Born: May 21st, 1978 Height: 5' 10" Weight: 120lbs Eyes: Blue Orientation: Very Bisexual, thank you very much Years Catfighting: 11
Previous League: Scottsdale Diva’s, 3XL, E3X (European Porn League), NOF (Northern Frontier/Canadian porn league) , BCCF (British Columbia Catfighting Club), CACF (Cancun’s Catfighting Federation)
Previous Belts: Scottsdale Diva Queen 3x’s, Princess of Scottsdale 2x’s, Duchess of Scottsdale 1x, Baroness of Scottsdale 1x, Scottsdale Tag Champ (with Jenna Jameson) 4x’s, (with Brittney Skye) 2x’s, 3XL World Champ 2x’s, 3XL Champ 1x, 3XL FFC (Fuck-Fighting) Champ 7x’s, 3XL Tag Champ (with Jenna Jameson) 2x’s, E3X Champ 1x, E3X Tag Champ (with Jenna Jameson) 1x, NOF Champ 1x, NOF Hardcore Champ (Fuck-Fighting) 4x’s, BCCF TV Champ 1x, CACF XXX Champ 4x’s
Finishing Moves: Both Barrels (running dropkick with full extension to the targets tits, can also do a standing version with full extension, also has a missile dropkick from top rope too), Strange Daze (uses a series of monkey-flips, but does not let go of the target! Plants foot in the crotch and monkey-flips her opponent, but holds onto the wrists of the victim, then she forces them up along with her so that she can repeat the overhead flip flat onto their back! Usually will hit 3 of these and then DDT target, sometimes will hit 4 and then either hit a Release Full Extension-Monkey Flip or DDT), Blissful Sleep (Breast smother submission), Daylight Savings! (Throws whole body into a sidekick to the tits, generally tends to leap back and then spring forward)
Strengths: Veteran Experience in multi-national leagues, ultra-aggressive, fast, unpredictable, knows how to use her height against opponents, recovers from stuns unusually fast, can take an ass-whipping and can kick out of multiple-finishers, can actually brawl and fight far better than she looks, heavily into BDSM culture and exploits it in matches, attacks any exposed weaknesses immediately, relentlessly hounds injured areas of opponents, good technical and speed moves, skilled at smothering out opponents, knows how to play mind games and mislead, great showmanship, great tag wrestler, great teammate, devious, evil, abilities increase when under the whip of her mistress Jenna Jameson
Weaknesses: Heavily into BDSM culture and can fall victim to it, vulnerable to power moves, vulnerable to smother moves late in matches or when worn down, can be whittled away at, overaggressive, can be lulled into false sense of security or overconfidence by a skilled or smart catfighter, takes abnormal damage when surprised, takes abnormal damage from body attacks and high flying moves, can be overwhelmed by skilled catfighters, slavish devotion to Jenna Jameson, can actually become vulnerable to certain catfighters pending on how they defeat her, overextends, weight, chain-hits can stun too easily, caves under momentum when opponent attacks her other weaknesses too, streaks of pettiness come and go at odd times causing her to lose focus or make odd decisions

Briana Banks has only one goal and one goal alone. Total dedication to her mistress, Jenna Jameson. Born in Munich, Germany, to a German father and American mother, Briana has become one of the most successful White pornstars of the day. She has seen and lived in various parts of the world, but calls Scottsdale, Arizona and her mistresses mansion, home. She has her own private place called the Silver Fox outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She keeps her elite weak bitches and slaves there and has a handpicked staff of Kennel Mistresses that keep her pack ready for whenever she has need of them, and as of late?

She’s had far too much need of them. Over the last five years her mistresses company, Jenna Inc. Has been coming under fire from all sorts of seedy and shady bastards and bitches and their timing is far-far too organized to be some random shit-for-brains-event. The White Pagans had been a definitive source of grief for her mistress over the last few years and at first they kept things above board. Then their queen, Jill Kelly, started really muscling in on Jenna Inc turf. Seizing all types of merchandising deals, distribution deals, and a full scale blitz from Jill Kelly’s crappy-ass company, “Jill Kelly Corporation”. People try to pretend that porn is the shit that you simply hide under your mattress, but in reality? It’s a multi-billion dollar business that even the top-shelf “wholesome-mainstream Fortune 500” companies, have sunk their greedy teeth into! It’s caused bitches like Asia Carrera to show their true colors in the bid to be the biggest and baddest Porn Queen on the Planet! Fake-ass bitches like Tera Inc, trying to gobble up as much of the green as possible with their own indie companies raking in millions of dollars a year, LITERALLY! Off of showing her ass! Keeping Jenna Inc on top of this pile of porn bitches, legit leechers, so-called “family companies”, that have multi-billion dollar hotel chain on-demand revenues! Staying ahead of these bastards and bitches is a 24/7 operation and it is Briana’s job as her mistresses watchdog, to keep her nose to the ground, ass in the air! And sniff out the snakes that try to sneak onto the property and steal Jenna’s shit!

As Head of Security for Jenna Inc, Briana has had to tangle with other “companies” and their attempts to wipe Scottsdale Diva’s off the map! She’s had to tangle with the likes of Alexis Amore, Carmen Luvana, Gina Lynn and the rest of the Puerto Rican Princesses of the Latin Queen’s, as they have taken out huge chunks of Jenna Inc’s profits and out-and-out control of the adult entertainment market. Everything from the Versus series line where Jenna and Briana and the rest of Jenna Inc do matching deals with these other bitches to put out the best fuck-fight tapes possible! To actual catfights in Jenna’s, Scottsdale Diva’s league! To back-alley brawls when shit can’t be hammered out in front of a camera! Briana, as Jenna’s 2nd-in-command, gathers together the bitches necessary for times when TALK, just ain’t gonna cut it! It was Briana that put together the all out attack on the main compound of the White Pagans in Semi Valley, shutting them down for good when Queen Jill Kelly and those pathetic pussies she called sub-commanders, were pummelled into submission! While Briana thought that was the end of it with the White Pagans Queen broken and defeated, with no replacement in sight. She has since learned that Tory Lane and Alektra Blue, known sub-disciples of Jill Kelly, have taken over. Briana was sure that these two bitches were like the other sub’s that they put down when they took out Queen Kelly, but so far Tory and Alektra have actually been able to stand on their own two feet without their former queen. These two have played by normal rules so far, so they have been cautiously watched, for now!

But it was a new challenge that she was presented with by her mistress, the fact that the deal she’d struck with limp-dicked Playboy, had gone through! Jenna was certain that she would be able to low-ball the softcore-pseudo-hardcore company, into an even sweeter deal than she bartered for. Her intent was to get the aging company to have to fess-up to the fact that they couldn’t meet her demands for a buyout of her JJC company. She would then use that leverage to garner additional funds for HERSELF from her already waiting list of Amazonian investors! Her and her gal-pals would buy out the rusted piece-a-crap company where she would rule with majority shareholder AND CEO STATUS! However…

The bastard not only came up with the money, but then reversed the whole fuckin plan back on HER! So that SHE ENDED UP with her skirt and panties around her ankles and having to admit to being unable to match the projected value of her main company, JJC. Abruptly, Jenna ended up ass-up and face-down with not even so much as a tube-a-lube for the hard ass fucking she got from that crochety old bastard! Pissed beyond belief! Jenna immediately knew that she had a traitor not only amongst her midst, but probably on her investment board, ANNNND!!!! Her own insider had informed her that the buyout for JJC came from someone outside of Playboy! Eventually she found out that a group called the Black Pagans was connected to the secret investment group that had fenced Playboy the money to kill off Jenna’s parent company, luckily!? She still had Scottsdale Diva’s to fall back on or she would have been pennyless because of all of the arrangements she’d made! She also found out that her now ex-husband was in on the doublecross too! She immediately put Briana to work and Briana immediately located the Black Pagans and so they set off to have a little early morning “Girl Talk” with the Black Pagans at their den…