Tweeden Tales #4 by jjj Leeann Tweeden/Morena Corwin vs. Anna Nicole Smith/Victoria Silvstedt/Karen McDougal

Morena was having a great time at the costume party, thoroughly enjoying the Rum & Coke she was sipping. She looked hot in a policewoman's outfit; tight navy blue pants and matching shirt that hugged her curvy body like a second skin. The outfit even had a fake badge and a police belt with nightstick and handcuffs. She had her long brown hair down and curly, hanging around her shoulders under her uniform hat and her make up was perfect!

She smiled as she downed the last of her drink, "Leeann I need a refill, lets take a walk."

Morena thought it fun, seeing her friends and acquaintances in various costumes as she and Leeann made their way around the party. Leeann looked incredible dressed up as a sexy schoolgirl in chunky black heel shoes, knee high white stockings and a short red and black checkered skirt that showed a lot of sexy thigh. Her white, button-down shirt was tied tightly under her massive breasts and only one button had it's hands full holding her breasts in. Her hair was pulled up to the sides in two ponytails which bounced with each step.

"Two rum and cokes please!" Morena told the bartender with a coy smile. Then RING...RING....RING! " phone," Leeann muttered as she dug around in her purse looking for the cell while Morena grabbed the drinks and handed one to Leeann as she took the call. "Hello! WHAT!!!!"

Leeann yelped as her drink slipped from her fingers and exploded as the glass hit the cement, spraying her legs with ice and liquid. The majority of the party-goers didn't hear the sound, or see Leeann's face turn ghostly white, as she talked on the phone. After 30 or so seconds, she slammed her phone shut; all the color drained from her face.

"Morena...we have to leave...NOW!!!"

Morena stared open mouthed, "Wh...Why...what happened?"

Leeann grabbed Morena's wrist and started pulling her toward the exit, "That was Brooke Burke ...they beat the shit out of her and now they're coming for us...we've gotta get the hell outta here pronto!"

Morena's face slowly started loosing color but she tried to get a grip, "Slow down Leeann who...what...what about Brooke?"

Leeann eagerly responded, "Victoria and Karen caught Brooke in some bar! They beat the hell outta her and humiliated her. Now they know where we are and they're coming here for us! We have to leave...RIGHT NOW!!!"

Morena's pulse quickened, "Wh...Whaddaya mean 'they're coming for the hell could they find us...?

Leeann grabbed Morena's arm, and began dragging her, "She was almost passed out...they tied her to a steel beam and beat it out of her....they're coming HERE!!!" She said, practially dragging Morena who had to run to keep up with Leeann as she pulled her past stunned onlookers as they watched the two beauties hurrying from the party.

"Shit, I left my keys in there!!!" Morena said jerking her hand free. "Leeann, I'll meet you here in just one sec...hold on sweetie!"

Leeann's heart was pounding in her chest as she urged Morena to, "Hurry! I'll wait here!"

Each passing second seemed like an eternity to Leean before she finally saw Morena hurrying back toward her, "Got em, let's go!"

They hustled out the front door of the huge home into the darkness of night. Walking down the driveway, Morena's head swiveled from left and right, constantly scanning the area for any approaching car or unwelcome visitors. Each sound in the darkness brought both girls to a stop and they scanned the shrubs and bushes for signs of life before they resumed their hurried journey to the parking area. Morena's corvette was in sight when Leeann heaved a deep sigh of relief. "Thank God!" she muttered as they passed a Lexus.

"Going somewhere girls?" a voice snapped.

Leeann and Morena's heads snapped around and Leeann's heart dropped into her stomach when she recognized her gigantic nemesis, Anna Nicole Smith as she sprang from behind a Mercedes dressed in a gray sweatshirt and black jogging pants; her long blonde hair pulled back into a pony tail.

"They sure seem to be in a hurry, don't they?" Anna asked as she slid her butt around the car's fender to squeeze between two closely parked cars.

"They sure do seem to be in a hurry Anna, whadda you think?" another voice chimed out, this from a Ford SUV.

Victoria Silvstedt walked around the vehicle from the opposite side, still dressed in her leather pants and low cut white T-shirt as a third voice spoke up from near Morena's car.

"I think we can slow em a bit don't you girls?" said Karen McDougal, standing up in leather pants and shirt similar to Victoria's. Then with a laugh, she added, "After all, we sure slowed Brooke down really good!"

Morena's head whipped around as she stared open-mouthed at Karen, her heart dropping as she saw the three had she and Leeann surrounded and cut off from escape. Her heart pounded in her chest as she inched backward, away from the advancing Karen until she was back-to-back with Leeann.

Anna broke the short silence, "So girls, where you off to? Looks like we got here just in time, we almost missed you!"

"Get away from us Anna, our fight isn't for weeks yet!" Leeann shouted.

The three were only a few yards from Morena and Leeann and Victoria joked, "Anna, I ain't sure I can beat the shit out of someone again. Beating up Brooke so bad was hard work." Then seeing the fear on Morena and Leeann's faces, she added, "Well, OK, maybe just this one time I can make an exception...but after the fun we've already had, why don't you take on these two whores!"

Anna stopped two feet from the girls, smiling wickedly and said, "Well look at officer and a school girl...that's an odd combination. So, little school girl, it's time for you to be taught a whole new pain!"

Leeann, desperately seeking a way out of her predicament, stalled, "Why do you need these two to help you Anna? Can't handle lil' ol' me by big stiff!?"

Anna looked at Victoria and Karen, then shrugged. "OK whore, I'll beat your ass myself one on one!!! Karen, Vicky take that cop-whore and hold her while I beat the shit outta that little bitch!"

Karen and Victoria both sprang at Morena, each grabbing an arm before she had a chance to get her fists up. Morena's heart was pounding as she struggled to break free but her best effort was to no avail. Karen and Victoria were too strong and they held her tight, each raking their nails into the bulging flesh of her over-filled bra as they quickly got her under control.

"Let me gooo!!!" Morena whined, her ass shaking from side to side as she struggled and thrashed futilely attempting to break free.

Karen's hand shot up and grabbed Morena's long hair, knocking her police officer's hat off in the process.

"Stop squirming you little bitch, or I'll kick your ass after Anna has some fun with the slutty school girl!"

"Ahhhh!!" Morena yelped, almost losing her balance, until she was quickly jerked back upright by Victoria pulling her arm.

As Anna advanced on her, Leeann backed away from the large blonde, unsure what to do. In her ridiculous schoolgirl outfit, Leeann was at a huge disadvantage right from the start. Anna was only a few feet away when Leeann lowered her shoulder, ran three strides and drove into Victoria. The impact knocked the blonde back, breaking her hold and freeing Morena - for the moment! Morena sprang into action, swinging around and slamming her elbow into Karen's head. As the brunette dropped to her knees, Leeann and Morena made a dash for the car.

"Run!!" Leeann shouted as she leaped over Victoria as she was on her hands and knees, scrambling to get to her feet.

Morena had almost reached the car when she heard Leeann shriek somewhere behind her. "EEEIIIHHH!!!!" She glanced back over her shoulder and saw that Anna had grabbed Leeann by both pigtails!

Leeann saw Morena was unsure of what to do and cried out, "Go Morena! Save yoursel...FUUUUHH!"

Her advice was abruptly cut short when Victoria came running up and slammed her fist into her belly just at the waist of her low-slung schoolgirl skirt. Leeann's eyes bulged out, her mouth gaped open but the only thing coming out of it was all the air from her diaphragm.

Then Morena looked past Leeann and saw Karen, back on her feet charging toward her. Her mind raced with indecision, she couldn't leave Leeann, but there was no way she could fight both Victoria and Karen. The situation looked bleak.

Still hunched over holding her stomach, Leeann managed to gasp, "Get outta here Morena! Go!"

Karen was only a few feet away when Morena slid her ass onto the car seat, slammed and locked the door behind her. Karen's hand was on the door latch, her fist beating on the glass as Morena started the car, threw it in reverse and peeled out of the parking space in a shower of gravel. As she tore down the driveway, Morena was already dialing Brooke's speed dial on her cell phone with one hand, the other clrenching the steering wheel so tight her knuckles were white.

"Fuckin' bitch got away!!!" Karen screamed, dusting herself off as she angrily stomped back to where Anna and Victoria were each holding Leeann by one arm and a pigtail as she squirmed and kicked in panic.

"Lets take our little schoolgirl slut back to the warehouse! We'll have all night to party with her..." Anna grunted, all smiles as the three dragged the wildly thrashing Leeann toward a big gray cargo van.

Leeann desperately struggled, screaming at the top of her lungs, hoping someone from the party would come to her rescue as she wriggled and squirmed trying to no avail to break free, "Leeet go of me, you fucking dyke bitches!"

Leeann kept trying to get her footing while she was being dragged, but with three against one it was hopeless. Karen ran ahead, jumped in the drivers seat of the old van and started it as Victoria opened the back doors. Then she and Anna picked Leeann up under the knees and arms and heaved her butt-first into the cargo compartment. Leeann's short checkered skirt flew up over her face as she sailed through the air before coming down hard on her ass. She bounced once, her white underwear briefly visible before Victoria slammed the doors shut with a solid CHUNK!

"Get meeee outtt of hereeeee!!!!" Leeann screamed, in total darkness.

Leeann was deathly afraid as the van lurched forward and the momentum threw her back into the van door, slamming her head on the glass. Panic-stricken, she tried to brace herself against the walls of the rocking, pitch-black van as it started and stopped, turned and careened, accelerated and decelerated, bouncing over potholes and sliding on gravel. For quite some time Leeann screamed at the top of her lungs until the van came to a skittering, jarring halt. In seconds the double doors opened and as her eyes adjusted to the light, they widened in terror! She looked up and saw they were in an enormous warehouse that appeared to be a torture chamber. There were objects she had only read about or seen pictures of on the Internet ( There were wooden racks with medieval stocks, blocks with clamps and hooks, metal chains hanging from tables and chairs that she knew she'd be strapped or chained into.

Her heart dropped and she whined, "This is sick...please let me go...Anna no...don't do this!"

Anna and Victoria stepped in front of the panic stricken brunette and Anna screamed, "Get your skanky ass out here bitch!" When she hesitated, the huge blonde reached up and yanked one of her ponytails, "I said move your ass, schoolgirl slut!!!"

"Ahhhhh!" Leeann yelled, being dragged on hands and knees out of the van trying to keep her hair from being ripped from her head and nearly winding up on her ass when she tripped.

Hauled to her feet, Leeann stood slack jawed staring at the building which was huge with torture devices everywhere. There was a small wrestling ring in the corner, a weight set and three stationary exercise bikes. Victoria and Anna chuckled as they stepped forward and each grabbed Leeann's arm restraining the brunette.

Anna giggled, "Which device shall we try out first ladies? Hmm, so many new toys I'm not sure what we want to play with first. Karen, get the video cameras ready, this naughty schoolgirl needs to be taught her first lesson!"

Karen ran across the room, flipping up various wall switches as Leeann whimpered, "Pllllllease....please let me go...please?"

"Shut up bitch!" Anna screamed, backhanding the brunette across the face.

Victoria lost her grip on Leeann who went sprawling, landing on her hipbone on the cold concrete. Again, her cute little checkered skirt flew up showing off her sexy thighs. Leeann looked up at the two blondes towering over her, her heart beating a mile a minute and her legs trembling.

Karen called, "OK Anna, cameras are running...lets have some fun!!"

"Get up slut!" Anna screamed, kiking the stunned brunette in the ass. Leeann's mind raced as she slowly began to rise but just as she was almost to her feet, Anna's knee shot up and slammed into the side of her head.

"Unngghhh!!" the startled brunette groaned as she crashed back down on the cold floor. Anna was on her in seconds, dropping on Leeann and pinning her under her large ass. "Gettt oooooffff of me!!!" the brunette groaned.

Leeann bucked her hips trying to dislodge the huge blonde as images off the pain and degradation she'd suffered at Anna and Victoria's hands before flashed through her mind.

As her legs began thrashing wildly, Anna screamed "Stop squirming!"

Anna reached forward, grabbed Leeann's ponytails and began alternately yanking the left, than ripping back the right. Leeann's head jerked violently from side to side, pain engulfing her scalp. Anna continued snapping Leeann's head from side-to-side using her pigtails as handles. Finally, with Leeann's eyes rolling around in their sockets, Anna dragged her to her feet. She took a few steps forward to build up some momentum, then slammed Leeann's head into the side of the van. Leeann's eyes rolled back in her head as she teetered on the brink of falling. The single button holding Leeann's shirt together popped and as the blouse slipped back over her shoulders, her white lace bra became visible. Grabbing the back of Leeann's shirt, Anna yanked backward, snapping Leeann out of her daze in a hurry.

"Noooo!!!" she screamed as the material was ripped off her body, her body arched back as her arms were pulled behind her by her clothes. Victoria sprang forward and drove her fist deep into Leeann's exposed belly. "UMMPPHH!" Leeann gagged as she flopped forward and collapsed to her knees, shirtless and struggling to get her breath.

Anna tossed the shirt aside and hissed, "Leeann, I've got a great idea for some fun. We're gonna call Morena, and if she ain't here in fifteen minutes, you're going to be one sorry ass crack whore schoolgirl bitch."

Leeann shook her head side to side, her long pigtails shooting outward, "Nooo...Anna just let me go...p...please!"

Karen grabbed her cell phone, "What's the number bitch?"

Leeann shook her head, "NO! Please! Don't get her involved in this please...just let me goo....AAAHHHH!!!"

Anna grabbed both ponytails and pulled as hard as she could until Leeann's scalp burned with pain. She felt like Anna would soon rip out clumps of her gorgeous long brown hair.

"555-1234!!!! Now let goooooo!!" Leeann sobbed, ashamed at herself for giving in so easily.

While Karen dialed the phone, Anna and Victoria gave Leeann their full attention. Anna continued ripping Leeann's pigtails in opposite directions.

"I bet you won't wear pigtails again, eh you dumb slut?" Anna joked.

"Stttooopppp!" Leeann cried, tears filling her gorgeous brown eyes.

Leeann's hands grabbed Anna's wrists and her nails bit deep in Anna's flesh. The big blonde immediately released Leeann's hair to slam her fist down on the back of her head. Leeann's body shot forward, crashing chest first onto the cold concrete as, once more, her checkered schoolgirl skirt flipped up over her ass leaving her white thong exposed. "Hey, look Vic, our little schoolgirl's wearing grownup undies!" Anna joked as she bent over and pulled Leeann to her feet by her hair. "God bitch, I'm getting tired of bending over to pick you up! Can't you fuckin' stand in those clunky heels, you whore?"

Karen's slammed her flip phone shut, "I just talked to Morena. The bitches tone changed fast once she heard where we have her precious Leeann. She knows the address, I gave her just 15 minutes to get here - or else!"

Anna lifted Leeann back on her feet, reached around behind her and pulled...letting the red checkered skirt flutter down Leeann's shapely thighs into a puddle at her ankles. Anna pulled Leeann's arms back and pinned them behind her as she walked her over to Victoria as Leeann squirmed and struggled to break free Anna's tight grip. Her struggle ended abruptly as Victoria's fist smashed into her bellybutton!

"Unnngggg!" Leeann groaned, her head slumping forward.

Victoria stepped up and yanked Leeann's head down by the ponytails as she brought her knee slamming up in Leeann's face. Leeann's eyes instantly teared as pain exploded from her flattened nose. Anna released Leeann's arms and let the brunette crumple to the ground holding her gushing nose. Karen walked over to join them, and dragged Leeann back up to her feet, holding her up for Anna who stepped front of Leeann.

"Alright girls, me and Leeann are gonna preview our fight at the mansion for you. Drag her ass into the ring!"

Anna's big butt jiggled and swayed as she strutted to the small ring while Victoria and Karen dragged the dazed Leeann over. They had no trouble hoisting the lithe brunette up in the ring where Anna was already waiting in the far corner as Leeann was rolled under the bottom rope. Leeann was trying to fight through the pain as she used the ropes to pull herself to her feet. Anna began walking towards the panic filled brunette before Leeann was ready.

"OK bitch, lez go! Me and you, right now!" Anna yelled.

Leeann, still wearing her chunky high-heeled shoes, white knee socks, thong panties and white lace bra, was anything but ready to fight - not to mention the torment the trio had put her through already, whined, "This...this isn't fair Anna!"

Leeann desperately tried to find a way out of her predicament as Anna stopped in the center of the ring to rip her sweatshirt off, leaving her in sweat pants and a tight black tank top. Her massive breasts sagged in the thin material, making it blatantly obvious she wasn't wearing a badly needed bra.

"Fuck you slut, come on, lez go!" Anna screamed.

As Anna started closing the distance between them, Leeann realized she had no choice but to fight the monstrous blonde. She quickly moved out of the corner while deciding on a plan of action. Karen and Victoria paced the outside of the ring, cheering Anna on and insulting Leeann. Suddenly, Anna rushed Leeann, but somehow the brunette managed to sidestep the charging blonde who crashed into the turnbuckle chest first. The small ring quivered and shook from the impact of so much blonde flesh. Leeann, thinking quickly, pulled her shoes off just as Anna turned around. She back-peddled, tossing the shoes out of the ring as her mind tried to decide how to proceed. But Anna never gave her a chance as she charged again. In sheer desperation, Leeann's leg shot up and her foot slammed into Anna's soft belly.

"Ummppph!!!" she grunted as her momentum buried Leeann's heel deep in the mound of soft belly flesh.

Leeann stepped forward and dug both hands in Anna's long blonde hair, "How do you like it bitch!"

She began yanking Anna's head in every direction as Anna screamed in pain. "AAHHHHHH!"

Anna cried out as Leeann dragged her around the ring like a ragdoll, the massive blonde unable to believe the sudden turn of events. When Leeann released her right hand, she used it to slam punches on Anna's back until Anna regained her composure and wrapped her arms around Leeann's small midsection. When Anna started squeezing, Leeann groaned but she kept pulling Anna's hair and landed a few more punches into Anna's hunched over back. But Anna tightened her grip around Leeann's waist, making Leeann gasp as she was lifted off the mat into the air. Displaying her strength, Anna held Leeann in the air as she ran to the corner and slammed her back into the turnbuckle.

"Unnnghh!" Leeann groaned and her hand lost its grasp of Anna's hair and fell at her side.

Anna backed up a few steps, then drove her shoulder back into Leeann's stomach. Leeann's head shot back and pain exploded in her scalp.


Leeann wailed as Karen, standing on the apron, hauled back hard on her pigtails, pulling Leeann's body up and back, bending her ove the top rope, her perfect breasts thrusting upward as her back was arched against the turnbuckle. "Time to start having some fun baby!" Anna laughed as Karen finally released Leeann's hair and the brunette's head shot forward - right into Anna's fist! Her knuckles hit Leeann in the forehead, knocking the stunned brunette to the mat. Anna dropped to her knees beside the fallen brunette. "What's da matter sweetie pie, can't hang with the big girls?" Anna mocked. Leeann was semi-coherent and the comment barely registered on her, but she awoke instantly when she felt Anna pulling her back up to her feet by the hair. Just as Leeann reached her feet, she was sent flying tits-first into the turnbuckle. Her bulging bra slammed into the thin padding, her arms flopping limp over both sides of the top cushion. Victoria sprang into action, dashing across the floor and quickly reaching up to grab both of Leeann's wrists, pulling her arms further over the ropes toward her. Seeing Victoria had restrained the brunette, Anna took a running start and splashed her huge frame on the prone brunette's back.

"Ahhhhhhh!" Leeann moaned as her breasts were crushed into the turnbuckle, the air shooting out of her lungs.

When Victoria released her arms, Leeann instantly cupped her throbbing breasts.

"Awwww, your titties hurt baby? Here lemme help!" Anna purred cattily.

She reached out and unclasped Leeann's bra. Leeann quickly turned around as soon as she felt the material go slack, her hands cupping her breasts holding the bra in place. As she turned, however, she was caught with a backhand slap across her face. Anna was cat-like, quickly latched onto Leeann's bra and ripping it from the stunned brunette's torso. Leeann's mind filled with panic for as soon as her huge brown nipples were exposed to the cool air, they instantly hardened. Her first thought was how badly they'd been ravaged the last time Anna got her hands on them.

"Don't worry sugar, I won't pop those fake titties o' yours - yet! I wanna save that for later, in case Morena don't show!" Anna joked.

Leeann didn't even look up, she just charged forward sendign her shoulder slamming into Anna's huge breast. Anna was knocked back on her enormous ass, then Leeann splashed down on top of her! Leeann began slamming her fists into the sides of Anna's head, stunning the big blonde as shots bounced off her temple and cheeks.

"OOOHHHHH My GOOOODDDDDD!!!!" Leeann screeched, her hips suddenly lifting as the thong dug deep into her crotch. Standing behind Leeann, Victoria had a two-hand grip on the back of the thin white thong which had stretched almost a foot into the air. The material was cutting deep between Leeann's pussy lips and the pain was so intense she immediately forgot all about Anna and scrambled to get her feet under her to ease the pressure on her sensitive crotch. Victoria yanked again and the thong disappeared between Leeann's ass cheeks. Anna shook her head a few times as she slowly made her way to her feet as Victoria again hauled up as hard as she could. "STTTTOPPPP!!!!!" Leeann squealed, standing on her tiptoes to soften the pressure on her pussy.

Anna got up and screamed, "OH now, you're gonna pay big time for that little trick, you bitch!" She stepped forward and took a grip on the front of the thong, then she and Victoria both hoisted Leeann into the air. Leeann's legs kicked wildly as the material sliced into her pussy and ass as the two big blondes hoisted her completely off her feet. Leeann was held suspended in mid-air by her thong, now stretched almost up to her bouncing breasts. But as tough as the material was, it couldn't take that strain indefinately and the blondes suddenly gasped as the thong snapped and they staggered back off balance, struggling to stay on their feet. But Leeann dropped like a sack of bricks to the mat where she rolled on her back, spread her legs and massaged her aching pussy as tears rolled down her cheeks. Anna looked at Victoria, grinning from ear to ear and suggested, "Lets go put some of our new toys to use, shall we?"

Victoria laughed, "Look at that, the bitch shaved her pubs!!"

Anna was already bending over, dragging Leeann's body toward the ropes where Karen was waiting to latch onto the lifeless brunette. Karen took Leeann's right arm and pulled her under the bottom ropes. As she slipped off the ring apron, Leeann's ass slammed down on the hard concrete, her head snapped back and hit the concrete. When Karen let go of her arms, Leeann's naked body lay spread-eagled and still.

"Let's use the rack first...we can have some fun with that!" Anna laughed.

Grabbing Leeann by the pigtails, Anna roughly yanked her up and walked the dazed and disoriented brunette over to a huge wooden rack. Her nearly naked body quivered as Victoria and Karen walked behind Anna as she harshly dragged the panic stricken brunette to the enormous contraption. There, Karen and Victoria each grabbed an arm while Anna pulled down two chains from the top of the rack with handcuffs attached

"Plleeeeassee...please not this!!!" Leeann begged through teary eyes.

Anna grabbed Leeann's long hair yanking it back while grabbing the brunette's right arm from Karen. Anna had no problem securing Leeann's wrist in the cuff and, in seconds, both arms were tightly secure in leather cuffs. Victoria grabbed Leeann's right ankle and yanked a metal chain on the bottom of the machine, securing its cuff around her ankle. She did the same to the other foot and soon Leeann's perfect body was flat on the large wooden block, totally spread-eagled with her arms stretched overhead and her legs spread wide.

"Ssstoppp...please!!!!" Leeann sobbed, tears streaming down her face and her huge breasts jiggling as she looked to the three girls standing only a few feet away from her in a futile hope of gaining a measure of mercy.

"Victoria, start turning the wheel...lets have some fun!" Anna yelled as Victoria stepped behind the huge wooden block and, in seconds after she started to turn the wheel, the metal chains grew taut, pulling Leeann's body in all directions.

"NNNOOOO....ppppllleasee!!!!" Leeann shrieked as the leather bindings begin tearing into her flesh, dragging her arms up while simultaneously stretching her legs apart and pulling them downward.

Anna laughed, walking forward to the helpless brunette, "Victoria, another full turn. Lookit how wide her eyes are!!"

"Nnnoo....AAAHAHHHH!!!" Leeann wailed as her body was being stretched to the limit, every muscle strained to the max.

Anna walked away and began dragging a small table over to Leeann, "Now Leeann, we aren't sure how this is going to feel...but I assure you it won't feel good!" She went over to a shelf and returned carrying a car battery attached to wires with small metal clamps. "See last time we didn't have enough fun destroying those fake this time we should focus on them least, for a while!"

Leeann's eyes widened in terror, "My that Anna pppplease! I'll do anything...ple....EEEIIIIHHHHHH!!!!!"

Leeann shrieked as Anna snapped the small clamps to one nipple. The metal teeth biting deep in her already sore nipple. Trickles of blood ran down Leeann's massive breast as her body was pulled too tightly for her even to move. Her head rolled from side to side and she mumbled incoherently as Anna placed the second clamp on the other nipple. Karen and Victoria laughed as they watch Anna sadistically walk slowly back over to the table holding the battery. Anna took the cables attached to Leeann's nipples and touched them to the battery terminals.

As electricity surged through Leeann's huge breasts she screamed in pain, "AAHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

Helpless, unable to move, Leeann can only shriek as tears run down her cheeks as her nubile young body is being put through far more pain than it can handle. Anna left the wires attached to the battery, letting the electricity course through to Leeann's breasts into her body.

"Leeann, you’ve got a choice," Anna offered. "Either I leave this set-up on those cow tits for the next day or so ...or I could just RRRIPPPP those metal clamps right off those oversized nipples!" Anna dug her fingers into Leeann's cheeks, forcing her to look into her eyes as she demanded that she choose which course the session took.

"Noo...neither...Anna...I can't take any more...please... don't!" Leeann whined.

Anna tightened her grip on Leeann's face, "Well Ms. Indecisive, Karen, Victoria and I are going to go wait for Morena to show up...but I guess since you don't know what you want we won't change a thing. We'll just leave you as you are..."

"No...I can't take it...plleeasseee don't leave me like this!!!!" Leeann screamed, fighting against the current tearing up her tits.

Anna released her grip on Leeann's cheeks, "You dumb bitch, we aren't gonna leave you...this is waaaayy to much fun! Hell, your pain's just starting baby doll!"

Anna swaggered over to another shelf of the warehouse as Karen and Victoria watched curiously. She rummaged through some items and when she turned around she held a yellow candle and a lighter. All smiles, Anna walked bac to the quivering brunette, lighting the candle.

"An...Anna! Get...get away from me...Please stop...I...I can't take any....AHHHHH!!!"

Leeann let out a piercing scream when Anna let a dollop of yellow wax drip onto her breast. Globs of wax drippled off the candle, spattering the brunette's electrified breasts as her shrieks of pain echoed in the warehouse. Anna looked over at Karen and Victoria who were holding hands, but appeared to be loving every second of Leeann's torture.

"Crank the wheel again!" Anna snapped at Victoria.

Whether or not the comment registered with Leeann didn't matter as she kept sobbing, "Nnnnooooooooooooo!!!!!!" Leeann wailed again when Victoria gave the wheel a turn, stretching her body a little more unnaturally as the leather cut into her wrists and ankles; her shoulders feeling like they would dislocate any second.

Victoria walked around to the front of the rack, "Anna can I try that candle?"

Anna handed the burning candle over and Victoria walked up to Leeann whose eyes were tight shut and held candle under her right breast. Victoria smiled wickedly as she brought the flame to the metal clasp biting into Leeann's nipple. The flame began to heat the clamp and, within seconds an even more excruciating pain shot trough Leeann's tormented breast.

"Ittttt burns....stooooppp OH MY GAWD...pppppplease!!!" Leeann screamed, her hips lifting off the rack as her body arched...remained aloft for several seconds then her ass slapped back down on the wood.

Victoria laughed at the sight of the brunette's tormented body in spasms of pain, helpless to do anything as the flame licking at the metal. Her breast throbbing, the metal teeth - growing increasingly hot and then hotter still.

"NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! St...sttooooppp!!!" Leeann's screams filled the warehouse as Victoria continued to hold the flame just under the metal clasp for another thirty seconds, then she moved the candle from Leeann's left breast and placed the tiny flame under her right clamp. Again, the tiny metal teeth quickly heated up, burning Leeann's already throbbing nipple as the stiff peak of hard flesh twitched and jerked from the electricity shooting through the breast as the hot metal teeth seared the sensitive nipples.

"Ohhhh pppplleeeaseee no mooooooreee!" Leeann begged and Victoria took the candle flame away from the metal clamp, watching Leeann unable to relieve any of the pain in her damaged breasts.

Anna went over and unhooked both metal clasps from Leeann's nipples, musing, "You're damn lucky I don't rip these off, bitch! Otherwise, those cow nips'd be on the floor by now.!!!"

Anna dropped the metal clamps on the table with the battery, then returned back to the gasping, panting, sobbing brunette. Leeann's breasts throbbed and it felt like the electricity was still coursing through her massive mammaries. Globs of yellow candle wax were caked on her breasts and a small trickle of blood ran from tiny cuts on her nipples where the clamps had been. Leeann's already tight body was stretched to the max, deadening all of her muscles, the tears streaming down her face leaving a trail of smudged makeup in their wake. Anna stepped behind the rack and begins to unwind the wheel and the chains instantly grew slack. Karen and Victoria unshackled Leeann's wrists and ankles and when she was free, her body slid down the rack and crashed to the floor in a sobbing heap between Karen and Victoria's feet. Leeann struggled to move her arms, fighting the pain in her shoulders. Finally, her hands gingerly cradled her destroyed breasts while Victoria and Karen stood over her, laughing at the sound of Leeann moaning in pain as she lay curled up, hugging her aching body.

Anna was all smiles at the pain she'd already inflicted on the gorgeous brunette, but this session was far from done! Anna walked up and yanked Leeann off of the floor, pulling her to her feet and holding her upright with a hand in her hair. Leeann's body swayed, her legs about to give away at any second. She had no idea where she is heading, exhausted by the pain in every muscle in her body as Anna forces her to stumble and stagger over to a wooden stockade that's waist high with three holes in it. The center hole obviously designed for someone's neck and the two smaller holes on either side for their wrists. Victoria lifted the top half of the stock up and Leeann becomes aware of her situation. She vainly tries to break free out of Anna's grasp, but she'd been through too much and was easily overpowered as Anna wrestled her forward and shoved her neck in the middle hole. Karen grabbed both of Leeann's wrists and pulled them into each smaller circles, then Victoria dropped the top half of the stock in place, trapping Leeann's head and wrists.

"Lemme oooooout of here!!" Leeann screamed, her head and hands trapped on the other side of the stock from the rest of her body, her incredible ass wiggling back and forth, bouncing up and down seductively as, bent at the waist, she frantically struggled to pull free.

"Sit tight, you common slut!" Anna laughs as she playfully spanks Leeann's bare ass.

Anna goes back to the shelves and digs through the drawers while Victoria and Karen walk around the wooden stock, inspecting Leeann's body from all angles, whispering between them. Anna turned around wearing a silver, strap-on dildo with some type of lubricant in her hand.

Karen was all smiles as she watched Anna walk back to the helpless brunette, "Anna I don't know if that is gonna fit!"

Anna applied some of the lube to the dildo as she walked around to the front so Leeann could see what was in store for her ass.

"Hey, guess what, slut? This big baby’s going right up that tight little ass!!!" Anna said, wiggling her hips to make it bob up and down.

Leeann's eyes widened in horror, "No please..." but it was too late as Anna had already walked around behind her.

Applying just a touch more lube to Leeann’s asscrack, Anna bent her knees slightly so the tip of the dildo was lined up, then proceeded to inch forward ensuring the dildo would find its intended target.


Leeann grunted, then let out a long, low keening wail as the thick silver dildo slowly spread her sphincter, then slid into her well-greased asshold. Anna thrust her huge hips upward, driving the dildo deep into the hapless brunette. Anna wiggled her enormous ass until she was sure the dildo couldn't go any further while Victoria and Karen stood in front of the stocks, their faces rapt as they enjoyed Leeann’s discomfort. Her face contorted, she bit her lip and her squinted shut but nothing stopped the awful sensation as Anna violated her.

"Sttttttoppppppp!!!" Leeann groaned through clenched teeth.

Anna put her hands on Leeann’s hips as she rocked back, taking it slow to make the humiliation that much greater, then grabbed Leeann’s hanging breasts, squeezed them tight and used them to pull herself forward again, driving the silver dildo even deeper into Leeann. Anna’s soft, round belly SLAPPED against Leeann’s firm butt as she pumped the silver shaft in and out. After a few repetitions, Anna found she had little trouble at all getting the huge dildo to ride in and out freely. She kept the motion up for minutes, tearing apart the brunette’s legendary tight ass apart until tears were quite literally, streaming down Leeann's face; the pain more than even she could take. When Anna at last pulled the dildo out of Leeann's ass with a wet SPLUT and walked around to join Karen and Victoria, Leeann's eyes were still tightly squeezed shut. Suddenly, Leeann’s eyes popped wide open as she couldn't get air in her nose. Anna was standing over her pinching her nostrils shot and Leeann's mouth instinctively shot open to suck in a big mouthful of welcome oxygen. At just that moment, Anna cocked her hips and jammed the dirty silver dildo into Leeann's mouth. She gasped as the dildo slipped far down her throat, gagging her! Between the lube and her own sticky bodily fluid caked on the dildo, Leeann’s stomach churned, knowing she was going to puke!

The trio of terrorizing tarts burst into laughter as Leeann bobbed and shook her head - as much as her bondage permitted - but nothing she did could dislodge the dildo which was still securely strapped about Anna’s ample waist. Anna held Leeann's nose pinched shut and, with the dildo filling her throat, the brunette was rightfully terrified Anna would let her die like that since she couldn't get any air in her lungs. But finally, Anna backed up a couple of steps, dragging the dildo from between Leeann's lips. She immediately began spitting out whatever was in her mouth, and swallowing more as she gulped down badly needed fresh air. The women laughed at the poor helpless brunette who feared she’d never be able to get that awful taste out of her mouth. Although Leeann's body had been put through far more than most women could handle, both her ass and breasts seemed to be throbbing with life and both of her breasts still tingled with electricity!

Anna unstrapped the dildo and laughed, "Well Lee-ass, guess the only thing we have left to violate is your picture-perfect model face."

Suddenly a huge explosion reverberated through the warehouse and the garage door rippled from the concussion. All three bad girls heads swivelled around, staring at the shaking door.

"What the hell was THAT?" Karen gasped as she started toward the door.

"Not so fast,” Anna warned. “It’s gotta be that cunt Morena Corwin! Vicky, you and Karen check it out...I'll stay here with Leeann and keep her ass company!"

A second explosion echoed in the warehouse and the thin metal of the garage door rocked back and forth in its track. Suddenly, the door next to the reverberating metal one opened and Morena Corwin’s head popped in just long enough to take a quick look but Karen and Victoria saw her.

"There she is, get th bitch!" Karen screamed.

She and Victoria took off but Morena ducked back outside, shutting the door behind her.

See What Happens to Morena NEXT!