Born: March 5th, 1974 Height: 5'6" Weight: 115lbs Eyes: Brown Orientation: What is this high school? Fine, I’ve tasted tuna, oooo! Happy now!?!? Years Catfighting: 12
Previous League: XCF(defunct), V1, G3L
Previous Belts: None
Finishing Moves: E Harmony (bodyscissors around chest), Complete E Harmony (bodyscissors and armbar), Falling Down (Reverse DDT), Falling Out (Reverse Tornado DDT from out of the corner turnbuckle)
Strengths: Veteran Experience, great technical and submission moves, great fighter, quick, good speed moves, good brawler, aggressive, attacks exposed and perceived weaknesses immediately, tenacious, can take an ass-whipping, observant, patient, remains calm under pressure, can endure quick momentum changes, abilities increase with momentum, Mistress of Dirty Tactics, skilled at mind games, actually studies film on other catfighters, has untapped potential
Weaknesses: Weight, limited power moves, vulnerable to power moves, vulnerable to sudden KO late in matches from power moves and/or chained power moves, takes abnormal damage from dirty tactics, takes abnormal damage when momentum

Eva Mendes or Baby Boba, is a bizarre catfighter who acts more as her nickname in the American C3 (Celebrity Catfight Circuit). Eva’s rise to fame in the entertainment world has been one made from hard work and moving up through the ladder the old fashion way and because of it? She is a bit of an eccentric oddity in the American Celebrity Catfight Circuit. Because she originally gained her first marks in mass entertainment mediums of commercials and music videos, she often operates within the bounty hunting circles that Video Vixens do. Indeed she arrived when Vegas was on Fire only because of the massive bounty that the ABA put out on Jeri Ryan. She had no intention of staying in Sin City, much the way that she usually appears without warning, participates for a few months and then quietly disappears from whatever CC she’s signed to!

An avid fan of the bounty hunting character Boba Fett from Star Wars, she has paid a small sum to learn the skills that she has to make her a far more competitive catfighter than her record indicates. She has often brought criticism onto herself because of her general reluctance to stay put for extended periods of time with any one catfighting company. She is however regarded as one of the more successful “bounty hunting bitches” and she has crossed paths with the likes of KD Aubert, Vida Guerra and MeFord, although KD Aubert is in the same category as her, KD hasn’t found steady work in movies and television.

One thing, about the only thing of note with this mystery woman, is her rivalry with D, Daisy Fuentes. Years ago she got into a bit of a scrap with D over a Revlon contract where Halle Berry ended up siding with her instead of D. For all intents and purposes D was ready to pummel the crap out of her, but Halle’s timely distractions gave Eva the chance to recover and Halle eventually flat out sided with Eva. Mendes won the contract and she and Halle took full advantage of the beaten Cuban American Amazon, D. Maybe it’s because they’re both Cuban American or whatever, but the next thing she knew D started showing up like a bad rash at all of her publicity events and even on her bounty hunting assignments! Her run-in’s with D and D’s stalker-like behavior eventually started intruding on Eva’s livelihood and it was at that point that it really sunk in that D was counting on the Revlon contract to keep her career going. With the new nickname, E, which was given to her by D. Eva found herself fending off D’s attacks, but always coming out on top, something that infuriated D to no end. But E noticed that her fights with D were becoming more and more… erotic!?!?

The last straw came when E attended the mass meeting by “The Mouth”, a gossip and information broker in the world of entertainment and celebrity catfighting circuits in America, regarding Jeri Ryan’s contract hit by the ABA. E eventually found her way to the Diner, a Sin City landmark restaurant that actually had a bit of a rep for random catfight’s. E had figured that Ryan might wind her way to the place and sure enough she spotted her hiding in the smoking section of the old style western eatery. But before she could move in on her a catfight broke out between Jennifer Love Hewitt and Chiaki Kuriyama, another person that the mouth had mentioned for something concerning Salma Hayek. The fight was brutal and attracted far more attention than Baby Boba wanted, so she left… with D secretly hot on her heels! After E returned to her private villa she found D had not only beaten her back to her villa, but was already inside, rarin for another knock-down, drag-out, bitch-FIGHT! In the end, E ended up knocking out D once again, but not before having to stoop even lower than she ever did in any of their previous fights. After having D “removed”, E was contacted by Devin DeRay who negotiated a contract for E to join the W3W. How long E will stay is anybodies guess…