Tweeden Tales #2: Party at the Mansion by jjj
The party at the Playboy Mansion was packed with Playmates, celebrities, singers, and models. All were having a great time, some drinking, some night swimming, others just socializing and catching up on the latest gossip. Cocktail waitresses dressed as bunnies were plentiful, walking around inside and out serving drinks to those who wanted them. The security guard at the gate was so busy staring at one of the waitress's he never saw three figures dressed all in black sneak past his post. The figures dashed across the front lawn, avoiding the lights, gliding noiselessly through the lengthening shadows. They scanned the crowd as they hid against the walls of the mansion, the shadows cloaking their presence. It was several minutes before they dashed under one of the windows of the mansion hiding in the bushes. The shrubbery was perfect cover, they could remain hidden where they had a perfect view of the party only a few feet from the food table.

The table was enormous and seemed to have the most people gathered around it so the hidden group remained patient and waited. They silently hid in the shrubs for well over a half- hour, watching people come to the table, grab small snacks or whole meals. Not a sound escaped any of there lips, until Anna Nicole Smith and Victoria Silvstedt walked up to get some food. A gasp could faintly be heard, to those who were listening, from the shrubbery.

Fortunately, no one was listening to bushes, so the sound went unnoticed. Anna Nicole grabbed a large plate and began piling food on it. She almost knocked over a guest in her eagerness to get her hands on the ribs. A silver dress hugged her curvy body far too tightly and it showed she defiantly had gone off of her diet again. It was also evident she'd decided not to wear a bra as her massive chest sagged down to where it met her oversized stomach. She towered over a short man she intimated for her 2" heels made her just over six feet tall. In seconds Anna's plate was full and she turned to Victoria who was in the process of filling her plate with only half as much food.

Victoria looked great with her hair up in a low-cut black dress showing ample cleavage. She was as tall as Anna Nicole for her black heels put her eye level with her blonde friend. But her stomach was far less saggy. Victoria grabbed a few finger foods, then headed to a vacant circular table only a few feet away. Anna Nicole, plate full of food, sat down with her and began devouring her meal. Anna Nicole barely even chewed - it seemed she just swallowed the food whole. The three figures in the shrubs watched the heavy blonde eat in disgust as they silently sat in wait.

Victoria scanned the crowd as she nibbled an appetizer, then suddenly yelled, "Hey Karen! Over here!"

Karen McDougal's head swiveled around as she tried to see who was calling her name. She laughed as she saw Anna Nicole waving a chicken drumstick in the air at her. Karen, in a short black skirt and low-cut white spaghetti strap top, slipped through the crowd toward the two blondes.

"Hey girls, how are ya?" she called as she neared her friends as she pulled up a chair and joined the blondes who were finishing their plates of food.

Just then, Anna Nicole stood, her silver dress about to burst at the seams, "I'll be back in a flash. I'm gonna grab a little more food."

Karen and Victoria just looked at each other rather than get into an argument with Anna about her eating habits. The top heavy blonde always complained about her huge weight swings, yet never did anything about it. Shortly, she returned with another heaping plateful of wings and ribs, sat down and began devouring her second helping. The three made small talk, totally unaware of the three shadows lurking in the shrubs ever so close to them.

The party began thinning and the girls must've been sitting at the table for over an hour; food plates and empty drink glasses accumulated about them. Karen laughed, and drew a similar reaction from Victoria, as she pointed to Anna Nicole's chest, which was streaked with hot sauce! Anna Nicole was feeling the effect of the alcohol already, and she also laughed as she pulled her dress up and licked the sauce stain from her enormous bosom. Both Victoria and Karen were disgusted by Anna Nicole's vulgar display but they chuckled halfheartedly. Anna Nicole smiled at her two friends as she simultaneously grabbed one of the cocktail waitresses bunny tails as she passed the table.

The young girl was startled by the sudden move, and almost spilled her drink tray as she whirled around furious, but she flashed a phony smile at the blonde as she asked, "May I help you?" Anna looked at the girl with a tinge of jealousy. The blonde waitress cut a striking figure in the bunny costume; black thigh-hi stockings, black thong panties and bra with a pink bunny tail and big floppy ears. She was 5'7 but couldn't have weighed more than 110 lbs. Worse, she had a perfectly perky pair of 34B's and long curly hair that flowed down to her lacy black bra. There as a name tag attached to her right breast reading 'Monique'. Anna Nicole realized she must've been staring when she heard Victoria answer the girl.

"Yeah," Victoria said glaring at Anna. "Our friend likes your costume!" she said with a snicker.

This snapped Anna out of her daze, and she began chuckling at Victoria's comment, "Whadda they pay you for anyway? The service sucks and surely they aren't paying you to look good."

The cute blonde's smile faded instantly as she found herself taking a step back. She bit her tongue rather than saying something that might upset one of Hef's Playmates, spun around on her black high-heeled shoe and started to just walk away. But Anna Nicole apparently wasn't going to let matters drop.

"Hey bunny rabbit, get your ass back here! I wanna drink!"

Monique frowned but again turned back around facing the three seated girls, "What would you like, ma'am?"

Anna was quick to respond, "Well since you probably aren't too bright, maybe you'd better write it down doll face. No, on second thought, I'd like to hear your recommendation. I bet a whore like you likes....what....'Sex on the Beach'?" The table laughed as Monique squirmed at Anna's insults. "Get us six screwdrivers and be quick about it!"

Monique was furious as she stormed back to the bar and placed her order for the loud and obnoxious Anna Nicole. The bartender had the drinks out and in her hands in a matter of minutes and Monique quickly took the drinks around the back of the bar. She separated Anna's from Victoria's and Karen's, then after making sure no one was looking, she spit in both of Anna's drinks. Smiling, she walked back over to the three seated girls and placed their drinks in front of Karen and Victoria.

Grinning, she handed Anna her two special drinks and asked sarcastically, "Will that be all?"

Anna Nicole, apparently wasn't done having fun with the girl, continued, "That's where I know you're Monique Alex...something or other. That two bit wannabe model who couldn't make it and had to do porn!" she bellowed in laughter. Looking at Karen and Victoria, Anna chuckled, "Monique Alexander...that's your name isn't it porno slut?"

Monique was furious at the insult. She slammed the drinks down in front of the boisterous Anna Nicole. She'd had enough!

"That's right!!" Monique said, running her hands over her incredible body. "This body's good enough to be in movie's, unlike some at this table."

Then she spun around and started walking away. But Anna Nicole's hand shot out, latching onto the small bunny tail and ripping it right off, exposing her thong clad ass. The blonde waitress spun around and glared at Anna Nicole who waved the bunny tail in the air as she and her friends laughed hysterically at the expression on the irate bunny's face. Anna offered the tail to Monique but when she stepped forward to take it, Anna pulled it away.

"Ahhh, does baby bunny want her tail back?" she mocked.

Monique didn't care any longer, "Keep it!" she snapped. "You can put it on your fat ass so people'll have something to look at beside the cellulite!" she sneered as she stomped off, serving tray in hand, thong clad ass looking great; the heels making her long legs ever so sexy.

Anna Nicole was furious at being insulted by the young girl and grabbed one of her drinks. Within seconds, the icy mixed drink slammed into Monique's back splashing her bare skin. The cold shock made the poor girl spill her serving tray of drinks everywhere.

Spinning around, Monique shrieked, "You fucking bitch! I don't believe you did that!"

Fortunately for her, most of the party had moved inside and no one saw the unfortunate incident accept Anna's table and the three girls hiding in the shrubs. Monique was forced to bend over to pick up the glasses she'd spilled when a chicken wing bone sailed past inches from her head. Just as she turned around, another wing was airborne and this one hit her bare shoulder. Anna's table roared with laughter as they watched the poor girl scramble to dodge chicken bones as she tried to pick up the glasses. Anna Nicole even managed a near-perfect toss with one bone that slithered down the cleavage of Monique's top. She finally got the glasses together and quickly as she could scrambled back to the bar, wiping her shoulder and bosom clean of the hot sauce.

The girls at the table were so intent on finishing their drinks they never heard the sneeze from the shrubs a few feet away. One of the three women in the bushes pulled her ski mask off revealing brown hair pulled tightly back and held her fingers under her nose. It was Leeann Tweeden trying her hardest not to sneeze again as her two accomplices glared angrily at her. When Leeann was sure she wasn't going to sneeze again, she pulled the ski mask back over her face and looked up at the table.

Leeann was hesitant now that she saw Anna Nicole and Victoria had with Karen. Even though she'd trained for three long month's, fear coursed through her body. She couldn't help remembering what the two blondes had done to her in the ring. She looked to her left for support and saw Brooke Burke dressed as she was in skin tight black pants, black turtle neck and a ski mask that hid all but her nose and eyes. To her right was the source of a little more confidence; Morena Corwin wearing the same outfit and eager to help exact revenge for what the blondes had done to Leeann.

Leeann's heart pounded as she thought about the severe, harsh and humiliating beating she'd suffered at the hands of Victoria and it was pay back time! What the hell was Karen doing hanging all over the two sluts, Leeann couldn't help wondering as she was grew antsy lying in wait. There wouldn't be a better opportunity to attack the two blondes, and Morena and Brooke seemed to be getting restless as was Leeann. The crowd around the food had virtually gone and she decided it was now or never.

Even though Anna was talking in her loud shrill voice, the words were lost on Leeann who only heard her heart pounding. Holding up her hands in a signal, she quickly flicked her wrists in circles twice then leaped from her hiding spot in the shrubs. After five quick strides, Leeann tackled Anna Nicole to the ground, knocking her out of her chair. Leeann's hands shot to Anna's long blonde hair and when she had a secure grip she began yanking back and forth as hard as she could.

Karen was sipping her drink and nearly choked when she felt Morena's forearm slide around her neck under her chin. She gasped, struggling to breathe as Morena locked her arm and tightened the hold as hard as she could. Karen's eyes bulged at the sight of Anna on the floor with a crazed attacker dressed in all black ripping her head side to side. Breath wouldn't come to the brunette and panic coursed through her as she tried to regain her composure.

Brooke was a second late getting to Victoria, who had just started to get up to help Karen when she saw the woman in black lunging at her. Victoria spun around but the smaller Brooke crashing into her sent her stumbling backward over her high heels. Both landed on the ground and although Brooke's weight crashed into Victoria she still was somewhat prepared. Brooke's hands went for Victoria's hair, while Victoria began slamming closed fists onto her attackers back.

Leeann was in a rage, her heart pounding as she pulled Anna up by the hair and began slamming fists to the side of the stunned blondes head. Anna Nicole was in a world of pain, the alcohol already dulling her reaction time, but she tried to fight until she took another shot to her temple. The huge blonde slumped back to the ground on her knees just as the side of her head was met with a snap kick from Leeann's foot. Anna's body shot sideways, landing sprawled chest first on the ground.

Karen struggled to get to her feet as her attacker loosened her hold on the sexy brunette's neck. Karen's white shirt was slowly being pulled off as the struggle ensued, but she had bigger problems to worry about. Morena strained to keep her choke hold in place but as she felt it slipping, she decided to change her tactics and repositioned her hands to Karen's hair. As she hunched over Karen’s long locks, Morena suddenly gasped when Karen's head rammed into her stomach stunning the brunette temporarily and knocking the wind out of her. Morena fell backward toward the food table but quickly recovered enough to maintain the hair pull on Karen who was throwing punches that were just missing Morena's tight body. Karen heard herself screaming as she landed hard on her back after being snapped mared by the hair. She tried to roll away from Morena, but her crazed attacker again caught her by the hair and pulled, dragging Karen to her feet. Then Morena ran with Karen and flung the stunned Playmate onto the food table. She crashed into the table, her full breasts and white shirt landing on a pile of ribs which completely covered her chest with sauce.

Karen didn't even have time to turn around before Morena dumped a bucket of wings on her head. Hot sauce covered Karen's brown hair and wings went flying everywhere. Karen shrieked as the hot sauce ran down into her eyes, momentarily blinding her. And Morena was quick to capitalize as she slammed a kick to Karen's stomach that doubled the brunette over. Karen's once white shirt was covered in sauce as she frantically pawed at her eyes, fighting through the pain of Morena's kick. Her eyes were stinging and burning and nothing she did eased the pain. Karen never even saw the elbow that slammed into the side of her cheek, knocking her onto her back on the food table again. She slammed down on the table with her head in a huge bowl of coleslaw. Morena laughed at Karen struggling to free herself as she ran to the far side of the table, grabbed a huge cake and dumped it on the food-covered brunette!

Victoria and Brooke were in an all-out catfight; both fighting to gain the upper hand as Brooke ripped at Victoria's long locks. Brooke gasped as Victoria's knee shot upward into her crotch, forcing her to release the blonde's hair. She groaned as pain filled her lower body, her hands dropping to her tender crotch.

Victoria pulled off Brooke's ski mask and screamed, "You two bit whore I am going to fucking destroy you!"

Then she fired a high kick to Brooke's chest that sent the brunette goddess flying onto her back. Victoria pounced, her fist slammed into Brooke's face as the brunette raised her hands to defend herself. But Victoria just kept swinging although Brooke got her hands up to shield her face and most of Victoria’s wild hay-makers were blocked or missed entirely. Then Brooke gasped in pain as Victoria grabbed a handful of hair and dragged her to her feet. Using her free hand, Victoria backhanded Brooke across the cheek, then landed a slap to the other cheek.

"Thought you could beat me, huh slut?" Victoria screamed as she bent the sexy brunette over and slammed a fist into her tight belly.

Brooke gasped as air shot out of her body, finding herself staring down at the concrete. Victoria towered above her hunched over foe as she brought another punch down to the back of Brooke's head, driving her face first to the ground. Victoria began driving her foot into Brooke's back and sides while the brunette tried to curl up into the fetal position to protect herself.

While Victoria was taking control of Brooke, Anna Nicole gasped as her massive chest slammed down into the concrete but Leeann was relentless in her attack. She grabbed the back of Anna Nicole's dress and pulled it down to expose the blonde's ass. Then Anna shrieked in pain as Leeann's perfect ass dropped down in the middle of her back, grinding her bare tits on the cement. Anna Nicole tried to fight back but she was being dominated by the petite brunette who again slammed her fists into the back of Anna’s head. Anna Nicole fought back tears as she tried vainly to shake her attacker off.

Victoria looked up and saw that Anna was in a world of trouble; the black-clad figure was having her way with her. Victoria looked down at Brooke who was on her knees and grabbed two handfuls of her long brown hair. Brooke, sensing she was in trouble, tried to throw a punch but never got it off because Victoria's knee slammed into her nose. Brooke groaned and instantly went down, her hands holding her bleeding nose.

Victoria dropped Brooke, dashed toward Anna and lowered her shoulder slamming into Leeann who flew off of Anna Nicole as Victoria's shoulder slammed into her back. Victoria's weight came crashing down on Leeann, causing her to grunt as her own chest was smashed into the ground. Victoria's mouth dropped open in shock when she pulled off the mask off and recognized Leeann.

"You fucking whore, didn't we beat you enough last time? Are you so stupid you came back for another beating?"

Leeann's heart pounded, fear filling her body, as she struggled to crawl out from beneath the big blonde as Victoria began yanking her long brown hair from side to side, screaming at the brunette as she wrestled her over onto her back. Leeann fought against the pain in her scalp as her hands dug into Victoria's breasts. The blonde gasped as Leeann's talon cut into her big melons until she was forced to release Leeann's hair and dig her own fingernails into the brunette's wrists trying to break her hold. Leeann’s hips bucked and bounced up and down while keeping up her assault on Victoria's breasts until the blonde lost her seat and rolled off to the side.

Victoria scrambled to her knees, screaming, “I’m gonna kill you, you whore!"

She leapt at Leeann who rose to her feet and simultaneously charged the lunging blonde. Their chests slammed together and their hands shot into the other's hair, each straining to put the other down. Victoria tripped in her high-heels and found herself being slammed to the ground, losing her grasp on Leeann's hair. Leeann took advantage as she brought a knee to the side of the blonde's head, first once then a second time. Victoria's vision grew hazy as she felt herself falling. Leeann was going for the kill when she suddenly dropped to her knees, her eyes watering. Looking down in the shock of pain, Leeann saw Anna Nicole's foot sticking up from under her crotch.

Anna Nicole, her scratched breasts now on lewd display, had sneaked up from behind and punted Leeann, dropping her to her knees with an uncontested kick to her wide-open pussy. Leeann's eyes were filled with tears and her pussy throbbing in agony from the hard kick even as Anna Nicole cackling at the brunette’s misery, fired another kick. This one hit Leeann between the shoulder blades and sent her sprawling forward on her stomach.

Anna Nicole pounced, straddling the brunette as she began ripping away the back of her black sweater. Laughing, Anna quickly had the entire turtleneck in her hands, then turned all smiles and looked over to Victoria who was just getting to her knees.

Just then, Victoria screamed, "Look out! Behind you!" But Anna was slow to register the warning and just as she turned, her face was flattened by Monique Alexander's serving tray. The feisty blonde, still dressed as a bunny, slammed the flat side of the tray into Anna Nicole's face. Anna's breasts received the next shot as Monique swung and slammed the tray’s edge across both huge breasts.

Monique was screaming with rage, "You fat fucking cow! I’ll teach you to throw food and insult ME!"

She raised the tray and was about to swing it again when someone grabbed it from behind. Her fun was over! It was Vivian Silverstone another serving bunny who’d grabbed the tray to stop Monique from hitting Anna. Vivian and Monique hated each other, both had been teen models and porn stars, now both aspired to centerfold fame in Playboy. Hef told them only one could be a centerfold but he hadn’t decided which yet. Since then, they’d despised one another and now they were facing off only inches apart.

"Why don't you attack someone from the front and not when they aren't looking, you slut!" Vivian screamed as she ripped the tray from Monique's hands.

She was dressed just like Monique; high-heel black shoes, thigh highs, thong and bra with a bunny tail and ears. She threw the tray aside and in the same motion, snapped her leg up and drove her knee into Monique's tight stomach. Having never been in a fight, Monique was stunned and doubled over gasping. Vivian pounced on the blonde, ripping her bunny ears off as she dragged Monique around by the hair, shaking her like a rag doll. Monique squealed as Vivian raked her other hand down her bare back, leaving parallel streaks of stinging, burning welts where her sharp nails furrowed the soft flesh. Monique's hand reached back to pull Vivian’s hand from her hair, but Vivian just slammed her fist down into Monique's belly, dropping the gasping blonde to her knees. Then she grabbed her hair again, intent on ripping it all out! Just at that moment, as Victoria and Anna Nicole were getting to their feet, Hef burst through the door with security. His jaw dropped when he saw the chaos as his guards tried to break up the fights. Within minutes everyone was separated and Hef was in high dudgeon.

"What the hell happened?" he screamed as he looked around at the spilled food and tattered clothing.

Security had successfully restrained everyone and a shirtless Leeann stepped forward in a blue sports bra, "Hef we're sorry, but I had to pay those blonde whores back for setting me up. I am sorry it had to be at the mansion, but it was the perfect chance."

Hef looked at the topless Anna Nicole and Victoria, shaking his head sadly as everyone tried to explain their side of the story at the same time.

"So three girls from Fredrick's of Hollywood want to challenge my bunnies, eh?" Hef said, pondering the possibilities for a minute. " I'll tell you what... I'll set up a match between the three of you and my three girls. We’ll broadcast it as a PPV. I'll talk to someone from Fredrick's to see if they'll be willing to split the winners prize with me, but I propose $500,000 to the winning team. I keep all the revenue and licensing rights to the broadcast."

Anna looked over at Victoria who nodded eagerly, accepting Hef's offer. Anna Nicole knew she could count on Victoria, but was afraid to look at Karen who was a mess, with food covering her spectacular body. But Karen was more than ready to accept the challenge, wanting to pay Morena back for the humiliation she’d suffered. Leeann didn't even bother to check with Morena or Brooke, who was still holding her nose.

"Fine,” Leeann snapped curtly. “Set it up, give us the date and the three of us’ll be there!"

Hef loved it; he could smell all the money the fight would rake in as he looked at the two cocktail waitresses and chuckled, "Well Monique and Vivian, you both want to be a centerfold so here’s what I’ll do. I'll put you two on the under card match; winner is in the next centerfold - or as soon as her wounds heal. Whaddaya say?"

Vivian's eyes lit up, finally she’d be a centerfold in Playboy, "I can't wait Hef, I'll kick the shit outta the bitch!!!!" Then glaring at a clearly worried Monique, she added, "Finally, my chance to be in the magazine, unless you think you can actually beat me in a fair fight?"

All eyes turned to Monique took a few seconds to compose herself before she could speak. Besides, her scalp was still killing her.

"If it means being a centerfold, I'll tear that cunt apart. Count me in!" she said as she looked back at Hef, unable to face Vivian’s leering face.

Hugh was thrilled, "Fine girls! Someone will contact each of you in then next few days to finalize arrangements on time, date and such. For now though, to prevent any more outbursts, I'm going to have to, regretfully, ask you all to leave." He started to walk away, then quickly turned back, "Security please keep these ladies apart. We don't want any other incidents...and send someone to clean up their mess."

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