Born: March 21st,1973 Height: 5’8” Weight: None ya Eyes: To see Orientation: TMI Years Catfighting: 20 years
Previous League: Video-1, BZL (defunct), various
Previous Belts: Video-1 TV Champ 3x’s, Video-1 Tag Champ (with Daisy Fuentes) 3x’s, SF-CF Tag Champ (with Samantha Mumba) 2x’s, G3L IC (Intercontinental) Champ 2x’s, G3L Tag Champ (with Samantha Mumba) 4x’s
Finishing Moves: Mic Check (Standing two-handed chokeslam), VJC (staggered brainbuster, only used on lightweights), Harmful Symetry (counter move on running target, standing hip toss immediately followed by leg-drop to tits or throat!), Straight Symetry (Standing hip toss, followed by JUMPING Double Leg-drop!), Ananda Mumba! (Double Rock Bottom on opponent by Ananda & Sam, they then immediately get up and double elbow drop or double leg-drop downed opponent)
Strengths: Veteran experience, complete package wrestler, great tag wrestler, great teamplayer, power, high endurance, intelligent, intuitive
Weaknesses: Relies too much on ability to take punishment, can be chain-hit with moves, vulnerable to slaps to the mouth, long matches wear her down mentally, takes abnormal damage from ambushes, low-blows at certain times can actually cost her matches, vulnerable to certain catfighters

Ananda Lewis was born in San Diego, California and has been entertaining since was 3 years old! As she has grown her desire to excel in front of an audience has led her all across the American Entertainment landscape, even landing her her own talk show at one point! But one of the biggest passions that the 5’8” Black Beauty has always relished is in-ring competition in the celebrity catfight circuit! In her younger years she was brash and bold and always made sure that people knew exactly where she stood. She saw that American entertainment was turning faster and faster in on itself. The demands to be more outrageous than the actress or actor next to you, caused a bizarre shift to an almost Springer-esque mentality in entertainment.

Soon the entertainment world was pushing itself in directions that were unimaginable just twenty years ago, but the Age of Celebrity Catfighting practically fell into the laps of the movers and shakers of cinema & television. Ananda, realizing this, began training herself by enrolling in the Video-1 League. The Video-1 League is primarily controlled by the media giants of national and cable TV, as well as print publication and internet media mediums. Utilizing this as a backdrop, Ananda began to garner corporate sponsorship for her services in the ring. This garnered attention by Stone Rage who saw that she was using her own body in order to push her own personal beliefs of charity and giving. Stone Rage was in the midst of building his own CCC at the time and was looking for catfighters to fill it with. Ananda was totally unaware that she was being scouted and continued to press forward in the Video-1 League, while also enhancing her reputation and marketablity outside of it.

Finally Stone Rage offered her a contract a few years later after his Battle Zone League (BZL) was firmly established and well respected in American Celebrity Catfighting Circuits. The BZL rose through the ranks quickly with its deep pockets, close contacts in the entertainment world and solid leadership by its owner, Stone Rage. Ananda became a house-card catfighter in the BZL, which means she didn’t perform matches for live televised broadcast, only local “house shows” where the potential talent is screened at. The big names of the BZL did house shows, but not at nearly the level as a house-card catfighter. Ananda in all honesty didn’t care one way or the other, but every Garden of Eden has to have a snake. And in the BZL it had a number of them, but for Ananda it would turn out to be Britney Spears.

Spears was having mega-problems with much of the top-tier catfighters and realized that she needed to do something to get the bitches off of her back! She started scouring the house-card shows and ultimately took notice of Ananda the same way that Stone Rage did. From then on in Britney took steps to steer Ananda in her direction by hook or by crook! Ananda became more and more agitated as Britney and her agents kept pointing out the fact that Ananda was a top-tier catfighter in Video-1, now? Now she was just a clean up hitter in some back alley, barnstorming-bullshit! As time passed Ananda began to realize that she was indeed doing more for not only her causes, but her career! When she was in the Video-1 League. Britney then put the screws to her by pointing out that she would never be able to wrestle the kind of talent she needed to wrestle to ever be able to get to top-tier in the TOP HEAVY IN TALENT, BZL! UNLESS!?!? Unnnnlessssss… she got with someone who had, the Juice… Awwww yeah… And Britney had, the Juice… And Ananda… drunk it down faster than a Jim Jones CULT MEMBER!

Her mission complete! Britney now turned Ananda, TO THE DARKSIDE! Funny for you, ohhhh not-so-funny for Stone Rage or the BZL. Ananda by this point was ready to prove that she deserved the shot to rise to the top of the now globally dominate BZL! She would get her chance when Britney unleashed her and Tammy Lynn Sitch as the Next Generation! They would then toady and stooge for Britney as she went on a one-woman wrecking spree in the BZL! Tammy Lynn Sitch would get 86’d in favor of Christina Aguilera! Generation Next would continue to morph and grow and cause trouble for the entire BZL until Stone Rage would hatch a plot to turn the group in on itself in hopes of an implosion! He was partially successful but only caused the group to then grow in numbers as Britney was forced to face Christina in a title match! However, Britney recruited LeAnn Rhimes and Aliyah to match up against Christina’s flunkies of Ananda and Jessica Simpson and yes! I did type flunkies… Because that was all Ananda had been reduced to again. She was still waiting for her turn for BZL Gold, a shot at some sort of title! But she hadn’t figured it out yet, that neither of these glory-grabbing bitches were going to share anything except the shit work of bailing them out and barking out commands!

Christina defeated Britney that night and became the new War Queen. During the course of the match Britney actually kicked Christina’s ass, but it was Ananda who made the save by pulling the ref out of the ring before his hand could slam down the 3 count on Christina! Also, Jessica Simpson, who had come to the ring with Britney, was actually a double-agent for Ananda and Christina! In the end though, even though Christina claimed that she would split power with Ananda, SHE was defacto leader of the brand new Generation Next PRIME! Something that still pisses Ananda off to this day. Her total inability to see the facts for what they were. Eventually, Generation Prime led by Christina, clashed with Generation Next which was a subgroup of Generation Prime and this short-lived Superstar stable flew apart into its separate pieces! Ananda would follow Christina throughout the remainder of her highly unimpressive BZL career until she was summarily BLAMED FOR CHRISTINA’S CRAPPY LEADERSHIP OF THE GROUP! The BZL now had the Fab-4 standing guard for Stone Rage. The ABA was CLEARLY the dominate Evil Bitches on the block! Britney had created another new group, Blond Ambition! And Generation Prime...?

They’d fallen to being the whores for the other groups, so!?!? Christina decided to make an impromptu open invitation for new members which shocked the shit out Ananda. She was also racked over the coals for causing the decline Generation Prime in the first place! Disillusioned, Ananda willingly participated in the open invitation, eventhough she had been the most stabilizing member for the years that Generation Next existed, being a founding member of it. Then staying with it as it changed into Generation Prime and helping Christina become undisputed leader of the superstar stable before its irreperable division into two separate groups. Devastated by the string of losses that the group had already endured, and having never received any of the promises that Britney or Christina had made to her. She was easily defeated and kicked out of the group. It was at this point that she became friends with the also exiled, Samantha Mumba.

Ananda grew up a lot after that and became fast friends with the overly eager Mumba as they left in defeat and disgrace. The pair trained together and began wandering the West Coast CCC. Ananda realized that many of her social causes had fallen by the wayside during her years in the BZL with Generation Next and Generation Prime. She would take time off from celebrity catfighting to pick up the pieces and look at how the hell she fell for Britney’s bullshit AND Christina’s crap. She would team-up with Samantha periodically who was still bitter about their ousting from Generation Prime. In the end, Ananda would end up costing Sam the Tag Belts a few times because she was tied up in her social and political agenda’s and could not get back for matches. Ananda semi-retired in 2006 when she was confronted with the growing trend of Native American Nations voting out the Black populations of their tribes. Mumba attempted to help Ananda in these causes but ultimately returned to Goldengate Girls Club (G3L) alone.

It is during this time that Ananda, desperately low on legal aid money for the Black Native Americans who were being threatened with losing their citizenship within their various Native American Nations, was told about a Black Native American who lived outside of Las Vegas and might be able to provide financial support if she could convince him of their plight. She was warned that he had always denied his Native American heritage and that he could be extremely cruel if approached on the subject. Ananda initially backed off approaching him until she exhausted all of her funds as well as the legal defense funds that they had raised. Out of options… Ananda flew to Sin City and eventually met with the man that the elders called the Leader of the 13th Tribe.

Geese was none-too-pleased with Ananda’s visit, but while he was tolerant, his Chief Maid Enforcer’s were not. Ananda ended up in a firestorm of words and debates about things that she MOST DEFINITELY DID NOT go there for. In the end, he told her that her attempts would prove utterly useless and he was right. Devastated by the turn of events, Ananda flew back to San Francisco and hooked up with Samantha who had tried numerous times to raise a new group to return to the BZL and take out Generation Prime. The pair started wrestling again as a tandem re-gaining the Tag Belts before the haunting conversation that Ananda had with Geese drove her TO QUIT ABRUPTLY! She then convinced Samantha to come with her and the pair left the G3L and returned to Sin City during the battles between all of the various BZL groups! Ananda and Sam have set up an arrangement to join the W3W, while Ananda herself longs to have another sitdown with Geese…