Born: April 20th, 1972 Height: 5' 4" Weight: 123lbs Eyes: Blue-Green Orientation: Bisexual Measurements: 36C-23-35 Years Catfighting: 17 years
Previous League: BZL (defunct), Video-1, OH-10 (Ohio Apartment Wrestling & Catfighting League), various indie leagues
Previous Belts: BZL War Queen 1x, Video-1 V1 Champ 3x’s, OH-10 Champ 3x’s
Finishing Moves: Divine Judgment (Breast smother submission or Facesitting smother submission ), John’s Revenge (Drives opponents head into the corner turnbuckle with handhold of hair 10x’s, then hits jumping inverted DDT out of corner!), Divine Driver (Toe-or-cunt kick! Then Double-underhook face driver into the mat! The target is underhooked AGAINST HER STOMACH as they are standing! She then drives her full weight down on the stooped and held target, releasing the arms just before her entire bodyweight crashes down on the back of their head, neck, shoulders and BACK!), Garbage Removal (Hard Flying Body Splash on target in corner where as soon as she lands on her feet she grabs them by their arms & then monkey-flips them out of the corner as far and as hard as she can! Has actually gone to the top rope afterwards and splashed downed opponent)
Strengths: Veteran Experience, ultra-aggressive, quick, abilities increase in title matches, attacks exposed weaknesses immediately, relentless, tenacious, can take an ass-whipping, creative, devious, great showmanship, Mistress of Dirty Tactics, solid stablemate, good tag wrestler, does abnormal damage with high morale and/or momentum, able to kickout of any 1 finisher (that’s some ole Yu-Gi-Oh card game language there, have fun figuring that one out), great at body attacks, Jack-of-All-Trades catfighter, will KO first before submit, Abilities increase pending on her status and standing with management, strong desire to toady & lapdog to Geese
Weaknesses: Extremely vulnerable to randomly giving out without warning, overextends severely, generally disliked by other catfighters, vulnerable to certain catfighters, easily chain-hit, can be overwhelmed by opponents where she never recovers, takes abnormal damage from “Good Girls”, bizarre fetishes cause her to loose matches and take abnormal damage, vulnerable to smothers when morale low, takes abnormal damage when momentum against her, can be infinitely chained till KO’d, takes twice normal damage from double-teams, mentally weak, vulnerable to dirty tactics, braggart

A long time BZL member, Carmen has had a rocky rollercoaster ride of a career in the BZL. She has held one of its highest belts, beaten some its best bitches, and been in some of its most memorable matches, yet!? No one really gives a fuck. No seriously, nobody could really care less about what the fuck this hard-working attention whore is doing! And it is something that has plagued her for most of her career in and out of the ring. It has also caused her to do some of the most PR work to keep her name in the know-how! She’s really the Bai Ling of America with her outrageous antics to keep her name in the bright lights and big city of Tinseltown and most recently over the last four years, Sin City. Many have not paid the semi-retired, now re-hired, and now re-retired celebrity catfighter ANY MIND! With her attempts to start her own catfighting league while still trying to stay active in the BZL, while still trying to garner interest in her acting work! Carmen got smart and realized that if she could “get in” in Sin City, then she’d be able to headline and STAY IN, till whenever it was truly time to hang’em up!

Carmen had noticed the trend of many mega-stars bringing their shows PERMANENTLY to Sin City, and staying there! Cher, Siegfreid and Roy, David Copperfield and many-many others! Now had constant gigs on the Strip where people paid top dollar to get in and they never had to worry about anything, EVER AGAIN, regarding the volatile “stock-market” of Tinseltown, Hollywood. So Carmen set about setting up her own lounge bar and making her own catfighting league, nothing too big, but enough to pack’em in every night while her lounge bar brought in some big name talent! It is during all of this that Carmen found out about Geese Howard and his stranglehold on Sin City. Seeing no reason to return to the BZL, at least at that time. Carmen tried to broker a meeting with Geese… who… didn’t accept her invitation. She then tried to “invite herself in” to one of his exclusive gatherings along the Strip… That didn’t go over too well either. Carmen wasn’t gonna give up as she found out just how deep this guys connections were in Sin City. It took nearly three years before she finally convinced him to speak with her. Needless to say the meeting didn’t go too well, but Carmen was undaunted in her opinion of Geese. She was however none-too-pleased with Julia Channel who called her, “A stalker who needs to find an easier target to stalk

Carmen returned to the BZL active roster and eventually ended up in the ABA during the entire Escape from Las Vegas odyssey. What the ABA didn’t know was that after being recruited, Carmen immediately ran back to Geese and told him all that she knew about why the BZL was in town and why they were in town with so much force. So it is Carmen who is actually the source of Geese’s involvement and interest in the BZL, and the hoard of celebrity catfighters that descended on his city. Finally having givin something to Geese that he was clearly pleased by, Carmen began slowly trying to work her way in to his good graces, amongst other places as well. By spying on the Fab-4, Gen Next, the ABA and any other BZL groups that were prowling around. She was especially keen on sending him information on the movements of the ABA and the Fab-4. Things would have turned out lovely if Carmen had not inadvertently opened her mouth during the pitched battle, last showdown slugfest, between the ABA and the Fab-4. Carmen ended up taunting Halle Berry with words that never came out of Geese’s mouth, on national PPV cable. Worse, Halle eventually whipped Carmen’s ass and knocked her the fuck out, punctuating her victory with exactly what SHE THOUGHT, of Geese AND CARMEN!

Knocked out along with the rest of the ABA, the Fab-4 left Sin City having taken down all of the bad asses’ bitches that they had assemble to stop them. Carmen would be left to rot in jail by the ABA, who were bailed out by Demi Moore. Her brief tenure in the ABA over, and worse, she’d gotten her cunt kicked in front of a massive live, televised audience! It was at this point that she was made keenly aware that Geese… was none too pleased with his name falling out of her mouth… especially since she’d gotten her cunt kicked in the end as well. Carmen is currently trying to find some way to get back into Geese’s good graces for fucking up…

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