Born: April 9th, 1974 Height: 5' 7" Weight: 120lbs Eyes: Blue Orientation: Bisexual Measurements: 36DD-23-34 Years Catfighting: 14
Previous League: Scottsdale Diva’s (Owner/Creator), Club Jenna (Defunct/Owner-Creator), 3XL, E3X
Previous Belts: Scottsdale Diva Queen 4x’s, Princess of Scottsdale 2x’s, WTBA (Fuck-fighting) Champ 3x’s, Scottsdale Tag Champ (with Briana Banks) 4x’s, 3XL World Champ 3x’s, 3XL Champ 2x’s, 3XL FFC (Fuck-Fighting) Champ 5x’s, E3X World Champ 3x’s, E3X European Champ 2x’s, 3XL Anal Queen (Fuck-fighting) 2x’s, E3X Tag Champ (with Briana Banks) 1x
Finishing Moves: Queen’s Right (variable submission smother using either her tits or ass or crotch, pending on the position of the bitch she’s trying to finish off), Massoli Massacre (cunt-kick to stun bitch, then takes her by her hair with her left and holds her steady so she can unload as many Rabbit Bitch-slaps she can unload, till she finishes with a faceplant on the bitch!), Farside Falling (Diving Reverse DDT from behind), Farside Fantasy! (Applies sleeper from behind, then as sleeper takes affect actually lowers victim downwards until she can almost step over them! Then she abruptly steps over them while riding them down to the ground so that she crashes down onto their TITS! As they slam onto the ground, flat on their BACKS! She can then smother them out if she chooses)
Strengths: Veteran Experience, Mistress of BDSM, ultra-aggressive but controlled, great leadership, great showmanship, great brawler and catfighter, great at body attacks and charging attacks, great fuck-fighter, quick, attacks perceived and known weaknesses, treacherous and cunning, patient, does abnormal damage with bitch-slaps, good technical and speed moves, good power moves, some top-rope moves, able to take an ass-whipping, abnormal ability to snap out of stuns, high endurance and stamina, abilities increase with momentum, able to withstand opponents momentum, knows how to use environment to her advantage, abilities increase in title matches, great tag catfighter, great stable founder and stablemate/teammate
Weaknesses: Has reached her full potential, BDSM fetishes can cause her to lose matches, takes abnormal damage and is vulnerable to top-rope moves, constantly breaking her momentum can actually break her mentally and cause her to lose the match, blind-siding her does abnormally high damage and she can actually be instant KO’d pending circumstances, takes abnormal damage from double-teams, mouth, tits, ass & crotch, Low Blows and Cunt-kicks stun her longer than normal and she takes abnormally high damage from Finishers at that point, womanhandling her has a bizarre affect on her mentally and she tends to lose matches where she is outright dominated from the door, sometimes overestimates herself and overextends, using the environment against her demoralizes her, vulnerable to sudden KO late in matches if caught in by opponent after a series of reversals and then hit with a finisher (especially if the her opponent used a cunt-kick to set up the finisher she got hit with)

The Queen of Porn, Jenna Jameson has been involved in a never ending Secret War with not only her own success!? But with the various elements that would seek to see her penniless and at the beck-and-call of others, instead of a multi-media-millionaire, self-sufficient and independent of others ideas and orders. After all… she is a pornstar, right? And they’re not too bright, right? They don’t actually deserve to have money, power and influence, right? Well, that is the kind of shit that Queen Jameson has had to put up with and put down! On a daily basis! Call it the right place at the right time! Call it all the stars aligning at once, but simply trying to dismiss her as a fluke is just fuckin stupid! Jenna’s world-class and has fought her way up since she was little, enduring hardships that most would most certainly have folded under. Now she sits atop not just the Pornworld! But also atop the REAL WORLD! And not that crappy TV show either! Jenna has built a multi-million dollar brand name and created an Empire unto itself and in so doing!?!! She has gained enemies in high places where she normally wouldn’t even be able to breathe the air because of the altitude!

Jenna has been working hard to recover from a botched attempt by her and her all girl gang, when she finally parted ways with her now ex-husband! She put together a shrewd plan to really be able to seize the world by the balls by BUYING OUT, Playboy International and Associates! A dinosaur of a relic! If such a thing makes sense? That should have lurched into a tar pit near you, and DIED! Well, Jenna was determined to snatch up a company that had fallen behind the times when it came to not only Men’s Magazines, but porn itself. It had offices all throughout the world, traditional name and value and with her pearly whites and priceless assets at the helm!?!? She would be able to really shape things the way that she had always wanted! She used her parent company, JJC Inc! To start the takeover, all be it, hostile. And she began to put the screws to the old fuddy-duddy that survived off of the blood of virgins and Viagra! To sell the company to her! She put together a powerful list of pussies to help her pull off this one-time winner take all! And she had him dead to rights till he came up with what he needed at the VERY LAST MOMENT!?!!!

Jenna would end up losing JJC and suffering a humiliating loss! One that she knew someone had to have helped make HAPPEN! Furious, she swept through her board members and backers, making sure that every last one of them emptied their pockets! Then she began to backtrack over all of the other bastards and bitches that might have had an axe to grind with her!?!? She had already spayed and neutered Jill Kelly and her White Pagan’s! So she was sure it wasn’t that bitch! She then sent Briana to find out just who the hell had pulled her panties down without permission and thought they could get a little “backdoor action”, AS IF THEY KNEW HER LIKE THAT!?!!!

It didn’t take long for Jenna’s bloodhound, Briana. To sniff out something rotten coming from Sin City… So Jenna assembled her best bitches and let things calm down. She had kept Jenna Inc out of the business deal, so she still had that. Her prized Scottsdale Diva’s Catfight League, was also not on the table, so she still had that! So… she decided to just… mellow out… let people think they’d gotten over on her. She assigned Briana and her brand new Lead Bitch, McKenzie Lee. To start combing through her stockpile of studs, because she was sure that somewhere at the end of this were a bunch of jealous bitches meddling in her business! So she wanted to send in the studs first to find’em… get’em nice and open, fuck’em! Wine’em, dine’em, and get behind’em… So she could walk right up on’em while they were all hunched over on all-fours in mid-hump! So she could drive her heel right down on the base of their, BACK!

Jenna also called up her other Lead Bitches, Roxy Jezel, Lela Star and Chanel St. James! She intended to get to the bottom of this bullshit, and sure enough! Briana found a trail that led to a group called the Black Pagans! Jenna had never heard of them, but as far as she was concerned they weren’t ever gonna be heard from again by the time she got finished with those ragged, CUNTS! She sent her best stockpile of studs to the Den of the Black Pagans to scout the Black Pagans and their Den. Then after another two months of just letting her boys do what they do. She went to Vegas right while it was on fire with the Fab-4 fighting for their lives against their BZL rivals. Briana had a brief run-in with Penelope Cruz while they were all plotting their next move at The Diner. Salma and Penelope would leave before Jenna could lose her cool. Jenna would then take her pack of bitches and set up her ambush right at the Den of the Black Pagans… and then…