Born: May 16th, 1966 Height: 5’4” Weight: 110lbs Eyes: Brown Measurements: 35C-22-36 Orientation: Trisexual Years Catfighting: 23½
Previous League: BZL (defunct), XCF (defunct), The BBA (Black American Beauties), Video-1 League, numerous unknown overseas leagues that she will not mention
Previous Belt: BBA Champ 4x’s, V1 Champ 2x’s, V1-TV Champ 8x’s, numerous other overseas belts that she will not mention or show
Finishing Moves: Rhythmic Hallucination (cunt-kick, followed by swinging neckbreaker! Then she gets up and runs towards the ropes, rebounds and hits a Running Elbow DROP! Right to the heart-tit of her downed opponent!) Rolling Rhythm Nation (same as Rhythmic Hallucination except she comes down like it’s an elbow when she actually puts all her body into a Dropping Axe-Handle! Straight to the center of the bitches STERNUM!) Corner Trap! (shoots bitch into the corner while racing right behind her! Then as soon as they hit she dropkicks them!  Sometimes she knees them in the lower back or GUT, if they turn around, depends on the situation! If they are still standing then she gives them a variation of WCW Legend, DDP, and his Diamond Cutter! Out of the corner!)
Strengths: Veteran Experience, great speed moves, great at body attacks and charging attacks, does abnormal damage with open-hand and fists, does abnormal damage with kicks, Mistress of Dirty Tactics, good fighter and brawler, lightening quick, great planner, devious, vindictive towards her enemies, good top-rope moves, good technical moves, some submission moves, good at using her environment to her advantage, good ring awareness, good tag catfighter, good stablemate and teammate, great showmanship, cunning, good endurance, does abnormal damage when she has momentum, able to whittle enemies, skilled in BDSM
Weaknesses: Has reached her full potential as a catfighter, no power moves, vulnerable to power moves, continuous hits or chained hits of power moves wears her out, vulnerable to sudden KO from power moves, cannot win long matches, takes abnormal damage from bitch-slaps, as match progresses she becomes easier to stun and damage, although physically gifted as a fighter her fighting skill is not on par with her gifts making her able to be beaten by better fighter/brawlers, takes damage like the bitch that she is, when momentum against her takes abnormal damage, vulnerable to sudden KO/submission when momentum against her and match has been dominated by opponent, bizarre fetishes can cause her to lose matches, continuously hammering her/pressuring her can cause her to collapse mentally, although lightening quick she slows down considerably based on the damage she has taken, she cannot survive any 5 finisher moves in one match, takes abnormal damage from submission moves, vulnerable to sudden submissions late in matches when she is then hit with a submission move, mouth

Do you really know… when you’ve reached the end of your career? This is something that has been quietly going through Janet’s mind, especially with the pressure having been put on her externally by Gen Next! and internally by X-Tina as the leader of Gen Prime!. Janet has toured the world more times than most will ever even SEE the World. She’s been the special guest of the rulers of nations and been honored and showered with the gifts and attention of men and women who literally make the World go ‘round, but? Since taking over the reigns as Coach for the struggling Gen Prime! team, she has not seen nary the success that she would have thought she would. Even the defunct Blond Ambition, during the entire plot to destroy the Fab-4 and seize control of the BZL. Even Madonna’s tenure as the Coach for BLA was much more successful, even with BLA’s loss and disbanding to Gen Next!. Madonna had still outshined her as a veteran in the ring and an advisor, a steadying hand, for Blond Ambition. That has been one thing that has silently nagged at Janet since the utter failure to destroy the Fab-4 and in hindsight, looking back at her own reign as advisor to Christina and strategist for Gen Prime!. Over the last few weeks… Janet has found herself being slowly hedged out by Christina, something that doesn’t exactly surprise her, but the meltdown during the Fab-4’s attempt to Escape from Las Vegas, coupled with the internal situation from that fiasco, has had Janet in damage control mode ever since.

Janet Dameta JacksonA near total domination of the Fab-4 was in hand, but then as they fought, Jessica Simpson turned traitor, right at their moment of triumph! Whether she liked it or not, it was her job to know that Jessica was on the verge of total betrayal! And then to be outwitted by dimwitted bitches like Halle and Pam, two fools who aren’t known for their oratory skills, at least not while on their feet! And if anything that has been another bothersome situation, the fact that she herself, as far as Janet. Has done poorly in singles competition whenever she has had to pull her own weight in a one-on-one match-up. A double-digit string of losses, coupled with the collapse of Gen Prime! while on the verge of totally annihilating the Fab-4 during ESLV! With the added piss-poor Judas Iscariot from Jessica Simpson!?!! Which led to THEM, getting destroyed by the Fab-4 and their “newfound friend”, Jessica!

I am the icon here… I am the one who can end careers or make careers, at my whim, at my so choosing… And once she remembered that, Janet began quietly collecting her wits and simply sunk herself into the darkest corners of her mind… Everything else, was easy… She decided to recruit Denise Richardson, which shocked the shit out of Christina. She then secretly started sending out her own spies to find out what was going on within the BZL, as well as what Jessica was doing now that she’d turned her back on Janet! NOT, because she’d turned her back on Gen Prime!, but the fact that the bitch had dared to turn her back on Janet! Janet realized that she’d gone totally soft! Bitches like Jessica Simpson and Alyssa Milano, had gotten up the GAUL! To even dare to stand in her fuckin way! She also realized that it was because she just kept taking shit in stride and playin it cool and the rest of that dumb shit! No, she needed to teach these young bitches a painful fuckin lesson in respect for her as someone who’s been there and done that and then done that shit again and again! So she came up with a plan to destroy not just those whom she’d let slide, but she decided that it was time for people to see that she could show a calm… cool… and calculated demeanor… while silently moving the pieces like a true chess champion… And what was her first move? She decided to feed the Monster, so it would destroy her biggest source of humiliation. She decided to find out what EXACTLY was the Achilles Heel of the bitches that had humiliated HER and her abilities as an advisor. She decided to make sure that Demi Moore got the information necessary, quietly, covertly. That would lead to the eventual destruction of Stone Rage’s, Battle Zone League. And why?

Because she’s Janet Jackson, and she’s bigger than the BZL. Madonna? Whitney Houston? Mariah Carey? They kowtowed to the idea of the BZL, and its so-called power and prestige. But after the humiliating ass-whippings and then the fact that she, Janet! Was being “pressured to perform”, by Christina Aguilera!?!? Huh, what?! Fuck did this bitch think!?!? Noh, oh, it was because of the shitty performances she’d put together, that’s why bitches like Jessica Simpson thought they could turn traitor and skate off Scott-free. That’s why Halle Berry and her “little friends” thought they could skip off into the sunset with Stone Rage, NO! Then the worst… the lowest of the low, the ABA. Christina Applegate? Jenny McCarthy?!?! WTF!?!? Telling an icon like Janet, what she’d better do!?!? Bitches are crazy nowadays!?!? It was with the FAILURE! At Vegas, IN VEGAS! That Janet KNEW, had to remember that!? She could snap her fuckin fingers and broke-ass bums on the street would rip these two-bit tramps to fuckin pieces for the chance to get a goddamn GLIMPSE! Of Janet FUCKIN Jackson, saying “Thank you”, to them. Soon as she’d heard that Demi Moore had been prowling around in the background, with her tired ass self. A two-bit cradle robber who gets press from one fuckin movie that did well and is more known for being Bruce Willis’ BITCH, and Ashton Kucher’s dried up cunt of a wife, bitch please. A fuckin has-been that was more lucky than good. Janet decided to put Demi’s ass to work for her and then let her do what she always does. Fuck shit up!

Janet knew that it was better to destroy the source of her humiliation, than to allow that ugly blemish on her catfighting career to continue. She then silently opened negotiations for Gen Prime! to become a part of the W3W… Oh yes… she knows allllll about Christina’s little meeting with Geese. Because she had a little meeting with him herself. So all of the pieces are in place, since she is the one who moved them into place. Stone Rage was the Lord and Master of the Fab-4, so he had to learn that he might be Stone Rage, but Janet Jackson… is Janet Jackson. You don’t fuck with a Jackson, simple as that. The Monster, the ABA? Demi Moore? Same thing… Who the fuck are these fools to believe that they can tangle with her? This is the attitude that Janet had not brought with her to the BZL, but it’s better late than never. The ABA was composed of nobodies in the Hollywood world, fools who had some brief stretches of success, but were unable to compete once their little one-trick-pony production was over. How dare they make demands and even think to LOOK AT HER or anything associated with her, as if they had a say? With the destruction of the BZL, many of the bitches that beat her, will be scattered to wherever losers go, but ALSO!? Some of them will join the W3W, and all Janet wants to do is keep Gen Prime! together long enough, so that she can stomp them out of existence for the shit that they pulled on her while they were all in the BZL.