karen had reached the doors, Victoria yanked her up, digging her thong deep into the crack of Karen's ass and the slit of her pussy. Victoria began to swing her prisoner back and forth, counting..."One! Two! Thre..."

But before she reached three, the waistband of Karen's thong snapped, sending the still-dazed Karen tumbling headfirst down the steps. "UNNNNHH!" Karen grunted as she landed in a heap at the bottom of the stairs.

Victoria took a quick look around to see if anyone had noticed the commotion, and when she was satisfied there were no witnesses, she descended the stairs, pulling the doors shut behind her.

"OK McDougal, lets see whatcha got!" Victoria said as she jumped from the third step to land feet first on Karen's back, driving her face and tits into the floor.

Victoria stepped on the fallen Playmate's shoulders as she walked up her body, then began to hit her with a seemingly endless barrage of kicks; peppering every square inch Karen's lush body. Karen was barely moving and the only sounds in the room were Karen's pained grunts and groans as Victoria's heavy booted feet made impact. Once she figured Karen wouldn't give her any more trouble, Victoria moved in and quickly striped the brunette of all her clothing.

Marilyn hung by her arms a few feet away and watched in awe of how easily this tall blonde had taken out the brunette. Both were drop-dead gorgeous, or both had been at the start of the fight! Marilyn couldn't help thinking that either of them had a real good chance of appearing in 'Stag Party'. Victoria saw Marilyn staring at her and flashed her a grin as another wicked thought flashed into her mind.

Victoria grabbed Karen by the hair and half-dragged her scrambling on her hands and knees across the floor til she was kneeling before the suspended actress. Marilyn looked down, feeling sorry for the brunette and at the same time fearing for her own safety at the hands of this mad woman. Victoria wasted no time, dropping down behind Karen with her knees on her lower legs, pinning them to the floor. She snaked her left arm under Karen's left arm, putting her in a half nelson, then brushed the hair back from Karen's face and held it clutched tight in her left fist at the back of Karen’s head. With her right hand, Victoria reached around the groggy Playmate and began to fondle her right breast.

"She has pretty nice tits, doesn't she?" Victoria asked, glancing up at Marilyn and seeing the envy in her face. When Victoria felt Karen trying to struggle against her hold, she chuckled, "Looks like she still wants to play some more."

Victoria curled her right hand, digging her her sharp nails deep into Karen's tender tit, then raking the hand across her chest, leaving a trail of angry scratches. The brunette let out a painful wail and her body jerked in response to the pain stimulus. Victoria slipped her right hand under Karen's right armpit, clasping it with her left at the back of Karen's head in what was now a full nelson. Karen struggled as best she could, but she had no chance of escape. Tears of sympathy began to welln Marilyn's eyes as she gazed down at the helpless brunette.

There were tears in Karen’s eyes too, but not of pain, but because she’d failed to save Marilyn and likely allowed the downfall of the entire Playboy organization! Hef had sunk every penny he had into his initial magazine and if it failed he’d have been ruined financially but with Marilyn as the centerfold, the issue had been a smash hit and the rest, as they say, is history! But now, Victoria was attempting to change that history and it was looking like, IF Karen even managed to return to her “present” she’d have to settle for being a schoolteacher for the rest of her life. And at this point, it looked like even being able to return at all was a pretty big IF!

Marilyn gave a start as Karen's forehead made contact with her belly and she snapped her legs as tight together as she could when Victoria continued to push on Karen's face into her crotch.

"Come on Marilyn! Open those legs! I know she's not JFK, but she'll have to do!" Victoria laughed.

"JFwho?” Marilyn mumbled, for this was 1953 and another seven years would pass before the actress had her famous fling with President John F. Kennedy and totally oblivious to what her future held. “I don't know who or what you're talking about,” Marilyn huffed indignantly. “But I don't DO girls…I mean, I’m choosy about who I let do ME! Now get her face AWAY from me!" Marilyn growled, apparently forgetting her notorious on-set affair with Mitzi Gaynor a year earlier filming, “We’re Not Married.”

"Look Marilyn, one of you is going to have sex while the other is gonna get her ass kicked. So what's it going to be? You a lover or a fighter?" Victoria snarled, getting impatient.

The actress didn't answer but when Victoria forced Karen’s face into her crotch a second time, Marilyn didn't resist and after a brief momenet of hesitation, she slowly parted her legs. As Victoria continued to tease Marilyn's clit using Karen's nose, the blonde began rocking her hips, frantically trying to get into a rhythm with Victoria's stroking. In no time, the Pet/Playmate had the famous blonde moaning and breathing heavily.

"That's enough for now you dirty slut. Now let me finish with this bitch, then you'll get my undivided attention," Victoria said. "Please….NO! Oh please, just a little bit longer!" Marilyn whined.

"Relax! I'll make sure you get off later. But for now, shut the fuck up!"

Victoria dumped Karen on a heavy wooden coffee table and since it looked pretty sturdy, she tied Karen's wrist to the front legs and her knees to the opposite end, immobilizing the Playmate. Then Victoria shoved the table around so Karen’s body was directly in line with Marilyn, but facing the opposite direction. Victoria stepped across Karen, straddling her waist facing Marilyn, then sat her ass down on Karen's back and began to spank her ass with stinging slaps. SPLAT! WHAP! CRACK! SMACK!

"She sure has a fine lookin’ ass, doesn't she Norma Jean?" Victoria asked, landing another spank that set Karen’s glutes a-jiggle..

Marilyn opened her mouth to protest being called by her old name, then she dumbly nodded ‘yes’ as the series of loud spanks began to increase in intensity, building to a crescendo and putting a bright red glow on Karen’s tender ass.

Marilyn couldn’t tear her eyes from the sight of Karen's smooth round bottom as it jiggled and bounced under Victoria’s hands. Victoria grinned, paused and said, "Hey, wait a second! You're interested with this? Hell, here, lemme get you a better view.” She reached down sank her fingernails into each of Karen's ass cheeks, then spread them as far apart as she could. "Do you have anything around you’d like to insert in this tight little hole?" she asked, looking up expectantly at the slowly swinging blonde.

Marilyn was scared of this wicked woman, and although there was a dildo handy in her nightstand drawer, she just shook her head ‘no.’ Victoria quickly checked out the pile of junk that had been tossed into the basement, and found the perfect device for Karen's next torture. What she saw was behind Marilyn, and the blonde jumped when Victoria suddenly jumped up off of Karen and started walking toward her. She heaved a loud sigh when Victoria passed her, but a chill ran up her spine as the Pet passed behind her out of her line of sight.

Victoria returned with an old bamboo fishing pole that had hung from the wall and snapped it in two over her knee. SNAP! Marilyn flinched at the sound and began to whisper a silent prayer. Victoria came back into her view holding the top half of Marilyn’s grandfather's fishing pole.

"What the hell is she doing with that?" Marilyn thought. But it only took an instant for Victoria to raise her hand and then bring it whipping forward. The pole to made a WHOOOOSH sound. WHOOOOSH! Again the pole made the sound as it slashed through the air.


Karen screamed when the bamboo carved into the flesh of her ass.





“Puh…puh…pleeeeeze! No more!" The sobbing Playmate whimpered as Victoria criss-crossed her formerly flawless fanny with a series of welts and angry red bruises. Victoria just chuckled as she ignored Karen’s plea and continued the beating until the bamboo splintered and then after one more stroke, completely fell apart in her hand as Marilyn looked on, shivering in horror.

"OK blondie, that should hold nosy Miss K Mac. Now lets me and you get you upstairs where we can get to know each other REAL well while we wait for that deadline to pass."

Victoria released Marilyn's arms from the beam, grabbed her arm and began to pull her toward the stairs.

"No! Please! I'm not like that! I don't LIKE it with girls!"

Victoria stopped dead in her tracks. "Why you hypocritical slut. You seemed to like girls just fine fifteen minutes ago. Now you don't like girls - all of a sudden? Besides, I DID give you a choice, remember? You said you were a lover, not a fighter. Have you changed that blonde mind? Cause if you have, I’ve still got the other half of that fishing pole and it’d be perfect for that fat ass of yours!"

It didn't take Marilyn long to decide, "My bedroom's on the second floor. Long as you don't hurt me, I'll do anything you want."

"That's more like it Norma Jean!” Victoria laughed, giving Marilyn’s ass a pinch. “Lets go have that roll in the sheets."

Marilyn led Victoria to her room and carefully shut the door behind them. She didn't want anyone to find out what was about to happen in her little sanctuary, especially her housekeeper Rosa! Meanwhile, Karen slowly regained consciousness, but she had no idea what time it was, or how long ago Victoria had beaten her. All she knew was both Victoria and Marilyn were nowhere in sight! Maybe she still had a chance to rescue the actress, but to do so she’d have to find a way to free herself. As she struggled against her bonds, Karen heard a car outside pulling into the gravel drive - the same sound her chopper made when she pulled around the back of the house. Somebody was coming!

Up in Marilyn's bedroom, the actress was tied spread-eagled to the corners of her huge four-poster canopied bed. Victoria was rocking back and forth on the helpless blonde's face and moaning, "Oh! Oh! Oh! Yes! Oh GOD I'm cuming!"

Karen heard the car stop, the engine cut off, then the slam of a car door. She held her breath in anticipation, praying it was one of Marilyn's friends and not one of Victoria's! The Bilko door creaked open and a moment later Karen heard the sound of heels on the stairs. When she saw the bound Playmate, Marilyn's housekeeper Rosa, dropped the groceries she was holding and gasped!

"Whatever you do,” Karen pleaded quickly. “Please…please do NOT scream! Marilyn’s in trouble and I have to get upstairs to help her! Please, can you untie me?" Rosa's English wasn't all that good, but she could tell from the look in Karen's eyes that she had to help her. She began working on the restraints and after Rosa removed the last tie, she helped Karen stand and then led her upstairs. "Which room is Senorita Marilyn's?" she asked and Rosa pointed to the door at the end of the hall. "Wait here!" Karen whispered, pushing Rosa aside. "I'll take care of everything!"

Karen pressed her ear to the door and heard tell-tale heavy breathing on the far side of it. Soon, the sound of the headboard banging the far wall was added to the mix as Victoria was driven to a sexual frenzy by Marilyn's little button nose wedged deep in her cunny. Karen quietly slipped into the bedroom but a large plush bathrobe hanging on a hook on the back of the door was set swinging from side to side as the door moved and it brushed Karen’s tender red ass. She jumped like a porcupine had goosed her, biting her lower lip to keep from crying out in pain. But Victoria never heard a sound as she continued to ride Marilyn's face for her own pleasure.

"I never realized how painful a piece of terry cloth could be," Karen thought, then an idea flashed into her mind like a bolt of lightening. She turned and pulled the belt from the expensive robe, then began tip-toeing stealthily toward the huge bed.

The sound of the headboard banging on the wall stopped and Victoria cried out in pleasure as she climaxed over Marilyn's face. The Pet was dripping with sweat and her legs were beginning to cramp from being tucked under her for so long. She took in a deep breath and began to slowly let it out through her mouth; struggling to regain control of her breathing after all the strenuous activity. Karen waited for the moment when Victoria had just exhaled all of her air, then flipped the terry cloth belt around her neck and pulled it tight, before she was able to inhale her next breath to refill her lungs.

Karen had caught Victoria completely by surprise and her move was very effective. Karen began viciously shaking Victoria from side to side as she tried to choke her out. Instinctively, Victoria's hand shot to her throat and tried to get her fingers between her neck and the terry cloth so she could get a breath. When that didn't work, she dug her nails deep in Karen's forearms, drawing blood! Karen let out a shriek, but she refused to release her hold.

Rosa heard Karen's shriek from the hallway, and charged into the room. Miss Monroe was very good to her - a bit eccentric at times - but very good to the Mexican who was very concerned for Marilyn's welfare. She looked right past Karen and Victoria as they struggled on the bed to Marilyn who was still restrained. Rosa dove in and got to work on Marilyn’s bonds, wanting to get the blonde out of harms way before she got hurt.

Victoria had just about exhausted her reserve oxygen and was fading fast. In a last ditched effort, she released Karen's arms and dropped her hands to the Playmate's legs, following the contour of Karen's muscular thighs as her hands worked their way from her knees to her hips. When she reached the Playmate's waist, Victoria slid her hands behind Karen and sank her claws into those ravaged ass cheeks!

Karen screamed and bucked, trying to ride out the storm; knowing it couldn’t be long before Victoria fell unconscious. But as Victoria's fingers began to knead and probe, she felt one of the welts and stabbed her nails deep into it. They broke the skin, sending fresh rivulets of blood streaming down Karen's butt and the backs of her thighs. The pain was almost enought to make the Playmate pass out and was enough for her to lose her chokehold. Victoria wrenched free and rolled off the bed, landing on all fours. She pulled the belt from around her neck, coughing, gasping and struggling for air.

Rosa had untied Marilyn, scooped her up and carried her through the door into her own adjoining bedroom where she gently lay her mistress on her bed where she’d be safe. Then she turned and locked the door to the Marilyn’s bedroom, leaving the two warriors inside to settle their differences without causing further harm to her beloved mistress Marilyn.

When Victoria broke away from her, Karen tumbled off the opposite side of the bed, grabbing the bedspread to try and stem the flow of blood from the cuts on her ass. From their positions on opposite sides of the bed, neither woman knew the other woman was still in the room or how much distress she was in. Victoria was first to get back to her feet, and she lumbered across the room to the door and when she tried the knob, it wouldn’t turn. It wasn’t until Victoria rattled the knob and started banging on the door that Karen realized she wasn’t alone. She used one of the four bedposts to pull herself up, then gingerly walked across the room coming up behind Victoria who was still beating her fist on Rosa’s bedroom door!

"CLUCK! CLUCK!" Karen made a sound with her tongue.

Victoria spun around toward Karen seeking out the source of the noise, but when she had turned halfway, Karen drilled her with a straight right to the point of her chin. Victoria’s head snapped back and slammed into the heavy wood door! Karen grabbed a handful of blonde hair and began to beat Victoria's head on the door Victoria was completely dazed, her eyes rolling back in her head. Karen shoved her down to her knees and knelt behind her. Grabbing a handful of hair, she yanked Victoria's head back, tucking it under her left armpit. Then the Playmate squeezed the Pet's head as hard as she could while driving right elbows down into Victoria’s up-turned tits!

By this time, Marilyn had come to and insisted that she and Rosa go back into the bedroom to check on the safety of their brunette rescuer. They unlocked the door, opened it and rushed in, almost tripping over Karen as she was finishing wiping the floor with Victoria!

In the aftermath of the fight, Karen learned the futility of Victoria’s attempt to alter history. As it turned out, Marilyn’s photo shoot had taken place nearly three weeks before and therefore their entire battle would have had absolutely no effect on the release of Stag Party. After saying good-bye to Marilyn, Karen prepared to head back to the present - but not until Marilyn, who had apparently decided she didn’t mind girl-girl sex so much after all, showed Karen just HOW grateful she really was for her help. While Karen showed Marilyn a thing or two, Rosa made herself useful getting Victoria dressed and tied her on the back seat of the fire bike. Karen's own clothing had been completely destroyed in the scuffle, but Marilyn loaned her a dress for the ride home. Just before mounting the bike for the return trip, Karen and Marilyn loaded the remains of Mikey's wrecked bike into the back of a pickup truck and Karen removed the time travel device from it.

"Ship that bike to this address," Karen told Marilyn and handed her a piece of paper. Then she fired up the bike and just before she pulled away, Karen offered her new friend one more piece of advice. "Hey Marilyn! Just say no!"

The actress had no idea what the brunette was talking about as she watched the bike until it disappeared into thin air in a blinding flash of light.
In the present, Irish and Paulie paced nervously as they awaited word from the past. "Are you sure she’ll be OK?" Paulie asked Irish.

"Paulie, I've known Karen a couplea years. If there is anybody who can pull this off, its her!" Irish reassured the cycle builder.

Just then they heard the familiar sound from the pipes of an approaching chopper. They rushed out of the OCC workshop just in time to see Karen rolling up astride the fire bike. She was standing on the pegs, steering with one hand; the other struggling to hold her billowing dress down to (more or less) cover her important parts since Marilyn hadn’t given her any underwear, just the dress! Irish took one look and the first thing that came to mind was that Karen looked exactly like Marilyn Monroe with her dress blowing up on the subway grate in the iconic scene from “Seven Year Itch” - mainly because it was the SAME DRESS!

Mikey came running out of the building when he heard the commotion. He was very excited…until he realized there was only one chopper, then his face dropped. "Hey! Where's MY bike?" he whined.

Paulie wanted to kill him, "Just be lucky Karen made it back OK so I don't have to help Dad kick your ass!"

Karen dismounted and walked gingerly over to the dejected Mikey and hugged him.

"I'm sorry, I had a little accident with your bike Mikey. But all it needs is a new front fork." His spirits brightened as Karen explained, "I’ll get it for you tomorrow. You come back to LA with me and Irish on the Playboy plane and you can even stay at the mansion while he helps you fix it."

Mikey was all smiles, "Pla…Pla…Playboy mansion? Yahoo! Hollywood, here I come!"

The look of jealousy in Paulie's face was priceless! When they returned to LA, they drove out to Marilyn's old movie studio where, in an unopened crate in a deserted warehouse, they found Mikey's bike…exactly where it had been sitting for over fifty years!

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