Born: September 1st, 1976 Height: 5’ Weight: 118lbs Eyes: Brown Orientation: Bisexual Measurements: 36DD-24-36 Years Catfighting: 10
Previous League: 3XL, BDSM America, The BBA (Black Beauties of America)
Previous Belts: 3XL Champ 1x, 3XL FFC (Fuck-fighting) Champ 3x’s, BDSM Queen of America 2x’s, BDSM Princess of America
Finishing Moves: Blackfire! (Variable submission smother move), L.A.X.! (cunt-kick and then DDT! She then climbs the to the top-rope and hits a Frog-splash on her enemy) Kamakazie Palm Pilot! (cunt-kick to stoop and stun opponent, then she grabs them by their hair with her left hand, so she can deliver a series of open palm shots to their heart-tit with her right! She finishes it up with a Running Bulldog that plants the bitch right on her tits!) Jada’s GIANT SPIN! (cunt-kick to stoop and stun opponent, then she grabs them by their hair with both hands! And starts whirling them around BY THEIR HAIR! TILL SHE GETS THEM OFF THE GROUND! Then she lets go! She also has a second version where she takes them by the legs if they are down and does a normal giant spin, but finishes it off with a Body Splash of her tits to theirs!)
Strengths: Veteran Experience, Mistress of BDSM, Mistress of Dirty Tactics, great brawler and fighter, great at body attacks and charging attacks, great mixed-tag partner, fast, good power moves especially for her size and weight, skilled at fighting bigger opponents, great fuck-fighter, unusual ability to snap out of stuns, attacks exposed and perceived weaknesses immediately, great showmanship, able to take an ass-whipping, loyal, ultra-aggressive but knows when to say when, great tag catfighter, great stablemate and teammate, great at double-team attacks and manuvers, can win long matches, can withstand layered finishing moves without being KO’d by them, abilities increase when working with her sub-officers, abilities increase when working with Ayana Angel, abilities increase when working with her mistress, abilities increase dramatically when working with Geese
Weaknesses: Size and weight, BDSM fetishes can cause her to lose matches, power moves wear her down, continous power moves wear her out, chained power moves make her dizzy, constantly being hit by power moves makes her take abnormal damage from any attack after a while, mouth, tits, areola, ass, continously taken hits/shots/slams/etc to the aforementioned areas makes it easy to stun her, vulnerable to chain-stunning when she becomes stunned, visibly shows when she is affected by a move as well as when she is wearing down, vulnerable to sudden KO’s late in matches, can at times become very mean-spirited and will allow things to go on that could cost her later on (such as allowing her sub-ofc Carmen to fight with Havana Ginger when they were already in trouble because of Jenna’s raid), defeating her subordinates/co-officers or mistress/weakens her dramatically, can be whittled away at if done right where she will not realize how badly she is hurt which allows her to be sudden KO’d once it sets in and that person strikes her

Jada Fire has been in the porn business for a long time. She made her bones in the 3XL and BDSM America by working her ass off, literally! She trained in BDSM and became a fixture in that society in the LA and Eastcoast, with her flare for fashioned corsets, crops and her flashy personality. She became fast friends with Ayana Angel during Ayana’s time in porn and it was through Ayana that Jada first heard about Geese Howard. Jada and Ayana worked on a number of porn projects and the fact that Ayana shared the same fetish for kink that she did, brought them very close, but then Ayana abruptly disappeared and Jada was left to wonder if Ayana’s stories about this mystery man and her, were actually true. Regardless of all of this, Jada pushed ahead with her work in the porn industry, rapidly gaining fans for her over the top work in front of the camera, and her growing popularity in the 3XL porn league!

She started to split her time between the 3XL and BDSM America, when she got an invitation to the Black Beauties of America, which she was unaware actually allowed Black porn stars to participate in it. She would find out that Domonique Simone had actually risen to become BBA Champ, and she was as porn as PORN COULD GET! This allowed Jada to gain a wide audience of Black Americans who quickly went out and “surveyed her work”, HA-HA! Although Jada was unable to win any belts in the BBA, she was actually quite happy with the actual acceptance of her in what she swore was a mainly Black mainstream league. Boosted by this, she went on to win the BDSM Princess title and dedicate it to the fan support she’d gained during her BBA run. It was then that Ayana mysteriously re-appeared and told Jada to follow her to Sin City to meet the man that she’d told her about.

Upon her arrival, she was greeted by Devin DeRay, whom Jada knew all about! DeRay was yet another Black bitch that had disappeared from Pornland without a trace! She also knew about DeRay’s reputation in BDSM America. It is at this time that her and Ayana meet Lori Alexia, another potential recruit to the Estate. The three of them became fast friends, but because of Ayana’s earlier discrepancies, she wasn’t going to be allowed to become a maid enforcer. It was then that Jada had her first meeting with Geese and was instantly smitten with the fact that he actually was a sick perverted bastard, but he knew WHENNNN to be a sick-perverted-bastard! He began to personally train her, Ayana, and Lori, which thrilled them to no end indeed! The three of them were then tested and initiated for the Black Pagans. Lori along with Jada, left and joined the Black Pagans who were at the time being ruled by Black pornstar Fonda French. Jada and Ayana would serve Fonda well and rise up to become her sub-officers, with Ayana joining them late, but also making her own way.

Lori would eventually succeed Fonda’s reign as Queen of the Black Pagans. Jada would become 2nd-in-Command, while Ayana would become 3rd. Jada would eventually figure out that Ayana was only concerned with doing well enough to be able to go back to the Estate, so she could serve their Master directly. Jada on the other hand, although horny for Geese, she knew that he’d give her a ride at any time, but she was looking to find her own man elsewhere. Plus the fact that she knew that if one became Queen of the Black Pagans, when your tenure was up, you could become a member of the 13 Queen’s of Color! Then you had all kinds of real power and Jada definitely wanted that! But trouble started when Lori brought in Havana Ginger and Gia LaShay. Jada’s own sub-officer, Carmen Hayes. Had warned Jada that Havana and Gia were going around abusing their power. Sure enough she found that the two bitches were indeed loafing off and lucking up! She would try to convince Lori to demote the two heffers, to no avail! Jenna Jameson would capitalize on this internal affair, when she raided the Den of the Black Pagans thanks to Lori. Putting Havana and Gia in charge of screening potential clients to and for the Den. Jada and Carmen are currently trying to survive Jenna’s roving pack of bitches as they hide out on the darkened streets of Sin City…