Time Traveler #5: Karen McDougal vs. Zdenka and Kelly Madison by Irish

Bob Guccione paced back and forth as he awaited word from Victoria Zdrok. "I wonder how she made out in the past? Did she take Hef's empire down? How will I know if she did?" He continued to wear holes in the carpeting from his too and fro action.

"Bob! Will you just sit down and try and relax." Zdenka Podkapova insisted.

"Zdenka you don't understand! I may be one of the richest men in American right now and I don't even know it! If she doesn't get back soon I don't know what I'll do," he added.

"Hey Bob, how will you know if she made it?" Zdenka asked, catching her bosses attention as he looked out the window. "Maybe that old jalopy of yours will turn into a Mercedes?" she teased. But maybe she was onto something!

He quickly looked in the direction of the driveway through the blinds. "Shit! Still an '85 Caddy," he groaned. He walked around the office one more time before taking a seat behind his large desk. Just as his ass met the leather of the chair, the phone rang. "Hello?" He answered it on the first ring. "Shit! OK doc, thanks for calling." He slammed the receiver down in its cradle.

"Who was that Bob?" Zdenka asked.

"The fucking emergency room! Our Pet of the Year just got dropped off at the ambulance loading dock by a brunette on a red motorcycle," came Guccione's disheartened answer. "Looks like McDougal foiled Vicki's plans to get even with Hef! Now I'm out my number one model while she recovers in the hospital."

"I can fill in for her boss! It wasn't that long ago that I was number one," Zdenka prodded.

"And why should I let you pick up Vicki's slack? I got a hundred girls who'd blow me in Macy's window for the chance!" was his reply.

"Why don't you put me to a little test?" she asked with an impish smile.

"And what would that be?"

"I bring you McDougal; I get Vicki's photo shoots."

He needed a girl to step up, and here Zdenka was making him an offer. What did he have to lose? He gave a nod. Zdenka gave the boss a peck on the cheek and headed out the door before he could change his mind! Hopping in her Jaguar XJ8 convertible, she was already banging third gear by the time she reached the end of the block. Zdenka pulled up down the street from the entrance to the Playboy mansion and waited for her target to appear. Timing was everything! She didn't have to wait long!

A silver Shelby 1 with Michigan tags "PMOY 98" passed her going the other direction. Zdenka whipped her Jag around, and followed Karen at what she figured was a safe distance so as not to be detected. Several miles later, Karen pulled into the parking garage of the mall, still without knowing she was being tailed! As Karen walked the mall looking for a little something to reward herself with (like a new pair of shoes or a new purse) Zdenka lay in wait for the Playmates return. After about an hour Karen returned with her arms full of shopping bags. As she approached her car with the day's bounty, she was confronted by a very large and very pissed off motorist.

"Is this your fucking car bitch?" Zdenka yelled at Karen, getting right into her face.

"Why yes it is." Karen answered. "Is there a problem?"

"Don't crack fucking wise with me! Look what you did to the side of my car!" the angry woman continued.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Karen said defensively. "You weren't even parked there when I pulled in." the Playmate insisted.

"Oh yeah? How do you explain the scrape and the paint on the side of your car?"

Karen suddenly grew concerned. Had this woman hit her pride and joy and now was trying to blame HER for the damage. "I'll kill her!" Karen thought.

The woman walked between the two cars which were separated by about two feet, stopped and spun around. Karen walked between the two looking for the damage the woman was carrying on about but didn't see any.

"What scrape?" Karen asked.

"Right here bitch! What are you, blind?" the woman continued as she pointed at a spot on the lower part of the car's door.

"One more word from this mouthy bitch and I'm gonna forget that I'm a lady!" Karen thought as she bent to look at the damage.

Just as she leaned forward, the passenger door of the other car flew open, hitting Karen in the shoulder and trapping her between the cars. Zdenka pushed forward with her feet on the door from inside the car, pinning the Playmate in place while Kelly Madison, the other woman, reached down, grabbed a handful of brunette hair and drove her knee forward, striking Karen right between the eyes! Karen fought hard trying to defend herself, but her arms were trapped at her sides and she couldn't do anything to stop Kelly from driving a dozen more knees into her face. When Zdenka released the door, Karen just slumped to the pavement, barely conscious. The blonde Pet was quick to hustle around the car where she found Kelly standing over the fallen Playmate and rummaging through her shopping bags. Kelly came across a Frederick's of Hollywood bag and pulled out Karen's purchase, a surprise gift for Irish; an exotic nightie.

Kelly held it up in front of herself and asked Zdenka, "What do you think 'a this little number?"

Zdenka answered, "Needs fishnets to make it work!"

"Oh, they're in here!" Kelly said pulling the stockings from the bag. "Looks like we've got one horny little slut on our hands!"

Karen began to get up onto all fours and tried to crawl out from between the two cars. Kelly saw this and was on her in a minute. Clenching her right hand into a tight fist, Kelly fired a punch down on the back of Karen's head, knocking her flat on the ground. Looking through the rest of the bags Kelly called to Zdenka who was nervously pacing back and forth. Zdenka didn't want to play in the parking lot, she wanted to load up their bounty and head back to the Penthouse compound where they could continue uninterrupted!

"Hey Zdenka! Got your camera with you?" Kelly asked.

"I don't know. Just my old Polaroid I think," she answered.

"Well go get it. It's camera day!" Zdenka looked at Kelly and was about to protest, but she just growled, "Get it!" and Zdenka hurriedly walked to her car and retrieved it.

When Zdenka returned - camera in hand - she saw Kelly had found a bright red lipstick in one of Karen's bags. Kelly held Karen's head up by the hair as she painted a thick ring of red around her lips.

"Get a picture of this!" Zdenka had no idea why she wanted to document the fact that Kelly had put lipstick on the Playmate, but she did as she was told and snapped the picture. "Here! Hold this!" Kelly barked to Zdenka, handing her a fistful of brunette hair so she could hold Karen in place. Kelly undid the button and zipper of her shorts and worked them and her panties down around her ankles. "OK. Give her to me and get your camera ready!"

When Kelly was in position for the next photo, she pressed Karen's face into her own ass.

FLASH! Buzz! The picture was taken and the photo was appearing out of the front of the camera as the motor whined.

"OK! Now get a picture of this!" Kelly commanded as she began to rub Karen's face back and forth on her ass cheeks like she was taking a thumbprint for the FBI. As she pulled Karen's face away from her ass, it revealed a perfect lip print on her ass in the shape of the Playmate's mouth.

FLASH! Buzz! Another picture! Zdenka had forgotten all about the quick getaway and was reveling in her role as the photographer. Still with a handful of hair, Kelly spun to face the Playmate.

"How about sharing some of that lipstick with my lips sweetie?" Kelly asked Karen, forcing her face-first into the porn star's crotch, then rubbing her face up and down in the sensitive area.

FLASH! Buzz! Another picture made it's way out of the camera.

Karen brought her hands up to Kelly's thighs and tried to push her attacker away from her. She was able to gain some distance between the two, breaking the seal and allowing her to inhale a gulp of fresh air.

"When I get up I'm going to kick the shit out of you!" Karen threatened.

"Oh! Is that so? Here let me help you up then!" Kelly said as she pulled Karen up to her feet by the hair.

"OOOFFF!!!" Karen grunted as all the air was expelled from her lungs courtesy a well placed fist to her lower belly. Kelly had barely finished pulling Karen to her feet when she sunk a powerful straight right into the Playmate's gut almost deep enough for her knuckles to meet Karen's spine. "OOOFFF!!! AAHHH!!! OOHHH!!!" Karen grunts from three more piston-like punches.

"I'm sorry sweetie. You saying something about kicking my ass?" Kelly taunted.

"Come on Kelly! Grab her and let's get outta here!" a concerned Zdenka pleads; knowing that the longer they spent in the parking lot, the higher the risk of something going wrong.

Kelly just looked over at her and glared. "I'm not done yet! Get your fucking camera and do as you're told or you're next!"

"OOOFFF!!! UNNNH!" CLACK! The sound of a one-two combo; first to the gut followed by a brutal upper cut to the point of the Playmate's chin. The clack was the sound of her jaw slamming shut and her teeth banging together. With Karen's eyes spinning, Kelly picked her up and body slammed her onto the hood of her car. Then Kelly walked up to Karen, slapping one of her legs aside so she could stand between them as she reached up, grabbed a handful of the front of Karen's shirt and tore it wide open to bare her breasts.

"Very nice!" Kelly commented, looking down into Karen's eyes. "Let's see what we have here," she continued pulling down Karen's skirt and panties. "Now this looks delicious!" she said with a smile as she thrust two fingers up between Karen's legs into her pussy, rotating her wrist several times before she pulled out and put them to her mouth to suck. "Yumm...ummy! Just as I thought; sweet as candy. Too bad you can't fight worth a shit!"

Kelly grabbed both of Karen's legs and dragged her down the hood, positioning her closer to her own body. Karen had no idea what was about to happen next as her mind argued with her body to get back into the fight. Once she had Karen close to her, Kelly drove her elbow down into the Playmate's crotch and then continued to lean into it with all her weight as Karen shrieked in pain and began to push herself up on to her elbows. Karen grabbed a handful of Kelly's hair but before she could take advantage of her hold, Kelly snapped Karen's head backward with another powerful uppercut to her chin...THUNK!

BONK! Karen's head bounced off the car's windshield, then she slumped down out cold Kelly pulled Karen's skirt and panties completely off and picked up the lipstick again. Spreading Karen's leg wide, Kelly applied the bright red lipstick to Karen's other lips, leaving her labia outlined with 'war paint.'

FLASH! BUZZ! The final picture of Karen's humiliation was taken.

"Pull your car around!" Kelly snapped to Zdenka and the blonde porn star was a blur as she went to fetch her car. Tires squealed on the pavement as Zdenka skidded to a stop next to Kelly who already had Karen's limp body slung over her shoulder. "Pop the trunk!" Kelly snapped curtly as she bounced Karen on her shoulder, forcing a grunt from the Playmate' with each impact. Zdenka popped the trunk as instructed and Kelly dumped Karen's naked body in, then slammed the deck lid shut and turned to face the blonde. "What!" Kelly asked as she saw the way Zdenka was looking at her funny.

"Oh nothing. You following me back to the compound?" Zdenka asked.

"No, you should be able to handle her yourself now. I'll stop by later for a little follow-up session with our friend."

"OK!" Zdenka said with a smile.

"What?" Kelly insisted.

"I'll see you later!" Zdenka said breezily, giving Kelly a peck on the cheek before slipping behind the wheel and speeding off. "I can't believe it!" Zdenka muttered to herself. "She had lipstick on the corner of her mouth. What'd she do, go down on Playslut while I was getting the car?" Zdenka giggled as she headed for home and the photo shoot she'd just earned!

The summer heat was stifling in the cramped trunk of the Jag. Karen had awakened and was laying in a pool of her own sweat as Zdenka bounced down the streets on her way back to the Penthouse compound. Karen's body was raked with pain both from her recent trip into the past to tangle with Victoria Zdrok and then her unexpected meeting in the parking garage with Kelly Madison upon her return. In addition to all the normal bumps and bruises after a fight, now her pussy was killing her too!

"That bitch Madison really did a number on me," Karen worried. "Something's wrong between my legs!" As her trembling hand tried to massage away the pain, she felt what was causing her discomfort. While Zdenka went to retrieve the car, Kelly had jammed Karen's expensive lipstick tube between her legs. "That bitch is going to pay for this!" Karen seethed. "That lipstick's too damned expensive to be wasting it!!"

Karen felt around the dark trunk for something she could use as a weapon in her defense. Lifting the cover off the spare tire, she grabbed the tire iron and then waited in silence for a chance to use it. When the car finally came to a stop and she heard the car's engine shut off, Karen gripped the steel rod like a baseball bat, ready to swing for the fences. She heard muffled voices outside, but couldn't make out who it was or what was being said. When she heard the key in the trunk lock, Karen coiled, ready to strike as the deck lid began to raise.

But Zdenka just opened the lid about two inches then discharged the flash of the camera into the darkness, blinding the Playmate before she had a chance to swing. Karen dropped the tire iron and began to sit up rubbing her eyes which were straining to adjust to the light. Zdenka lifted the deck lid higher, then slammed it down on Karen's head, stunning her.

"You were right Bob. Our friend is awake," the Pet laughed as she reached in, grabbed Karen by the hair and dragged her out of the trunk, dumping her onto the pavement. Karen felt herself pulled up to a seated position just as Zdenka drove her foot deep into Karen's belly, expelling all the air from her lungs. A following spin kick to the chin ended Karen's afternoon as all went black. "Give me a hand Bob, we'll put her in the garage for now," Zdenka said.

But Bob held his lower back and began to make excuses about how he wouldn't be able to pick up the Playmate.

"You should've told me you had a bad back before I knocked her out!" Zdenka huffed as she stomped off into the garage where she found an old piece of carpeting and brought it to the car. She unrolled it and kicked aren's body onto it, then picked up one corner and began to drag it into the garage. Scanning the garage, Zdenka found a length of rope which she tossed over a ceiling beam.

"OK Bob, I'll lift her and you pull the rope. That is, if that old football injury wouldn't hurt too much doing that! Once she's in place, tie off the rope and she's all ours."

Zdenka secured Karen's wrists with the rope, then reached under her arms, grabbed two handfuls of Karen's tits and began to lift. Following orders, Bob pulled on the rope until Karen's arms had been raised above her head, then Zdenka took the rope from Guccione and hauled Karen even higher before she tied the rope off, securing Karen with her feet barely touching the floor as she stretched on tip-toes. Bob had seen Karen naked before, but this was the first time he'd been so close with nothing separating them. He moved in and began to run his hands over her silky smooth skin. One hand lingered on her ass as he cupped the cheek, then gave a playful pinch.

"Very nic... UGH!" he grunted as Karen had come around to his painful pinch and fired a mule kick backward, scoring a direct hit! Guccione's balls wound up in his throat and he stumbled away gagging as Karen's eyes followed him.

"OOOFFF!!!" Karen grunted when Zdenka buried a fist deep into her belly.

"Now that wasn't very nice!" she scolded. "You should really try and play nice, specially when you're in no position to defend yourself."

Zdenka walked over to the wall, took down a tennis racket from a nail and walked back to the dangling Playmate. Then she began to blister Karen's bottom with forehanded swings, spanking her with the tennis raquet until she'd turned her ass cherry red. Zdenka dropped the racket to the floor and then her clothing; swaggered around behind the Playmate and pressed her hard nipples into Karen's back as she reached around the Playmate's body to cup both firm, full breasts.

"Now we can fill a night of pain..." said Zdenka as she pinched and stretched Karen's nipples, then twisted them in a corkscrew curl. "....or we can fill your night with pleasure..." she continued as she ran her hands slowly down Karen's taut abs to places further South. Zdenka wedged her feet between Karen's to force them outward, keeping them parted. And Karen's legs weren't all she parted! Using her left hand, Zdenka slipped two fingers into Karen's pussy and spread her labia as far apart as she could. This left the lane wide open for all four fingers of her right hand to glide unopposed up inside the Playmate.

"No Zdenka...NO! Don't you dahhh...." Karen began to protest, but there was nothing she could do to prevent the Pet's unwelcome advances. "Ahhh! Nooo....oohhh! STOP THAhhh....unnnnnnhhhh! Oohhh! Nooooooo! Ahhhhhh! Oh...oh...oh...OH GAWD!"

Karen's panting breath started to race like a runaway train heading down hill as Zdenka's skilled and well-practiced fingers expertly worked the lusty Playmate's body, forcing Karen closer and closer to an unwelcome and undesired climax. The blonde looked over at her boss who had his hand well encamped in the front of his pants and she laughed as he went from trying to rub the pain away to vigorously stroking his member at double the speed her fingers were working Karen's clit

"Men!" she muttered, disgustedly shaking her head from side to side.

Turning her attention back to Karen, Zdenka slid her slippery fingers out of Karen's pussy and began to push them down the crack of her ass as she fondled the Playmate's prize possession. Karen's heavy breathing slowed and almost started to sound disappointed when Zdenka pulling her fingers out, leaving the Playmate tantalizingly short of the orgasm her body not only wanted, but demanded! But Zdenka was just teasing Karen and her hand once more slid forward, curling under the Playmate, and wiggling across her taint (the piece of skin that's not pussy, and 'taint asshole either!) Zdenka forced her fingers into Karen again, but now Karen didn't try to resist or put up a struggle.

"Oh you like this, eh slut?" Zdenka teased as she continued to work Karen's body with all the skill at her command, putting the Playmate's sex drive into overdrive.

Karen couldn't hold back and her body began to quake and quiver as, with an explosive release, she flooded Zdenka's hand with her precious 'girl goo.' Once she had a handful of Karen's jism cupped in her hand, Zdenka removed her fingers from Karen's pussy and slid them over the taint up the crack of her ass, leaving a slimy trail of her slippery goo every inch of the way. She fingered Karen's asshole, coating the rim with a liberal dose of Karen's own fluids before withdrawing her fingers and walking across the garage to Guccione; leaving Karen slumping as she dangled from the rafters, her body as limp as a wrung out dishrag. The day's events had been draining (to say the least.) Zdenka offered her left hand as she pulled Guccione to his feet and sat him on a small chair. Then she held her other hand open before his face as an offering which he hungrily began to lap from the palm of his new 'number one girl.'

"See boss, I told you she was no big deal!" Zdenka purred proudly.

When Guccione had completely cleaned her hand, Zdenka stood and turned back to Karen, "So, I guess you decided you prefer pleasure over pain, eh? Why don't you let the boss get a little so we can make your stay as pleasant as possible."

The thought of Guccione anywhere near her made Karen's skin crawl and as she hung there, she decided she had at best a one in a hundred shot in getting out of here - but those odds would have to do, for now. Just as Zdenka moved within striking range, Karen whipped up both legs and locked her ankles around the Pet's neck. Zdenka was taken completely by surprise and as Karen began to crank up the pressure, trying to choke out the blonde, she pulled Zdenka close, then pushed off the blonde's shoulders, heaving her body upward so she could grab the rope binding her wrists above her head.

Karen climbed hand over hand up the rope to the rafter and grabbed hold of it to relieve the the pressure on her shoulders. Only then did she release her choke hold from Zdenka's neck, letting the blonde drop to the floor where she lay spitting and sputtering as she gasped for air. With the skill and agility of a gymnast, Karen swung her legs up over the rafter, leaving her hanging from the beam like she was trying to hang from the tope rail of the uneven bars. With the slack in the rope that created, Karen was able to free her wrist from bondage. Then she dropped to the garage floor and waited for Zdenka to regain her feet. The blonde rose on shaky legs, rubbing her neck to massage away some of the pain.

"Zdenka! Behind you!" Guccione yelled in warning, making his Pet spin around toward Karen - directly into the path of the Playmate’s right cross to the chin!

The punch staggered Zdenka who struggled to maintain her balance on unsteady legs until Karen’s left-right combo to the ribs drove the air out of her lungs and sent her reeling back up against a metal Craftsman tool box. Karen continued her body blows, doubling over Zdenka who was trying desperately to protect herself. When Zdenka’s arms dropped low enough to shield her torso, Karen teed off with an uppercut to the chin. Zdenka's head snapped back into the unforgiving steel top of the metal tool box!

Karen drove her knee up between Zdenka's legs, lifting her off of the floor, then the Playmate grabbed a handful of blonde hair and yanked her head down into her rapidly rising knee to the Pet’s face. The impact could be heard for blocks as Karen's knee shattered Zdenka's nose, starting a waterfall of blood streaming from her busted beak. Bob jumped up and charged Karen from behind, grabbing the Playmate in a bear hug; his groping hands mauling Karen’s jugs! Karen had to let go of Zdenka who pitched forward and fell facedown on the hard concrete garage floor. CLONK! Zdenka she didn't feel a thing, but for weeks afterward she nursed a cheap champagne headache.

Bob squeezed tight with all his might, forcing the struggling Playmate to fight for air as she clawed his arms, weakly trying to break his grip. Guccione felt her struggles begin to weaken and took the opportunity to loosen his grip so he could improve his grip on one of her breasts so he could begin to crush it. That old creepy feeling returned to Karen who took advantage of the opportunity of his weakened grip to spin completely around, putting Bob's back against the workbench. Then she planted both feet and shoved, driving Bob’s lower back directly into the handle of the metal vice mounted on the bench. Karen felt his grip loosen once again and she repeated the move several more times until Bob lost his hold on her and clutched his back, whining about an ‘old football injury.’

Karen spun to face Bob and drove her knee between his legs and all color drained from his face as he forgot about the pain in his back. After two more ball busters, Karen figured he’d be looking like the elephant man from the swelling. She stopped her assault and watched satisfied as he dropped to his knees clutching his manhood. In conclusion, Karen spun and drove the heel of her foot to the back of his head sending him crashing unconscious to the floor next to Zdenka.

Karen untied the rope that had secured her earlier and used it to tie the two together in a sixty-nine position with Zdenka on top! Then she picked up the tennis racket and began to paddle the Pet perv's ass until it glowed fire engine red. When Karen figured Zdenka had suffered enough, she kicked them over, reversing their positions and beat Guccione's fat ass for awhile as well.

"Well this has been a smashing afternoon,” Karen purred when she was too arm weary to continue. “I'll leave you two alone with the score two love. Oh and one more thing...if you see that bitch Madison, let her know I WILL be coming looking for her soon enough!"

With those parting words, Karen hopped into Zdenka's Jaguar and sped back to the mall where she retrieved her own car. Thirty minutes later, she was back at the mansion telling Irish of her travels as he tended her injuries.

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