Tweeden Tales #1: Leeann Tweeden vs. Victoria Silvstedt+Anna Nicole Smith by jjj

Victoria laced the gloves on Leeann's wrists; ensuring each was snug and secure. Leeann looked sexy in her tight red half shirt that displayed a tight stomach since it barely covered her areolas. Matching red shorts hugged her shapely ass perfectly and the thong line could be seen when she bent and the material stretched tight on her ass. Leeann's makeup was perfection and her long brown hair was curled and flowing down to her upper back. Victoria double-checked the brunette's gloves before she walked across the ring to voluptuous Anna Nicole. The huge blonde held up her hands and Victoria went to work lacing her gloves. Anna Nicole wore a blue sports bra, which exposed a large, soft and undefined stomach. She also wore a pair of skintight white Lycra shorts. Victoria smiled at Anna Nicole as she laced her gloves, then called both combatants to the center of the ring.

"The gloves have additional padding to keep you from doing any major damage,” she said. “The fight will be a standard three knock downs in a round or a standing 10 count." She looked at both girls and laughed to herself at seeing the advantage Anna Nicole had in size. She outweighed Leeann by a good 30 pounds and was several inches taller. Leeann's face showed her fear, as Anna Nicole's eyes blazed with fire as she glared at her smaller rival. Victoria concluded, "OK girls, you know the rules, go to your corners and lets get started!"

Leeann turned around and began walking to her corner, mentally preparing how she was going to begin the fight. The brunette gasped as her head was slammed from behind by a sucker punch from the huge blonde. Her body shot forward and smashed tits first into the corner. Anna Nicole pounced and fired a right to the back of the brunette's head as Leeann struggled to regain her composure. When Leeann turned around her face was met with a right squarely to her cheek. Due to the padding of the gloves the blow’s effect was less, but her head was ringing as she struggled to stay on her feet.

Showing surprising dexterity for someone her size, Anna Nicole slammed a left then a right into Leeann's firm midsection causing the brunette’s knees to buckle. As Leeann's head dipped in response to her pain, Anna Nicole's left met her forehead, snapping the brunette's head up. Her back hit the turnbuckle, her arms flopping back over the top ropes as her head slumped forward over her heaving bosom. Her long hair covered her red shirt as Victoria began a standing count, snickering, "One...Two...Three..."

When the count reached six Leeann struggled to a standing position, shaking her head. She couldn't believe that fat bitch sucker punched her to gain an advantage. And why the hell didn't Victoria warn Anna Nicole about cheating? Leeann stared across the ring at Anna Nicole who raised her arms in a victory pose, "Give up whore, the pain will be a lot less if you just say I’m the better woman!" Anna Nicole yelled.

Leeann began to walk out of her corner and met the Amazon in the middle of the ring, this time with gloves up. Anna Nicole immediately went on the offensive again and wound up firing a wild right haymaker that missed wildly. Leeann saw an opening and fired a quick punch to Anna Nicole's exposed right breast. The shot hit the enormous target, but didn't have enough behind it to hurt the blonde who quickly recovered. Again Leeann fired a shot this time connecting squarely into the big blonde's soft midsection. Anna Nicole hunched over in pain from the blow and the brunette seized the advantage. She reared back and fired a huge uppercut to the blonde’s nose, stunning her.

Leeann watched as Anna Nicole’s hands rose to guard her face, then she fired another punch to Anna Nicole’s belly. The enormous belly jiggled as the blow landed, knocking some air from the out of shape blonde. Anna Nicole was shocked by the sudden turn of events but tried to regain composure as she began backpedaling. She almost tripped over her feet as she jumped out of range of Leeann's right cross that barely missed. Anna Nicole, suddenly growing desperate, threw another haymaker. The wild punch came dangerously close to connecting but flew just by the beautiful brunette's face. Leeann seized the opening to put a staggering left to Anna Nicole’s stomach again and the big blonde gasped as her knees buckled. Then Anna Nicole grunted as Leeann slammed a right to her breast, causing her sports bra to bounce and jiggle wildly.

Anna Nicole slumped forward onto her knees as Victoria took her time in walking over, "One....... Two......Thr"

Leeann was enraged as she screamed at Victoria, "Can you count any slower! Christ I could have counted to twenty by now!”

Victoria got in Leeann's face, "I don't tell you how to fight, and you don't tell me how to do my job! Got it?"

Leeann gulped as the towering blond Amazon referee screamed at her as Anna Nicole crawled to her feet and came up from the side with a huge left into the brunette's head. Leeann was dropped to her to her knees in a heartbeat and before she could do anything, Anna Nicole began to rein down uncontested blows on the kneeling brunette. Leeann tried to cover up but a glove slammed into her head, then her back, and then her head again! After what seemed an eternity, Victoria stepped in and pulled Anna Nicole back from the brunette.

Anna Nicole slowly walked back to her corner breathing heavily as Leeann struggled to get back to her feet. She was about to yell at Victoria but she saw the Anna Nicole running at her, her massive mammaries bouncing in her constraining bra. Leeann just got to her feet and narrowly ducked out of the way at the last second. Anna Nicole couldn't stop her momentum and crashed into the turnbuckle. Leeann turned around and quickly fired a punch into Anna Nicole’s kidney, causing the blonde to drop holding her back. Leeann fired a right into side of the blonde's head as the dazed Anna Nicole was slow turning around. She was soon sorry she did when a huge right cross-slammed into her chin. Leeann cocked back her left arm when suddenly fingernails bit into her upper arm. Quickly turning around see was surprised to see Victoria restraining her.

"What the fuck are you doing?" the enraged Leeann shouted.

"You have to break!! Back to your corner Leeann," shouted Victoria.

Leeann couldn’t believe what she was hearing as she was escorted back to her corner by Victoria, still digging her nails into the brunette's upper arm. Anna Nicole, slowly regaining her senses, grabbed the rope for support as she tried pulling herself up. Seeing her on her feet, Leeann began to run at the blonde only to be intercepted by Victoria mid-ring.

"You have to let her get ready, those are the rules," Victoria screamed.

The now enraged Leeann yelled, "The hell with the rules!"

With her attention diverted by Victoria, Leeann never saw the punch from Anna Nicole that rocked the brunette's left breast, causing her tight shirt to ripple repeatedly as her breasts bounced up and down. Just as Leeann looked down at her suddenly throbbing breast, her nose was squashed by a vicious right as Anna Nicole was now back in the fight and throwing leather full force. Anna Nicole quickly hunched over and slammed a low blow to Leeann's crotch, knocking the stunning brunette to the canvas on her ass. Leeann rolled onto her back, her crotch filled with pain. Even though the gloves were well-padded, it still hurt like hell and tears welled in her eyes as she tried to massage away the pain filling her body.

She gritted her teeth as Victoria asked, "Do you give up?"

Leeann shook her head, unable to speak the words in her mind. Victoria began to count as Leeann tried to push herself back to her knees, "One...Two...Three...Four…"

The count seemed to be speeding by as Leeann struggled to get back to her feet; one hand on her crotch, the other holding her sore left breast as she glared at Victoria, "THAT was a low blow bitch! What the fuck’s wrong with you?"

Victoria chuckled, her massive chest heaving in the tight referees shirt, "Continue the fight then!"

Anna Nicole again rushed at the shaken brunette and began firing sharp, crisp punches instead of the sloppy haymakers and roundhouses. Leeann was still in too much pain to block the first punch and it slammed into her stomach, causing her to gasp. Leeann soon was taking shot after shot, some to her head, others to her body and an occasional one connected with her already aching breasts.

Leeann was seemingly done for as punches cascaded down on her just as Victoria called, "End of round one! Time's up girls, back to your corners!"

Anna Nicole stopped firing punches as Victoria pulled her off the brunette who was barely able to stand. Victoria walked Anna Nicole back over to her corner as Leeann slumped against the ropes. Leeann struggled through the pain as she tried to stand on her then she heard Anna Nicole and Victoria laughing on the far side of the ring. Her mind was too cloudy to think anything of it as she pushed herself away off the ropes.

Anna Nicole laughed aloud as Victoria walked to Leeann, "You sure you wanna continue the beating? I can stop it," she mockingly asked Leeann.

Fighting back the pain, Leeann yelled through gritted teeth, "Screw you, I'll beat that fat cows ass!"

When she heard that, Anna Nicole became enraged and charged Leeann who quickly dropped to her knees. Anna Nicole stopped just short of the brunette, who fired a left up into Anna Nicole’s pussy. Her eyes shot wide and her mouth puckered in a perfect little ‘o’.

"Low Blow!!" Victoria yelled, watching Anna Nicole drop clutching her pussy.

Victoria immediately stepped between the fighters as Anna Nicole rolled on the canvas holding her pussy. Leeann didn’t seem to be doing so well herself after the beating she’d taken as she was still down on her knees. Leeann was the first to rise but was more shaken then she had thought and had to lean on the ropes for support. After a few seconds, she began to walk toward Anna Nicole. Victoria rapidly stepped in her path and explained she had to wait for Anna Nicole to recover since it was a low blow that put her down. Leeann was furious and tried to get around Victoria to no avail. Victoria stood her ground, not allowing the brunette to get at the slowly rising blonde. When Anna Nicole was on her feet she looked furious, cursing the brunette and shaking her hands rapidly up and down. Suddenly her right glove flew out of the ring!

A confused Leeann looked to Victoria who, smiling, shrugged and said, "Hmm, guess I didn't tie ‘em tight enough!"

Then Anna Nicole’s other glove flew off and the Amazon screamed as she dashed at the stunned Leeann. Panic griped her as she realized she was in serious trouble. Her first instinct was to run but before she reached the ropes she was caught from behind by two handfuls of her long brown hair.

Victoria screamed at her, "Not so fast bitch! You said you wanted to fight so you ain't going nowhere!"

Victoria threw Leeann to the mat by the hair and the stunned beauty yelped in pain. The barehanded Anna Nicole walked over and grabbed Leeann up by the hair with one hand, pulled her body up just as her other hand slammed into Leeann's exposed midsection. The stunned brunette buckled in pain gasping for air. Anna Nicole put the bent over brunette's head between her legs and squeezed. Leeann screamed as pain began mounting in her head, growing by the second. Victoria ran up to the trapped brunette and pulled Leeann's shorts down, exposing her sexy slingshot orange thong. Leeann's ass looked incredible in just the small thong as it swayed seductively in the standing headscissors.

Victoria left the shorts around Leeann's ankles hoping she wouldn’t be able to remove them with her gloves on. Anna Nicole again tightened her thighs, squeezing the trapped Leeann for all she was worth. Leeann started begging for release, trying to punch up at Anna Nicole to no avail. Wildly swinging both arms all Leeann could do was slap the back of Anna Nicole’s jiggling thighs and her ass. The blondes laughed at the helpless brunette, whose ass began shaking as she wiggled from side to side trying to free her head; her shapely leg's straining to find release.

Then, without warning, Anna Nicole dropped to her knees jarring Leeann's neck from the impact. Leeann was stunned and pain shot through her body at the sudden turn of event's. She couldn’t believe what was happening and she gasped when Anna Nicole’s body crashed down on her lower back knocking the wind out of her. Anna Nicole reached forward and began pulling back on the brunette's curly long hair. Leeann shrieked as her scalp was shooting with pain and she began to fear her beautiful long brown hair would be ripped from her head. Leeann tried to kick out, but the shorts around her ankles kept her from getting any force behind her kicks.

Anna Nicole reared back again before letting go of Leeann's long locks, allowing the brunette's head to drop forward to the mat. Anna Nicole reached forward and used both hands to choke Leeann who began gagging. Victoria straddled Leeann's legs and began to spank her exposed ass, altering between left and right cheeks. The brunette gasped as her ass grew red under the flurry of open hand spanks.

Anna Nicole released her choke and the teary brunette whined, "Pleaasseee Annnnaaaa I give up! Let me go, I’m sorry!"

But Anna Nicole responds with a chuckle, then began to bounce up and down on Leeann's back causing her to cry out in pain. When her count reached ten Anna Nicole slowly rose off Leeann's limp body. Groggily, Leeann reached back with her gloved hand to cover her ass and try to stop the barrage of spanks still splattering her crimson cheeks from Victoria’s hand. Anna Nicole rewarded Leeann's attempts at self-defense by slamming a kick to the back of her head. Leeann gasped as her face slammed into the mat then she felt herself suddenly being hauled to the feet by her hair again.

As soon as Victoria had Leeann on her feet, she wrapped both arms around the brunette's tight midsection and began squeezing. Leeann gasped as Victoria held her trapped in a perfect reverse bearhug. Soon Leeann was lifted off the mat and she struggled to keep her feet on the canvas but she couldn’t, the big blonde's strength was incredible! Leeann grew light headed as Victoria was relentless in crushing her tight middle until Leeann's arms hung limp at her sides. She futilely tried kicking, but her shorts still dangling around her ankles made that impossible.

Anna Nicole’s eyes lit up as she pounced on the trapped girl, rearing back and firing a punch deep into Leeann's jiggling breast. Leeann's shirt swung back and forth as her breast swayed violently from the blow; her head flew back in response to the pain, the back of her head smashing into Victoria's nose! Victoria dropped the brunette to the mat as her hand went to her damaged nose. Victoria cursed from the surprise pain filling her face as she shook her head trying to clear the ache. Leeann lay on the mat, face down, her chest expanding and contracting rapidly as she desperately tried to take in oxygen.

As her gloved hand went to her throbbing breast as she heard Anna Nicole suddenly yell, "I wanna see those!"

Leeann gasped as she felt her tight red shirt violently ripped from her body. Anna Nicole was growing pissed, as Leeann's boxing gloves kept her from pulling her shirt off. Giving up, Anna Nicole left the shirt dangling around Leeann's wrists preventing her from using her arms with the shirt restraining her movement. Without warning, Victoria grabbed Leeann by the arm and whipped her around. Leeann almost fell as her shorts prevented her from moving her feet but Victoria kept her up with a punch that exploded in Leeann's orange bra.

She squealed in pain as her bra strained to contain the contents of her perfect C cup breast as it recoiled. Victoria laughed as Leeann was totally helpless with her shirt trapping her arms; barely stand due with her shorts around her ankles. Anna Nicole bent down from behind and grabbed the back of Leeann's ankles. Pulling, she flipped Leeann face first on the mat. Her head exploded in pain, seeing stars as her face slammed into the mat. She was only vaguely aware as Anna Nicole pulled her shorts off.

Anna Nicole dropped and again sat on Leeann's lower back, this time putting her in a camel clutch. Anna Nicole had both of Leeann's arms draped over her knees as she reached forward and pulled back on her neck. All Leeann could do was mutter a few whimpers between begging the crazed blonde to let her go. Due to her predicament, Leeann’s right boxing glove fell off, taking with it her shirt that had bound her arms.

Anna Nicole laughed hearing the brunette beg and viciously pulled back harder until Leeann shrieked with pain, her back feeling like it would pop any second; her breasts straining in the bra containing her massive orbs. Out of the corner of her eye Anna Nicole watched Victoria climb on the second rope and, when she was ready, swiftly climbed off of the beaten brunette. Anna Nicole dragged the helpless brunette by the hair over to where Victoria lay in wait. When she had Leeann positioned, Victoria sprang off the ropes and dropped an elbow to the small of Leeann's back.

Anna Nicole laughed as Leeann writhed in pain, then bent down and grabbed the back off Leeann's orange thong, jerking it up and eliciting another shriek when the material cut into her ass and sliced between her pussy lips. As Leeann was slowly pulled to her feet by the wedgie, Victoria slammed a kick to Leeann's right breast. Tears fill Leeann's beautiful brown eyes, as Anna Nicole stood the brunette up and pulled her arms behind her. Leeann's tight midsection was now exposed to attack for Victoria who’s eyes lit up at the sight of Leeann helpless to do anything; allowing the blonde to have her way with the sexy brunette. Victoria grabbed Leeann's breast in her bra and began to squeeze hard.

"These are so nice, it’d be a shame to ruin them!" Victoria mocked.

Leeann begged, "Pllleeeeeeeze Victoria, Let me go, I will do anything just let me be... pplee... UUHHHMNNNNNNN!"

Her pleas were cut short by Victoria's knee slamming into her crotch. Leeann's eyes rolled back as she slumped forward, her long hair covering her heaving chest. Leeann slowly slid down on her knees in a heap, only to be hauled back up by big Anna Nicole. Victoria laughed as she drew back her arm and fired a huge uppercut under Leeann's left breast, shooting it up and out of its cup. Victoria stared at Leeann's perfect breast, perhaps in jealousy or physical attraction. Then she reached out and began to thumb the nickel-sized nipple which instantly hardened, allowing Victoria to dig her thumbnail into it. Leeann's let out a blood-curdling scream as she thought her nipple was being ripped off the breast as Victoria began to twist the nipple left, then right, then left again. The pain had Leeann sobbing out loud, tears rolling down the beauty's face leaving dark make up lines streaked down over her rosy cheeks.

Within seconds blood began to appear around the tender nipple as Victoria unmercifully pulled Leeann’s other breast out of her bra. With her 36C's on display for all, her arms pinned behind her by the bigger Anna Nicole, was left with only in her orange thong and the boxing glove still tied on her left hand as her bra which was down around her curvy waist. Victoria grabbed Leeann's face, digging her nails into her cheeks, forcing the brunette to look at her as she fired another uppercut to Leeann's aching breast. Leeann bellowed as she dropped out of Anna Nicole’s grasp, landing hard on her butt on the mat. Leeann's breast throbbed in pain as she sobbed out her surrender, curling up into the fetal position trying to alleviate her pain. But Anna Nicole bent over and pulled the brunette violently up by her orange thong which buried itself in her ass and pussy as she was harshly jerked to her feet.

Victoria eyed Leeann's now-exposed swollen labia and gave the thong a tug from the front, wrenching a cry from the wilting Leeann. Anna Nicole smiled as she held Leeann's limp body in a full nelson, trapping her arms over her head. Victoria started to play with Leeann's right nipple, working to arouse it as she had the left. Try as she might, Leeann was unable to keep her nipple from growing hard under Victoria’s skillful manipulation. Something she knew she’d instantly regret!. Victoria waited for just the right moment and the Leeann let out an ear-piercing scream as her nail bit deep into the stiff nipple. Victoria kept twisting and pulling the damaged nipple until she drew blood.

Leeann's knees quivered and gave way but Anna Nicole tightened her vice-like grip ensuring she couldn't fall. Victoria released the nipple, stepped back and let fly with another uppercut. Leeann's right breast shot upward, then jiggled uncontrollably before settling back onto Leeann’s heaving chest. Anna Nicole restrained the helpless brunette as Victoria reached over and picked up Leeann's boxing glove and began taking apart the laces from it. She managed to get the lace, then wrapped it around her hand a few times before she walked back to the beautiful brunette. Leeann was too dazed by her pain to even be aware of the approaching blonde as she slumped in Anna Nicole’s arms with her head bowed, tears flowing down her face. The only reason Leeann was still upright was Anna Nicole holding her up.

Victoria once more slowly teased both of Leeann's nipples, using her wiles to bring them to full arousal in seconds. Then, without warning, she started to viscously grind the laces over the brunette's bleeding nipples. Leeann's head snapped from side to side as she struggled to evade the unbearable pain, but her wriggling was to no avail - she was stuck and Victoria continued the assault for what seemed like forever to the trapped Leeann. When Victoria's attack ended, both nipples were raw and bleeding and the area around it was scratched, scraped and raw. Anna Nicole released the full nelson and let Leeann drop. She again curled in a fetal ball, clutching her breasts trying in vain to ease her pain as both of her tormentors laughed at the sight of Leeann, wearing just a thong, curled up sobbing uncontrollably.

Anna Nicole muttered as she again approached Leeann, "OK, now it’s MY turn to have some fun!"

She kicked Leeann over onto her back and snickered when the brunette tried to protect her breasts. Anna Nicole positioned her ass over the helpless girl's face and squatted down, dropping her ass crack on Leeann's nose. Leeann bucked her hips and kicked her legs futilely as she struggled to find breath with her face buried beneath Anna Nicole’s enormous ass. Anna Nicole quickly turned around, again pressing her ass onto Leeann's nose, but now poised with her hands free to ravage the brunette's bared body. Leeann's mind tried to fight the pain coursing through her, overwhelming her senses, as now she struggled to breathe as Anna Nicole’s plump ass engulfed her face, shutting off all hope of finding air.

Anna Nicole reached forward with both hands dug her nails into the helpless woman’s breasts although Leeann's screams could only faintly be heard through the mountain of flesh covering her face. Anna Nicole began savagely mauling the once perfect breasts, raking her nails down Leeann's tits leaving ten red welts on the smooth, soft flesh as Leeann continued to buck and thrash in the vain hope of somehow breaking free to end her torment. Anna Nicole shifted her weight back and then forth, grinding her ass and pussy on Leeann's face. She soon discovered she enjoyed the feeling she got and her head soon lolled back in ecstasy as Leeann's nose was driving her pussy crazy.

Anna Nicole was soon snapped out of her blissful reverie at Victoria's yell, "Alright you had enough fun. Get the bitch up!"

Anna Nicole reluctantly lifted her fat ass off Leeann's face and glared at Victoria. Leeann was almost out from lack of oxygen and the pain coursing through her. Victoria grabbed Leeann off the floor by the hair, barely noticing the other boxing glove as it slid off Leeann's limp hand. She placed the dazed girl's head between her thighs but instead of squeezing, she flipped the semi-conscious beauty upside down and then power-bombed her on her back to the mat. Anna Nicole watched in awed disbelief, but Victoria seemed un-phased by her awesome feat of strength. Leeann, however, bounced almost a foot in the air, then collapsed and lay twitching in convulsions, her bloody breasts heaving rapidly from the short breathes she was drawing as her lungs sucked in badly needed air.

Anna Nicole strutted over and told Victoria to hold Leeann's legs as she dropped her ass on Leeann's breasts. Victoria had no idea what Anna Nicole planned but she sat on the smaller woman's thighs and watched as Anna Nicole pinning Leeann's arms to her sides. The Anna Nicole’s hands shot forward and she gave the orange thong a playful little tug and watched Leeann's body quiver in response. Then she began pulling harder and harder, the material digging deeper and deeper into Leeann’s pussy as she bucked as much as she could. The pain in her breasts and the beating she had already received were too much for her to continue to try to fight once she realized her legs and arms were pinned. Anna Nicole reared back using both hands until she had the thong stretched clear up to Leeann's sore and bloody breasts as Leeann screamed between incoherent sobs. Anna Nicole kept pulling the thong wedgie as Leeann's puffy pussy lips and pubic patch bulged out around either side of the rapidly narrowing strip of fabric as it disappeared deep into her pussy!

Victoria's eyes lit up at the sight of Leeann's pussy and salivated as Anna Nicole viciously hauled the thong up again, this time so hard she snapped the material. Now it was Victoria's turn! She grabbed a handful of the thick, lush, brown pubic hair and twisted the short curly hair for all she was worth. Leeann's hips rose off the mat as she thrashed from the intense pain as Victoria plucked out dense thatches of her precious pubic hair. Victoria continued puling till the remaining hairs were too short to grasp and Leeann had large bald spots. She got off Leeann and paused to admire her handiwork. Leeann had been totally defeated and humiliated, left lying in a heap sobbing like a baby as tears rolled down her makeup-smeared face in unrestrained torrents and trickles of blood dribbled from her damaged nipples.

Victoria reached down and hauled the beaten girl to her feet. She was clearly out of it as Victoria threw her body into the ropes. She shot back off the ropes right into Anna Nicole’s awaiting arms. She lifted the lifeless brunette up, turned her over and held her shoulder high as she paraded around the ring with her trophy. Then she took a few steps to get a running start and slammed Leeann down, dropping with her full weight on top of the brunette. Leeann lay almost unconscious, only vaguely aware as Anna Nicole rolled her over onto her naked chest. Anna Nicole pulled Leeann's lifeless arms back as she planted her foot between Leeann's shoulder blades and reared back, digging her foot in and making Leeann to shriek as her shoulders were nearly ripped from the sockets.

Anna Nicole, bent on destroying Leeann, pulled for all she was worth as tears streamed down the brunette goddess's face and she screamed, begging Anna Nicole to accept her unconditional surrender. Anna Nicole just laughed as she slammed a kick to Leeann's head as she simultaneously released her arms. Leeann's face slammed into the mat, her arms flopping beside her limp body. Victoria was on the brunette in a flash, sliding a shapely thigh under Leeann's neck and positioning the other over the back of her neck, then she squeezed her thighs together like two steel beams wrapped around the brunette's neck shutting off any airflow.

Leeann's eyes bulged, she was completely unable to draw any breath. She panicked as she tried to break free of the vice grip of Victoria’s legs but she wouldn't relent. Soon, Victoria's hands had a grip on Leeann's damaged breasts and she began pulling on the once prize melons as she strangled the helpless brunette; squeezing and mashing Leeann's breasts left and then right as she dug her nails into the tender skin. She continued mauling Leeann's orbs until she felt the brunette’s body relax and go limp. Victoria hopped to her feet and looked at Anna Nicole.

Anna Nicole yelled, "We ain't done yet!" She walked over to Leeann girl and snapped, "Gimme her thong and that vibrator you brought!"

Anna Nicole took Leeann’s thong from Victoria and, grinning from ear to ear, she rolled it up and stuffed it in her mouth, tying it behind her head to ensure she couldn’t spit it out when she regained consciousness. Then she spread Leeann's legs wide, motioning for Victoria to take her by the ankles so she could continue. Anna Nicole took the small silver vibrator and rammed it deep into Leeann's pussy! The brunette's head shot up off the mat bringing her back into the world of consciousness but only briefly! Anna Nicole quickly fired her fist into Leeann's chin knocking her head viscously back straight back down to the mat. With Leeann out cold again, Anna Nicole stuck her fingers in and began to work the small, powerful vibrator deeper and deeper. Satisfied it wouldn't go any further, Anna Nicole got to her feet. They collected the rest of Leeann's discarded clothing and used it to tie her securely to the turnbuckle. Finally, they decided the brunette had suffered enough and left the ring both smiling ear to ear; laughing at the helpless girl who lay out cold.

Leeann came to a few hours later to the snapping and flashing of cameras going off in her face. She had no idea where she was, but it slowly came back to her. Victoria and Anna Nicole had set her up! Now, people were standing around the helplessly bound brunette snapping pictures of the once stunning goddess who was still tied to the ropes with nowhere to go and unable to beg to be untied with her thong stuffed in her mouth. All she could do was lay there, endure the humiliation and plot her revenge!

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