Born: December 18th,1980 Height: 5' 2" Weight: 107lbs Eyes: Blue Orientation: Bisexual Years Catfighting: 10 years
Previous League: BZL (defunct), XCF (defunct), Video-1, K-1 (Keystone) Catfighters (Pennsylvania league)
Previous Belts: BZL War Queen 1x, XCF Champ 1x, V1 (Video League) Champ 1x, K-1 Champ 1x
Finishing Moves: Shooting Star! (5 Star Frog Splash), Aguilera Arrow (Leaps back and then delivers a punting cunt-kick right into a Pulling-Jump DDT while target is stooped over!) Aguilera 3 Step (Delivers a series of sidekicks to target in corner & then DDT’s them out of the corner) Aguilera Insult (Again target in corner, delivers 3 bitch-slaps with her right hand with an open hand first, then a backhand with that same arm motion, capped off with a final open hand! She then does the same with her left hand in rapid fire fashion! Striking her opponent in the mouth and face! She then grabs her by the hair with both hands and bulldogs her out of the corner!) Springboard Sidekick (runs to the ropes and uses the second rope to springboard back at pursuer and kick her) Awesome Aguilera Arrow (hits a moonsault on downed target from the side top rope!)
Strengths: Veteran Experience, great speed and high-flying moves, good fighter, some technical, lightning fast, ultra-aggressive, Mistress of Dirty Tactics, knows how to play possum, tougher than she looks and can take an ass-whipping, learning more Mexican and Japanese styles of wrestling and catfighting, manipulative, evil, devious, attacks exposed weaknesses immediately, great showmanship, good at cutting promos, good tag wrestler, treacherous, good fuck-fighter, shows some leadership qualities, natural lapdog to power, abilities increase versus certain catfighters, has not reached her full potential as a catfighter
Weaknesses: Size and weight, no power moves, vulnerable to power moves, vulnerable to chained power moves, although she can take an ass-whipping she tends to stun for abnormal amounts of time which can lead to easy chain-hits till KO’d or submits, takes abnormal damage from submission moves, constant pressure causes her to make fatal mistakes in matches, actually takes abnormal damage from high-flying moves, morale drops too easily as match and momentum goes against her causing her to take abnormal damage, if hit with 3 finishers at any time in a match it KO’s her, overextends and overestimates her own abilities, blocking her finishing moves or countering them stuns her and pending on the match may leave her open to be KO’d then and there, Princess Complex, irresponsible, blames others for her own fuck-ups, wears out as match progresses, vulnerable to smothers especially when momentum against her, vulnerable to certain catfighters

Christina has been too busy feuding with Gen Next! to care what has happened to the BZL. She has been in charge of Gen Prime! and its leader for some time now. All she is looking at is the fact that she needs to steer Gen Prime! back to prominence now that the entire situation with the Fab-4 and Stone Rage is actually over and done with, for good. In ten years as a catfighter she has only held one fuckin title and that is yet another reason why she is seriously milling over accepting Geese Howard’s invitation to join his W3W. The real issue is that she wants to either go in a winner, OR!?!? Use Janet as the fallgirl and drum her ass out of Gen Prime! for failing to deliver as its coach! While she, good ole Christina, gets off Scott-free again even though she’s been the one fucking up the group.

It’s been a weird ride for the 5’2 terror and recently with the war heating up against the Shakira led Gen Next!, she’s had to start facing facts that her abilities are lacking in certain areas. SO, to change that, she has brought in some of the best bitches from East Asia and Mexico, along with some superstar bastards who really know how to fly around the fucking ring! Putting all of the weight on Janet to come up with a plan to put Gen Next! in their place! Christina has turned her full attention to learning some new techniques while working on refining her old ones. She is still concerned about the addition of Denise Richardson, because the bitch seems a little TOO COZY AT THE CROTCH, of Janet Jackson. So if she gives the Coach the old heave-ho, then that ho’s gotta go too! If anything, the collapse of the BZL due to the ABA, has really made Christina tighten up her game and start looking more seriously at what the fuck she is doing.

Before, in the BZL days, she was content to kowtow and kiss ass to make sure that certain bitches didn’t bother her, but now? Hmphf! Totally new league, totally new opportunities!?!? Coming in the door with a group already formed while most of the league is coming in from here, there, and everywhere!?!? It’s just too sweet, sister! Too sweet to pass up the opportunity to really get in good and make a deep impact in this new arena. Lotta new faces, lotta bitches that have been trying to make a name for themselves in Sin City, Hollywood and beyond. Many more non-American entertainers, definitely interesting.

Christina has wasted no time in continuing her training and honing her skills, while also working with Janet to shape and sharpen Gen Prime! She scheduled herself a meeting, ALONE, with Geese. And she ended up leaving with an EXTREMELY favorable impression, especially since he didn’t toss all of her escapades in the BZL up in her face, if anything? He seemed to actually like the way that she did shit, which led to quite an interesting little game of cat-and-mouse between the two. Either way, Christina could see and he made it crystal clear! That he wanted her to be the badass bitch that she had shown she could be in the BZL. During their “negotiations” she made it clear that it had, at times, gotten her in over her head to a pretty deep degree. What really got her stoked was the way that he told her “I’ll handle that, just do your thing, X-Tina.” the way that he said it? AND THAT GLEAM IN HIS EYE!?!? Ahhh, to be able to run around with reckless abandon and just do shit to spite these simpleminded sluts! Christina signed up and used her executive powers to sign up all of Gen Prime! She also made sure to share her thoughts on the future of Gen Prime! and some of its members with Geese. Roster changes might be inevitable, she said hesitantly. But again she found herself staring awestruck stupid and slutty as he simply talked about the necessities of change and the fact that sometimes “Things need to be done without warning.” Christina is sure that she’s gonna love it here, but she decided that she… needed to make sure, she needed some… “assurances”… from Geese, just in case shit fell through on her, and she meant LITERALLY on her. Again, he was able to tell her exactly what she needed to hear and Christina went home happy knowing that at least for her and her loyal minion Mya, they could easily ditch and bail from the whole Gen Prime! name, OR!?!? They could boot out Janet and Denise and not have to worry about crap from management. A sweet deal…

Roger Celeb