Brooke Burke vs. Victoria Silvstedt-Karen McDougal by jjj (Pt. 3 of a series: Brooke/Leeann/Morena vs. Victoria/Anna/Karen)

Brooke was fuming as she reached yet another bend in the road and heaved a sigh of relief when she saw a small saloon about a half-mile ahead. She'd been walking more than two miles since her Porsche broke down and was beginning to sweat heavily in the hot sun. Her feet were killing her in 2-inch black stiletto heels with a tight strap around her ankle. Her thong riding up her ass and she could feel her sweat in her bra. She'd been on her way to a costume party on the South Side of town when her car broke down. She was beautifully dressed in a French Maid outfit complete with thigh-hi black stockings that stopped well below her black skirt and garter belt. It had an extremely low-cut top that displayed a huge amount of her ample cleavage and a thick pearl necklace. Her hair hung down her back over her chest and ended in big curls that bounced with each step she took.

As Brooke approached the saloon, she noticed there were a few pickup trucks, a van and about ten motorcycles. Brooke walked tentatively to the entrance pausing to look around before she went in. If only her cell phone had service in this area she wouldn't have to enter the dive bar. Just before entering, she flipped her long free flowing hair forward in hopes of hiding at least some of her cleavage. She'd never seen a bar like this before! There were ten booths, a few circular tables and a thirty-foot bar. Shockingly, every person in the bar was dressed in leather. All the patrons, female and male, stopped what they were doing when the gorgeous brunette entered. Brooke never felt more out of place in her life, especially considering how ridiculous she looked all dressed up in her costume. Men whistled and make obscene comments as fear filled Brooke's body as she looked desperately around for a worker. While she was trying to take everything in, the women's bathroom door opened and then slammed shut again.

"Holy shit! I can't fucking believe it Karen...Brooke's fucking here and she's dressed up like a fucking moron!" Victoria said, barely able to contain her excitement.

"No way...Leemmee see...come on...more over...lemme see!" Karen eagerly whispered as she slid the door open a few inches.

Brooke scanned the crowd, her eyes resting on a monstrous woman sitting on top of a small man's lap. The girl was clad in leather pants and matching black jacket. Brooke finally took her eyes off the huge woman, but not before she noticed her staring at her. "What the fuck's your problem? Haven't you ever seen a real woman before?" the large woman yelled to the petrified Brooke who was stunned and didn't know what to say, so she just gulped. Not waiting long for a response the huge woman yelled, "What the fuck, are you deaf too you dumb whore?"

The whole bar seemed to grow silent, and Brooke realized she'd better say something, " car broke down..."

The large woman laughed aloud, getting a response from the rest of the patrons as well, then asked to even more mirthful giggles, "So, why the hell are you dressed like a fucking whore?"

Brooke was frozen like a dear in headlights as she stammered, "I...I'm going to a costume party."

Apparently the large woman quickly lost interest in Brooke as she went back to conversing with her man. But Brooke realized all eyes were still on her as she quickly scanned the crowd looking for the quickest way to reach the bar.

In the ladies room, Karen couldn't believe what she was seeing, "Holy is our chance we have to take her out!!!" She slid the door closed and turned to Victoria, "Stuff like this happens for a reason, the fight's only a few weeks away...we have a chance to fill her slutty ass with fear!!"

Victoria ready and eager, "Karen don't worry! That bitch ain't getting out of here walking...that's for sure. Now lemme in there so I can take a look!" she said as she wiggled herself in front of the door and slid it open a crack to watch as Brooke started toward the bar, tentatively, stumbling at first.

The large woman saw it out of the corner of her eye and said, "Fucking slut has 6" heels and can't even walk."

The whole bar saw the humor in her remark and laughed uproariously at the paranoid Brooke who kept walking past a couple of guys playing pool, when a shorter old man immediately stopped shooting and yelled, "Damn, that's the finest piece of ass I ever saw."

Brooke stopped when she heard the man but when she stopped, the man slid his pool cue under Brooke's short skirt and lifted it up rapidly. Her face flushed instantly as her garter belt and black thong briefly flashed a few lucky patrons. Brooke quickly pulled the skirt down and was about to yell at the pervert, when she realized every eye in the bar was still glued to her. Knowing she wasn't in a position to start anything with the scummy man, she resumed her walk to the bar. The whole bar followed her every movement as she walked up to the bartender, a middle-aged man in a white T-shirt and leather pants.

His eyes swelled up big as saucers, never leaving Brooke's chest, as he said, "What'll it be sexy."

Brooke was starting to get sick of the treatment and snapped, "My eyes are on my face - not in my breasts." But apparently she said it louder than she'd intended and some bikers started to, "OHHHHH" and "AHHHHH!" Brooke never turned around, just kept talking, "My car broke down about three miles back and I need to call a cab."

The bartender was still staring at Brooke's perfect body calmly replied, "Sorry, no can do! It's Sunday and the only cab company in town's closed. But you can stay at my place for the night sugah!"

The man playing pool overheard his offer and yelled, "Hell, Roy. If she's asleepin' with anyone it's gonna be me!"

Brooke angrily spun around and saw him approaching the bar grinning from ear to ear. Her heart pounded in her chest, her mind racing, as she tried to think of a way out of this mess. Brooke was petrified.

"Listen," Brooke said raising her hand to the bartender. "I'll just walk to the party...never mind."

The pool playing man quickly spoke up, "Hell honey. There's no needa you walkin'. I'll drive ya."

Victoria looked at Karen, "Now's our chance! Let's go!"

She sprang from the ladies room and Brooke's jaw dropped and she slowly began backpedaling as she saw Victoria striding toward her. With her long blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail, Victoria was dressed like the other patrons of the bar in black leather pants and a tight white, low cut, V-neck shirt that showed her huge breasts. Victoria walked up to Brooke who suddenly toppled over backward, tripping over her high-heeled shoe. Karen, dressed in an outfit similar to Victoria's, was right behind Victoria and began circling around to Brooke's side. The crowd in the bar grew silent as they sensed the tension in the air. Brooke tried to scramble to her feet, but when she made it to her knees she yelped as Victoria reached down to grab a handful of her hair.

Brooke grimaced in pain as she stumbled to her feet whining, "Please Victoria, our match isn't for weeks...lemme go!!"

Victoria surveyed the bar and yelled, "Who wants to see this bitch fucked up?"

Apparently fights weren't out of the ordinary. The bar erupted in cheers, the loudest from the huge lady dressed in leather who screamed, "Fuck her skanky ass up Victoria!" and slid off the small man's lap where she'd been sitting to get a good view of the fight. Brooke's body was bent at an angle as Victoria maintained her hair-hold on the brunette. Brooke's flawless ass wiggled side to side while her nails quickly bit deeply into Victoria's wrists in hopes of freeing herself.

"Fucking slut!!!" Victoria screamed.

She pulled her hand back out of Brooke's long hair, and the nail marks were instantly visible where Brooke's nails had dug into her. She was incensed and slammed a punch to the side of Brooke's head sending the beauty back to the floor on to her ass as Brooke's head was snapped viciously to the side. The impact caused an instant ringing in her ears and she shook her head as she tried to gather her senses. The brunette realized she was in a world of trouble as the patrons cheered her situation as Victoria again bent down to pull Brooke by the hair.

"Let goooo!" Brooke whined as she was again dragged upward.

Brooke was having trouble standing on her high heels and Victoria laughed at the sad sight. When Brooke finally stood erect, Victoria turned and smiled at Karen who was loving every second of the sight. Victoria's body suddenly spun back around as she drove her closed fist right into Brooke's relaxed stomach.

"Unnnghhh!" Brooke groaned and her eyes bulged out in shock as she slowly crumpled to all fours straining to draw a breath.

Brooke's face went from white to red as she struggled to get badly needed air as she remained on all fours, her feet slowly kicking the floor as she tried to open her throat to get some air. Victoria, in no hurry to resume the attack, watched the beautiful woman struggling for breath as she glanced at Karen who walked over to the bar and decided to get a drink while she let Karen have some fun.

"Gimme a cold one and hurry!" Victoria told the bartender who was hesitant to miss any of the fun but quickly poured a pint of beer for the big blonde.

Karen looked at the crowd who were roaring their approval. She smiled as she bent over and wrapped her hands around Brooke's' low cut shirt and began pulling upward. With her hands holding her stomach and long hair covering her face, Brooke was completely taken by surprise as she felt her flimsy shirt ripped from her body.

"Ohhh my God S...S...STOP!" she shrieked through the pain as she tried to grab the material slipping from her body.

"Fuck you slut, we owe you for what you did to us at the mansion!" Karen screamed as she tore away the brunette's shirt.

The bar erupted in jeers when Karen threw the shirt in their midst, leaving Brooke in a very sexy lacy black bra. Brooke's hands immediately tried to cover her heaving chest as Victoria pounded down her pint, then slammed the glass on the bar and walked back over to Karen. Brooke, who thought she must be having a heat-induced hallucination, begged for mercy as she began to crawl on all fours toward the exit.

"'ve had your fun. Just lemme go...EEEEIIIIHH!!!"

It only took Victoria a few seconds to catch Brooke by the scruff of the neck but this time, instead of pulling her up, Victoria held her while Karen ran over and drove her foot squarely into Brooke's ribs.

"UUUUHHH!!!" Brooke gasped, her body scooting sideways and landing sprawled on the floor, tits down. She was still massaging her ribs when she felt a pair of hands grab her wrists and pin them in place.

Victoria, maintaining a vice-like hold on Brooke's wrists, yelled, "Karen, get that slut's skirt off now!!!"

Brooke began frantically trying to free her wrists as she felt Karen latch onto her skirt. Karen grabbed as much of the black material as she could and began trying to rip it from the brunette's body.

"Pl...p...pleeeasse...stop...stop! No more," Brooke pleaded as she flailed her legs hoping to stop Karen.

But Victoria began digging her nails into Brooke's wrists, "No chance in hell you're gonna learn not to fuck with us!" she screamed, grinning as Karen finally ripped the skirt from the thrashing brunette.

The bar fell dead silent for a second at the sight of Brooke on the floor restrained by Victoria; her body in on black heels, black thigh-hi's, garter belt and black lace thong and bra.

"YEEEEEE-HAAAAWWWW!!" a man yelled, bringing a smile to Victoria's face as Karen tossed Brooke's short skirt to him.

"You guys wanna see more, right booooyys...," Karen asked seductively all smiles herself.

The bar erupted into cheers when Victoria finally released Brooke's wrists as they watched the brunette futilely try to cover her flawless body. Victoria grabbed Brooke's long brown hair and pulled her forward on all fours like a dog.

"P...p...pleeeeeeease stop! I'll do anything...just lemme go!" Brooke begged.

"Oh, you ARE going to do what we tell you," Victoria yelled over the jeers of the crowd. "But we ain't stopping sweetheart! Too bad Anna Nicole's not here to see it....what a shame!"

Victoria quickly pulled Brooke's head between her steel like thighs and began squeezing.

"AAAHHHH!" Brooke wailed as the pressure made her head began throbbing; her thong-split ass looked incredible as she stuck it straight up in the air and then...SMACK! Karen spanked Brooke's bare ass!.

Victoria squeezed Brooke's head for what seemed like minutes to the trapped girl, then opened her legs and let Brooke's body slump to the bar floor again before pulling her back up to her feet. Victoria pulled the brunette's arms backward and raised them into the air as she applied a perfect full nelson.

"Let me goooo let goooo...," Brooke squealed, more out of sheer embarrassment as her body was displayed for the bar to ogle.

The crowd was screaming at the helpless girl and Karen's eyes lit up seeing Brooke struggling in hopes of breaking free.

"Hold her tight Vic, I wanna have some fun too!" Karen said, approaching the beautiful brunette. "My how slutty you look all dressed up like a whore!" Karen snarled as she dug her fingernails into Brooke's cheeks forcing the brunette to raise her head and look at her. "You, Morena, and Leeann are all gonna get a nice trip to the hospital when we're done with the three of you!"

Karen turned away for a second and that's when Brooke made her bid for freedom. Her right leg shot up and her stiletto heel slammed into Victoria's shin!

"AAAHHH!!! SHIT!!" Victoria screamed as she released her full nelson to bend down to ease the throbbing in her shin as her leather pants offered scant protection. Meanwhile, Brooke's fist slammed into Karen's forehead as she spun back around to face the screaming blonde. "Unnnghh!" Karen groaned as she staggered back, almost tripping. Brooke sprang at her, grabbed her hair and threw her on top of Victoria, sending both girls sprawling on the floor, brunette on blonde. Then Brooke pounced on Karen's back crushing both opponents with Victoria getting the worst of it as both Brooke and Karen's weight slammed down on top of her.

"Fuckkk...get off of me...," Victoria grunted as the weight crushed her.

"Screw you whores! Payback is a bitch!!!" Brooke screamed.

She began to bounce up and down on Karen's back and both Karen and Victoria gasped as Brooke's thonged ass slammed down on them. Brooke's bra bounced up and down, side to side; her perfect breasts swaying as she continued to pound her weight down onto her captives. The men in the crowd stood in awe, staring at Brooke's incredible tits as they bounced in all directions, her bra straining to contain her massive breasts.

"Ahhhhhhh...leggo...leggo!!!" Brooke shrieked as two hands locked into her long brown hair from behind and dragged her violently backward off of Karen and Victoria.

Karen scrambled to her feet and got off of Victoria. Looking up, they both were shocked to see the huge woman in all leather dragging Brooke around and like a rag doll. When Karen and Victoria were on their feet, the Amazon holding Brooke released the brunette's hair and threw her to the floor.

Victoria screamed at Brooke, "Oh, you're gonna pay for kicking me, you fuckin' whore!"

She advanced on Brooke who was sitting and rubbing her scalp. Victoria reached out and ripped Brooke up by the hair and began walking her struggling charge toward the pool table. Holding Brooke by the hair, Victoria slammed her face down on the table top. Brooke's forehead exploded with pain as her body seemed to go limp. She lay sprawled on her chest with her ass over the table edge. Victoria ran around the pool table, grabbed both of Brooke's wrists and pulled her out full length, stretching her across the table top.

"Karen, grab a cue and whack that big fat, fucking target!"

Karen snatched a pool cue from a rack and swung it back and forth like she was preparing to hit a baseball. After her third swing, Karen reared back and smashed the stick down across Brooke's thong clad bottom. The stick broke upon impact and thin shards of splinters shot across the bar, rattling off the wall. Brooke instinctively tried to cover her exposed and throbbing ass, but Victoria had both arms cinched tight and she wouldn't release her grip on the brunette's wrists.

"Ohhhh leggo!" Brooke wailed, her ass displaying a huge welt across both full moon cheeks.

Karen stepped back, raised her leg and slammed her boot into Brooke's perfect ass.


"We aren't even CLOSE to done yet, huneybuns! Get some rope Karen...tie the bitch up!" Victoria snapped in a commanding tone.

She dragged Brooke over to a steel pole and slammed her back against it, holding her with one hand on her neck and the other tightly gripping the front waistband of Brooke's thong as she waited for Karen to return. The wait was brief as Karen quickly showed up with a short rope. She pulled Brooke's arms back and tied her wrists together behind the pole, trapping her back against the cold steel upright. Brooke's beautiful body was fully exposed with her arms pulled back and bound tightly behind her; her breasts bulging, straining her bra to the limit as her tits were thrust outward in the awkward position.

Victoria stepped back and laughed at the helpless brunette, "Sweetie that bra looks like its gonna bust from those sorry ass tits of yours...why don't we do something about that."

Brooke thrashed her body in hopes of freeing herself, but Karen had done a great job of tying the rope. Then Brooke screamed as Victoria's hands rose and closed on her breasts.

"Pl....l...l...leeeeeeeese Victoria! That's enough! Please, lemme go p...p...pleeeasee?"

Karen laughed as Victoria grabbed the front of Brooke's black bra, looked around to the crowd - which seemed to be holding its breath in anticipation - secured her grip on the lacy material and yanked it down revealing the most perfect breasts anyone in the redneck bar had seen! Brooke's head slumped forward, hoping her long brown hair would cover her breasts, but what a great view the crowd was getting! Victoria grabbed Brooke's right breast and began to squeeze until Brooke winced in pain.

"I dunno if I should pop this silicon fucker or wait to do it at the mansion. That'd be more humiliating if I did it on TV, don't you think sweetie?"

"Leggo my breast!" Brooke screamed as she slammed her knee up, connecting with Victoria's thigh.

"Ahhh! You fuckin' bitch!!!" Victoria screamed.

She reared back and whipped a backhand across Brooke's bare breasts. The naked mounds of soft flesh shot to the side, jiggling a few seconds as the red welt became visible.

Victoria yelled, "Karen dammit! Get something and tie the bitch's legs. I don't have time for this shit!"

Karen grabbed Brooke's tattered shirt and ran back to Victoria who had Brooke's legs secured in her arms. Karen wrapped the shirt around the pole and Brooke's ankles. Within seconds, she had Brooke's legs tied tightly together at the pole. Panic raced through Brooke's body, she was totally helpless, unable to move with the rope at her wrists beginning to dig into her skin whenever she squirmed. The whole bar stared open-mouthed as they stared at the brunette's incredible body, now covered only by her stiletto heels, black thong, garter belt and black thigh-hi's. Her black lace bra now hung useless around her thin waist.

"Let meeeee gooooo!!!!" Brooke screamed.

Karen stepped around Victoria and was inches away from the helpless girl then her fist slammed into Brooke's exposed stomach.

"Ummmpphhhh!!!" Brooke gasped as wind shot from her lungs and tears welled in her eyes.

Victoria walked to the bar, picked up a plastic cup and filled it with ice, then turned back smiling.

"Karen, it's so hot in here," she purred. "Why don't we cool poor Brooke down!"

Karen took a scoop of ice from the cup, "Why Victoria I'm not sure how much the little slut's dental floss thong can hold. Why don't we find out!" Karen laughed.

"Puh-leeeeese...NO! Not that...NOOooooo......!!!!" Brooke shrieked.

But Karen pulled Brooke's lacy thong away from her belly and quickly poured the cubes down the front. Brooke thrashed from side to side in hopes of dislodging the ice, but her struggles were to no avail.

Her pussy began freezing and she moaned, "Get it OUTTTTT!!!!"

The bar burst into laughter and Victoria joked, "Don't worry sweetie all that ice'll turn to water....eventually!" Then she reached forward and began grinding the front of Brooke's thong into her pussy.

"AAAAHHHH!" Brooke screamed; the ice was numbing her crotch and scratching her pussy lips simultaneously as her sexy hips bucked frantically under the pressure of Victoria grinding the ice into her crotch.

"Cooled off yet sweetie?" Victoria asked as she finally pulled her hand back and took another cube from the cup. This time Victoria slowly ran the icy cold cube up and down the sides of Brooke's perfect breast.

"Stooooppp please!!!!" Brooke begged, her nipple was beginning to harden. "Ahhhhh! Fuck it's freezing!!!!" she sobbed as the ice glided over her fully erect nipple.

Victoria kept rubbing the cube up and down and around the nipple until it melted in her hands. Victoria head bent forward and her lips found Brooke's nipple, then she began to suck ever so slowly. After about ten seconds of sucking, Brooke's nipple was hard and erect. That's when Victoria bit down on the stiff nub of flesh.


Brooke let out a blood curdling shriek as her head snapped back, slamming into the steel support beam she was tied to. Victoria's teeth clamped on Brooke's tender nipple for what seemed to be an eternity to the helpless goddess. When she finally released Brooke's damaged nipple, blood was trickling down the round breast and tears streaked Brooke's face, leaving a trail of makeup.

Karen stepped forward, "Hey lemme in here, she's got another one. I wanna try that!!!"

"Ohhh Karen don't...leave me alone, I'm begging you," Brooke sobbed. Karen, ice cubes in hand, laughed as she watched Brooke's body buck wildly trying to free herself as the ice ran over her breast. "Myyyy Goddddd nnnnoooooo....pllease!!!" Brooke babbled as the other nipple hardened from the attention Karen was giving it.

Karen got Brooke's nipple fully hard before Victoria stepped forward and dropped a handful of ice down the front of Brooke's thong. Karen's mouth found its target and, not wasting any time, she began sucking Brooke's nipple. As Brooke moaned with pleasure, Karen snapped her teeth closed on it.

"S....ST....STOP!!!!!" Brooke pleaded while her body thrashed uncontrollably, her long brown hair whipping left to right across her tear streaked face. .

The bar was in shock as Karen released her teeth grip and stepped back, showing no mercy to the brunette; then Victoria broke the silence.

"You think you're feeling pain now sweetie? Wait'll ya see what we do to the three of you at the mansion!" She grabbed Brooke's face, dug her fingernails into the brunette's cheeks and screamed, "Look at me you fucking whore!" she yelled as she raked her nails down Brooke's cheeks, leaving deep scratches on both sides of her once flawless face. She turned her back on Brooke and looked at the crowd, all eyes glued to her every move. She turned back to Brooke, then quickly swung with a roundhouse right that crashed into Brooke's tight stomach, knocking the wind out of her again.

"UGGGGHHHH!" Brooke gasped.

Brooke struggled with the burning pain coursing through her nipples and her now freezing pussy as Victoria took a few more cubes from the now empty cup of ice and deposited them in Brooke's thong. Victoria grabbed the lacy black material and secured a tight grip, then pulled the front of Brooke's thong up giving her a wedgie. The pain was horrendous for Brooke and the ice biting into her pussy under her thong only added to her pain.

"AAAAHHH!!" she gasped as an ice cube worked its way up into her pussy, melting in seconds from the warmth.

Victoria reared back and yanked the thong up again, the material thinning as it was stretched. Victoria yanked again and the thong became almost transparent as Brooke's pussy lips bulged out on both sides, her thick, lush thatch of dark brown pubic hair clearly visible. Brooke's pussy was throbbing as the ice had melted but the material of the thong was cutting into her pussy and her body continued to thrash until Victoria gave a huge tug and ...


... the material snapped causing Victoria to almost lose fall over backward. It left Brooke in black stiletto heels, stockings and garter belt.

Victoria smiled from ear to ear at the sight of Brooke's pussy.

"Oh dear, dear! We had so much fun balding Leeann and now its your turn sweetheart!" Victoria said a she grabbed Brooke's lush bush and began twisting.

"NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" Brooke shrieked as Victoria began pulling clumps of hair out.

Pain shot through the brunette's body as she frantically bucked her hips back and forth trying to stop the crazed blonde from attacking her. Victoria had Brooke nearly balded in a minute and the trapped brunette was sobbing uncontrollably as she begged mindlessly for the torment to end. Satisfied with her work Victoria stepped back and took a deep breath, "I need a drink!! Beating this two bit whore's hard work!"

The stunned bar broke out into laughter, watching Karen step forward and use both hands to grab Brooke's already sore breast. She began to dig her long nails into the soft flesh until Brooke's nipple began to ooze blood. Then Karen latched onto her nipple and began to tug.

"Wow Brooke, I wonder how far it'll stretch before it snaps right off that slutty body?" Karen yelled as, without warning, she tightened her grip and viciously stretched Brooke's nipple several inches out from her chest.

"EEEEEIIIIIIHHHHHHH!" Brooke's shriek filled the bar that had again gone silent; her head slamming backwards into the hard steel as her nipple was stretched to the limit. "Plllleeeeeaaseee.........!!"

Karen, finally satisfied, released the swollen nipple which dripped blood onto Brooke's tight stomach. "Hey Victoria, didn't you and Anna almost pop one of Tweeden's titties? Whaddaya think? Bet you can't pop these tough plastic sacks."

Victoria smiled as she stepped forward to accept her challenge, "Let's try couldn't!"

Brooke sobbed and shook her head as Victoria grabbed the same breast Karen had been ravaging. Securing a two handed grip, she began to squeeze. The pressure was intense!

"UUUNNNNHHHHHHHH!!!" Brooke groaned as her breast throbbed and her body shook uncontrollably.

She was sure her implant was about to explode. Victoria continued the destruction for what seemed to be an eternity, as Brooke was totally helpless and thrashing. Victoria squeezed for all she was worth until she grew tired of the torment. Victoria began to run her fingers over Brooke's chilly and sore pussy, eliciting a soft moan from the dazed beauty.

"Hey Karen, go see if we got that silver rocket on the bike!" Victoria snapped sharply.

Karen sprung across the bar and scurried out the door. Just as quickly, she came bursting back in brandishing a silver dildo almost twice the size of the one they'd left stuck inside Leeann Tweeden's pussy. The bar watched in silence as Karen handed her toy to Victoria. Brooke was almost out cold from the beating she suffered, so Victoria grabbed her by the face and pulled her head up.

"Who else's gonna be at this party you're going to?"

Brooke's eyes rolled in her head as she struggled against the pain wracking her lush body, "Nooooo one..."

Victoria dug her nails into Brooke's cheeks again, "They ARE gonna be there aren't they? Leeann and Morena are goin' to the party!" She looked up and yelled at Karen, "We gotta call Anna and tell her the bitches are goin' to the party!"

Karen walked over and jerked Brooke's head to the side by her hair and held the silver dildo inches from her nose, "Where's the party bitch? Tell us and (maybe) this won't get jammed up your tight ass!"

Brooke's mind raced with panic, "Th...they aren' mean, they weren't ..."

"Liar!!!" Victoria screamed as she pinched Brooke's damaged nipple savagely. "Tell us where the fucking party is or I am going to rip this useless fucking nip clear off!" Brooke screamed as Victoria stretched her throbbing nipple out from her aching tit.

"AAAAAHHHH!!!!! Sto...Stooooopppp...please more! Morena's out of town... isn't there I swear it!" Brooke wailed.

"But Leeann is, isn't she slut?" Karen prompted when Victoria let her nipple snap back and awaited Brooke's answer.

"I...I don't...I don't know..." Brooke babbled mindlessly.

"Fuck you...don't know!" Karen screamed showing Brooke the dildo again, "This's going somewhere you don't want 'less you talk bitch!"

"I...OK...maybe...maybe she's there...I don't know...honest! P...please just lemme go!" Brooke whimpered.

Victoria was getting impatient, "We are going to untie you. All you have to do is tell us where the party is...and what kinda costume that bitch is wearing!" Brooke felt a twinge of relief as Victoria began untying her hands. "Where’s the party and what’s she wearing!" Victoria screamed as she freed Brooke's wrists.

Blood flowed into Brooke's wrists and her mind raced, desperately trying to figure out what to do. "It’’s at 550 Maple Road...I think Leeann’s costume is a cop!"

Karen laughed as Victoria pulled Brooke's arms behind her and wrapped them around the steel beam again, "Sorry bitch we lied! You’re getting tied up again!"

Brooke whined, "Pl…pleassssse...lemme go...I've had...eeee..nuf!"

Then she gasped as Karen's fist slammed deep into her belly. Victoria soon had her arms bound back and in seconds she had the rope in a tight knot.

Smiling, Victoria looked at Karen, "Gimme da Silver Rocket...I bet this bitch would loooooveee it now she’s all warmed up!"

Karen handed over the silver dildo to her girlfriend who eagerly snatched it from her fingers. Victoria looked at Brooke bound tightly to the steel beam left in her heels, stockings, and garter belt and smiled as she lightly ran her fingertips over Brooke's swelling pussy lips. Brooke's hips bucked immediately in response to the titillation.

"Get away from MEEEEeeeee….. AAHHHHHHH!!!" Brooke grunted as Victoria slammed the big silver bullet deep in her pussy. "Noooo!" Brooke wailed as Victoria began pumping the dildo up and down at a feverish pace. Victoria was all smiles as she pounded the dildo deep, driving it into Brooke's body almost to the point where the back end completely disappeared from view. "OOOOHHHH! God!" Brooke squealed as Victoria slammed the vibrating steel up again. Victoria stood up when the dildo wouldn't go any deeper, grinning from ear to ear.

Then to Karen, she laughed, "Get Anna on the phone...NOW!" Looking around at the mesmerized crowd in attendance, Victoria yelled, "Sorry folks...Karen and I are going to a party...but don't worry, we’ll leave Ms. Brooke tied here for your enjoyment!"

Karen took a last look at Brooke who was sobbing, tied to the pole with the silver dildos head barely noticeable. Her body was almost totally naked as Karen turned and headed out the door after Victoria, pausing only to grab their motorcycle helmets.

Karen slapped her cell phone closed and told Victoria, "Anna said she’ll meet us at the gas station on the corner of Maple and Sunset in half an hour!"

Victoria grinned evilly as she gave a final look back at Brooke, then sneered, "It's gonna be a long night for that bitch Tweeden!" as she and Karen made their way into the night and headed off to meet up with Anna on the way to the costume party. Brooke never even realized the two women had left as her pussy was throbbing in pain, her nipples oozing blood ever so slowly as it dribbled down her once perfect breasts and trickled over her rapidly heaving belly. She’d been put through so much and her awful nightmare evening was just getting started!

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