Born: June 17th, 1984 Height: 5’5” Weight: 125lbs Eyes: Hazel Measurements: 32DD-24-36 Orientation: Bisexual Years Catfighting: 4
Previous League: 3XL, Big Star 1 (Texas Catfighting League)
Previous Belt: None
Finishing Moves: Heavenly Peace (Tit-smother and/or face-sitting smother submission), Heavenly Decent (Cunt-kick and Hard DDT!, which causes bitch to roll over flat onto her back! She then runs to ropes, rebounds and hauls ass to the ropes opposite ropes! Comes back with a Running body splash, except she comes down hard with her TITS! RIGHT ONTO THE HEAD OF HER OPPONENT, while she drives her own head and shoulders down onto the bitch’s TITS! She immediately goes into the Heavenly Peace finisher)
Strengths: Has not reached her full potential as a catfighter, great at tit-smothering and face-sitting submissions, does abnormal damage with body attacks and charging attacks, great at body attacks and charging, fast, good power moves, good brawler, good fuck-fighter, some technical moves, some skill in BDSM, observant and shows intuitive skills, abilities increase with momentum, good tag catfighter, good stablemate, good showmanship, tenacious, can take an ass-whipping
Weaknesses: Nasty temper which can be goaded at times, vulnerable to BDSM fetishes, overextends, overestimates abilities, takes abnormal damage when momentum against her, continuous attacks to tits makes them vulnerable, takes abnormal damage when she misses finishers, can be chain-hit till KO’d by experienced catfighters, spoiled, arrogant, a little slow on the uptake which makes her vulnerable to misdirection and baiting, generally tends to lose long matches

Gia LaShay, born Keisha Finnelle, was born in Fort Worth, Texas. It did not take her long as she was growing up, to catch the eye of any male WITH EYES, because of her perfect body. A bit of a tomboy, she enjoyed the attention and at times, used it to her advantage. Nothing outrageous mind you, but she saw quite quickly that a bat of an eyelash here, a coy smile there, and an “Oh my… I dropped my pencil, I’ll just? Oh dear? Did I just do that?” It didn’t take her long to quickly become the envy of her female classmates due to natures overabundant gifts for her. She however, didn’t sit back and rest on the fact that as an 11th grader, she had the body of a 21 year old. It got kinda creepy a few times with SOMMMME PEOPLE! But she quickly learned how to correctly tow the line between subtle innuendo and just, flat out, skank-whore-manipulative, SLUT!

She made sure to tell her little rat pack of girlfriends that this was most definitely a crucial lesson for all growing girls into women. Boys like to be teased, but not to the point where a girl hems herself in and is in a “put-out or get out” situation. Gia quickly decided that her beauty alone was simply NOT gonna get her through life, but at the same time she didn’t really care for doing anymore school. As a senior she started realizing that it was just about time for her to start living her own life, but she still had no desire to do the normal 9-to-5 spiel. Her “Girl Gang” started talking about the fact that she should become a model. Then, of course, one of them mentioned that she should become a pornstar “With tits like those and a face like that, YOU’D BECOME THE QUEEN OF PORN!”

Unfortunately for this one, Gia wasn’t too keen on her comment and she proceeded to ask her why exactly she thought she needed to get paid to fuck losers for money? Once her cackling little crony couldn’t supply a sufficient answer… Gia proceeded to beat her about the face and neck! And then have her tossed out of her house. However, seeing the error of the last bitches ways, another of her cronies suggested “Glamour modeling”. She then pitched the fact that Gia could simply do either Playboy type spreads or “whatever”, and we all know what “whatever” means. But it would be magazine shoots only! No unnecessary nonsense and she could make big money, HELL!?!! She could even start her own WEBSITE! And charge people to see pictures of her naked body!

This pleased Gia very much. So, she began looking into the world of Glamour Modeling and found that indeed her crony had been correct, thus she was allowed to keep breathing. But Gia also found out about catfighting as well, and this caught her attention also. Quite frankly, beating up other girls held a perverse pleasure to her, which she never understood. Ordering people about was natural to her, but for some reason she really got off on just… beatin a bitch DOWN! So she decided that it was time to through off her carefully crafted disguise to appease her stuffy, fuddy-duddy, PARENTS! AND GET DOWN AND DIRTY IN THE SHIT SHE LIKED TO DO!!!! By the time she graduated high school she had decided that she would enter the Big Star 1 Catfighting League! She started training and she really found herself literally, wrestling with her own TITS! So she had to do a ton of work on what she could and couldn’t wear, so that she could fight effectively and still feel comfortable and not constrained! She would wrestle and start her own website, quickly earning her accolades which had the porn photogs haulin ass to get pics of her for their magazine! Soon she was appearing in any publication that had half a fuckin brain! This would ultimately lead a 3XL rep to come out and recruit her to their much larger league. She would leave Texas and go out and start living in the Golden State of California… or is it the Sunshine State? Or is that Florida?

Either way, Gia would stay in the 3XL for a few years and ultimately get the attention of the Black Pagans. Lady Lori would fly to LA personally in order to recruit Gia. She would go on to make Gia another of her direct sub’s, along with Gia’s newfound best friend, Havana Ginger. These two would garner wayyyy too much favor with Lady Lori and ultimately abuse their favored status with their mistress. In the end, Gia’s crony did end up being right, because Gia, as a Black Pagan, most certainly did fuck men for money… they… just weren’t “losers”. Gia and Havana would ultimately undermine the security of the Den of the Black Pagans with their arrogant and callous demeanor. Gia’s whereabouts are unknown with Jenna Jameson’s attack on the Den of the Black Pagans and there subsequent flight from their den…


DOWNLOAD - Ball Destruction Fighter - Part 3
DOWNLOAD - Ball Destruction Fighter - Part 3