Born: August 16th, 1973 Height: 5’8” Weight: 110lbs Eyes: Brown Orientation: Bisexual Measurements: 34C-23-35 Years Catfighting: 17
Previous League: NNL, 3XL, Scottsdale Diva’s, SF-CF
Previous Belts: 3XL World Champ 1x, 3XL Champ 3x’s, FFC (Fuck-Fighting)Champ 9x’s, 3XL Tag Champ (with Mia Smiles) 2x’s, Scottsdale Diva Queen (World Champion Belt)1x, Princess of Scottsdale 1x, Scottsdale Diva WTBA Champ (Fuck-Fighting) 2x’s, Scottsdale Diva Tag Champ (with Kobe Tai) 3x’s, (with Kaylani Lei) 3x’s, (with Crystal Knight) 3x’s, (with Mia Smiles) 3x’s, NNL World Champion 1x, NNL Queen of Honshu (Intercontinental Belt) 1x, NNL Queen of Kyushu (belt below Honshu)1x, SF-CF World Champ/Queen (unified belts) 1x, SF-CF Tag Champ (with Kaylani Lei) 3x’s
Finishing Moves: FTP-404 (shoots opponent off the ropes and then hits Sidewalk Slam on them as they come back at her), Steinhauser! (Double-arm DDT!), Frakensteinhauser! (rarely used, standing Frankensteiner), Brain Crash (Jumping-Back of the Brain-KICK!), MegabitchGODDESS! (Cunt-kick followed by a Jumping DDT into a submission SIDE-CHOKE-LOCK)
Strengths: Veteran experience, fast, great fuck-fighter, some power moves, some submission moves, some technical moves, great tag wrestler, great teamplayer, honest, intelligent, loyal, skills/abilities increase when managed or ordered by Geese, willing & eager submissive to Geese
Weaknesses: See last two Strengths, has reached limits of potential as a catfighter, dependent on Geese, can be overwhelmed by brawling opponents, bizarre computer fetish self-image, intense hatred of Jenna Jameson and her contract cunts, vulnerable to certain catfighters, cannot defeat Jenna Jameson, can be caught in an infinite chain of hits till KO’d or pinned, low psyche, can be stunned easier and easier as match progresses till KO

Asia Carrera, born Jessica Steinhauser on August 6, 1973 in New York City. Is actually one of the oldest members of Geese Howard’s organization. Born to a Japanese father and a German mother she followed the rigors of their intense demands for academic excellence without question until she snapped! By the time she was 15 she had played Carnegie Hall twice and was a highly accomplished pianist, but was miserable due to the uncompromising regiment that they put her under.

At the age of 16 she taught English at Tsuruga College in Japan and it was there that she encountered an 18 year old Geese Howard who was enduring a similar situation with his own parent… or so it seemed. In all honesty he was in Japan on business and the woman that hounded him like she was his mother was actually actress Lynn Whitfield. Steinhauser enjoyed watching the Japanese people watching the Black people who… she realized after awhile… were watching her? She quickly became annoyed when Geese continued to eyeball her and flatout ignore everything and everyone else, including Lynn who became visibly agitated by his behavior. The pair left and Jessica thought that would be the end of it and them…

She would then encounter them in some of her English lesson tutor classes, FOR JAPANESE PEOPLE! After a few days of trying to ignore the painfully un-ignorable pair, she asked for the school administration to remove them which they flat out refused to do. It was eventually revealed that Geese was making a major contribution to help update the school and wanted to see what his money was going to do for the students. Eventually Jessica snapped when Geese began making odd-ball faces at her in the middle of one of her tutoring lessons! After storming off and leaving her class she eventually encountered Geese again who made it clear that he knew who she was from her Carnegie piano recitals. Over time Geese and Lynn were able to give Jessica a means of venting her frustration at her strict parents and their insistant pressure. Due to head out the next day, Geese gave Jessica his card and told her point-blank “Don’t lose that card, it’ll save your life one day. Till then, don’t do anything that I wouldn’t do.” And then he left.

Creeped out by his cryptic message, Jessica would return back to the United States, test into Mensa and finally run away from home because of the pressure from her parents! She would end up trying to dance her way through college while her life spun out of control over the hardships of being homeless. It would be at this point that she would be approached by famous porn director Grant Rose while she was stripping. Rose would take Jessica in and eventually the two would form a relationship. Jessica would then take the name Jessica Bennet and begin doing porn and stripping on a full-time basis. Thanks to Rose’s deep connections in porn she would skyrocket to the top quickly and eventually marry Rose, however? During her climb to the top, Rose introduced her to celebrity catfighting. Jessica joined the 3XL and decided to use the wrestling name: Asia. Rose paid for her training, paid for her medical bills from injuries and also paid for her cosmetic surgery and paid for her expenses and paid for her air travel and paid and paid and paid, till Rose practically owned Jessica. Rose then began dictating every little detail to Jessica which soon had her back in the same situation as when she fled from the pressure of her parents. She attempted to work through this by putting her full energy into her work and her wrestling, but then Rose’s financial ventures went south making him even more unbearable. Unable to resolve the situation, she divorced Rose, but was left pennyless, so!? She renamed herself Asia Carrera and threw herself into the porn business and 3XL with RECKLESS ABANDON! She won a slew of titles and even went back to Japan and competed there and it was while she was there, visiting Tsuruga College… she encountered Geese. She had changed much since she was 16 and she had a lot of cosmetic surgery done. She tried to use the fact that they had not seen each other in close to ten years! To see how he had grown, but she was quickly surprised when he quietly told her that “People who know you, will know you, no matter how you try to change.”

It was at this point that he introduced Asia to Julia Channel and Charmaine Sinclair, his Lead Maid Enforcers. After a few days of getting reaquainted, Asia decided to cast her lot with Geese. She became the first of the 13 Queen’s of Color and is the First Empress of the 13 Queen’s of Color. She created a very strong bond with Crystal Knight and the two are quite close. She also created the Yellow Dragons as a supplement to the 13 Queen’s of Color. They would ultimately be the foundation for the Black Pagans and many of the Yellow Dragons would become members of the 13 Queens of Color. She is a driving force in his recruitment of Maid Enforcers and administration/operations of his organization. Over the years Asia has served him with absolute loyalty and is the first non-Japanese to ever win the NNL’s World Championship, paving the way for Geese to eventually be able to do business with the NNL, as well as eventually recruit Chiaki Kuriyama from them…