Wipeout Pt.1 - Willa Ford vs. Lil' Kim by Blizzard

Sheryl Crow nearly dropped the cordless phone she was holding as she yelled, "Are you fucking crazy? DO NOT FUCK WITH HER, Willa...my God!!!"

The 21 year old blonde singer on the other end of the line was unfazed by Sheryl's overreaction, saying, "The little bitch lit my fuse at MTV's New Year's Eve Party. I've been training.....even while I do all this promotional shit I got dragged into. I can really box now - even my trainer says I'm good."

"Christ!" sighed Sheryl. "I'm begging you, Willa. Please don't."

"Come on, Sheryl. I have a ton of reach on that little bitch and that's important. I'm gonna kick her cocky fat ass!"

"Willa, you don't have to do this. Forget about her. Don't be a fool," chastised the slender brunette singer.

"Don't fret hon. Foxy Brown told me Britney Spears whipped her ass once. Britney Spears! My gawd, if that Barbie doll can beat her, then I sure can."

"All right....fine! Just tell me where it's going down," demanded the frustrated Sheryl.

"It's private, Sheryl. Just me and her."

"Come on, dammit! Lemme at least escort you there. I don't want you to go without any back-up," pleaded the brunette.

"Back-up? Thanks, babe, but I'll handle her all by myself," laughed Willa. "I'll call ya after and give you all the gory details."

Sheryl hung up and swore, "Fucking kids these days! They think they have all the answers and they really don't have a fuckin' clue!"

An hour later it was near noon and New York City sweltered under the spring sun. A taxi cab carrying Willa Ford darted through the streets, heading for a run-down part of down with manufacturing product warehouses, several vacant.

"You sure you wanna get out here, honey?" asked the cab driver with raised eyebrows as he looked in the rear view mirror. "It ain't exactly what I'd call........your neighborhood."

"I'm just visiting, buddy," retorted the 5'5" blonde. "I won't need to hang around this shit hole long."

She stepped from the cab and handed the driver several bills and he sped off, shaking his head. "Probably drugs, " he thought as he hurried back to the busy streets and another fare.

Willa strode quickly across an empty parking lot, checking the weathered name painted on the brick facade of a deserted warehouse. This was the place! She walked to the side door and paused with her hand on the red wood door, cocking her head to listen for any noises coming from inside. All was silent, so she cautiously turned the knob and stepped inside, squinting as her pupil's adjusted to the radical change in lighting.

The inside of the warehouse had a murky, musty smell and the light was dim. The blonde's eyes gradually adjusted to the low light and locked on Lil' Kim, standing beside a stack of pallets on the grungy concrete floor. The 4'11" dark-skinned singer was just finishing up taping her knuckles with a roll of white athletic tape. She was nearly naked, clad in just shiny gold thong panties, her big dark brown tits capped with dark aureole's; their thick, aroused nipples in full view.

"I didn't think you'd show, little girlie," Kim called out cattily.

"Who you callin' little, you little bitch?" snapped Willa. She stared at the black girl and sneered at her near nakedness, "I think this is the most dressed I've ever seen you."

Lil' Kim flashed an icy glare and flung the roll of athletic tape at her.

"We can fuckin' bicker all day, little girl. Tape your hands and get out of those rags."

Willa glanced down at her tiny denim shorts and red tank top. "Fuck you! The clothes are stayin' on, slut!"

"For now," muttered Lil' Kim with a devious grin.

The long-haired blonde taped her hands as Kim stretched and warmed up, ignoring the blond. But Willa occasionally sneaked a look at her opponent, unable to keep her eyes from returning to her huge tits.

"Those'll sure make a good target," she thought. "And the dumb cunt didn't even put her hair up."

Willa had wisely pulled her long mane into a pony tail to keep it away from her face. As she carefully finished taping her hands, Willa quickly rehearsed the sound fundamentals and mechanics of pugilism she'd learned over the winter. She was prepared for the fight and although her pre-fight jitters were gnawing at her belly, she was confident. She stretched out and then did a brief session of warm-up shadow punching.

"You ready to bleed, bitch?" snarled Lil' Kim, cracking her knuckles.

"Nah........I think I'll jam my fist in your fat fuckin' mouth instead," retorted Willa.

Then they squared off, bobbing on the balls of their feet as they slowly circled with their hands up in front of their faces. Lil' Kim didn't hesitate to start trash talking.

"You afraid to show those little pasty white titties of yours?"

"Nice tattoo, pig!" countered Willa coolly.

Lil' Kim lunged at the blonde, missing with a brisk jab. Willa countered with a short jab and right cross combination, surprising the tiny woman and sending her stumbling sideways.

"I can take this little bitch!" Willa thought as her confidence swelled.

She moved in carefully, peppering Kim's face with flicking jabs, keeping her off balance. Lil' Kim seethed with anger at her opponent's harmless, yet irritating, tactic. With a full 6" height disadvantage, Kim unleashed her strategy of cutting the taller girl down to size. Uttering a carnal scream, Kim side-stepped an incoming jab and hammered a punch into Willa's abs. The hollow thud it produced was immediately followed by a groan as Willa shuffled back gasping and clutching her belly.

"You won't be landing any more shots, girl." hissed the dark-skinned woman as she stalked her pale prey.

"Fuck yo...UNNNGGHHH!!!"

The blonde's retort was cut short as Lil Kim buried another powerful punch in her belly. Willa's grimace was swatted off her face when Kim followed with several sharp jabs, backing the suffering girl up steadily. A shattering uppercut landed under the blonde's chin and she went down like a felled tree on her side, her skin scraping across the hard, bare concrete. With the wind knocked completely out of her, Willa wheezed as she fumbled around on the floor in a daze.

"Come on, chickie....on your feet!" taunted Lil' Kim as she hovered over the stunned blonde.

Kim allowed Willa to gradually struggle to her feet, bouncing up and down on her bare feet as the blonde raised her hands, still laboring for breath. Willa put everything she had into a roundhouse right that sailed harmlessly off target. Then she stepped to the side, wary of a counter by Kim. But the black girl held her fists at bay as she eyed the groaning blonde who was again clutching her belly.

"Out of breath, girlie girl?" teased Lil' Kim.

The black girl was merciless! She snapped Willa's head back with a stiff jab, then rocked her with a right hook that dropped the anguished blonde to her knees.

"Lemme take your mind off that gut for a spell," snarled Lil' Kim as she stood over the outclassed blonde and slugged her with a short punch to the girl's forehead that crumpled her on her back. Willa alternately whimpered and gasped as she lay defenseless on the filthy concrete as Lil' Kim circled disdainfully, looking down at the overwhelmed girl with a nasty smirk.

Willa groaned as she rolled over onto her belly and labored to get to her hands and knees as her breath continued to come in short rasps. Lil Kim stepped up beside her and grabbed the back of the puckered waist of Willa's shorts with one hand and her golden pony tail with the other. As Willa yelped, Kim forced her to crawl across the concrete in a humiliatingly painful submissive pose.

After a brief trip across the floor, Lil' Kim released her and rammed a punch into the back of Willa's head. The poor blonde's face slammed into the floor face first with a yelp. She lay barely moving as her breath stirred the dust on the floor beside her.

"Now.....those rags gotta go," said Lil' Kim as she grabbed the blonde's pony tail and slowly pulled the sobbing girl to her knees.

Willa pathetically whimpered and then cried out as Kim pulled her top off over her head. The black girl tossed the top aside and grinned as she ogled Willa's bare breasts.

"No bra........an you don't look like you need one neither, honey!" she cackled.

The embarrassed blonde trivially swatted at her opponent as tears welled in her puffy eyes.

"You wanna make it big, girl," Kim teased. "You gonna hafta git them suckers stuffed!"

Kim yanked Willa's head back by her pony tail and began thumping her breasts with sharp blows as she sneered, "Here, lemme swell 'em up some, see how they look when they's a coupla sizes biggah!"

The battered blonde sobbed and blubbered as her tits were peppered with punch after brutal punch.

"Sstopp.....I ccan't.......bbreathe!.....," Willa gurgled.

The ebony wildcat roughly threw Willa on her back and straddled her legs. Then she leaned down and unfastened the girl's shorts, pulling them over her hips and down her thrashing, squirming legs as Willa breathlessly protested. Lil' Kim snickered as she looked down at the blonde's black cotton thong, emblazoned across the front panel 'Bad Girl' in white letters.

"You think you a bad girl, huh! Well, dream on, Barbie!" Kim sneered derisively as she tossed Willa's shorts aside. She took a few steps back, then snapped brusquely, "Get up bad girl! Make this interesting!"

Willa was still suffering as she lay groaning and trembling on the grimy floor. The first belly punch Lil' Kim hit her with had hurt her badly and the pain wasn't going away. All the months of training, everything she'd learned preparing for the fight was a dizzying swirl in her mind. She'd barely shown any offense...in fact, she was getting her ass royally kicked.

She knew if she could land just one full-leverage punch on the tiny rapper she could redeem herself and avoid a terrible, humiliating beating - maybe even turn things around and win the fight. But she didn't know how much leverage she could get on a punch with her ailing midsection. She was only going to get one chance and she had to make it count!

Lil' Kim waited patiently as the blonde struggled to get to her feet. Willa was unsteady on rubbery legs but she fought back the piercing pain in her gut and raised her fists. Kim grinned, knowing Willa was damaged goods and that the snotty uppity bitch couldn't hurt her now. Kim dropped her hands to her waist and glared at Willa.

"Go ahead.....hit me, you fuckin' creampuff!" she taunted.

Willa gritted her teeth as she let fly with a haymaker. Lil Kim demonstrated her granite chin as she took the modest blow and her head jerked back, then she came back upright with a little smirking smile. The ebony girl snapped a jab into Willa's face that sent her yelping and stumbling back into a pallet stack. The blonde's pride was about to leave the building. She just couldn't fight the way she wanted to; as humbling as it was, this little bitch was just toying with her.

"I give!" Willa whimpered, raising her hands a gesture of surrender. "You win!"

"You ain't got shit, you pussy!" growled Lil' Kim. "Come on an fight dammit!"

The embarrassed blonde's body quivered as she gave a racking sob and threw herself at Kim, floating a wide punch in her general direction with a grunt of frustration. The petite Black girl easily ducked the blow, stepped aside and stuck out her leg as Willa's momentum carried her forward. The hapless blonde tripped over Kim's foot and crashed to the floor face down with a pained cry. She lay there with her arms and legs splayed bawling pitifully as Lil Kim stalked around her, prodding Willa's firm, round, raised bottom with a toe.

"Fuck me, girl, this is gettin' U-G-L-Y!" spat Kim as she shook her head in disgust.

The annoyed little Black woman reached down and yanked Willa back to her feet, keeping her bent over as she controlled her by her pony tail.

"Don't hit me....in the....face.....please!" whimpered the tear-stained blonde as she covered her face with her open hands.

Lil' Kim smirked as she dipped her knees and brought her fist up from her ankles, burrowing a numbing punch deep into Willa's exposed and vulnerable crotch. The low blow dropped the bellowing white girl to her knees where she hunched over holding herself with her forehead resting on the floor - the perfect covergirl for the next issue of "Total Agony" magazine.

"How dat, bitch? Ya like dat betta?" snarled Lil' Kim as she hauled the pitiful blonde back up and studied her with undisguised disdain.

Willa stood, her body slumping and her head bowed, both hands still wedged firmly between her quivering thighs tending to her punished pussy. This was definitely getting ugly. The rapper put her hand on Willa's heaving chest and walked her backward all the way to the far wall where a long steel table was bolted to the wall. When the back of Willa's trembling legs hit the table edge, Kim stopped and steadying Willa by curling her fingers down and pulling up on a handful of her bikini panties. Willa stood stock still, rising up on her tip-toes to ease the pressure on her aching pussy, her slim shoulders shaking, quietly sobbing as she stared down wide-eyed at Lil Kim's hand.

"You are one pathetic bitch." growled the dominant Black girl. "Guess it's time ta shift gears."

As Willa raised her head to look at her questioningly, Kim's fist exploded on the point of her chin, lifting the willowy Willa's ass up onto the table. She sat down with her back against the wall - out cold; her chin on her chest and her hands laying palms up, limp on the cold metal table top.

"I dunno what the hell you were thinkin' when you stepped into my 'hood," laughed Lil' Kim. "I may jes' tack you to a sheet of plywood and float your ass out of NYC...sail it all the way back to Florida!"

The ebony-skinned dynamo gazed at her demolished opponent and shuddered with delight as she tugged at her own hard, rubbery nipples with both hands, then rubbed her moist pussy. With a devious smile, Kim climbed up on the table where she straddled the blonde's legs as she knelt over her.

Kim mimicked Willa's voice, "Oh, Kimmy, you make me so fuckin' hot......I think I just creamed my little 'Bad Girl' panties! Can I touch your beautiful pussy?!"

"Yes you may, Barbie doll!" Kim answered in her own voice.

Then the over-sexed Black babe took one of Willa's hands and extended the index finger. She slid her thong aside and began to diddle her wet slit with the unconscious blonde's finger, working herself into a excited state as she moaned and sighed happily.

"Ooooh baby! You got the touch, girl!" Kim gasped with apparent surprise at the rapidity of her own arousal.

Kim worked herself over briefly with Willa's finger until she was approaching her climax, then with a heavy sigh she stopped, not wanting to lift off yet. She tipped the blonde's head back and forced open her mouth. Then Kim pushed Willa's finger, slick with her juices into the blonde’s mouth. The dark rapper laughed wickedly as she slowly wiped Willa’s finger clean on her pink tongue.

"Oooh, you taste so fuckin' good, Lil' Kim!" mimicked the nasty Black girl. "It be true what dey say ‘bout dat brown sugar!"

Then the petite girl dropped the blonde's hand back to the table and rose up on her knees as she pulled open the front of Willa’s thong and peeked inside to check out her neatly shaved snatch.

"Lookit dat little girl pussy! Bet it ain't never seen no cock yet! I guarantee it ain't never had a hot momma's tongue in it!"

Kim giggled as she leaned into Willa and teased the blonde's nipples with her tongue until they came fully erect. "Have it, huh sugah?!"

Willa let out a soft moan as she began to awake from her fist-enduced slumber. Lil' Kim dropped lightly to the floor and wrestled the limp girls body off the table, dropping her on her back on the concrete floor with a soft THWAP of sweaty flesh on cold cement. The blonde moaned a little louder as Kim spread-eagle her arms and legs, then swaggered around to stand at her head with her short, muscular legs straddling Willa’s head.

"Oh Miss Kim," mocked the small, dark rapper using her impersonation of Willa’s white bread voice. “Please Miss Kim, lemme sniff dat sweet thong a yours!"

The ever-obliging Black girl hooked her thumbs under the waistband of her thong and slowly peeled it down her legs. She swung it back and forth, holding it with her thumb and forefinger before letting it drop on Willa's face with a SPLAT! The blonde quivered slightly, then whimpered as the aromas of sweat and girl cum began to fill her twitching nostrils.

"Dat’s it honeychile, drink it in," chided Lil' Kim. “You punk ass slut!”

Willa's limbs began to move slowly as Kim posed over her head as she fingered her own dripping pussy. Lil' Kim moaned as her clit began to throb and she carefully smeared the thick fluid oozing from it over her swollen, aroused labia, matting the thick, lush hair to her mocha flesh.

"I'm jes’ gonna moisten the edges," whispered the black girl as she used her toes to pluck her thong from Willa's face and toss it aside. “Cuz’ I know you wan’ me ta insure we get a real good, tight seal."

The semi-conscious blonde’s eyes fluttered as she lazily stared upward as her tiny opponent slowly lowered her sloppy, pungent pussy onto her face and wiggled her sexy black butt as she settled down on her knees pinning Willa’s slim arms. Lil' Kim moaned as she rotated her hip, sliding back and forth until she found the perfect position for her pussy on the face of her now wide-awake and vigorously struggling victim.

"Mmmpphhhhh!!!" came Willa's muffled protest as the extremities of her trapped arms flapped and her long legs kicked the air.

"Dat's it, baby doll!" gushed the wicked black girl with a shudder. "Show me your talent - hum me a tune with them sweet lush lips!"

The smothering, irate blonde alternated screaming and whimpering as her foe's sticky snatch enveloped her face. Lil' Kim squealed with delight every time Willa voiced an objection, the vibration on her fully aroused clit sending waves of rapture arcing through her sexually over-stimulated body. When Lil' Kim could stand no more teasing, she took her pony by the reins - grabbing two handfuls of the blonde hair on top of Willa's head and began to scrub her pussy on the blondes face like a bucking bronc rider possessed.

Willa's body jerked and jiggled, rocking up and down on the rough concrete; her garbled cries growing more and more desperate as Kim hammered her smoldering pussy on her nose and mouth, riding the blondel to a screaming, trembling climax that drained her as it covered Willa’s pink face with a thin sheen of girl cum. Lil' Kim sat up straight, holding her electrified pussy perfectly still; squashed down on her victim as she sucked in air, her sweat streaming down her glistening dark muscular body.

The devastated blonde girl, whose knees had been drawn up against Kim’s back as she struggled, slowly sank back to the floor and lay limp, the toes turned outward. Willa used what little strength she had left to suck in what little air she could find beneath Kim’s seat.

After several moments of moaning and gasping with pure unadulterated lusty satisfaction, Kim finally found the strength to rise to her feet, steadying herself by bending forward and resting her hands on her trembling thighs as she gazed down on her flattened opponent’s red, sticky face and smiled. Willa face was covered with a layer of Kim’s creamy sex as the poor blonde sucked in deep breaths of fresh air as she lay at her conqueror's feet.

The dark skinned girl heaved a big sigh, then bent down and pulled Willa to a seated position by her sweat-soaked hair. The overwhelmed blonde looked up with a blank face as she ran her pink tongue slowly over her soiled lips. Then, realizing what the unconscious gesture had done, she spit to rid her tongue of the taste and her face twisted in a grimace of disgust.

"Listen up, Florida girl," snarled Lil' Kim as she pulled Willa’s head back to stare into her eyes. "This’s your lesson in Brooklyn justice."

Then, before Willa had the chance to cry out, the black girl's fist sliced through the dank air and cracked the blonde on the chin, putting her lights out once again before her head even hit the floor with a sharp THUNK.

"Lesson’s over, bitch!"

Lil' Kim had just straightened up and was admiring the demolished creampuff at her feet when she heard a rustling sound behind her near the front door.

"Willa?!" called out a female voice as Sheryl Crow stepped into view.

Sheryl froze in her tracks as she saw the carnage before her. Sheryl had rushed to Willa’s hotel to try to stop her but was too late. After chatting up a young, star-struck bellhop, he’d let Sheryl into Willa's room where she found a memo pad beside the phone with the address of the warehouse.

"Well, well........You wanna go a round wit da champ?" asked Lil' Kim with a grin.

The slender brunette stepped toward her, holding up her open hands, palms out and shook her head, "No! I just came to pick up the pieces."

She cautiously approached as Lil' Kim stepped aside with a wave of her arm toward Willa’s battered body. Sheryl squatted beside her friend, keeping an eye on Lil Kim as she struggled with the limp blonde to get her up and slung her over her shoulder. She carefully stood up, jostled her unconscious girlfriend into a comfortable and balanced position over her shoulder and began to slowly carry her toward the door. Lil' Kim smirked as she eyed the beaten blonde's bare ass which was sweat soaked and covered with dirt from the concrete floor.

"Hey bitch!" called Kim. Sheryl stopped and turn around, making Willa's limp arms sway back and forth lifelessly, brushing across Sheryl's ass. "You betta git a big assed tube of glue to put your candy-ass cupcake back together!"

The Black girl cackled with delight as she glared at Sheryl and pinched her hard nipples, pulling them even more erect as if taunting the white singer. Sheryl gave Kim a nasty look as she bounced on her toes, adjusting the heavy load of dead weight draped over her shoulder.

"Fee Fi Fo Fum…,” said a voice from the doorway. “.....I smell...hot...pussy!!!"

Sheryl spun around, almost losing her balance and dropping Willa whose dangling limbs flopped aimlessly, her open hands slapping Sheryl on the ass. Out of the shadows near the door, stepped Rosie Perez, an evil grin on her full, thick red lips.

To the conclusion - more competitive than the above wipeout!